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EP. 374 - Sleep Is Irreplaceable ft. Dr. Burhenne


Power Project Crew. Thank you for taking out. Today's episode. This episode was recorded on April Twenty. First and as with Dr Mark Bahrain Mark Green is a dentist and we got deep deep deep into sleep. You guys know that we We absolutely love this type of conversation. And what's fantastic is I said this on the podcast. Like more eager to know about a certain subject. The more you realize you don't know anything about it and Same goes with with this The more we know about sleep the more questions we have and he was the perfect person to ask because he gave us a straight answers a lot of times when we have other guests that are just way way too damn smart they kind of they go right over our heads Mark did not do that to us at all. So huge. Huge value in huge. Thanks to him for explaining everything the way he did. We also talked about how you know. Just nasal breathing in general is healthy for you but specifically for the corona virus in how it can protect you and real quick. 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This sale is GONNA run from April. Twenty second to April twenty fourth so depending on when you actually hear this episode the sale may be going may not still be going so hopefully it is hopefully take advantage of it again. That's Mark Bell. Slingshot DOT COM all slingshots. All Hip circles all apparel all sport needs. Leaves are currently fifteen percent off. Please head over there right now and take advantage of that. Thank you again for this episode. Is like what you're hearing Please reach out to Doctor Breen and reach out to us at Mark Bos Power Project on instagram. And that's it for me. So Ladies and gentlemen please enjoy the show. A question I have for him is if we properly do. We need to brush our teeth and see what he kinda see what he says about that. I actually think that some of the stuff is now guys. Yep Okay up some of the stuff that I saw him. It sounds like he would likely for people to to be able to do a lot of home care for themselves and I thought that's because all they all they teach you to do when you're young is just kind of brush your teeth. And then you know if you ever parent that cares will teach you to floss. And that's Kinda usually the end of the discussion. But you know you can. You can buy stuff online very easily and have a little bit of just like the guy was talking about yesterday. Doing your own surgery. You can get stuff online to help get rid of Tartar and plaque and and things like that very easily and it seems like like the dentist thing is is a weird setup to like you go there twice a year but there's like nothing else you do for your health that's remotely close to that. That's the only that makes a Lotta sense but you don't go to the doctor twice a year to check on your heart and your blood pressure and your glucose levels and like why wouldn't you kinda makes a lot of sense that makes more sense to get your body. Check your teeth almost yeah. That's a six shirt defensive rookie of the year. Nick Bosa We made a in house because he plants the flag after he after he after he sacked quarterback or whatever. That's okay yeah we got on TV. I think is because we. I think it's because we made. We made the shirt I think because they saw us like cheering and wearing these shirts anti wearing shirts. See now. That's definitely a A wealthy person thing because there's a lot of people that bootleg shirts at the at the stadium and they're not getting on TV right right. What's up and you think so like there's a lot of other people making their own. Sure a Tude yeah can at so obviously not on mark bells level but like if he back in the day at candlestick there'd be like the most unique awesome amazing shirts that you can't buy anywhere you can only buy them like in the parking lot at candlestick mark sick like like this really like creative shirts but like if they get caught you know because they can't use the logo. Yeah Yeah it's a little different. But here's Mark Bell getting on Monday night football I was on there. Highlights for the whole year really. Yeah it was on the forty niners highlights for the whole year. Yeah it was crazy. It was kind of a longer piece of cake. A six minute or four minute segment or something but it was always like what the hell? It's so cool. Yeah I think I discovered the first ever diet steak So above at stake from certified Piedmont. Tease has ninety six grams of protein and only eight grams of fat now. Everyone that knows me knows. I just praised. The flat irons like crazy right because it has ninety grams of protein and only eight grams of fat but the Bava at stake is like two or three times the size of a flat iron steak and I was just sitting there and I was actually talking to Joe from Piemontese. I'm like do. This is the perfect diet steak because it lists the tidy level is through the roof. The protein is through the roof and the fat is just like almost non-existent with only eight grams. I I don't understand it. I'm not going to question. I'm just going to appreciate it because it's awesome. It was so freaking good so when it comes to like like trying to get somebody to be on a Diet. It's like here have this amazing stake in. It doesn't taste like crab it's going to be the best thing ever had and they won't even know any different right. The macro will be perfect on love that Shit. Have you tried that one insieme? Not at it. I've had all of their stakes. Accept like maybe the What's the one you grab this handle all their steaks? Tomahawk Pretty Damn Lane on. So I don't think you can really go wrong with any of their stakes even if you're on a diet it's pretty difficult to I think. It's a an awesome bodybuilding. Hack that people just need to know more about I've been. I've been doing some like protein. Leveraging you know as we've talked about it on the podcast before basically just trying to consume large Really large amounts protein. I have been specifically trying to do it before I eat so I kinda almost don't count it as a meal even though it's a meal and you know sometimes I'm eating like chicken breast or things like that but I can still use the Piemontese stakes because I'm trying to cut back on the overall amount of fat and a great I can eat like a Piemontese steak and then I can eat. A fattier stake later or fattier hamburger or something like that. I haven't had a chance to try their seventy five twenty five burgers yet. But I'm I'm scared. That's my burn my whole house down but anyway it's it's it's a great hack. You know if you're somebody that really struggles with food like never mind just diet for a second. Just just try to eat like it's a great plan. Just try to eat a shitload a steak despite itself and then your second meal or third you know maybe try to only two or three meals for the day you kind of have at it for that second meal and over time you will start to eat. Less won't happen on day one on day. One you'll be like Ice Fulla Shit isolated twenty year whatever but after a while a year desire and your those cravings and stuff will die off if you guys. WanNa have added and have twenty five percent off. He got a head over to Piedmont tease DOT COM. If you guys know how to spell it safe with me. Pi M. O. N. T. E. S. P. E. DOT COM at checkout enter Promo Code Power Project for Twenty Five. Percents off your order. If your order is ninety nine dollars more you get free. Two days shipping. Your dog's got excited about that. They like barked. Like as you were reading it. Same time. They're like Gabia want want. I heard I don't think that was. It might have been my dogs also into the battery that I couldn't actually pay attention anything else around me staying about that Bob at stake but it's not like my neighbor's dogs and my closest window. Now you're fine. It wasn't that bad. I have to close my door because my dog is going sane guys Still Been Messing with Simao state. Have you guys been doing that or yeah? Yeah every night I still find all Stephanie still finds me snoring but yeah it definitely helps but I noticed that when I don't do it my mouth is just totally wide open dry and I'm drooling all over the place I've noticed pretty good difference to with The The Breathe Right Strips. You know because of the combination of the two GONNA get nose nostrils pinched open a little bit more. I have that magnet one as well. I messed around with that but I just it's kind of inconvenient you have to put like. Magnusson your nose every time and then just. It's a lot of fumbling around in comparison to the the regular knows tape but we had a Joe Greene on here and he was San is number one thing for sleep and he thought it would. This was like one of the Best I can do for. Your body was to get a mouthpiece. Yeah and we were like hall and I don't think any one of us has a mouthpiece. Eso really interested in talking to the doctor today and find out what that's about. 'cause I my sleep is just. It's never been great just picture if picture if you got woken up every about ninety minutes. Oh my God I know. Yeah that's and that's been an. I've been like that you know. Kinda on and off for a decade or so. So it's just it. I can't figure it out. I've tried a bunch of different stuff. I tried magnesium being gap tried to do. It's not like I'm not calm. You know as I'm not like revved up or anything so need to figure out how to hack it. Yeah Hey how's it going? Hey how's it going fantastic? It's going really really well. And we're excited to have you on the show. We've been big proponents of Of Taping our mouths shut. Who talked it out worked? I hear about it. I'm curious so we heard about that. From Ron Penna. He's one of the original Quest Quest Nutrition traders owners and He told he he actually said this to me. He said I said he said you. Tape your mouths shut and I was like for what he he's like for sleep and I was like I I'm like no and he goes. Would you ever pick up a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk? And like stick it in your arm. Like no no. He's like sleeping without. He goes sleeping without mouth. Tape is just as dangerous. He's like when you hear me into it but it's good I mean it's it's a great thing we we'll talk about that you talked to a position in a freakout tell you it's not good I mean but it's becoming more prevalent which is wonderful to see and of course we found out about me through Mike Muscle right right cool. He's a very good some mazing. One thing I wanted to ask you is maybe you can give us a simple explanation on what? Why is taping the mouth effective? Why would this be something somebody might look into? We'll go over the anatomy and why were one of us are mouth breathing? I mean we're all a lot of us. I would say the majority of us are sub clinically hyperventilating. And you know. That's not. How our ancestors did it in a lot of it is because the facial development and growth epigenetics our environment will talk about nitric oxide production which is important especially if you're trying to build muscle mass It's a little controversial But you know all the the the hormones like growth hormone that's key for muscle rebuilding Talk About Sleep I mean there's so much to talk about right right. I've seen a lot in the stock. You've been let's FUCK WITH COVE. Nineteen and all that stuff to learn who saw it. Yeah you know it's What was I going to say about? Sleep I mean it's co- bid. Is I know Josh and Michael. The owners of Saint Lena Fit. Say Hello Okay Cool. Yeah that's where I work out and ISOS guys man doing push ups at home. It is not the same thing in planks does way spending way. Yeah we can talk about a lot of stuff. I mean we hope it if you want how knows. Everything actually has been official for Kobe in a way because it produces more nitric oxide nitric oxide. I've got a study. You're somewhere my desk. That shows how nitric oxide can actually put down the The are to Cobra virus. I mean it's amazing. It's amazing stuff. Well can we debate where we're Rollin? So you can You can have outta yeah. What's Kinda easy explanation of how the mouth tape works? So you know what I should probably go get some tape. Everyone wants to know how? Mlk p-r-a-x-i-s yeah. That's GonNa be be great you know. Let me. Y'All hardcore excited right now. Yes migrate like There's Oh God this is going to be a long podcast if we can keep them. I only I only kind of know why it's one of those things where it's like you kind of forget why you do certain things. Like I don't know man. I picked it up a long time ago. Just do what I say this. Listen to me Bro. Just do it and you know it'd be nice to be able to have a real good clean explanation. Let's forget about that face development stuff that he mentioned like we gotta we gotta get into that too. Because I'm I it's it's I'm really curious about what he has to say about that. Yeah I think I think no I think a lot of time with the computers and phones and stuff you know we end up I have. I have kind of a little bit forward head position just anyway. I don't know if it's from my phone or or what or if it's from like lifting or whatever that's like a little bit of my posture and that that can cause you to Kinda like be forward your jaws forward your jaws kinda relaxed and it can kind of turn you into a mouth breather. Which is Kinda funny is that there's a there's a TV show where they talk about mouth breeders whereas areas he back mouth reading has a very poor connotation historically. I mean in the old days you if you didn't like someone you'd call him a mouth breather by eighty eight or they were mentally retarded that kind of thing and So but the thing you just mentioned about four posture of of your of your neck. That's very interesting. I I had a Lotta neck pain And I thought it was a occupational hazard being a dentist now sitting like this over patient and I did a lot of pilates and that seemed to help. It was all very palliative What it turned out. I had a diagnosis of sleep apnea. Finally I finally figured that out it was mild sleep apnea but people that have small airway tend to move their head forwards and that's where you got the neck problems also when you're sleeping at night and you have apnea the airway closes. You tend to lift your head off the pillow you're struggling to regain airway and then you wake up in your new. You can't really turn very well. You know your muscles. Your traps may be a little tight almost like whiplash so that forward posture is very interesting. A lot of people cannot stand up straight because their airway collapse. It gets smaller so that forward postures very important in terms of identifying where your neck pain comes from but also if you a lot of Weightlifters they say. The size of the neck is very important in sleeping right. A lot of people a lot of physicians will measure. Your next is and what they're looking for fat right so the bigger net- gets the more likely you are to have a collapse of the airway. Well a lot of guys that are lifting they have big necks in and a lot of that is muscle in. It's a little controversial but I think it's more about the head posture than how much muscle you have around your neck. So you have a big neck you may. You may have to look at getting a diagnosis or getting a sleep. Study for even though it's muscle because you know all this muscle in your neck does determine your posture also impinge upon the airway. So if you think you're sleeping poorly it doesn't matter whether you're a weightlifter or not you've got a lot of muscle or a lot of patches. Get a sleep study. Everyone should be verifying their sleep at least every five years because it's so important out of somebody go about getting sleep study done. There's a lot of different ways you can do it now. My understanding is you can make even do it at home. Is that effective? Will they have home studies? They've had that for quite a while. They also have the attendant sleep. Study where you go to a hospital or clinic and that actually is still the gold standard. But if you're pretty healthy and you're beginning to wonder you know why you're tossing and turning at night if you're going to the bathroom in the middle of the night Once more than you normally do I would Get fit tracker my favorite one. Is this ring here on Earth Said it's an oral ring. I know Mike von to exactly right so you know a lot about it. That is a pretty good cast. That's what I used to verify my sleep daily and then every four or five years. Because I have that diagnosis of mild sleeping. I go to a sleep. Study and get testing And the Nice thing about this ring. We talk about later. Is that really can differentiate nights between mouth taping and not mouse taping but a sleep study however however you WanNa do it. Start Looking into your sleep. I think most of us think it is innate. In other words we're all good sleepers. That's not true and as we get older a gets worse in there so many things in our in our digital lifestyle like Blue Light. Smartphones carbohydrates processed food or air pollution lack of breastfeeding of Late intervention ORTHODONTIC LII corps facial development. All these actors that we may or may not know about affect our sleep as we as we get older. We get a lot of people on the show that say they have trouble like falling asleep. And we'll hear some people say my brain just doesn't shut off. You know maybe their creative personality type person. Maybe they're into our music or writing or something like that but they feel like they can't shut down you their brain. Is there some truth to that or or do you have some Information on something that somebody. Who's in that position could do to help them fall asleep? Will if you're talking about insomnia which is pretty prevalent There's so many different causes for it. I mean it could be hormonal. It could be stress It could be that You know you're so tired that you can't fall asleep at is a condition and so could be related to a era severe sleep apnea. I mean personality types but also what's your room like Warm are you over dressed you are. You're covers to warm Is Are your sleeping editions. Not Optimal for sleep. Let his. Here's what I find because I do treat I work with sleep. Patients that are suffering from sleep as a dentist. Even and the go-to thing. There is the circadian rhythm. We are just butchering our circadian. Rhythms are abusing left. And right we go to bed too late. We stayed up late. We sometimes try and go to bed early thinking this would be a good night to get some sleep. That's not how the body works. It's a very very strict a rhythm of things that happen when your cortisol levels rise in the morning Melatonin starts increasing the dentist scene. Which is responsible for the sleep. Drive all those things cannot. You cannot turn on a dime with these. Rather than even your organs have a Circadian Rhythm Blue Light of course disrupts all of that I think bird light therapy is thing you do it at the right time turning off the lights at night. I mean when the light bulb was invented that was the beginning of the end even though it was a warm light but but now with blue light and led's on my goodness it's really tough to allow the body to do what it's good at if you allow it and that is to sleep but it has to be on schedule so some people will say You know they get away from their phone our before bed or something like that. And that's probably great practice but I think that people aren't realizing that it's it's any screen and any light right so maybe we should switch candles. Maybe there's an also maybe you can have different light fixtures in your house that You switch over to later on in the evening or something like that correct. You're absolutely right so a lot of people will put their phone down and then they're reading. You Know Nice book by a led light. Which has flickered fatigue and has made the wrong temperature? It has a lot of blue light even though they're trying to make it warmer You know it's it's a problem. I think a kindle is pretty safe. They say to read a kindle in Dr but We we really have you know people get a second wind right. A lot of people are very proud of that. I was very proud of that. It's it's artificial it's It's induced by line. It could be diet. Maybe eight too late or close to bed. You know it's It's a real problem but you're right. It's a very complex thing. You can't just put away your phone. You have to do a lot of other things. I think the House of the future will be something that has the right temperature bulbs in it and that automatically start you know based on maybe feedback from your ring of because this will tell you what time to go to bed it will start dimming the lights and then turn them off and that and then the lights will have. The Right. Temperature will get warmer as the day goes on or as the as night approaches but really the best time to set an alarm. Clock is is one to go to bed not went away man. That'd be awesome. Look at maybe messing with my light. Fixtures but You had said something about doing our red light therapy at the right time. Coming in on that please. Yeah so that that's There's some debate on that I currently think the right time based on our exposure to blue screens right now. I'm in a brightly lit room. And they say that if you're GONNA look at your laptop make sure there's a lot of sunlight nearby so that your eyes are not being fooled. My nightshade where they all my my phone and my laptop turns to bright orange. I start at twelve PM at new. Yeah yeah it takes a little while to get used to. But now I don't even think about everything's orange from new not at school. But but then so when it comes to red light red light is this is a a signaling of in a way it's a signaling device. It tells your brain when to start shutting down. So you've you've been looking at a little blue light. I think the best time and again you know some people may disagree with me. Some people say morning time. I think it's good to go outside before noon for one hour. I think it's better to go outside before ten. Am for an hour You know and not a lot of clothing you know. Get some good trunk exposure of UB so the best time to exercise is outside for ten or twelve and then go orange during the day especially with all your devices and then at around. I would say right before dinner. Maybe after dinner dance when you ate dinner but around five or six. Pm Do your ten fifteen minutes of near infrared and red light. I think that is a great way to feel tired at ten. Ten thirty and go into deep sleep quickly. That first deep sleep at n three stage is the most important impact that's when all the growth hormone is released. And you really want to prep for that. If you wake up at two or three or four in the morning those are less important stages asleep we can talk about how that's not great but from tiny go to sleep in. It shouldn't be right away in other words if you fall asleep in a few minutes to tire it should take ten to twelve minutes. And then because you've gotten rid of the Red Light you primed your circadian rhythm with all the ripe frequencies of light at six PM. You've done your sunlight exposure before noon. You've stopped drinking caffeine. I loved my ice teas a stop at two PM. If you've done all that you eat before six not too much alcohol or no alcohol. Then boom at ten ten thirty. You're going to give in to you. Know that sleep you're gonNA fall asleep slowly and that first hour of deep sleep that end three-stage is what's going to build muscle. GonNa make you feel better. It's GonNa fix all the damage you've done to your body during the day. That is probably the best part of your sleep. The most important part is like is an three sleep just also considered deep sleep or are they different. It's deeply and so the ordering kind of condenses all that But as deep sleep and then there's Ram But in we spend most of our time actually in the end to stage but most Americans will spend sixty seventy percent of their time in that stage when it should be up forty percent so That's that light stage of sleep where you're just kinda miserable. You're tossing and turning. You're going to the bathroom of the mole night. That's not pleasant. You WanNa go past that and as you as you know markets. The oral ring Matter how old you are but as you get older it's harder to get deep sleep. Monday nights are an hour and a half each sleep hour and a half of Ram all a deep sleep stages are in the first part of the night and the wrens stages. That's why the dreaming in the morning stages so from about three. Am on you get more of the Ram Ram takes center stage in the beginning of the night from ten on if you go to bed at ten or whenever you go to bed. The deeply takes center stage. So it's a real. It's a very highly organized complex system that our body has a has a created and the problem is is that it's all based on something that happened four thousand years ago and we've changed at all in the last two Hundred Years Lou Lights. Lightbulbs food. How how detrimental is it to not get good sleep? Because we're all trying diets. Were were out there exercising. You know. We're we're working so hard and and where our work day and so on and ended up with a lot of stresses how detrimental is it to you. Know be getting five hours asleep in six hours asleep and right maybe not China. Maybe not being able to follow the principles that you're you're mentioning the moment. Well let me put it this way. It's life changing in other words if you want to live life miserable especially in the latter part of your life. With lots of heart disease being overweight obesity susceptibility to viruses novel viruses. Metabolic Syndrome diabetes. I mean you name it Flaky skin hair loss paired on disease loss of tooth structure and support structures around the teeth. I mean I don't know how to make painted it any worse. But for example people that sleep issues when they go on a diet. Seventy percent of their weight loss is muscle mass. I mean yeah it's like you can't function if you're not sleeping well you can. Your personality may be different. You may be a different person. Sleep essentially determines your destiny. It really does it. It's one of the pillars of health. And if you don't that's why you gotta spend a lot of time you gotta work on it. It's not guaranteed yes sleepers. We sleep like babies although babies aren't sleeping that well Because variety factors because we're environment but we really gotta work at it just like you know you want you. Want to have good muscle mass. You WanNa have a low. Bmi You want to be You WANNA BE WANNA be sexy. All these things sleep. You've gotta work on it. He verify it yet attested and you gotta know a lot about it. And that's why like the Oregon. It's a great entry into that whole segment just referred to as knowing a lot about your sleep so it's pretty accurate and it kind of gives you. I don't typically like trackers but it's rape data and it really does Kinda recommend I wish I was able. I always tell tell people nice things about the ordering. I have no association with them. There are a lot of other trackers. I really dislike or rings the Olympic name using right now and I don't I wear it all day long in. It's not a great at tracker for activity. In fact you have to input all your activity Because it's not recording that but it's a great sleep tracker wonderful really will get people started in the right direction. Well since we're talking about sleep trackers ordering you kind of said there are others that you don't like so what are the others that you think are Kinda crap? We'll try not to mention names but you know things like the Apple. Watch fitbit. All these motion based sensors. That aren't recording like It's all about the algorithm and this ring is was developed. I think Finland somewhere in Scandinavia and their algorithm really works well up. I have tested my sleep as imagine I worked for a start up. That was developing camera. That would give the same results as a regular sleep. Study in a hospital And so we were testing sleep all the time so I might sleep has been tested. Probably Forty fifty different times so in the conventional way. So I I look at the data that from this and it's not perfect but I think it's the best out there It correlates very closely However test my sleep I can also learn oral appliance that if I take it out my my apnea comeback because my airway classes so I can test with and without and then also when I'm off tape our differences on the ring that you can pick up so so fit. They've got things that go underneath your mattress. There is one. I mentioned this in my book on sleep there in. It's not available anymore but there are other apps out there that are similar one of the great simple APPs and it's not based on movement is based on sound. It's a recording device. That in the morning you can just play. And they're several APPS that dudas plays back. How much snoring you've done all night and you don't have to listen to the whole night. You just listen. It tells you when you were snoring and the gives you an idea of what it sounds like a great APP. I mean those are free typically so a good story nap is great but right now the mood the upset that you know Measure how much movement there isn't bad. That's not that accurate movement is. You can still sleep well you know. You also mentioned the mouth appliance. I think we had this Guy Joel. Green he was talking about having One of the biggest things marquis talking about this before that he says that people are missing out on that we should be having is like a mouthguard while we sleep. And you mentioned that with your apnea. So I'm curious because you're talking about like bodybuilders guys with big necks and a lot of them report getting sleep apnea machines to deal with this problem but I feel like that mouthpiece you're talking about is probably a better solution. Well it may be. It depends so I have. I have modern mile anyone under fifteen interruptions per hour Doodo collapsing airway will be mild anyone from fifteen to twenty five is moderate and those those people are good candidates for oral clients. Although I take it one step further actually have any t send a camera down your throat is. I'm GonNa see where the collapse is. It goes to the notes. It's easy to five minutes a spray. Something on your nose. Extend a little camera down a they have you do a kind of a maneuver where they close off fairway in a seed how the collapse occurs think of this long tunnel in the collapse is up here near the top here. The pushing pulling the jaw forward pulls the tongue out of the way and that will make the storm go away and that works really well for me I go from twelve happiness two zero apnea wear this thing and imagine someone waking up twelve times an hour just dump it on your shoulder. That's what I was dealing with ten years ago right and even the physicians that I saw the N. T. said no robot you're fine. I wasn't complaining about anything other than my kids. Setting the end said. Listen Dad you gotta go in. Because you're just too noisy. We can hurry across the hallway so but I wasn't really feeling any worse I was thin was fed. I was mountaineering. Mountain biking skiing. And so that's the problem in America's everyone doesn't notice that creeping up of poor sleep and so people that are in that state where they have maybe not collapsing airway a or other soaring or the air. We will collapse but in a minor way and if it's collapsing up high than the oral appliance works great. If during that maneuvered that the N. T. sees that the airways collapsing lower down pulling the job forward of supporting it or preventing the job from back which means a ton goes back to then. It doesn't work as well so you really have to make sure your candidate for the oral appliance. Which is Mindy Dancing device But yeah they're great in their way better than Cey pass in. A lot of people can't wear tops. They just can't tolerate that positive pressure on their nose on their mouth going into their lungs and into their airway and keeping it open by positive pressure. It's very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Compliance on the CPAP is low sort of follow up on that real quick There is a product that I've seen. It's called like Zepa. It's a mouthguard that Andrew was showing the video. Where like they were taking videos of people out snore. And then when they put that mouthguard in they don't snore. Obviously though it's not a custom-made mouthguard it's something that I think you. You mold your software but it stops in storing in your mouth shuts when you sleep. So would that would that be something you suggest for the general population to US or Are Like what is your take on mouth guards for the general population right. So that's a good place to start. I mean obviously a custom made one is way better and I'll explain. Why but they're expensive insurance. Sometimes they'll cover the oral appliance as long as you have sleep study and a prescription from your sleep position recommending the oral clients so that can be covered by Medicare covers certain or appliances as well. But the the little devices that you're talking about the You can't really open with it in place where the other professionally made ones you can. Sometimes that's important to people but it's a good place to start for forty two eighty bucks. You May WanNa try it or how do you tell if the results are good? If you'll better in the morning does your sleep Martin until you stop storing. Does your ordering give you better results ways that that would be the way I would do it like. Yeah so if a patient is a little hesitant in I've looked at them. I know that there have been candidate for appliance. But they don't WanNA spend in three to four thousand dollars. Insurance will not pay for it. Whatever then that's a good place to start. There's another device that's kind of cool. That's very inexpensive. I think you can get them. I think we put on our affiliate stores called a tongue retention device a crd every time. I see Toyota Drive down the highway. It says George. I think that there's there's a retention of ice. It's it's a little I think they're made in Canada. It's got like a little flooding. I should have brought it down but Basically you squeeze a little ball at the end you stick. Stick your tongue in. And then you put a plan to our soft silicone flange that fits between your lips and your teeth on both sides. Basically it grabs your tone moment long. It keeps their position and for some people that works really well and that would be a great way to to know if that works well for you and you get a lot of good feedback that it's working. Well then you can go to. The estimate devices has two main devices more comfortable. They're smaller they give you more room for your tongue They last longer and also I mean you've gotta professional adjusting. How far forward you WANNA go go too far forward you can go too far open at the vertical dimension that can actually block your airway changes the the angle of a little floating bone. Here called the highland Boeing and and other things as well so it really again when it's professionally done. It's it's typically better but it's a great place to start would be my answer. What are your thoughts about doing? Have you heard about? Have you heard about mewing before like where you are trying to reshape reform the mouth? There's a doctor that job talks about that quite a bit pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and and things like that. I think what you're referring to is mild functional therapy and it's really fantastic I mean I think they're the mile functional therapist. I I know one as she wrote a appendix in my book Sarah Horns up in Seattle. They are worth their weight in gold. I mean and dentists aren't trained in that area even though we should be I mean McCain official development is determined by physician of your tongue with your mouth is open or closed. You don't get that with in development than the airway and the nasal passages will be compromised when when the faces developing And that's from you know as a fetus. All the way through to h four h five. That's one about sixty percent. Facial development is played by age. Ten is done. That's all influenced by our muscles That are involved in swallowing speaking in tongues tied than we're not able to keep our tongue in the right position is on the rise due to our diet. Lack of proper nutrition tongue tied than Tun won't be able to sit. Aye Upwards and put pressure on the palate to give us that width of the face. The width of the face. For some reason now a narrow face is considered to be very sexy attractive and all that. That's a person that suffering they can't breathe properly. You want a good wide face. You know that good job. Is You want downward growth. These are all important things if that mouth Fox doesn't wrote to its full potential. The nose box in the airway box or compromised. So I think mile functional therapy has a lot to offer their who take plutarco breathing. All of those things have been tastic if your mouth breather if you have a tongue tie and you just realize that now as an adult you're gonNA have to go see a mile functional therapists to relearn where to put that at rest and right now And I was thinking about this when I'm lifting breeds from knows mostly. It's not always possible but but In my dental education which was thirty five years ago. We were told that the rest physician was lips parted teeth about six millimeters apart and just the jaw resting relaxing. The optimal position is lips closed. Teeth touching other words. Your teeth should be together and the tongue should be forwards and upwards pushing up against the up pushing hard but resting up against the talent that is the ultimate rest position when you're not talking eating and just sitting there Not a lot of us are doing that properly. So so it's it's mouthful therapy is fantastic. Question is what does that entail it. Seeing that a professional that would basically analyze what your muscles are doing your muscles domestication's swallowing breathing Are you using her upper intercostal muscle circuit diaphragm breathing? Hyg As swallow You know is. There is a problem with a tongue-tied great at a at diagnosing. Post your tongue time. Which is very difficult to to see at Earth. Most most people now most physicians and nurses delivery nurses are are are catching the tongue ties. But those are the obvious ones. There's something called a post. Your tongue-tied Beard Tongue tied down. You're not going to develop properly you'll you'll you'll be breathing through your mouth now real quick you mentioning you kind of touched on breastfeeding So I wanted to ask you about that but for the tongue resting on the roof of the mouth found out like some people mentioned that they they can't do it like it just seems like when I think about how my tongue rests. It's like it grabs a little bit of saliva and then it just kind of glued to the top of my mouth was at what's supposed to be happening just because it like you don't really think about that right. Well you have good slobber float up here I mean you have your flow is one thing but you have good saliva content the mouth. If you're not always talking like I am now than drinking water right. You're breathing with your mouth open at night. Your saliva flow is down That makes things very sticky in here at ten things tend to stick together the airway. If it's collapsing will stick lubricated But yeah if you if your mouth is closed a Lotta time and your tongue right position. It should be up against the Palate. But if you have a dry mouth and you get your feeling your tongue off your pal right with the The TR DE device. Are you still able to like I? Don't know if he would need mouth tape at that point. Are you still nasal breathing at that? Point it's good question the D. blocks the mouth so if you if you that's a great question if you cannot breathe through your nose. The tyranny won't work because it's blocking it's got this flange very soft plans. Looks like a butterfly and that's got like a little pacifier. Stick the pacifier sticking on the outside. It's a ball you stick your tongue into it as such that grabs the time and it blocks your mouth so it forces nose breathing which is good but it also gets the tongue. It's fooling the tongue forward so that it's not blocking the back of the Airway and that helps you sleep better. Does that lead to a lot of drooling. By any chance that that's my first thought if it's already sucking out of So drooling as one of the I wouldn't say the most common side effect of wearing any oral appliance but it is one of the side effects but usually that goes away after time but yes there is. There can be a lot of drooling. But that may be related to how you're breathing. And and you know host of actress so with the mouthpiece device that you used us the mouthpiece and the tape as well I do so. That's another great question. So back to the C-PAP few have knows pillows. You know with a tube and the air is being pushed through the nose. That's ideally I think the best situation for C-PAP enough for everyone obviously. But that's you know if you open your mouth and you lose that positive pressure law right in the gene ramps up and makes a lot of noise and you may have been wake up. So it's Kinda the same thing from appliance so historic based on studies. A C. PAP. C-pap compliance is better when the mouth is closed and World clients therapy is better towards the catious works better in the compliance better when the mouth is closed so clearly we do better when the mouth is closed even though we are adding these devices to help us sleep better I tape I mean. Let me show real simple. Delaware three. Am next care. I've got facial hair of course and this is I do this in the dark at night. I put my blinders on Pucker. My Lips just a little bit just to get out of the fleshy part. Let's lips are closed but in physician it shouldn't be forced easily. Your teeth can still move. I think a lot of people think. Oh the teeth or locked into place but if you give it a lot of research in it will come off midnight if it comes off in the middle of night you cannot. You're not able to breathe through your nose properly then you need to go see in the N. T. and fix that because breathing through your nose is key. Nitric OXIDE. Production Happiness Dealing better sleeping better fewer obstructions in the airwaves kinda borderline A oral microbiome. Once the mouth dries out That essentially as a change in other words it becomes more acidic saliva as the is the big buffer in the mouth and so then all the bacteria change than. You're more likely to get cavities. More likely to get fat breath more likely to get gum disease if you have dry mouth or four five. Six seven hours at night so mouth. Taping has many benefits other than just sleeping but by pulling the air through the nose. Here's here's the big point Metro dockside certainly or microbiome on the equality of the Cosa. In the mouth. Also knows filtration. You've heard a lot about that especially with viruses and bacteria but when you breathe through your nose you tend not to overeat co two and you need if we breathe through our mouth a lot of the Co two escapes and you need a certain Ph in your blood to for the red blood cell the hemoglobin in red blood cell to release the oxygen to the muscles. If you re through your mouth you're blowing out too much. Co to co twos kind of chronic asset. When you mix it into a drink like a a bubbly drink. Carbonated drink that reduces the bit allows that exchange Iraq's in to occur and of course you want that to happen at night right especially if you just torn up your muscles during the day and you want them to rebuild You want that oxygenation to occur of your muscles your tissues part of the repair program that occurs at night so keeping her mouth shut at night is key. And that's why I take every night because even though I can breathe well for my nose rarely Maybe if I have a cold I still. I still my master falls open and I don't know why that happens to us and many of us. Why would that be? Why would that happen evolutionary speaking? Because we're sleeping in beds? We didn't sleep in beds. If we sleep on your side your mouth is more likely to stay. Close your mouth your jaws heavy when you're sleeping on your back. I don't think our ancestors slept on their backs. I don't know but why not use this cost? Nothing takes very little time. It really helps in so many ways. Now real quick. I'd like to clarify because there's probably a lot of people like trying to find mouth guards right now because we've been talking about them so much but How is like what is away without maybe having to get a sleep study ongoing so doctrines to figure out if it's something you need and how do you know if it's something that you don't need great great question and that could be? I mean that addresses pretty much everything you know. What do you need do need sleep? Study Genius C-PAP. Do you need to lose weight to open up the Airway? What are the other factors? So what her? What is waking up at night? Is it your glucose or High Glucose Levels High Cortisol You know is it your sleep partner snoring who we sleep with determines a lot our sleep this obviously so. I would say this is what I say. This is what I say my but I think everyone should be tested for from day one. I think I mean dentists of well trained dentists in this area. I always ask people to bring in their babies. They always ask winter. I bring in my kid to look at the teeth and typically answer is between one and three I tell him bring him in right away in fact I think there should be a dentist or a skilled position that knows how to identify tie at the time of birth to make sure it gets caught early because in those first three days. If you can't latch on you're going down a different road in terms of health and development and all that so so. I think everyone should be tested. I think anyone even if you think you're healthy. Which is what I thought. I didn't go in until my kids said Dad. You're making a lot of noise. Turns on my wife was to you. Know She's thin and petite and but she had were SLEEP APNEA THAN. I did So I think living in the world we live in today because of all the factors that are new to our bodies Like Poor Diet Blue Light. Stay up late at night. I think we should all be tested for sleep apnea. That's a kind of a cop-out answered your question. How would you know you can buy my book that a little bit here? Yeah Absolute Amazon. It's essentially it's a quick read. It's got lots of listen. It just go through the book and check off. Things seem that something that you you you think you're doing you snore at night to go to the bathroom tonight. Are you having problems losing weight? Are you kinda foggy after ten or eleven o'clock? Are you creating the wrong foods you just? Can't you know you see a carbohydrate there as snack just can't stay away from it? I mean I've got you know hundreds of things in there if you check them off and you'll know that could be you you wanNA catch sleep apnea before you start getting weight before you start getting sick before your hearts affected by for your blood pressure's affected before you get cancer before all these things you know before your pear falls down your skin aging prematurely. You want to catch it early. So those are my two answers. Forget wondering if you have sleep apnea just get tested. Or if you don't WanNa do that just start early and really start asking yourself questions and is that me yeah I'm positive I have sleep apnea I'll do the mouth tape. I have tried a Mouth Guard. But my fiancee is like. Do you still snore through both of those and I mean I feel like I'm in good shape good health and I've always been thin but I still snore like a bear every night and when I do the mouth tape it helps. It definitely helps. I don't know if it's because it's muffling things but it. It just seems to help. So I'm not saying you're probably a borderline case and it is helping. It is actually making nor less because when you force the air when you breathe through your mouth a lot of volume of errors going back and forth. It's also drying out there. So when you pull a lot of air through classical airway to produce principle it's GonNa get sucked close but when you commit a fine air and moisture in it. And IT COMES. Through all the baffles in the maze of the nose and it's warmer and its moisture and it comes in at a slower rate because it's being baffled that's less likely to pull your airway close. So you're kind of probably borderline Although as you get older it's GonNa get worse so I think now is the time maybe to get an ordering really start getting a baseline also get a real a mouthguard. That is adjustable. He pulling you forward because the point where he got it set right we call it the sweet spot in the in the titrate of these devices the adjustment of the device And again you can go out too far or too open but when you hit that sweet spot than the snoring just stops so so but you know it's I mean it's great that you can say that a lot of a lot of my male patients I ask them you know their wife will say or their partner. Say Oh he's snoring. Can you say something to him? And the guys come in in the bigger stronger and healthier guys are the more likely it is good. I don't store all their the whole family thing. This guy is snoring. So yeah well I have my fiance and my daughter. They both can definitely confirm that snoring like crazy. But what Something he said was real eye opening to me. Was You know I I will do the mouth tape? And on certain nights it will come off. You know a number. Okay them having a problem there so other nights. I'll just like double and triple the tape hoping that it'll stick or and I do I survive and I do feel better but I also think like okay. Maybe I'm doing something wrong if I keep waking up with the tape fall so some people can tape your aggressive at it. Because they're trying to make sure it doesn't come off which is admirable but then they'll wake up in the night because they're having hypoxia they're able to get the air through the nose back and forth but not enough so they start getting headaches. So that's also a borderline patient even more so but closer to a person who has sleep apnea so so it's not all black and white. They're all these grays as we get. It can vary from night tonight. It can vary based on what you had a berry. During seasons it can vary based on bedtime. How much alcohol you had you know how close to bedtime all the other. So many factors in ages. And why does it seem like it's mainly dudes that are snoring and not as many females? Right well Doodoo snore. More better at it You know we just. We're just good at things. You know women women actually deuce nor the scores are catering lighter. They have a different structure here. You know they're they're the residents is different and all that but here's the thing women catch up with men and may catch up at menopause because they are estrogen and I think it's progesterone our our hormones that are lacking as menopause approaches their waning and those are protective hormones of the airway muscles So they catch up with us their their likelihood of sleep apnea or greasy. Fans like this and then it ramps up and men start from early on just slowly lead slowly ramp up so I think we were. Just we do it longer. And we're a little bit louder earlier but you know for example like menopause. A lot of the symptoms of menopause signs and symptoms are sleep related hot flashes the irritability the next day all of that that's related to a seven lack of good deep sleep. What about You know in terms of Nutrition and stuff like that. Have you seen? Have you been able to help a lot of patients? You know? Just simply change nutrition and end up with better sleep. Yeah no that's a really good question. It's a tough one to answer You know being in Kato Systems. That you're back can actually make your sleep worse although long term. I think if you lose a lot of weight do that type of Diet that will actually make your sleep better. It'll affect your sleep in a positive way. I think really diet is very important for variety of reasons other than the weight gain which you can gain weight and your tongue by the way you can get fat tongue you can get a fat airway when I was just getting into sleep science and all that that was. They said you couldn't gain weight in the top. That was absolutely wrong. I was sitting at my patients but anyway so diet is very important Absolutely diet affects just about every part of our bodies I think you're resting. I think most important answer. There is Your Resting Glucose levels. I think that really has a very beneficial effect. And also if you have high cortisol on our web foods that can cause inflammation which increases your cortisol. You want your pearls all to be low as you go to bed. It ramps up after the melatonin drops at three m but glueck I would wear a CGM. Few thank you if you're healthy and you're thin. You're not snoring. You still have issues. I recommend the continuous Glucose Monitoring Patch. Because a lot of people that I've seen Treating a Stanford physician guy was super healthy. But he just wasn't sleeping well turns out his his. Lukasz was peaking at around two or three M. and then of course that tells you body that's one of the ways your body wants to dump more volume into your bladder and then get the bathroom even though he had no collapsing airway so so I wouldn't. That's related to diet of course if you're fat adapted and you're not snacking on like a sweet before bed in your blood. Sugar levels are going up and down at night. You know your blood sugar. Your I like it if my resting Close levels eighty five eighty eight morning. I A check in the morning. Check monkey tones. And that's a good night's sleep last night. I got a ninety two on my aura. Ring in you know mighty sleep. Weather's over an hour which is fantastic and that was basically. I stopped eating at five o'clock. I had a pizza. Paleo meal I did not have my little my little snack Like Akito conferencing do not have. I didn't have a glass of red wine but it was done but at five o'clock and then I stopped eating went to bed at around and thirty and that was a good night's sleep if I were to eat later or maybe eat a piece of bread. I mean it just upset. The ramifications downstream are are are. Are there so diet is is very important. Good nutrition a nutrient nutrient dense foods. Of course stay away from CARBS Have a little snack before weightlifting. Certainly I think that's a beneficial but nowhere near bedtime. Keep it real simple and make sure your stomach is empty. Make sure you're not trying to digest something while you're trying to sleep ever heard somebody recently. Who is on kind of a more by carnivore? Style Diet and they were saying you know when their nutrition is on point along with some of their supplementation that they This guy actually said that. He hasn't brushed his teeth in a decade. And I wanted to get some of your thoughts on that. I mean I don't think there's any reason to Though that far and not recipe It's probably not hurting anything to brush our teeth. But I wanted to get your thoughts on that like you know if your diet is on point then maybe brushing in some things like that. Maybe they're not as important. I think he's not far off. I mean it was funny. I was a did an instagram video. Yesterday on a study turned out to be a study but it was actually a a reality show. They grabbed ten subjects for participants in this in this case and they put him into an enclosure and they force them to eat a Paleolithic Diet. Like a dime from about four thousand B C which was like rob butter honey meat and berries and they were allowed to go out into a kind of a kind of a green area where they can pick things and they want to clean their teeth. They were using sticks or chilling on things but they were not allowed to use a toothbrush floss because they didn't have it and they were actually security guards preventing all this and it was a reality show so they had it was being filmed. I would love to see the show actually but they also did some baseline measurements before and after of certain bacterial counts in the mouth and bleeding points. We call it which shows us where information is in the mouth and all of them improve and they weren't brushing so if you and I'm fascinated by the carnivore diet by the way I really. That's kind of my next thing. I want to just try that for a while. But but You going from Paleo to Carnivora. I think there's a lot of interesting stuff on it but back to the brushing. Yeah if you ate too like for example the Mongolia the Mongol Horde. They were so efficient at what they did. They were probably the greatest army on the planet. Ever that we've ever seen. They defeated the Chinese very easily. Because the Chinese reading rice. A Mongols were tenderizer goatmeat under the Saddle. It was dried. It was fermented. They did some permitted Goat milk up. How was their diet? And they didn't brush and they had great health. I mean if you look at the skulls from four five six thousand years ago before the toothbrush. Toothpaste was invented mouthwash. There were very few problems. Verite so he's not that far face you really rushing is a modern affliction based on our diet and maltreating and host of things right. And there's probably so much advertising for toothbrushes toothpaste mouthwash and everything because of all the advertisement of coke and Pepsi. Rally other bullshit. I mean and you know the two toothpaste costs about. I was just talking to a to manufacturing two months ago in Europe for example Colgate or crested cost them about thirteen fifteen cents to get a toothpaste on the shelves. I mean this is big. What is it sell for six dollars right? I mean this is big business and of course they're telling you need toothpaste. You need to floss with that. Study that reality show. It indicates that it's over hyped. I mean it's more about diet right so of course they're going to tell you that because it's huge money huge money to be made the plaque on her teeth related to maybe the plaque and our heart right. That's a really good question. It's not I mean it's not directly related It has that term so the plaque buildup in the arteries. That's different people. That will tell you that. If you have a lot of flack in your mouth. You have a lot of potential for getting a lot of black and there is very distant connection there. It's it's you know metabolic Louis in by a hormone health. It's it's related do the inflammation and you know there's that there's that oral systemic connection but no there's there's no connection right. I mean there's calcification surgeries if you're taking a calcium supplement. You're not taking enough so calcium we get through our diet or we take supplement. And then I think it's Twenty Min d three that gets it. Passed the lining of the gut into the bloodstream. But once it's in the bloodstream. You don't WanNa this calcium circulating around depositing you know it can get on Turkey by salivas basically Blood without all the red blood cells. While it's the same kind of fluid and some calcium can get into saliva deposit on your T. But all that councilman your blood vessels can also deposit on on your blood vessels. So that's why you need to be taken off the case you K- to is is a substance that basically takes the calcium and directs it into all your votes calcified tissues. So so there's there's that connection but the plaque in the mouth in plaque on on your racist those are two different things you know. I know a lot of people that Say that you know when they drink a beer or something or a little few glasses of wine before bed they sleep great right but you were mentioning that when you drink wine you make sure to have before. Maybe six or five PM. I'm assuming it's because of the effects that it has on your sleep. So can you kind of detail us? If you're an individual drinks close to bedtime what effects that has on your sleep even though you might think you're sleeping while Roy is a great question so yes it does not the out that little nightcap or a few beers and or your partying late into the night and then you go right to bed. Most people will say God it went. I just got knocked out while it does affect sleep latency and sleep. Latency is the time it takes you to the time to take to get to sleep by. It affects your rim patterns. That has an effect on the brain to point where your brain never goes into each late and actually I don't know if you've noticed bed but it if you drink not a lot to drink too close to bedtime you'll go to sleep quickly and you'll like that you'll remember that part of it but then you'll wake up in the night and that's because all your timing when your your sleep stages all off it. It's NOT GOING TO BE A. It's gotta be a really bad nicely. Can you achieve deep sleep? Win a person's using sleeping pills so it's another question I'm blanking on the most popular sleep medication out there but actually suppresses deep sleep so all these drugs that help you go to sleep are actually they knock you out so if you have insomnia analogy allowed to use as WANNA go camping? I'm at high altitude on a glacier in a tent in a Latin grounds cold. And you know you're worried about the next day and everything. That's that's a lousy night asleep. It really is your tossing and turning a lot. That's what these sleep products do. Is They knock you down? Let's say your plane won't be your bore. You don't WanNa be starring at the ceiling and be awake. It knocks you down. But it doesn't. It doesn't get you into the deep stages asleep in fact it. Does it prevents you from getting to those stations. Would you say that? Even though it's not deep sleep it's better than not sleeping like earth up and do something you might as well get up and be productive because that's yeah no benefits e s the the kind of the comeback that. I always receive whenever I tried to explain like. Hey you're you're not really sleeping. You're being sedated. It's like oh well at least it's it's better than nothing though. Mike how shit. Maybe it is but I'm not sure but I thank you for sedation is actually the correct term. That is well said. It is a level sedation. But the brain isn't reorganizing. It isn't you know Doing everything it's not repairing the brain. The brain repairs itself liver repairs itself in certain stages of sleep and this is really important. So you're not getting any of that. How often can you do that? Well I mean you can. If you stop eating you can survive a month if you start drinking three to six days if you stop sleeping if they've done studies for the key people awake after three or four days you become. You're insane you were legally insane. I mean it's that important what Yesterday was four twenty so a lot of people were pretty excited about that and we hear people sometimes say that they feel that marijuana helps them. would sleep and we've heard some people talk about. Cbd and things like that do either. One of those have been proven to haughtily impact sleep but It's become very popular in now that it's legalized. It's it's even more available teach. I don't it does not help your sleep. In fact it it. It makes overall over the long term it changes the physiology of your brain and and it's not good for slate. Cd On the other hand Is Fascinating in. The question is as dose in how to give it but I've used DVD tested C. D. on a lot of people that have sleep issues and there is definitely something to be said about sumate. it's just difficult to find out what works well for you all that now if for example like You know I have a patient who is nine years old and was on heavy sedation drugs to get her through the night and we took off at slowly. And that's hard to do because that is very addictive. And we gave her a started with a ten to one actually twenty two one in ten to one and that helps knocker out into the CD. Kind of kicked in a now increased dramatic newseum levels and now she's not necessarily always on the just on CD or nothing at all and so it's a great transition For people that are on the sedation drug. So I'm okay. I think it's wonderful. It's just a matter of what works too much. Cd can kind of prevent good sleep The I think the optimal dosage is going to be in. This will be probably shocking to many. It's going to be sixty to ninety grants. Mostly poor taking fifteen or thirty island so But it it it depends on a lot of things so and I think when you take it and I also think taking it in the floor of your mouth as important as drop rather than ingesting. It ingesting too much of a delayed response. You can't really know it's going to start working and if it didn't work you know what was the delay base of on digestion. So so a lot of promise than the it's an amazing compound and again it's been around longer than we have an. We have systems in our body. The system the Endo cannabinoid system. It's that is in place and the fact that we were not allowed to use that stuff I mean and we evolved to. It is really a crime crazy. What about things like zinc and magnesium now you mentioned magnesium briefly Can those help us sleep or do they do? A magnesium is big on sleep in fact. I'm always tweaking my sleep and my recent deep Deep Sleep scores went from twenty five minutes to an hour and a half and it was based on a magnesium supplement that I'm taking And I've told a lot of other people about it may have experienced the same so Selenium is important. I mean Zinc certainly I mean these are all signaling these all help are signaling molecules in other words if you want the brain there's messaging going on as you go down in the stages of sleep the brain has to reach out hormonal messaging neuronal messaging. If you don't give them all the products that are that helped highway work you know and unclog the highway and get the message out than you're not so magnesium square screen as specific kind of magnesium because magnesium can sometimes be a little rough to digest right this is like Malia magnesium glycemic or their rights. Yes that's correct Actually if you want I can go get it now. But there's this one magnesium that are really like unfortunately as out of stock but it's the first magnesium that really helped my deep sleep scores in. It's six or seven different types of magnesium also a trace minerals. I would recommend drinking. Especially if you're working out a lot and sweating a lot and those are cheap. I mean you can get a little ten dollar bottle. Amazon trace minerals seventy five different minerals when the right salt lake in liquid form. I put a few drops in the water. That really didn't help your sleep. Because that again help solve signaling can also help everything that goes on during the day as well so minerals are very important. We live in a society where we are lacking in Minerals. Our food supply or topsoil. We've obliterated all that we're just being on a mountain bike ride and I see a lot of dust. I take a deep breath. I mean that's all important stuff since we're on the subject of magnesium Like there are some people that talk about magnesium sprays instead of tablets How do you feel about that as ethics using the spray instead of tablets oral absorption? I mean you can absorb a lot of things through the mouth of the mouth is like the God. It's one spare on the skin own skin. Oh yeah okay I mean. Absorption Occurs through the skin. It's not as great as it is in the mouth but I mean I don't I don't I can't answer that question. I don't know I've heard of it though. Yeah Yeah how about that that? That brand calm. That one seems to be pretty popular. Yeah very popular. I've used it like when I'm traveling I run out and it's the only stuff available. I think it's fine. I don't think it's as good as what I'm taking it. Because it doesn't have all the different forms of magnesium but I think it's fine. I think it's a great call. Has some other things added to it. Doesn't it yeah? I'm not sure I know it tastes pretty good so it must have something. Yeah exactly what about what about a good pillow or a good bad? Like how important are these things? Well that's sleep hygiene. Glad you asked that question like I said often gets forgotten. I'm big on pillows If you're a side sleeper backstabbers stomach sleeper. You can't sleep on the same pillow. They're now making pillows A very similar to what I thought by six years ago I should have put a patent on it and benefit. But it's great that they're out. These are pillows that as you roll back and forth. Adjust THE HEIGHT. So if you sleep on the side which. I think you're gonNA sleep well if you sleep on your side but it's hard on your shoulder so you need a soft mattress. You need a mattress that gives based on heat wave. That's a foam mattress colour mattresses. I don't think I would recommend them. I think that's a A. That's a dead duck. I mean those. Those are obsolete And even the little toppers aren't sick enough. I think a fell mattress based on weight. And what you like I wouldn't go to firm if you're aside sleeper firmer. If you're a back sleeper but I would encourage you to try and sleep on your side but the pillow is important. You have to measure this distance from your shoulder to the base of your neck and if you're a side sleeper that distance you have to support that if you're sleeping on your side you've got a wimpy down pillow you're doing that you're taking your airway load that you're also. GonNa your muscles will be relaxed breath while you're gonNA toss turn a lot. So I use a micro because you can throw them in the Washer and dryer. You can move phone blocks in there. There will may have a ten year warranty again. I don't have any affiliation with them but there are plenty of clothes out there but most people would say are sleeping on a pillow. That's too thin or too that gibbs too much now when you're sitting on your back you don't WanNa be like this. You know you want to feel the fall back you know when you give someone CPR. That's the first thing you do. You make sure that the airways open by positioning their head proper. So you mentioned my pillow. As far as the brand of Colo- now as far as mattresses are concerned. I'm assuming that you may have done a lot of research on different mattresses. What are some brands that people could look at from more? Potentially more affordable mattresses to hire mattresses that you think are good. There are a lot of good mattress companies out there. That whole you since the millennials and in Google and there are new world has come that has been democratized. I mean you can now buy direct online. It comes in a box it gets sent to. You can send it back and you can try it. I think that's wonderful. The old model was you go into CERTA or a mattress storing new. Jump up down a little bit. And then you're stuck with it right the rotate it right. So I'm very happy with where mattresses have gone. I think that has helped a lot of us so I mean there are lots of brands out there. I think it has to do again. If your side sleeper you know. How far does your hip go in you? Not a big small hips. You have shoulder issues. Do Wake up with a hand in the morning. If you sleep on your side also temperature. The bed is important. You want on the temperature to reduce at night that actually helps you attain those deep stages asleep so some some of these bone beds historically sleep a little bit warmer mastered at five ten years ago when tempurpedic came on the scene actually was tempurpedic. Dealer is a dentist. I could drop ship a mattress you and clean your teeth and doing filling because it was important. I thought out and my answer to that was well. Just get thinner sheets the reason. You're warmers because your blood flow is better. It's more than fewer instruction points so but anyway a lot of people don't they'll say I won't sleep undiplomatic because it's too warm can be fixed. They now have. These little pads can sleep on that. You can put over your phone mattress that adjust temperature for you like the chilly pad man. I haven't tried that. I know people that love it. A lot of health influencers a respect and they like that so my answer is easy. Just crank the window open my wife and I sleep in a room. That's between sixty and sixty four degrees. It's coal and we don't take what big down comforter he you do want to be a little bit. You want your body to do the heat regulation. That's important because that helps you ramp down. Taking a warm shower before bed is a good little trick that works. I always. I always found it very interesting that you know the way the way that things are set up with the dentists you know that typically if you have dental insurance any have be sent not healthy dental practices incentives twice a year. But I find it really odd that you don't normally see a regular doctor ever like I. Just I don't understand like what like why things are set up that way. Do you have any insight into that? Right yeah It's interesting I mean a lot of people will will say scam chiropractors. You know wanting to see you and I don't think that is the case how. We came up with six months of different story. It wasn't as scientific as I would like to have been but it's a great cycle. Some people come in every three months of the gum disease. It's important. I mean a lot happens in the mouth and unfortunately I think physicians kind of missed that boat. They should be seen their their their patients. More often it's A. It's an advantage to us because I can recognize sleep apnea in a patient decades before physician. So they're seeing the six months you know that's a good thing for patient obviously and But in general oral health is connected to overall systemic Al if you have an infection. What are the most prevalent infections in the world to our gum disease and cavities? In fact they are the most prevalent Actions or diseases in the world so again I mean the mouth is a very unique place. It's open to the rest of the world it's the gateway to the to the GUT microbiome. It's not burn protected. We eat speak for but also you know we get our nutrition through A. There's a lot going on in the mountain and it's IT'S A. It's a problem so again. Dennis were in. We separated from physicians. Back in I think was eighteen forty and that was a big mistake because physicians don't know anything about oral health. Most dentists don't know much about systemic health and that is a real problem that division there needs to be more collaboration between the two but because of that we I think have more a preventative approach because we see things in a different way and also. Dental disease manifests itself differently in many ways than than systemic health. So there are a lot of raisins in. It's not for financial necessarily but it's a good model works although. I have some patients that come in once a year because I don't want to see him in six months it'd be a waste of their time those carnivore yet right. I really I I like it. I think that makes a Lotta sense from dental perspective and I don't feel it's a scam or anything but I just feel that you should be seeing your doctor doctor at least once a year as well so that side of it doesn't make any sense to me in that side of it's where it just it doesn't make any sense at all to maybe a nats where I would I would say. Maybe there's foul play there. Because why would they? Why would it be set up that way? Are they waiting for you to get sick? And then you move medication. It's it's too late by the time right by the time you have to. You know you wanNA treat a disease and a programmable period that's the early stages or To begin with obviously medicine I don't know I think it's it could be related to the third parties to the insurance company. So they're always pushing back. I WANNA reduce utilization in dentistry. There's a lot of that going onto and dental insurance is different than medical turns provided. Dental INSURANCE IS NOT INSURANCE. It is a IT IS A. It's just a kind of benefit because let's say let's say you're bench pressing you know one of your of ours and it falls on your face and you knock out ten or fifteen. That's that's forty to sixty thousand dollars work and your insurance dental stops fifteen hundred maxes out where your medical insurance wouldn't cover that would cover. Maybe the job breakage but not the tea and it's ridiculous don't turn is is just a product and they it's very lucrative for the insurance companies. They don't they don't make you know the volume of money on. Donald Trump is in greater than medical insurance but the markup is fantastic. I mean because it's buried definable you can tap the the what you spend worst case scenario than you can really define the prophets can really. You'll know what the prophets will be because it's very the the actuaries really like that kind of formula but medical insurance. You never know when someone's going to need five hundred thousand dollars worth of the hospital care so it's less difficult. It's more difficult to predict. How do you feel about Because I've heard a lot about criminal typing and I was curious because You know some people like mark. I think he sleeps pretty early. I find it hard like gets asleep at nine or ten. Even though I'm really active I typically gets asleep by Ronald Lovin is prototyping legitimate. Because obviously we want to be able to get a lot of deep sleep which happens at the beginning of the night but if you go to sleep at like two. Am which no-one probably should be going to sleep. At Two am then obviously. That's not really good for you. So how should people determine what what time they go to sleep? Well that's great question. There is a guy out there. I can't remember his name He cruncher types. Everyone there's a there's a wolf is now. I think I mean some people that go to bed late. You know they have a go to sleep late. I mean I'm not. I'm big on that. I'm not going to say I disagree with it. I think everyone really. I mean there are krona types but when it comes to sleep I think the only prototype that works one that matches our our sunlight in our when when it gets dark and so I think the prototypes become more apparent when you have external factors like artificial light and you know and stimulants and and the need to stay up late at night and looking at blue light so I think that differentiates US US US. More types because some of us are better at another. That's all it is. I don't think it's that everyone it sleeps differently. We all sleep about the same. If we're sleeping well. Our systems are older similar. Do you think epigenetics it all falls into that like for example my ancestors actually my mom was born in. Nigeria. Where there's probably a different cycle in terms of sunlight and down then you know here in the US so would that have an effect on an individual like me or her. Yes definitely That's a again a very good comment. I actually spent six weeks in Nigeria and Joss which is in the central art. That was a dentist in the You know if you live close to the Equator yes compared to being in Alaska But you know yes. Your ancestors have evolved. That doesn't mean that you can't take on different prototype but they're assigned to be sent to that and the example. I was used and a friend of mine. A physician Paolo Alto released Sinha Md. Who would be a great interview of the guy's amazing He has kind of that thought. When it comes to the likelihood of diabetes and people that live closer to the equator are more likely to get diabetes so there are some EPI genetic factors as you say and that's a genetic factor. That's not bad. Just it is because of the planet. We live on so yes. There are external factors. That would would. I don't know how anyone gets sleep. Up in Alaska summer. I mean you know. I don't get that with the Sun not setting and that would be very disorientate. So but they've done studies on that studies on astronauts and in Zero G and there are a lot of factors that can affect her asleep but overall we have a system in place that wherever you are in your in that area long enough and you respect the Circadian. Rhythm you will. You will adapt you. Were mentioning how dentists can help with the pandemic. That's going on and maybe help. Lighten the load a little bit on what's happening A how could they help and be Is that something that would be accepted because people would be like. Oh well you're not a you know this type of Doctor Right. Everyone's up in arms about whether you're immunologist or whatever the hell right well certainly i. I am not saying that. Dentist should be immunologist. Vaccination specialists are but you know always practice when the scope of of what you're able to do but I just found in you're talking about this tweet that you re tweeted. Thank you That I tweeted about two three weeks ago. I just thought Dennis have been shut down and the reason for that is an rightly so and I actually tweeted that a week before the recommended that because the first thing they teach dental schools that we create this aerosol. Dentists are great at creating this big cloud of bacteria. Because we're working in the mouth or we're working with saliva and we're working with instruments that spin it half a million RPM and ultrasonic stuff that liquefy isis and spreads it all over so so we are big spreaders disease although historically we've done a great job at not transmitting a Appetizers v eight something an all these diseases. We have a great track record because we're trying to prevent that. My point was that since the dental offices are down and not map full and not working. Why not let us do the testing? We're great at putting swabs up people's noses in the back of the throat collecting samples. That doesn't necessarily create an aerosol. We have the at least. We had a stock of it unless we donated it. A lot of dentists are set up for this and we can test for immunity for infection. Whatever as long as we have the test but that was the issue right. We didn't have the test. But I if I were trump organism. I would just open up those offices. You know and the ones that wanted to open and just start getting testing. What a perfect place. Where setup for auditory we have. We have the protective equipment we have the knowledge of the nasal Oral you know diseases and all that so I. I thought it was a good idea. A lot of other Dennis thought it was a great idea as well so but it remains to be seen. I don't think Dennis are GONNA go Go live right away. Dentistry has been affected greatly impacted by this novel virus. Because now you know we're GONNA need different equipment. We're GONNA need the negative pressure. Rooms filtration a lot of new equipment and Retested to protect our staff members are accelerated liability of it gets coded dies in the only time they were out and about was at the dental office. So there are a lot of things that are going to change dentistry. Unfortunately do you personally have a lot of concern over the corona virus? I do I mean you know. There are many different ways of thinking about it. I'm healthy. I don't think it's going to kill me but you know there are a lot of reports. It's a pretty thorough virus. It can affect heart tissue permanently or maybe for ten years lung tissue one tissues very fragile like my lungs. They work relate to the day So I do worry about it you know. You can supplement in exercise and be healthy and all that but I think it's still an issue because it is novel and if you look at the the structure of the virus it is it's actually fascinating in how I mean whether it was created or whether it morphed into that I mean I don't know but I'm not going to get into that but It's it's a pretty interesting virus in terms of keeping the host alive although it over double bed in infecting and cross infection it's really. It's it's an impressive iris and I think it's GonNa Mutate. I think the Vaccines GonNa take some time. I don't think we're GONNA see. I don't think we're good axiom. In one year it may take longer. And that's why I think Dennis are going to have a time. When do you open? When how can you protect your your patients People willing to come on our website. I mean we're getting all these questions like what do I do? I've got a toothache. My crown came off. I mean people across the as he said we see are dentists and we need them and but we're not able to see him so it's it's we haven't seen the worst of it yet. I gotTA commend you because you've had a QNA online for a long time that has been helping people self educate and kind of go back and forth with the with the dentist without having to always come in and see the dentist for Intel. Dentistry is we. We've got a little kit for Dennis that we created that we created a functional provider list of dentists For people looking for that kind of dentist in someone that can get on the phone. I mean I tweeted that I think yesterday a perfect example of a dentist. He wrote a blog about what he did for patient. Online and tell dentistry is is is very important as it is for Tele Medicine. It's a great way. There's a lot I can tell on the phone. Believe it or not especially with good cameras and all that online dentistry as filling it online. We're working on. We're working on it. You know you you kind of touched on this a little bit What was it shoot? Dang oh my mom. I thought it was okay. It was You touched on it at the very beginning. It was a nasal breathing in Kobe. And I I don't think if you really explained how much that kind of affects you know if if you do get in contact with it whether when you're reading through your house right yeah So I mean I have study somewhere. Can give it to you for show notes and all that fed but Nose BREATHING INCREASES METRIC OXIDE. Production nitric oxide is a signaling molecule. But it's also antiviral antibacterial. It also helps though muscle mass as you guys probably know the less controversial but in as we get older at around age forty forty five are nitric oxide. Production those down and that's from the source from the cells in the end of the cells in our blood vessels. That's where it's being made. But you can increase or keep your nitric oxide production up if you breathe your nose. The other area where we make it that you have to have the right. Bacteria ORAL AURAL MICRO BIOTA in your mouth. Back your tongue in in your nose to produce that because you can eat as much nitric oxide. Rich foods you want. But if you don't have the bacteria in your mouth that converted to nitric oxide you get this wonderful benefit of it has. There is some indication that it is effective against preventing the buildup or the Berlin city of a bit like SARS virus in your nasal passages. And that's where it hangs out. I mean it's hanging out in. I mean that's why they do the Swab Way Up the nose. That's words hanging out so breathing through your nose. Keeping that part of the nose healthy keeping the Lacombe. The nasal bynum healthy. Those are all important things because we're GONNA come into contact with this virus eventually along with a host of other viruses and bacteria. So if you can keep that party or knows moist and healthy. And all the bacteria in their functioning. Well you're going to have some some some not immunity but you're going to have some you're gonNA have a great defense system in place and that just you know it. Decreases the odds that infection we. We've got bugs in us all the time. And we've got commenced bacteria with gut bacteria that are bad. But they're already there. You know like the one that causes a ulcers. It's in our mouth right now. The helium actor but it only becomes a problem if we let it colonized and become dominant in that in that organism that ecology of bacteria so in the mouth. And that's why microbiome is so important. We abuse it abuse it all the time. We use mouthwash with alcohol on it. I mean that literally gives you bad. Breath causes a despite isis or microbiome assist one example foods of course mouth reading. You know drought letting them off dry out. Nothing your nose you dry out the nose. You lose your sense of smell and you lose all that filtering capability in that that defense mechanism and the ability to make natural outside. So it's it's all tied to good oral health one of our website and has had you kind of just mentioned the controversial idea of nasal breathing being good for muscle building. So what were you talking about there? Well before this interview I I remember just way there are a few things I remember. I you guys are all you know lifting and all that and I totally dig that I just started with my physical trainer about four or five months ago. I gained two pounds of muscle lost some weight and my blood. My Resting Blood. Sugar levels went down. I mean it was just. It's it's definitely waited especially Sixty one now as you get older. That's the one thing you gotta focus. United focused on muscle mass. I'm convinced of that. But you know the there was one study that I grew up with and learned about dental school. Where wearing a night guard makes those ANAEROBIC ANAEROBIC moments stronger. So if your bench pressing lifting for short just that one moment wearing this nightmare that re positions your joint venture punching down. Actually it makes you stronger. That was one thing that that I thought was interesting. I couldn't find the study but they did that. On Olympic athletes that study in the sixties they would do the long jump It was a famous Guy Who broke the record? Being was his name anyway but and then they put them off guard at him and they got a few. You know a greater distance for that one anaerobic moment for pole vault shotput. Whatever so. I thought that was interesting again. But the the other topic nitric oxide a there are some people taking nitric oxide because they feel it increases muscle mass and the mechanism. Perhaps is more basal dilation when the muscles rebuilding itself but then there were some. I think there are some cons to that as well. I've reading it didn't work was bad for you but nitric oxide does allow more visit elation when you've ripped your muscles during the day and you're resting at night and you're going to sleep what do you want. You want your muscles to rebuild themselves as they get bigger so netra outside may have a place there as well and when your weight training? It's really not that bad to eat a lot of utilize a lot of nasal breathing. It just might be uncommon for somebody. 'cause WE'RE USED TO. Kinda like really blowing out a Lotta air. I would say like if you're doing a more explosive if you're doing maybe some heavy one rep Max as you'd probably be better off just breathing. Whatever way whatever way you need to run and maybe in those sets where you are trying to do a set at twenty five and just kill yourself then again breath whatever way you need to. But I think we're otherwise at specially through your warm ups and stuff like that. There's there's not a lot of reasons on on why you would need to breathe in other ways. I always found this to be really fascinating with humans We lose our teeth at such a young age. You know we. I think we lose their teeth. Like seven eight years old something like that and then you know then then we have the teeth. The teeth that we're GonNa have you know all the way through The rest of our lives as been any Has has anybody tried to like? Re-grow teeth like we just had a stem cell doctor on recently like will will they'll be a A phase in time where his people are trying to live long right peachy people trying to live to be one hundred hundred twenty and Maybe we do have the potential to do that but I would imagine that our our teeth would perhaps give out at some point like do. Do you see that like in our future to be able to like regrowed teeth or something like that. Yeah well you know like Davis rate. He's GonNa live to one hundred eighty and I. I want to be there with him so although he's younger than I am so you know living longer you mentioned something and I'll get back to your question. Living longer doesn't mean you're more likely to lose. T- I mean yes in today's world but people that live on a Paleolithic Diet are healthy and I mean we've I've seen teeth and one hundred one hundred girls and they can be tasked. Yes there's a little attrition. There's a little wear from using the teeth and grinding and chewing foods and all that but gum health is good. I mean there's an typically these people have very wide arches they have good airways just crowding of the teeth a minuet crowding of the teeth. The teeth don't do they start getting cavities. Get start getting bone loss. The little girl a bone as the teeth crowd like this they don't do very well The anatomy just isn't conducive self cleansing and in preventing gum disease from occurring. But but to answer your question I think a lot of it is is about our diet. I mean we are really yes. The loss of teeth. We see that in our anthropology the anthropological histories. We see that starting when we started eating rains and we stopped becoming hunter. Hunter gatherer so so I think What was your question originally? I think I was just asking if they have the ability to grow teeth. Oh yes that's right So that has been talked about it. Ever since I was a dentist back in eighty three when Andrew. Del School they were talking about it. There was an English company that was doing studies It's still talked about They were talking about vaccine for gum disease back then in all that time. Nothing really has come to market. So is it possible. I do think it's possible. They can do attest to putting it in the mouth. I mean you would have to extract a tooth put a little like little of embryo in their feud grow. Would it take to the bone I think I think what's holding back is financially as feasible You know Stem cells rate for joints and preventing knee surgeries hip surgeries and things. Like that I mean there are a lot of other areas that it's it's I think we're GonNa see it eventually There are a lot of Asian dentists in is. It's allowed. It's not allowed here where you can take a listen to transplant it into a first molar socket. That historically has not done so well so I don't I don't again. I'm at the end of my career right and it's been talked about for my entire career. Have I seen anything like it? Not yet is coming. Yes but it's it's been delayed so the best method is just to hang onto what you've got that second set of teeth. Make sure make sure you know that your last and hang onto him implants or not perfect. Yeah I want to ask you this because I know quite a few people And including myself. Who Haven't gotten their wisdom teeth pulled and in the past my dentist was trying to convince me I was like I don't feel pain back there. Everything feels fine. I know some other like and these guys are athletes. And they're like yeah like I never got my wisdom teeth either. Now you were mentioning development building a big you know JAL like whatever But I'd assume that one of the reasons why people get their wisdom teeth pulled here so much in the US because of lack of development or is that just the genetic like some people do some people dell right correct question you answered it. It's a due to lack of development of job if so our teeth kind of coming conveyor belts right. I mean they come in and the last tooth to erupt and develop is listen to and a jaw is fully formed at that point. If there's no room you've got all the other eighth place. Maybe there's some crowning maybe there isn't but when these teeth come in and there's no room for them to erupt vertically. You know than you've got a problem and they go sideways It's a myth that they the teeth to crowd. There's no clinical evidence for that But since they are it's essentially you're teething when you're eighteen and this wasn't tooth comes in your teething tooth comes in if there's room for it leave it in there. That means your jaw has the capacity to hold all the T- that we were born with right But most of us don't I would say eighty percent of us don't have room maybe more. Don't have room for those listen to it because we still are born with the same number. That's not true program but but in general we're still born with same number of teeth when they come in and they come in in a staggered way and when the last ones coming in. There's no room for him because her jaw just didn't grow to its potential. It's GONNA cause a lot of problems. So it's almost a prophylactic procedure. Must People in this country think by age fourteen to eighteen? I'M GONNA have to go to that right of passage of having my wisdom teeth taken out but if you can clean around them you have no deep pockets around them. They are fully erupted than you got the job for it absolutely Now but that's not the majority of unfortunately are there other countries that like do better with that there are? I mean Dr Price. A dentist in the forties traveled all over the world and that was really one of his biggest observations. Is that all these Other societies like pop into Guinea indigenous perhaps They they had room for They didn't have surgeons taking on impact with Didn't need everyone in America. Did so his conclusion was dia diet. And then he had something he referred to a missing a factor Something that that we they had in their diet that we didn't have an In our diet at the time and it probably was light him in K. Two he didn't really wasn't able to identify but then vitamin that allows us to mineralized develop properly. But it's a host of other things as well so yeah absolutely. What are you able to do for Exercise You know you mentioned you got a little bit in a weight training but it sounds like that might have been pushing off a little bit because the gyms have been shut down. Yeah so skiing was cut short just as it started snowing. A little bit of a drought there and then it started snowing. Six feet was on my deck and and that was the day said note. Ski Are is closed. So I've been mountain biking. I'm not like every other day for two three hours. It's a good full body workout on a climbing. Do Push UPS PLANKS. Doing stretching for hip flexes took apart my grandfather clock over here. They're big heavyweights. That help you know. Run the clock so Mike Clock's not writing those remind there about nine pounds each and do all of my ankle weights. It's a pinecone wait. Looks like a pinecone. That's an old German clock so been eating well Been going to bed early. That's really nice. I mean you know there's not less to do but you're you're a little bit more grounded when you're home and is always something you can do and go out and come home late and that kind of thing. But I've been going to bed at ten ten thirty every night and that really has been helping a lot. So we've been doing what we're what we're calling quarantine doubles and we've been we've invited you know all of our all of our fans all our listeners to join in with us to work out twice a day. So we're we're giving you a free invitation or let's to workout twice a day as well so semi WanNa stay up with you know. Yeah I look at your right and unfortunately the person I mean I I love them. Biking loves I love doing all these things because of the joy of it. But when it comes to going to the gym and lifting I gotTa have an appointment and cancellation fee to get me in there right. So that's lacking unfortunately but yeah definitely take you up on that and our our gym is doing the same They're there to have weights and hungry but they're telling you just fill up a pillow cases books and let's start lifting so I think I mean that's kind of glimpse into our future of I mean your hands on Mike. I'm hands on health care providers in touch the person. You GotTa know that. They're flexing the muscles in their office. Right in your behavior less to modify their behavior health them and and you know coax them and and all of that that's important that's what we healthcare providers have to do hard to do online. It really is any Any good netflix shows. You're keeping up with her Amazon rushing now that you have a little extra downtime. I try not to watch too much. Tv I've been catching up some books. A lot of research There was I did rewatch a madman. I want to go a long time ago and I really enjoyed it and it was funny because I went through the whole series. It's one of the best written series on TV again. That was Kinda my era. I was twelve years old in the seventies. I can pick up on some of the shoes. You know clothing all that but but just a great show you know real tragic hero don draper but I remember watching the first time really enjoying it and really loving the at this time I watched again and I hate watching stuff because I know what's going to happen but there's so much detail that I enjoy watching it and then so I I I enjoy the middle part of it. The body of it even more the development. Even though I knew it was going to happen and I didn't like the ending now anyway. I mean lots of good shows on. Tv Great Show. They're always drinking a lot of hard alcohol and I remember like smoke nonstop right right having a lot of unprotected sex and it's amazing right doctor. Thank you so much for your time. We really really appreciate it. This was super insightful. I was taking notes as we were going so I was like I need to. I need to get better at my sleep as well. So thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. Where can people find in? Where can they pick up your book? You GotTa thank you mark. Thank you all so it was a blast. I would just go to our website. Go to ask the dentist. Dot Com asked the dentist dot com. And you know we've got lots of people looking every month we've got e products. We've got a free stuff. and I think it's a it's a easily digestible format where you can learn a lot about your mouth and next to go to your dentist you can quiz them and make sure he's up to thank you so much. Have a good rest of your day. You too thank you very much thank you. They say. Thank you down there. That was awesome. Yeah the man out that answered a lot of our. We've been we've been you know. And he answered them very directly which which is helpful sometime. We have people on the show that are superstar and they you know they they got to answer it with a lot of other information but he answered the questions. Pretty directly. I thought to get myself in an ordering what I like. Is You know that how A bunch of people have said like once they start learning about a certain subject. They realize how much they don't know about this certain subject and the more questions they have. I think that's a US when it comes to sleep. You know the more we learn about it the more questions we have. And it's like Damn who? Who could we talk to? You know all these questions and it was cool because exactly like you said Marquee. He answered everything very directly. Like everybody was able to understand everything. Hussein. I'm also pretty sure. I'm sure you can find some sort of conflicting evidence Mutant thing out there but I think everything needs sleep. I think every living thing like you know in some in some fashion I think for us. It's important that we take our sleep seriously. You know I know Stan efforting has been preaching it for a long time that you try to treat it like training and that you try to training and try to get you try to get better at it and there's times where maybe Maybe you go to bed later than normal. There's Times where maybe you had a couple of drinks there's GonNa be there's GonNa be some error you know and that's totally fine. I think it's totally acceptable. But YOU WANNA try to limit that the best c-can. Yeah No. It's like even whenever I start working with anybody. The sleep portion of it is like I think one of the biggest things because if they're only getting four or five hours of sleep a night the chance that they're going to be adhering to their diet chance that they're going to be able to stick to the right foods that they'd be eating on a day-to-day basis. It's it's it's like literally I don't have success with someone that doesn't get enough sleep often because they can't keep their habits you know so it falls and said there's so much more it it affects than working out but sleep is so huge. Do you guys think it's it's It's fair to make the statement that like are if you can't sleep let's let let me wake your ass up at four. Am Two days in a row and by that third night? You're going to be begging to go to bed. Some people actually do that. That like do a lot of Flying from coast to coast or whatever. They'll they will not sleep or whatever on certain nights that they can be but actually fall asleep when they need to but now I think that's that's not a bad idea of someone's having real issues falling asleep just has to be something that they can maintain after doing that. Assume so my ring gives me sleep giving a sleep score each day And it's tells you like your readiness and your sleep score Like Wednesday of last week I got seventy three. I got six hours in twenty minutes and I got like I got a sleep score sixty eight. I got six hours and thirty minutes. That one's messed up. What happened on that one but I got a sleep score. Forty nine five hours and forty six minutes asleep score of fifty six five hours and twenty minutes It's just it's Shitty and then every once in a while I'll sneak in a decent score but it should be more like ninety from stuff that I'm seeing from some friends and stuff six hours and fifty four minutes And I think this was last night four hours in a sleep score of fifty three so I am. I am his portrait sleep. And it's just something that I just need to keep trying to work on but I have. I have a schedule. I have a routine. I go to bed at similar times. I get away from my phone. I don't have Blue Li- I you know I try to do all the different things but I think I just had sleep apnea i. I've tried to adapt to wearing a sleep apnea machine in the past and just was unable to unable to do it and so I think maybe I just need to try to revisit it but I mean when I talk about like I try. I tried for months. It wasn't like wasn't like I was like. Oh you know. I don't really like this. You know it's bothering me. I tried different maths. I've tried different different pieces. I've tried the mouth I've tried through the nose mouth guards. I have not tried a mouth guard now have not trying to mouthguard but like in terms of sleep apnea machine. I had one that blew air through your mouth ad when a blue air through your nose. I tried many different things with that but it could also be something that just takes a long time to adapt to but I also I never some people that have slept with a sleep apnea machine. They have told me like they had a day where they where they slept with it and they were and they were like they actually had a regular night of sleep and I I never experienced that. They said that was the turning point. There were like okay. That's what that's what sleep is supposed to feel like so I still have never gotten to the point to be able to experience that and then even just in all the time I've been tracking my sleep. It's it's consistently always the same you know it's always it's always off. It's never but I also have been like this for a really long time so I don't know you know I I. I wake up and key multiple times night I've I could try to drink more liquid during the day and drink less at night. That's something I really haven't practiced much. I actually just am typically more thirsty later in the day because of the way that my schedule lists I you know I. I do a lot like I do everything in during the day and then my downtime is is at night and I tend to drink water at that time like more more often. Just think about it more but I. I still don't think that that has anything to do with anything really. I think that I don't I? Don't actually go to sleep enough for my Bladder Shera. Which is what he's talking about in like hypotheses and things like that dude like. I mean. I'm curious to be as he was mentioning he had mild sleep apnea and he got that special mouthguard and that's something that opened up his airways all night long and he was able to feel like that. That might just be your thing right. I'M GONNA I'm just GONNA continue to keep to keep trying and I'll I'll get it I'll get it figured out at some point had this ordering for a while and even stopped wearing it for a bit just because I was like Just gives me such disappointing news. But now I've been okay with it. I don't I had actually. Kinda to be honest kind of gave me a little anxiety. I was like that sucks. Like I'm not able to like I. I am made aware of this situation. I'm having a hard time fixing it. I've tried magnesium Zine can I just think there's more things for me to try. Just gotTa keep keep trying all come to the right thing. Anyway we got Hathor Bjornson on the podcast Thursday Ho Hum Times I. E since he's in Iceland right or is he somewhere else. Yeah he's there he's icees he's in Iceland and I think we should gave a bunch of different times to pick and he said a four PM so before pm our time. Cam OUR TIME COOL. Okay awesome sell you. Wow Yeah get the. Get the lowdown from him. Did you guys see his four seventy. I didn't was fast. I mean into now that it was Thousand Thirty six thousand thirty four. Yeah yeah before I. It's not like I was doubting him but like I was just like man. I don't know like that's a shit ton away. No one else has been able to do it. You see that four seventy like Oh okay. Well that makes a lot of sense why he's GonNa go for five. Oh one because it was easy super easy. I've I think he's he's I think he's gone for eleven hundred four or at least a thousand seventy or something. So He's a Monster Bay here he is doing right here so I can look that up. Oh my God that's so quick I wanna say I may be seen him fail with like a thousand sixty or maybe it was eleven hunt. I think he tried eleven hundred the Arnold two years ago and he did get it off the ground but he just didn't get to that he didn't get to that spot. You know like once once somebody. Kinda gets it to a certain spot. They're usually going to lock it out. And he just he wasn't able. I've seen a lot of guys to really struggle with clean lockout and that's that's going to be the hardest part you know because if you if you lose your back positioning with that kind of weight It's it's like you can stand up with it all the way kind of your back will be hunched in your knees will be bent. And so that's the one thing that You know I'm hoping that he if he is able to make it. I hope I hope it's a good. It's a good clean lift. I actually think that he can do more than that too. I think he can do more like he's GonNa. I think like chip the record a little bit but I think he can do even more than that. That's all I'm like man. It'd be so dope if he does you know blue right but now right past but did more than five oh one however that would be amazing and then on the the one that he missed at the Arnold that was on a different barlow right I don't know bar they're using you know in this in this particular situation. The bar that Eddie Hall used I think it was kind of like an elephant bar but I don't think it was exactly the same I just that stuff doesn't the unfortunate part is to that stuff just doesn't matter to the fans you know they don't they don't care they don't care and Eddie Hall. I don't you should carry either but it's also a lot. It's also body of work. It's a life long thing of work and to have somebody come along and Kinda say like I did it better but they did it under. Different circumstances is Is very frustrating. Him but it's also going to be like on ESPN and like like if if they way out the weights and they eddie halls competition was Like how do I said the right way it was? It was like a setup for him to break the world record like not not like not. He's he didn't set it up now. That's the difference here is I? Think Thornton's team kind of set this up But I think Eddie Hall had planned that out for a long time that he was going to go to this particular meet in. This is where he was going to do it. And my understanding from what I recall and I don't even know if I have all the facts Strongman event. I think it was just dead listening so a lot of circumstances are a similar enough and I think I think as insieme pointed out we were texting back and forth about it a little bit. We we think that he'll you know he'll probably break the record at some other point he'll break it in competition and make it more official probably like what if you see that video of him doing that. For seventy this is totally the side the strength aspect of things but I think th or one of the most like aesthetic strong. They're like he has like like his shoulder wide his waist four strongman. Kinda goes in the and then he has wide bodies. Traffic looks like a big bodybuilder. Like a massive bodybuilder. It's crazy yeah. I noticed that too house like Holy Shit like I didn't like I mean I don't pay too much attention to strongman but yeah I was down. He's fucking Jack. I think the world hasn't really seen anything like him before and I think he's nothing he's still Kinda just scratching the surface with like what he's what he's as a machine. I mean he's like He's he's out of this world. Like how big and strong. He is now athletic years. He's he's kind of like almost like Lebron James like where. Lebron James is the biggest fastest strongest. Like he he's as big as strong and as fast athletic as you could possibly get but you can't. You can't really do it like if he was. If he was six eleven he would be like fucked up. You Know Lebron James. If he was seven feet tall he would be like all ganglion weird and like something would be off and he wouldn't be. You wouldn't be the same athlete that he is you know and I think that. Thor is a combination like that as well where he is. I think six ten or something like that he has that body mass that thickness to go along with that height and yet he's athletic. Strong quick fast explosive is based. Would you guys think? It's the biggest event in strongman history this this deadline coming up No I mean I I wouldn't I wouldn't say maybe most popular then because it's live strongman's never live unfortunately which would change that whole scene the point you could do a ton for sport so. I think it's amazing that ESPN jumped on it just on regular ESPN or some ESPN two type thing. Or I don't know I I wish I knew I can research and figure it out. Hopefully it's GonNa tell us on Thursday. That's right yeah that is a that is a really really cool thing you know and I I would say biggest event. Strongman History strongman. You know it used to be on. Abc used to be on ABC wild wool sports. You know in the in the eighties for Awhile. And then world's strongest man has been on. Espn for many many years sponsored by Metrics on for at least a decade in those big events. But this is this one is different. This one is live. This one has All of the fans of you know the top strongman the is. They're all going to watch this. You know and there's a at this point there's millions of millions of fans. I think the sport has more notoriety than ever so. I would assume that this will be the most watched. You know a Miss Masumi that this is going to be the most watched. I think when Eddie Hall hit is dead left I think they may have had it like live streaming or something like that. But that's the big difference between you know being live streaming versus are being on. Espn so you know. It's it's a matter of like we'll if thor makes it if he makes the lift and maybe it will kind of turn into like the biggest event. Yeah and I don't. I don't think there's ever been a time where to sports fans in general will be tuning in. Nfl that have never watched strongman competition. And or maybe there has but you know what I mean like. There's nothing else on. So what what are they gonNa Watch? They're going to watch this. Yeah you're right there. There is nothing else to watch right now but like dude. I'm just thinking about the pressure like He. Better get this because there's so many people that are going to tune in so if he if he doesn't get this man that's tough I feel like he will. I feel like you definitely won't that's what made Jordan. He was right like when you watched that documentary and heating. Even at a young age he hits that shot for North Carolina and he was saying is like the other team. Just had no idea that you're GONNA put that shot up you know He drilled that rate rate in their face than any other time he had an opportunity. It's I know that people talk about how he's missed shots at the end of the game. But I don't recall one of those times ever happening. I just remember all the Times that he hit like these buzzer-beaters and I think that's fascinating. You know. Someone does on Game Day. You know when the big moment comes remember they used to. They used to talk about Payton manning not building at the Super Bowl and all that kind of stuff and then. There's Brady's on the other side of things he's just seems like he always pulls something crazy out of his ass every time So it's it's an interesting thing to see how that all plays out but I thought has enough experience enough exposure treaties on the He's on the biggest the biggest series in the history of television. Yeah I mean that's like it'll be interesting to see if this will make him more famous than Ben Like even game of thrones. I imagine it's going like pushing fell. Even further forward brought. People probably don't always connect the dots between the two since he's all covered up in that show or whatever but it's exciting man. I'm fired up for it. I can't wait for him all right. Well I think we have to get to sleep so much research after we get off mattresses. There's so much to look man. Yeah there's a lot of good info on that one. Thank everybody for taking out. Today's episode again. Thank you Piemontese sponsoring this episode. If you guys want follow up with that links will be in the description and I tuned. Show notes along with any information with Today's guests Please make sure you're following the podcast at mark dwells power project on Instagram at N. Power Project on talk in twitter if you WanNa hit me up it's at. Im ANDRUZZI ON INSTAGRAM. And Seema were you be unseemly. Ada On instagram Youtube. Ounce Yin young onset talking twitter mark. I've seen the some a bunch of post from insieme with him Lifted and the the work there with the kettle bell the other day outlook brutal. Which one I think you posted yesterday and I g TV. Oh the jump roping the kettle bell. Yeah Yeah if Oga it's mad capitals are great and then jump roping is good too. I suck but I want to get some double unders. I can't do while yet. I think you were doing good man. It was kind of fun to watch you like I can kinda see. You were like like this which I don't usually see from you that often so I was like. Oh now I know. He's like in a. I know he's in a good workout but Andrew Dude we got we got to see some post of you are out there hitting them in way. I saw you do the Chris Bell pose with the number either day. Yeah well I just I just been moving the weights around having been spending much time on g so I guess my workouts don't exist. Let's go bro. I know well like this morning. I did back so it was cool. I dead lifted for the first time in a long time. That felt amazing as your neck. Everything's good it's still. It's still there but it's yeah. I'm over the Hump and I can do whatever I I need to do. Now so I guess start filming though otherwise it never happened. Actually I'm at Mark Smelly bill strengths. Never Week this week. This never strength gets y'all later.

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