Did You Include A Special Offer Page In Your Book?


Yeah welcome to the turn your book into a business podcast where we help nonfiction authors just like you so mu books make more money and build a business from what you are all going to do a workshop whatever happens to be that you can use to grow your book into business so it's quite think about when they're writing a book is the fact that the book is sold it sits on a shelf and there's no other action taken other than the actual reading of the content is page with a special offer whereby they can sign up and get a free gift of some sort and that gift needs to be valuable because Kboi more from us by getting people to take action to download a special gift something like that what we're an I want people to take action it needs to support the content of the book and the use of being able to implement that content and it can be alien cells to do is to collect email and contact details from those buyers though we normally couldn't reach in your book and how that helps with your ongoing marketing and growing you book into a business now one of the things that most people died Gotcha publishing with a publisher but things can be negotiated so great example of this is when people open the book inside the dust cover anything you want to be from a pdf file through to a full blown course now I've seen numerous examples of this use very very success books and courses etc the fact that matter is you have food control over the pages if you'll books if you're punishing yourself not like having a special Alpha inside you'll book can really make a difference to the long-term growth of your business and also the siles off your other refund help hall of different examples you can be using a tool as simple as Cambe and using one of their templates at design and then just use the angel schools skills to get people started down the path of growing that business one of the problems with rotting bouquets that once people buy it ace in there and we want to be able to reach out when we do have you know a special calls coming out or new book or you're going to be in town and Joel play by a range of different horses one of the most successful of Sane is whereby the book actually than linked to course that taught and so this is a key thing we want to grow the biggest possible why well we want to connect with our readers we wanNA build trust we want to build our expert he mitch all of that page often when we create Books We actually upload the PDF printing so the good thing about pdf's is we can actually in mm-hmm but it can be so much Moi can be a very very valuable marketing tool and I know having talked to numerous authors who do this very successful why not have a special offer at the bottom of every page it doesn't have to be a full on getting your feis sort of offer it can be just exported as a pdf and then added into the PDF if you book now it doesn't just have to be at the front of you can have the front page and the last page you can even unsee his and whether you're paying for the publishing Oh someone else's let's face it if it's year who is designing the book and You who's publishing the book then I bought through a bookstore that bar through Amazon it's really difficult for us in our who's boarded and to be able to contact them and let's vice if we want to sell more products you may want to sell more books we need to be able to get in contact with all as people who've read a book now hopefully they loved the content and we can tempt them with a special offer to get them Sa's no matter what it is the key element is it has to be irresistible to someone reading the book in other words it's too good to pass up so make sure simple design a page it's easy enough to look up a range of different special offer pages online or do is targeting to the search engines and and getting a nominal this can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars per nine because if your list is really responsive and they're really came to learn more live webinar whatever it happens to be I've as I said seen a whole range of different office from checklists through the cool to apply into the PDF and that means that you can add extra pages in so you can design you'll special offer at Camber have it in the middle you can put a special for any way you like I'm quite frankly you can put an offer at the very page if you want it depends why you're writing the book who the whatever you come up with that it's really worthwhile so sort of thing you yourself would actually take action to download and if you're not sure if it's enough grab a special gift and a URL people can go to to get it every time he gets them on on your list Yukon opportunity to market to that person commute about the topic that you're a specialist in they are gonNA respond when you send out emails to read your information to what you videos to catch up with you on a law the basic skills that were covered in the book now it didn't teach all the skills because you wanna be able to produce a Pied Kohl's but it did teach some really is often when you come up with a page on your website where people can put their email address etc it's it's a very long url run a pass some people in your industry who would be the sort of people who would read Your Book GonNa ask a few people is catchy enough etc so one other thing that's really important is when you do create the Mike showing us great siles language so you it was a very long web address so there's a range of tools and websites it can actually mike smaller short ones and one of those that is really popular and quite words like go here now to get this offer time limited all those sorts of phrases that we call POW woods or POW phrases website address in the press create tiny Yariel and then copy the tiny you are that gives you it's much shorter they get people to take action if it's always gonna be there and it's not that enticing people just rates driver you people have stop go to the one thing that people often forget is that when we create a special offer we have a landing page where people putting the details don they find God of the page and put their email address in and get the gift sent to them one trick I like to do doesn't take up as much room on your page and it's it's easy for people to remember all to copy across to their fine whatever often with long addresses people get cold because you want to track it you can track conversions of that page just by having thank you page and if you're running ads for example that you won't pay hike I highly recommend that when you wrote it that you sight yet click he'll go here and then when people confused they don't take action and it takes too much thought people turn off one opportunity unle I think that person just on the same page with a little pup message that says thank you for subscribing tight them to a thank you page why great to us is tiny url so if you search google foot tiny url you'll find that website pretty quickly and all you do is copy and paste the lawn Pinola words Especia- fire and it can be really hard typing when you make your off make sure this only one action people went to the landing page and how many people got to the thank you page you can't fix your problems so always make sure that you have a thank you page I bet that person once they feeling the NYMAN email address and submit it they always take into a new page darn evan he that a percentage of people will take advantage and by that offer from you it's just the facts the numbers speak for themselves list in your business if you don't have an offer you can't make any money if you have an offer I can guarantee Russian feeling near information he set up an account to get this free video whatever happens to base you can always come back and collect more information on your thank you page mushrooms people have thank you and that's it this is a Golden Opportunity Chris the majority of the time or even just email address really thousand matter with you have their first name not let's vice backs so if you can don't have too many questions only keep it really simple if you want three is the maximum I would be asking full first name and email do this Hanjour get that it makes it easier for everybody and his band to be much more successful for you daren't leave a thank you page empty this is such a good opportunity to Mike Sil- or to get them to subscribe to your your podcast there's something wrong with my page la the foams plying up the office not good enough on not being clear whatever it happens to be if you die for page and how many people ended up on the thank you page that'll tell you that okay I had one hundred people go to that page but only ten went to the thank you page so people feel in their email address to get this special gift and then they land on the thank you page where there's an offer where they can actually spend money yeah depending on your own lawn or obviously in the book because you pdf versions as well click here to download this free Gift Tum Mike a sale you can have a special deal on that page no one's says you can only say thank you on those punches on the thank you pay say hey for four ninety five I've actually done a five video set that will take you had to implement that check you want to know what ads work etc you need conversion pages well with offers like this you WanNa thank you do you want to know how many people went to your we'll get them to Be subscribed to facebook will follow you on instagram really doesn't matter you've you've got so many opportunities to do things on the thank you website but as everybody knows we sell books in multiple places and of course the dream is to have a book on every bookshelf in the world so nightside or you can go here engine get it here Oh send me an email and all a mile to you dunk people lots of options all you do is confuse them that means you you can't reach as people's just because of the way that I actually

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