The Church of Satan & Ghost/UFO Stories


Hello and welcome back everybody. You see we had a problem before but I think we've fixed, and now we're GONNA. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain first off it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. It's how I started. So trust me when I say. Anchor. The way to go if you're making a podcast. Download the free APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. And so Okay Yeah. Let's try again. So here we go. Everybody this is around three by the way folks, I mean. and. I don't know if this has anything to do with the topic gentlemen but. It's crazy but I'm Anne Hill also like to welcome other host Rick Warren and James. Toops we appreciate you guys being on here for the third time and next to who gave you the welcome back is our very special guest Gabriella. Gabriella, it's great to have you on the show Rick's great to have you on the show. And James, always a pleasure along with your better half. Sit next to you. We appreciate that Daniel that you're here with us. What what? I asked Louis. Thank you for having me. So we are looking forward to some great stories once again, and so we're going to try and do this apparently. We've been having some issues with the Internet and we've never had him this bet, have we rick? Never like telling Jane's logo. I said this as long as we've been doing this. This is the first time I've ever seen this happen I mean it's it's really bad and I and I can't say if it's because of our topic. Or what but if you haven't seen what our topic is, please check it out. It's Going to be an interesting show and by the way if you hear any weird moaning sounds in the background, it is holly my dog. My little monkey scratching her back on the chair making all these moaning noises. So she's pretty to I. Wish you guys can see her oh, they've seen her. You've seen her. For some reason I don't know why we've been having these glitches in our show, but I hope this this last time that it will happen. You know what I hope so too, gibbs this is just crazy. So anyway, I went into control of my own Internet and put it on a hot spot on my phone. So it's going to be kind of A. Not. Quite as good as I normally have a better than what we've had tonight I hope at least I'm really hoping. So gentlemen should we continue with Gabriel? It's topic. and. Then we'll get into hours in just a little bit. Definitely Guess Third Times journalist. Gaby the floors years once again. So let's see. What you got to tell us. There's a few wilders about like start at the beginning of. The Year Fo. About the UFL I guys, this is the third time. I hope this is the less than because. She's over here. So Ville your stress and. So. Your. About three years ago. When I was. Four years old on the Fulton Street on our Old House me and my dad once again on the porch looking up into the night sky. We saw this light it was. A bright blue collar. Real like the light as course. Of course, the light is blue. So that's how the color was the light current looking up my blue light up in the ceiling. So. Like that was like that. So my dad was booked Gabriella. Ananias like. I was like daddy what is that and it was like I know the like Blue Pyramid, the shape of. Egypt pyramid. Triangle. So like the pyramid was really really. Small and it was blue. It was like like, right there's just standing right? There is so. I showed my mom and I was like Mommy and then he was like, what did I shoulder choose like? Oh my God. and. Then before Dan. Right there I wanNA came back out and was just gone. He was like right there then. To the night sky in this thing took off really fast. It was like what stained still and then it took off. Yeah, it took. took off the really really fast by then when I went inside and he came back with us on. Well and how fast did it take off like you know like? a race car racecar. That's fast. It went. It would standing still and then just shut off real quick. Wow. So I think she saw one of the triangles. You. Didn't make any noise. It was like. Like A siren nor is that a the needle knowing split louder almost home neighborhood could hear it. And then you had a ghost story that you're telling me. Go story will be included in five four. Three. Two. One. So Me and my mom wants to go eat somewhere. and. We decided to go to the steakhouse. So we went there and we got off the car and went site. We sat down at the table on the lady this Li Like A. Come out with their hair like this in a big pointy till you know how those ladies at the Bun because you know she was GonNa Service and she didn't want to give her hair dirty. So. She left left us off with a warning. She said excuse me folks come. This steakhouses very haunted. I just wanted to warn you because there's been a lot of paranormal activity going on here and You know there's it's just really haunted I just wanted to live you off with a warning and. Gabby I think have we heard this story before Phillips No. I haven't heard. This were making a funny because you know this is the third time you've had to tell. Mike. Maybe. She's doing a good job is. So after that or just lady. Her she had like Lug dripping on her is like hard hard. I don't like software. They like tears tears of blood hard crying a card blood tears coming down. and. Her her head. Out of nowhere her head on like this turned around, her body was not even moving just helical her her head turned around all the way. Al Yeah I am not kidding. So after that was like Mommy Mommy Mommy. What now I told her about the leading. All, my God Gabriella, we need to leave right now that lady was rights stone we left and she said we're never going to go back to one hundred steakhouse again. That's crazy. And did you have any other encounters with? Spirits or ghosts there's actually one more than I had on my newest house. It's my grandma's how she's. She's at my grandma's my grandma is actually here. How can Eighty my grandma, she's eighty years old and she's here at this house right now in Floresville. She and I think she's asleep right now. Oh yeah, she's asleep. So she her name is. Mrs. Rodriguez and. She's Asleep right now, I just wanted to include her on this because she has. She she's very sick and I'm just hoping that she gets better. So. About. Like One stay yeah. Wednesday always at my grandma's house. Me and my mom were sitting down watching a scary movie was called Trigger Tree I. Think you guys have seen that movie it was a trick or treat like this boy like little boys. He was like a demon I don't think he was a human I think I think you've heard it if you have you heard of just A comment on there about the movie you know. So let's get started with this four. Okay, let's get started as well. We we have been sitting down on the couch and we were watching a movie called trick or treat. So. I was there her House walking moving. Begging on the Wallich really hard. And I was like I was like that I was like. An. The, there is something. Something like that. I was it was like hard banging on the on the table or wherever it was coming from. I decided it sound like it was coming from all around you. It sound like it's electoral stuff in my head but unfortunately I don't think there was. So I went and to the bathroom I took the whole house. But I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa say the whole house because it's GonNa blow my how my grandma's house is very big. So I'M NOT GONNA I'M GONNA skip that part. And I'm just GONNA. I'M GONNA go to the part about the ghost. So there was like this ghost little girl she was like. Staring at me staring at me and then she was like this. Just. Giving you some like A. A giving you the eye and waving. She's she didn't even know how to wages like this. kind of like limp-wristed kind of half wave half not yes. So we're wasn't agent. Were about the bath will was skipping that part about the house. So. I went upstairs to my room. And my room was all pink like all pink and I wouldn't say I'm a room and there was it was coming for my wrong. It was coming from my room. What did you see? grouse house was not even haunted book I saw like this little grocers like this. And what did you do? So you. So. You kind of freaked out for a little bit. A WHO's running upstairs super fast and What's wrong and she thought that I was hers something knows like. There was a there was a girl and she's like what girl smell even haunted now she's like. DIARRHEOA. What's going on and you said there is there's actually Like this and We were like running downstairs and she called the police usually hello sir, we got a girl's ghost girl in my daughter's room. Can you please come on very, very scared? Out that sounds creepy. It's like so bad. It does it sounds creepy everybody this. Gabriella da she's my niece. He's eight years old and she wanted to tell us some of her go stories and ufo counters Gabriella. Thank you so much for being on the show and we actually made it through without you having to repeat it for the fourth type. Okay everybody. Adult time. So I'm not I'm with you guys and I'm going to step out. By. Gabriele Gabrielle. Real good job. Job. My All right. So. You did him phenomenal job talking about her huntings in her UFO's and this was her first time on radio and live broadcasts which? I think she did pretty good. Not Camera shy much phone. Did she's She's good years old eight years old. Wow. She's good. Yeah. I think she's going to be having. Time on radio. Catcher. Rick said I was cleaning mud when I was eight years old. And stuff on cable. Is, one of the best. Case so back. On their. Regular topic which we were actually discussing today Rick I'm GonNa let you bring this in because this was all your idea and probably the reason why we're having such Internet problem tonight and having to Redo this thing so much. That myself I really was when everything started. No doubt. But our topic tonight Starting out as colts and what they are in who they are and why they are and everything else like that. I called James Not called Eddie earlier this week and I was going through my topic story and I, come up on this one topic that just blew my mind. Here, in bold print and and full color wasn't ad for the Satanic Temple in San Antonio Texas and they are offering senior high school students scholarships at the amount of six, thousand, six, hundred and sixty dollars. Wow. Now, this is coming into this is coming in. Live and real all across America now there I started doing some studying on this temple and I contacted one the gentleman down there and He said Yeah come on by. There will be free. We'd be glad to talk with you and and he wanted if I wanted if I. Was In school and all of a sudden good stuff and I told them now but be that is may it just flabbergasted me? That this is so prevalent in this time and age because I never thought everything like that. When I was growing up was taboo. I mean you didn't talk about it. You did knew it was a whispered conversation with the adults even if it was brought up. And I. Have you know? I have I don't know what say you know except that I hope we can get some. Feedback on this and see exactly where we can go and what we WANNA do this subject. What do you think about that James? I mean is this is Something everybody's I'll I wouldn't say. Scared of but it's something that. Raises Questions and It'd be a great topic and a great. Interaction. You know You just have to protect and totally not unbiased. You can't go into a place like that and with your beliefs that are so strong and and. Ultimately condemned somebody else's dried. So you'd have to go with an open mind but also protected you know. What it is something that says, Taboo. Very awkward like people don't like to talk about this kind of stuff. You know it's really awkward in as they go and make for a great content You know is better for sit on the couch and watch this stuff on TV versus go out and do this themselves right in a spurious at first hand, you know You know all failed video. You know I think it'd be real interesting change rates. I'm sorry. Go ahead. It's GonNa. Be One of the sins it's really gonna be hard to be unbiased especially being brought up in a Christian while in our case Catholic. Homes or even Christian homes and to step into something that's completely out of the normal and not. I mean it's heard of, but it's not heard of like any kind of Christianity or anything like that. You know it's something completely unknown. You know being brought up Catholic and something that you kind of. We even though you're taught not to judge your, you know at something Bonnin trying to go and completely unbiased it's going to be absolutely hard today. The thing is is is completely unknown, but it's also completely taboo. It's not something we reach out and wants to know right is something in the back of your mind that you know is there right? Man You, know these these people are out here. But let me think about something else. You don't really think about that right and then once it's presented to you in your face, you're Kinda like. Shit here it is. Though now will you know and? It's it's something to talk about this subject. You know I think it's a great subject to talk about you know and it's A. You gotTA. Remember I'm like you guys I come from a Catholic background Catholic family. But at the same time I mean, we have to understand that this is. Not something out of the ordinary considering all the crazy stuff that's going on nowadays this is actually probably one of the most sane parts. And? Extreme saying that. But this is one of the most sane things that's taking place considering everything else that's going on nowadays I think it'd be a great idea if we can somehow secure a date and time to get out there and and go do an interview and talk about their scholarships and what they're offering and more or less learn a little bit about what they do. They're more than anything else and we we'll have to keep an open mind. We can't let any prejudice or anything like that of this type of topic get in the way what we're actually trying to accomplish and. Not. Only that but I mean, these are their beliefs. You know we have to respect it no matter what we may think of it personally. You don't just. An atheist just because you don't just become a Christian just because you don't just become a Catholic just because the Protestant baptist Muslim or whatever else. You know these are things. You know? People. You know truly believe in. Half eighth in. And we need to keep that in mind when we're interviewing and we're talking to these people because this is not for us to judge this is for them to give the information so that you know whatever they WanNa talk about whatever they'd like to spread. It's hard as their church their belief system. The. You know the scholarships and whatnot. and. We can take that information and put it on the show and get it out. There may be people out there who are interested in this may want that scholarship you never know, and if it helps them get an education and learn why not. What I did learn so. What what I did learn about this you guys is the fact that they are under. This is a very, very, well oiled machine. So to speak, they are in twenty one different locations throughout the United States and they are abroad to. The there in Australia there in England they're all over the place. You know so it it doesn't. It doesn't take too much of a stretch of the mind to realize that these people are very organized. I notice I put down colt tonight as part of a subject. We could look at this as a cult because we're looking at. It says definition of a cold as a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Well, that could be that could actually be Christianity. Catholicism you know Buddhism. Whatever the case maybe. Now we do. A religion though. Thing. So religion cult is two different things. Yeah we do have. On And Travis welcome to the show man I'm glad you made it on. He says you guys are coming in great in Dallas. Texas Mr. Eddie Mr Rick and Mr James and your beautiful lady beside you Sir Eddie. Your niece was good to love yells topic God. Bless all of you y'all and hey, travis man we appreciate it and we love it that you're on the show we love that you jump in here and make comments. Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate it so much. All we ask is if you could just share it out to your pages and just you know that way we can be known even more the more the Merrier in the more people in the conversation and in the chat room the better. So if you don't mind shared out to your pay shared out to your friends pages. Just get us out there so that we can have more people on and we can all have great conversation and listen to different. Different thoughts on different subjects I mean, it's always great. We're always open minded and ready to learn. So we appreciate you being here with US sir. Thank you so much. Yeah in you know it's you know. So any type of religious deal like Buddhism or what have you could all be? Occult. If you want to get technical with that. That is true. Yes. Yes. I also found interesting that. This organization the Satanic Temple. Is under the hospice of what's called a five Oh one C. three meaning that they do not pay taxes. They are treated just like any other religious organization and act upon such things as donations and everything else just like a regular church. That the people that I talked to I talked to them. It wasn't something flippant wasn't something. They were serious. They wanted to know where I was from what I was interested in. We're glad that you're here with us. We if you WANNA come and visit the temple you're welcome almost at any time. and. It's just like any other church only it it. James was talking about and what you said He. Is, a taboo subject in the end them. It's something that we have to look at because it is in our face right now as far as being real and something we at the look at as far as. What's happening to our young people and where we can go with this as far as it being a religious aspect. I agree. And I never know learn something me and me and Rick it's. Me and Ray talked earlier about this. I think they're past the point of cult. So call is your branch Davidian type people you know that Wacko in Waco. That's a call right you got. You got a solidified of people. You know whether it's one hundred, two hundred people in a localized location, right? So that's a call when you have. This this is the deal. These people are serious and their branched out there all over the place they're nationwide they're pretty much worldwide it is. Is Religion and you know these folks don't pay taxes. Just like you know Catholic Church and stuff like that. So in new drive you to do in any prophecy from they don't they don't pay taxes on this stuff anything they purchase they won't see taxes off of it. So they are solidify add religion And said. To Act really questioned. So you go up to do an interview with these folks You'd have to approach it just like you would go into a Baptist church just like you would go into a Catholic establishment anything like that. You cannot discriminate against these folks because their beliefs in this thing absolutely guardless with their beliefs are right and but you ought to be wary of what you're stepping into because you know us being paranormal investigators in doing this type of stuff the one thing that always in the back of our mind during an investigation. We always think it says it will also it We always say. You know Sultan on tape it'd be pretty cool. You know well, this we are stepping into around of evil and. Ricky off we get in there and we're like man something flies across the room and makes a dirty noise with it. You know Nick Kinda cool to catch it on tape, but we are stepping into the realm of evil and as something to. Contend with is something to put your mind frame into. These folks are serious about what they do is they are I. I've done research on the groups out here. There is one in San Antonio this one out here in in Houston They don't they don't pose as of their locations and stuff like that. UNDERSTAND WHY? Because probably they don't want you know haters and people coming in firebomb replace. I get it but you know then they're kinda secretive in their you know there about what they do and they're serious about it is this does nobody bulls is no joke. These people are serious about what they do and are they helping out the community? According to to the website yeah. They actually have a drive coming up is called ministration for Satan. and. That yesterday his. It's there get a they're donating you know feminine products. Tampons Shit like that pads, things like that. So there don't unused. Of course, they're donating these things out to the community. So they do some kind of a grasp on the you know. They're they're reaching out and trying to get involved with the community I get that. But what is the? What. Is the secrecy box? So any kind of it to me it kind of has the same amount of. Curiosity as the the masons. You. Know I'm just curious as the masons as of this because I have friends in the masons. And we don't discuss the batteries back I'll won't plus was a secret. I have the same. You know curiosity of the Masons as I do this. So it s one from one spectrum to the other beneficial Wednesday three organization they have to do some kind of good. Or some kind of they have to contribute some thing. ooh. Today area to the community. That's out there. By that's five. Oh, one C. three in be able to have their tax deductions and tax free as they not admits. Real take law this right here would be to go out get a feel for these folks interview them, and then get them to come on this. And then put their paw front of everybody else to see what they're all about in Enron on this show I, think that would be I think it'd be awesome and I also think it'd be awesome. A James. If we took a some camera equipment, we went over there and we did. A complete recording while we're there. Maybe. Take a walk through. Look around and then and then posted on here and I think that would I think that would Shed a little light onto what's going on and you never know we might be able to get in on some of their other dealings where we could get in and film and kind of show what they're all about I mean it it's the same with a like if you're dealing with Voodoo. You know and and that kind of a deal jumping into that realm and you have to go in with a open mind without any prejudice toward it and you know talk to him about what it is that they do and enter and you know and be genuine. You know we're not going to embellish or. Up Talk it or down talk you know we're just GONNA. You know this is what happened. This is what we saw. This is what what they told us and you know and you can see for yourself. Here's video. Here's audio on everything that took place I think that would be pretty cool. Guys. Here's what so. This is what he sent. Me back as far as what what they call the seven tenths of Satanic Temple and I read these and It's just like joining. You think you're signing up for the PTA. Let's. Let's come back. Come back on that. Let's go to take the. Let's take a quick little break real fast because I need to have that little intermittent in there for a podcast type stuff and we'll be right back folks and stand by. We're going to play a little tune for you. On. Non. Normal. Law. Nine. Five. Nine. Hello, and welcome back everybody. I'm your host Eddie Hill along with my other host, Rick Warren and James Tubes who is not at his desk. So. Sorry to. Cut You off there rick I to get this out there on halftime. But Yeah. Man continue on with what you were saying on on the application. I am like I said I was we're looking at a lot of things that was going on as far as what they subscribed to and everything. I'm just going to read a little bit of what was sent to me as part of the. Essay. So to speak as far as them speaking says, the organization participation in public affairs as manifested itself said several public political actions and efforts at lobbying with a focus on the separation of church and state and using satire against Christian privileges. It goes on to say that they because group regards the envelope. Whatever that word is the body is a key doctrine. They are against anything that might have an infringement on the rights of Satan is to practice their religion. And like I said, this is a very, well old machine as far as I mean, they had the attorneys they have the legalistic jargon they have everything they have the mission statement and everything else like that and I said it's like you are actually volunteering for the team to go in and talk these people that says the mission the mission Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people reject tyrannical authority advocate practical common sense oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. Wow. So what does that sound like to you guys? Yeah Yeah. I mean, that is very the semantics on that is beautiful and I mean I it sounds like they had an attorney right all up of course but I mean I. It's I. Mean it sounds political. It's very well written and. There, you can tell right away that they're basically covering their their basis when they're whoever wrote, you know making sure everything was covered in there. which is what any business would do. Exactly yeah. They have seven tenants that they sent me and I'm sure you could probably go on the site and pick them up yourself but. I found it very interesting that they're seven tenths and like I said, if you read. The tenants themselves. Like I, say it's like. Or putting application out for the PTA or something like that and I don't know if you want to call it. You know subliminal as far as some of the words and what you're reading or if you WANNA call it a suggestive in the essence of how does it Line up with your own spiritual beliefs. Or what you want to call it as far as being a group or a cult or I mean to me, it's just like the church scientology. Or any other group like that that brings a format. Of. Exact exasperating. Measures to. For to become forward to your imagination or your mind, and from there they you're under the hospice of who their leaders are and who their teachers are at that time. Wow. I mean. You know in Scientology I've heard a lot about stuff about scientology. It's really strange as you hear more bad about scientology than you do about the Church of Satan, which is kind of crazy. Yeah, I was in Portland Oregon and I went to the Church of Scientology and went inside and talked to those people and actually held cones that they test you with as far as how you begin your appearance as a scientologist and how they. Actually look at you and test you to start your schooling and and you're basically it's a religion by Ron L. Hubbard. I ran from their says I could. Wow. Well, Tom Cruise is part of that. Oh Yeah. Yeah they are bid. Lear-. Leonora. She's in there too as it was she was she backed out and she exposed a lot of. I mean, that's crazy stuff. James, are you on that Satanic. Website because you turn red every once in awhile. I wondered. You do. Human I. AM So. Yeah, I just. Yeah. I. Did a water about that and You're looking pretty area. There is something it's something look at. I'm feeling kind of. You know. Um I presented this. Opportunity I was like shit since. Should I do this or what Kenny L. or? Read it let ten minutes or like yeah. Yeah you know I. Think it would be a bad ass opportunity to kind of dive into the taboo and. You know really out there with with this group because I mean, it's not like it's one or two places. It's everywhere they're all over the place in. The last thing I WANNA do is promote anything like does but you know like I said stay on bias in and I don't want. Roy. Today. would it be beneficial to do this kind of thing in go out and talk to these folks and maybe push money to the Bringing the edge to where they fall over and say, I was on offense and now I, think we should do this. You know I don't want to do this. So I'm thinking. What Put the information out but you know what? Jane suggest anything and this year Lee opinions to the to the people. You know what? James here's the thing you know. It's not like you're promoting people to go to this I. Mean people are adults, they make their own choices. All you're doing is putting out information as far as what's going on what they're doing, and it's a person's decision. What they do with themselves from that point forward. Exactly. You know we're not promoting. We're not saying it's bad. We're not saying it's good. We're saying look here's information that we found. You know if and and not only that, but you gotta remember this is A. Information into and into a world that a lot of people are terrified of. Air Literally terrified. Of this world are terrified of what could go on. You know you see so much Hollywood where you have people being sacrificed. You know you've got a Pentagram in you know evil spirits and demonic spirits and demons and what have you? Coming around. But is that necessarily the case? You know. Is that something that will this? Day displays. Or is. The whole point. Is. This more of yeah. I mean it's like a regular religion where like you go to church and you go home. You know it's something that you know your Belief Elsa just drives a strives around. This is adult. this was. Worried. About The. About is is You know putting out a broadcast or putting out a interview in kids not so much kids that that. Kamala Harris said she's like Oh kids between eighteen twenty or stupid. But these kids that are you know fifteen stuff like that on the fence these rebellious type you know kids you know, what are they cheat on say all hey, manish, it looks bad as. Demo the thing for me. You know that's the thing I'm concerned about adults you know twenty, five, thirty on up can go. Kind of weird I'm not now fuck that I ain't doing this. You know desk, the kind of thing. So you gotta kind of you know get in there and do a good clean interview non-bias. Put the facts out and disclaimer things i. think is a great opportunity to get in and if if we're allowed to to get in there and and really. Kinda dig in on what these people are about in a you know I mean it's a religion just like anything else according to them. It's a religion right and according to the law. So, we can't go in there and be like oh you guys are weird. We WanNa see what's about you guys we. Let me go in there and say, Hey. What are you about? Let me. Let me ask you this James Are you willing to put your name in a book when you sign in. What do you mean on a book? You have a dine in our. Guest No, not so so no I'm not. So if I go there and the entry fee is twenty, four dollars, I'll give them a twenty five dollar back. They can keep it for a tip I'm not accepting anything from these folks not at all the only thing. Is Footage. But what? You. have to sign a guestbook to get your foot in the door. That's what I'm asking. What happened assigned. Joe. Biden. My name is. In, does the name I'm going to sign right there. I can. Nancy Pelosi. You know. Joe Biden what do you think? Get an object. Subject too much. But one day I took sophie the pro bell when you go and you place an offer, they ask your name. Youngest one you seven. This guy gave his name as Hillary Clinton. Larry. Laugh time he did it and. Before we laughed us that Okay Ms Clinton have a good day. Not to get to deliver. A number four corruption side of collusion. We'll see them for the. Unie but here's what concerns me about doing this. We have four teenage than in our house you know as. We have more now we have four. Six kids. Four teenagers. Love everywhere man it's like clowns coming out of a Volkswagen beetles turned on a light of the crack house and all the roaches. But here. We go and we do this. We get this information and the kids know that were going to do this. See this post on Youtube Visit GonNa make family curious. Is it gonNA break them of their face that we've instilled. Good point in I think if we do a good complete thorough investigation and interview, then the any curiosity all the questions that they should have. We should ask in a thing that would put a period the end of all that stuff right there I think you know that would end all be all right there. If we we come correct when we do the right interview in the right investigation, I think. That'll that'll solve a lot of questions. But you realize. You know like I said, I'm sure there's a guestbook that's GONNA be signed. They're going to know where we're. Posting this. They're gonNA come over in they're going to see it and they're gonNa know who you are. You know they're I don't think there's really a way around it. As far as that goes yeah I don't think you're going to be any. That goes. Yeah, you know. I'm not. I'm not looking join up their their communication is hey, Well, we need you to join up with US and Blah. Blah Blah in order to do this then out. Out I'm not joining this place you know to do an interview and joining us. Take you broke up a little bit said, not not join but what if it's a guestbook? Just a guestbook. I think he froze on us. Who Else? Can you hear me now? You're you're they're kinda barely. Okay. So what do you think Eddie? Would you? Would you sign Agus Booker? You know we'll. Would you do? I would probably sign the guest book you know. Really but I think I would probably sign it while I was saying a prayer. A Cross sprinkle. SPRINKLE holy water on on my name while I'm signing me. Exactly. To give me some give me some more information on this group guys. This powerful and litigating these people are as far as with the state of Oklahoma and Arkansas okay they. Had The statue of I guess this is called by a human. HBO. Call. BECCA. Right. The statue has figured prominently in the challenges regarding the display of the Ten Commandments. They want their statue and they got their statue right beside the ten commandments in Oklahoma and Arkansas. In two, thousand, fourteen, they initiated a program called to protect children project. Now this is what these people are going after as far as on state litigation and everything else like that. They're into planned parenthood they're into. A Muslim refugee. Activities. Activities. and. Then they go into what they do as far as on the Pentagram ritual an after school for Satan as far as kids at want to study this after school. And that's what gets like. Summer School. Yes aiden school remaining you can. You can get online and literally. Tag. And they will start teaching your children after school while and this goes right along. This goes right along with what they're doing as far as on the six thousand, six, hundred, sixty dollar scholarship for whoever the senior T- teenagers. can qualify for it. So this is a powerful powerful entity in itself as far as what what we're looking at it as a group. That's insane. Interesting. Yeah Well. Objective I mean isn't in a into us saying to you know. Like you said normal it's a taboo is a taboo issue I mean this is stuff that. We. Are Not used to her accustomed to. So therefore, it's insane. It doesn't mean that. RIOTS INSANE TO EVERYBODY You know it's just like these guys that married their dolls. You know and have their sex dollars wife I mean. I mean, how? How insane is that? A. On comprehensible to us. As for him weird. It's just weird. Weird to them it's just on darcom. Goals. I'm aware that. It's not. It's beyond our comprehension but I mean, you know little becker anything you know they. They can't do. This is our you cook anything either but hey, don't talk back. Get your audience Rick what I was telling you about today about this. She's GonNa kill me with this cross trade here rig You're talking about this today Yeah Yeah Yeah. This is the cross I was telling you about and it's really hard to see but it all right here. This is difficult to hold new song from here to here is that black residue I was telling you about. So ahead, this cross came from my grandma in she passed away last year in This is across it's made in Italy it's got a metal outside to end just the inside would the dark area you see right? There is the dark stuff that's would. laying counter among bar in the house in a log, pass it, and there was a puddle about. Probably. That hard. It's hard put. But about that big around of black stuff bleeding out of this cross there was nothing around there on the hell out of it. The only thing the only thing I didn't do take a picture of the actual puddle From this cross in the style on the side is this is the residue from winona backwards from here to here is residue that dark spot right there. New from this cross, it was bleeding and it was really strange to me in a up in wiped it all down stuff like that in a put this thing on the bed on my nightstand and I didn't think anything of it. Until they. Several minutes later, I should've took a picture that shit. Black puddle. It will a little thicker than water but it was it was thicker than water. But not as bad as syrup you should have had that analyzed. It was really. I should've been probably still can because there's residue aside I'm looking at it right now there's still residue in a this thing at the time when that happened, my son was in the hospital, he had just had a seizure I know that you guys don't know this must has. In Atlanta's malformation in the west side of his brain. In December last year, he had gamma knife radiation to treat a avium. So, he had just had a seizure he was in the hospital when this happened and I was at the hospital with him while I came home for a night and. Smears on the counter. We have. Granite countertops. NASA, smear on the counter I asked him what was in the told me what was going on with it I, finished cleaning and even on the Lysol white it was really. A thing. Dark round almost. Like A. Weird like a resin from. I don't even know from what like like a resident than and. But it was. Sticky not not liking. Not Quite as not quite. Theresa, but it was just In Dark Brown and I asked him what it was about and he told me and then like meat. So when we told Kristen about it. that. A bleeding cross is a sign that God is in your head that you have good spirits in your house because signal. The only thing is maybe it was a sign that my son was going to be okay and thankfully he is you know he has had any stages so I don't know fucking show you much detail on this thing but looking at this crossman is down here that right there. That's. right there. Well, you know there there's other things on the back. This crosses over one hundred years old. And middle on the outside, this is all metal. The inside is would. Probably all. It's probably. Kathleen. Yeah, and this is the one sort of bleeding on the counter in its heaviest. It's probably a half a pound and it's really small. I mean just you can see it I'd like to. I'd like to get really Dr Analyzed James. I probably should in the skull and crossbones saying kind of throws me off. You know it's right here on the bottom, right it's hard to take. But still get that analyzed. That would say that would say a lot I. think we I think we should try and get that analyze because that is something that I feel is very important that we do to to make that happen to to get it down life so that we know exactly what it was that was coming out of that cross and. I know to big along in our show with the back and forth with the Internet problems, but the hour has gone by. And we are done. Yep It went quick once once the Internet started working. So the final March I can. I can tell you about this thing. I'm sorry try again, Rick. I say they're so much more that information that I've got on this church and on the practices of this church and it's just interesting you wouldn't believe it. Well we'll. Go. into the final thought earning do we? And we'll we'll. Well on time to hang up or what? Well we're a little bit on a timeframe right now and we're like way over because this is the third time that we've gone over it. But. We can go a little bit longer. You WanNa. Go a little bit longer rick and finished getting out got. Sure. Okay. Sure. This. Church has been compared to Anton Levay I wonder if you guys I'm James I'm sure you know who he is and this is a French ron or Yes? Exactly. And they're button heads as Moore's what's going on with the principles of WHO and want the churches to be and what it represents and Tom says that they are miles away from being the exact. Mess. This church is masquerading satanist and do not represent satanism. But yet they're under the same hospice of his church. And operating under the same five. Oh, one C. Three. Chapter. Of being religion. So there's a lot. There's a little infighting there as to who has control of this. It's a big big conglomerate of people and legalistic everything is going on with this church and everything. So. It is something that I mean I find intriguing because I've studied. Religion when I was in college all the way from mormonism to Catholicism to Hinduism Zane. Buddha. and. This was one topic that I steered clear because like what you guys say it was new I could get anybody to talk to me about it. I couldn't get any information back Ma'am bucket martyr we had the card library and that was about it. You know you went to the library you looked up and that was my Yeah that was my google. Right. I remember those days same way. Yeah Yeah but. I think Anton Levay I. Think He. Okay. So I think he bible the Satanic Bible it's not nearly as thick as the actual Bible but he got a lot of his information and he correlated with Kotik which was the is the Satanic. The medieval. Day needle where I don't know if. You heard the story of the was traced. That was condemned to die and he by the hand of say. The Bible in one night. And they studied this thing in the Bible is literally around eight inches thick and it's a huge big piece of. booknotes a big thing is covered in skin and when when they open it in look at it, all of the lines in it in all of the texts me lined out. Everything. IS PERFECTLY LINE IN A. Hands on Sandra Bates took a lot of his scripture is from the from the gang coded from back then in transferred it into that because it's the devils Bible, this original Devil's Bible in. Check it out. Man I. can't remember the actual link to this thing. It's it's really interesting. The the day did on this and and I call it art because. The brought the broadcast in the the production they did on this thing was art because they showed the priests he gets condemned. He's in his dungeon. He's the next day. They'RE GONNA put him to death any rice in higher frigging Bible in one night and it's just it's it's amazing. You know the said. In the the Devil's Bible you could still get this thing. It's it's a book. It's like I don't know it's probably about that said. You know just like just black book. It's got a big. Pentagram. In front of it. If you look the invocation to Satan. Still remember what that is because a study time in nominated traits Tennessee valley excessively in that's the that's the invocation to Satan right there in the beginning of this thing. So when you open the for. This thing. That's the presidency is the invocation to Satan while and I still remember that to this day. Betty have you ever done any studying on exactly who we are talking about as far as the figure called Satan or Lucifer not in it? Is that you know I have studied deem analogy and we have. use a lot of the knowledge that I've picked up on that on certain cases where we have dealt with demonic entities in homes and let me tell you it's a that's a totally different animal when you're dealing with something like that and it's A. It really it broke up an entire team that I was in. When? We're doing an investigation in place and. One of the girls that was reading Out of scripture as far as doing a an X.'s of the house. Passed out and I had to wake her up and carry her while she continued reading because I told her not to quit. She started she had to keep going she had to finish it. And we went through the whole house and and it actually quite things down. But we found out later that the the owner of the House Lady kept invoking whatever was there to come back after we would leave. and. The whole reason that we were there was. A thirteen year old girl. who was having issues with the black shadow figure that was terrorizing her And? Dan It was a it was a really really bad case and we didn't realize this lady was invoking distinct to come back and on. VP's. Hours picking up BVP's thing was saying my name. On VP's. And this was before we realized exactly what we were dealing with it. Will you know we didn't find out what we're dealing with until later? And A. On one of our investigation, it was the first one. Actually I was sitting on the foot of the bed that belong to the little girl like you like scaring little girls come scare me. You. Know you're so big that. You know come scare me you know I'm here. You, know and nothing happened. But when we played the video back. From that room while I was sitting there. You. Can hear a voice right after I said you know you're scare a little girls come scare me you hear a voice and it says. So scared. Come across the videotape F-, well at the same time that that took place. There was a video camera on the bottom floor which was living room. There was no win no windows no doors that. A completely sealed off room other, but it was a living room. All. These. French doors that went into the kitchen on one end and a solid door shut on the other. And so there was no shadow or light or anything that come through. Well. The camera was on one end facing towards the French doors. going. into the. Kitchen. And On the at the same time, this was going on upstairs. You see a dark shadow figure come up out of the floor and it rises up. And it. Literally, it blocks a lazy boy chair that was there where you couldn't see the chairs it came up. The chair was totally blocked and it went right up through the ceiling. Where I was at in the little girl's room upstairs. And that happened at the same time we got that. and. When we played that back. To show the owner and to show the little girl I asked the little girl I says this what you saw. And when you see the shadow for your, you could see the head, you could see the shoulders. And you could see the Cape Showman. Couldn't see any is or anything like that. But you you look like a a body with the Cape on it as it went through, we measured from the floor. To where the top of the head was, the thing was approximately eight feet tall. And the room that we were in was probably well foot ceiling. And it went straight up through the ceiling. and. Up into the through the floor where I was sitting upstairs at the little girl's bed. And it's the MANEK. So check this out. It gets better. It gets better. I contacted Johns Office Who is the nephew of editor Lorraine worn? Up in Connecticut exactly and I and I sent him the recordings, the videos. Everything that I had. And he called me and I was on patrol that day I was in my patrol car my phone rang and I answered it and he goes Eddie this John's F. A. KS it. How's it going I said it's great to hear from me. And he goes look he goes I just got done review and everything that you sent me he goes in I gotta say he goes you are dealing with the demonic entity. You need to be very, very careful. And he goes you'RE GONNA need to get the church involved but I was like, oh, piece of cake there's rights you know right across the street from this house it's a Baptist Church. and He Kinda giggled and he says look. He said it's not GonNa be as easy as you think. And I and I asked him I said, what do you mean by that? He said well. Because I'm going to be honest with you. He said by the time you're done with this case you're GonNa have a very different outlook on religion. And I said how so? You said they're not going to be is interested to help. As you think they are number one and number two you're going to it's going to increase your faith by along by by a long way, and so went over to this baptist preacher that lived or nowhere the church across the street from that house. And I told him, I said look I'd like you to come over here and give the house a blessing and he looked at me flat out and said, nope. Not. Doing it. And I said why not? He said, there's no way you're getting me in that house. He's it. I know what goes on in there and I'm not going in. And I looked at him I said you know that's pretty shitty attitude. To have. When you're leading a church side you know I said. You're you're really a piece of shit if you don't go over here and help these people. And he said I ain't doing it. And he goes I'm sorry I just can't. And I looked at him. I. Said, obviously, you don't have the faith that you thought. You did us because anybody who cares about people and has an faith that's it would step foot in there. and. So I went I spoke to Monsignor. At one of the Churches over here in San Antonio. And it's a monsignor that I real well. And told them what was happening he knows what I, what I, what I do, and I went in uniform. I said Hey. Can I borrow your computer because? Yes, I'm GonNa plug something in I'm GonNa play some of this stuff for you. And I plugged it in and play them the audio played them to videos. All that stuff and he sat back in his chair and he looked at me, he said. It goes honestly and he has his serious. Irish. Accent he was goes off. Tell you honestly goes it's tough. Scares the shit out of me. And as I said, well, it's like, what do you think about it? He goes. Well. He goes I have approval from the Bishop he goes but we have no bishop over here at this time he goes all I can do egos is to give you some relics to take with you and some water if he goes in just Go with God. And he loaded me up with holy water and some rosaries and crosses and All kinds of stuff and told me he goes just be careful egos and and. So we did the best we could and I told her I said was kind of sending the boy scouts out to do the job of the marine. Corps. You know when you're dealing with this kind of stuff but we did the best we could. But. To get back to the story of the house in the little girl. We kept going back even after we had one of our investigators pass out. And we made our keep reading and everything quite down. We had to go back. We went back three different times We were unaware that this lady kept calling it back. And I got a call one day from the thirteen year old and she told me she goes she goes you don't need to bother coming back. and. I. Was like why not I said? Is it gone? She Goes No. She goes but. She goes my grandmother. Keeps calling this thing back. And I was like, why would she do that? And she said she likes the attention. and. I was like, where's your parents? And she says she's as well. I'm not sure I have their number, but they've left me here with my grandma. So her grandma's been raising her. So I got a hold of her parents and I, I told him who I was and I told him look I said if you don't go back and you don't go get your daughter and get her out of that situation. I'M GONNA CPS show up a second. We're taking her that's it. Take your pick. I said I'm not playing with you I'm joking around as you go back and you get your daughter from your the grandma. Or I'm going to show up with CPS. I said we're going to remove her from the house. And Story. Hell Yeah and they were they were very adamant about going and they did they went the very next day and picked her up got her out of there but that just goes to show. That you never really know what you're dealing with in an investigation when something like that I starts. But That was the. Thing the right way you know yeah I mean this stuff right here it's it's it's nothing to play with. No I wish. I'd be right there with you. Know I know you would do think about it. You know. A Hell Ya you know recommended that has become the dude think about it. You know we're not walking into an abandoned hospital. You know not knowing what's what's in there you know. Something on third or something on the first floor you don't. It's not that we're walking into something that we know to be evil. Something no is you know. fucked up. For lack of better words we is evil. We know that this is what they stand for. Saints I. Think a lot of it is political. I. Think they have a strong political stance to and so. We know it a little bit of you know we don't know much but a little bit about political stuff. And So I think that would be okay to you know we can talk that but you know go in their guards up but open minded open totally open-minded. You know and just get a feel for these guys to see what's up yup in Make a great great content in You know see what happens i. mean you know like that. So Reagan like so if I Want, to sacrifice a virgin look dude I've been in broadband you can't even spell virgin. So. Sorry wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait wait. Hey. Jay Your dreams it's a version from which end user. All in. Four weeks. You're good to go. Look out radio wriggle. Expect. Rick Look already turned. Not You. Know Man. Jesus glowing. You. Know I'm looking forward to I WANNA stay in you guys and find out what you what the progress is and where you're at on this investigation and if we can get Miguel and Rene to go with you as far as equipment and suit up everybody and get over there. and. Find Out. You know see what they're all about and see what kind of invitation give you guys. Absolutely. Rick final thoughts, man let's go to college tonight. Okay The with this being Halloween were seeing a lot of what they call thinning of the veil This is what transpires usually during this time and I would I would urge caution. And Be well, aware of what's going on around your surroundings from here on out because they know we're talking about him I can guarantee you. They know we're talking about you always know. They always know. James. Man. I. Say we oh, go in with an open mind. with this thing like before. But like for example, with this, this the veil is shrinking in it's getting center and If there's anything we can do from today. Always Pretty I as far as investigations go whether as get out of the House and go to the cemetery go do that because you know what man Oh you know what? To think about that. You know what? Eddie Whigham pass up the fifteen on the Yeah, but he does thirteen. We haven't. We haven't received anything from anybody so we have nothing to show yet so. Yeah, we didn't pass it Adalat self are totally Okay Oh. We have to reassemble Chad in maybe that'll be a halloween special I mean s on a Saturday right Halloween's. Yeah? Yeah. So maybe they'll get but Yeah I. Think you know between now and Halloween go out and do some just investing on anything you know hell if you got free time it nine seven o'clock at night go out in a graveyard somewheres or Muslim or something like that, and just do warnings even by yourself. You know anything just get out there and do something and You know we'll make it a point. Do that tomorrow. And WE'RE GONNA do in find. metairie. We're going to go to. Work and and I've got an event coming up with. One of an old theater we're going to call booze and brews and tell ghost stories and talk about the paranormal. Go like. GimMe a time and a place. Twenty Fifth Wellington Kansas. ME. Think. That's a law brother. A. Cool little small cemetery a few miles from here. L. It's brown I think is the name of it. So I pass by the other day that may be something that we can go and check out really old and really it's small community say. You know it looked cool. Sorry Sounds good? Seven named followers and we have seven new followers on paranormal analytical and. To the people that are wanting to comment on our show. So we're doing good. Awesome. Well. Everybody take care. It's been a pleasure tonight. Thank you so much for joining US I. Know We had a lot of internet issues at the beginning, but we were finally able to get through the entire show in a little extra we apologize for all the the. cutouts that we had. But for whatever reason I have a feeling, it has to do with our topic tonight I don't know why but. We've got into. Yeah exactly. James is still red and the cheek. So he's still. Think blush. Comment we had. And Bruce Edge with night James and rick thank you so much brother. It's always a pleasure to have you on here in new out trying get some EDP's check out some of the different areas. But be very careful like Rick said village than in because of Halloween use caution and do a quick little cleansing before he's at home golden nothing follow you because that's always ends up. Bad. But take care everybody. Tonight's be safe. We love you guys and see next week. James. Own.

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