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And two thousand fifteen Netflix making a murderer introduced the world to Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Desi to Wisconsin men whose trials and convictions of brutal murder lit up the world. The convictions, however, were just the beginning and the next chapter of making a murder filmmakers, Laura Ricciardi, and more demass explore crucial new evidence and take a in depth. Look at post conviction, watch making a murderer part two on October nineteenth only on net flicks. Welcome to true crime garage wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Thanks for listening. I'm your host, Nick. And with me as always the very optimistic, he is a real kegs half-full guy. He is the captain. Like I always say, if you can't beat them wide, try, it's good to be seen in. It's good to see you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for Toma, France. Today, we are a drinking brick, kiln, bourbon barrel aged by the absolute geniuses, working very hard over Jackie O's brewery and beautiful Athens, Ohio. 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Whoa, captain yesterday we presented the case of nineteen year old. Todd Schultz in eighteen year old net Cooper, a young couple that is murdered in a small town in nineteen eighty two in Logan, Ohio. And one thing we also talked about a little bit about was a man named Kevin Meyer who was reported by his employers to the police, the butcher, yeah, and said, hey, these kids were butchered, this guy Kevin Meyer. He's a weirdo. He works for us and he's a butcher. We think he had something to do with the murders of those two teenagers. But what we talked the most about was a guy named Dale Johnston, the step father of a net and the local rumors at the time was that he was molesting or had molested a net Cooper at some point, and that he was either jealous of her relationship with Todd Schultz and killed the couple out of jealousy or he was trying to cover up the molest Asian of his stepdaughter longlist not. Forget that there was a media circus in this town. That's only sixty five hundred big. Well, this point in the investigation, Dale Johnston starts telling investigators as well as the media about a net being involved with an older man before she died and public speculation stirs as to who this could have been. Allegedly, this turns out to be an officer of the law. Lieutenant Mallory Dun Dun Deng. Yeah, he quickly becomes under suspicion. This is because of his alleged romp with a net just weeks before her disappearance. So she is dating Todd, but the rumor is that she had sexual relationships with this cop. Yeah, there's some. There's some kind of rumor to this and I think on the surface, it looks like Dale Johnston's just kind of pointing out a possibility. Like I couldn't be the killer because guess what? She was involved with somebody else and you've not spoke. To that guy yet, right? What's weird about this is that when it first comes out, it looks just like Dale Johnston presenting another option, taking suspicion off of himself where it holds a little bit of water is the people in town start talking and they name a name Lieutenant our Bryan. And I do continue to say alleged because I couldn't find any actual proof that the two of them had a relationship while and this gets tricky because in such a small town, the rumor mill works fast and sky, like the game telephone. So all you have to do is an and maybe the stepfather knew this. Maybe he knew all you had to do was put out the rumor and that rumor would grow and grow and grow. So that room or could have been started by the allegations. I love small towns captain. I always have always will. But the thing that I've always said about small towns is what's really great about this small town is everybody knows everybody what's really. Bad about the small town is everybody knows everybody meaning like you just said, if there's rumors about me or you everybody in the town is heard them if you or I got any business going on, everybody knows our business. There's plenty of rumors about us on the internet. Well, here's the other weird thing regarding this Lieutenant Mallory, and if they actually had any kind of relationship or if he added an involvement in their disappearance and murder. Right? So listen to this. We have two witnesses that come forward, and this is a father and son that come forward. They say that they saw someone matching Lieutenant Maoris description emerging from the cornfield in which the bodies were later found on the early morning of October fifth. So the morning after the young couple were last seen now, we also have this ongoing situation. We have Jill and Dan fray who continue reporting. The Kevin Meyer is the person they. I should be looking at thority should be looking at and they have some new and interesting tidbits to report to police. This time they are telling police that Dan fry intentionally got Kevin Meyer drunk, and during the course of that evening, Kevin Meyer, he had said undisclosed on reported information concerning the double homicide to Dan fry, and they report this to police to do know what this information is. No, and I'll tell you why several reasons one. As soon as this report comes out, Kevin Meyer quits his job and how time I don't know how much of this was trickling down to the media. I don't know how much of this was behind the scenes bright, or we also have to keep in mind if if it was making its way to the media, Kevin Meyer may not have known at the time that the accusations were coming from his employer. Lawyers right? Been and also this is very small town. I mean, I worked at a lumber yard one time and probably ninety percent of them -ployees or from Logan, and they had to drive about an hour and a half to get to work. So there's not really job. There's not even to this day, there's not a lot of jobs there. Right? And it is great little town, but Kevin could have been going. I don't care who the rumors are coming from. I need a job not only does he quit his job, but he also leaves the town of Logan moving away any hires an attorney, and he moves away even though he still considered a suspect at this time right now, fishy. The victims were eventually buried in separate cemeteries. And during both burials, there was heavy media coverage, and then a public Halloween party is held in downtown Logan to help boost the spirits of the Logan citizens and Lieutenant Mallory is promoted to captain. Then we have trick or treat night is set for daylight hours due to the murders. You know, nobody wants to send their kids out after dark or as the sun is setting. When we still have a murderer on the loose hockey county seals a net and Todd's autopsy reports. This is to keep them from the media while the media reports more public opinion of devil worshippers killing the teens. But and then there were rumors of cattle, mutilations dating back all the way to the nineteen seventies and a lot of people suspected that the cattle mutilations of the seventies were connected to the double murders of nineteen eighty two. Yeah, they're probably more connected to quail leads. Well. Then we have a nets biological father, Ben Cooper, he makes the spotlight by giving interviews and blaming the murders on Dale Johnston share of Jones brings in a psychic. This is Shirley Saunders now wait. So we have to this is what's a little strange about this case. Okay. First off, we have a man, Dale Johnson who's considered to be an outsider considered to be different than the people of Logan. And when he has nobody else to turn to who does he turn to returns to a psychic? I mean, if you're already the guy that's labeled as different, right in a small town, you don't go. Well, I found one person to support me and it's this guy that says he's a psychic that seems a weird thing, but that backfires on him because his psychic friend then tells Dale Johnson and the media look, I think you killed them and I'm taking the polices side here. Now we have the sheriff himself bringing in their own psychic. This. This is gonna sound very strange, but I tried and I spent a lot maybe way too much time on this one aspect of this case, this individual Shirley Saunders and it's kind of a common name so that does not help when I was trying to research this, but. A couple of the things that I found captain. She's labeled as a FBI psychic like she either is employed or contracting by the f. b. i. to go into these areas and give psychic readings or tell us her her insights. We know that there has been mediums and stuff that have worked for law enforcement before. And then on top of that, we know that a lot of detectives will use psychics not necessarily that they have to believe in them. But just that sometimes by getting a reading, they're getting a outside perspective of possibly where they could look, especially if a case goes cold well, and I couldn't believe that the f. b. i. would would employ a psychic or somebody to be in that hold that title of psychic as a job title for the FBI as a fulltime employees. I wouldn't be shocked at their contract did on occasion, but I couldn't find any information on this Shirley Saunders. I was hoping. Maybe she went on to write a bulk or something where her her credentials would be outright stated other than this could. This could just be public opinion where somebody stated this wrong. And again, certain aspects of this case of become local legend and folklore while maybe they reported it wrong. Maybe she works for the f. PI right over at Earl psychic institution. Well, and maybe she's brought in from out of town and people had already seen the FBI coming in from out of town and thought she must be FBI, right. Well, she reports she came in with their crystal ball shit must be the FBI well, she reports to sheriff Jones. Now, sheriff Jones is the one that brought her there and she reports the Jones that Dale Johnston is innocent in her mind and that the murders were committed by two killers and not want this. Let let them go. Well, this is not going to sway the sheriff. He. He still believes that Dale is the killer and his team of investigators gay. Gather more damaging reports of Dale. A lot of these are starting to get stories of Dale owning a large amount of knives and guns, and we know that they were shot. We know that the victims were dismembered, so this is not look good for him. Now we have thirty one year old, Mike Jiddah he alleges that Dale Johnston is a is a satanist or at least involved in satanic activity, right? He doesn't baseless off of anything. Well, I can't say that he doesn't base it. I don't know what he's basing this off of a dream, but he's he doesn't tree. He doesn't put forth any concrete evidence to to back up this statement this this again, we just have another person that lives in the area coming forward with information that we have no way of deciphering if it's true or false Brian. Again with this Tommy and so small, the rumor mill is going to just keep going and keep going. Then. We have another individual and I'm going to totally screw up his name. I can't figure this one out twenty five year old Scott, Fujitsu, I think foo- get. I'll spell it again if anybody wants to look. This sounds great f. u. g. e. t. t. I'm probably getting that completely wrong, but so this twenty five year old man named Scott. He reports Dale Johnston, fired shots at him when he rode his motorcycle on DALE'S property this again, not looking good for Dale at a town meeting. This is a town meeting of two hundred and fifty citizens. They are vocally outraged about the killer, not being apprehended and the lack of police officers and Logan. So this would fully point out the fears of the citizens of Logan at that time. Not only are they saying, hey, we're afraid because you haven't arrested anybody, but we're also afraid because we don't think there's enough law enforcement. In this area, but we know that we know that they were getting help from Columbus PD. Unofficially, right. And and maybe sheriff Jones didn't want that quote unquote help. Now, the meeting ended with the citizens of Logan, demanding the arrest and conviction of the major suspect who they considered to be the major suspect Dale Johnston, regardless of conflicting views and regardless of the lack of evidence. And we've seen this in Ohio before up north withhold Dr shepherd, right the the, you know the public outrage. And so then it's weird how public outrage actually gets the criminal Justice system moving. Yeah, it's the public, controlling the hand of the law or the media, directing the hand of the law by the sheriff's department shows up at Dale Johnston's property. This is unannounced. So he's but negative. Well, what I will say in his defense here, one thing that points good for him and his direction, they show up unannounced and Dale says, go ahead and search the property. He's he's willing to let them he doesn't fight it. You know, he doesn't say, no, you need to come back with a warrant. They don't specify by the state of circumstantial evidence, but they what they stay is that circumstantial evidence was retrieved from the edge of the property that links the stepfather to the actual murders. All right. Let's talk about this here captain because we have no list of what this circumstantial evidence is. It doesn't exist, but I like I think this is where you have the sheriff's department going. Look. We did a search and we found some stuff. We've found some shit boys. Okay. So the the citizens have pushed our hand. Now we're. Going to release this information conveniently to the media, which is again going, it's going to keep the cycle going. It's going to keep the circle going, right? You wanted us to find evidence. We found well, then we have a statement that's very interesting. And this is where I think we can come up with an idea of what that circumstantial evidence may or may not be. We have FBI ballistics expert. This is Thomas Nicholson. He reports publicly that Dale Johnston quote might have committed the murders. All right. Well, what is this guy's job? He's a ballistic. Sex s. expert, right? The stuff that's he's the risk case. Well, we also have this guy earlier that says, hey, I was writing my motorcycle on Dale Johnson's property and he fired a couple shots at me. My idea here is that maybe they recovered bullet casings from some, right, right. And these bullets could have been twenty two caliber ri- could be done. On the edge of the property because he was shooting at a guy to get off his land or somebody not Dale Johnston was shooting their gun on the edge of his property. Dale Johnson's property is depending on which report you read. It varies from fifty two acres to fifty four acres. I labeled it as fifty three just to be kissed him. So Bakkal dude, fifty three acre property. You can't. You don't know what the hell's going on on your property. That's a huge amount of land. Anybody could be on the edge of your property firing a gun anytime. Now, let's say it did come from, let's say it was from Daryl. Dale Johnston, target shooting shooting, hunting animals or shooting at this motor. This motorcyclist now where he could be going out there, you know with his Dong flapping in the wind, and he's just firing bullets up in the air, you know. And I think he has the right to says land. But a twenty two is an extremely extremely common gut, yes. And to the point where that's you have the FBI ballistics expert. Thomas Nicholson stating Johnston might have committed the murders and he's basing that I believe off of them finding casings of twenty of twenty two caliber bullets on the property. At some point also seems like they haven't done the tests yet because the test would prove if it was that gun or not. Well, that's why I think he had to publicly say might because I bet you they did do the test and they didn't match. But because they were the same caliber of gun, he saying, well, he had access to twenty two. We can't prove that they're the came from the same gun, right? But maybe they couldn't prove that they didn't come from the same gun. Therefore he might have the thing that the reason why I include these tidbits. So captain is all of this stuff is finding its way to the media. There's nothing that happens. In this case that doesn't get released publicly. I mean they, they did lock up the autopsies. They did seal the autopsies, but outside of that, any little inkling anybody had of Dale Johnson being guilty finds its way to the newspapers bright, which is very interesting to me because in Ohio, we have another set of murders that people have been talking about lot is the pike county murders, and that's a very, very small town, and there's not there's not much happening in the media about that case. No. So it's kind of the reverse. Now we also have Dr Louise Robbins, a forensic anthropologists reports that Dale Johnston's boop matches the print found at the crime scene, and then we have nineteen year olds. Steve Rhine. This is Todd Schultz, cousin. He comes forward as a possible eyewitness later. He is hypnotized by police and well, not by an actual police officer, but I'm sure they. Hired somebody to hypnotize this individual. And during this interview, he says that he saw Dale Johnston force the two teens into a car on the evening of October fourth. So now we have eyewitness. We have an eyewitness that vocal that name's David Johnston, Dale Johnston. Now Dale is interrogated. He's a, he's picked up for this. He's interrogated in what is later reported as a smoke filled room for seven to eight hours during this. And I don't think this was by choice captain during this he's wearing nothing, but under shorts and socks, he's film good. Well, they basically tell them to strip down. He wants to get in his element and they're going to interview him in his undershorts and socks. And the reason they did this, they were convinced that they would find some kind of markings on him. Scrapes bruises something. That would have been defensive wounds. There was no, there's no sign of trauma to his body at all. He while there's signs of trauma to my body, he continues to deny the allegations against him agent. Remember agent Henry from the FBI he disapproves. He publicly comes out and disapproves of the way that detective Thompson interrogated Dale Johnston. He called it barbaric, right? But he he has his suspect in his sights. Right, right. So, I mean, this is a classic example of people in tunnel vision and not jumping on board. During this interrogation, the Logan police detective constantly. He just kept telling Johnston to confess, we know that you killed the kids, you know that you killed the kids. You need to confess you need to make this right. Make it easier on yourself, and he kept in. He kept reminding him that the town was in fear. The whole town was in fear. Can you help us out by confessing to this so that the town can continue to go on? And he said, hold on a second. Let me take off my socks. Well, they also brought in Sarah, his wife, and they brought in his other stepdaughter. Michelle, Michelle was reportedly kept in a room for eight hours for a solid eight hours. And what I mean by that is during that eight hours, she had nothing to eat. She had no restroom breaks. And according to Sarah, her mother, she said that they just grilled and grilled and grilled Michelle until she finally just shut down. She just wouldn't respond anything. Right. And that's what we're talking about. The other day on off the record is. You know, if you're if you don't have any information or they're accusing you of a crime and you claim that you're innocent, how many times should you have to claim this before they're forced to leave you alone. And I'm curious as to her age, we, I know that she was not an adult. I believe that she would have been fifteen or sixteen at this time. Now what her mother, Sarah would later tell us is that the police, the sheriff's department, they were angry that they couldn't get anything out of Michelle. They got nothing out of her out of eight hours of grilling her. She confessed to nothing and Sarah says that what they wanted her to say was that she was there that she had witnessed the to being killed or Saul them after they were killed and that the mother Sarah had cut up the bodies or helped her husband Dale cut up the bodies. Yeah, it's. And if you have no evidence of this and they must have believed that this is how it went down to try to get this teenager to turn on her mother. I mean, it's one thing to turn on your stepfather, especially with the rumors around town, but to turn on your mother as well. That makes me really question if DALE'S guilty or not. I almost feel like this poor girl that's grilled for eight hours. It could have been easy to turn on your stepfather, especially if there was actually any kind of molest Asian or sexual abuse going on in the household. If how long would it take you to tell them? Hey, yeah, I do think he did it. Maybe I didn't see anything, but I still think he did it. You know? So it makes me question his guilt, but he's arrested. Dale Johnson is arrested. He's denied bail the same day that he is arrested. Michelle, the other daughter is picked up and placed in foster care. This is in another county. They take her out. Out of the area and we have the, the wife that remains Sarah. She is basically ostracized in town. Right? They she bannered a murder because she married a murder, and now they don't end date think maybe she's involved. So they take her daughter away the towns. People seem to think that she is involved in maybe the police just don't have anything on her in the course of weeks, man. This woman, Sarah lost her daughter to to being murdered her husband to the arrest of that murder and her daughter to foster care. Ladies ladies ladies treat yourself with Madison Reed for decades. Women only had two options outdated at home hair-color or the time, and they expensive salon. That's why Maslin read is reinventing the way women cover their hair by offering the quality of salon color and the convenience and the Ford ability of at home hair-color and then ammonia free formula with ingredients. You can feel good about, you're going to look like, you just came from a on, but in reality you had more meat time to do what you love experienced, beautiful multidimensional hair-color. 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This is the length that that this news spread to know the people that ensured her car for her to drive cancelled her car insurance. They said, we don't want you as a customer. We don't want your money. We will no longer insure you as a driver. If she went into a store, she was told to leave. So again, being ostracized by the entire town, that's awful. And then she star. Having panic attacks. We pointed out before the break, all that she lost in a short period of time. She starts having severe panic attack if she's secluded for so long that could become a, you can get a laws, social anxiety from being secluded at some point she sent off for treatment because she decided in a haze of probably severe depression. Yeah. I mean, let's let's keep in mind. Let's let's forget that her husband's been locked up. Let's keep in mind. Her daughter's been murdered, right? Regardless of who did it. Her daughter has been killed at the young age of eighteen years old and her other daughter was taken from her taken from her home. She's not allowed to see she's lost both of her children. I think the key thing here is the reason that you wouldn't feel sorry for is if you think she's involved, but there is zero evidence of her being involved. Well, like I said. In what can only be assumed in a moment of severe depression. She decides that the town, the prosecutor, the police, the sheriff, the judges, yeah, people in power, the mayor, she, she decided. That these people must have conspired against her and that they may have killed her daughter and arrested her husband and taken away her other daughter. She makes up a list of people that are in power in the town of Logan. And she intends to kill people that are on that list. She actually came up with a plan that there was there was a place in a location that most of these individuals were going to be at the same time, and she was trying to figure out a way to plant a bomb at that location. Now she is kind of so far gone. By this point, she starts to tell people of these homicidal tendencies and thoughts that she's having and thank God for that. That's that's something we have said a billion times over and over on the show. If you are thinking things that you think are strange, right. Tell somebody tell somebody because you you can get help and you can't look as she would have planted that bomb. Or figured out a way to do. So we would have a whole nother story to tell here, right? Yes, I'm sure it'd make a great episode but all jokes side, if you to feel like you're having thoughts that are not normal. The first step that you can do is to talk to somebody that you trust and it might take a lot of power and effort, but say to them, I think I need a little help and sometimes by releasing that to a loved one that they can come around and they can give you the help that you need. She eventually is sent away for treatment, and I believe that this treatment lasted eight or nine months, and a lot of it. I'm assuming captain was probably a good amount of grief counseling, which would have been much needed for her to set her back on the right path. So good for her and good for the people that helped her and mind. You not only is there no evidence, but there's not even hearsay evidence though. Only thing they that they had was the. That they were trying to get the daughter to to make up some story that that she was there and that she conspired in this murder. Well, regarding DALE'S trial, he ops for a three judge panel instead of jury trial. I think this is a smart move on his behalf. He also request for a change of venue which normally, I think would be granted seeing how there's been so much rumor an accusation amongst the citizens of Logan as well as the media coverage that surrounded the story. However, this change of venue is denied also denied, were his motions to find and present the idea that the death penalty is unconstitutional because they were going to sentence him to death if they found him guilty. Now, the trial begins as a fistfight on the courthouse steps between relatives of the friends. Sorry between relatives and friends of both. Victims. And the reason why this is an interesting thing here because you don't typically have this in a lot of murder trials. Both of the victims here, their families and friends are made up of people that are that are also on one side friends and family of somebody being accused of the double homicide right. This fistfight breaks out the history, the police, the sheriff, they're having hard time kind of keeping law and order in organization. Here the courtroom in the hallways were standing room only. We also have dozens of citizens out front of the courthouse picketing each day that the trial went on and they're picketing four. A conviction of Dale Johnston, they're screaming, get her done. When opening arguments commence there is to say the least heavy media coverage and armed security in an outside of the courtroom. The three judges along with the prosecutor defense witnesses and Dale. They all go to the Johnston farm and to the riverbank and to the cornfield area a little field trips so to speak. And this is so that everybody can see the areas in question. The defense presents a valid perspective regarding the weakness of the state's case while showing multiple suspects that who could have equally been as guilty as Dale Johnston. The defense also presents the theory that Satan is killed. The victims the judge is permitted testimony from a specific witness in this is key to this trial. This is the witness, Steve, Rhine. We've talked about him already now to go a little bit more in depth with him. The first time that Steve Rhine was interviewed by sheriff's deputies. He was not sure of the day that he was quoting. He was not sure who the kids were that he saw when he later referred to the teenagers that went missing them were murdered or who the person was with the. Kids that he saw. So really, he knew nothing. He was also captain on paper. This is on in the police report. He's also not sure of the kind of vehicle that he saw. Basically, what he says is he comes forward to the police to the sheriff's deputies and say, I have some information that might help the case. This is before the arrest was made right. He says, I saw two people with some guy getting into a car, and I'm not really sure what day it was on, but it was in that cornfield where you found those kids. Right. Well, the sheriff's department that's when they decide to hypnotize him because sometimes you can hypnotize somebody and drawl details out of what they can't seem to remember. All right. So we have get out your crystal ball already in this case. And then on top of that, get out your pocket watch and you're getting sleepy, very sleepy. Well, what happens here? Captain is. Is Steve Ryan, who would eventually testify at Dale Johnston's trial and which lead to the arrest of Dale Johnston after he spoke to detective Thompson several times and was hypnotized. Now, all of a sudden he is telling in his statement. His latest statement is I saw a net Cooper and Todd Schultz who eventually were murdered forced into a vehicle, and it was Dale Johnston, forced him into Dale Johnston's vehicle in that area on the day that they went missing. Well, you know what? This is right. This is Hala weaned miracle. That's right. Well, this is going to lead to Dale Johnston being convicted and sentenced to death. He is going to appeal this and he's actually lucky. I believe that he got the death penalty. Now keep in mind. This is high. Oh, back in the early eighties. So he sentenced to sit on. The electric chair. Yeah. These appeals will eventually grant him a new trial. And this is because the prosecutor and investigators it becomes known that they withheld statements and evidence from Johnston's defense team that could have cast major doubt on his guilt and that they failed. This is the investigators failed to pursue leads that could have helped to exonerate him. And what that means is investigators when they took tips when that phone was ringing off the hook, they were listening to the ones that said, hey, I saw Dale Johnston, do something right. They weren't really working. The leads it said, hey, I saw something else going on and it didn't include Dale Johnston, right? Like I've said before, it's it's classic tunnel vision. Well, it was determined at a new trial captain that Johnston should have been found not guilty based on the withheld evidence which included eyewitness testimony that placed other individuals at the cornfield and not. Johnston as well as the testimony that was alternately ruled that should not have been allowed at trial since it was only brought about by hypnosis so eventually Johnson is freed in nineteen ninety. Now he would go after the state for wrongful imprisonment, claim in nineteen Ninety-three this is denied by the state and technically, well, it's denied on multiple occasions in technically, to kind of sum it up best that I can Johnston still to this day has not received a cent from the state for the years that he spent not only in prison but on death row and why find it. So hilarious. It'd be like given me the power where I could punch you. And then I said, well, I know I punched you, but you can't sue me well in the thing too is that there was language that was put into law at a later date that basically says people like Dale Johnston while. Technically, as it's written somebody that's wrongfully convicted can and should be rewarded money by the state. However, they've put language into that that it's, they make it damn near impossible that you're going to get paid for anything. And the sad part of this to me and we still got a bunch to get through is. But before Dale Johnston was sentenced to death in nineteen Eighty-four. He had a wife. He had kids, he owned fifty three acres of land. He had no debt and no pants on. But when he was released, he was released as a free man, and he had nothing other than an old pickup truck that was given to him by his lawyer. Look, if you're going to take the right away to be sued if you put the wrong person in prison, then you need to spend more time trying to put the right person and prison. Amen. I also wanna point out too. We talked about his wife, Sarah going and seeking treatment because she was had fallen on hard times to say the very least they would end up getting a divorce. And I think this should point out to whom I believe the real Dale Johnston to be. They got a divorce because of him. He had nobody. He's on death row. He had nobody. And he told his wife who it seems like he loved very much right. He said to her, he said, Sarah, we need to get a divorce because I'm locked up. I'm the monster that they locked up the monster that they think I am. They locked me away, but you're on the outside and everybody thinks you are a monster, and you've been ostracized from town and everybody hates you and you having my last name and you being married to me is going to destroy the rest of your life. He says to her, I would much rather have a friend that I got a divorce from then to have a wife that ends up committing suicide. And that was the path she was on. Yeah. And even once he was released, she continued as well as her daughter. Michelle, the living daughter, they continued to support Dale Johnston all of this time through all of his appeals and through his release. They were there to greet him. We should point out to remember Michelle who was taken from her mother's home placed into the foster care system in a different county when she was fifteen or sixteen years old and the day that she turned eighteen and was released from foster care. Where did she go back home right back to her mother, right back to her mother and that again, kind of points out that maybe some of these rumors weren't true. Maybe they just were not true. Well, Johnson after he's released and he's broke and he has no land. Nothing. He does go to live with his mother in the village of Asheville pick away county, which is twenty miles south of Columbus. Yeah. He said that he. Still was receiving quite a bit of prejudice from the people of that area. And he decided to Asheville was not going to be where he stayed. He was still very much under a cloud of suspicion, you know, and even the people that didn't believe that he was guilty of murder, they still thought and still suspected him of molesting his stepdaughter before her death. He would eventually tried to move on with his life while in prison, he did commit hisself and his life to Jesus. And after his release, he actually became a head usher at the First Baptist Church and grove city, Ohio, and later a member of the congregation. This is Roberta Crocker. She took a liking to the head usher. She said in an heart ical quote, he was a handsome, dude. So in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight ever get married. Again, I hope she says, hey, he's one, handsome, dude. I would just love to be described as a handsome, dude. I strive to be a hand. I wanna make sure with your face on it that says, handsome dude. Well, I'll give you the short of it. Captain Roberta in Johnston's relationship grew serious over the years. Eventually they were married in June of two thousand and they lived in a home in grove city, Ohio. This was not without Roberta's sons blessing who is Bryan Corbett which was the pastor at the First Baptist Church. He had heard the rumors and even her Johnston talking about spending time at lucasville which everybody in Ohio knows, hey, lucasville is not just a prison. It's maximum security and oh yeah, there's death row there too. Yeah. So he did a lot spent a lot of time with Dale Johnston getting to know him before he gave his blessing for the. Marriage to his mother. The strange thing here, though captain is after he's released after Johnson's release, this technically becomes a cold case. And people would still speculate as to Johnston's kill an a person that refuses to there's an evil person that continues to haunt true crime garage, and his name is William wick line. Yeah, he has been considered a suspect in this case by the public for many years, once this became a cold case, and he is William the butcher wick line is his nickname, he's in animal. He was found guilty of murdering decapitating and dismembering, Chris and Peggy lurch, and he was free at the time of a net Cooper and Todd Schultz's murder. Yeah. And so he was long suspected of this case he has been executed by the state of Ohio, so good luck investigating that at the time. Yeah. If you haven't looked wick line, you should because he is. I mean, he is a scary monster. You. If you wanted to write a murder book or a mystery book, right? You could, you could look his life in base a criminal or murderer after him and have a have a good selling book. Now, out of nowhere, captain there is a break in the long cold case. This didn't come until June of two thousand and seven. This is when a woman sandy Lyn Scott, she is visiting her probation officer and they're talking through some things, and she says to her probation officer, I think that twenty five years ago that those two people that were murdered Todd and Annette, I think they were at my house the night that they disappeared. And I think that they left with my husband and a man that she, she didn't know his name. She described the man as looking like a chipmunk. Okay. Okay. So you want to be described as a handsome, dude, and not a chipmunk right note self. Well, her husband is Kenny Lyn, Scott. We've heard that name. Before haven't we? He was the man in the corn stalks that were watching the police when they found the bodies. Yeah, and they questioned Kenny Lynch got the cut. And she says, when her husband Kenny came home that he was covered in blood and he had a bad cut to his arm. But he refused to discuss what had happened investigators very quickly zeroed in on Kenny Lyn Scott. And then they also zeroed in on the man that looked like a chipmunk. And this was Chester McKnight who was in prison for possession of child pornography and attempting to arrange sex with an under undercover officer posing as a teenage girl real winner. Now Lyn Scott, Kenny Lyn Scott told investigators, there was a chance, a small chance that the murdered couple had been at his house that night and that he might have even been in the cornfield with them that night. But he said he did not kill them. Okay. But what happens is once they zero in on this McKnight guy, that's in prison already. He very quickly says, I killed them and Lyn Scott helped me really? Yes. So do you want to hear how this goes down yet, but do we have a why we do? And this is this is what is so sad about this, our show and about our world about these stories. A lot of times, it's very clear that these murders are just senseless that there are people that are wiped off of this earth. They are taken from their loved ones way too young and almost for no reason at all or reasons that don't make sense to to good people too good, normal people, right? This is the story that was told to police the on the evening of October fourth nineteen eighty-two Todd in a net went to a local small time, drug dealers house. This is Kenny Lyn, Scott. The thought was that they were there to purchase a small amount marijuana and have a couple of beers. They're just going to have a little party a little get together. They're adults. We've all been there. The drug dealer, Kenny Lyn, Scott. He had his friend at the house. This is Chester McKnight at the time. McKnight was a drifter who was also nicknamed Chester the molester. Well, all right, this. This is really sad that the young couple was the Lord to a cornfield near Kenny Lynn, Scott's house. Allegedly, after more partying went down McKnight was high on LSD and cocaine, and he told Lynn Scott that he was planning on raping a net and is sounds like Kenny Lyn Scott was into doing the same. The four of them left Lynn Scott's house. And when they left Lynch got handed a twenty two caliber revolver to Chester McKnight. And he said, if Todd Schultz puts up a fight us this gun to control him. Well, they did start to assault a net and as expected, Todd Schultz came to her rescue and started to protect his girlfriend and so- mcnutt McKnight shot Todd six times twice in the head and a net started to scream, and that's when MC. Night panicked, and shot her in the head and neck. The men then grabbed a machete from Lynn Scott's garage. They stripped the bodies McKnight masturbated over the body of the female victim wasn't prepared for that and Lyn Scott held the limbs while McKnight cut away at the bodies. At one point, McKnight apparently slipped badly cutting, Kenny, Lynn, Scott's arm. The men then loved the torsos to the riverbank and threw them into the Hocking river. Apparently the men washed up in the river and went back to Kenny Lynn, Scott's house. Afterwards. McKnight says he let the body parts li- saying that he left the home at some point and at some point, Kenny Lyn, Scott must have returned to the cornfield and buried the remaining limbs. Investigators withheld a witness report that a man not Johnston, followed the couple into. To the cornfield and then heard gunshots and screams that man that was reported to police back in hundred eighty two was Kenny Lyn Scott, but the caller didn't know Kenny, Lynn, Scott's name, right. This was the lead that should have been followed up on instead of honing in on Dale Johnston on September second, two thousand eight McKnight and Lyn. Scott were both indicted on charges of aggravated murder. McKnight demanded lethal injection to pay for his sins, but later ultimately accepted a pair of life sentences. He will die in prison with the case against him, shaky given mcknight's varying stories. So keep that in mind McKnight was giving multiple stories and confessions. It had been a long time, you know, I it had been over twenty years, right? Lynn, Scott forty, eight years of age at the time, pled guilty to abuse of a corpse and was released from prison after. Only serving ten months. So to put this in perspective, Dale Johnston who killed nobody served a longer sentence in prison for the death of his stepdaughter and her boyfriend then Kenny Lyn, Scott who participated actively and willingly participated in events that led up to the murder and led to the concealment of the murders right Johnston served more time than this guy. He lost everything and then Kenny Lyn, Scott, it's ten months. And both these killers actually remained free after killing these two young people longer than the victims lived on this planet. It's a sad, sad set of circumstances, but just because there's a rest and this case, that doesn't mean there's Justice, right? They're they're actually feels like there was no Justice in this case. Now, Kenneth, Robert Lyn Scott. Lot of Logan, Ohio passed away on Monday, November twenty. Fifth, two thousand thirteen at the age of fifty two. Do you have any recommended reading for us this week? You know that I do captain this week. We are recommending the acid king by Jesse p Pollock very, very exciting stuff. Captain. I cannot lie though. I have not actually read this book because it just came out yesterday, but I have ordered my copy and Jesse is a great author and a good friend of our show. We've had him on before the captain had him join the captain on our other great show off the record, and the acid king is about a murder in a small town that local police in the international press dubbed a satanic sacrifice. The short of it for teens went into the woods and only three came out the long of it, the murder became the subject of several popular songs and TV specials. Addressing the issue of whether or not American teens were practising satanism and debating the symbolism in songs by ACDC and Ozzy Osbourne. So make sure you check out the acid king and support our buddy. Jesse p Pollock and thanks to all of you for supporting the garage until next week. Be good, be kind and don't let.

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