An Experiment: Word Grid Quote Puzzle


It's time for an experiment. That's right in the form of a word grade quote puzzle. I'll give you a bunch of words and tell you certain words to cross out the words. You have laughed. Will form a famous quote this. This is trivia with buds. It could be and welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Butts Butts. Thanks for checking out my show. I had a crazy last couple of days yesterday. I had a bunch of events to do my first busy day of the season and right in the middle middle of the HOOPLA. I got a flat tire and I am not a handy person and this car. I always talk about his three hundred thousand miles on Hyundai Sonata. Two thousand nine and I had a flat tire as I pulled up to this House party location in Beverly Hills so at least I was there. That was good but I knew I couldn't drive it to the next party. which was directly after that about fifteen minutes away and I had about a half hour to get to that place so I call the lift? I took the lift to the next party and and I left my car at that first house and I went back to that house and AAA came and put on my spare for me and then I was able to drive at home but I was sixty miles from my house so I had to drive on on a spare for sixty miles which is quite some time and people beeped at me and people were mad at Oslo. I was going even the far right lane and it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get home but hey I made it in here. We are recording another episode of the. Shell also got that tire replaced with another US tire at Les Schwab in Fontana California L. -fornia. Thanks to Steve. Who helped me out with that today? Who is probably not listening to the show but hey if he is he was really friendly? Thank you Steve. Today's episode is an experiment. And as I mentioned in the intro. I'm GONNA try something new. It's not exactly an episode that you can listen to while you're doing other stuff you're gonNA WANNA write stuff down for this episode but I also made made it very easy for you if you look in the show notes of this episode. There's a link one of those bitterly links that will take you to a pdf that. I put up of this exact worksheet so today's Today's episode is a worksheet. Or if you want to write down the things that I'm telling you I will do that for you too. But here's how it's GonNa Work I stumble across this puzzle muscle in a book of Puzzles. Recently and I'm like Oh that's kind of a cool idea so I took the concept of it and made my own. My friend Luke McKay from Australia. I said these are pretty common in puzzle magazines. There and I had never seen one before and I shared this with Patriot subscribers earlier this week and everyone seemed to enjoy it so I thought maybe I'll try and do that as an episode of the podcast. But if you're driving your car or something it will be very hard to play along with this one so you might WanNa skip it until you're at home or with a group of people Again Click the link in the show note and you could just is print off that sheet or look at it and write them down based on that or you can listen to me. Tell you the words that you need basically give you a bunch of words and you are going to cross certain words is off based on what I tell you the cross off at the end you'll be left with a group of random words. They will put together to form a famous quote. So I've been using these as bonus worksheet rounds in the middle of my life Trivia Nights and I thought you guys might enjoy them to or at least just trying something new for the show so no exact trivia questions today but you will have to know certain things Based on what I tell you so I guess it is a form of Trivia. We'll see how it goes What else was I going to say? Oh quick announcement about a baby aby. Yoda pins everyone's go nuts about baby out from the mandatory in my friend. Drew Blank is a great artist and he has a deal on his website. Right now where you can save. Twenty five percent sent off site-wide using the code buds twenty five. Bu DDS to five true blank dot com. He just put out this baby. Yoda pin it says Very Cute Utah. I am or am I or something like that. But it's a really fun pin if you like baby yoga go check out. DREW BLANK DOT COM. I did want to share that. Because it is timely with another new episode of the mandatory and today episode five. Can't wait to watch it. I saw amy. sedaris is in it. Comedian Amy Sedaris. So that'll be interesting. People are going nuts about her on twitter twitter okay. We're going to jump into today's word grid puzzle. We'll see how it goes. If you hate it let me know if you love it. Let me now and they will do more or less stuff like tests tests in the future. Where jumping those questions? But it's not really questions. We'll jump into the puzzle right about now here. We go all right. It's time for the quote grid word puzzle again. I will read these to you and then some instructions you can write them down or for easy printing just go. Oh to the show notes. Click the link with the bitterly. Url It'll take you to a PDF hosted on my website wicks and you can just print it off or share it with a friend here. Are The words leads and the order that you can write them. And so this is going to be a grid of one two three four five six seven Going down and four columns across twenty twenty eight total word blocks and I'll give you those starting with the top left going straight down sold. Is Jim Column by column like Bingo Card Game. So here are your words that you're gonNA write right down if you are writing these down. We have cobalt two can hearts Annie Hall 'til Fairy Zaria. That is your first column of four. Columns here comes the next column. Cartwright right is jaws wonderful Whitney Spero WPRO. The that was your second column. Here comes your Third Column Marconi as you're tail morse solitaire most deliverance and the fourth column life blackjack itself Kakapo Navy Hartman. The sting alright. So those are your twenty eight words words you have those in columns and now I'm going to give you six instructions uncertain types of words to cross off so you'll cross off as you here the instructions and here we go your first set of things to cross off cross off all actor names from the simpsons so we're looking for last names of the people who are voice actors on the simpsons number to cross off all bird names names cross off the names of birds number three cross off shades Of Blue Cross off all the different shades of blue number four across off all inventors inventors inventors by their last name Cross off all the inventors number five cross off all card games cross off all card games and number six cross off all seventies movie titles seventies movie titles all right once you've crossed off everything you will be left with a group of words and you will rearrange those to come up with a famous popular quote and we'll be right back in just a second with all the things you're supposed to cross off in the order you're supposed to cross them them off and that quote we are back with the answers to the quote grid puzzle again if this was impossible to try and do as a podcast let let me now but if he enjoyed it for some reason let me know that to. The worksheet is always available in be bitterly link in the show notes. WanNa print it out. Try It yourself or share it with a friend. You were those words again. Cobalt two can hearts Annie Hall. -Til Fairy as area cartwright is jaws. Wonderful Whitney Sparrow. The Marconi me as your tail morse solitaire most deliverance life. BLACKJACK itself Kakapo Navy Hartman. The sting cross off all actors from the Simpsons Jason. You would have crossed off from the first column as area for Hank. His Area Cartwright in the Second Column for Nancy Cartwright in the last column you would have crossed out Hartman for Phil Hartmann and number two cross off all birds we had the two can in the first column. We had a sparrow in the second column and in the last column the fourth one we had a cocco after that we had cross off shades of blue in the first column. We had -TIL second column. We had none in third calmly at as you're and I'm not saying that right but I forget get high pronounce it but I never say that word so spare me and navy in the last column number four cross off all inventors. We had Whitney in the second column. Eli Whitney we had more for Samuel Morse and we had Marconi in the second or the third column as well Marconi. Cross that off in number five. We had grass off card games in the first column hearts in the Third Column Solitaire in the Fourth Column. BLACKJACK and number six cross off seventies movies titles I think we had one in every column. We'd Annie the hall in the First Column Jaws the second deliverance in the third and the sting in the fourth net would've left you with a group of words that you would have rearranged to make this famous is quote life itself is the most wonderful fairytale there you go. That was your quote if you crossed those out correctly. Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale fairytale. What a beautiful quote for a nice Friday guys? That was me trying something new. If you liked it let me know you. Drop me a line at Ryan. Buds or Ryan in buds on all social media. Thanks for playing along. And if you want more of those you can find them at my live Trivia nights in southern California. It's time for the question of the day brought to you by Funky Monkey. Designs of San Demus California. What is the title of the upcoming last Daniel? Craig's James Bond Movie. Tweet me your answer at Ryan. Buds or email ryan buds L. DOT COM to be eligible for a prize. Yesterday's question of the day answer was De Beers for the diamond related slogan and your Trivia Team Name of today is periodic attic table dancers periodic table dancers. That's a fun one. Don't forget drew's new baby. Yo to play a pin Amilton at drew blink dot com twenty five percent off when you use as the code buds. Twenty five thank you so much for listening guys. Thanks for telling a friend about the show. And we'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with buds cheers. Aw Take Him.

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