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Cnbc's daily podcast. Squawk pod is up for a webby and we're asking you to vote for the people's voice award go to cnbc dot com slash. Vote squawk pod to link right. Our category voting is open. Until may six. We'd love your support. This is squawk pod. I'm cnbc producer. Katie kramer today on our podcast. It's a big deal. Honest the honest companies debut with none other than its founder. Jessica alba now. Everyone is aware of how they can live a better life and they do care about safety and health sustainability diversity and inclusion something that gen z cares about and a whole new world of big deals and fte's with the lever entrepreneur and media guru. Gary chuck this internet nineteen ninety nine height on the overall technology way too many people grabbing going for cash the blockchain. And i believe non. Fungible tokens are a much much bigger thing plus janet yellen cooling down some straight talk. And how do you take your crispy cream. If they're glazed. I can do a dozen today but with butter and maybe ice cream and maybe maybe even some syrup or something. it's wednesday may fifth twenty twenty one. Happy cinco de maya squad. Pod begins right now. good morning everybody. Welcome to squawk box here on cnbc. I'm becky quick along with joe. Kernan and andrew. Ross sorkin and happy. Cinco de mayo may fifth little party later. Today do is having a party right. Now there's a a lime slice at salt shaker and something in a shot. Glass that Party in your pants a. I'm sorry i'm sorry. I'm sorry i'm sorry. So one six my first up today on the podcast. The markets recuperating from a quick turnaround on tuesday prompted by comments from treasury secretary. Janet yellen at an economy summit hosted by the atlantic. The former fed chair and current treasury secretary. janet yellen suggested a move for interest rates. Which is no longer in her job purview. It may be that interest rates will have to rise somewhat to make sure was. Our economy doesn't overheat. Now just remind you. The federal reserve has kept interest rates angered at near zero for over a year even though the us economy is growing at its fastest rate in nearly four decades because of this and all the stimulus spending from the pandemic more and more concerns about inflation have surfaced current fed chair. Jerome powell addressed these concerns in his last press conference just a week ago. If contrary to expectations inflation were to move persistently and materially above two percent in a manner that threatened to move in long-term inflation expectations materially above two percent. We would use our tools to bring inflation expectations down to mended consistent levels yesterday after her comments prompted a dip in the stock market. Janet yellen clarified her remarks and basically echoed the guy. Who's in charge of all of this now. Jay powell who you just heard this time yellen spoke to the wall street journal. I don't anticipate that inflation is going to be a problem but it is something that we're watching very carefully and if it does if it if it is a problem which i don't expect there certainly tools available yellen also clarified that she wasn't recommending or suggesting any rise to interest rates as. That's not her role not anymore since she used to be in charge of monetary policy at the fed. It's not unusual for wall street to hear yellen comment on things like inflation and interest rates. But now that she's a white house official a cabinet secretary however it could be a little strange. The independence of the federal reserve is critical to our economies mechanics and basically until the trump administration. The white house has stayed out of the way on fed decision making boy. Is that a mouthful. You have a treasury secretary who happens to have been the former fed chairman who was going through saying some of these things that she walked that back. Pretty quickly Dow did closed higher yesterday but it was the lone one of the three major indexes was higher. S&p was down a little bit and then the nasdaq was really down pretty significantly. Yesterday it was a drop of over two hundred and sixty points. It was about one point nine percent of a decline and it was the biggest down day we've seen since march twenty. Four th for the nasdaq. Let's check out the crypto currencies because doj coin is the one to watch actually saw news reports. Yesterday guys speculating. That the reason it's up right now is because elon. Musk is going to be on saturday. Night live on saturday. So that's happening. Coin up seventeen percent and by the way does coin which was about half of a penny just a few months ago now. Sitting at sixty six cents does coins. Market cap is now eighty six billion dollars. I think there's some at stuff happening with those going. It reminds me of the whole game stop frenzy. I mean this is. That's a that's unbelievable. How about yellen when she says something. I'm like oh my god yellen said. Oh yeah yeah. She's she's treasury secretary. Now she's not but it still still got the jo of the head of the fed. You know it's it's good to start ahead of the fed and then go to treasury 'cause it still like yellen yellen and but she's not you know it's not j. paul saying it so i mean we used to do mnuchin. What he said was important. But i think that gives her and it's like an added. She reminded me of mnuchin and the comments he made at the dollar remember very early on in his tenure when we spoke to him at davos and he kind of said something about yeah never made it again and i think that's the thing for treasury officials for for the new treasury secretary. It takes a little time to work into this and remember that people. Hang on your every word on things like this and i. I'm sure she never meant to imply that she was giving directives or trying to tell the fed what to do. She answered honestly what she was thinking about. Something and realized you can't always do that when you're the treasury each need to rise if the economy gets hot i mean that seems like it's not that big a stretch fairly obvious. President biden announcing some new goals in the fight against covert including getty seventy percent of us adults to receive at least one dose of a vaccine by july fourth the administration also targeting one hundred sixty million adults fully vaccinated by independence day. The president said if the country can hit those goals in the next two months. We're going to have to take take a serious step towards a return to normal the administration also reallocating vaccine doses from states. That aren't using them to. Others and president will direct thousands of local pharmacies to provide walking vaccinations to people without appointments. Fema it's gonna plan to support pop up in mobile clinics aimed at people who might have trouble reaching vaccination sites as of yesterday forty point eight percent of us adults were fully vaccinated in one fifty six percent had received at least one dose crispy cream my favorite set to return to the public market. Five years after he was taken private. Who was bought by. J. beholding zephyr one point three billion back in two thousand sixteen. The donut chain has filed confidentially for an ipo to take advantage of a record boom in capital raising and guys national donut. Day happens to be on june eighth. I just want to put it out there for you. Because you know my interest in in doughnuts and i'm hoping maybe they'll tell you they're going to see if you can eat a dozen in one day i i've done a dozen only if they're glazed if they're glazed. I can do a dozen. I but if you start to fillings and it's gets harder with with butter and maybe ice cream and maybe maybe even some syrup or something but what was it c. k. r. m. e. was the because it was maybe it was k r e m. I don't remember because it was public five years ago. Wasn't that a time flies. Say hair me. But i yes do you. Where do you get the free. Donut every day. If you've got the vaccine it can't you do that too. If you take advantage of that. I am not taken advantage. I have my you know. I have my qr code and my vaccine. My my vaccine ready to go. I should walk in there. And do that i i. I'm trying to be good. I'm trying to be as i build up to june eighth big day. So i try to get all my own at them. One day. i mean they make mountain dew. That you're fly off the walls you eat twelve those donuts. You're going to be soaring. I didn't. I don't know if that's a that's a lot of. There's a crash to joe. There's a crash there is a. I've watched three nine and you know it it. It's the sugar high but the crash that comes afterwards comes pretty fast. Remember those ones. We have here that. There's some good ones here that have like bacon on them and stuff. they're really. There was a great company. A philadelphia company sent them to us. That were amazing. remember that was national. Donut day you couldn't say anywhere. Because it would just whatever's on this would spread out on the newspapers but They were good an interesting story on the front page of today's wall street journal on a stock with the price. That's just too damn high berkshire hathaway class. A shares are trading at more than four hundred. Twenty one thousand dollars. The price is actually grown. So high that it's approaching the maximum number that can be stored in some exchange computers. Yesterday nasdaq temporarily suspended. Broadcasting prices of those shares over several popular data feeds its computers use a digital format. That can't count higher than four hundred twenty nine thousand and change. It's a thirty two bit measure old time computers. The nasdaq is actually rushing to finish an upgrade. Later this month that would fix the problem but exchange operator i x has also reported the same limitation of course. This is a problem that's unique to berkshire because the us stock with the second. Highest price is home. Builder n vr. It's trading only at about fifty one hundred dollars a share. Warren buffett as famously refused to execute a stock split signing birthday cards. To friends with the message. May you live until berkshire spritz but andrew. This is a little bit of a y. Two k problem that is specific only to berkshire at this point. I love that. May you live until the stocks. What's i'd point right after you've signed that -actly that's like no pick where or when you're gonna talk right. Just go there. So don't ever split the stock and you'll live forever. I guess new the stock version of hell is gonna freeze over coming up a huge lineup today among the highlights really the honest company. Ceo plus co founder. Jessica alba. here. I think it'd be in the nasdaq and you guys think that she's a fan. Do you think she's going to want to come out on the set and say i. I'd really like to meet job autograph. Probably not but before we get to that interview internet and marketing entrepreneur. Gary check his new project. With non fungible tokens and the bright new pixeleted future. Find it toward press for any business in the world to not issue an nfc t for everything they do because it's own to make logical sense the way having social and having website week logical sense. It's a trip in more ways than one. I'm pretty sure. I'm gonna live in the metaverse in. Vr put on my headset and walk around garage sales and find. Nfp's all coming up on scott. Welcome back disqualified entrepreneur. Gary vasicek has a lot of jobs. That book say right now is not every person was destined. He runs an advertising digital branding company. He was an early youtuber with his wine. Tv videos a decade ago from new jersey wind chop and he hosted us for preview of his newest project. I'm gary and this is what i'm doing. I'm rolling by. Nfc project which is focusing on human traits admire in character form focusing on access community creativity and really trying to create a blueprint of projects. That will work both for the people buying it and the people cre- the friends is an nfc collection launching today. One of a kind digital art backed by specific blockchain technology. Think of it as a collectible and think of it as a token that can create access so far most people have been focusing on the art. Part right you've seen the big headlines people sixty nine million dollars thing things of that nature. Alternative investments are why sotheby's and christie's existed for two hundred years antiques. I just think this generation twenty thirty forty year olds are not interested in buying a teacup from sixteen forty seven old europe. I think they're more interested in buying pop culture. Gary was in a house in california overlooking the ocean and heads down on drawing cartoon after cartoon tigers bulls snakes goats all sorts of animal doodles to make ten thousand plus tokens the actual art that are for sale as part of the v. friends and if t collection i an entire ecosystem of characters for example. Hang out hawk. One hundred twenty five of these are going to be individuals who are able to be part of a hangout. A zoom whatever. I put the video. Technology layer on top of. Is this the next big digital innovation ownership but with extras ownership but on the blockchain not in a frame on the wall. Why does everybody under care about how many followers they have. And that's a whole insecurity thing that we gotta talk about. But why why will it matter. Because digital assets and ftc's will become the currency of communication. Gary vein check is great at looking forward. He was an early investor in a few little companies like facebook. Twitter uber coin base and with that track record. He says this is it. Non fungible tokens have staying power. I'm pretty sure. I'm gonna live in the metaverse in. Vr put on my headset and walk around garage sales and find nfc's he spoke to. Joe kernan andrew. Ross sorkin and becky quick on our tv broadcast today. Joe. we'll take it away beyond. That sounds kind of wacky at first blush right can you. Can you start at the beginning and go over at fourth air vini anytime smart. People think something i'm doing is wacky on first blush. I know i'm doing something really important to break down. First and foremost it is a a platform that as a smart contract underneath it. It gives every single kherson of the ten thousand two hundred fifty five token holders eight ticket to a three or super conference that also announcing called be con- think of it as south by southwest meets. Domino's means rolling loud comic con a huge conference so where where people been missing. An app teas and continue to. Miss is smart contract. This isn't about me putting out a piece of art. Even though i've been doodling for a long time even though this is also the beginning of me standing up an intellectual property that i'm going to be building the rest of my career. What i'm trying to be was bringing enormous value underneath the contract including five hundred fifty five gift goats my brand that actually when you buy that can registered to the site and a minimum of six times a year over three years. You're getting a surprise physical gift in the mail. What i've done is pretty rigorous tremendous off chain value. While using the on chain dynamics the ethereal is involved. That's the with a non-custodial wallet. That's how you can do it. There's gonna be a dutch auction for most of these and you have any idea what one of these would cost for stars. Can you just estimate it and where it could go You know the the majority of tokens are going started. Re in dutch option down two point. Five and one of the chapter. Because right now there's frenzy and hysteria. We have way too many people putting out projects and overspending. I think we're seeing a lot of dynamics of the market and seventeen definitely this crowd if they remember. This is so easy for this crowd. This internet nineteen ninety nine breezy high on the overall technology way too many people grabbing going for chance loom. It's marked an april two thousand. This crowd watching knows collapsed but meanwhile in that lapsed was ebay amazon and multiple when people said oh the internet is a bad left the sector. That was the time to double down. It was the beginning of the most important change in technology and our history. The blockchain and i believe non. Fungible tokens are a much bigger thing than a jay pag. that's a piece of artwork. Money it's the underlining contracts and the things that it can do offline and it was important for me to put this out. Because i i appreciate you said. I've got a career at this point where people are going to look at it and my plan. Is i want bruns today. And every celebrity influence pacemaker steps back now cancelled their meetings. Today gets together and says the rap art and we're going to put out next week for a couple of bucks. Let's spend three months out something meaningful to our community is a bay win. We went in terms of a gary being a futurist. I mean you've been right. I don't know if you've if you miscalculated anywhere At this point so to say that this is not going to come to pass. I would be crazy to say that the communities and and i guess is it about monetize celebrity to some people gary his equitable beers. It's not all about helping community helping people actually get into the new age. That isn't the only reason that someone would do this. I mean you could if your you know an angel an ideologist i mean i think i think every rate rammed every great business the number one way to be selfish is to be selfless ron. I mean if you're able to provide more value than you know than you charged or you know you're always going to win. I mean it's not a super complicated game. I think the problem with you know the wall street dynamic or the entrepreneurs that just want to buy a boat is everyone's in a vicious cycle of short-term economics. Everybody wants it now now. now. I i believe that an f. t. screen legible infrastructure rans intellectual property and individuals to create very meaningful monetization for themselves over time. And don't forget it's ins become things that the audience are able to transact on with people are thoughtful Patient and really really execute something of value. They haven't read or two need to have a win win situation which does happen in business in life. Gary can you just explain. Because i have to admit i'm still confused. A little bit about how this is going to work so so each of these drawings gopher up effectively nine thousand dollars right now close to ten thousand dollars based on on what ether is priced. At right you said it's capped at three three thursday right. The ninety four hundred tokens the farmer. Giardi or admission tokens they range. Ten and three theory. All the way down two point five or three dutch auctioning and if they don't go off and go to that floor. There's a whole level of tokens. That are the big part of the project. Called access tokens where people are able to get mentorship sessions of me dinners. Hang out sessions. There's even portside cat organ which is a rear token that. Let's go sent right there courtside at madison square garden. Which me you so the realities that there was a whole access layer and as you can imagine if no joke mitch's watching the wait a minute instead of just a photo the digital makes a me. Why don't i put a contract that allows people to play in this with me. You start creating that economy of access which is really the most limited thing in the world and you could start seeing how this layers this is going to be. How membership for this is going to be. How artists launch album and free cell of the album The five best tokens are actually access to go in studio while worked the album. This is a layer of smart contract that people have wrapped around and let me make this point. Because i liked being right that i like slipping this in seven years in whenever the social platform of the day is when we get into public wallets when the way we look each other's instagram the way we google each other after we meet each other. See somebody on this great program thousand. What does are looking at everybody's wallets and see. What tokens they have. These are gonna become collectible derivatives going to become assets and they're definitely gonna be marketing material would mean a place as costs drive down beings projects from a text. The point where you're gonna find presper any business in the world to not issued an nfc for everything they do because it's going to make logical sense the way having social media and having a website week logical sense and in terms of cost to you. So how do you think about that. You said for example. There might be six gifts a year that you get with the token if i'm sitting next to you at the garden that seat cost you money. The ten thousand dollars shopping spree wine library and my dad's store wine shopping spree. Woodshop look for that one My accountants draw hit the ground when they understood. The war of the athenian price at the project went well. And i'm explaining to them how we have to start thinking about a loss on the business and they just couldn't wrap their head around it is gals. There's a your conference directly attached to this. I am better throw a monster. Multimillion dollar production. When i see how well we're not well. This does when i want here. Hopefully tonight The auction. I'm going to have to throw a conference disproportionately impacts and does well so if everyone pays nine thousand dollars you said you can imagine. I'm amortizing a three thousand dollar four day ticket months looking at every single conference pricing. If i'm able to overdeliver and bring a five seven ten thousand dollar experienced that we can. Because i'm disproportionately overpaying the best speakers in the world the ilan's the ba- rocks that the chinese wherever you're going to go with well then you can imagine that that becomes incredibly interesting. You know i'm gonna bleed the rest of this year to make to ones beacon twenty two. The single must see event go to bent every year which creates an incredible opportunity for the people that jumped in and that it's become twenty twenty-three demand cycles that i don't think people are anticipating so for me. This is about building the intellectual property this is about building. My barney might harry potter. And you'll see that. It's around the things i talk about as jerry be lost and i don't wanna be the front band come off to work around patients and candor chat things a barrier. Yes i just want to make sure. I understand this. This is you're buying it and then you're gonna lineup the guests and figure out what the conferences and right. Now theorems running hot. If something happens that it drops or you don't get the demand you were anticipating. Does that mean a lesser conference. You just figure it out based on what you sell because dollars come in to me. I deliver on what people are in. Add an overdeliver. I'm building economy in interest in demand and rand and most of all my reputation online. This is this a project to work on unstoppingly to over deliver on not to mention. I'm also trying again to build. You know hannah. More bureau disney characters. Things that i'm going to launch some modest expectations. Yeah but listen. You know everything. I've done when i want empathy. I when i watched this agency. I was a wine. Retailer and a lot of people laughed. I built one of the largest independent ad agencies of all time. I wanna lose expectations. Here's why wouldn't i. I'm also willing to admit defeat if i don't do it. Why not go for the jugular gary v. You gotta come back. Got gotta go over some of this again for me. Maybe not everybody. But i mean i'm blown away in fascinated by it because i never thought of it. I always said what's next after twitter. What are we gonna do. What's going to be the next big thing and it's like i had no idea that something like this would an all built on blockchain. I know just enough about to be dangerous. V thank you. We'll have you back and good luck. Thank you just send me one of those and you want to pay for your best ones and three of us. All three joe we can always get your digital copy without the nfc attached. That's the big contract join. I want to smart. Just you know both next. On squawk todd lifestyle brands the honest company and its four hundred million dollar market debut building a clean business with founder jessica alba. This is the moment where we really dig into this. Next phase of growth. This is really the beginning farrah's and a lot of ways. Cnbc's daily podcast squawk pod up for a and we're asking you to vote for the people's voice award go to cnbc dot com slash votes squawk pod to link right. Our category voting is open until may six. We'd love your support. You're listening to squawk pod. Here's joe kernan. Let's talk about this. Big ipo jessica alba. The honest company set to go public. Leslie picker joins us with more on the growing a consumer goods company. You have you done some of the products and stuff leslie. You're familiar with that. i haven't i have. I should have brought props but no i am familiar. I've used some of their baby products as well as some of their skin care products. And it's been quite the journey for this company and a volatile few years to get to the public markets but today the banker of the baby and beauty products is looking to make its debut on his priced its shares its ipo at sixteen dollars. Each a dollar below the top of the range. It had been marketing to investors that level implies of one point four billion dollars valuation. That's shy of the one point. Seven billion dollar valuation honest notched in a private funding round six years ago now that fundraising took place just prior. If you guys recall to those voluntary recall there were some ingredient. Labelling issues in class action lawsuits caused the company to take a reputational hit and sales to slow now. Honest actually lost its unicorn. Status in twenty seventeen raising capital below a billion dollar valuation but after several changes in the c. suite and a pandemic that refocus consumers to be more health conscious and internet savvy. Honest has regained its footing. Sales grew twenty eight percent last year. To three hundred million dollars. Net losses were cut in half and later today. Wall street will have its say when shares begin trading on his company's listening. We'll be on the nasdaq under the symbol h. n. s. t. guys each in state. Well eight ten esti. There's a lot of commotion. That's all i'm gonna say there are there is i. I saw one guy i know. He's one of our big security guys in about five other ones and i was thinking. Wow these guys are really I guess my you know. I'm getting known far and wide. And they're all out there but no it wasn't me leslie. It was Alves who who is here celebrity for the other If she's in a list we need to go to even the greek letters we may need to pass to get to k. less 'cause alba and kernan k. lists south ever all right leslie picker joining right now. Is jessica alba. Honest set company founder and chief creative officer also the company's ceo nicolaos. Good morning to both of you. Congratulations i know. This is a big day. And i was thinking back just to go. We spoke back at at dealbook in two thousand fourteen in the midst of this journey of yours. And i'm curious if you think about what that journey has looked like a sort of sort of how you pin. What's happened between then. And now you know i really feels like i have three kids but this really feels like my fourth child and i feel like just every stage and every milestone feels a lot like raising a kid. You know you're you You go through the motions you guide and love and put your heart and soul into just you know making sure that there's the best outcome and so i. I'm just thrilled that i'm here today. I'm talking to you with nikola. He's been my partner over the last four years and this is really a pinch me moment of. Let's talk about the stock a little bit at least evaluation. I think there's lots of questions about how investors should be thinking about this company and in particular thinking about the growth You had a close to thirty percent growth over the last year a lot of investors. I think wonder how much of that was pandemic induced and whether that's sustainable and how they should think about that we're mission driven business role about in sparring consumers to live a more conscious lifestyle. You look at the numbers and you know since two thousand and eighteen you look at our core. Businesses actually grew about nineteen percent. And then this past year we accelerated growing at twenty eight percent but the key there is also expanding our margins since two thousand and eighteen we've picked up about eleven hundred basis points of gross margin this past year. Roughly four hundred basis points of gross margin so a lot of momentum on the business from a top line perspective from a margin perspective. And we've got a really bright future in terms of the mix of businesses diapers and wipes the kids business jet. You talked about having kids. I have three kids got the kids. That's a huge part of the business. That's about sixty three percent of the business right now and then personal care. Products represented about twenty six percent of the business. How do you want that. Mix to look if we had this conversation a couple of years from now. Well i think we will continue to drive our personal care. Business are home business and it's just exciting. Because when i first started the company it was definitely A more focused around certain types of consumer but now everyone is aware of how they can live a better life than they do care about safety and health. They really wanna care. Also about sustainability diversity and inclusion all of these core pillars on a stance for is something that even the gen z cares about So it really spans across a huge demographic and people that care about on us and so we will continue to drive all the categories that reach people at every touch point in their life in terms of distribution channels. And i do a lot of business with amazon. How do you think about private label versus some of the the other branded products versus others. That are that are getting into the space in terms of the competitive landscape. And how much of it is ultimately should be a dc business if you will verses versus leveraging some of the other distribution platforms there. You look at the business right now. In about fifty. Five percent of our businesses digital about forty five percent is retail and we're the consumer continues to gravitate more and more is through that e commerce lens so we love the fact that we're an omni channel business because we're very consumer oriented. We wanna make sure that we're accessible to work. Consumers want to shop and that's really a shift versus the historical kind of conventional models from a business perspective. We're really building this modern consumer business. Where the future. Because we've got the consumer front and center when you look at private label and you look at some of these other brands. What we see from the data is as you look out over the next few years but natural kind of clean categories that we compete in our forecast to grow between nine and ten percent. Conventional players within those same categories are forecast to grow between one and two percent so there's momentum acceleration we have tailwinds from a consumer perspective. We've got that modern brand because not only do we deliver against clean safe effectiveness in our products. We make them accessible. Where consumers are shopping. He just got. I'm curious how you've thought about the ipo process. I asked i remember talking to you about whether you thought you'd never sell to a bigger company like proctor and gamble or whether you'd go independent obviously now there's a become a huge vehicle for this. How have you thought about this whole process. I mean i don't know if you could ever really wrap your head around it until you're in it and nick and i have been in it for the last almost six months and it's you know it's wild. It's it's like. I guess i bring everything back to having children. It's sort of like you're pregnant for a long time. And then you have you know the baby is born but then the real work starts once the baby is born. Wh where you're actually raising the child. And i feel like this is the moment where we really dig into this next phase of growth and this is really the beginning for us in a lot of ways. How do you feel about being the face of this brand. I mean you've actually turned this brand into. That's i would argue far beyond you personally yet when you go through. The perspective is one of the risk factors. Jessica his you. It's it's you it's your it's your social media presence at your ability to get the word out and and by the way you spend a lot of tie you i because i follow you on all of these things. You spent an inordinate amount of time on social media. I'm you know. Social media has been a strategic marketing channel for us. It is where we build community and and from day one having that engagement with the community is core to our one of our values and what we're building and it is a very different different tactic. I would say than more traditional Companies out there so we will continue to be innovative and how we build community and we will be everywhere. The consumer is okay. Well jessica nick we want to wish you a lotta luck with it. We hope you come on back and follow your progress and high. She'd tell you. Joe kernan is downstairs. I don't know. I hope joe's right there. Joe you say hello from failure down. I feel your presence. It's good thank you for coming on. Thank you for coming on tobacco. I know you. It probably has been a dream your entire life jessica. It'd be on squawk box area now. It's here again. The part of the podcast. When i ask you to do stuff. Give us a five star rating on apple podcasts. Follow us on twitter. Well today is the last full day for you to do one more thing. Vote for squawk pod for people's voice award at the webbie's. We are a nominee in the diversity and inclusion category for our individual episode from june. First of last year was called america's to crises. In that podcast. We follow corporate america's response to nationwide unrest and demands for racial equality. We heard from west more. Ceo of the anti-poverty robin hood foundation. There'll never be peace or calm tranquillity without justice. Nice stand by the calls for peace. But where's our collective pains host to go. In the absence of justice you can head to cnbc dot com slash vote squawk pod cnbc dot com slash vote squawk pod to make your voice heard voting is open until just before midnight the civic time on me sixth and that's squawk pod for today thank you for listening and thank you for voting of course squawk box is hosted by joe kernan becky quick andrew. Ross sorkin tune in weekday mornings on. Cnbc at six eastern. You can subscribe to squawk pod wherever you get your podcasts. And we'll be back here tomorrow. Cnbc's daily podcast. Squawk pod is up for a webby and we're asking you to vote for the people's voice award go to cnbc dot com slash. Vote squawk pod to link right. Our category voting is open until may six. We'd love your support.

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