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As a sip of what? This is Jason J. Louis the Voice Superman on Justice League actions wave and while you're listening to the Krypton reports and you're listening to be all things for Tony and podcast superman and supergirl. We discussed game cartoon shows and find us on facebook youtube and twitter and the Krypton report hold on Sarah Brady the down of me Solomon. Solomon who else is here with me and Solomon in the background of cave in the quiet stillness of the night. You can hear Brian. Peters Hi Brian Hey Tyler Hey James Yes James. I am here the corn and with the jacket. Who was going to tell us. All the living in the mask is a good thing. Oh my back my back back will break you house boys Berlin bad going mad so going to blow gonNA blow something up on. The streets will run with razzies as he so today. We'RE GONNA travel back to the farthest that we've ever gone back in our superman watching can't go back and you farther than we did reading. But we're going to discuss the first episode of the Superman serials starring Kirk Alyn Superman. Who in some ways as the forgotten superman and we're going to discuss the Max the first episode of the Max Fleischer Cartoon Series So without further? Ado let's take a trip back back back. Which one would you like boys like to do. I can do the cereal I I say cereal. I gotta go on on in the background here. All right so the Superman serials starring. Kirk Alyn Superman premiered in nineteen forty eight nineteen forty eight with the first episode called Superman to Earth clocking in at twenty one minutes. Now I'll tell you right now. What I find interesting about this episode is how much the beats of this episode. Feel like the pilot of the adventures of Superman. I definitely took a lot of elements in the Veterans Superman from this absolutely. I mean we've got even Saragan we have they save the baby and the rocket explodes. There's no traces have a long opening scene. Crypt on with voice over in the solar system. We get was sad. It's like this episode is it's interesting but guys on Krypton here they look like they're wearing drapes for cloaks. Yes grabbed. Just GonNa say that this down so it's like they stole the drapes for my grandma's house from your greatness and they're all angry with not forget. What are you doing? The Planet Five Room. They're they're they're upset because they don't have any baxter chairs just sitting on benches and you got one. Guy Triangle Chair. You know what bugs me about this? We get so much on crypt on and then we get very quickly. Do we get the earth scenes. And then it's the end of the cereal is the end of the episode much like how much how. We were teased her. George in the adventures of Superman pilot teased superman here. Just as much guys think Oh. I think that the baby looks absolutely terrified. Going in about a rocket there. That's for sure and and if I'm trying to remember lake because it's been awhile since I so I watch this episode. It doesn't it. Doesn't it just end with him turning into Superman for the first time? So yes. So we'll remember episode K. We have a very basic crip. John Mean it's fun to watch just the rear projection the giant rocky age. So in is a twenty one minute episode at ten minutes and twenty seconds here comes even in Sarah. Finding the rocket And the rocket is beautifully drawn. Excuse THEY DO. A good job with like miniatures was they. As as Krypton is crumbling Mike The dam collapsing. And the and the buildings in the house doesn't stuff like collapsing in on themselves. Play Ian tell their miniature but they did a good job with them but that like one thing that I thought was kind of somewhat cool about the cereal is that is that mixing animation with with five action. Because I mean some parts it does look ridiculous but some parts it just it just makes you chuckle a little bit like it makes it a little bit more fun especially when that rocket crashes and some when Superman goes often a burning building later on. That's that's that's a special that's the special effects that's the real special effects right there. Yeah Darn right screen at all just drawn right over. The frame can't do that. Cgi I call. Paul can't hear rocking a mustache and a Su- done quite look like a farmer. Wasn't it like they were supposed to be driving home from church or something like one of the earlier stories? It was something like that because they search. They have their superman the movie except the baby or close ups of a baby when they're actually holding the baby. It looks wrapped up. It's not moving. It's not doing anything. Quote only takes when he takes takes court out of the out of the ship that baby skip as stiff as a board so it is shown. Is that when he it over to Sarah? Well here's my favorite. You must be is when they find the baby cake. And then we get this little montage of Clark Baby Clark pulling a cart like we're talking like toddler Clark pulling a cart on the fort on the chores. And then we have him looking in the haystack. Using his X ray. Vision comes out with a needle or her watch. Remember her watch. She left in the Haystack. So you some Nice. Little Young Clark's and then this set of like the inside of the House looks almost identical if not to the adventures of Superman House. Set like you just. It's probably the exact same says and then I that little that little clip. I think James is watching the background. And he's where I am. I'm seeing him. Look through the Haystack right now. But that low image is kid on that court. Ma'am hilarious. The Hay Bale Bale tastic different of court. The Classic Tornado beautifully drawn by animation. Here that show enough paused in his car is Clark is running. But it's funny. We have baby. He didn't like toddler boy. Now have teenager and we're at fourteen minutes five versions in one episode. I didn't even think about that. It's just been boom boom boom power lines down. But it's just it's an interesting introduction and then we have the power line seen heart almost into him being a man I find it interesting. Just how much things change from a storytelling point of view? Because there's no reason given by Clark would wear classes Clark has classes on. I find it I find it Clark. Kent decided to have a talk with him. I love the over arching raider to this fifteen minutes every I got our first. Look at Kirk Allen Right from the nineteen forties signing him about your different from other people another planet here a man now and. I'm sure you've noticed these things. These changes right. You've been pulling a cart since you were two years old working as a workhorse on this farm. That's why we were so profitable because we didn't have to pay for help. And if you've done. The work of twenty men must use my powers wisely injustice. The world needs this man. You must leave this farm well they. They instilled something in him over the years. Now leave. I'll get a job that will keep me close to the world events. Anything happens I'll know about. Here's a uniform my made up. Maybe I'll start smoking a pipe like Utah the interesting thing though the narrator and shortly after both both Kent parents passed away too. I mean it was just like I hear heart. Shortly after this clocks clerks foster parents passed away both of member their last wishes. It's like the notebook they fell asleep in each other's arms. Maybe I mean I remember I was off. I was just holy cow. Like gave him the speech. I mean how shortly after he's wearing the same outfit. We're going to go take a NAP Clark. And then never wake up. Now we do get our first interest in this lowest lane play. He'll who would later go on to replace. Phyllis coates on the Georgia Series so our first live action lowest lane and I like her as Lois. There's ever been one bad lowest lane fellows. Yeah she was just too young dude. She was like twenty years old when she was doing that she was too young. Did NOT DEPART INEXPERIENCE. And just sucked. Clark here's a whistle and look down at the tracks. Track is like Lois though. Jimmy's like I'm GonNa go take a picture of. She's she can wait. She knew exactly what he was going to do. Love the people running by trees. Stop thinking with your head and do do this. I think I think one of the best. What was his opinion? I really do I. I agree right right. Nineteen minutes boys. Here comes the train. Barely I mean. They got to end on suspension. Right there guys running down the tracks trying to wave down. He's not GonNa make it says clerk the rail the rails broke broken train whistling cork. Looks up this for some serious those something serious to bend to bend a train rail like that then he runs behind a Bush comes running out leaps over the rails starts to push it back and cut. Can Even Superman Save the day? What will happen when Clark metropolis and man? I understand the nature of the cereals. A much like the first episode of the George Reeves Adventures of Superman. You really didn't give me anything. Well at least you know the the George Reeves George Reeves Adventures was it was designed to be episodic so the first episode had an actual ending to it whereas this designed as a serial it was designed for people to come back over and over to see the next part so it was kind of like right along movie. Type thing they lie. Leave you on a cliffhanger so you WANNA come back and see the next chapter of the story but one one day. Play this like in the local nickelodeon and the forties by people begun to see like a major pitcher. This would play before that we keep people keep going to the theater to see movies every week. You'd see this scene news real. Yeah you'd see stuff like that. That's precisely why I'd always left on a cliffhanger. Absolutely you'd get short from much three stooges heck yeah man. I mean it was a thing when you go. You'd get a whole bunch of stuff you get a newsreel. You get you get three stooges shorts. You'd get Superman serial and you'd get a movie or something. Movie Theater is the best way to wash things do you know how old Kirk Allen wasn't he made his debut as Superman? I do not think against sixty five. Take a real forty two thirty five thirty seven thirty seven well. Same Age George Reeves. I really is you. Boys Know How old Chris was when he debuted a superman. It's like twenty four twenty seven twenty four. I'm pretty sure at least when he when he started filming. He was twenty four and because it was about the same for Brandon Ralph to US right around the same age as well. Henry cavill was a couple of years older like twenty seven. That's okay that's one. I'm Howard was dean. Dean was in his late. Twenty s early bird was dean an early thirties. Twenty four when he was cast and Superman movie so that was Christopher Eve so just interesting to think about like you know. We always think of the idea that Superman appearing like his thirties. You know it's just an interesting kind of like how he was Kinda. I was Kinda like Superman starting points about thirty years old. Same Fat man. I was kind of like that. Thank experience the world will have more before he just go in there. Thinking was about he was about twenty six so interesting. Yes it is. But so I like the Kirk Allen. Cereal and it's just one of those like for reviewing the first episode. It's just like it just leaves so much more to be desired because it's like you just seized the in. Yeah I mean you don't even see metropolis until three minutes and forty five seconds in the second serial like things things will start. Things will start cooking to like really end. The first episode. So maybe maybe again I kind of get a for you as a whole serial one big giant movie. I guess just one episode. It is also kind of hard. I think to break it down and do because each set a serials like so many cereals wouldn't do like one storyline so we'll have to like try to finish out a whole arc but it's interesting to kind of go back and look at just that one. Snip like if that is what you I saw. Would you WANNA continue watching I think I think that's a really tough question. Because like I I think we had this discussion. You know good main times like you know Superman and and all comic characters they kind of have to change with the Times so so if you're asking like does this hold up for somebody watching Superman for the first time I don't know depends depends on it. Depends what else they've seen. You know it depends how old they are. What else they've seen. Because if you were to see if you were to see you know Spiderman our vendors now or you know Dark Knight Nolan and then you never saw superman before the new saw this you know you might be like I'm not impressed. I'm sure today's Today's audience Nino. It's for today's audience to it. Takes a little too long to get to right superman and then I mean if you're not going to watch at least a few of the just to see one of only the only get Superman for last minute and a half Not even not. Even you get superman for the less than a minute. I mean if that's all they see that's not really most people aren't GonNa are going to be like okay well like. I'm done with this unless they watch the first few and they get a little more I haven't actually. I haven't watched passed one. I saw the very beginning of two but I didn't continue forward with it at the at the time. I've seen them Bob where it's been a long time but I didn't do them yet for this re just because I wanted to focus on this and not in any other one exactly So you know it just. It doesn't give much a super It does go on. It does go buy a brisk pace with it being twenty one minutes and just you know beat to beat to beat. I mean it's been a lot of time on Krypton. Yeah I mean. It's the first time you see a live action. Krypton and stuff like that and and the idea that Krypton is is going to be destroyed and why croutons going to be destroyed kind of giving a reason as a except for just you know Krypton explodes and a baby. Cal L was sent off planet. Like that's that's all you got but pretty much before then you know so. It was kind of like the first explanation that they gave for the destruction of Krypton on what happened. And so I mean it's it's expanding the world of Superman Remain for today's audiences. It probably wouldn't probably wouldn't hold If you're like us in your bit of completeness and you WanNa go back only see some of the early stuff just even watch it once. I think if yeah I've watched it's been a long time and I don't remember all of it just like I used to watch the George Reeves Adventures of Superman series With my grandparents you know on and off when it was on nick at Nite or whatever it came on I haven't sat down and watched it straight Like I should have. I've watched I've watched most of it but I think if you're a fan you need to at least see least once just kind of like remember where you came from type thing right. I I think that mostly like per I think most of the cereal and adventures Superman Can you know the older stuff is for that more serious fans that more serious fan? That wants to look at that history superman than wants to see that old stuff to see that golden age healthy came to be I don't know if I would use it as a starting point You know for new fans are like you know. Hey let me see something superman you know. I've been watching more will forever. A London Superman You know it I. I don't know if it holds up to be good launching pad for for the new fans but assist oriented US completion. Est was you know core Superman fans It was is really good to watch like when DC universe launched. I I watched this right away With with George was vigils Superman Shale just because it's something that I never got to watch too much active. Remember much of the eventually superman from being a kid but what I will say. Is that the cereals. The action and suspense. It does flow pretty good. Because it's like it's just movie and it has those cliffhangers the venture superman at least to me. I I kinda I kinda of really like I like those classic Superman Villains. I like seeing lex luther. I like seeing a you know maybe a Matale every once in a while or or something. And Richard Superman. It takes a while to build up certain things and and see super powered man. That can do anything you know. Just oh you know. We're going to go and find some Guy Robin Jewelry store or something you know. It's the CBS's as the wrong with superman some of that in a way because I like some of the adventures of Superman stuff about well. What would brand do play a role when he just do everything in these very normal average every day situations we all we all look at? You know the powers of like what Superman you couldn't say drop Henry Cavill Superman in the adventures of Superman show. You know like I would just be too power. You know what I'm saying. So it just kind of goes by the time frame of what the capable of and like you said I feel like these serials are great. They're great for like but I met a lady at the dollar tree one day. I had a superman t shirt on. Do figure I do all the time. What's Superman shirt? And she started talking to me. Solomon was with me about how she grew up watching the George Reef series. You know it was just kind of cool because we know she asked me if had ever seen it or knew about it and you know we just kind of sat there and talked and I was again. It's kind of interesting like it. Made her happy and brought things up and it was kind of sad that she just assumed that I would have never have watched these as a fan. But that's what you run into a lot of times with things so isn't it isn't it. Isn't that just wonderful? That like you just wearing a superman shirt gets you talk about something that you love. You're passionate about just with other people and like you said as you talk to different fans being the Geeks that we are it is. It is nice to just like yeah. You know. Georgia's Superman was my favorite tour. Christopher Reeve Superman was my favorite like everybody has their own favorites. They have their own that they love the most. And it's just brings us more together as Superman Fan community. And what's fun and just idolize Chris so much that nothing can be him or ever will be and they they take out joys of fandom because they only want this one thing and that can be the problem. The problem with that is you know. There's only one Chris. So why are you trying to make other people like him? You know his his not going anywhere if you don't WanNa if you don't you know if you don't enjoy something Dif- different take than you know. You don't have to see it. I mean you should give it a chance but the main that there is a and it's other people aren't going to enjoy it. There is a small small small group of people out there. I'm talking like hard to find people whose first Superman was the super bowl TV series. You know like I was too young for that really. I mean my first. My First Superman was was the Fleischer cartoons because White Pasta but dean gain for Arjun rations. Either Chris Ordine because the movies were out but they you know harder to find on home video that we've talked about before on here. My regulation of Superman. The movie was Superman. The movie and Superman too because my mom had taped from TV together. And I didn't know they were the two different ones you know. Of course I wore down the VHS and she never bothered to get another copy of it. So you know. A lot of my superman came from Dean. Cain until we able to actually get our own copies and then I had VHS which I still have hanging out here in the cave solitude. My vhs copies of the cartoons that. I got for my birthday as a child. I want to say it around my fourth or fifth birthday because it was the same timeframe I remember getting that for my birthday and my uncle and Mike Dad Watching Batman Eighty nine on home releases. I just remember the warner brothers ball cap commercial as Midi of steel heck. Yeah can't watch brothers movie without Warner Brothers cap so that slipped out more than the movie did as a child so without brain the cartoons when I had them it was like it was it was on like a cartoon a VHS with like multiple cartoons of the day. Like I remember it had Cartoon it had superman and it had some cast for ones and stuff. So that okay. So we're going to segue into our series so the Fleischer cartoon series first of all was a big deal for the studio in itself because it was a higher end like you just said they were known for making like Betty Boop and off. I think yeah I think so as well like type of cartoon series and they went in and did a process called Rodeo scoping or basically they will have actors and stuff come in and they would animate overtop of these actors and it was a very expensive process but it paid off. I mean these things. The legacy of these are if you excuse me. So this is one thousand nine hundred eighty one. These things are still amazingly beautiful to watch now. All the animation. Us is spectacular. This animation looked so much better men. Anything that came out in the sixties and the seventies with like the Superman Batman and the super friends like will animate in thirty years later appalling compared to this. We'll put in a lot of detail into this animation to make it 'cause it was gonna be a big deal for Superman and the other thing. Is those cartoons like the Hanna Barbera. And the film mation especially specially film. They did a thing where they would reuse the cells so if you had watched they would only make animate like the head for different things so they didn't have to really enemy at the whole body so the body would be stuck in one spot where the head would be the one part moving or something like that to try to do to keep it on the cheap and expensively done I mean I watched it. So you're talking about an introduction to these and if anyone's listening to my podcast. Recently I talked with a Morgan cyber a CO owner of the Superman Museum and operator. She talked about her introduction. Was these cartoons but to superman and how they're lasting for her so I watched this Solomon and sailor and they say and they watched it with so we just watched the superman cartoon. What did you think that was awesome? Mama Papa's Mommy was literal. Yes she was. Five in this chemo. Your great grandmother was five. And so what did you think of sailor good? Yeah would you like about it? I like it consumes. Turn and defeat dirt Dr Evil The evil scientists scientists Don King. Crab thinks he didn't have a coffee. Say the clown face. Would you think about as creepy bird one can once again? It wasn't really Kook. Trope but superman by just the electron. Ick Do happen. Why destroyed Smith signed to swear up. You WanNa Watch the next one. Yeah and we will record that to Daddy. Let's watch the next one guys. They wanted to watch the next one because they were interested in it. I mean that says something to these ten. Minute short cartoons. That don't have a lot of dialogue in them but are so engaging in the way they look I mean you know. It's been documented that Batman. The animated series was inspired by these especially the opening scene. The credits Batmans first night out is highly highly stylized. These and this you know so this is to the Fleischer cartoon series premiered nine hundred forty one and carries over recall it. The voice cast from the radio drama. And so we have bud collier returning to voice Clark Kent Slash Superman and we get the great you know intro of this looks like a job for superb. Yeah the the voice dropping everything man i. What a what a great opening by I mean. That's what hosts me as a kid that faster. Speeding bullets move for locomotive. Really Tall building single bound. Let's let's on man. I wish they would still use it today. What's interesting is if you watch this. It has that and that same. Not The Zach. Saint but like a very similar kind of summary. Narration is used in both how we just described the cereals having a narrator open up the story but also the What do you call it the adventures of Superman? And how kind of tells the story of who this is what you know what their job is. What their mission is. And it's just kind of synergistic of how these three really represent the character because he's kind of if you think about it. These were the three that existed in a pocket of time before we get to the super friends and that kind of thing When things change yeah they change pretty. They change pretty hard at that time too. I mean you know it's The silver age comics and it's been comics have been through so many things the creation of the Comics Code Authority. And you know they were taken from the serious content. They had in the Golden Age to you know just adventurous children's books for years and years. Yeah I mean you're right so you know just the way the way that the Fleischer cartoons are done I mean they take superman seriously breath steriods at the time the the character he he dealt with serious issues of the time the mob and corruption and domestic violence and things like that which are things. I love seeing Superman tackle. It's it's something organic and where he came from from the creating point of view but okay. So we're going to get into this first episode. But did you know that in the serials where Superman learned to fly? Yes it did not the cereals these. The Fleischer cartoons. Yes he basically. He basically takes off out of the window. After he says this job for superman he changes any takes off and he flies out the window and when when he goes for the building you know he catches the building and he pushes it back up and then he flies up to the the spike coming off the top cause it starts going back over the other way and then in mid air he pulls the spike in and straightens the building back out and then as the the mad scientists gun is blasting and blasting him knocking him back but in mid air he fights back and project projects himself. Forward in mid air is our I look up in the sky and first superhero cartoon. There's more is easier to animate him flying than it was to animate him jumping although when they do when he does capture. The scientists can rescue. Lois he does a jump. And you see a familiar sight from the comics of him in the air like like he jumped and he's coming down. So it's it's a it's an image you've seen like in action comics when he leaps from one place to another like just the way. He's positioned one leg outstretched and the other one Back like like a jump so I will say that when this started playing and we were watching it. Solo started seeing seeing the theme song immediately. They had heard it and knew the music but actually having ever really watched the Khartoum. Just so what do you knowing that you probably heard it in the womb brain? You probably hey. He'll see the music like to the Superman vs doomsday movie. Because it so distinct he will call it. Dented it down or do you guys. What do you think the budget were was for? One of these animated shorts. I'm going to say I'M GONNA say nineteen forties for one of them to grant. I don't know I was thinking. Maybe like twenty twenty thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars per per or just send it to you because of the technique the art being like holy cow. But so let's let's dive into the actual episode that we watched just definitely aims. Hello to low. You wouldn't think much you adjust for like the price back then and everything like you would never think of it in bad expensive. Yeah I think it's twenty twenty something grand that's that is a lot of money back then hundred thousand dollars it's like that's like a million dollar production today. One hundred thousand dollars a heck. That's probably like a frigging twenty five million dollar production today and we'll get into this later on eventually like before these are done. They use a secondary studio to help with these cartoons but the first episode is called the Mad scientist and other than the voice over in a couple of lines of dialogue. There really is not that much sound or like dialogue discussion but the animation is so beautiful. Like I wonder if you could render this image four K. An how vibrant and it would be because. I don't know if you guys ever watched anything that was filmed in the fifties technicolor. Like a great example of this is if you go and you watch the adventures of Robin Hood With Errol Flynn on Blu Ray is. It was remastered for Blu. Ray Example example. The colors are so vibrant in pop so beautifully just because of the of the technique as the back the to color it. So it's just like this. Is that same thing to me. But just the colors where they popped that if they have if someone sat down and upgraded this but the one thing about these. These are all in the public domain. Did you guys know that not specifically but it makes sense so it's interesting when you watch these comes on and talks about paramount pictures. You know. Paramedics did this Columbia. Did the cereals and stuff like that. It's just it's as long before delong before WanNA brothers bought like the film and Television rights for all a DC to the eighties mid the late eighties long before. Because I think they still hadn't bought everything by the seven hundred for Superman. I don't remember but think one brothers had the film rights. They hadn't bought the company now. One thing to point out in this episode is Lois. Design is completely different in this first episode. It's very dark haired woman. Compared to what she'll be in later episodes really. I'm going to have to look into. That is very quiet. We we get the ominous scientists sitting in this chair with the vulture staring at the clock. And I'm like watching right now. I don't even need the sound on like should just watch what's going on and understand. No it's I mean it's gorgeous to watch I mean the animation is is fantastic but more than more than story and dialogue. I mean the story is pretty simple and plain straightforward and very little dialogue but the the music the way the music is Set to the action in the mood of the scene like when lowest goes to the scientists place. She's just going to report and of course she gets herself captured and put in a hostage situation and The music is ominous. He uses the Ray to blow up a bridge and then to blow up a to blast a building to cause it to collapse. And so it's ominous and then the music turns triumphant when Superman shows up in an when superman is getting blasted. He goes all the way back down to the ground. The music turns and then as soon as he's fighting back and starts every time he punches the the ray the the music's becomes more triumphant. Like the score is is fantastic. Super has always had amazing music. His never not had amazing music because he's inspirational and he is triumphant and victorious. And that is all that inspires great make music and you said we see them flying punching the. It's it's happy I love and I just get lost and looking at these images and lois when I went back and wash laws was striking different and even ends with a beautiful because even in the next episode Lewis is completely different. They should changes from the first. I was the second episode. And what do you call her in? The last scene is like they're talking. Perry White and Lois and Clark kind of gives a nod breaks the fourth wall kind of wings at us somewhere like we know. Oh we know it's superman. We know Clark Kent Superman this is I think something that you can show their older cartoons but man they hold up and they are just beautiful. Talk to you but what do you think? What's your final thoughts on this episode? James I love the Fleischer cartoons They were my first introduction to to Superman. I know I've seen the mad scientist of a hundred thousand times the mechanical monsters and the next one. I know I've seen that a whole bunch of times. The bullet tears. I remember that one. I thought that I saw that one. I I just. I have more vivid memories of that one than this. But so those three in particular. I remember very well. I mean the the animation is great. The music is gray up. Know if you want to show somebody something superman and you WanNa go right back to the very beginning this just ten minutes short ten minutes. You know it'll keep child attention. Adults will appreciate it for how gorgeous that looks the good music and everything It's yeah I mean it's one of the best things you can do to show somebody a superman for the very first time. Either that or the seventy fifth anniversary animation put it Superman. Cohere go quick like this. Is Everything Superman? You need to know for all time but I thoroughly enjoy these and I like. I said I've gone to watch the next episode for our next review. I'm GonNa Watch them with the kids. So prime what is your final thoughts on this episode. You know I just love these cartoons so much You know when I was a kid and I you know I saw Christopher Reeve for the first time in Superman movie with my aunt Carol. I wanted more superman. I needed more superman and I demanded it and and I think my mom my mom found VHS cartoons what some popeye cartoons and stuff. And I think like team said I watched the the bullet man and the big mechanical monsters arm. I must lost. There's about a trillion times as a kid. I think there's these cartoons hold off forever forever just because Ana Mason so good and is so fine. A grabs your attention with music. I'm totally with you guys. Superman has always had such amazing new new music. You know from now the just such. It's honor hose a special place and my heart is Superman Fan. There's just so much that you feel when you're watch and get to watch it with a younger generation has to be really special you guys And also Just at Superman. The Superman suit and how simple the. Ss love it with the Black as he looks great But I think more than anything you know. Sometimes nowadays Come movies and cartoons. They tend to take themselves a little bit too serious and they tried to go for a little bit of a dark tone sometimes and get a little too serious and sometimes I just like to watch something that doesn't take off. She's serious and has that fun in that like Great Music Great Nostalgia Fund and when you're watching cartoons. Lois Lane just flies a plane and she just landed right next to the mad scientists headquarters and you just see Superman. Just battling just crazy things. Sometimes you just need that fun. Sometimes you just need that. That simple nece. You know other than why Superman sad you know why Superman Fighting Batman. What's going on here are is he gonNA end up lowest? I don't even know. Sometimes you just you just want to watch superman but and that's why these are great. That sounds pretty good to me. Bitten sky look up in the sky is guy.

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