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Alright Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Feast your eyes in tune your ears it's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they've built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building, your audience attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host, Brian S Arnold. All right. We are back again with another episode of the projects. It is Brian Arnold here in you project, we want to attach authority to your name so you can sell more of what you agree that I am here my new good friend here JODI KRANKL OPUS right. Yes. Yes. We are excited today it is a casual, Friday? can be very catches. Day Nice Fun Conversation, and we are going to be talking about how important audio branding is to your companies will being is that Jodi? Yeah. A lot of reasons. We're we're going to dive into it. We're GONNA dive into it but before we go any further, please tell everyone here How who you are personally and professionally. personally I am a card carrying Geek. Okay okay. Yes so you know D. and comic books and Sci fi fantasy and all of that stuff and can talk about firefly in doctor who and all of that stuff if you want. I'm also a musician. So I'm a singer and I put out an album in two thousand fifteen that I did with colleague friend of mine in the UK. So we did it sort of remotely. Yeah which was really a lot of fun mostly in the jazz blues traditional kind of format and professionally I have been voice actor fulltime since two, thousand seven. So I have been using my voice to make other people money for a long time. Also. I got a question about that later. But. Let's talk about your current project. Are you currently working right now? well, voice acting basically. I. Also have a podcast of my own called audio branding the hidden gem of marketing. I talk about how sound influences us in a lot of different ways. But usually as it pertains to things like buying habits and you know things that make us open our wallets a little more. No okay, we didn't get into that I want to actually quick question 'cause I'm just curious. Is is voice over the voice of a business. That's Bloomberg. Booming right. Now you get. In yeah, it really is. It really depends on what industry you're doing it for. Him before covert hit I was doing a lot of things in the hospitality and Tourism and all that kind of stuff which I love doing. But unfortunately, it hasn't been all that booming lately. Okay. That makes sense. Things have kind of switched into the health care finance, insurance, kind of industries, and luckily when. Difficulties hit people tend to want comforting voices and they before this hit they were kind of looking for the millennial and younger types of voices that were like barely voiceover. You know like nothing put on at all I mean just like barely just talking to your your your people you know like just that's it right and now they not that it's put on but they want a bit more of the comfort. So they want the the warm and welcoming and maybe authoritative but still approachable type of sound because you've worn comforting. Example comforting sound. Yeah exactly which. Fits into. Not Wish this to happen for that to happen right I'm doing. Okay. Gotcha Gotcha. So tickets a little deeper now into. I guess I'm going to say this. Like how you fell in love with sound basically if I could say that the right in the right way. Yeah. While I have always sung, that's definitely been a part of my upbringing my parents raised us by By having a single time, not storytime that was. That was our bedtime ritual. Say Yes it was it was wonderful. My Mum's a singer in my died as guitar player mostly actually he mostly plays plays piano right now but all by ear and really followed his example. Played Piano by ear to really. Yes. I'm just learning piano. For I've wanted to do it for a long time everyday working on piano because I'm singing to ask great but I wanted to learn some an the nursing theory. So does this is great stuff that's lacking. Tough it is. For now imagine, right. Yeah should have learned it when I was a kid but I didn't have the patience. To. House. Like these keys Mike now I can't do it. So this this this get into this into. This thing about brain because I've never heard of it before. Why disown portent to have breed sound. Are. We talking about jingles what what what, what are we talking about here branding audio about at all actually and audio branding seems to be or have been a lot more popular in Europe. The Europe has had this down pat for many years now in fact, they have the audio branding academy which I think's started in I wanNA say. I WANNA say two thousand. Oh my goodness I. Now, but I think it was. Like two thousand, eight or something like that like it's it's been around for a while I could be wrong about that date, but it's pretty early like. Not, as early as it could be but like earlier than US in North America you know. Right, right right and they actually have awards for sound in is like. How to me awards face right right Kinda. Cool. But it sort of encompasses a lot of things when you're talking about branding a lot of people say that's what people say about you when you leave the room. So it's who you are, what you, what you project and people getting to know and like entrust you is part and parcel of all of that. So if you are only concentrating on the visual of that. You're missing out because you can make a really deep connection with people using audio. So that could be the music using your videos. It could be the music use on you're on hold it could be the sound effects that you use in your videos. It could be the voice that you use in your videos you know is that voice more casual or more formal? Do they use contractions? Do they not use contractions like how does your what is your company project as its image? And and that should be an all around sensory experience. It shouldn't just be visual. The. We're talking about the well being of becoming. Do you think that should be somebody from your company or can be somebody WHO's outsources? So forth, nine could be anyone I mean if there's someone in your company, that is the person that you want to project as who you are. then. Yeah. Sure use that but you may not have the expertise to do that yourself, and in that case, outsourcing is perfectly valid to there are people. There are actually audio branding companies that that's all they do I have no idea. Yeah, there are. Companies that will create music for whatever you need to brand like your video like you're on hold like the intro to your podcast, like all of these audio components that we all use in our companies on a regular basis also internally. So if you're doing an internal presentation for a bunch of people in your company, then there's usually some kind of a video and that video has music and it may have a voice over and you know all of this needs to feed into who you are as a company and get the people in your company excited about what they're doing. I'm glad that you're here. Those so that's so amazing what you're saying because when I thought about the intro music in the ultra music of this of this program. I went to different different sounds like. I, don't want that because that's to did. When I don't want too much. There's too crazy I'm like I'm trying to be right in the middle where there's some energy they're not too much not not too not too low. So that is you're so correct about that about having the right the right type of sound for what your you know, whatever your businesses or what have you which to get. Great Stuff Christopher on. Let's talk about what is. Bad audio branding what does? That branding would be audio that doesn't match your image. So slow like for instance I, use this as an example, all the time. If you're a high end jewelry store do not have eighties hair bands on. It doesn't. Strike you know. So so think about who you are and who you want people to believe you are because people will associate with you based on whether they feel your like them or whether they wanna be like you. Okay. So there's there's kind of those two options there and to do that to make a deeper connection with the people who are seeing and hearing your company 'cause they should be doing both. You need to communicate authentically and to communicate authentically you need to be who you are. and. So you should know that first of all. It's not just about knowing who your client is. Your Avatar is important. Yes, and you WANNA be able to relate to them based on who they are, but you also want to make genuine connection with them based on who you are, and you can demonstrate who you are by melding the visual and the audio. So those tickets on a little session here about what you would say if you go head client, what what what are the I kind of questions you? Acts them or struck them as far as. What to look for in branding, having the right brain for the audio well, generally when people come to me for the voice acting, they have already sort of decided this it's not usually for me to tell them. But like I said, I'm one small part of that whole audio branding umbrella. There's a lot that goes into that. What I will typically ask them is what music are they planning on having on this video usually I'm doing stuff for a video or I'm doing stuff were a radio commercial or a Web you know some kind of pre roll or something like that streaming radio I've done that a lot as well, and it sort of depends on who the company is and who they believe they are, and normally they can tell me that. They have the bigger companies have definitely thought about this and they've got a lot of money on it usually. Yeah. So in the production company or the AD agency that is putting together their project is doing this. They're choosing me based on the fact that my voice fits what this company believes they are and the persona they want to create out into the world for people to relate to. Okay so my my voice may not be right for everything. Okay. It's not right. But but it depends you know if if they're hiring me already than generally they know that my voice would be a good fit for their brand and they've chosen music sometimes not all the time and when I hear the music as a musician, you would know this to it informs how might tone is when I'm doing the script for them when I'm performing that script if I'm if I'm hearing music in my head or I've heard music that they're going to use on that video and makes it a lot easier for me to know where my voice needs to go to give them what they want coach. So do you do you think that it's a miss if they do not have music or haven't thought about music with they're saying Somebody says like you pick these interest red flag. Oh my goodness. They wouldn't ask me to pick because I. Predict a video that's that's not my job. The person who contacts me is usually the person who's producing video. So. That would normally be their thing and I imagine they get that from clients. I'm sure they do you. Some people are maybe not as informed about what their companies should sound like, and maybe he needs some help in that in that area. There's nothing wrong with that. But yeah, there should be some consideration. Definitely. So. We're talking about the well being of a company. To register more more into the impact of having a having the right. Fit. For Your Company, how important is? How poor. Again I've I've never heard of this before. About branding and as far as audio. How important is it to have the right tone set the setting the right tone would sound as opposed to. Like. As well, there's this how important is the sound? We'll little further with that. Well, it's very important it's it is part and parcel of your brand. It should be anyway and I think it helps that it helps everyone in your organization to be a Superfan and to be able to promote what what you're doing you know in in your company. If. They're only getting part of that equation. Then they don't really know how to bring it to other people. and. So so I think it just makes it easier for them to tell other people the great things you're doing. That, the company is doing you know. So. This this this ticket here. What about in comparison? Have lost the of preneurs here in. that. Get into this thing where. They can about design their logo maybe going out and posting in sharing with video and so forth. Not really digging audio. Not at all at all. I've I've seen some big organization, the person. I was with Lee recently. I didn't hear anything. Really. You are willing thing about audio at all really even have a podcast. which has some a little bit audio but. That wasn't really part and parcel that wasn't really their big thing. So what do you say about that as far as in comparison Paris into. What you think is more important got. Some people might say that design is the most important thing what he had to say about that. Well, I'm not saying it's not important. I definitely wouldn't say that I would say that audio is as important as as the visual that if you couple them together, it's kind of magic. You know I, think if you don't think about the audio and and work on that. That you're leaving money on the table because people are not going to trust you as much as you would want them to if they're not getting authentic hole sensory experience I mean you can start from the visual I think it's a great start and once you know what colors and the feel and whether you're casual or formal again, that's like a good thing to know and you know the type of emotion that you want people to feel when they experienced what your company has to offer. That's important because. Visual does it evoke emotion but audio evokes emotion a lot more strongly and I say a lot more strongly because it is our it's one of our strongest senses that in our sense of sent are there like hugely important to our whole wellbeing like they're just they're so they're so. impactful in our lives and you can do things like I. I've said this in in other places but I interviewed someone on my own podcast who taught who told me that you can time travel with audio with sound because if you hear something mono like a creek of a floorboard or something like that, suddenly you're back in your mom's kitchen with. With the creaking floorboard that reminded you of you know you can do that was sent to it immediately, transport you back to that moment and it's like you're there. It's not and you know it's not a different experience. It's not. It's like you're actually there. So it's almost like time travel spiritual. Very. True. Imagine how powerful that is. You use that to your advantage you know what I mean. There are certain songs that do it to me Christopher Cross sailing. Yes. Right away I'm just like I'm gone. But it probably reminds you of exactly where you first heard it or where it had the most impact on you when you were listening to it. Yeah and it brings back all those emotions and it just it's very emotional, and if we can couple the visual with the emotions we want to evoke in the people who experience our company or you know our brand in general. Then, they're going to experience are Y as impactfully as we want them to. Wow this is incredible stuff. So I just. I'm just trying to figure out how to go about this though how do we go about? Getting the right sound. That's the biggest thing. Do you have any tips on on on that? All I do I have actually a downloadable pdf on my website that actually works through this a little bit Bruce we oh yeah. What it does is it sort of takes it from the general marketing perspective you know like who's your Avatar? What's your y? You know these kinds of things that they would ask typically in a marketing. Context. But it relates it to sound and it relates it to the emotions that you want to evoke. So what does your color scheme make people feel and what kind of? Goes with that or what kind of voice would go with that you know and how can you? Make that color into sound. How can you make that that visual into a type of sound that you would be consistent with because consistency is another key to this. So I mean, even if you're doing like a podcast and you start off with the same words every time you start a podcast. Or you end with the same words every time you end the podcast that's audio branding. That's your personal audio branding rookie. Okay. I like it. So. There's all sorts of ways to use this but but in general, it creates a better more authentic experience for the people that you're hoping are going to use your services or buy your product or you know sign up for your mastermind or whatever else you know. This because if we`re Honest most people would think more about their logo. Branding. So crazy is always logo or colors, and that's it. No local maybe some maybe some video visuals whatever your video. Yeah which which you would you would assume has some audio to a anyway. Yes. It could also have sound effects like I know that Gary v does this on all of his visit videos. He has like this swoosh something sound here on all of his videos. Very intentional with it. Okay. An article about it. That's how you I was onto something here. Okay. Yeah Yeah. I mean not the only reason I knew right but yeah, it is definitely something you know and I'm not saying that the visual isn't important I would never say that yes get yourself colors. Yes. Figure out your logo if you have one but also then couple that with sound that matches. And be consistent with that because that's an all around experience for the people who are going to do what you want them to do with your company. This is quite refreshing. It really is because I'm thinking of all these different things. Now like you know the law and Order Kong stuff? In all these different things on. Youtube were incubated D. That I love on youtube that had musical the time waiting for the music that changes up sometimes but there was a one he always had for a long time. In your waiting for that so Actually this up against it a little bit here. But how soon should a business owner think about? audio. Branding. When they're starting out the business how soon should they should they be thinking about this I think you could do it I if you wanted to because then you could start with the audio and say, well, what does that look like concur I? Mean there's all there's all sorts of ways to do this. I don't think it needs to necessarily be expensive. I think it just needs to be consistent. So. If you're consistent, then your memorable if you can consistently relate your message. Audio wise and visual wise with something specific like for instance when you hear the Intel Donna Dot right here that. Really what that is, right? For, the longest time, the visual actually said quality inside. and. So now when you hear that logo, you don't need to think. You know quality. Like. You don't need to see the quality you hear it. You know what I mean like it's it's become a short form for you to understand that Intel means quality. See you can sort of you can start this as soon as you want and like I said, it does not have to be expensive it just needs to be something you give some intentional thought to and that you're consistent with and that is you you don't want to put this on right right right in. South professional to. Let me think about every landing page I'm trying to think about now dislike maybe you need to rethink this. To go further past, even this podcast. So great stuff. Amazing stuff so far. I'm kind of Florida now, but let me ask you this. Let me see I'm I'm I'm impressed. But actually this though what about the people like? You know what? I don't really need this. I'm doing okay with it without the government designs and we're doing okay come on. Jodi just this we don't need this come on. You're you're crazy. What is he going to have to do it? You don't, but you will do so much better if you do. It's just such. It's like an it's a total upgrade it like I said, it's magic. Seriously, it just makes such a better impact on everyone who experiences your company. You don't have to do it like you said, you know. You just keep doing what you're doing but if you want to upgrade if you want to really reach people deeply and make them passionate about what you offer. You know sound can sound coupled with the visual can really help a lot. Yeah even I, think even maybe. Part of it maybe like in your videos if you're on youtube or whatever just like the deck music is. A little better to. Just. Like. This is more more soothing. And exchanges the tone, right? Like I have a the same fellow who told me about a time traveling with sound was an interview that I did with a guy named John. Who has a a studio in Vegas called dog and pony, and he throws a ton about this stuff and he does sound design but he also teaches a course on film and music at UNLV. And and one of the things that he talks about is how someone took the the trailer for Christopher Robin I don't know if you remember that movie from like several years back. Yeah. Yeah. With you and McGregor. So someone took that movie and took that trailer and it's a happy friendly. You know maybe a little dramatic, but it has it's it's like a family friendly friendly movie, right? They took it change the music moved the sequence of film a little bit around, made it into like CPI colored and then. It became a horror trailer. Really, just the music, right I mean that's how impactful. This can really be e. you can change someone's whole attitude by the music you use true then by the voice us and by the sound effects that you add and any of that stuff and all of this is. threaded throughout everything that we do. You're so right. Now you know sound. Even in movies and TV, there's no sound in there. It's really not a movie is not A. You're so right. I'm convinced hope everybody else's convinced by this. But. As by this by by guests Jodi on so so so press. So I'm glad you refresh me hope. Refreshed about thinking about audio branding, but you're not done I have one last question. Is the last question asked all my guests okay. They see you. They like they did like what you're saying like you're in series the like you sound okay and they have similar interests. a similar path as as as you are now. and. They want to follow in your footsteps. Can you give them a few? Tips and tricks just to help them. Be Authority in this space. Oh, that's a good question I. Guess It depends on whether you you are wanting to be an authority and voiceover or in audio branding. Audio branding there are very few resources actually around it you. You'd think there would be a lot more but I would say check out the audio branding academy. which is on the Internet you can just look it up and it'll you'll easily find it. There's probably some stuff on there that you can look at there is a book called audio branding and I'm not sure of the like the author and everything like that. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head but I know that there are books out there on this and I know that Gary has written an article on it. So you could definitely look at that as far as voiceover is concerned if you want to learn more about that, the best plan is to go to a website called voice over extra X. T.. R. A. DOT COM, and there is a ton of information on there. You can watch like inexpensive Webinars, I? Think they're like less than fifty bucks. You can read all sorts of free articles. It'll tell you who the best coaches are the different genres. What it might cost to do a demo you know different things you know how to get the best sound treatment for your space what equipment you might want. You know what recording software you might WANNA use. There's all sorts of resources on that website that that would that would tell you a whole ton of stuff and this job this career, you wear a lot of hats. If you think that you're just going to sit in front of a microphone speak all day. That's not what this is. There's a lot more to it. So yeah, I would say that that website alone should inform it should inform you of what you need to know a lot of it. Or scare you street. We're scary. Yeah exactly. Yeah. Yeah or let you know that this is more work than you wanted to. Yeah Awesome. Stuff I appreciate all of that. Thank you so much. You got. You got it there. Just an amazing amazing content and I hope everyone thinks a little bit more about audio Brennan wasn't sure. Wasn't sure but now I I you got me I'm so. I'm so so right now. So please tell anybody where they can find you after the show. please. Well, you can reach me at voiceovers and vocals dot com or the podcast itself. Audio branding is at audio branding PODCAST DOT com. Awesome. And I'm always looking for people to be on the podcast are intentionally working with sound amazing. The EGO, the EGO. Crate stuff I am not going to get on here but I'm still when you talk about Like I can't wait. So it took a while you hear. A lot of my guests are waiting, but it's okay I'm glad you're glad you're here finally on this show. By got a lot out of it for those who are listening. Hope you're hope we get the equality for years well. Okay. On the Internet. Cooperative here. So Lastly people. If you want to learn more about building your platform, please join the list at the authority letter dot Com where you can text us at Texas. Tech's we are live at four, four, two to. Go on the list and we will start helping you build your own authority platform of your very own. Right and we are but to get out of here unless we have any final words from you Jodi at all. I if people are interested in that pdf download that I was telling you about go to my website, which is voiceovers and vocals dot com slash audio strategy. Sorry. Audio brand audio dash branding. Strategy. More, time one more time. We, overs and vocals dot com slash audio dash branding. Dash Strategy. Does. Ask for people to put in their name and email address for. That just tells them when the new podcast is out. But if they don't WANNA be on a mailing list I, totally get it. They can just email me directly. My email is all over that website. and. I will just send them the PDF. It's not meant to be you know. There's no pay here. I'm. Not. Getting. So. Yeah. I appreciate you think you so much for being on here and I appreciate everyone who was still hanging on here with the Authority Project I. Hope you're still building I. Hope you're still sharing and hope your are realizing that people will come if you do those two simple things. All right. In we are if fern now, we're gonna hit onto the weekend and relax. Yes, we can't relax. Yes OJ it's okay. I'll see you on Monday on the episode in that's rap for now be bliss take care. And that's a rapper, this episode of the Authority Project. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review share until your friends. So Bacon here too and even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get three weekly content and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We've certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority del Charrette and they will come until next time.

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