The Orion Effect : special guest Independent Para-researcher ,Charlie Rivero


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Spotify more Thank you guys and everybody so much for being a part of the show with us Okay underneath the table to it was like So we have a wonderful show installed for you guys the travelers and those like we have an independent payroll researcher coming on tonight so my being no him some of them. Don't if you don't know him. You're gonna find that exactly who charlie is now. I'm going to say like this. And i'm thinking wrong but i'm not sure on how you pronounce his last name. I see it as rivero. So ladies and gentlemen boys goes children of all ages. It is our pristine opportunity. Introduce you to the apparel researcher. Himself charlie rivero bumped up donald. The makes is he going to come on board. Bring him on its thanking. I know right. come on. Don't do this to us tonight. Oh that's a lot of energy you know why it's because you know i think we have blocked out gusts. That's not good not actually block them. Roque talk is saying. Oh you know. Let me think about letting them on and it's true. Yeah well we had to go. And now we got reboot the 'cause i don't think you know because we don't have the board anymore because phone kicked it off your yeah. I don't think we have sydney. Oh look live blog. Talk radio on. It's still taking on. This is going to be a crazy crazy show last week in week before i apologize charlie. Okay let's see if we can get your. Let's see if we can get on now. Well i have not been doing. Hey charlie can you hear us. I sure can. Oh yea your talk was giving us a bit about. I don't want to cooperate. Hi charlie how you guys doing out you know. I'm trying to hang in there as much as i can. You know so far so good. Excellent allow me to introduce you to captain kim. These are the co host of the show Kim runs our board in the blog. Toss side and cat takes care of facebook and they take care of me. So that'd be introduced now charlie. Did i pronounce your last incorrect How would you pronouncing it river. Eero rivero rivero. Okay so like hold on rivera. Yeah exactly exactly what. Okay yes. I usually tell. People river river own reveal. Okay pronounces stain them off. So okay to start playing already game on charlie. I'm gonna let you know now. These two will john early. Come after me. Twenty four seven so if they go. They slam me just giggle. It's okay 'cause i'll just go in the bathroom. I make a little girl anyway. Bird and thank you so much for sharing this out. Yes thank you keith. And i also want to say real quick before we start jumping. Thank you to everybody who blog talk radio on facebook Thank you if you're catching us. After the show and the archival spotify or auto burst array here again on blog. Talk radio or you catch the archive version on video. You're not going to you. Do not wanna miss the show. This is going to be an incredible charlie. I cannot thank you for taking your time of being honest chat with us tonight. Oh no. I mean. I can't thank you guys enough for having me on. It's an honor and You know i was really excited for the for for the whole thing to be honest with you. Yeah that's what i'm talking about. Maybe we got a new traveler. Charlie i got one question for you. Let's get this ball started showing absolutely. Why are you doing the. Paranormal charlie wi. Wow you know. There's i would like to say that. I started the paranormal because of a personal experience. But actually my my thing in life in general has always been wanting to help people. But i never thought it was actually going to be in this form I actually started back in nineteen eighty seven. And you know. I was learning a lot of different things with More old school techniques at you know people don't really know today I still use them. And there are some that i think people. I'm sure have heard of but my mentor. At the time his name was doug kerensky the third he was eighty five years old back then and he was close spreads with Ed and lorraine warren so there was a lot was passed down to him at am passed down to me and so on. But when i knew that i can actually help people in this field It was more about the science behind it to understand exactly how to approach it because it helped me understand how to talk to people. Were afraid to even bring it up when they needed help because it was so unusual. You know what i mean. We're absolutely was yeah. It was a very interesting for people. Actually say hey look at. I have an issue. I don't know what to do about it. I'm scared because everybody. I think was more concerned of being judged as this. Maybe they were crazy or whatever you know. So how did you transition from Just trying to look for them to the scientific tino transitional from ghost hunter to a researcher Okay well you know One of the first things that help people to understand the deceased. You have to respect them. And i think it's really trying to figure out the transition from where we are now to when somebody passes on and for me being able to think about okay besides investigating the location and trying to figure things out and try to look deeper into things you know. What is it about this particular person that may have passed away or you know twenty years ago or maybe somebody that just passed away last night that i was talking with that. That could have been assistance to us. What can we learn from it. Because i think we all want to know what goes on and my thing is coming as close to that as possible and this is why i started over ten years ago with the name haunted and along because everything i do i do it alone I do put myself in vulnerable positions And i gotta make sure things are done properly. Because if i do have any type of evidence that capture or anything like that. It has to be inevitable. You know what. I'm saying. Because the last thing i to do is say without. Let's just say a while back. I was asked by a tv show. I'll put it that way. If i was willing to make up a story for one of their tv shows going to their episodes man. That's a no go for me. That that's i'm done with that that so that's where i draw one. That's it you know Right so would it becomes scientific and put that with your investigations And you have enough answers to give people when they have all the questions it gives them a little more hope and confidence to to deal with what they're dealing with if anything at all if that makes any sense just couldn't get Author lee from basic would like to know prior to investigation. Do you You check a have a checklist of requirements like Such as drug use in the house. Alcohol use we were etc yes. i try to get as little information as possible as far as what happened there at the at the location but but depending on the extremity of the case I still go in with respect. And i do sit down and talk with them a little bit about what i do what i look for and how i want to help but and then i tell them look and i asked this and i ask everybody You know it. is it really crucial. Yes it is do. You can have medication. Are you on medication. What does the medication for Do you read certain books. I have dealt with people that actually You wouldn't think an a hate sounding judgmental but you wouldn't think they would have done any of this but they had a library and ninety percent about libraries all black magic Right yeah a lot of witchcraft stuff and whatnot People that play with the week board day you know. There's a lot that i can say about the ouija board. But but yes i do go in and i do have a list of questions that i'd like to make sure that i can clear out of the way that way. It becomes a little bit easier to approach the investigation and not have any influence on the investigation. If that makes sense isn't really and it's actually a really good idea to get a list of the medications that a person taking because a lot of the elderly do not know all the side effects of medications that they're taking actually last year. We just ran into that that number cases. Yeah yeah so you know. Get a list of the medications and you can look up the side effects of medications and maybe even educate the personal that on what they're taking well you know and yet at the crazy thing is done investigation in nashville tennessee. Many years ago and The girl the young lady that that one of my assistant kipling feeling sick you walked in home you know those other things going on but she feeling sick so i asked her to leave the home and let me go into the home myself and when i went in i was feeling ill but it wasn't. It wasn't An unusual type of illness. I was just feeling nauseous and stuff like that but it wasn't. It wasn't normal in the sense that it was. It wasn't instantaneous. So for me. That immediately told me to break out the my my meter carbon monoxide and. Sure enough there was they. It was bad. It was bad. And i told her you can't be going back in there until they get settled out because you can get die and get more sick than when she. Because she was sick she was ill. And it was getting progressively worse. You know so. That's it's important to really really understand your surrounding than what you're getting into pusher. Yeah your surroundings. That's another good point. Two meters actually quite marred. I don't think i've seen many people with that in their kids. So that's a that's a smart idea. Yeah yeah it's huge. It's huge and believe it or not. It doesn't even have to be anything. Fancy you know you can go to like a hardware store like a home depot or whatever you wanna call it. And you know they they they. They still the smoke detectors that have a carbon monoxide detector. Yeah those are actually better because those have instantaneous reactions. So when you know taking that with you Will will help out because you can walk in and start going. And that's kind of what happened with me. When i when i walked in feeling second went back out grabwood. I had soon as i walked in the went nuts. You know so. I knew right away that there's no sense in trying to even do anything else because it wasn't even going to be a break magnetic field at that point you know right and sherry would like to share and she said What is your favorite equipment to use. And what would you not like to use or trust then where everybody's jumping in quick. Well i know we're one of my favorite Pieces of equipment for sure. Believe it or not. I have two of them. One of them is my thermal imaging. i really love that. I mean with everything because it's so precise but believe it or not the The other ones that. I really love is talcum powder There are ways to use it. Not just a matter of spreading powder on the floor and see if you get you know. There are ways of being able to approach on how. You're doing that along long cotton balls and all that stuff school but it works phenomenal. It's one of my favorite things to us because it is so sensitive. And it'll grab your attention right away so anything that allows you to break another your other equipment. Well and that's a. That's a good point that you brought up charlie telcom can be magnified so if something gets near it just even if it's a little bit it'll create The image like if the if you just a little dusting over top of a piece of block piece of plastic. You'll see it. So that's a good point charlie. Well they can't really says he's gonna make sure that it sees the roommates deal and you don't have any airflow. Oh yeah yeah that was definitely usually wanna make sure wherever you're investigating i usually The main power source period right That way i know no interruption of being coming on But the the the talcum powder can be really really tricky. Because if you actually put powder on the table and put your thumb on top of it pushed down. It'll it'll get your finger right so right depending on where you're at what's going on and how it reacts is going to tell you what to look out for in certain ways because if you get more of a sweep effect and you see some type of mines or like somebody blew something across the talcum powder. There's definitely An energy manifested. That's moving around. Now here's writing something that like you see like somebody pushed powder out of the way you have an open area. That means there's pressure applied now for it to do that. And you know just kinda wanna see what type of energies manifesting right that in there So it's gonna depend on how. How actually reacts to where where you're putting up and i'm going to just add to that if i may because we're just talking about a specific subject that talcum powder is also i slightly heavier powder so if there's my eto actually catch the vibrations if you have it like on that piece of polly up the polyurethane and many people have seen this experiment where the vibrations will create a picture. Well the same thing we'll help. What would talcum powder. It'll actually create Universal pictures if you out the best way explain it so i just wanna follow diets and people know if you deal with racial issue you could follow it up with that because different depending on the hurts will give you the different signs and you can actually go to youtube running Google it. i'll give you the hurts and with that design is for the hurt. Kimberly that see use Was it talcum. Glauca better But now using cornmeal cornmeal you know. I've i've tried corneal longtime ago. The the problem with that is it attracts insects so It's it's an immediate type of thing that you can have issues with I personally don't don't use it I personally would want to But when it comes to like power that like again the talcum powder and you're talking about the vibrations and stuff one of the best way to actually monitor those vibrations. If you just get one of the big flashlights that you take camping well it doesn't have to be expensive but you you put it on. Its back and turn it on that way. The light facing up and you put the powder on the lens of the Flashlight and then you put it in the camera to that because it's going to pick up the slightest movement and you'll be able to see whether it goes up or sideways or if it just moves around the the lens of the flashlight So there's there's a there's definitely good ways to to use that stuff but our wheat flour cornmeal starch baking soda. Those are a little bit heavier A lot of people say will. That's even better because if it moves that means there's something definitely there. Well it's kind of on the contrary there. There are things that can naturally move those because of the type of grain that they are And so you it. It's i think that's going to be more of a personal preference. But that's just my look on. That's my take on it. That's a good point. I kimberly really makes a good point. Though she's old homes with wood floors. You can be walking in one room and it adjust in another room to creepy that poof in the in the hall where you laid the the powder even though nobody right there so you really have to. it'll it would be situational. Sure yes yes. Yes that's That's usually what i would consider more of a netted area Because she's absolutely correct. I mean you start walking around these floors and any slight movement. I mean older houses. You know how bad they settle on the with. The heat would expand and so on and so forth and get all this crackling. Yeah i mean the slightest move can shake anything. So yeah i mean she's definitely a hundred percent right on that But i'm sorry. I if you're in a place by yourself you're not going to be worried about that because you're obviously no you're not gonna be walking around later or where you're one brown for which was leading to another quick with my other questions but yeah that's a good point if you're by yourself you're taking out everything. Yes yeah and when. I say usually places like that or or a netted area When there is possible movement on the floor. If you're walking. Because even if i have the camera setup was for that Looking at it without her. Before and i wanna look in one walk towards the other end. There's still could be a possibility with a four board. Does move or there's some kind of creaking that back and create whatever. But if i'm more concerned about the powder that have on the floor. I will get a plastic bag just from the grocery store. Whatever plastic bag laid on the floor and put the powder on the bag because there there is a static connection with the bag in powder so if you run in the world it's not going to move the back. It's it's not gonna talk back. You see what i'm saying So a little crazy tricks and people. I think would probably look at me like i'm crazy i think they do anyway but That's the point. I'm going to build a little portable faraday cage that. I wanna put his beer box than when they do bach sessions because verde should not picking up the sound waves from the frequent from the radio stations and stuff so if you actually get something then that would be something pretty cool. Yeah yeah. I've seen the one thing i have seen. A lot of people do is when they're when doing their spirit box They hook it up to like an amplifier or A larger outsource speaker That is like the worst thing you can do As a as a music producer audio producer filmmaker you know You sound design and stuff like that and my whole studio is all set up for everything but The problem with that is these amplifiers. Speakers are prepared fan. They're built and fixated on away to receive input and to output audio a certain way Right with your trouble your head and stuff like that anything. That's your first your headphones. That's fine but even that kind of pushing it because the is always gonna change just like when somebody has a cell phone people ask me. Hey charlie what kind. What kind of app you recommend for for your phone to prepare normal. You only have two things on there. Actually no you have three. You have your flashlight if you wanna use your voice recorder for memos and then your camera you as far as photograph but as far as apps there are no apps because of telephone was created for communication not to detect the difference and the change of the magnetic fields or in temperature and stuff like that. You know what. I'm saying so there really are upset are gonna work. Well okay i well. It's more of a. This is a good point. And let's talk about something you touched on real quick. She's seen somebody use a karaoke machine. Oh yeah no that that. There are so many different frequencies that can just data loan because that's made to be able to bring in audio for you to exchange in you know so the frequency can be. It can be manipulated. Unfortunately to the point that the not that the person would do it but the machine itself can actually confuse frequency Depending on you know whatever level you have it. Set at those differences in frequency in hertz. And stuff like that. They there there can be a problem that causes as if you were recording the song if you have too much going through that input and you're trying to just people think okay if i plug it in i'm just gonna get this audio. You're gonna get bad but you're dealing with other signals that are built into these systems to do other things therefore it can cause some type of latency issue. And i've had that many times you know where if i'm according to something a song and have too many tracks going on They're against the what happens is too much being trying to be read. So wait and see begins and there can be too late and there can be all kinds of frequency to interrupt or maybe even contaminate any possible Evidence that you that you have for an investigation. Wow that's no no don't Actually i think that's really that's nice no refreshing to hear somebody that actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to hurt and to volumes in when it comes to How we perceive. I use that word how we perceive how we pick up and respond to activity so you check in at makeup because you here all right freaking talking about that. I'm sure if he was breaking up here. I don't know if you can hear me. That's okay we can hear you Bulk up slap. Mike you can use really almost any mike as far as doing avp's It it really is going to depend on Where you're doing the. Mvp it or not. I know it sounds crazy But if you really really want to get technical about it yet are different mighty could use but if you want. If you want a standard just i want to go into an edp. Boom you know. The small handheld digital records are just fine because those are unit. Directional microphones built in there to pick up frequency from anywhere that that is tricia rounded by. And the best thing about those you know is that They have a setting where if any frequency has been interrupted or if it hears anything it will start recording on its own. So that's like the best part about those. You don't have to spend a million dollars for anything that's You know high tech. Because they're just a small handheld digital recorded you can buy for forty fifty bucks gonna do an an amazing like one hundred percent so when it comes to your higher quality recorders. You're saying you don't really have to go out and get a high high volume high density recorder a standard. Olympus would do the job. Is that what you're saying that absolutely absolutely If you plan on doing. Edp in certain ways or you know in certain rooms I do things a little differently. Because of how i want the audio to be picked up and where certain things are and so on and so forth. But it's not. Like i'm gonna sit there with a full gear microphones set up to do that But i do use certain. Gear and certain microphones To attached about that will allow me the versatility of going in super in depth In busted gate. You know what i'm saying but yeah so many of the item. Yeah yeah and also The the wide range of words taking up because you get a high and at microphone. You know you're more than likely going to pick up more outside noise in your pick up what you wanna pick up. You know what i'm saying. The question out of facebook sure he would like to know. Where is your favorite place you have ever been. And where have you never been but wanna go. That is a loaded question I gotta say back in nine. The one i think ninety one or nineteen ninety. It was before charles and tina madden. They even owned the waverly hills. Sanatorium yeah. I can be owners back then. That's the way that we can't take their social security and he allowed me it will. He asked me if i was to go out there to take a look at the place and You know and i talked about it and so on and so forth. But i ended up going there for four nights and i was there on my own Starting on the very top and working my way down. Because you don't ever in a multilevel place you never want something about mortuary up you wanna get a reverse but It was a it was an amazing experience. just absolutely amazing experience Now i know. I think that you like tours or something. I'm not really sure but That was one of my favorite places. the place one of the places that was supposed to do That i still would like to do In the roosevelt hotel. In hollywood okay. That's yeah that's one of the places. I'd still like to go to And then as well as the The stanley hotel in colorado. Everybody know why. Would you wanna do the stanley hotel. Now wait let me. Let me rephrase that. Why would you wanna do these locations. Well you know. There's a lot that people have said that they've experienced There i've seen different interviews and all this other stuff. But i don't want to go for those reasons. I wanna go for the purpose of trying to understand what i'm dealing with now with what i've heard because as far as what i've heard i know people have said they felt this. That and all this other stuff. I wanna go in a completely different intention. to to kind of observe the entire property And see what kind of personal. I guess reference and a personal experience. I'm gonna get there not because it's just the stanley hotel you know what i'm saying Right that i wanna see for myself. What inspired the flooring. I know there's a lot that that i still don't quite understand in regards to the stanley hotel personally But i you know. I like to start a little deeper in the sense of like the the property sits on See what i get as far as Inflammation who you know. What was there before as far as Not structures but like people and cultures and stuff like that See if that had any type of influence on anything that had gone on before. I can understand your point. There is very important. I think so. I can see that i the reason i ask that is because we. That's the one thing that we've been doing. Terrible community is following each other We've been mostly that an trail. You know what i mean. They find that piece of sugar. Whatever then all the ants all the troopers on that one piece of sure going. Oh we know where the food is so we all make that one lines at one place and just go tucker to pawtucket championship back and forth back and forth. And i don't wanna do that. May twenty one. That's one of the things i wanna break. Just because it's called waverly hills doesn't mean i have to go there you know he's just because it's it's called the winchester house doesn't mean i have to go there but i i'm i'm a. I'm intrigued by the stories the personally. I'd rather research are investigate a location. That's never been researched. Never been investigated and do my year or two year. Long research probability at one location then over several periods of time at several different locations that makes sense. Oh no absolutely because the the thing about that is Like i'm i'm actually working on the documentary Apparently documentary and it was in regards to personal experiences in different places but it changed dramatically because now it turned into a documentary that i'm doing it the home i'm living that i purchased And it's it's the house was built in nineteen seventy It's a very large house. And the home or the community would design by a pianist by the name of liberace now right so i know that his mom and stuff lived in one of the houses on the other side there Has nothing to do with you. Know like the experiences. I've had here which were extremely tremendous I can honestly tell you for a fact that has nothing to do him but But these i'm interested in because whether it's my home whether it's building that nobody has even heard of because who knows what history that hopes. It could be a vision for us to sit there and say wow. This person was actually living there or this person actually died here from this or so and so visited this location and nobody even knows about it. Because i think you're so fix it on all the notorious places across the world that we forget the little places that we never even heard him right now. Did you know that liberace had own the Residents prior to move in was that after the home that i'm in now is different from where he lives. He lives Probably about maybe fifteen minutes. Where i'm as he had his mansion Where the community that. I'm in a very hidden hidden community. It's almost like a little german town. It's a really interesting There are like an english little tutor village but right my understanding There are a lot of the Entertainers entertained with him. we're here. His mom was in this area but his home. That was About fifteen minutes from here. wasn't completely different story. There's i remember the gentleman that property at this point but it's been a museum it's been all kinds of different stuff and his He to own a restaurant lucia and a friend of mine. John actually you still own the restaurant Many years ago and we get an investigation there or the montel williams show back in one thousand nine. But i know who you are now No no charlie. Do not feel disrespected. But i've been trying to figure out how i knew you and okay you know doing my research years. I've crossed your name so many times. But when i was talking to sherry was not connecting. I just was not putting together. You just said the montage on now. I remember where i put you together so i totally understand where you're coming from now. Y that's true. That's a little bit of what we were referred to to the the effect domain delo effect on my thought process. That is so cool. You said you just put them together. The conscious idea of who he is and who i thought was. Oh that's cool. That's super cool No i mean that's really impactful information now the reason i'm also asking his because there's something else i want to know is. Do you ever feel threatened. Have you ever been threatened. Have you ever had negative intent towards you experienced negative or malicious entities are spirits. Have you ever been attacked. I never been attacked personally. But i've I've been in a situation where it was extremely negative It was aggressive It didn't necessarily attack me. But it. I'll put it. This way is definitely let its presence now that it was there and If i have all the footage that i have to digitize because it was all on tape back then because it stuff just absolutely incredible but Yeah gentleman gentlemen reached out my gosh whereas works like nineteen eighty nine. I think but A gentleman had reached out to me and we got my number from a friend and the guy he said. Are you the are you the go. Sky like Yeah that that would be me. Yep and so. He was telling me that guy was he was really upfront. he was He was a contractor and he flipped homes and told me that his house he says. I refused to go back in i. He was using very colorful words but But he's saying he goes. I refuse to go in there until whatever's in there is out he you know it's whatever it is it's a demon you know and and right now the alana people need to understand that yeah poultry guys can sound quite frightening it can. It can be a frightening experience depending on how things are being moved but the word alone does frighten a lot of people but they need to understand. That poltergeist german word for noisy ghost or nosy spirited. Whatever exactly but i thought this guy maybe you know i could have been exaggerated or something so long story short you know. I met up with him in public because he refused to go at the house. So he can give me. The key and house was completely empty. But when i when i showed up it was on a log lose on friday or something but it was about one o'clock in the morning and all the power we should off and walk in homeless. Empty my camera on a tripod and tripod quite wide. So it wouldn't What they call horse legs on you. wouldn't tip over all infrared and stuff like that On a high and an extremely extremely long story short the energy that was there was so negative. I kid you not not. So how this footage i sat. I can see it when i when i was down downstairs. I can see it in the hallway upstairs because the way how open the house was and you can see the shadow literally can see the shadow And so i went up the steps and probably about three steps before i get to the very top planning bears. I sat with my back to it. Started speaking to it and saying you know if you're really gonna make yourself known i'm right here so on and so forth kid you not. It was like somebody picked up the home and dropped it. It tipped over my palm the camera. It's everything okay. That's that's how bad it it was. I know it sounds crazy. I know trust me. I wouldn't even know how to explain this to anybody. If i didn't have the footage But it just got to a point where i was able to. Finally i mean a lot went on that but the this energy kept on going into a certain room can't go i. I called a gentleman up and said hey look at you know. Are you okay with me. Tearing up some some carpet in that room. He says i don't care what you do. Just get that blank outta there okay. Oh yeah yeah he was. He was not having it but you know ended up going into his garage and funny what i could find and ripped up the carpet and there was a little pentagram painted on four under the carpet and we. I ended up getting a hold of a a friend of mine who was a catholic priest And this is years ago. Wouldn't really talked about this whole thing and finally was able to get him to come out. you know. Get permission for him to come out. And he did a a blessing on the on the morning of one day the afternoon of a following day the and late night of a day after and it just changed things one hundred percent you know it was quite quite the experience right. So let me ask you this charlie. Now that i just a quick thing is this is simple. Yes no because cash. Just let me know. We have somebody else facebook. Do you go into abstract or take out the spirit or just a documentation. The situation it's going to depend on the person who's asked me to investigate. Some people don't want to know if there's something and others will ask me to remove it. Okay all right. We're gonna jump back into facebook. Author leases more teams to edp soul cases in regards unsolved. Homicides missing people Also in lacey peterson case. That helped a lot I personally like to see that myself once. I think that'd be great. You know because. I think there's just a lot of urban explorers out there that are just showing this cool things and stuff but that doesn't solve anything i it really you're right. And that's why some of the some of these groups that have the ability to gain that research Information and gathered and put it improperly are still not being taken seriously because look at the entertainment side. Look how we've been seeing. It's a nanno science right now. it's an entertainment science now. They'll so i i agree. I can't the union sylvia brown. Wow colby brown you know i. I met her at the mantell. William show Well she was there actually during our segment and she was on stage with john. The owner carlo cheers. But i was such a contradiction to every little thing that anybody talked about or asked her about like everything every she couldn't hold a straight story for life depended on. Unfortunately i hate saying it like that. But i'm just being one hundred percent because when it comes to stuff like that i think people really need to know the facts when it comes to that This is why personally don't work with like psychics to come with me. Because i'm not saying that. They're all bad but i just don't want things to be approached. A certain way is all you know hand. Yeah she was one of those. Unfortunately high threes Gotcha yeah they think you answer. What am i questions to treats happy new year. Everybody happy new doing series is my timeline is a fellow. Ms warrior. Charlie rivero is truly multi talented faceted. Diamond got called a diamond. Charlie oh well that's just turner said while walk off is the ball. I try after dillinger. Jimmy good evening and happy new year. Brother I think we're we're up on facebook So i could ask in. You know what you asked on oak something else. Can kimberly wants new. Did you ever meet james. Ran randy randy. James randi hoping james rent Yeah you know that was very it was very minimal. It was very minimal. When i got to when i got to meet him In i'm not mistaken i think recently passed but Some was so this is like seven years ago. But i did meet him but it was so brief. I really didn't get to actually sit down and talk with him that much But you know the little bit that. I did speak with him. He seemed extremely knowledgeable. But i i'm not sure i couldn't say because i i wish i would have had a lot more time to To speak with them. You know yeah until they understand. ladies Travelers those like. Why don't we go ahead. And since we're at a good point let's go ahead and charlie if you don't mind let's go ahead and take a break get every time to change. Go use the restroom. Get drink tinebra. Either copy while while coffee my brother. Jimmy's like you know like you're right. I got it right there Pity powder oh. I did say while. I didn't yeah shameless. Plug to say that shameless plug well We're going to do that. We're gonna take a break when we come back. We're gonna jump right back into some more stories more information you travelers get to know charlie a little better As we get these questions and if you wanna call in tonight and ask a question the second half you're more than welcome to open the phone lines you have questions phone line will be do. Your lines are open at one. Three two three eight seven zero three eight seven seven. That's one three two three eight seven zero three eight seven seven push option one on your phone to let us know that you wish to come on air and speak to us or wonderful guest. Charlie riviera tonight. So we're gonna be right back just after this. We're going to give you a little. Sarah bellion tonight The ladies and gents. You don't do join jazz and blah coup advance on day. Nine eleven o'clock on facebook and june to fail. Swear after you'll get come out in almost every sunday night and good evening. Travelers in those light to the second hour of the orion exact with our very special guest. Charlie revere me. I don't know why can't get it out as difficult aveiro. So sorry charlie. There's certain last name simply by tone go right now day. That's why i said that earlier. You try to carry comes. It's again in starting already know. I do have a question. The girls have a lot of questions. Actually we're on a break. So i'm like the girls jump in here brother series you've posted the that People can check you out on facebook at haunted alone or on youtube. I was just wondering if any of the stuff that you've captured so far is on youtube or facebook for them for viewers to go and watch you know on on my youtube. I have all kinds of different stuff but You know 'cause they create crazy little shorts and stuff but you can't see the on their When i was doing blogs sharing a lot of the stuff that i captured on on my thermal imaging and so on and so forth so yeah absolutely right great that's either question And have you had any experiences that sticks out the most. And where were you at experiences. Yeah that's the one. The one that the one that stuck out the most for me was The queen mary Back in ninety four the queen. Mary was definitely something that i wasn't. I wasn't expecting to be honest with you. Was kind of a last minute thing that happened when i was asked to do investigation there but i stayed in the winds sweep and Were the bet is located. it's If you were to walk in the door straight to your right is the bed. But i was laying down and had the light right next to me mounted on the wall and i you know to go too long on this story that it is a very long story. But long story short again The door has a latch on like a a metal wax. So if somebody tries to catch on that but it sounded like somebody was trying to get in with the doorknob and and this was like in the middle of the evening. And i didn't know why i was thinking housekeeping or something because not not a little the night unless requested some but i didn't Perkin say you know. Hey look at them. Good things and then it stopped but Within a couple of minutes and did it again and this time the door open but caught on the latch and as soon as i looked over I did see an apparition go from the door into the room next to me which is what it was like a little living room. And that's when i got. I got up immediately and i walked towards it and soon as i got to the edge of the wall to look over into the other room. It came right in front of me and walk right out. dole hander. Really was that was. It just didn't give me time to grab anything because i was like sitting there And literally sitting. I had a cigarette man. I used to smoke. I quit smoking fifteen years ago. But i used to smoke a cigarette in my hand. And they're like okay really enough to come. Give me a little time here to grab my stuff you know so i. I just wasn't expecting it. Because i my initial investigation was set for This morning so that night was for me. Just check in and get settled in and just kind of relax but no it started pretty. That's pretty cool. Pretty cool yeah. Well videos outstanding Well i appreciate that Do i tend to make Creepy videos or like little miniature one or two minute creepy shorts. It's me trying to express a lot of what i have locked in. My head sometimes are ninety percent of don't make sense. I'm and i'm okay with that. I appreciate very kind of like to constantly be creating and sharing things with people you know now with that being said when you're on an investigation charlie Do you ever use trigger items. And what kind of trigger items you use if you do I think the most the most that i've ever used it spent gonna be my my k. Two meter now. And i just got some thousand rooms but i'm not really big into major major things that i here's the thing. I have an extension cord that has a sensor on. It's a dollar court. And it's going to build sensor and just put a lightbulb on it and that can take it wherever i want and it's just a standard sensor. There's nothing to it and if it something that will turn on I think that's the most extent i've gotten to as far as that goes other than leaving infrared cameras and stuff on but i never thought about that. That's a good one charly Putting the get off light Called her to an extension cord and if your power down there should be no power. Going to bulbs of the bulb kicks on. You know you're getting the residual energy from in that location or you're actually getting some kind of of energy that's really a smart move jolly really smart. It's a question for you. You investigate go through. So what do you do to protect yourself. you have had one negative experience. So how do you protect yourself. Well i definitely say a prayer ourselves I do say a prayer for the property With all respect. And and and the people involved and so on and so forth. So i i do. Try to protect myself with sage bilo santo Which is it's a spanish word for The word of thing right but You know stuff like that. I just i. I like to make sure that things are done. Extremely extremely respectfully And cautiously so that. I just do the best i can i. It's never gonna stop anything fully I had quite a few things happen but nothing to really get me running out of the building. I'm not saying that's not going to happen. Because i do believe eventually. It will But until that time comes. I think i just tried to do the best. I can to just respectful everything and everyone that i'm that i'm but i'm investigating right point. Robert miller said so las sega's when it was closed down and nobody around because of the kobe is doing that is that is a good one. That is a good one. You know i. I actually have a video posted. It's called lost vegas and it was literally when everything shut down and it was really surreal to see this this city Like that it was crazy on my youtube channel. And like i said it's called las vegas and it was just. I tried to put more of a coming up music to it that i created instead of something area. Because i didn't wanna give it that energy. It was really bizarre. It was the craziest thing i've seen. Now we're talking about that now. I'm going to jump into your head if you don't mind cause this is where i'm really good at. I have questions for you. I want to know this charlie. Do you perceive the spirit world or the spirits entities ghost as one type or do you see what we're dealing with a multiple levels. Are they multiple different types. Today affect differently are the all the same from what you've encountered from what you understand There's gonna be for me there. There are many different ones. Every i mean i can go to explain it as apparitions because of those different energies From what is the anthropomorphic apparition. Which is more of a distinguishable form kinda resembled like you know a a human body. You know you can see the humor. I figure You know what's the owen My god i so. I don't know why and i i do everybody man i dropped on okay. The thing is i've been really i. I've actually been really really sick You know not of care and stuff like this. Put it lightly but So for some reason. I feel like i'm actually getting up there in age or something i don't know but we're not some bucks more charlie your library in cognitive apparition which is like a like a concealed or an unrecognized form a zoological apparitions which are animals Deceased pets So you know even like an extra celestial apparition Which would be. I guess for some would understand this as of not squirrelled or like an indifferent type of ram. It mentioned right type thing Bit of course the most popular living apparition you know which somebody can. I call it an improvement of life or an improvement of death. It's going to depend on a look at it but it's really when somebody is near death Like a coma patient for example. And you know those. Those type of energy can fluctuate going in and out which is more useful in the sense of if you want to try to help somebody that dealing with a family member or a loved one that in that position and they wanna know what's going on you know i've done it a couple times and it's very hard to do because it's so personal right and you do see the differences from infrared thermal imaging so there are so many so many you know different ways of looking at it. I think the approach for me i. There are different many different Hikes i should say that. Bravo sir pravo. Excellent answer And the reason i ask that is because there's a lot of new theories a lot of new understanding that's coming out and i think with this year and the next couple of years we're going to get a really good grasp on the direction that we should have been going compared to what we've been doing with saying that and then i'll let the girls give that to facebook and ask the questions. This is going to be My biggest questions you tonight if you will is what has been the difference and the payroll on one supernatural field. From the time that you've got in and started to now what would have been the big ups or downs. We call it as you see it. Okay well as far as the up. A lot of A lot of things that i've seen are those who need help or assistance are not as afraid to reach out Which is good. Because i never want anybody the afraid to speak up. And hey look. I need some type of health blah blah blah. You know or it was very trying because they didn't want to be looked at as crazy A lot of a lot of the content seeing is a lot of urban explorers that are going into these places that don't necessarily have too much knowledge of what's going on and can create an issue for those that want to legitimately investigated location with proper information and and be able to come back with the proper facts and feedback to give Think it has been glorified. It has been turned into a network. I like an entertainment network as opposed to something to take seriously and ruined it for myself and maybe several others that wants to go into locations to investigate and do something like actually in a proper form. You know what i'm saying. I think a lot of it has been it. It really has now. If i may are you referring to some of these locations that some people created actual law contracts with the property owner to deal with only Okay bro and tv shows as well yes because there are tv television networks that have signed or have signed contracts with locations that only certain people can go to the serious and that correct correct and i. It's unfortunate because aside from that that contract also states following their guidelines not the paranormal investigator guidelines. Because a lot of these people have gained ability and knowledge as they were growing with the show so basically what they've learned and i know this because a good friend of mine used to be in a tv show called go slab but right What happens is a lot of these people learned to the networks script So it's basically networks getting as much information as the fan and big. Go off that script now to me. It's such a shame because you that actually was taken off air because you know he reviews to make up evidence right. I wish. I wish i could say the same for a couple of other shows but and because of my personal experience of them coming up to me. As a matter of fact one of them just reached out to me Weeks ago asking. You know if i was willing to have somebody come out of my at my house and do a shooting here for the episode and i and i turn down i i do i i turn them down because i i try not to be rude i say look i really appreciate it. And it's not really my avenue where you guys approach things. I appreciate it. You know It's they're the same people that several years ago in front of a few friends asked me to. Uh if i was willing to make stories for a an episode which now you're blaming yet okay. So what's going on right now. And i'm sorry charlie. I am listening. But out the window. I keep seeing flickers of light and it was like orbs that are flying by the window. So i've been dreaming. Keep an eye on them and watch him but with it is is the reflection of how he's had the wave of light and hit the it looks like little awards and the way. He knew neither brighter or denver. And i'm trying to figure out what it is and then notice the you know the correlation between how he's head moving in the in the light so i wanna don't be good. You said that because we are putting together right we we. We are are offering a select group of people to come here Hopefully in twenty twenty one to the cabinet three sixty charlie. I would love to extend that invitation for you to join us that weekend and actually experience. This location. The cabin at three sixty men historic mechanicsville. Oh yeah i mean that would be absolutely amazing I definitely love to be honored to. I think it would just be a matter of when you're doing it and see if i can get everything worked out. I think that would be fantastic. That'd be great because we We have several of our friends that are high profile then in the paranormal community That we're all gonna be getting together And coming here to the cabin and setting that up for ryan and dennis ryan jones and dennis s lot here at the cabin three sixty so i will get you the dates. I think this is awesome because like you said cat. You're seeing things. I know kim's been feeling things. Now we are in an actress site to Well no no. Because i'm wearing pollutants tonight and on the first hour. Charlie i lose my right. And i was looking past kim's back and i could see manipulation out in the foyer area but while we were on a break i was outside and i saw i saw. I'm not gonna use the word or almost decide. And that's why i was like. Oh you're seeing all right cool. So i just wanna say that's cool and they're flexible and that's what it's about debunking can get that So you know that's awesome and you know if we can make that happen shortly. Hey steam or Carol hernandez charlie has a question Or would be categorized categorized as what. Oh good question well it is a form of manifestation for of energy So it can be one one way of madison manifest manifesting or it could be actually removing itself from from your presence so there's definitely different ways of understanding that one for sure Series shows are now with meeting to their quote unquote evidence. Um an office said she wouldn't have been on a show if she knew. Now i've seen them what she knows now wrestling. I watched the conjuring cows on youtube that they let too many people in there I was wondering if the spirits get tired of being bothered day in and day out You know we've talked about this on the show. But would he feel charlie. Do you feel like the spirits and those getting tired of being put on like a circus. Here's the thing The paranormal does not happen on q. it's something. I've investigated location three times and had absolutely nothing. But i will say again that if you're going into a location to investigate if you're lacking any type of respect That energy can definitely Saturate the location and whatever's there. And i do believe it can affect it in certain ways you know do you. Do you also feel the same that that. There's a possibility that we create our own. You know that can depend honestly You know there's again. There's there's ways i really. I guess how you're gonna investigate location. I've seen people investigated location where it's just a standard home and you have like eighteen. Investigators like what are you doing. Yeah that's mac. Him eating agreed. Yeah contamination being. Yeah i mean for for for me. Three people's pushing it Now on the kim the contamination but just the reason you know each each one. What's the reason and beating their. What's their purpose you know. They say they want that. The gate but a lot of them are curious. You know and so that that will change stuff around saying what the ouija core people are curious the first thing we want to try to see what happens because they know already. Oh hey you know the wiki board known for doing crazy stuff. Well actually the week board is very much like a hammer if you use it properly it's gonna work just fine if you're going to be an idiot about it you're gonna have problems with the hammer. Use the wall with a nail. It'll work just fine. Use it on a window. You're going to have major problems okay. There's nothing wrong with would you board. It's how it's it's been used right. Where i t. Since he's had a chance to be on a couple of shows that that he turned them down because they wanted him the lie and am not willing to compromise on. That's awesome and he should and look at to give them their give the networks or these shows the ratings they want you know out of you. Yeah yeah yeah. It's just that it's it's absolutely disgusting. So i mean kudos for those who actually stand up for the paranormal for themselves and say look at no because that doesn't need to stop it's becoming more and more Of a problem. You know what. I'm saying right absolutely and this is why i say what i said just a minute ago and i know we got a couple of things out of Facebook on kim and cat to jump into. But this is what. I'm seeing right now and this is just my opinion. The paranormal field in general. In general as much like pro wrestling now you see you see all the action you see him being professional athletes if you will but its core and we have so many of these entertainment shows so many of the people wouldn't get out there doing youtube doing movies doing Oh okay Smart tv shows channels. That are out there doing these shows and they know they're being either scripted or they want to be seen So they're going to act a certain way so that persona takes on who they are twenty four seven so they get out there. Start at just like hawk hogan oh dear lord. Don't give me your. But he was time right and tell people sterling started to figure out who he really was kind of like what we got going on. Now there's a lotta hawk hogan's running around but there's not a lot of oh i don't know ric flair's i just or when world. Yeah kurt angle. Well you know when when when people started seeing how the paranormal started turning now all of a sudden everybody's going out and buying gear and call themselves investigators because they figured all they have to do. Is this gadget. Go off or just get voices on every quarter or what are you. And and that's far from they're like nowhere near there's so much that goes to it to understand about being a paranormal investigator. Which i'm sure i'm sure yourself as yourself knows that you can't just jump in. It's not a matter of just jumping in. It's a matter of understanding why you're doing what you're doing. I mean i can go on for days about. But i won't well obviously but i can't really people have turned it into a novelty and that's what's up. That's exactly my point. Thank you rene. Cody says about Orbs with color. 'cause she says blue in green one at the green lady cemetery. How often how often are they. Did they see it. So that's the question. How often did see them. Yeah well i think the question though is is the color of the orb have any significance. Oh okay young. Yeah there's different. There's your we're talking about you. Know if you look at your white. You're white standard orbs and you can see the center of bonin suppler. They you can see like the texture as they would. Call it your archangel you know. Type of or Your pale green. Orbs are more of a like a like for like really mean it. I don't know how to explain. It's a transitional type of energy It's you're starting to kind of your to kind of What do you call it. Your your intermixing like celestial beliefs into the energy of things But there you have or that are multicolored orbs But like the greens whites even the pale. Greens are more into the angelic family. and that can even bleed into maybe some of the blues and stuff but there there are different meanings for sure and it depends how often you are seeing them during an investigation or wherever it is that you're a taking photos Also depends on like how how they're moving you know how quick they're moving How slow moving you know you have pink orbs that that are more of an openness tap or or like a stress related or biz more of the darker colors reds and plums and dark red. You know The high energy orbs or more transparent type of red and stuff like that so it can go many different directions. You know what i'm saying. There's so many different. At least it's not there shouldn't knock me alive but there were other issues in pieces he's gonna save. The dead file actually did wanna help people. Because he's living proof. Oh cool okay. So yeah okay. Yeah i i actually watched several episodes of the dead files. I actually enjoy their their shows. never dealt with any of them. Personally i don't know them personally. I've never met any of them but I do like the way. They approach things if the way they're doing it you know where you know. Don't meet until the end. And i think i think that's awesome But no i think that's great. I mean if that person is actually experienced You know having assistance from them. I think that's awesome. That's awesome actually doing it. You know all thirdly said when it comes to the dead balls. My friend is friends. Lucy producer and they seem to do things different than most. Wow okay okay. Well that's great as long as hey as long as it's legitimate as long as it's honest and pure right on where or how i don't care. How many scripts you have. Because i get it for the writers for the editors for the show and stuff. I get that they have to have something to work off up to when you're at any Trust me very well But it's honest like they're going to say hey look at you know when you do an eating p can you please make it last this long. Well sorry i can extend underneath p shirt but like if they're going try to tell you what to find and stuff like that now but a very blank slate hypo Type of script in their legit and they're being clean about it right on. I think that's great great jerry. That's why so many investigators who are truly invested in recent research or helping other you not have shows But stay off the radar and don't necessarily want the publicity but rather to simply do the proper research. I do a thorough when you follow up with the proper investigation and determine what is really going on in the location and what should be focused on agree but the people that are actually doing the work in dishes need to be heard they should be seen. And that's why charlie. Oh come on joe. Well here's the thing i mean. They should be saying they should be heard. The reason. Why a lot of those types and like myself are not on radar is because these networks the tv shows knees channels or whatever they want. They want content. They want rate. They want stuff that they can constantly show in the real world the paranormal. Since it's not you know you can sit there. And you don't not on demand their network is not gonna wait to see when you're investigations have is going to have some kind of response right so this is this is why they started doing what they do. Because you know. It's further their their show for their tv ratings for all of that that it is. It's sad you know. I find it. Amazing how person to be possessed every single every single. Tv show deem funny. Oh if you're here touch me like what is proof of that. How do you prove that you were touched medicine. That's ridiculous but on the flip side are if people. I'm sorry go ahead. No go ahead. Go ahead interrupt you. I'm sorry. I was gonna say i respect the the people that are coming out now That are doing community Research projects such as a house on the hill They've got a good camera system running twenty four seven so you go in there and you can watch what's going on. I know the horse fly chronicles To shameless plug out there. to them But they had a moment where you know they had cameras going so you can jump on and go okay. Let me see what i can see. But they're the created a community research laboratory through video. Yes but we're able to see it. I like to see more of that You i understand people. What do these these youtube in and facebook lives. But don't if you're gonna do it do it right you know. Put it on you do it all the way through you. Don't do editing. you don't do anything and you keep it running from the tommy start the time you in. So i a debts. Get that ideas coming more and more But more people while they do that they wanna be seen to. They want their to be 'cause everybody wants a little bit of that. That fame if you will now but i see how as society is actually starting to get back to the premise of why we're doing this. I think more community events such as concerts lives etc are coming about and i think that's really good for the community itself because showing that the so-called television shows and other programs really are not the meat of what we're doing not the paranormal shows and the people that are trying to profit from it. That are the problem. It's also these businesses that put out the you know investigations. Because they're now haunted because they know that they're going to bring in business and they're using to bring in business instead of actually having any kind of you know a phenomenon in their location. They're just using it as for money. Yup yup yup very true and it's very sad cut like i said before the day was. It was much different because they you know they were more curious and they really wanted to know it was. It was a fascination to understand. Oh my god this place gonna actually behind us now. It's just a a marketing strategy for them. A marketing tool yes. No you know. And i'm going to give props to a location here in in the richmond area. That is highly active. But you don't hear about. Its crab louise In the chesterfield area. It's highly active Your day that you know they've got certifications etc etc that they're hunting but you don't hear about this place a lot of people don't go to and go. Oh we're going here comes honey. 'cause the food's good going 'cause the food's good but they don't put out or promote that they have activity only if you're really into the payroll community which you know that so that's props to shameless flow crab louise for doing i think in my parental. I wanted to research crab louise. And they're like a okay well rob robert milliken would like to know charlie Do you think spirits only speak and understand their native language when they were alive or can they understand other languages now that they are steered That's a good question. I think the there can be forms of languages that could be understood at that point Everything becomes so universal when somebody's trying to reach reach out in the paranormal using energy. And stuff like that. I think there are ways for for those different languages and different type of culture to actually communicate. So yeah i personally do believe that i have had only one case that i can honestly remember that It was a spanish now. I just spanish because my family was from argentina. I'm all better now but you know i do speak fluently but reason why i do say that it can take on and understand different types of languages often from different cultures and such is because a lot of the stuff was talking and asking was an english and i was still get responses so i do believe that in in many cases. Yes they can. I do think also that In other cases A lot of different rituals and a lot of different types of cultures and Especially when you're talking about the whole indian tribes and stuff. I think those if you actually had a native way to communicate with that it would be stronger for sure you know using that's native type of language or whatever but i still think they can be Understood with the within the other communication author leases they. She is a question. Why do move pastors they all activities from demon and a preschool. Say it's stuck spirit or might be a spirit that Dies from an unexpected death. So they don't know they're dead well. Unfortunately it's because they they're going by what. Their script is as far as their religion. The church that were to get yeah. They're they're they're going to go with what's the safest for them to not contaminate their i guess what you call their home Right or there but you know. Unfortunately they don't have the knowledge of the whole thing with demons and stuff like that because that's a strong. That's a strong word. That's a strong word to be using When it comes to the paranormal. Like i i i can honestly tell you that. I've spoken with people that have had frightening frightening. Yeah drink a demand. I may have heard the and i'll tell them. Don't say the name out loud. You never do that right if you you don't if that's the case if you've had a dream or even if you're away you're eating dinner for some reason something's coming in your head and you're hearing a name of a demon you do not speak of it and you not say it out loud if you knew how a church or some type of sanctuary that you that you praise You would go to that location and speak to you. Know somebody about what's going on and they would actually get the name out of you without having to say it and that would be the proper way of being able to sell cleanse. Emma situation like that if you're not part of a church if you're not part of any type of sanctuary like that You can actually sit there and meditate. You're able to remove that by simply stating you're not going to be allowing that type of energy around you and you can have black salt and put black salt in every corner of each of the room each corner of the room sitting in what you're doing that so that allows it to keep yourself Protected but also removing type of negative energy rock on. Thank you for this. That's the things i'm talking about. That's what i was looking for. I want to the meat of what we're doing and that that's exactly what the show's about and that's what i wanted to hear right there with him adds. I'm glad i'm sure so much with you guys because to me. It's really important for people to have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to the paranormal. And that's what this shows about. It's it's giving a voice to the the general person But giving knowledge we want to teach we want to maybe reteach with people have learned. We want to give a better understanding. And how we do that as the people that come on. You know there's like. I said before that need to be heard that have been in the us That are not heard a lot of but they're the people that really have the knowledge. And i'm gonna tap that knowledge especially in twenty twenty one or more people in we want to make sure people are educated in the parkway. If they're going to do it now. I want to jump back to one thing real quick. I'm a and say this. We all started as ghost hunters with. Let's face fat we all day. But it's where we chose what hap- you chose to move in what direction yet. It'd be Parapsychologists yet it'd be a researcher attack a spiritualist. We all started at one place. So people understand. I'm not dogging ghost hunters okay. You're their starters. We were there where you are if you want to know more. There's people out here that really did teach you show you give you knowledge give you wisdom and and this is what the show's about as you learn more you should be evolving and if you're not then you're doing it wrong there's yeah there's there's many ways to definitely look at it that way because i think there's a lot that's being missed and i think if if there was being done on Properly being done More aggressively in a proper way. You would be involving just like you were saying and i think you'd be grabbing a lot. More attention to those. That legitimately need help. The opening is left and right because they would see a complete difference from reality versus television. Right difference one hundred. I'm gonna. I'm gonna follow up on you with that and say this and we'll see people's remarks Several months ago somebody made a comment in one of the groups and i made the comment. We don't know we don't know what affects the other side. We don't know what is on the other side. We don't know if it's real we don't know for creating we just don't know as of yet and a girl responded with this. Well i thought. And she was being a bit sarcastic. But that's okay. But that's why seeing her comment was will. I thought we already figured it out. But we already knew that Electromagnetic forces all come from spirit activity. i thought and i listened to what she had to say to my and this is what you were taught or when you choose to listen to because it's so why charlie there's so much out there you know the spirits a the interactive different ways. They're affected different ways and affect us. That's very true In the in the sense of what she had mentioned what you just said. I do agree hundred percent. What you just said It's also that also a form of The paranormal that she accepted. Okay when one script that something when you except one thing. That's what you're stuck on. You're gonna kind of lock yourself from evolving okay. I do what i do. Because i've done it for so long. I enjoy doing it. i love it over. Science studied parapsychology for many years. Blah blah blah. I can go on for days right. Doesn't make mean anybody any better than anybody else okay. I'm not the best of anything. My knowledge is two different. My approach is just but it's important that what knowledge i do have is correct because that's wanting to be shared it's important for it to be shared properly because if not those like that young lady are going to limit themselves and just say okay. I except for that. And that's it done. I'm over okay. No it doesn't it doesn't end there. We don't know where downs that's the thing. Nobody knows. we We may be well. You know we might be all the way back at the beginning. That's the backdrop that we are at the beginning. We have no more if there's now like agriculture hours ago before we really. We are still at the beginning. There's there's no way to be a an expert in this field because she's you were a way to do that yet. There's not enough information out there to be an expert. And i'm an expert. There are ways you can be. It's going to depend on your approach on an investigation. That's it That's gonna differentiate being an expert or being. A novelist is to to to an investigation. Other than that. The only thing that really has changed besides our knowledge is equipment. And what we do with it. So i think if everybody understood the first step to the to the latter. What's out detail. It would help us understand why we're going to step onto the next one the next step into the next step into the next steps without wondering unfortunately a lot of people kind of jump does not because they're just wanting to get to the nitty gritty of things. But because i don't think a lot of people have the intention to have the understanding behind everything that they think they already know. Is that make sense. Bravo while you're not looking for answers if you think he already know. Yeah exactly and you're only limited to what you except to bring in exactly exactly. I mean you have to be open to Here others speak here others experience you have to be open to And to understand what people have been through what you've been through so on and so forth. I mean it doesn't go away it's gonna go actions. You know person. Just be able to say okay. I i'm going to be open to got not just say okay. This is what i was told so now. I know it not going to happen. Not going to happen charlie. My brother we are down to almost six years left the show. Oh oh. I love wows when they talk about the wheel. You keep on burning that platinum yet if you would. Let's let our listeners are those alike No where they can find you where they look at your research at. They have questions for you. How can they reach you. Yeah absolutely There's two ways you can go to a haunted and alone dot com You can get a hold me that way and You know there's links on there you can click on the youtube link and it'll take you to my channel Somebody just wanted to go straight to youtube you type in my name. Charlie rivero haunted and alone and you'll be able to start finding some stuff and you know. Look at some of my You'll be able to watch a lot of my blogs and a lot of the different stuff that i've done and so on and so forth but if you wanna just make it easier just go to haunted him alone dot com. You'll see link there to to my facebook and the link there to u2 And you'll be able to to really touch from all that stuff excellent. Hey we have a couple of things. Face but Author leases being raised protestant. I didn't believe in. Edp's until we were on the ground a ground search for a missing woman and searcher asked ghost box where and spirit said Bones up over the hill and if you search and not kidding there they There with the bones and since then send a believer okay living That's pretty cool. I assure you sherry on the know if you've noticed more activity during this extreme silence with covid quarantine going on you know. I think there's a lot of things That we've noticed because of the silence of quarantine i you know. I think what we've noticed is stuff that's already been there. We just noticed differently because we're walked in the door right so we experienced a little more Unfortunately i do know that you know there. There have been a lot of suicides and deaths and stuff like that because of the quarantine and it's really sad so i'm sure in many ways there are stronger activities that have really surface because of it. Yeah i wouldn't imagine all negative i The negative negatively being caused by these elections and stuff are helping either. Yeah yeah it is. it's all over. You know there's so much there's so much negativity out there. That i think people forget how to communicate with one another and that alone just kills everything absolutely charlie. If you leave a footprint on life what do you want to be left behind. Be real big. No the the real the real as look at you know. Just just be real and be giving because there are so many people out there that really need it and it doesn't hurt to lend a hand. I could not have said a better myself on welfare. Well said charlie has been an absolute pleasure. Sir thank you so much for being on tonight. Yeah thank you. Thank you guys. A pleasure was all mine out up. Honored to be on here You know thing share you so much for for her friendship and turning the onto you guys. It's amazing though. I can't thank you guys for on here. Absolutely hopefully you accept or invite to return as well yes absolutely absolutely just let me know You have my information. Let me know and we'll definitely go from there. I think that'd be fantastic. I'd take the gets them. Spooked time in and talk about some stuff and and tell them to make sure to check out. Charlie's material and check him out get to know him a little better And understand where he's coming from and travelers those alike dates or to extend your handout. Help someone out in washington to serve. Bring in like the more were

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