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197 - Grandma Surprise


this is exactly right. Hello and welcome favorite murder. That's Georgia hearing kilkare. Forgot my line. I I forgot my lines. We had the whole show memorize immediately. Drop lines in the first one job. You had one job to memorize your podcast broadcasting line. How's it going good we're leaving for the UK? Tomorrow which is Tuesday's but this comes out on Thursday so it's two days ahead we're ahead and then we're also so early because we just record it live once so this one we're definitely off our normal system. Yeah so it's GonNa be we. We said we were GonNa put our the headphones on. Oh Yeah we're GONNA record that just to shake things got who's head worthies last time this is almost like dour we're in our own separate Like isolation tank away from the PODCAST will the hang on to hear each other. Oh No oh ooh ooh oh yeah turned on soon. That's exciting so we're wearing head by. millicent very exciting at home for you listeners. Kick mine up just yours the first one you touched this one. That's my now. You're where you're right. Hand is now get away from their area. That was. Yeah Okay Eh can now on. It's perfect for you because you can't hear anything right. Oh my God you look like such a podcast right now with your headphones thank you. I've always monitor to take kids who this is now. We're going to be able to hear all the intimate details of our voices Shannon all the times we clocked on the fucking fucking table on accident and all the time. Big Fake Teeth. Get in the way of me talking which is often these days. It's like our third podcast host. Your teeth that's right and they are. They will be heard. They will not be silent in my mouth but I hear myself drinking this can of wine yes I love it. How come I didn't get any? Can't Michael promoter canned wine from the Santa Barbara Weekend and get one. I wanted to say the can you just drank it. All Two thousand crush against your head must've been it and I just don't remember that because because you remember that weekend it was show off time the entire time. I kept saying that to a Georgia the entire weekend because as I described to somebody yesterday I said it was a really fun weekend but it was one of those things where every time we were in the room we were in the center of the room and there was a ring of people standing around us just staring like yeah. I can't resist that nightmare. It's well it's my. It's my thank God biggest dream since age five so I had to keep pulling myself back from really getting into it. I'll do it I need it. It's perfect from. It's my favorite. I need someone else to talk because otherwise we'll just like remember ruin we're on stage with About your hat chill like you're at your. You're happy I feel like I have been The it's showing off is relief my passion and there's nothing you know like this is the only thing that actually Lee satisfies it. Yeah having a podcast makes you a a nonstop twenty four seven show too yeah. I can't get enough attention speaking of attention and the UK in Ireland tour. There are tickets left in the only the only we shall we haven't sold out Dublin. Blin guys come on the twenty fifth you said you liked. Does we added a second show for Y'all come on Y'all come on y'all I mean I bet it's almost almost sold out almost sold out a handful of tickets. We'll just hand them out on the street if we don't sell them all in the handful sets right to people who there's GonNa there would be nothing worse than forcing Irish people to go to a show they don't WanNa go to. That's an audience who don't want just based on my American Irish experience. They're already a pretty judgmental things. They enjoy the most fun thing. Though without touring is is when like when we go to like a pub the night before we go to the car rental of the night before four and the person working there was like. Oh my Adam's such a big fan we go. Do you want to go to the show tickets so we can do it now for that night and download the great then. Let's you know what cancelled an announcement. There's no more tickets we're going to be driving up and down the countryside giving away tickets I think pubs whoever we see the farmers pulling hey in carts old fashioned style. Ethin- Still Nice. That's the first time I ever visited Ireland. We landed we landed of course Dublin but then we drove west to Doolan. I think was the first city we went to. And we got there We were walking up the street to our hotel and on the passing US was an guy driving a cart that a cow was pulling with a bunch of hey in the back and he yelled top. Top of the morning T. l.. But I think it was sarcasm though I think he was like clearly. You're a bunch of Americans experience you WanNa be having. It's like when you drive past a truck driver and you're like Hong. I was like Irish version of that. But it was says idea which is like another like the built in sarcasm culture where just like top of that Maron Intel Yeah Q.'s. Probably from Scotland in the whole accent was fake. But you know that's that's what they're like. Speaking of selling our souls There's GonNa be new holiday merch. Yes in the merge store great transition Beautiful seamless Segue Hugh. And now we're boom into the place as I love to be merch thing. We have some really fucking cool murph coming asset like so exciting. We're so anal about what we allow like to be merch right yes. It's important to Obama clearly important to us. We won't just anything we have notes. We have this we want this. We have these bright the ideas of like. Let's try this so everything that's going in on the twenty fifth of November is like all stuff that we are really into excited about including some stuff for murdering makers that's so exciting. Get to support and work with them. Yeah okay that's all I'm done okay. That was I. Don't WANNA I don't WanNa hear my problem all of these headphones I can hear myself talk. Yeah is it going to impede the. Are you going to get to self conscious. I might maybe for my story. I'll take off again over here. I'm couldn't love it more I'm like. Wow Oh wow I've never see I've never experienced great my fucking voices. Why do I sit in my house crying all the time I this was? This is a So we're always talking about corners. There are different corners crushing corners or whatever We pretty much just this on this. PODCAST Georgian. I just kind of say the things that we think to say every week. There's not a ton of planning there's definitely no pre writing except for the stories. We're trying to not follow through not follow through all the you've if we don't have to explain it to you and you know if you've been here for all that explanation look you know you're on your this is more of a starter information starter kit kit right now. You go look stuff but somebody's sentence so we've been calling things corners this whole time for three years just out of laziness but someone wrote in a great suggestion. It was her name Brittany Erin. It was on twitter. And she wrote to us she were to me and the podcast. I feel like your new segment quote. I I need to tell you. Something should be announced by drunk Karen so I guess last week I said that the new segment was going to be called. I need to tell you something because it was so general I was just telling you random shit but could ado let me tell you some Ono drunk carrying to tell you. It's not good. No Soup podcasts. It sounds like you got your period on the back of your pants tell you it's always. He's bad news. When it's coming up I tell you something came up twenty I need? I need to tell you Dan. We advocated yeah. Okay can always almost asleep. That's the other thing I realized about her. She's so drunk that she's right on the verge of just passing out almost almost night night so that anyway look for that future segment. That's never going to happen. I need to tell you something by drunk care. And then let's both collectively forget it. Set it and forget it right ideas. The dump cakes of ideas. It's the microwaving for one cookbook. The the idea of ideas. It's the Spoon Ula. It's a spatula spoon. You can flip it in scope and you can also. Oh you know Jerry spatulas or like the things you don't fuck in manned sling it statue me Georgia. I won't. Where's how does uh spoon happened since spatulas by definition are kind of flat lightly curved and his phone okay? So you're not gonNA eat cereal with this but you can get stuff out. If you need to pence you could eat cereal with it will be more depressing than just eating cereal with a wooden spoon. Which I think is so I have spoon? That's bigger than all the other spoons. I intentionally use that to eat cereal or you have to cram as much fucking mouth is possible. Yes it's I of the and it's to my detriment but I definitely have the eating attitude. If I'm going to do it I might as well go for it. That's what I'm that's my plan for the two weeks we are in Ireland. It's happening. We had a little discussion discussion before we started recording. About how exciting it is that we get to have t the in in the UK and Ireland were so excited about it and all the little things is that in in my. I'll just make it personal in my childhood and growing up candy was not it was not it was frowned upon. It was it was as I always had to sneak it and I wanted it all the time I thought about all the time. Candy and cookies and sweet culturally in especially in London. I will say or England. Sorry England in the whole country. They take an intentional break at three o'clock everyday and eat candy together and I love it. They call it cakes. Hey cts there's like cakes like little things and trumpets and they're really into twix. Yeah really into to all right. It's GonNa it's happening so hard when we're there we just get. We're going to get supported for our bad habits. Do you know what else we're doing when I'm really excited about what. We're going to football match. Oh yes and we have to sit in like is an area for people who don't usually go because it's so rowdy crazy. I love it. It's going to be the best. I'm going to be the one sober person and Unin tire. Stadium Walk Walk. I'm GonNa be the only beer free hugh and men's Noggin. Like we had some guys that would be that would actually be good penance for me to pay is I've handled events and drunk Georgia and get us out of a football stadium without getting punched in the face seen drunk Georgia. She's fun. She is fun done right. She and she's exactly like regular Georgia. It just gets a little bit like giggle earlier as it go louder louder gig earlier and a little more like sloppy a little meaner egner. Yeah I like it like talking shit on people not less to you but almost yes exactly to its choose someone else. Like almost in the bonding way. But in the way where it becomes almost out of like eared. You clearly don't mean it because you're just saying whatever comes into your head yeah. It's a really enjoyable thank you. I'm on our analytic arm grabbing. Which really Oh? Yeah that's me. Yeah there's a lot of touching when I'm drawing it's fun okay. Good yes never in Hawaii gene. We're in the bed complicity. It was real remember we. Vince ordered US room service the weirdest array of room service service or whatever and we're watching a movie and what whatever was happening. We were laughing so hard and you just kept hitting me on the arm and then eventually got aware of it. We're like I'm so sorry. Sorry and I'm like no I like it kidding. You like nudging you yeah I would make a joke and then you would slap and then you got self conscious about it. I'm like no no. This is what I hi. This is what I'm looking for. This is what I like speaking of what you I'm going to tell you. The guy live feel beholden to Yeah we got to pretend to be professional. Don't just didn't we never have. We simply don't have a recommendation Karen Actually Your I. I can't believe I'm recommending this to you because a so you okay that this is a travesty. There's a show called back to life. Have you heard of it. No okay. It's from the BBC. It's British drama and comedy series about this woman in her late thirties. Who returns home after eighteen years in prison for a thing that you like slowly either six six episodes the second? I've seen the trailer for the like a red headed. Yeah it looks amazing. It's on showtime we watched. We've been watched it in one night. Wow so you have to watch it and I will be I mean. Let's just tell you she. She's back from prison for murder. Judge right up our alley but then like slowly. It's hurts to tell you what really happened. And you find out all these crazy things and acting as great and it's just like in this seaside town of Kenton. It's just like us. What news from Ken? It's great you'll you'll love it back to life. You should download it for the plane. Actually you okay. It's so Brit. It's such a British comedy but stressing grading great. That sounds like our combo like right right on the Nah and Herald here will be my Sister recommendation to that one is on stars the series Dublin Dublin murders. Yeah and It's greats give the Irish some time on screen. I'll be there for supporting them. Do whatever they WANNA do. Although I have to say the the main main investigator heard Irish accent is so strong and foreign sounding to me that it's bewildering as you kind of everything zillow ooh slide from here. Everything is all a little side of remote and I can't fucking understand what she's saying. I love it and it's so exciting but the guy it is one hot piece. He snack crazy. That's what the kids say. He's a snack. Is he a snack. I don't know is he. Is he a BOP. I like over the summer people would call good songs. It's a real bob happening. We don't have to make up new words every three months. It's not required. It's not ah but this guy is definitely BOP snack for sure. There's something `bout he's a real snacky. He's is easy. WanNa bite right into that Song Long. There's something he is like. It's the beauty of men who have plane faces. No I'm not following you. You GotTa get behind me right now K.. Standing here something about a maybe. It's just all his shirts or super tight and he's the lanky type. It's just I do. Love check it out. I Love A guy. A girl Combo in it reminds me of the killing. Remember those ones. Hopefully that feel where it's like. She's all business and he's got his eye on her and he's like a little ex- Samatha like maybe undercover know. But that you're right for the killing this guy it's different. Where he's he's actually much more buttoned-down which is even more exciting but in him up but knit you love? I love a guy with like a tailored shirt. That can't help himself because he likes the girl that he's working with announced the I'm all about that story. It's right come on love ensued. It's because it's about respect that's why it's the pouch smart women getting some fuck in a love four not for this shape but for that is religion the fucking following up on DNA data. Brains Georgia Karen. November is when holiday entertaining kicks into high gear. Hey sorry an article is here to help you make this entertaining season stress. Free and beautiful. 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I'm pretty good added. My mom says I I ride the wall. You're looking for singer of belching proud of my mom is has ever been of me as my belching hang for real. He brings it up all the time. She's like so like I think she thinks. Well Georgia can Belgium vic. Why you loud take her? She's Garni from the Simpson. Just proved it love it. She's still mad at me about the book. Oh okay well. I'm still mad at her about a couple of times. So the fair's fair where there's always tension somewhere Okay so domina start with this. Okay here we go on the morning of August. Twenty Third Nineteen Seventy Three K.. In a newly escaped convict in Sweden's capital city of Stockholm entered a busy bank in upscale normal store I do I know Yom the Eric Olson walked into the bank wearing toy store glasses in the thick brown wig to conceal his identity and from underneath his coat pulls a loaded submachine gun and fires at the ceiling then in an ink in English with an American accent Swedish yells. The party has just begun and so begins the origin story of Stockholm Syndrome. Hope love it. We haven't done. I know and I would love to think my friend Carey Various Ellen. Better for me badgering her at a bar saying just give me an idea. I don't know what to do next week. On what about this. What about that and then what about comes into? How do we not do this when we were in Stockholm? Because it's not a murder. I think they'd right only recently that we're doing stuff that's not murder. Yes true. True wanted to be more on her good job. Carry Nice one so I got a bunch of an also had just a few months ago listened to episode of criminal about where they interview the one of the robbers. Yes and it's so of course well done. And then they got a bunch of Info from a podcast called memory motel where they interview one of the hostages. Yeah so I listened to both of those and got most of the Info from there and then from the Smithsonian Dot Com history dot com. Got The rest of the bill. Can I just do a quick sidebar. Lease he be judge on Halloween. Tweeden what do you do when a trick or treater comes to your door smoking cigarettes an I retweeted it. It naming laugh so hard. I don't understand I. She doesn't understand how funny now or how I think how. How's I think she is? She's the coolest all she's really young. She was like older than me because of how much she handles. Shit on that part cash and all. She's so professional professional she's like I think she's in her thirties. I know God bless her anyway just because this is if there's a criminal element source element Anthony. I just want to give props to. She's the best. I'm John if you judge and this is but this isn't this is my favorite word. That's that's right okay. So we're not trying to steal her shit a little bit not plagiarizing the name of her. What John Eric didn't know when he fucking the party is just began was at a silent alarm had been triggered and so in a policeman responded ended Yawn Eric shoots at at him and hits him in the hand? I don't know if this was just supposed to be a robbery that turned into a hostage situation because this was triggered or or if that's what his plan was to begin with so he shoots the at the policeman a history in the hand so then he Out Takes Three female bank employees hostage while letting everyone else leave. So He's let's talk about him. He's a thirty two year old career criminal and he had been a safecracker and was serving which is like such a necessary. Necessary job right. Yes there's there's only a handful of them out there and got they have to be good at it. That's right and he was serving a three-year sentence in prison for Grand Larceny. I mean he had achieved like a little bit of fame when an elderly couple had caught him robbing their house. At which point the elderly man had collapsed lapsed and the man's wife was like Oh my God grabbed his heart. Medicine is in the kitchen and he did it. And many continued ransacking their house house. Oh so he was known as the bumbling I I don't know what he was known as but like that. Got Him some notoriety. He was the criminal at the heart of gold. Maybe yeah still in got caught. Your you know. Maybe he wasn't that good at it he was just kind of making his way right. Sounds like that okay. So he was in prison but he was on furlough that day. I don't get Guinot at the shops and such when he took the fuck off and went out to rather than okay. So in Sweden you go to jail but you can also leave jail and do things things you'd like to do that means like you're on your way to being let go out soon reintroducing into society parole feel yeah Gotcha actually he was like. I'm GonNa ruin this and looking rob a bank. I have a passion for ruining in. Yeah I'm really good at it. So once the hostages are secured cured yawn. Eric Announces Demands for the release of the hostages. He wants three million Swedish kronor owner. metoo which is about seven hundred thousand dollars A couple of guns and bulletproof vests and a getaway car But you know the story. Yes but I mean it's all it's it's in the files with eighteen okay. You're not the only one listening given those and other thing. He insisted that he wanted was his old jailhouse. Buddy Clark Wolfson to get out of jail and help him in the situation so he was like calling support. Yeah Okay I'm a guy in another a buddy of his in jail so Clark Olofsson. He's twenty six years old. He's definitely a BOP snack. Okay sure great. He he serving time for armed robbery acting as an accessory in a nineteen ninety. Nine hundred sixty six robbery that had gone wrong and a police officer have been killed. Yeah so he's kind of a celebrity bankrobber and while he and Yon Eric who Who Clark describes as a quote useful idiot? Wow Malate wearing prison. Yawn would beg Clark to tell him. All the wild stories have bank robbery. It was almost like you know storytelling time. Sure and in his eyes Clark was the best that there is a robbing banks so knowing you is in a bad situation and needed help. He demanded that Clark join him. Clarke had been in solitary confinement events. Of course he was like fuck. Yeah at me over to that banks fucking do that where their lights and sounds exactly Clark is brought into the bank and he goes inside to join join eon at this point the unfolding bank robbery and hostage situation is fucking huge news. Oliver's like peaceful Sweden right sure the first televised crime crime in Sweden. And it's being broadcast all over the country. The public is obsessed with this crime and they fled the police stations With suggestions suggestions for ending this standoff some of those were soaping the floor of the banks the criminals would slip and be easy to capture. That happened to me in the bathroom the other day getting out of the shower and walk you see. Yeah I had a weird slip where as I was falling down I was like this is very dangerous and the scout it just kind of hit. My knee wasn't that big of a deal but I've now I know how bathroom slippers so that when the shower I immediately rubber soled shoes you life alert not yet but at that's I think next year do it okay. I may scary Be careful put towels down. Don't be afraid of bath mats. I'm a I'm a strict slipper person. Yeah you don't hit the ground. Yeah and I bet it saved me from some slip by US so another suggestion question was that they send a swarm of angry bees in to the bank to sing everyone into submission and they've played being hijinks. No it's the perfect solution bugs money. Thank you so much for calling in or drunk Karen. Many the jacket VACCO's meanwhile inside the bank terrified hostages are Are Taken inside a cramped opt bank vault which is like don't go in there. The hostages are tied up. But when Clark finally shows up from prison he takes command of the situation. He's like we're all GONNA be okay. Everyone calm down. He says it will all be fine and they're like oh he's our savior. Yeah the three female hostages are kristen and mark. She's twenty three years old Brigita Lindblad I don't know her age and Elizabeth Ogrin Who's twenty one? And they're all bank employees. Throw young women. Kristen later describes Herbs Clark as quote a mix between shake Vara and Jesus. Hey what's going on. Are you snack. Do you want a glass of wine. I'm feeling it with you And Kristen and Clark become close. Because he's twenty six like and she's three also. They're in a situation. That is the most heightened. Yeah like that's how people follow me of whether it's at your personal bank robbery or someone else's bank robbery as one of them has a gun to you true but isn't clerk the one that came in. Yes he hasn't called in and he's now part of this did he get called in from jail. Am and they gave him a gun. No he got. I don't know I can't I bet I bet yon had other guns and gave it to him. Yawns sounds like can you please stay on my hands. This is gone anymore and so I think I think Clark just took over the role that were robbing the bank. We have hostages and I bet you what he brought into that. That situation is that feeling like you said everything's GonNa be okay whatever where it's not some lunatic with wide eyes and shaky hands. It's it's someone that's like look we just want the money trying to do this. No Janas in charge undo what he does but making sure that knowing her yes and that I'm sure was great. Great a great feeling for those people who are only freaked out. And he's like Shaka Vara and Jesus. So Yeah I you know. I'm I'm just picturing whatever. The shirt he had on there was a v Neck element to the seventy s so as unbuttoned to the naval and there was just all kinds of hair. Everyone was a bear in the seventies so Clark Clark Orders Yawn to loosen the hostages ropes to make them more comfortable. And this is when the tide's turn and instead of being afraid of their captor captor is the hostages appreciate being treated with respect act which they didn't feel that the cops were giving them at that moment. They thought that the cops would fuck and blow down the doors and kill everyone. Yeah and they see Clark. They're saving grace. Yeah and Clark is the one on. Who's interviewed in the criminal episode? And he's just he's screwing irving you've been great. He's kind of a Dick though. These great akaki charming DHEC Nick. Well he's the kind of guy that would rob banks he like. Let's do it. I can handle it totally. It's a Clark also. Does a one surround the bank and finds an employee hiding in the closet in which is like yeah names Spin Sandstrom. He's collected and brought with everyone else making him the fourth hostage okay. So the hostages are allowed to call their families to let them know. They're okay and by the second day. The hostages were on a first name basis with their captors and they started to feel the police more than their abductors. When the Police Commissioner Actioner was allowed inside to inspect the hostages held he noticed that the captives appear to be hostile with him but not they were relaxed jovial with their captors? Police chief told the press that he doubted. The gunman would harm the hostages because they had developed a quote rather relaxed relationship. Which of course the the the public was like? This is amazing. What the fuck is going on? They even had a few phone calls with the Prime Minister Olaf Plum and they let kristen talk talk to him. You mean that's no man from plane plame how you doing I guess not good. It really change that. I've never seen it. I'm sorry no it's it's the man's name the Snowman's name is Olaf Right. Stephen Okay. That's it so so then I liked the imagine that this man has a last name and then eventually becomes prime minister's Tweeden everything about that so sorry again Dan show off. Tony embarrassed. 'cause I haven't seen it so I was like no I get that job and I didn't get that show at all. It's pretty high level. I have nephews nieces. They don't WanNA watch frozen. Yeah that's right you have a you have a whole other. Should have made cars draft mind. Graf Mind Graf So they let Kristen. The twenty-three-year-old hostage talked to him and she begs the prime minister to let her leave with the robbers in the car. She's like I've she says I fully trust Clark and the robber. I am not desperate. They haven't done anything to on the contrary they have been very nice but what. I'm scared of the police will attack and caused us to die. Yeah so even when threatened with physical harm the hostages still work compassionate towards doctor so So Olson suggested shooting the spin in the leg to shake up the police because is it had been. It's like this one on six days. Oh Shit Yeah and so at one point there. Let's shoot him in the leg to showing me in business and and spend said that he thought it was was kind of them that they would shoot him just in the leg and not in his body it is night. Yeah Yeah So. Elizabeth ogrin complained of CLAUSTROPHOBIA. This per is a low weird for me okay he. They tied a rope around her neck because they were in the bank and let her walk outside the bank vault and just hang out which is like a little degrading mhm but she was really grateful of it. That's like the one hint of these two are like the hints of Stockholm Syndrome. Making sense to me. Yes that there's that they definitely had a sway over these and they were doing things that maybe weren't the coolest ray at the people. Were just grateful that they were having a not the worst. I'm sure that that that the shape of all this was this is going to be a traumatic experience within it. It's not being traumatic experience. Like oh great or the little kindnesses in between that like make sure that everything's going to be okay which is all your fucking grasping for is that something is going to be okay. Yes and so so when people come along and give you those assurances then. You're kind of like wool now. I love you right as other than this. I'm just I'm blind. I'm in the dark entirely and I think I might die. So whatever you say to me is GonNa start becoming very meaningful and make you look very powerful right So so it isn't Hollywood. I relate entirely. It's like being fucking held hostage ultimately the last six days. That's fucking crazy along. Volt they close the door to the vault. They have no food and water and they have to poop and stuff in the corner for Real. I think so. I'm making that up. They were locked in the vault so they must have had to go to the bathroom in the corner. This is not criminal. There's here's your proof How is the big? I don't think so no I think so because I think a Kark says that the he appreciate appreciate them going through this disgusting filthy event with him and so I think they were sitting in a corner if they were shooting odd. I just be like you know what. Here's the the thing. Now I have. I really have a CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Around Shit I could be out in open fields but you six lend takeaway from this area. That's crazy what. Maybe maybe there's vault bathrooms. Maybe one emergency volt bathroom if you like when it okay you know how they have safe deposit boxes yes. What did a lot of people got a nice surprise fries the next couple of years here safety deposit boxes and you're saying how much is this? Shit were fifteen million dollars guys. We can make all of those folks because it's the the Stockholm Syndrome story which inherently is about the violence not affecting people in the normal rate. Oh Yeah it's basically our story. Our origin story can put anything into that. We want okay. Six Days Convicts Tuna Physical Harm to the hostages and on the night of except for the pooping thing very harmful very August. Twenty eight after more than one hundred thirty hours. Police may start drilling holes in the vault. The cops were and then they finally put in and tear-gas which is like such a Dick move to the hostages right right but I mean after. I think there's so much pressure the whole country's watching if not more than where it's like. Well what are these cops going to. It's going to suck for them but it's this isn't like we're not killing them when it can't yet when it came down to the end they were just like okay either. We drill holes and put tear gas house in or we go with the bees idea which I still don't think is a terrible idea. I'm still onboard with drunk. Karen's idea but B.'s There's there's A. There's a drunk Karen in Sweden called that in. She's like I can't do it. Swedish accent but The idea of they had to they had to move it forward. Yes Yup ever. It was stalling and they knew. I think the police at that time knew they couldn't do anything truly violent because right. They couldn't even being watched they were being watched in the whole thing became about police. Violence Clark called the newspapers and everything was was letting them know that everything is fine here. No one's being hurt just so that they couldn't spin the story and make him seem all violent and crazy. Amazing amazing. Yeah so Yon Unin Clark quickly surrender and the police want the hostages to come out. I but the hostages are like we fucking refuse. We know you're GONNA shoot them if they're laugh so they're coming out with us. Wow which is like. They're protecting their lives. Yeah point in the door with the vault the three women the three women Kiss Olsen Olsen goodbye and spend shakes hands with them for six days and the police seize the gunman and while that happens to the hostages. Cry Out. Don't hurt them. They didn't harm us while. Kristen Christon is wheeled away in a stretcher. And there's photos of her sitting up in her stretcher like watching to make sure they're okay she says. Clark I will see you soon. She liked Clark Clark I think and I think they ended up looking later. Yeah are you being serious. I swear to God criminal. He mentioned get we closer than friends. I swear he's a real. He's a cat. He's he's a real so-and-so Fella. It later came out that during the standoff. He had soothed kristen when she had a bad dream and he gave her a bullet from his gun. As a keepsake. Now I mean. It's just that it's Kinda Because somebody it's Li- here looking out for you. I'm like she's like oh I'm scared like also Taylor later. What if Jesus like you personally big? Jesus was like a bad guy. I know that is not our by Ram Rambo. I'm sorry I'm sorry but I think it is. The there is a manipulation. Obviously because it's not normal feelings non normal situation but I just keep thinking like like after six days you've hung out with people where they're like. Look I don't WanNa be a bank robber. I actually used to have a dream of becoming a great. Whatever things Swedish Niki working and it's like in my dreams were deferred? Well it's like they have enough time to get their stories straight. So it's like you can empathize with why they do you. And here's the other thing because the door was locked. They were also in the dark over the holes that were drilled into the into it. Wow so like that's they just went through some shit yet. They went to heart that really. That kinda turns that's spins it as well and the smell okay. It was like a stinky podcast. Where they all all became best friends? We dot flight. Let's start it Both the public and police were fucking totally perplexed by the hostages seemingly irrational attachment their captors. The police begin even to investigate. Whether Kristen was part of the robbery plot to begin with Oh like this is so impossible. She must be fucking part of this. Yeah the captives were confused is to the the following day. One of the one of the hostages asked a psychiatrist. Is there something wrong with me. Why don't I hate them like they were confused? Two psychiatrists were like let's psychoanalyze motherfucker. And compared the behavior to the wartime shell shock exhibited by soldiers. You know and explain that. The hostages had become emotionally indebted to their abductors and not the police for being spared death. Yeah right make sense Swedish psychiatrists neal's Bergeford dot later coined the term Stockholm Syndrome to describe the so-called captor bonding which became part of the popular lexicon in nineteen seventy four when it was used as as a defense for the kidnapped newspaper Heiress Patty hearst. Who assisted the radical Symbionese Liberation Army captors in a series of bank robberies? His her fucking that. It didn't work though defense and I'm still horrified by this that she was sentenced to thirty five years in prison and later it was later reduced to seven years. I like. That's so crazy isn't it. Yeah I still think it's a miscarriage of justice. The whole story is so only in the seventies could have happened happened because it was it was so and you know it was in San Francisco right so there. It's yeah it's just above and beyond everything and the all those like big. She is so gorgeous pictures of her. The whole thing is like a weird movie plazas let in real life conquers. The hostages were so the hostages wouldn't testify against a bank robber and Kirsten even lied on the stand. Saying that Clark had never held a gun during the six day standoff. Oh fucking live is going to. She was going down for her man. She said she wanted to punish in fact she said she would have given him a metal. were up to her. I mean charm goes a long way. I think they have medals for that. No now I do for the lack of extreme violent. Yeah for not good number one for not murdering yeah but in that scenario. Reo You're you work at bank. You kind of fear this all the time. You've already run through what could happen and how bad it could be so the thing is happening that you fear but it it's with people that are like we don't WanNa hurt you want this money. There's still that little bit of like chance that they could not things could go wrong and you could still will be killed and yet so terrifying. Yeah then you're shitting in a corner Part Yang was sentenced to ten years in prison for the robbery. And Clark. I didn't go to prison at all for his crime because he was like. You guys made me. He can't be no he was pulled into it but he's been back in prison many times since then. No Shit and so eve even after they returned to prison the hostages made jailhouse visits to their former captors. I know and Yawn was released in nineteen eighty and once freed. He married one of the many women who sent him admiring letters while incarcerated and they like had a a kid together they went fucking straight. They own like a mechanic's place or something. Wow had like a normal life so he has a normal life because of the being involved in that maybe will because she sent a letter. That was the inciting incident. You GotTa hope that's the movie plots got and since the Robbery Yon John is not been convicted of another any other crimes. Great and has openly apologize for the hostage situation awesome. Yeah and that's the story of the fucking Stockholm Home Syndrome. God I feel like that might be best case scenario any true crime story. You could talk us. I hope yours isn't horrible. It is the worst. Are you ready. Oh hold on. Let's be if you've been thinking about your home security. There's no better time to get it right now. Starting this week simply safe home security thirty is giving our listeners. Exclusive deals for Black Friday. Simply safe. Almost never has a deal like this. If you're thinking about protecting your home check it out today. Simply safe has everything you need to keep if your home safe entry sensors motion sensors a smart lock. That locks your door when you forget video doorbells plus twenty four seven professional monitoring that will dispatch police. Three point five. I times faster. That's awesome. I'm getting I just ordered a bunch of more sensors for every single window in my house. Even the ones that are on the second floor that really impossible to get into that person and that's what sensors are for sure cares. Put Him up everywhere. It's perfect I end the fact that they can go that deep like it's like what is the area you're worried about. We can say the thing that's GonNa make you feel better about This is already the best value in home security. You guys and right. Now you'll get all the savings from this. Massive Black Friday sale just visit simplisafe safe dot com slash. Save offer ends cyber Monday. It's Monday December. Second so go before then simplisafe dot com slash save. Goodbye reback ready to concentrate on. You are fun. I know I love him. I mean they're really good. Good Idea George and I just took a break in between just a quick bathroom break and I have to say first of all. We have to make a rule to the bathroom during taping. Yeah I'm not allowed to use the tweets down the bathroom. It's for foreign after only working allowed. I just I just did a serious amount of plucking for a while. I couldn't stop. But here's the thing as I did it. It makes me incredibly proud in grateful because because we run our own company now where we as Danielle who runs our network. Can you please get a spare tweezers for this bathroom because every time I go in there. There's hairs there where I'm like. Why is no one telling me about anything is GONNA be like this fine but we are gonNA need a solution for it and yet when need to be able to not feel like victims of Ron face and we work amongst and around people? We've we've gotten this crew with us that don't mind hearing about what a great plunking session. We just had an or maybe they. They just don't want to get fired. I mean hired. Stephen would be expressing his true feelings if he didn't feel so threatened. Yeah Stephen Say I have a little deodorant in the bathroom like I was trimming my mustache. Shares a little bit. Lives here nasty when you're not allowed to do that in the back room okay. That was just like a that was like a personal hygiene break that no one wanted corner. Okay we're prepping to a Go on this big trip and so and we just record an episode so this episode definitely snuck up on me so when I was looking for a story I I tried to think what happened. I'd done on that. I really WANNA do didn't think Stockholm Syndrome either. So mad at myself so what I did. Was I googled. The phrase disappeared appeared from the forest to see what would come. It's brilliant and which is a good way to do it because the first thing that came up was This amazing article from two thousand eight from the La Weekly that was written by a writer named Christine Policy was the guest. Is How you pronounce your name. And and that from that was the story that basically gave me this story that article from the Elliot from eleven years ago and then the supporting articles were found on murder our pedia and basically we. We've talked a ton about how la in the seventies there were all these freeway murderers there were so many serial killers in the south land in the seventies that there were actually subsets and types of serial killers that you could be in freeway killers. Were one of them right. And and this this is a this this hits on a bunch of things which is the disappeared from the forest thing the freeway killer thing and then you know the thing. I always talk about. Where because of of the way the news cycle is because the way the country is right now and the politics and everything that I always talk about? What are the things we're not hearing about? Because everything's getting eaten up all day by basically the crumbling of democracy and reality. And this is what happened in the seventies And that's why no one's ever heard of Mack Ray Edwards. The child serial killer the serial killer of children in Los Angeles before the seventy S. Okay so I've never seen this guy's picture of never heard his name. I don't believe it so it starts here a march twenty third nineteen fifty seven eight year old. Tommy Bowman Roman is on a short hike with his father. His brother his sister his uncle and his two young cousins. And they're going along the Arroyo Seco trail in Pasadena There from the beach the Bowman Family And they're spending the day in a basically Alta Dena together essentially. I think the family family from the beach wanted to go up into the mountains and hike around daisy like that would have been a track for the day back then and now. It's like a fucking errand you run yes and back and back then it was. It's like we're GONNA get into the coma without our cell phones and we're gonNA drive up into the mountains themselves on how they. They left their cell phones in the future. So and this is that that classic story toward the ends of the hike Tommy Racist he basically says to his cousins of all race you to the car now and they're only a quarter of a mile away away from the parking lot off the trail where they started. Yeah so they all watch Tommy race ahead and turn a corner and they never see him again. The fuck yes so when the rest of the get to the parking lot. They don't see him anywhere. They immediately called the police and then a week long. How did that turn on it? I think it goes to see the sand. Just fucking turned on by itself Fan. Just turn on by itself Steven if you if you invited I did ago old-timey fan that happens again if that happens so they immediately call the police these and a week long search ensues Fi- Helicopter Scour the eleven mile stretch of the Arroyo Seco from Mount Wilson in a San Gabriel's to South Pasadena They add more police. Officers even Tommy's father's named Elden and his Co oh workers from the company. He works for start showing up to help. Search for Tommy All on foot all in the area. Nothing's found Tommy's basically disappeared without a trace so there's no solid leads so investigators they're grasping for straws and there's theories that Tommy may have been taken can by a mountain lion You know or some like a wild animal theory. There was also a theory that he'd somehow wandered to do the they were right near JPL The jet Propulsion Laboratory. Leon Yeah which we got? We got a tour of tonight and And Scotty Landes. That was kind of close by so they were thinking he wandered into that parking lot and someone from. JPL kidnapped him there the thing they're just basically as Lee have really. Those people are too smart to together. And they're worried about space yeah but basically they're trying to theorize of what the hell could have had. There's no Oh of course evidence to support either of these theories and nothing ever comes from that so they kind of disappear and then two different female eye-witnesses come forward to say that. On the day of Tommy's disappearance. They had seen a little boy who looked like Tommy walking on the trail near Altadena drive in Pasadena crying and and they told police that just behind the boy was a deeply tanned. Disheveled looking man in Khakis and a plaid shirt. One woman says he's wearing a plaid plaid shirt. Woman's one woman says he's wearing a white t shirt so the investigators start questioning rest registered sex offenders in the area whilst Tommy Father's employer the North her corporation the one who people his co workers came to try to search that north of corporation puts up a cash reward for for information leading to Finding Tommy but neither of those efforts brings any new leads a few days after Tommy's disappearance an unidentified defied man Claims that he is holding. Tommy Bowman and he demands a twenty five hundred dollar ransom so an exchange is set up at a gas station in Eagle Iraq police of course are staking it out when the man arrives to get the cash police arrest him they find out the whole thing He is trying to get money thing to they do. It's such a strangely unstable and weird thing where people couldn't be in a worst place and you're like maybe I'll make money off. It's so gross. By nineteen sixty. The case of Tommy Bowman's disappearance goes cold. Okay so now. We skipped a fall of two thousand. I was in fine. What yeah nearly fifty years later in the fall of two thousand five an author named Weston Dewalt? So this is the guy who this article that I that that I've found is about about this author. So He is a successful author And he's doing research on the jogging trails near his house in Pasadena House Edina when someone tells him about long ago. DISAPPEARANCE OF TOMMY BOOM IS WANNA know how the river flows in my area Blake. Guess what your friends with the murdering. Clearly and someone's like you want to know how the river flows how. `Bout I tell you. What shitty things are happening right behind your house? Oh my God. So but but Western to wall intrigued. He's an author. He you know so he starts looking into this case. He states that when he starts doing this digging he realizes realizes quote. He made a decision that if he could find some of Tommy's relatives alive. I would write a book about what it meant to a family. To wonder for. Fifty the years right heartbreaking. So he gets. He's basically he's in he's like completely hooked by the fact that this boy basically just disappeared off the face of the earlier and nobody had any answers for fifty years so western to walt makes contact with Tommy Bowman's father elden an elderly actually invites him over to his house in Seamy valley where he now lives and when he when Western gets there ellen is laid out all the investigative materials. He's kept about his son's case for the past fifty years on on the dining room table. So there's letters and there's photographs and there's all the newspaper clippings and basically everything that Western might WanNa know. And after lengthy lengthy the discussion elden agrees to let Western to walt petition. The La County Sheriff's department to reopen the case So basically a dewalt goes and he starts meeting with LAPD to talk about this and how this case needs to be reopened over time he becomes friends with the cold case. Detective -tective Vivian Flora's Who had been working this case since that time and She helps him sift through all the case. File evidence in all the basically the available evidence and there when he's looking through it Western signs an eyewitness sketch of the tanned disheveled man Dan. That was seen walking behind Tom. This too I witnesses on and immediately western recognizes the face in sketch as being very similar to a photo he had seen while researching child abductions from the photos from nine hundred seventy and it was of a man being led into a courtroom in handcuffs and that man was fifty one year old heavy equipment at least at the time of the picture was taken fifty one year old heavy equipment operator named Mac Edwards. Oh God shells right. So he sees it in his leg. He's here in this. He's he's being arrested for child. Abduction so who is this guy. The same guy. We'll talk a little bit about Mac Edwards He moved he was an Arkansas native. That moved to Sylmar California l. -fornia in the late forties. He had just been married in Arkansas. so He's a newlywed. He had been a combat engineer in world. War Due to He he and his wife in Somare adopt two kids. He joins the Union of operating engineers and gets a job building and repairing airing. LA's freeways He's basically it just a heavy equipment operator and all. This is the time where they start building. All these freeways all around L. A.. Yeah and so. That's what he basically works on. He will operates the heavy machinery. The Couch Trans uses to build all these freeways into like degrade clear the land. Dan I know where this is going. Yeah you do okay. So he is described as having a quote generally dorky demeanor so he wears glasses. He he doesn't drink he doesn't swear He's very friendly. All the neighbors like him. He actually owns horses that he lets the neighborhood kids ride. He's also known taking the neighborhood. Kids camping bet he fucking in. Yeah so he's very well liked in the community because he's a great guy that so nice One thousand is in red flannel loved. Children get away rape all those sentiments. Go Away on March. Fifth Nineteen seventy one MAC Edwards walks into the Foothills Hill station the Los Angeles Police Department and he puts a loaded gun on the front desk and tells the on duty officer. I have a guilt complex. uh-huh so he's taken into an interview room where he eventually confesses to the kidnapping of three young sisters from Filmar. That had happened the day. Okay before okay so basically According to Edwards he tells police that he and a teenage accomplice had broken in to the three three girls home during the early morning hours after their parents had left the house for the day they were they were robbing the house and then then they abducted the girl so they were sisters aged twelve thirteen and fourteen. I do not know why you'd WanNa fuck with three sisters in that age range. That's dangerous. Yeah these idiots didn't didn't know it That they were about to find out They before they left the house. They forced the girls to write notes to their parents saying they were running away from home. Which is fucking evil so evil so they get the girls in the car? They drive to the Angeles National Forest which is two words. Yeah put strike fear into the heart at at some point during this abduction. Though two of their three sisters get away and then the third sister is left there Edwards and his teenage accomplice. Of course course panic. Edward knows that these girls can identify him. He's their old neighbor. Oh so they. They knew he was he was like. Oh this this is over so the the Edwards and his accomplice just leave and they leave the third sister in the forest okay so Edwards knows that sooner or later he's I'm GonNa get caught the this situation's gone totally out of control so he decides I'm just GonNa cut to the chase and turn myself in because it's going to happen anyway. Why wait for it and it turns out the good news about all of that? Is that those girls were not attacked in any way or physically harmed by those men. They basically scrambled the situation in and got themselves out of it before. Anything bad could happen. Tom May's aside from the the kidnapping shalt it's so awesome. Yeah I just think like there's you don't mess with sisters sisters. Don't mess with junior high level. That's right sisters. They will murder you. Yeah okay so So Mac Edwards He. He basically the police ask him why he decided to kidnap these girls and he tells them he planned to rape and murder all three of them holy Shit and then Edwards says to the police. Now there's other matters to discuss and Mac Edwards goes on to confess that between the span of nineteen fifty fifty three and nineteen sixty nine. Oh my he kidnapped and murdered six children. Oh my God. So this is what he confesses to. And what the police just have to. They can't write fast enough to say what what is happening. Here I it was an eight year. Old Girl named Stella Nolan so she disappeared disappeared from of the flea market. That are mom. Worked at in Norwalk On June twentieth nineteen fifty three. So the story was that Her mom mom to work. She knew that her daughter would be bored. She's an eight year old this big flea market so she said you can walk around but you have to come back every hour on the hour and check check in with me so I know that you're here and so that's what they that was the plan. That's what they'd always done and this day June twentieth when she was supposed to check in at nine o'clock she never showed up so immediately. The mother knew something was wrong. Stella was super responsible on really smart and would not have just blown it on. Yeah So she called the police immediately Louis but she was again. It was a child who just disappeared without a trace. no-one Sanni thing and that case went cold for sixteen years next was thirteen year. Old Don Baker an eleven year. Old Brenda Howell. They'd gone bike riding together. In San Gabriel Canyon on August Sixth Nineteen fifty six and they were never seen again Dan because the bodies could not be found this case there is just no evidence That case went cold. This confession was especially shocking. Because Brenda how old all the eleven year old was actually Mac Edwards sister-in-law he was. It was his wife's little sister that he murdered Yeah so so then. He swears that he's that he stopped murdering children for twelve years. He tried to get it all together. but that changed changed on November twenty sixth nineteen sixty eight When he shot and killed Sixteen Year Old Gary Rocha in Rojas home in Granada hills? Awesome then His sons classmate was a sixteen year. Old Name Roger Madison and Roger had left his house for the evening never to be seen again turns out that Edwards had lured him into an Orange Grove and were stabbed him repeatedly on December fourteenth in nineteen sixty eight so just killed him right. There finally Edwards confesses to kidnapping thirteen year old Donald Todd from his bookworm. A home on May Sixteenth nineteen. sixty-nine Donald Body was found under a footbridge he'd been sexually assaulted and shot to death so Edwards said that all all these crimes were motivated by an urge for sex so he assaulted all of these Johnson and that was basically what was behind all of this so these investigators know in this twelve year period. where he saying I was race? I was trying to be good my family and all this shit. They're just like no So so he basically he confesses to these six murders Pleads guilty to three counts of kidnapping and three counts of murder because those the they only have the bottom three victims He's immediately found guilty and sentenced to death and he sent to San Quentin and he's put on death ro The reason that we've never heard a or that. Lisa I've never heard of of macrey. Edwards is because right when he went to jail and all this like this story broke it was exactly at the same time as the Manson murders and when they arrested Charles Manson and the Manson family so so it completely got obliterated by the Manson murder story crazy. Yeah and this is a CIA this as I keep saying child serial killer serial killer a a serial killer of children. Yeah which is I think the worst I mean yeah it's also bad but yeah so basically he just disappears because of Mansa when he goes to the San Quentin who's to cells down now Charles Manson. Yes larose can you ended up boring that Vuk Nydia the whole the babbling that went on And that block but and there is actually a teenage prisoner. That was only denied is being named Roberto. That was the person between cleaned so he has Charles Manson on one side who he said he actually enjoyed talking amac Ray Edwards more because Charles Manson would be nice one second offering him cigarettes and then threaten to kill him the next second meanwhile Edwards was really friendly and normal the whole time but then starts telling him about all the the other kids and he's killed yes so he's doing that jailhouse confession slash Brag thing to the poor guy in the cell next to him where he said he couldn't sleep at night night because the guy was just talking and telling him all these other kids heat murdered so it's all bad. It's so horrible So basically when he's found guilty and he sent to Saint Quentin he tells he tells the court. I WANNA be electric an electric chair. Can you move me up to the front of the line. There's some people that are there. They're waiting and and they're sweating. I want I want to be in the electric chair. It's all I've ever wanted. Oh my God. They're like yeah. It doesn't work like that friend because it is all you've ever wanted now you'll you'll never get it right so fucking terrified of you. So the request is denied. He makes several suicide attempts And finally November member of Nineteen seventy-one Mabry Edwards hangs himself with a TV court in his prison cell at the age. Fifty two so August were now back to August of two. Two thousand. Six were Westerwald has dinner with Mac Edwards seventy six year old widow and her family way. Yes so he's basically saying I'm trying to investigate instigate these murderers. I'm trying to get these victims families some kind of closure kind of answer and He to that. Dinner Brings Bill gleason. WHO's a consultant for the California Department of Justice and so during that visit Max Twitter reveals? He'd written a confession lettered her right before his suicide from jail and in the letter Edwards says this about his original confession. I was is going to add one more. But that was the Tommy Bowman boy that disappeared in Pasadena but I felt like I would really make a mess of it of that one so I left him out of it Oh so then Dewalt finds that Max employer in nineteen sixty nine. Was a company called cursed construction and they. He had an equipment yard less than half a mile. From where Tommy Bowman went missing and in this letter Edwards also tells his wife that he'd only killed one of the six children Iran that he'd admitted to and the person responsible for the other five murders was his quote crippled neighbor as as he describes he basically told his wife he's trying to cover cover for this neighbor. Raise the one who did it when a hero so but west into what looks into this story. There's no neighbor there had been so then Western the wall the author. He tracks down Edwards arresting officer to get more information trying to fill in these gaps. Yeah and that guy points him him to another guard that Edwards kind of befriended before he was transferred to San Quentin so that guard. The Second Guard Tells Walt that Wall Imprison Edwards confessed best to him that he was actually responsible for eighteen murders. Not just six. Jesus when the Guard asked Edwards why he didn't confess to all of them Tom Edwards told him that it was because the cops had quote said bad things about me in court. Okay Dude they're allowed to. I mean you're a bad guy. Yeah but also. It's that weird kind of thinking. Where because they don't care about other human beings and they don't think about other things or whatever they he doesn't see the difference between confessing confessing to these six and letting all these other people off the for children? That discipline peered out of the blue. Yeah for these poor families. Yeah so then. And the The guy that was in the cell between Manson Ardo and Edwards Roberto Verte. He said that Edwards confessed to at least twenty honey cheese us to him We may never know the true count of his victims authority authorities. Believe it's definitely safe to assume it's more than six excuse so the bodies of three of Edwards known victims Don Baker Brenda. Hal and Roger Madison were never found But a detective Flores had been focusing her efforts on finding Roger Madison's body she finally gets a break when she discovers. There's a transcript of Mac Edwards Confession Russian of the murder of Donald Todd and in that confession. Edward says did he stabbed Madison in a Sylmar Orange Grove and buried him along the twenty the three freeway on Cal Trans land in Moorpark but that freeway was still under construction at the time. So Flora's finds a retired retired CAL trans employee. This is how hard she's case on the edge of my say she finds a retired cal trans employees who had kept detailed logs of the work. He had done over the years like where and when so using his logs they're able to pinpoint the exact location of CAL. Trans had been working along on the twenty three freeway on December sixteenth nineteen. sixty-nine so three months later detective flora's has a core sniffing dogs sent to the area That where where they were supposed to have been working and Those dogs all find the same spot. They all kit like fifty years later and under cement rate and So they that's when they're like okay. This is where we're GONNA start so on October. Six two thousand in an eight floors and her team start digging up the area next to the twenty three freeway and more parks they dig for five days and Even though their DNA tests taken of the area that showed that Rogers DNA was there around penetrating radar. said there was something buried there and of course the logs showed they couldn't find anything and if they kept on digging they were going to have to shut down. The freeway could have been like you know five fucking feet off. That's what's like such a bummer. So frustrating and because this guy Essentially be they're commissioned down the freeway so the so the dig is called off and there's something so especially sinister the fact that he this. This was the plan all along because when when he was working on this freeways basically he would time his murders knowing that they were about to go do now Basically be building these things things so yeah the night before he would go dig the hole and then put his his murder victims in these graves and then the next day it would all get covered over by cement and freeways pets the creepiest thing. I've ever it's so it's like the the original freeway killer Miller story where it's like just bad vibes like that's what this is all a bad down here. That's what this fucking creepy road rage. E arrows it was it was all rule that rural back. Then yes and like it was all families trying to come out here and make a difference and you know. Make their away. Isn't it wasn't Hollywood Renault. And it's just it's crazy it's it's so not So a sad is. That isn't ends unsatisfying. That is basically shut down the freeways who cares you find those remain. Yeah it's basically red tape. It's Dr Happen. What's cool in lovely and small but still important is that Roger's sister came and she got to leave flowers next to basically the excavation invasion area where they were trying to find him and they The police who are standing by and the CAL Trans Employees. Everybody like remove their hats and had a moment one of silence for Roger Madison and his loss of life and then they basically had to cover it all over so despite his claims. No one I believe that. Of course Mac Edwards went dormant for twelve years between Brenda Hal. And Don Baker's double murder and Gary roaches murderer So Weston Dewalt. Vivian Flora's many lapd cold case. Detectives continue to this day try linking Mac Edwards movements and personal time line with all the cold cases cases of missing and murdered children in southern California and that is the deeply disturbing and little known story of macrey Edwards L. as least known serial killer of children clan. Who Knew is net? Fuck let a crazy story. Yeah good job thank you it gets. It's me in so many ways. He's the owner. He lets everybody ride their horses Johnathan. Hammering he's molesting murdering piece of shit he also they eventually you know as they dug up all these Files and everything before he left Arkansas. He had molested a girl. It was probably the reason that he left and came out. Yeah so it's like he's just got the longest track record. It's just so and what a perfect place to come to when you're like in a small town in Arkansas That you get run out of because you're molesting someone you go to. La where it's like. It's a big sprawling. You know anonymous city yet. That's growing wing. Yeah gotta be. The freeway aspect is so chilling and also the way he did it where somehow he was able to Get in and out of these places unseen an unnoticed. He's like just kind of the master of that thing where however he did it and the idea yeah. The Tommy Bowman was crying when he was walking. That's a man was behind him. Clearly he knew how to very quickly like win the favor of and then intimidate. HSA Or is it a time and a place where you mind your own fucking business and so no one is noticing these things and it's just a kid crying and upset and I don't think I mean Dad yes none of your business right. It was so long before like this is so much stuff. Yeah Stranger danger. It's pre- The everything where it's like. You could hit your kids. You could hit your neighbors kids. Everybody gets hit. Yeah every TV errors. No one gets looked out for kids are out hiking being alone. I mean he wasn't but you know is that it was the time where he was just like. Sure if you want to go off and wander around for awhile sure do. Yeah just just didn't know we didn't know polite to adults and and assume that if somebody you know whether it's owns horses or goes to church or whatever is like everyone's buying everybody else's mask just a hundred percent right and like sounds good if you're a man of a job Bob and your blue collar and on your nice yeah. No one's children camping. Great good job. Thank you that that I need to put something in Google similar and get a story like that because I was fucking. Yeah pater yeah really was holding. It was horrible. It was Dorsal Ursel. Peter the worst of all Peter's but also it said the thing where you I always think I've heard everything. Yeah you're of course not. There's so much terrible shit out there so much and we promise we'll bring it to you a second find out about it. We almost one hundred episodes. Can you believe that we have to do a a good one for a two hundred Stephen. Just do it everything we've ever had to do. What was the other day of compilation of the like one word from every episode Stephen? I know you're busy Stephen. If we're GONNA do it two hundred episode of we just do like a great moment from every of Georgia goes sorry. Sorry sorry I'm from Canada. How Oh oh yeah? I don't know I just wanted to. He's kind of running exactly rights audio engineering kind of producing juicing five other podcasts right now simultaneously as well as several pilots But yeah no that's not gonNa work out what's your I'm into and do you have a cigarette cigarette gesture to Georgia with Dan. It was pretty fabulous. This is like meal in Grammar school another way to get a little attention pretend to smoke as a child it's paid dirt pay dirt so funny Do Do you have a secondary. I'm sure I do. Okay I guess my fucking array is like a future fucking array like. I can't wait to step onto that plane tomorrow. Hell yeah thank. Our all. Can't wait and like so. My therapist is like you have to do five positives every day. I can't think cold you can Ireland fucking air. I can't it's GONNA be Christmas Eve over there and shit which we're going to eat the best fucking food. Yeah we're GONNA have all the time on the airplane to work. That's terrible terrible. It's just going to be great. I'm really I'm really looking forward to this trip. And then the three of us are going to fuck in Barcelona. Yes the last three days just to have A. We're calling it a work retreat. It's a company retreats right. I can't wait it's going to be one. We're GONNA eat so much I love it. You you know that the company retreat is me laying in your bed in your hotel room. That's being more top Get Him for you. Just give me four hours I'm so happy to hear you say that because you know by the end of our sp the fuck into into winter spring tour which really was just the entire first half of twenty nine thousand nine hundred. It really felt like neither of US ever wanted to do it ever again. Dan was so you know it was long. It was consistent. It was whatever so. I'm glad I'm glad that you know took enough time off that this is actually like ea ea you too because it is so fun An exciting I think mine is I I definitely want to piggyback on that because I am truly so excited and but I'll but also today so I of course leave everything last minute today in between six other things that I'm supposed to do I ran to macy's just to get some tights and what have you actually get using But as I was standing there in line which was very long and I started my head. Ed basically like as if I'm on the phone going can you please hire more people. Yes the holidays. There's like it's one o'clock in the afternoon and that were eight deep here the law in the laundry section as But instead of doing Nazi kind of trying to My my thing that I'm working working on now. Thank you Tara. Brach is just awareness of what you're thinking so that you can change your thought patterns so if I'm standing there and my habit is mentally mentally yell at people maybe just put the pause on that and see what's actually happening around meet that could be enjoying instead of being in my thoughts negatively. Okay and I'm standing. I realize I'm standing next to a huge display of pajamas. And they're they kind of cozy and they're like flannel red plaid pajamas. Yeah so I start touching like I you want Flynn on red pepper. Plenty Janice out of nowhere. This lady comes around the corner goes. I got pajamas. Just like that for my grandchildren. They all matched. We took took a picture. It was the greatest. She starts telling me some story prize. GRANDMA GRANDMA WHO had no there was not even it was as as if I told her. Could you meet me here at one. Talk Talk about this wish. I had a story about these pajamas and then boom around the corner and I realize when I'm not in my ahead projecting and making problems or trying to work through problems. I'm the kind of person people walk up to until random. Yes okay one hundred percent sent it can keep myself present. Okay and that is I have to remind myself. I love that the way she told me that story. And as as if it was vital information to know that was going to help me decide whether or not it was going to get these pajamas I was just like yes and then she can get as she walked away all they. I wasn't thinking of them really for me as it was conceptual. But I was like Cham- Christmas. My sister always gets me pajamas and slippers at the best fucking gifts for people. Everybody always needs. It's an wants the best always but as she walked away she goes. I don't know what I'm GonNa do this year and then I yell after her like you can beat it. You can do do it if you did it last year. You can do this year. It's like it was the funniest moment so anyway it was just a little reminder like open yourself up to surprise grandma's us. Yes because that's the that is the stuff of life. Yeah it's not the satisfaction you get yelling at people because there's not enough people working at the the counter. That doesn't give me anything. It's me entirely just mental. Yeah we're of like being mad or or stay in Missouri Anal Glands and Shit like no. It doesn't do anything and also it's just like an. I'm lucky enough to be here shopping in place you're going to get to the front of the line at some point. Yes you might talk to us. I'm really obsessed with praise. Grandma is kind of the greatest because also they're all around us. But if you're not if I am not paying attention and if I need to feel I like the way I control. The world is pre argue everything so the arguments ready. It's I'm ruining my own. Good time. Okay and I and I think I'm getting okay. Okay at trying to keep it in mind but like especially on this trip. Yeah that's when you need to do it the most because I if somebody lights yes and used anticipate this is going to be bad in. It's like no no no. These are all charities to have surprised grandma moments. I love it Oh my God. That's it right it's answer delay So let's let's all we'll keep our surprise grandma diary for our back and tell these stories all right. I'll see you at lax tomorrow and we'll do it with. We'll have a goes rides grandma satirize grandma come out wherever you were awesome love it love it. Love it fucking thanks for listening guys. We appreciate you so much. I was at a bar our last night and this crying girl came up to me freaking out and said I just got dumped but see. I'm seeing I ran into you and it made my night. Oh shoes so sweet. That's such a nice thing for such shitty for like fuck him. I'm so happy to meet you and your friends are all around you. It said to look up your murdering our friends here. Yes such a Rad community. You know as you say that. Sorry but I just had one where I walked into the starbucks. I was actually just walking. came out of the starbucks and a girl was walking in and she had the moment as we were passing the doorway where she went and I stopped stopped and I was like Yep and then she didn't know what to do and I and I had I was on my. I was already ten minutes late but I had to stop at starbucks and she stood there for a moment and I was like hi good to see you and I was trying to kind of ended and then she just looked around in new started going to the progressive starbucks and so I just laughed so I apologized to her because her excitement was real. I'm sorry that I don't like that. They liked the beginning and not the end so I bail apologize apologize so different. We we really but this was a small quiet starbucks. It's just been super a part of it was like idealized back tomorrow. I need to be able to go back Medicare place a couple times. I'm among shoulder winning. Who the fuck She must be some lunatic That was the point of saying thanks. You guys for yeah so lucky supporting even when we when I don't make it seem like it's all I want is what I want to thank you for doing it if the world our so grateful. We're grateful we get to go to the UK and Ireland again. We can't wait to tell you all about it. Amazing it's GonNa be real good right So thanks for everything. Stay sexy the and don't get murdered by this. You want a cookie. You've been thinking about home security Karen Karen. There's no better time than to get it right now. Okay that's right because starting this week simplisafe home security is giving our listeners. Exclusive deals for Black Friday simplisafe. Almost never has the deal like this and this is already the best value at home security and right. Now you'll get all the savings from this massive black Friday sale just visit simplisafe dot com slash. Save offer ends cyber Monday Monday December. Second go before that simplisafe dot com slash save bye.

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