The Great Gildersleeve 49-02-02 (315) Adeline's Hat Shop


The Kraft Food Company Presents Herald Perry as the great. Gildersleeve, The Great Lake is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers parque margarine billions of women all over America, there Parque, because it tastes so good why parque tastes like it should cost twice as much. Market markets. You get some. Again. Day. If you love inside millions who? Ever. P. A. R. K. A.. Y. Parque Margarine made by crafts. Well. Let's see what's going on at the Great Gildersleeve House this evening. It's after dinner now as the great man lowers, is over figure into his overstuffed chair, and gives forth with his sage comments. Ate Too much sage dressing. Just can't resist birdies stuff bookshops. You weren't trying hard. Anki guess not. Would you mind pushing that Hasek under my heel? You want me to lift him up while he finds it under I can do that Roy. Morgan. Jacket for you know thanks. Matches Leroy just looking for an excuse to drop your homework and you know it. Even Kamara fell. I thought I. Might just sit here, but the fire and read my book of the month. Selections are beginning to pile up a little. My drea you hand me. A tree grows in Brooklyn. Growing over in the Fairchild now. She borrowed it months ago, but I. Don't bother. I'll find something else. I'd like to grow br anyway and see how she's coming along with and you have you hats? uh-huh, dispatch. All makes all alone half. Didn't you know that well come to think of it? I might have suspected became A. Very clever design. She Atarot known airy shot down. South, yeah I know Ed Line Chef O. Chateau. A. Shop here. Why haven't I heard anything about this? You have been over to see her in such a long time. She probably doesn't think you're interested in what she's doing I. Don't know why you should feel that way. I've always had a casual interest in what line is doing. Can You all? That was last month. What myspace child does now is no concern of mine. She wants to open. A hat shop is doesn't interest me one iota. where she opening this shop. Right in your own home, who my goodness airline can't do that. This is a residential district. She can't open a store on the street. Doing turning our living room into a sal on, she might have consulted me. She wanted to turn this neighborhood into a shopping district women running in and out all day cars parked all over the place, and you know how women are cars. Plant I got a great idea. Fairchild Fata women, buying hats on her side of the fence will I saw side. Well forget it. I'M GONNA see Judge in the morning and find out what the zoning regulates around here. Do any. Good night good night. Headlines! She hasn't even bothered looking at these things by George. Oh, good night, ready, uncle, typeset, Brady, because MS, fair trials opening your hat shops. She going to do that for sure where she sure like nice looking hats that maybe but I'm not going to allow a hat shop next door. Of course, that's up to you, but you ought. That had she made over for me? Go put. COOLISH coolest? I used to have Cooley I. Don't believe I. Did she put a ribbon? A fan of Anna took the Cooley APP. You ought to see it now. What we saw Leesburg. Let's forget about that. Forget about that called every wha- read people say. Where did you get that wanted to go put Bernie articulated. Must be beautiful. Not Be called. People always had very. Where did you? Go put it on Broody I wouldn't want to put Utah trouble. Thomas. I'll have to put down and you see what. May I. Don't care if she makes the nicest APPs in the world all he does called whatever I. Had you know people say? Back I read anywhere. Know, I know I'm going to spike this APP DEALS Judge you in mining? Well I'm a little concerned about something. Good Food Zoning laws in my neighborhood. Again they are your neighbors trying to get you to move? This is a serious matter. At Lyon Fairchild about to open a hat shop in our blocks right next door to me. You don't get excited I. Know All about it, do Oh, my goodness! He's told everybody but me. Chicken Salad with me and I advise go ahead. It will occupy our time and I think she makes them any. Adeline doesn't need the money judge and there's the neighborhood to think about. What is the city ordinance say? Guys this matter. that. Line. There's nothing personal about this, but nobody has a right to start a business out there as regards that the village arguable woman, a total stop and go soon have a filling station on every Corner Adra guys. Interrupting John. One of the City Ordinance Day. That's what I'm trying to tell you get to the point at Yardman, says that's so long as a place of residence is not so altered or remodeled as to change the character of the neighborhood, one may conduct business, Insofar said business has not transferred to the public uses. A lot of women's hats could come under that. There's nothing to prevent Miss Fairchild opening your hat shop unless the neighbors petition against. Yeah. I wonder how Rumson Bullard and the rest of the neighbors would like the idea of hat shop. You wouldn't start a petition. Thanks for the idea, judge might teach a lesson. She didn't consult any of US gala. You're a bigger fat. Had the night off? Watching Hooker, and it's only fair to warn you. If you try to fight his fairchild I'll fight you. What would your my lawyer? I'm very. Young you Benedict Arnold you turncoat? And then she came to me I. I'll defend heard the last night. Why do you think of that? Double crossing old goat. What do you think of that I think you're offended at that Ed. Be careful what you call me hooker. Lawyers can be sued, too, you know. Well? That lines got my lawyer on her side I'll get Rumson bullard online. He's a big stuffed shirt. This is something. We'd better get together on before the neighborhood falls apart. You won't want. His house squeezed in between attack factory in a bluer. It's any more than I do. there's bullying sitting in this study. With his nose in the air. The glue works was operating already. Pretty cold out here. Invites me in this time. Yes good morning. Oh hello. Hello. If you have a minute to spare, I'd like to talk to you about something. We're going to come in. Thank you the hall the Hong. My shoes are snowy. What can I do volume? You and I are two of the biggest property owners in this neighborhood. You're the biggest. Well it surprise you to know that one of our neighbors is trying to open a business. Our Street, not even consulting us if you mean Miss Fairchild, Mrs was telling me about plans last night. He was strange. You didn't know about it. Gildersleeve you and miss. been so chummy. I thought you'd be modeling our hat. That's very good, but let's not take this too lightly. Shot and I have been good friends, and still are the businesses business. Perhaps you and I should put test at chop word. Circulated petitions on the neighbors of. Yes, you have a heavy investment in this neighborhood. A hat shop across the street next to my house wouldn't be a pretty sight well. I can't see how one more is all over. There can hurt much. Housing Hoople I may not have a bigger house as you have, but I work hard, but when I get and I'm not going to stand idly by wake up some morning in the middle of a shopping district. Well, you might have something. You, bet. Businesses can spring up bullard. By I've already heard rumors of a hot walk. Stand going up hot fan. Where right my foot I mean. I was approached by young then that settlement hot dog stand. I will not tolerate the way I feel us. I've always considered you a boo about business matters. But this time I think you're using your head. You start the petition Gildersleeve, and if you need any help, I'm behind you one hundred percent. Great. Glad to have you aboard. We'll block this hat business. Who Know The reason why? WOULD WANNA start petition without warning at lines. I'll tell us she has to give up his shop. IDEA or Bullard Nile go into action. In coming in line, we'll talk to you about something. I want to hear about trump and to have. I told you what that my chilling. Surprise. I'm going to start. Hat Chapel WanNA surprise. At Line. That's exactly what I came over to talk to you laugh. I didn't know you weren't interested in women. Damn you can help me with is when I'm looking at. A. You hold the ribbon while I feel I've almost coffee. COCKATIEL! I WANNA. My new spring is on. Hard! Well, add line before you get too far along with this project. I think I should have a talk with you. Gordon talk and don't step on that leg on body. Body. On the floor buying your friends Oh. I was thinking something else. Can make a hat out of that old piece about it Straw on I. You'd be surprised. What Adlan can do with that old piece. Argue Sanchez will the ribbon the town fifty cents for the violence and fail a half a twenty dollar. Twenty dollars. or around the edges loaded with Valey and Donna? In the Melanie bigness fascinating. Twenty five dollars, yes. Seems to be everybody ever done lab. Admire half I think every woman in Southie. The only trouble is in getting ready for my opening. I'm running low on cash. I hate to pets. Saying but if I had over two hundred dollars I could make too fast. F. East consoles. That rape you to be a rich woman. Well, you never can look at Hattie Carnegie and Lily. Oh Yeah. I might become that successful unless some of the neighbors of jet fuel a hat shop here. The chance to make that much money. I wouldn't worry too much about the neighbors. then. You come over here to talk about well. I came over to see if I could lend you two hundred dollars off. I'll do like to take on a silent partner. With you don't. Walk more that it'd be wonderful. But I don't WanNa, take you online line I wanted to, but I don't need two hundred dollars that day, but I could use the two. ADELINE I. I'll see and it's a partnership. Act Can make the hatch, and you can handle the minute. To me. Bullard thought I was the Bloomberg business. Birdie. Did you ever try to Parque Margarine on hot cornmeal? Mush Coal, February morning? Sure did and. That's the way it's tastes on warmed up rolls when you've come in after shopping yet. And that sure the way they dave on waffles. Liberty. You. Keep saying that's the way it tastes I. Don't get what you mean. Packet like a luxury food tastes like a trip cost twice as much. That's what oh well it's prepared like luxury. That's why only the selected products of American farms going to the making of Delicious Park. And you know Birdie every pound of that good tasting. Spread is full of rail, nourishment and reinforced with fifteen thousand units of essential vitamin A. You take vitamins missile wall Abba. Take Tastes Berta you'll take the vitamins, too. When you take arcade and you'll get K. at half the price of the most expensive spreads. GRIMM's make tomorrow night dinner parquet dinner. You'll all enjoy the light delicate flavor of this delicious brands. Ask Your dealer for Parque that P.. A. R. K., A. Y. Parque the margarine made by kraft that tastes like it should cost twice as much. Yes, that's the case. Well. Let's get back to the great. Gildersleeve was a property owner became gravely concerned about ad line fairchild plan to open a hat shop next door. Day has passed as he stormed into. Stop it and wall style a silent partner in the business. I had a little trouble rounding up that two hundred dollars without dipping into my bonds, but what the heck! Man can't pass up two thousand dollars. I can highly wait least. Easter Bonnet with all little upon it. They're not seeing too loud. There's bullard coming on apiece. Good Morning Goes I've been meaning to call you. You have how you're coming along with the petition petition petition. Well high been pretty busy since yesterday. Oh! Don't let this get out of hand. Go to own I've got it in hand all right. Good I'm going. I have a meeting at the back. Just conveniently. Forget about the condition. Lord so busy you forget about the to. Keep it quiet. After all I am a silent partner. George should've gotten a little business long ago. Hello. Can I do for you Dan. Give me a half a dozen cigars, peavy coronas, happy coronas some second thoughts. You might as well make a box back. That's what I said PD. Very. On it is, I'll be smoking a lot between now and Easter. One back to owners out of the seventeen dollars and fifty cents seventeen fifty and Seventeen fifty is pretty steep, but I like to see a businessman. Make tidy profit. No TV I know all about markups. Plenty on everything you sell here. A few pennies here. Their phillies I'll bet this little businesses been a goal my view. Even if it had guy wouldn't cast. When it comes to business era, FAUCI codger inconsequentially. I'm not so dumb myself again. That, would you say if I told you that? I invested in a little business, going to make two thousand dollars for me between now and Easter, two thousand galleries I'm. What kind of business, well, it's a legitimate big business so I'm GonNa tell you? Wouldn't want to pry into your private of hair. I means franchise hat shops coming along S. I understand. He's meeting with quite a little opposition in your neighborhood. I understand you Mr Bullard against it. Bullard has been pretty narrow minded about it, but who pays attention to a sore head. With John Your opposition. I take it me. Well PB I. Don't believe in standing in the way of progress, we property owners can't be selfish about these things who I know. That'd be running PD busy man these days. By two gallons, they him and I. Wish You luck in your. Did you say your new business wife I didn't say. Oh. Everything before I forget. That was supposed to give you a message. Miss Fairchild, if you stopped in blue dropped by holding brothers and by ten yards, your black, failing for the hatch and. Ten Black Yard sales. Thanks very much goodbye. PD! I have a feeling. He suspects I'm in business. L. He's close miles. You tell boards. Of course, I have to tell everybody eventually. People wonder I'm getting all my money. Compared Lloyd. What's your hurry I'm on my way to Hogan. Brothers I'm over I. WanNa Talk to you. Well. What's on your mind? Floyd House Lily Touche of some field. This Game, on the shop, I want to have a talk with you. Thanks I'm busy. I got a copy of vogue inside. Don't know where you get your information but I'll thank you to keep this shop to yourself oh. Sure you me. I just assumed certain people in this town to know about it right now. Anyway, oh, sure you feel the water commission, design and hat now floyd. What your voice creation, going to be commissioned Pavement Shave fireplug driven with watercress Hatton. I have nothing to do with the designing floyd I'm just handling the business end and you'd be amazed if I told you. How much money are we gonNA make between now and Easter? Yeah, well good for you. You deserve it, thanks. A blind pig has stumbled onto one acorn once in awhile. I didn't stumble onto this. Floyd. I figured it out on Offense Commission I. Know You got what it takes well. I know a good thing when I of course you do. I wouldn't surprise me if you ended up like them. Hogan Brothers at the Department Store Bogan brothers. Ate. Shoestring twenty five dollars where the next size. Yeah and they probably did it. The jets furnishings look what they got now a store half a block long enforced stories high. started out with neckties Yup. At America Commission Free Enterprise. If they can do it, you can do. It could be flight, and when you get up Vic Commission. How about giving the misses a job as one of them hat mannequins? Lovey! Mannequin. Yeah. She's always wanted to be. One of them lives dummies. Floyd! Might, be just the thing for lovey. Get in touch with me after Easter. Halloween. ooh! He's to. Low real news about. The money. And let's see. The veiling Adeline wants to be in the military department. A Pretty Nice Business Logan brothers build up here from a necktie. Well Anyway, they can do it with twenty five dollars that I can do two hundred. listen to that cash register. See. Here's the same type hat headline was making. If I can sneak a look at the price. Hidden the. Loop rip loose. You don't handle the merchandise, but just looking the price thirty, four, ninety, five, thirty, four, ninety five. Do you want it? Oh, no, what ten yards blackmailing? Show you what we have thirty four and ninety five A. was going to sell it for twenty five dollars. We'd better raise prices. We don't want to be known as a cheap hat shop. Out if it isn't that little character from Alison Wander Laugh. The Nad Hatter. All. Right Judge Stop Tackling. You boy, attract. The crowd yelled. Whatever happened to that petition. You're going to circulate against the hat shop. Well. What made you change your mind? Change your mind to judge. Take a look at what getting his hat. We're, is that price tag. You're looking for something again. Just wanted to show the judge. That have I'll have to call the manager here Madam. You're not indispensable around here I beg your I may just by this little place Sunday's or watch it. Perhaps you don't know my friend young lady. This is the poor man's Marshall feel. He's an old lady, so keep them away from your Straw hats. Add Line. Irregular Betsy Ross that needle. That's a beautiful hat making their. Birdie was right. Thank you time for I'll bet those things sell hotcakes. They're already sailing. You know that laid on. The one with the field flowers. Well Mr will stop in today and practically took it away from. twenty-five. But. Let's not sell them too cheaply line. You got thirty four five. S Need Not Be afraid to think big at line. And I've been thinking if we can turn a two hundred dollar investment in the two thousand Easter. Imagine what we can do, and we re invest the two thousand. To be a lot of hop stock in a lot of women. And after Easter. There's mother's Day coming up. We'll do some advertising. For every mother. then. There's Labor Day a hat for every working gal. Iraq new have been doing thinking you Betcha. Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's holidays a great for business. And then Rebecca to eastern again. You're he's. With all the frills upon it. You'll be either and this lady in Easter Jess. The? Best. Will. Be, all, in clover. You you certainly on. About the millionaire. Why not? My home. Can you answer the door? Partner S you're probably a customer line the storming the House before we even open for business. Watch Michel A hat. Goes Oh. This is a surprise Gildersleeve. I could tell when I met you on the street today that you were doing much about a petition to stop this hat shop news. Yes, the petition well, you seem similar. Never mind. You can forget it I can't. That's a good idea. Because I'm circulating the petition. You started us. Now sign it. We'll see of Gildersleeve. Wiggle out of that one in just a minute. Friends if you haven't already tried it. Why not their park? You're in this week. Make your own test of that luxury flavor serve Parque for breakfast on hot toast. Crisp waffles use it for the children's lunch and snacks, and for your big evening meal, and does you put parque on the table and del family to help themselves remember every single pound of far. K. is brimming over with nourishment and reinforced with fifteen thousand units of essential vitamin A., and it costs only about half as much as the most expensive spread. Ask for Parque Tomorrow A. R.. K. A. Y. Park a the margarine made by craft that tastes like it should cost twice as much lane. I got very. Bullard again. Bullied. I won't sign that petition and that's final. Not exactly why I came over Gildersleeve this time I'm dropping the petition. But I thought I know I know, but it doesn't seem cricket to oppose the HAT shopping. Still Let my son Craig proceed with his idea. Mrs Bulletin I don't like to discourage display of initiative on his path. What's this and he wants to open a hotdog? Stand on law. I wonder who gave Little Craig that idea? Denied folks. Played by Harold Perry I'd. Aligned Fairchild Berkeley. Written by John MD White with music by Jack. Meakin included in the cast. Walter Kathleen Mary Lee Robb William Randolph Earl Ross Richard Graham. This is John Wall saying goodnight. The Kraft Foods company makers of the famous line of craft. Food Product and be sure to listen to next Wednesday and every Wednesday, the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Do you ever get hungry for a piece of mellow, good aged American cheese. You know all the kind that comes in the big golden wheels. It's been a long time since there's been much on the market, but now kraft has plenty of. Justice last year for the first time since before the war craft has been sending lots of fine American cheese, curing rooms, aging it to a mellow perfection, and now it's ready for your what you're dealer. The next time you shop, ask him for a big cut of old fashioned natural. American cheese. The kind that's been so carefully aged by the master cheesemakers of craft. This is NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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