AEE 1203: Flying? How to Ask for a Seat Swap in English


This is an all ears english podcast episode one thousand two hundred and three flying how to ask for a seat swap in english welcome to the all ears english podcast downloaded more than one hundred twenty three million times we believe in connection not perfection action with your american host lindsay mcmahon the english adventurer and michelle kaplan the new york radio girl coming to you from boston boston and new york city u s a and to get weekly transcripts delivered to your email inbox goto all ears english english dot com slash subscribe when you're on an airplane and you want to ask the person next to you to change age seats. What can you say find out how to do it today. Hey lindsay. How's it going <music>. Hey michelle. I'm doing pretty well. How are you. I'm good. I'm good <hes>. Are you taking any flights. In the upcoming months. Yeah probably italy. I will be flying between colorado and california because i'm going to be spending some time in california this fall and yeah and then back to boston so lots of flights lights coming up lots of light nice nice. I've taken a couple of plates this year. I don't have any coming up just yet but something happened on both of these <hes> flights that i've taken this year so far <hes> when he says yeah what what happened michelle i wanna know there was a seat change so one time i asked to switch seats with some one and the other one's on on the other time. Someone asked me to change yeah. <hes> yeah that happens sometimes right yeah have you and another time this was a while ago. Someone asked me to to change seats because they said they get sick on planes and they wanted a certain seat so you're like oh. Gosh okay yeah like a little nerve. Did they end up throwing up or something they didn't. They took some medication and they fell asleep but it was like like. I'm glad i'm in this seat but yeah and so but they were okay. Luckily yeah no that could be bad. I had flying back from japan. I think i had there was two people that were together and i was between between them and they asked me to change that was fine. Not a problem usually like to go for the aisle seat for sure. How about you do have a preference on a plane yeah <music>. I'm also the i'll see yeah yeah i wrote. I wrote window but i'm i'm an i'll see you didn't see that no actually i was. I was just talking talking about it yeah. No i've talked about it. Well yeah no. I'm also an aisle seat person. Why do you like the i'll so i can get up to use the bathroom easily and move around. I feel like when i was a kid. I used to like to sit by the window but now it's more about kidding up for the bathroom and just stretching my legs yeah yeah yeah. No i yeah i know i like. I don't want to have to wake someone up if i need to use the bathroom so i i i'm very big into the aisle seat. People like the window i think because they can look out and they can also like lean against it too late yet. Yeah exactly the worst is the middle seat of course of course <hes> guys but today we're gonna talk about. If you get on the plane and you need to change your seat to write what do you do so but before we get into that lindsey what's going on with alexa well guys we have our podcast on an alexa skill so in japan or in the u._s. If you alexa you should activate the all ears english skill well and listen over there. It's cool because you can just tell alexa open all english angela open it for you and you don't have to worry about activating a podcast or anything anything so go over and check it out activate the all ears english skill and then say alexa open all ears english or in japanese alexa all ears english whoa in i._t. That's the japanese. I think at least now she's on nice. Maybe maybe she'll just stop talking. If we just ignore her we're not here. We're ignoring her. Yeah we're ignoring. Can you hear that. Can you hear my alexa skill behind in the in the background i can't i can't it just started the podcast esta. Oh my gosh okay. Just give me a second okay. I think we're fine. We're back right okay all right. Let's get into it. Okay okay the let's get into it so why why do people change seats lindsey like why did the people said in on your to or from japan s._u. Detainees bowl sometimes sometimes people just want to sit next to their partner if they're traveling together or they prefer one of the seats in general yeah <hes> yeah exactly so you know you gotta know how to do this gracefully right i mean i think it's a really important skill because to feel like happens a lot either your asking or you're the person being asked so. We're going to know how to do this gracefully right lindsay gracefully. I love that word. That's so important completely. <hes> <hes> yeah so. I think it's okay to ask but you know you should understand that. When you ask it could like either the person could be like yeah yeah sure or it might be a little irritating to someone right that that because they might feel awkward like if they want to say no yes. It's so uncomfortable. We'll to wanna toe if you need to. If you really want to say no but you feel bad right comfortable yeah. I think it's really important you do this correctly. <hes> just could make for like especially if that person is going to sit next to you then it's a little uncomfortable and i would also be careful about what you're asking. Because we know most people like like the aisle they probably went and selected that seat online. You know what i mean if they're in the aisle seat so i. I don't know if i would ask someone to replace the aisle seat like if you know what i mean like take their on the. I think that most people like the window. I always think that i'm unique for liking the i'll. I'll have to tell us yeah. Let us know oh guys come back to our blog. Dot com slash episodes. Go to twelve o three type it in and tell us do like the aisle seat or the window seat but i think most people like the i'll most dog. That's so funny. I really think that it's the other way i seriously let us know. I'm very curious now. Yeah i got to know <hes> uh-huh so yeah because definitely i have gone online to book the i'll see and when that person said they get sick and they need that i was like man yeah yeah so all right. So what. How do you do this if you need to ask so. Let's do step so i you know you have to do the introduction and so i would say something like oh excuse me or i'm sorry to bother you. Just something simple like that. Take guys do you wanna keep getting all ears english rush and not miss any bonus episodes. We'll just hit. Subscribe on your podcast player now. If you believe that the point of learning english is to connect necked not to be perfect that's what we believe and if you believe that then you belong here so go ahead and hit subscribe now thanks guys okay and then the next step would be to ask the question right and the best phrase here guys is would you mind. Would you mind when does a super useful phrase to make a request and i think we've done other episodes michelle on. Would you mind yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think so <hes> tom would you mind switching seeds. Would you mind if we switch seed something like that. That'd be god yeah and then what comes next while <hes> if you really wanna be thorough explained the reasons so you could say something like oh my husband's sitting in that seat and i'd like to sit next to him yeah yeah i mean i think it's definitely a better reason. If you get sick back to sit next to your partner i mean people can survive if they don't sit next to their partner for you know a couple of our flight by yeah yeah and then you wait. What are they going to say and then you either thank them for switching or if they say no you just say something like oh. I understand yeah. I understand that's good yeah or that's okay no problem you know those are all good things to say when they say no right yeah <hes> what else here michelle well if you are the one saying now saying. What are you say you can say. I mean i would just say something like oh. I'm really sorry ari but and then explained the reason like oh. I'm really sorry but i'm really comfortable in the seat. I chose ed or something like that right lindsay. What what what else what would you say. Maybe have you ever had the situation. He said no. I don't think so actually but i would say i'm really sorry i'm so sorry yeah. Those are probably really pretty good. Just apologize and just explain like explain. Why maybe you get sick too right. Maybe you're digging. You do need the aisle. That would be bad. Maybe in that case maybe you could suggest that the the flight attendant ask other passengers to try to find that person also get sick. The flight attendant could ask other other passengers for a switch doesn't have to be just you that helps out right right right right. That's true yeah. I think that's a good point yeah so guys. That's basically how you do it. You know just think about being everybody. Is you know uncomfortable on the plane and realize that asking someone to move a a slightly irritating to them or not but it's worth a try. There's nothing wrong with asking yeah exactly so let's do a couple role plays here michelle. Are you ready yeah. Let's do who it all right here. We go okay so i guess you are the flight attendant right. I know i'm just a person sitting on the plane. Okay excuse me miss yes breath. Would you mind switching seats with me. My family is sitting on the other side of the aisle. So if i could get an aisle seat that would be great. I it really liked the. I'll see i really liked the aisle seat and i specifically booked online understand. Thanks anyway sorry about that. Okay okay yeah fair enough. I mean you have to speak your truth right. Yeah yeah yeah okay. How about another okay. Here's another one. I'm sorry to bother you but would you mind if we switch seats. I'm pretty tall so i could use the legroom. Oh okay okay. Thank you so much. Yeah okay uh-huh okay so yeah. It's all about how you open up the request or it's all about the language you use how polite you are right exactly like this. This is so key <unk>. You're you're just you know. Everybody just wants to get going on the plane and get to their destination. So you just want to be nice. Everybody isn't a different and move on the plane and i thought it might be fun in the future to do a follow up on just talking on planes in general right conversations. Yeah that'd be fun so so you know it's kind of an art and it has a lot to do with reading people in connection yeah. That would be a really good episode. We should totally do that. I love it yeah so let's do that in the future but guys remember you know the tone of waste matters. I've had people ask me in a rushed away to switch seats like men and and like a just it doesn't make you want to help like so don't feel bad. If you need to say no to someone you know they will understand that it is your seat yeah it. It is your seat in the end okay so i like it. I mean what's the takeaway today i mean. The point is guys here. It's it's okay if you have to ask them. Wanna change just explain <hes> be nice about it as we said before and use the right words right. These are actually making a request. These raises will serve review beyond just this scenario but it's especially important because if you're rude you have to be in their presence for another who knows how long twelve hour around the world right so just be careful how you present it people yeah. That's a good point lindsey while this has been fun and happy flying everyone yeah i just remembered. I'm flying out to denver on friday on sunday morning actually for conference so i may have to try out these phrases this weekend okay well. Let us know how it goes. Lindsey good luck all right. Take care bye all right bye. Thanks for you're listening to all ears english. If you're taking i'll this year get your estimated ban score with our two minute. Quiz go to all ears english dot com slash my eight score and if you believe in connection not perfection than hit subscribe now to make sure you don't miss anything. See you next time.

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