Wall Street Breakfast February 11: And Then There Were Three


welcome to ski health as Wall Street breakfast. Your daily source of market news and analysis. Subscribe to this podcast on Apple. podcasts Gulag casts certified and Stitcher. Good morning today. Is Tuesday February eleventh. And I'm your host. Steve Brown Wall Street breakfast is brought to you. By seeking Alpha premium. Unlock unlock the power of seeking Alpha articles data and advanced tools. Try it today. At seeking out by DOT com slash premium. Our top stories today and then there were three Powell on the hill and stocks advance with virus InFocus leading. Today's Today's news sprint is up more than sixty percent in pre-market trading on reports that its long awaited merger with T. Mobile will finally approved by US District Judge Victor Marrero. That would shut down a challenge by state attorneys general who alleged the tie up would lead to higher cell phone bills despite approval from federal antitrust and telecom officials merging the third and fourth top wireless carriers would result in a company with more than ninety million customers. That would aim the snacks even more subscribers from. At and T. and Verizon T.. Mobile is up nine percent pre-market in other news fed terror Powell is likely to sound upbeat about the. US economic takeout look today when he begins his semiannual testimony before Congress even as he nods to the potential threat from the corona virus in China. The Central Bank lowered interest reeks three times in two thousand nineteen but earlier this month signal to pause and easing unless there was a clear threat of inflation. Moving away from its two percent target fed vice chair. RENDALL QUARRELS MINNEAPOLIS FED president meal cash. Carry and Saint Louis Fed president. James Bullard are all set to comet at separate events later in the session. The S&P five hundred and Nasdaq scored fresh record. Highs yesterday as Chinese workers in factories gradually returned to business while new corona virus statistics. CYSTIC showed signs that the disease was slowing. There were two thousand four hundred. Seventy eight new confirmed cases on the mainland as of Monday down from three thousand sixty two on the the previous day bringing the total of forty two thousand six hundred thirty eight stocks in Shanghai climbed point four percent on the news while. US equity futures suggest a solid open on Wall Street ahead of earnings from under armour Hasbro Hilton and lift more than three hundred. Chinese companies are thinking bank loans totaling totaling at least eight point two billion dollars to help. Soften the impact of the corona virus outbreak. Banks will have the final say on Linden decision sources told Reuters. The interest rates are likely to be on par with those offered to banks top clients among the prospective borrowers are may tongue Dan Paying Jami. DD Choke Shing mcvie technology and Q.. Three sixty seeking to revive sales after seating it smartphone crown to apple. Last quarter under Samsung is expected to launch three variants of Galaxy s today the regular the Plus and the ultra at its unpacked twenty twenty event and San Francisco. Oh the S twenty. Phones won't be Samsung's first five g phones but they're going to be the first five g phones that matter with all four major. US carriers now offering at least as some form of next generation networking. The twenty three. I will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Z.. Flip a square shaped foldable. Phone rumored to be cheaper the bulky galaxy fold Google's head of human resources. Eileen Mountain will step down later this year amid rising tensions between the companies talk executives and rank and file employees. She's been in the role since two thousand sixteen and led the company through a period of growth at saw its global workforce expand by more more than sixty five percent to one hundred nineteen thousand among the tensions employees anger at handling of sexual harassment claims the firing of workers who organize tonight's protests against the company and the elimination of weakly. All hands meetings as well as staff complaints about secret projects and the lack of diversity U s district Judge Dully has rejected a request by Uber and posts mates to block California's gig worker law which will make it harder to classify workers as independent independent contractors while the companies had proven they could suffer a degree of irreparable harm as a result of the legislation. The potential risks to them were less important than in the public interest in setting a living wage and regulating employment. Investors had been watching the California dispute closely as the rule would require a higher pay and other other benefits like medical insurance. The United States has charged four Chinese military officers with hacking major credit reporting agency. The equifax in two thousand seventeen and making up with sensitive personal data on about one hundred and forty five million Americans the. US government doesn't normally bring criminal charges ages against members of another country's military or intelligence services outside of the US according to US attorney. General William Pibor but there are exceptions in cases of Indiscriminate theft of vast amounts of sensitive personal data of civilians it will take several quarters to return Boeing's worldwide. Seven thirty you. Seven Max Fleet to the skies following grounding that has left about seven hundred planes on the tarmac. We are not going to over Stress System Randy Tin Seth Boeing's Vice President President for marketing said at the Singapore Airshow. The company said last week it had discovered another software problem on the plane but still aims to get the jet flying again by mid two thousand twenty. A deadline previously set includes room for additional flaws as six twenty am today US futures and crude oil or all set to open in the green with gold slightly down on today's economic calendar. REDBOOK chain store. Sales are out at eight fifty five. Am Eastern time. mm-hmm Wall Street breakfast is brought to you. By seeking premium. Unlock the power of seeking Alpha at seeking alpha dot com slash premium. If you enjoyed today's podcast please be sure to rate and review it below. Your feedback is deeply appreciated. That concludes today's Wall Street purpose. Thank you for listening for the best investment analysis. The News on the WEB DOT COM. 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