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This is nightline tonight. Black on armed and gunned down while jock now. A mother searching for his last week. I love you first. Son's death resulting racial wounds. The new surveillance video showing the final minutes before everything changed forever plus transforming pain into a path to healing how to mothers their sons shot and killed in America or fighting for chain nightline. Seventy four days gone starts right now with Byron Pitts. Good evening. Thank you for joining US tonight. Seventy four days gone by before Georgia prosecutors brought charges against a white father and his son for killing an unarmed young black men. It's a case that's renewed. Debate overall demons prompted a national outcry over policing race. Injustice till eight and one point. I felt really hopeless. Must Sons was killed in the people that could help me was helping me from a parent's perspective to Cooper Jones? Is Living in nightmare. The kind you don't wake up from you know parents. I think it's always our expectation that our children will bury us nothing that we will bury them. I never thought that I would lose him in the midst of jogging. I mean that was I never. I never ever thought I would lose him. That way. Bone deep grief familiar to too many parents across the country in particular black parents. Two months ago want a son. Twenty five year old Ahmad Arboretum was killed chased and gunned down by white men or jogging on a sunny Georgia neighborhood street in February. Your last conversation with him. I was leaving. I'll be back and I love you. Sent me was I love you arborist. Death did not become a of national rage until this graphic video. The shooting leaked to the public last week. It immediately ignited a firestorm across the country on social media across racial and party lines for major developments tonight in that case igniting national outrage young unarmed black man shot and killed demands for an arrests have grown louder culminating in arrested murder charges. Seventy four days. After he was killed the moment I see that tape. I say to myself not again now. Ahmad armories facing name etched an America's new Mount Rushmore of sorts. Not Too old pry but renewed pain many of them martyred while they were still the shy side of many Americans have to address its long filing. Ruutel is racism and how it plays out on a current criminal justice system. An old questions renewed why so long to make an arrest and why if justice is blind or black and brown people so often harmed by a system designed to heal. So tell me about your son. He was the baby of the family. He played football in high school so by workout. When you call him your him he organ out I awaits out. 'cause I know that's all he wanted to Ahmad graduated. High School attended South Georgia Technical College and worked in his father's landscaping in car. Wash Business John. Every day if he wasn't drenching rain a my job on February twenty third. A month's family believes he went on his daily jaw leaving his mother's home just outside Brunswick eventually running through Tila shores a mostly white neighborhood just a few miles away around one of the afternoon. Someone called nine one one guy. Ram Hoping that senator. I know what even doing wrong on permited Georgia state. Investigators are reviewing this video chamber by filling affiliate First Coast News. That appears to be from the same day seems to show a person walking into a house that is under construction video from inside the site was given to. Abc News from the homeowner shows a man in a white shirt and khaki shorts looking around for about three minutes. Armories family attorney says they believe. This is a mind emphasized that he was not breaking the law the homeowner told ABC News. Nothing was missing or stolen and that he has never reported any burglar a second night. One call includes what sounds like a confrontation and yelling. I don't know what we what happened. Next is a thing of nineteen hours for countless people of Color Terror born out of Jim crew. The cell phone video is we can only show you a few seconds enough to see our burri running veering her. Run A pickup truck. Then you see him. Struggling with the man holding a shotgun by the time police arrive the twenty five year old was dead in the street. How the phone call about seven thirty and that was eastern time? The call came in from an investigator. Then he went on to say that the model was involved in a burglary in the middle of the burglary. There was a confrontation with the homeowner and in the midst of that confrontation there was a fight over the firearm and Amonte was unfortunately shot and killed. I'm struck by this. Investigators description of what happened doesn't bear the facts of what happened. It didn't make any sense. We've never had any problems with any with anybody. I have major concerns at that point major. The two minute video of father and son identified as Greg and Travis McMichael Sixty four year. Old Gregory used to work in county law enforcement. I as a police officer then as an investigator for the local district attorney's office. According to the police report the pair said they believe armory was for quote several break INS in the neighborhood. The older Michael described how he and his son armed with a handgun and a shotgun chase artery trying to cut them off more than once intending to make a citizen's arrest under Georgia law. You can conduct a citizens arrest for any crime. You can only chase the person down if they are trying to escape. If it's a felony so you would have to be able to show in the context of this case so that there was a burglary to even allow them to try to engage in this citizens arrest. Gregory McMichael told police his son. Travis Kill Aubrey. After he says armory violently attacked him. Gregory and Travis McMichael met with police the day of the shooting and that's when the conflicts of interest began I the prosecutor who covered the county where the incident happened. She had to remove herself because Gregory McMichael used to work in her office then the second prosecutor who took over he to removed himself from the case because of his connection to this father and son but he went even further writing a letter that what happened was legal and the victim in this case was the aggressor the. Da also pointed to various criminal. Record a gun charge from two thousand thirteen when he was nineteen years old in a shoplifting. Charge from two thousand eighteen. One was investigated by McMichael. But it's unknown if the to actually knew one another very often when black people are killed in this way the very thing. That law enforcement does is say. Oh they're criminals. Oh have you seen their background? He today he's a white kid will never got a profile. A month's parents say they will never watch the video. They already know what it shows. Some have described this as a modern day lynching as modern day. Jim Crow. Angry the way I've always saw is that he was hunted down like it was an animal and took his life. The autopsy revealed are Berry was hit by three shotgun. Blasts one grazed his right wrist the other to hit him him in the chest just one day after the video surfaced. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case. Little more than twenty four hours after that. This gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested and charged seventy four days after death row. There was no move to do anything until there was a public outcry that type of response suggest that they didn't earn breath. These men because they saw tape. They arrested them in because we saw take the big Michael's have not yet entered their pleas. Both men are still being held in jail state. Investigators say there could be more charges coming. Saying they're looking at William Brian Neighbor of McMichael's who took the cell phone video not proud that shot video but maybe it helps in the end. The State Attorney General has officially asked the US Department of Justice to investigate the handling of the case. That you guys ever have what they call the talk. The conversation that many parents have color often have with their children cases. Yes the fact is the talk work. What could have had conversation with the mad about not stopping by Opti the other instruction or not running away from a men with guns as they chase you invite. The problem is not with the victims. The problem is with the system that continues to allow to happen. It's time for us now. Begins the truth to the systems that are allowing this to happen over and over and over the talk did not save Ahmad nor will the justice system. Bring him back. His parents pray his die would not be in vain. What is your hope for your son's legacy? I'm hoping that in say Georgia they will implement a law that governs the hate crime. I'm because I do believe that was a hate crime. I know it was there that new one they arrived and my son's naming vote that something wasn't right but no one spoke up and it's really sad. It is a hunting reality in the US. Unarmed BLACK AMERICANS at a higher risk of game shot and killed than whites. Some deaths invoking nationwide protests like that. Both John in Dallas and Jordan Davis in Jacksonville Florida. John Twenty six year old account fatally shot an off duty police officer while eating ice cream inside his apartment the officer claiming she entered the wrong home. Davis seventeen year. Old High. School student gunned down by angry over loud music. Playing a car park next to his Davis was inside the vehicle with three of his friends when he was killed. Two young men their futures gone their parents now part of a club. No parent wants any part of earlier today. I spoke to Allison John and Congressman Lewis Macbeth to mothers who turned their heartbreaking anger into hope and activism. Ladies thank you so much. I'm so sorry to talk to you again. Under these circumstances I can't think of two women on Earth who know better what this family is going through in south Georgia the heartache. They've endured in the hurdles. They will soon face first. Question your reaction when you heard about what happened Lucy. I you all the horrible and horrific feelings that I had came flooding back to me mmediately. I was very very painful and there again. I felt like there's another mother that is feeling exactly what I have felt experience experiencing exactly what I've experienced no matter what I done to protect him in. Nurture him and care for him. It didn't matter because at the end of the day he was a young black male. Who was gunned down? He was murdered in cold blood. And we've seen this all too often in United States of America. Alison how `Bout for you. Before I saw the vigil when I saw a MoD photo to his smile looks much like from. That had brought this ride back. I know how mother field to lose that child and so my heart goes out to a more numb. And so what do we tell our son's about living in America? I think that saw a mom laugh. Parents and black children is modern up. Be Further Racial Unity. Conversation then must be that conversation Among blacks among human being lucy from the perspective of someone. Who's lived through this? What does progress look like to you? Progress to me. Looks like changing the culture of guns in America but also merging that with policy change but also adding in that layer of making sure that we have leadership in the country that is acknowledging what's happening to communities of color and the willing to stand up and opposition to the NRA. And the gun lobby. Allison what message. Would you give to the arbitrary family about the road to justice in the path to healing for them to keep focused on? Mckee Ki? Ay. Because if a kid that when black men are killed in America if the perception that they do not have family who care about them each case it just get cold and get low. Possibly think ever that your work has been in vain. That young people young men of color are still dying. I live I'm a bit head everyone every time. Another one field. I'm Bishop Street ahead. But I believe it is a long road to achieve achieving that. It's a journey that needs to stick to because any time we keep silent then people get Lucy. The final word yes. We're angry yes. We're devastated every single time. We see another young black male. That's been gunned down in his own community. We see our children's faces in the whole. The pain is just it reverberates in our spirits in our souls all over again but the thing is is that. I want people to understand and know that they cannot feel helpless. The best voice that you have to be able to stand up and demand better from America. Stand up speak out a a man from your state and local legislators demand more from clergy that man more from people that represent you demand more from me. Your policymakers to protect you to keep you safe that is your right congresswoman Lucille Macbeth. Alison John. Ladies Thank you as always for your grace your wisdom your witness gossipy. Tibo thank you so much. Thank you bye and finally tonight another of the resounding impact of Arbor death thousands of Americans hitting the pavement on Friday for would've turned twenty six that day but gunned down while the dog in Georgia. His life remembered and celebrated by runners across the country. I just finished my two to three miles for Matt. Jogging for a two point. Twenty three miles referencing. The date are very was killed. Gone but not forgotten. Happy Birthday. I'll be worst in peacekeeping. It was nineteenth century. American abolitionist and statesman Frederick Douglass who said power concedes nothing without a demand it never has it never will. That's nightline for this evening you can get your full episodes on. Who See you right back here. Same time tomorrow. Thanks for the company America. Good night there's not a person in America who hasn't been impacted in some way by the corona virus pandemic but in every community. There are pockets of people who are suiting up every day. This is my Monday. Seventy stretch off produce for one of our tenants. These are America's essential workers the people who are keeping old moving into a home school mom and now in a new podcast from ABC News. You're going to hear from Dallas. In their own words. I actually went back to my office on started crying. Because it's just not fair sure that our community has to eat. Thank you Maureen. This is the essentials inside the curve from the emergency room the police cruiser to the checkout line. You'll hear what this pandemic sounds like to the people putting themselves in harm's way there's always the risk that I could bring this to my kids or my husband or my parents. Listen to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcasts. Where he favorite podcast.

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