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They call you. The grill master seared the thickest porterhouse in the butcher shop and as you lift that I four full to your mouth you savor the moment to get amazing offers during the Mercedes Benz summer event like the two thousand nineteen see Class Sedan G._N._C. S._U._V. The perfect recipes of driving performance plus. You can enjoy six months of Sirius X._M.. All access included mercedes-benz summer event now. Serving Limited time offers on select line of vehicles offers end September third mercedes-benz the best the people of Britain. I'm here to speak to you about a subject of considerable gravity a subject that affects each and every one of us I refer of course to our a great nations continued failure in the Eurovision Song contest the B._B._c. have asked me to unite kingdom in west of bring home the Eurovision crown once more. I have been asked to write the song but where will I be and that's one of you volunteer wanting to sit so asked not what you'll country can do for you but what you can do for your country by contacting our website the comes a time when everyone must do their duty. Your country needs you. Thank you you could even tonight. You must elect. One of these. Three finalists represent the U._k.. Your vision could known somebody's career. The acting cheese will carry the nation's hope the daunting in Moscow arena and before android ever song two hundred million then turn our state. I won't to win this. I believe anyone ratings me. Choose carefully. Your country needs. Thank you welcome to Forest F._M.. In the Eurovision showcase I'm your host cure in our associates. This is a very special special episodes where we take a look back ten years ago to the renaissance of the U._k.. At the Eurovision Song contest two thousand nine ally this is Surrey from the United Kingdom. Hello this is Lucy chose from the U._K.. Hello this is Michael Rice from the United Kingdom listening to Your Business or case on forest <music> Dave. Thank you in the way yeah. Maybe sir chance the James there we all we cover of beyond say's Deja ever. It's my a favorite beyond say soccer muster met and to be honest with you. I didn't know about that song until jade performed the U._k.. National Foreign or the very first week yeah how sad is that. I need to get out more. Yes we're going going to pay homage to your country. Need you. The United Kingdom National Final for the Eurovision Song contest two thousand nine. Oh yes so we can be playing or the songs that jade sang through that amazing January two thousand nine shows her when it happened for four weeks yes for weeks and we ended up with three finalists which was obviously jade who ended up winning and going to Moscow to represent the United Kingdom with the Diane Warren Anna Android Web Song. It's my time and of course we will hear the two different versions from mark and the twins if you remember them indeed we do sir but we're going to do so we aren't end up up playing the three different versions of my time in succession and one after the other because you've probably drive you mad. We're going to do the one I that <hes> technically he came in third. Yes sir. I'm talking about mark. Mark came third after he signed his version of moines time while they will did in it was a vote and mark came third blessing so it came down to the twins and jade's at the end but so we're GonNa have marks version of its might sewing which is the U._k.. Your vision so two thousand and nor his <MUSIC> oems those days on now. I've got though I've earned the right to show you. It's it's might time. It's my time. It's time my Jonah radcow yeah well. It's time and there's nothing I'm afraid I'll show you a made talk. Show you answer I'll break. I've made face strew Nah. I've got to each to show you. It's my time to it's time in time. I'm not gonNA time and there's nothing novel off of show you. It's ooh uh uh-huh <music>. It's minds yeah eh hello on <music> Yeah Yeah <music> uh-huh so that's the polls with love comedown that came full in the U._K.. They national final in nineteen eighty nine it did and that song was written by Joe and poorly Ortiz. No bad a loved in the nineteen eighty nine contest the U._k.. National Final no a brilliant I it was quite stall Saturday actually <hes> one of my favorite song so not national final is a song called back in the groove by Frankie Johnson. The moves were epic absolutely absolutely epic and <hes> oh I'll play the song for you a little bit later on but my goodness me cheesy as heck butts my goodness me eight so catchy and I will put a link up on our facebook page of that amazing performance by Frankie Johnson what a legend is okay now as the weeks progress for Eurovision. Your country need each year the U._K.. National Fond of two thousand nine at J. Julian was making an impression then incredible impression sorry much fat the I went to go and see the second serve so it was practically the quarterfinals of the the Eurovision you'll continue and jade signed an amazing version of the voice within yes all now. This is a great great vocal performance and j just shows off her mazing records course with this and then wonder why she did so well in Moscow sir. Let's pay song from the second week of your vision your country need you. It is Jade U._N.. With the voice with the younger dome. the young tease will dry also when you're safe home of the ooh uh-huh uh-huh <music> you're listening to eurovision shy case on forest f._m. i i never needed anyone and making enough just for fun days the friends i'm no eddie's ought to be sometimes i o insecure they do more uh-huh incredible vocals add j. u. n. we all by myself very celine dion usc duchy think roy okay we're going to have ropes for engine request very very soon but coming up next is time to hear the though song that well the version it came second in the u._k. national honor your contract meizhou two thousand nine yes we go into hair the twins urgen of it's my time take a listen to this i louis show yeah aw shoe aw i've made my talk show donald <music> uh eh yes the twins it's moi time here you're on the eurovision is show case coming second in your country nature two thousand annoying home the b._b._c. <hes> i'm an m when they they actually took notice and as she wanted to do well at your vision yeah we need to get back to this type of maybe not necessarily this point of project next jay's contest but we need to change things up so badly for when we go to the netherlands next year's eurovision song contest just like us it last week basically gonna be preaching to over the but some we just so badly need to source his house and actually somebody was talking on the o._j. e which is the official through eurovision fam- page for the united kingdom and will fan members there and there was talk about maybe during an actual protest it's works i'm sometimes doesn't it when you purdue protests <hes> sorry maybe might be worth or going out so i i'm why are you can have <hes> and <hes> and get no placards out there intending the b._b._c. sorta out for next year even if it's an internal selection i don't mind if we don't during national final next year <hes> we just need to i need to do something different too badly different and <hes> friend of the show rory detaining <hes> <hes> has risen an open letter to the b._b._c. asking for change up <hes> and of course you can check out his blog which is an amazing block i'm roy's website is eurovision apocalypse dot blogs spot adult common you can follow him on twitter at e._s._e. apocalypse <hes> all roy you are truly amazing and individual i love it right it's now time to dive into maai rob's two hats it is time for the most random officer requests yes it's a part of the eurovision showcase each week which my husband gets to sounds to to get drunk and he's got two hands so basically inside these houses bits of one of those hassle country then and then the other hat is got gears and saw take one out of each end up making a eurovision song and hopefully it will be a one that would work in the u. her vicious on <hes> sir let's do it and we're gonna do it country i a pero half the country is both to gal with got ports ago okay and the net grabby air rob his including two thousand nineteen we now since it's been two weeks on oh two thousand sixteen can't do that one they withdrew after twenty fifteen came back in two thousand seventeen and ended up winning another thank you oh yes we can do this one nineteen ninety-five <hes> this is toll through representing portugal with vanilla and shocker put <hes> joel class that yes the song is inspired by urban music and sports and the feature features crew singing to his sweetheart it's with white skin <hes> while musing on their interracial relationship to growers is blank <hes> he suggests that this could only have been made possible by the intrepid maritime history of their that country and things about their spices cultural knowledge that he bought back to portugal as a result of this issue yes now we such a deep meaning song you authority to quote well but sadly sadly only came twenty i only five points i'll give you a little taste of what the lyrics say okay so your grandfather was in these parts my grandmother was here to <hes> love is the entire ocean and your perfume is immune moonlight might taste is coffee the sweethearts with white screen at white skin you are the crame in my doc tae it's sweeter tweets out then honey a mixture of vanilla and chocolates a white seagull was found in those southern lands sweets and musical people whose tropical singing made the dream and the see blue aw this is a really sweet song i think it's pretty underrated myself live performance great street our vision not bad either banning so what i wanna do now is pay play type theory this portuguese entry ninety nine five just to let in our how many points they got so as a got five points he got four points from france and one from greece is that was it sorry portugal serves opinion sir much more so they came third lost underneath rumors the hungarian song which i'm not going to try and pronounced because he's incredibly difficult <hes> hig natve of eggs has as a fallon i think that's it and then germany came last with only one point from motor stone stone with the <hes> valley bit edik which means in love with year apparently <hes> <hes> so then in the final of your vision nights ninety five but there wasn't a grand fine with is just the fine or there wasn't s._m._e.'s or anything like that in nineteen ninety-five they had the <hes> <hes> basically non-qualifiers from previous discount of previous contest is paired and then the returnees came back who couldn't participate in nineteen ninety four because of nineteen ninety three's by results so portugal gave ed's eight points to sweden when it's ten of WPRO guy for their bank Galveston has my since she and should saw new mind in twenty five goalby men. Let's not sean wasted <music> <music> and how was that took cruise with a shock gala. Yes okay sir. Portugal Ninety five is in the burks now. Let's continue with our Hamas ause to your country needs you two thousand and knowing where J managed to get to the semi finals and she performed this amazing amazing version of a refer Franklin's think this is good stuff and there were come back with the winning so access so much <music> fever yeah you do uh-huh the genuine man with think and it's now time to have this song the went to Moscow represented the United Kingdom as two thousand nine Eurovision Song Contest Eight J. U. N. with its might cy in those days on uh. Oh outside thing on eighth I made and my very strong I this <music>. It's there's a thing ah yeah <music> alone you wake up with bottle your hands because we know lost and you in your in laws Enron through the biggest Atanas autism in our road. Nothing Li like see were building burning uh-huh Colette. It'd be the three were building burning aww uh-huh quite doom and Laura with Roy and I cur Lee underrated second-semi-final emme fallen all of your vision twenty seventeen and Kiev Ukraine a the jury's despised it but the telephone says loved and it's absolutely so be criminally underrated not impressed eurovision north one of those complete injustices that we've learned to love up being Eurovision Fan. Haven't we really yes. Yes well speaking of Eurovision. Let's take a look at the latest headlines of this week in your vision news roundup. Yes it is time for your Eurovision inch showcase news today on Sunday the second of June two thousand nine with May Keiron Ari touched your host. Yes Portugal have one this is Barbara decks award. Yes the French and Conan or Isis. I received the hum the highest number of votes and he was chosen as the most notable dressed contestants issues in eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv Israel and it becomes the successor to I._Q.. Juan the would last year fool the former Yugoslav Republic of Matt's earning sticking with Macedonia the brand new country North Macedonia have been been very hashtag proud of tomorrow Tabasco's his performance at Eurovision coming an incredible seventh place on he and tomorrow to that Scott has been honored by the brand new Prime Minister of North Macedonia is on Zeh Save the bidding process for cities who wished to host the Eurovision two thousand twenty in the Netherlands has started and practically ever Zizi in the Netherlands has put in a bid to host fits so you raise your breath where we could it be going to be Rotterdam anywhere. Rome basically Liverpool Rhone couldn't Daru who represented Finland Issues Eurovision Song contest sadly coming being lost in the first semifinal look away and with his singer Festoon Raymond. We'll be actually going on tour in the fifteen sixty taught rights around Europe and the United States now Nicholas Yourself who represented the Czech Republic last year has released a brand new single and it's board Acapella and facing the music. A video is very tropical so that is your Eurovision showcase news. I'm Karen our associates and and this is forest F._M.. Happy Eurovision to all the Eurovision fans out there why don't join J._p.. And the team of Radio International a weekly trip through the world of the Eurovision Song contest they'll be lots of music artist interviews and regular features including the covers and the night market now on your browser or even better subscribe to the Podcast Riot W._w._w.. Dot Radio National DOT TV at you. I have to miss your favorites. euro-asian radio shows me hello. This is Donna from Ireland. You're listening to Eurovision. She'll case forest F._M.. In my me in the y'all yeah. Okay it feels the knees you STU baggage changing a breakthrough lose wrong yeah yeah <music> uh-huh yeah spa who represented Iceland in two thousand seventeen year vision that was her latest single back from January two thousand annoying chain that is Comma Ma yes bought written by S- follow herself Ingo Gilson Robin Elmore and Colin Diene so we all great tune and very very current nor swans follow so before we have this week's live and kicking hair on your vision showcase on forest f._m.. As promised let's play you the most campus and probably the most cheesiest song ever to take part in the U._K.. Eurovision national final back in nineteen eighty nine here as Frankie John Sern with the puck. You may accompany repaying this. I'm overcome with emotion. We really really cool back in the gird our back in the group by Frankie on Sun and you'd have to look at this performance on Youtube is absolutely hilarious. ooh role can be type of <music> by now. It's Ah much to post nothing positive the now the don have and where the ball now bruce now it aw the home now ooh standing doc <music>. Hey this is look at any from Switzerland's. You're listening to Eurovision showcase on Forest F._M.. In dismay so she got me and Choi when she when she he knows Hello Oh this is from Denmark and this is my song. It's called vis forever. You'll be enjoy it. Hi this is catering do stuff from Greece. You're listening to your vision showcase on forest that family and this is my song better love enjoy online and on one thousand nine hundred point three F._M.. Vase as Forest F._M.. Yes is alive and kicking. This is a part of the Eurovision showcase where we play a song live from Eurovision itself and this week we are going to play the song from Nineteen Ninety four duets vets song for Norway by Yawn Vena Danielson amazing man amazing voice amazing just presence and the awesome at Elizabeth Andreassen. Yes this came fifth Norway in nineteen join seen ninety four and no six because motor came fifth yes anyways to them. Committee <music> scene uh-huh <music> aw Ah uh-huh <music> such an amazing songs such a beautiful language Norwegian and that is new way nineteen ninety-four young Donelson Elizabeth Andrei Asana with coming sick for Norway nineteen hundred four well. Thank you for joining me here on Ari Touchy for this very special episode of the Eurovision showcase right here on Forest F._M.. Your country he needs you two thousand dollars. Yes Hamas to win the U._K.. And BBC in particular took it seriously for once Harvey could join me next Sunday at five pm for more Eurovision crankiness but that's it for me. I love you dacha of Wi fi to be slant dubbing Sanya and see you soon to it online and on one thousand nine hundred point three F._M.. 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