Mark Bell's Power Project EP. 206 Live - SCOT MENDELSON


The still bad. You're there him. Can we say that we black them out? I stay black. Trying then. A white dude Jewish guy who broke some world records and black. I'll walk into a gym. That's the end of it it all. Yup. I'll see guys later. You gotta tell me about horse. Cock. Really know much about 'em. Really? I mean, you know, he's dead. I know that good way to start off the podcast. Yeah. Figured yes. So I used to go to a gym longtime ago used to go to Jim called LA lifting club and me. And my brother would always be like what the hell's up with this guy. This guy is he always wear cargo shorts. And somehow you could see his junk through the cargo shorts in his name was Scott Mendelson. Like something wrong with them out. A massive, dude. All I know this guy had a cock like the size the thickness of your Starbucks Cup. Bro was ridiculous. You've seen it. I saw it. One time. Scared me to this day resonates in my head. It was like twenty years ago. Damn I thought to myself, Scott you are insufficient. You're officially inferior. Yes. Absolutely. He's demand the alpha. So I met this wonderful man over here. Scott Mendelson, probably twenty some odd years ago. I went to a power of the meat with my brother, and we were in the warm up room. And there was this guy who was loud and over the top and brash, and he was talking about wanting to break records. He's talking. He's gonna bench six fifty. And then in a couple years is going to break the all time world record like who's this guy turned out to be Scott Mendelson? He turned out to be right turned out bench over seven hundred pounds on that role. Yeah. Rall on that particular day Iwo had a mishap, right? The weight. Yeah. I on your dropped. You know, you grip. I was going, and you know, what I didn't. I didn't know how to power. So I I was just benching close grip because that's what I did. And I was hitting six forty close grip. And I came. Came in. And I used to thumb list because you know, I don't know what the hell I was doing. And I ended up dropping like six hundred and something pounds on my chest from lockout and that was the introduction of my elaborate powerlifting career. And then you were like, well, maybe I should wrap my thumbs around the bar. That was my last fall script workout. How are you able to develop you know, like there's a lot of people that bench, you know, four hundred pounds. I one hundred pounds. And we we start to see people kind of top out. They start to get the five or start to get to six seven hundred pound limit or let seven hundred pound weight rather seems to be a huge limit for a lot of people. There's only been like five people to ever really maybe five or six people to ever do it. Right. How the hell are you able to build that kind of strength? The always it's been strong, or well, you know, what I was always you know, when I was a kid. I always I collect comic books to this day. I still do I like fifty thousand books and Holck was my favorite character. So ever since I was a kid. I wanted to be the strongest man in the world, you know, some people want to be an astronaut or a fireman. I just want to be the strongest man in the world hawk lifts like thirty five thousand pounds. So I thought what the hell I'll follow suit. You know what I mean? And you know throughout life. I I kinda just had that in mind. So when I was about fifteen years old one of my friends almost killed this guy. And I got picked up for it by the law, and I didn't snitch them off. Don't show this clip yet angel- say this for a little bit later. I didn't snitch them off. And I ended up doing three and a half years in youth authority. Oh my God. And that was sort of like, my military straighten me out, you know, in a work it, well, and I started lifting weights at every, you know, and when I got out I was just on a mission. I I didn't know what I wanted to do. But I knew that that weightlifting was where it was at, you know, and and it's funny because when I was in. I was like God, you know, what did he why am I here? You know what I mean? And all the prison guards were like, you know, you don't look like you should be here. And I was. Like, and you know, at first it was like, they're like, hey, what are you here for? And I said, I didn't do it. And they were like, yeah. None of us. Did it? We're all. So then I was just like fuck it. You know, I get it. I don't give a fuck. I'm just going on with it. And I got into the whole life of that thing, and I finished up, and and I got out in this this black guy name Reggie was a prison guard. He looked at me. And he said I'll be seeing you soon. Boy, there's an eighty seven percent return rate. And I said, you know, what fuck you like that? So I get out start doing my thing and becomes Menton and years later when I broke the two seventy five world record when I hit the ten thirty one to seventy five that night, we went to a bar has I don't drink smoke. I don't do shit. But when I break a world record. I'll do a shot, you know. So we're at this bar make sense. And there's this black guy at the end of the Barneys like fucking staring at me. And I'm like what the fuck this guy looking at you know, what I mean? And Finally, I get up. I go over I go, dude. Do I know you? I mean, you know, their problem any goes, you don't remember me? Do you? I told you there was an eighty seven percent return rate, and you'd be back in what you say to me. And I was like I said fuck you Reggie. He says I've been following you. And I'm so proud of what you become and and it was like it was like a like a God sent thing to you know, I don't know it just like change something in my life. When he said that to me, and I was like, thank you, brother. You know what I mean when you're in that youth facility? Did you have like a mentor or anything like that? They have a program like try to help you, you know, get out of that lifestyle. No, no, it's real racial, and we mean by racial what I mean is blacks can't sell up with whites and you can't smoke or drink after a black guy, and it's really racial, and it's an organized thing. So if you smoke after a black guy, you fall what's called level, and you're lame, and they shoot letters to each other prisoner prison, it's organized thing. And I'm on the bus, and I'm going there in this Indian guys telling me. You can't smoke after black guy can't drink out Buckeye. You can't sell it a black guy. And you know, if somebody tries to run you on a mission, you know, don't do it because you'll be like a soldier. Looking at this guy. Like what the fuck is. He talked a lot of rules. So I get there. And there's big ass blonde. Dude. You know, it's up to twenty five years old. I'm like sixteen you know. So I get in there. And this big blonde dudes like looking at me, and he's like. And I'm like. And he's all. And I was like. So I walk over. And he's like, hey, what's up, and I'm like they doing. And he's like you down for your shit. And I'm like, yeah. And he goes, you know, there was a bunch of little gay guys in the front with like, no shirts and shit. You know what I mean? And he's all once go over there. Fuck that dude up right there show me how down you are. And I'm thinking about Indian dude on the bus, and I'm like, and I'm sitting down talking to do I stand up and I look at him. I go you run on a mission. He's all. Yeah. I beat the fuck out of this duty. I've been there. Like, ten minutes. I'm hitting this dude is hard as I can they locked me down. They bring me to the parole board. And they're like Mr Mandelson you've been here like ten minutes. And I was like sorry. So they bring me back. He beat the hell out of the guy that tried to put you on the mission. Right. Got it. And when I get back all the white dudes are coming up to me. And they're like, hey, what's up which up? I'm like what the fuck do. You mean what's up will? He was a dude at called shots with a white dude's. So next thing, you know, on calling shots for the white. And I'm like, dude, I'm a fucking Jew. You know what I mean? These guys are like, Nazis, you know. And I'm like, dude, I don't want on the fucking do it, bro. So I'm just going to wait pit and I start lifting. Well, ends up that his name was Chad. He ends up running a mission on me, and I walk through this door where they had these big steel chairs and this dude wack me and my face with a chair and knock two teeth out of my mouth. So I was all dazed I jumped on dude. But you know, and they had all these guys had tear, you know, may spray. So they spray me down. And I'm like fucking, dude. That shit was crazy. I got used to it. So they bring me back to parole board. They're like, Mr. Mendelssohn done. I'm like sorry. So they've locked down for like five days. And then I go back, and I see Chad. And he's like. And I'm like, oh, that's fucking it. So there was just like pool table with these washing machines, and I walk in. And I just start fucking wailing on him. He had long blond hair. And I wrapped his hand up. And I'm beating a fuck out of him. And also, your hey, I look over with the tear-gas, right? My fuck and face the Mason. I'm like fuck them. Snot not every hole, and I gotta gets the washer, and I'm boom, boom. And then I missed being and I'm like boom big and four guards role in a pick me up in the air autumn and a headlock each guard has my legs four of them. They got my arms, and I'll have this, dude. I'm in the air, and I'm hitting them like this. So they bring them back to parole board again. And like, Mr Mandelson, I'm like sorry. You know? And they're like what the fuck is going to happen. I go I'm gonna fucking kill them. So they ended up shipping him out to another fucking prison. And then life got good all the guards started liking me. I got relationships with them. And you know, you I go to prison you start tripping and you're like word. Like, oh my God. It's four o'clock. What would all my friends we doing right now, you know? But then it got to the point where forgotten I just went on, and I was lifting and there's like a swat team kind of like for like, riot retaliation and stuff will they come in benching six hundred pounds at eighteen years old. So how long you're lifting at this point just a couple years. Yeah. So I was hitting six hundred and the guards came in and they go, hey, you're fucking strongest hell, and I was like, thanks. So they took me over to their Jim. These guys are like retired NFL, and like gnarly mother fuckers, you know, so I started lifting with them. And that's when Schick out real and they were like powerlifting. And you know, these guys were showing me some stuff, but you know, they really weren't powerlifters. They said they were you know, what I mean? I didn't know it was up. I'm going close grip. You know, so. Finally, get out and I start living my life, and I'm lifted and I'm at north Hollywood goals in Venice goals and training people. And I'm going to school, and I'm doing my thing. And you know, one thing after the other just developed them. I'm sitting there eating with my wife at the time on Ventura boulevard at this place into abortion insurance, California. It's like the boulevard, so there's this little magazine place as walking by CEO. Powerlifting USA. So I'm like, oh, I'm buying it. So I grab it. And it's like, hey this weekend. There's a fucking powerlifting. Meet in Burbank. The one I met you at and she's like, well, I don't know. She goes who they bench in fucking know, maybe nine hundred six forty you know, and she's like well fuck, let's do it. And I'm like, okay. And then I met Mark Bell. So here we are. Here. We are like a weird weird set of circumstances. In a lot of ways I made a post and said, you know, you broke the all time world record. And you had it for a long time. How long I had it for about twelve years. I still have the three away world record that I've had for like sixteen years. Yeah. And you get a set of no one at three oh, six body weight and a seven fifteen bench. Right. Seven fifteen at three fourteen. I believe it was an Eric SPO who grew up in the same areas. You guys didn't know each time. He ended up training with you for while. Yeah. Eric trained with me. And you know, I love them, Greg. I I showed her my secrets he still alive, by the way, people asking me like what I was wondering, Eric where the fuck are you give me a call? You know? But you know, he's a good guy. And I'm you know, what it's cool because you know, what records for there to be broken? And the fact that I trained him. I wasn't completely hundred percent responsible for him. Breaking the record. He put the time in right? But you know, by him, breaking it and me training him. It's it's sort of a branch off my tree. Yeah. You know what I'm in? And I I really I enjoyed training with them. He have similar forms. Here's your form quite different than his. I'm different. I'm on the balls of my feet. Oh, yeah. Your feet away. Yeah. My feet further bath think about you know, you hear everyone talking about like tuck in the elbows in all these different things. And obviously, I mean, you're a really wide guy. You're thick as hell. So it's gonna look different you bench pressing versus a girl who's one hundred thirty two pounds. What do you think about kind of like, you know, tuck in the elbows in tight and stuff like that? Do you agree with that? Or you have a different style. Well, I one hundred percent agree with it. My style is and everybody can see me on camera. Correct. Yep. Yeah. Okay. I like put your hand flat on my back. Okay. What I do is. I take my shoulder blades, and I pinch them together. Okay. Loosely? Not with like a latch spread or anything like that. I'm trying to get my shoulders as close together as possible. Then once I do that. Then I tighten the muscle up around it. Okay. And that's how I start my bench press to where I'm almost cramped up. Now, my triceps everything on the bench press comes from the inner tricep. So what I do is imagine if you had skin that attached your tricep to your latte. Okay. You know, the dimple on your lap. When you do your latte. I take my my tricep, and I put it there. Okay. So I'm a little bit like right in the middle of my son of resting his tricep, like honest latte. Right. Might be hard to do if you don't have developed last. So what I do is in this position. I'm pinched and cramped all the way back now when I pull I never let my elbow. Separate nother words. I never come from here and let my elbow go down. Here we stay into my back, and when I pull and you'll see it on my videos when I freeze up. Everybody's like a freeze up. I'm pulling and it freezes because I'm pulling with my back, and I'm not pulling with my arm specifically my arms pulling with. But I'm never letting it come away from that let it's always a tach d-. So it will happen is a freeze up from here. Now, the only thing that's going to get that way to go lower or that Bargo lower is what? More weight. So more weight more weight more weight more weight. That's why when I was going raw nothing below six hundred touch like your body's adventure. It's a living bencher. Yeah. Guys, repeat that again, how much weight did you need to touch your chest six hundred and he's talking about without bench shirt on without adventure. Yeah. And if you see my videos, I'll become down in bloom, whom that's really interesting because known said the same thing about the dead lift Ed cone, you know, he said like, you know, when he was warming up he would have five hundred on six hundred on seven hundred on eight hundred on and even like seven hundred pounds. He could make it float because he would get himself Waigel, Dan and get himself so tight with of you guys may not be seeing like some people are actually listening on I tunes as well. His Scott pulled his rear doubts back, and he was trying to get them as close together as possible pulling him towards my hand, my hand was on his back flautam using the scapula. Imagine the shoulder. Blades themselves, and you're pinching them together. Forget about anything muscular to begin with. It's all skeletal. So when I bench, I don't push the weight away from me, I push myself into the back of the bench away from the weight, which is important because a lot of people over press when they bench press. Then when he do that older that yes shoulder will come forward and an elbow or shoulder. Something weird. I don't use my shoulders when bench you also used your traps a lot, which that's that's a different part. So he pulled his shoulder blades. Together, try to get him as closely could and then he kind of shrugged not really up but more like back row with the traps, though, I want I set up on the bench. I'm not on my back among my Trump's. Yeah. That's that's a big difference. Compared to what a lot of other people are doing they're trying to kind of wiggle in. What are some other things like, you know, with your technique? What are some other things that you did like some people have trouble with the lockouts and people have trouble off their chest. I use boards. I don't believe in chains for bench breath. I think the joints are too small band. Same thing bans. I will do a little bit of Ben work, but not on the bench. You know? Like if I have a bamboo bar something like that. I'll put some bands on it or something like that only because a stabilization but with lightweight. Okay. I go boards boards boards boards, the hallway? And then when you press off the boards. Are you staying like super tight like you mentioned, and there's like hardly any weight resting on the boards, or you just first of all drama, and we never got to this part? But I don't bench from here. I bench from my hips. I don't know if you guys the I've. I blown my quads twice benching. Wow. Literally where my whole leg went plaque. There's a magazine cover where Gordon santee I had to get okay? To wrap my leg up I toward to Arnold and three weeks later. I was in Canada with Bruce Greg recipes, and I had to wrap my leg, and I had a shoot light it came into my leg because it was just so much pain. I could I didn't even feel the leg when I was benching. I mean, it was like not even there. But I when I bench I bring my my heels among the balls of my feet, and I'm on my traps my butts touching the bench. And when I get ready to bench. I take my ankles, and I push them down. Okay. When that happens that engages the whole lower body, the hamstrings the hips everything except the gluts just to reiterate end to make. So people told understand he pushes heels towards. Around. But his heels don't go flat his toes on the balls of my feet now. Engage your, but which will drive your needle. Engage your hip yet. There you go not your gluts you have to tighten gluts up separately ocal gauge, the hips and keep the leg keep the leg. Dr super tight. Correct. And then the other thing that does is helps to kinda stabilize stabilize your body on the bench. And in addition to that it helps to kinda short up and stabilize the stroke of the bench press. Because now your knee will come down your stomach and your chest will come up a little bit corrupt. If the if the heels touch, do you lose a lot of that? Or is it never my heels could not touch. Okay. It's not going to happen. It's for him, though, you teach people the same people the bench the same way that you bent. Well, the reason why don't you flat-footed is. Because when you drive flat-footed your but comes up, and no matter what you're gonna come up. You look at everyone. I love Kelly, but he's never hit a legit lift. And it's fucking. No, no, no, no. It's not because he's not powerful or anything. But his ass comes up on every single lift it just does. I knew he was cheating Hotan cheater. He's heels down. I love him. I love music chess flat bench. But you cannot keep your ass down when you're out of max level bench. It doesn't happen. You know? An another thing that that you made me think about when I like sometimes there's some lifts online where they'll Hemi a thousand pounds and it'll start going like this. Okay. I stabilize everybody tries to balance it from your upper body. You can't do that you locked the hips in. And you just let the ride go on the upper body, but you're stabilizing the hips that happened to me on Monday. I hit a ten eighteen on Monday fucking all you mother fuckers up. But I hit a ten eighteen fifty to fifty turned fifty. I'm adding years to like rocky said I got a little bit left in the basement. And I think this year. Remember, I said it on Mark bells podcast. I'm gonna break the all time record. I'm going to go over eleven at a light body weight. I'm about three hundred pounds right now. And you know, it used to be three ninety and you know, there's an optimal weight for everybody. Three ninety. Yeah. About going all in rich peon looked at me. He goes, dude. You're too big. You're gonna fucking die. And then look the richest dead. Now, you know what I'm in? But you know, it's just everybody has an optimal weight to perform for me. It's a between three. Oh, five and three twenty is where I'm my best. You know in a man, I can breathe, and you know, breathing a big part other than life. But in benching because you know. It's it's very cardio base. People don't realize in powerlifting in general. You know, you got three attempts th on a world record. When you hit your fourth lift your fucking bodies blue. You know what I mean? You know what I'm saying? You know, I do six hours of cardio every week. And I do life cycle because I don't have an ankle my right leg. I were boot when I bench so one of my I gotta Frankenstein. Boot you guys we'll see you guys probably seen it before. But you know, very scary individual. You've never seen. But, you know, road saying, you know, when I noticed when you're benching too because of your arch, and because of the way you get yourself on your traps, you bring the way out over top of you quite a bit you bring a way out like more towards maybe like your surname, right? A little bit blooming and some people, you know, the bench a little higher. But I think that maybe some people are benching that way because there may be more flat rent. No the thing about it is like watch face me. Get the best position. You're back. We'll about Bengal. No push as far as you can. Nothing right now. Drop your elbows now push. You could throw me across the room. Okay. So your leverage point is in your triceps when you when you're out here, and you're in a high bench, your in your shoulders brand. We don't wanna do that. We want to bring that out to here. And there's a rollout process when you bench you'll bring it up and it'll roll out and there's like a slot. It just like fall. It's not quite as far. But almost to the point where the bar would start coming down. Anyway. Right. Yeah. But the thing is when you when you when you're benching and you bring it lo a lot of people feel like it's going to fall on you. So what you need to do is take your elbows and bring him in like, you're breaking the bar. And when you break the bar, all of a sudden, you got tons of leverage. You know, all this only string sports are just about leverage. You know, am other strongest guy with the strongest body in the world. Fuck no. No, there's guys way stronger than me, but they can't hit near what I hit because of two things one. I know the leverage points, I'm a fucking master and to the mental the brain controls, everything in no matter what I have I'll go under thirteen hundred pounds. I don't give a fuck because the thing about it is is you need to stay in your itinerary when that waits come down. I don't feel the muscle in my arms. I feel the bones in my arms, flexing back and forth. So if I'm not in that perfect leverage point by arms will snap. And that's why these guys panic and they freak out because mentally they're not there. Have you always had that always the thing is never fear? The weight you fear, the weight the weight is your enemy. The wait is mine. It's not the enemy. It's part of me. And that's the key to winning knowing that before you even fucking get up there that that is done. One hundred percent is everything America today. I'm gonna try and do the best that I can noth-. Fuck. No. That shit is done before even step on the fuck and platform done in a gym million times. There's no reason why can't do it. Now. So you're that things you're always prepared though. Like, you've got man prepared. You don't do that on the platform that you haven't done before? No real. No. I mean, look if it comes to an all-time world record thing. Yeah. And I've hit that third lift, and I'm ready for something that I have and do. Yeah. I'll do it. You know? But that's what liftings all about, you know, it's fucking Star Trek, bro. Basically, if you're if you're, you know, one one reason to be scared is when you're not prepared hundred percent, you know, so you might have had some you might have some meets were because we get locked in. Powerlifting. Yet might have had some meets where he probably shouldn't have done it. Right. No. He never you've always been prepared just backed out of him. No. Now, you just if you make a decision do it you go all do it. I do it. I've never backed out of a meat. I've been sick. I've had fevers. And you wanna know something every time. I feel great. I shitty. The crappier. I feel the day. I hit the ten thirty one to seventy five I had food poisoning. I was three hundred twelve pounds and my daughter cooked chicken, and it wasn't all the way through dude. I puke down the to ninety five I was laying in bed naked with a trash can off the side of the bed. And I know when you look. Puke so much that my body was so exhausted. My stomach was just like. I was just weighing there with like snot falling in the fucking thing. And I had to compete that weekend and a Mike trip, and because my sponsors are like fuck, we're paying you. We need a lift I'm like crying. I'm like, I don't know what the fuck do my boys. Like, well, go to seventy five I was like what? So with food poisoning. I sucked up to seventy five went rehydrated, which electrolyte ringers. You know, intravenously went back up to ninety two and puke in a bucket when they called my name. And I'm like fuck. I was so shitty. Feeling. I'm like, I'm gonna die the handed me the weight off. And it just crushed me. And I thought oh. I could do this. And I did it. And then I just missed eleven fifteen on a second. I opened up with ten thirty one. Jeez. As anyone benched eleven hundred pounds. I mean tiny meeker attempted it which he gets credit for, but you know, everybody in the world, including tiny knows that. She did not lock out. Even you do eleven oh to bench. Some like you saw the incomplete bench. I don't I don't. I certainly don't remember it. That's for. Sure. Right. I'm sure if if it was claiming concerned canal has the all time record with the ten eighty or whatever it was. Yeah. And that was a clean fucking lift. You know can Nellie is a great champion. He was on Firefox awhile as we're you guys were on fire for a while. I think that mean can Eli's battles really took powerlifting. Two different huge. It was a huge deal. Yeah. It was. It was something else. Man. It was something. Now watch this is eleven oh to right. Yeah. All right now watch this lift. Doing his dance got the tiny dance going, right? It was a cool time though. Because there was a couple of you guys over ten eighty this is ten eighty this is in the eleven to a couple of guys watch it anyway. A couple of you guys really battling out back then it was pretty sick. It was good tiny wasn't in in the mix. Then he kinda came a little bit. I love tiny tiny great guy. Yeah. He's he's insanely strong. I mean, he's hit a lot of big benches over long periods. I'm competing. I'll think he's competing. Just took a bunch of weight off. Eventually eventually has to happen for all of us. All right pauses, his name tiny wider, people, call them, Chinese nickname meeker. I think it of. In those bench shirts, crazy. Yeah. That that definitely didn't look in. Eleven hundred well wasn't locked out. Yeah. Just for the people that are listening. Can you walk us through it, Mark? Yep. We got we're watching tiny Nieker perform a five hundred kilogram benchpress eleven eleven hundred and two pounds. Really unbelievable to see people handle this kind of way in in a bench press, regardless of you know, wearing bench shirt, and all these other things it's going to get the way handed out to me setting up. His his feet got his chest up. He's ready to rock and roll. The get the lift off liftoffs gotta be crucial with these huge waits weights. Being brought down trying to keep that position. He got a little sideways with it know, look, and then yeah, obviously not locked. Hey, wasn't able to really he was sideways kind of a whole time. He was and then it was hard for him to straighten the out at the top. I think I think he'd be you got do eleven seven cyber whatever I can do matter. Throw that little extra weight on the. What do you think about chip in world records think that's cheap cheap one? It is what it is. I mean, I don't think it's cheap. It's more weight. Right. Right. It's in fuck your hitting eleven hundred pounds like eleven o one and you hit it. What is that sheep? Whatever whatever way you want to do. I mean, you know, it's more weight. That's your world record. You know, do you have any regrets because I've heard you a long time ago? You told me that I think you said you bench like seven fifty five raw I've been seven eighty five raw he's you have any regrets that you were not able to plot to do. And my wife told me because there was no raw movement. And I was doing it at the gym all the time. And she's like just to it just doing. I'm like why nobody gives a fuck. You know, I should have done it baby. You're right. I should have done it. I thought up, you know, seven eighty five seventy five I I got eight hundred two here could lock it out was a big part of that the the board training. So everything's about board trade you hit like eight hundred off one board gone eight fifteen off to boards before raw raw. That's insane. Yeah. That's that's incredible. Look SPO or Spoleto used to do pin press and stuff with over eight hundred pounds to. Yeah. You know, Eric SPO? I don't know where the fuck you are but wake up give me a call motherfucker. Okay. I love you. He does too much bodybuilding. You said, well, you know, what? I mean. I guess he's done now because we shoulders, but he's still hand on some big weights gnarly, dude or do and he's legit. You know, all his lips are legit. The man came out. He did his thing. I heard he hadn't posted in like two years sixteen Bob insane much from him in a while. What would you still hanging out with STAN invaded? I don't know. I haven't heard anything from air explode on a while. I text them here and there, so I know he's still around talked to his friend Brody more than I talked to actually asked him. Very interesting question for this podcast today in preparation for this podcast. I asked him who would win an arm wrestling match. And he said, you know, you can never really tell what's going to happen. But if I was the bet I bet on myself. Of course, we will. Let me tell you something showdown though. They would be a great showdown. I mean, we talked about it before. And then he disappeared Eric's, very emotional guy. You know what I mean? And I mean, I'm not talking shit about hard for and he's a he's a great friend. And he's a great athlete. It was time for him to come out of his shell. And he's got a lot more arm wrestling experience. Do you know what I'm in? Our remember when I was training with them. I grabbed his hand one time, and I should pull me pull me and he fucking. I swear to God it felt like you could rip my arm of my body. And I was like holy fuck because like show when you out there. It's not it's not your arm. Yes. Not at your whole fucking body. Yeah. I don't know if you people have seen the arms that Eric SPO. Like forty three and a half inches fucking ridiculous. It's it's insane. Like, you know, drawn you towards us for so long. Why like, you know, why do you think you're still so obsessed with it seems like with the bench just just with lift this is like the whole lifting thing like your almost like possessed by right? Like, it seemed like you probably sacrificed a lot of things you had a had a great gym going. You're very smart guy had other businesses going over here. Got agreed Jim. And there's a lot of opportunities that you probably just couldn't really get into because you're taking so much time in the gym. You know, it was funny because rich used to tell me, you know, these guys got all into YouTube and everything and he's like men, do you gotta get into YouTube. Now's the time, and I just didn't do it. Because I wanted my name to be solidified as the greatest, you know, I didn't want to just be a YouTube guy. I wanted to be something that like when I walked in your gym today. Lifters? And they were just like cement and Bubba. I mean to me, that's solid. You know what I mean? When people were like your legend, do you know fucking long. I worked to have somebody say that to me. It's like into me. That's reality. That's you know, you hear the name Scott Mendelson, and there's no fucking question on the only man in the world to ever break, the raw and the equip record at the same time. You know, you're the first eight hundred pounds. No, I was a second rich rich lack hit at like ten minutes before I nine hundred. I don't know. I was a second two thousand. Yeah. So I remember that I was the first to do three lifts over thousand and one meat. I did it at the world championships in two thousand ten in Florida. So I got ten eighty to a fourth. I got to hear all I had to do. I couldn't do it. I did ten three ten four ten or three ten fourteen ten twenty five and everybody on ten twenty five or go Google. Ten eighty eighty knows like 'cause you guys remember when I was going for the thousand pounds, I bombed out for like two years because I was just a lot going on at the time. Yeah. I was just obsessed. I could win every single meet that I do. But you know, there becomes a point to where what is your trophy? It's a piece of fucking metal that ended up throwing out of but world history. The history in the making of the world to me, that's the most important thing, you know, and for two years, I didn't fuck and finish your fucking meat and all sudden, I show up and I go three for three over thousand. That's why did it and didn't go ten eighty because I was like I wanna be solidified. I fucked up I should've gone ten eighty on the third. But is what it is. Yes. So you've been just drawn to it. It's a not a plumber not a finish carpenter. I can't do what other people do. I can only do what I do just as they can't do what I do. So everybody has purpose in this world. And I believe at this point. I know I don't believe that. This is what my purpose is. From the mindset perspective that you were talking about was like every day and everything always set up around these world records. Powerlifting to me. Is a life. It's not something that I just do a few times a week. Everything I eat everything I sleep every supplement. I take every single thing about life revolves around lifting nuts. What makes greatness? And it's been for a long Aasheim. Well, you know, what I'm fifty and I looked forty nine and a half of done. Okay. People are like fuck. You're fifty years old. Well, I wasn't going like with a cigarette had wrinkles on the side of my fucking face. Like, I went to my thirty reunion. And I walked in and these because they all know me from the internet. You know, I'm seeing them forever. Dude. Guys that I hung out with those like who the fuck are you and they were like what did not recognize them? They look like old leather drinking and drugs and just the abuse of going through life. You know, you guys don't understand all the cigarettes and alcohol and the drugs and everything that you do over a long period of time turns you into a piece of shit, and that's the bottom line. Ever been a time where you like didn't want to do some of the stuff like you get done with one competition or you break record. And you just don't wanna do it. There's time I'll tell you wanna go. I'll I'll tell you a story every single time. I break a world record. I get up and the people are roaring, and I think to myself. All right. This is thirty seconds right here. And then it's fucking done. I gotta train for the next one. Got dammit. All right. Over faulk. Am I trained for the next one? And he just get right back into what do you just force yourself to do it where you just love it that much? I love it that much, you know, like, my son my son's gymnasts, or if you've seen him online and stuff like that ten he got a free ride to university, which I cannot discuss you'll but I will future, but I've never had to throw him out of the car once. Every time I opened that door poof, he's gone from when he was three. My my son's been with the same coach since he was three years old. And it's the love of it. It's the glory. You know, when he was younger, he was taken it was going to competitions. And you know, I was like, you know, I'm Scott Mendelson. So my go out there and kill them. You know, my wife's like shut up shut up. I mean these trying doing the best he can. And you know, and then he would like lose or whatever, you know. I didn't say anything. But you know, at the moment, it's like fuck for me. It's like win or die is. No, you know, it's no fucking second place. You know, so few years ago. He looks at me, and he goes dead. You know, the time even saying that to me he goes you a right? I get it. And it's pretty cool. Some of this come from like someone in the family like the come from your dad or come from your mom or father was a professional football player. He led me. He left me. And the day. I broke my first world record my phone rang. My grandfather was rocky Marciano stablemate hundred fifteen five seventy five knockouts nine losses. My grandfather knocked rocky Graziano out. Okay. He was at Gleason, Jim in New York. It's famous Jim training there and rocky was fighting for the world championships that weekend it was a Monday, and they came in. And they said, hey, does anybody wanna Spar with rocky? My grandfather was like fuck y'all Spar with them. So they got crazy. My grandfather hit him with a left hook and drop them. Now, my grandfather's manager was the head of murdering corporated. He got the electric chair. Inc. Was an organization to where if you wanted me killed you would call them. They would fly out kill me and fly back murder Inc. Something telling business some mid time. It's cut and dry. You know? So anyway, what happened was when he knocked rocky out murder in came in. And they took all the presses cameras. Took the film out paid them all off and that weekend rocky one world championship. So afterwards. They went to my grandfather. And I said, hey, you wanna fight rocky? You know, and it was like fuck. Yeah. Wanna fight rocky? And should we gotta go down in the fourth round. And my grandfather stuck his hand out. And he said, hey, appreciate everything you've done for me. Thank you for everything you've made my life and he walked away from boxing. So. Yeah. So I fought chair. Got the electric chair. Holy shit for what? Just just for being. Nice. Murdering. Business cards, bright marketing, marketing, networking yahu. You know, you mentioned you ended up getting a lot of trouble because he didn't rat somebody out. Did you did you just kinda did you end up in those spots a lot as a kid like where did you have anger like, we're we're you kind of always running with the wrong crowd? I, you know, I didn't have a father the story of half you people that are listening right now, and I didn't have direction and I got in with the wrong crowd. Because I was looking for something that wasn't in my life. You know? And I ended up in the wrong circumstances, you know, was running with gangs and lead my own gang and sell drugs. And you know, I mean, I was out of the house at thirteen years old stepfather that used to like severely beat the fuck outta me. Every day. I'd go to school with a Hickey all the way across my neck because he choked me out, you know, back in the day. There wasn't like oh, you hit you. A kid child services coming you know, all of us were fucked up back, then you know, what? I mean. I'd walk out. My friends would be crying. You crying for 'cause they got his ass kicked. My ass kick, you know. But you know, it is it's it was a situation to where you know. I didn't want to get beat up all the time. You know what I mean? And this guy was a full grown man beating the fuck outta me. Every day. I'd go to school and getting a fight. And I was like is that all you got my dad beats me up way harder than you. You know what I mean? So I was a hard core. Little motherfucker, you know, and yeah, I didn't do what I went to prison for. But you know, what if I had to do it all over again I'd go back to prison. Because God sent me there. I'm not super religious or nothing, but I believe in something, and everybody's got a path, and you know, going to jail made me, Scott Mendelson. None. You people would be like, oh, you're such a legend your this. If I didn't go to prison because I never would've started lifting weights. So thank you God. And I would fuck and not change. If I had to do it all over again wouldn't change nothing. Because if I could put a USB cord from my head to your head it just like, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Like fuck. I had such a blessed life and met the greatest fucking people in the world and just the hell of a massage, by the way. And just you know, just everything I mean, I have had you know, if I die, and I've said this a few times, I know you have heard of before. But if I died right this second, I don't regret. I don't want to. But I don't regret anything in my life. I am fucking happy. I could look at myself in the mirror, and I am complete. I feel great about myself. And I feel great about what I've done, and I feel great about the people that I've touched in my life. And you know, I just I, you know, I'm just I'm just very grateful for what I've had in having my life. What allowed you do? You think you know, 'cause you're talking about your dad and the lack thereof and you talk about your son. And you know, how you're in his life. You're you're you're impacting him. Well, what made you not I guess follow that path because you see a lot of men, especially without fathers, then repeating the same exact thing you when you. Could go either way. Yeah. You know, there's a fork in the road. You gotta know whether to go left or right and the way that he made me feel and by the way, I talked to my father now, I forgave him. Because if you don't forgive him it'll burn a hole in your heart. It will make you a negative bad person. And you know, I cried. And you know, I I let it go. You know what I mean? But. I would never ever ever make my kids feel the way he made me feel because it is the. You know, it was like weird when I got married. It was like, oh, you know, raising my kids, and it was like there was no, hey, what did my dad do with me to for me to reference it was like half to shit. I was like fuck don't even know what to do. You know, I don't know what to do. I don't know how to how to do this. You know? And I did the best that I could. And you know, what I made some some bad choices with them to you know, competing and being the best in the world. You have to be greedy. You know? I was traveling a lot. You know, I wasn't with my kids a lot. When I was there. I loved him, and I told him, and I kissed him and hugged him. And I'd be with them, you know, but for a big portion shit I was in France one week in Canada the next week and two weeks later at the Arnold and in Africa month after that. And do I was just everywhere. And it was like I was on this mission. And it was just like every time I went to a different show. My my my benches were going up and up and up and up and up, and it was just like a fucking heroin habit. It's hard to come down from that high. And then go home and take out the garbage. No, I could do that. I feel like smell attraction. You know? I mean, though, it's like kinda hard. It's hard for a lot of people. A lot of my friends that are like in WWE and stuff. It's hard to hear the roar of fifty thousand people home and have the wife, you know, frustrated with you that you haven't been around, and you can get change diapers or whatever the obligations are around a lot of the reason why me and my wife are no longer together is because you know, she wasn't really able to do what she wanted to. You know, you can't both be doing shit and have kids. You know, you know, I used to tell her I said, look, I don't give a fuck if you make all the money, I'll stay home. But it's not like that. Right. You know? I mean, fuck if there's two million dollars in the Bank, and she made it all I'll spend just as well. Fuck I thought he left her because she used to beat the shit at. I remember watching actually. Par kept me together with. CV pull up some of those clips Andrew she would beat. Did she ever like catch you off guard? Good one. It's me be at shows. And she'll be there. And I'll be like do it. Maybe a little harder nowadays. She fucking you know, she was a fighter shit. Oh, yeah. She fought Mutai. She was a black belt in kung FU. She bench four seventy five choose a fucking beast, bro. Jesus, you know? And she's a great mother. You know what? I mean. Look, we're we're better friends than we ever were married. You know, we have a great relationship now straight to here. Yeah. Look on preparing them like here. She goes. She's gonna fuck me up. I'm like, oh, God, look just get it over with get it over with. She's. I like how she started hop and she got excited Joe the fuck and floor, man. And you know, what it was weird because people did not bring their wives to power lifting meets, right? When we first started. She was only one there. She wear a nice dress and come out look good and just beat the fuck outta me within a year. Everybody had chicks everybody. Terrible higa. He fucking sock and Ryan Kelly the nose. I mean, it just it changed. And I feel good about that. It was like look we changed shit. Right. You know? I think for the better, you know, it was more entertaining. You I'm at the world championships in Africa. There's three thousand fuck and people dude when she smacking me I hear the whole fucking auditorium. Ooh. It was just like, wow. Like didn't even have a fuck about my lift, bro. This wanted to see me get cracked CV water. It would be like are. You're gonna hit him. Are you gonna hit him? I was like, hey fucker. What you asked me to hit the bench. You find a picture of Scott and Ryan Kelly leaded picture of you guys facing each other. Yeah, brought his volts. So jacked I just broke his world record. And he was at the meat. He wasn't competing and he took a shirt off in. I just got off the bench. That's why I was all red. And we just did the the fighter thing had to head, and it was an iconic picture, and it's fucking. And then somebody somebody somebody made it like a jail cell. The original right there. I just broke the record. You know, let's say like two guys up over three hundred something pounds. I was about three fifty right there. Jesus. Both ear pre lean to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's pretty crazy. 'cause like you you has Bill talking about like eight hundred nine hundred one thousand and it sounds like for my point of view that this is like the format mile when one person broke it. Yeah. Everybody to start breaking shit. What was that for the bench press? You know, you gotta understand really five news in the world that have ever gone over thousand to this day. It's very small club. But the bench Preston you'll Bonk for a period of time. When were starting to hit those lists because that changed powerlifting. Forever changed? Everyone's totals and stuff. You know, it really shook things up. We'll tell you know, Gary, Frank, right? Yeah. We'll Gary how to twenty six ten total and he was hitting seven thirty eight bench. And he comes to me. And he's like, you know, I go dude, I'll help you on the bench. And he's like, really? So I told him everything I want them to do. And he was calling me up going. Fuck dude. I'm dying dying. I said just shut up and keep going keep doing what I tell you. And he calls me up one night. And he goes, I just hit a nine thirty five. Okay. I'm good. Then he competed his total went from twenty six ten to twenty eight ten and also other list with the same. I think he's the first guy to do twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine hundred. Yes. Yeah. And Gary and econ- I mean hall of Famer bulldog, you know, had the shot put world record. Yeah. I mean do think he played for the falcons? Did you got kicked out of the NFL for being too? Crazy. He's still trying to lift heavy and stuff. I think he's kind of a little hard issue. He's he kind of took off like I saw it was like two fifty like how we do that he lost like a hundred and fifty pounds get very well be the strongest power after ever. I mean, this guy he was a beaver take eleven hundred pounds out of the squat rack and run with it backwards. Look like he was gonna fall over. And he dead lifted over nine hundred pounds. I mean, he was just absolute there's so many cool tales about him. I've heard that who've been at the WPRO days, a he like, it wouldn't even warm up. He would just do like toe touches of when he's his warm of kind of like my bench warm up who go one plate two plates three plates nine hundred. And that's how that's how I warm up on the bench because throw your you throw your gear on your gear on your gear on then you're gonna go go crazy warm. Yeah. With seriously one place rates nine hundred. Yeah. I still do it. What what made you turn the corner when you're young like, usually there's somebody in somebody's life. Or did you just kinda like wake up one day to say, I I don't know at Yale. I don't I don't wanna do the shit anymore. I need to make changes or did you have? That's it. I never had a role model. You know? I wish I did. Yeah. Everybody's like, oh, who's your favorite powerlifter, myself me? Me, you know, I never had a, you know, I mean, I love the Ed cones and the captain birds, and you know, all those guys were fucking great. But I never looked at him. As like there was never a bencher that I was like, oh, I'm going to be like him. It was always I'm going to be like me. You know what I mean? And that's just always how it was just I knew that. I was something different. You know, and I had to go and take what was mine because nobody ever was going to give me anything. So I had work harder and everybody else, and I had to be more consistent than everybody else. You know? I was eating twelve thousand calories a day. You know, I'm known for go with the food because food is where it's at if you're not eating right? You could take all the shit in the world, and you know, take all the protein shakes in the world. But I mean, I still go forty eight whites day eight five pounds of red meat. I don't eat that much carbs. Because all get big, you know. Well, this is about arena dancer for me when you're three ninety and then you're three hundred it's like, it's nothing. You know what I mean? Do you? I mean today we had some bagels and stuff like that to you. Do you eat healthier? Just kinda like get whatever you contest. Yeah. I twice twice a week. Ali, you know, shitty Chinese food or if sushi or something like that? But I eat my staple is either. I found a white sweet potato that's like fabulous. I don't potatoes. I don't eat white rice Japanese sweet potato rent. What it is delicious tastes like it's a super sweet Italy. I love little bit of butter on it. Yeah. As I go butter and sour cream, and boom microwave it, but that's we in the United. But I go either sweet potatoes Brown rice approach teen on a salon tro freak eight like two or three bundles of salon show every day and I love tomatoes. So that's my staple. Sometimes I'll put blue cheese dressing in it, sometimes I'll put salsa in it. I can eat the same thing all the time. You know, you mentioned of you know, really just kind of doing whatever it takes to to be the best. What what did that cost you in terms of like friends, and in terms of like training partners? 'cause I know the days when I was lifting my bencher the workouts would take hours well. Go team that I train with. I gotta liftoff guy. My boy, Mark. That's that's great. He wasn't there. I had my boy Phil for a while. They're really Jack guy used to have that was MoMA Hamadeh nudie acai was fucking was an ISP BB pro no one ever even watched you bench. When that guy lifted the fuck, and he got that size. Just to lift me off. I bet he bulked up because he knew he goes, this one's going to be icon. Here is some video of him lifting off with no shirt. And he was like everyone's like who is by. He's he was a fucking he's in the weed business. Now, he's done. He's like two hundred pounds now. Oh, really? Wow. But he's healthy. And he's rich living snuck in life. You know, a love them you end up going through a lot of friends and training partners and stuff. I still because of how. Yeah, I still do. You know, it's it's it's very trying. There are some nights where guys don't show up. I can't lift. But right now, I got it pretty going on. I I'm bench and one time week right now, I body build the rest of the week. So doing full support work for four five days. And then I'm arm-wrestling powerlift on Mondays arm wrestle on Tuesdays. And then I'm doing support work for arm, wrestling and bodybuilding for my powerlifting. Let's bets dead lift I dead lifted over nine hundred I did nine hundred for six reps when I was younger, but I don't have an ankle anymore. So I I don't really fuck nine hundred pounds regular dead lift regular deadliest back in the day. And then what's your best squat? I squad a thousand pounds with no suit on before. I remember you saying that in that movie power limited. But he nobody believed it. No. I did. I did insane. I did it wasn't a powerlifting squat. Right. It was a bodybuilding squat. So you know, I was like above parallel. Right. But back when I was it wasn't San Santa. You gotta understand when you have heavyweight. That's what gets you big. You know what I mean? I'll do rack polls with like eight hundred pounds out of the rack right now. All I put a weight down on the play on the. Floor, and then I'll pull out of that. But you know, I'll do short motions and stuff because fuck. Doing something wrong. Then we gotta start working out. You know, what it is? Remember Randy Qatar? Yeah. Remember he was world champion, and he stopped for a year and a half. And he came back. What I'm doing better? Right. Mopped got mopped. Oh. Oh, guys asked right. At the age that I met now I could never stop. Because if you stop you lose it. You know? That's why Kellie can't Benjamin like you used to because he was imprisoned for too long. He's jacked Faulk and he's hitting good weight. But he just he's that's why not competing so even when you heard he's going to start competing again. So we'll see be great when you're doing like, all the arms and competitions were still maintaining that bench. Like, your until my last arm-wrestling competition, I was over thousand pounds. And then I did this paper view in Poland where I popped attendant. And I got killed. The dude was his name is Alex deca. He's the best arms or in Poland. He's one of the top guys in the world. Yeah. And and I lost. It was honorable. He be my ass six zero supermac six matches and on a first match. I hit him boom. And I started nailing them and something popped in my arm. So I thought my arm broke. So I went back and my coach my coach vase going. He's three time world champion. I said, dude. Pull on my arm is already talking about. I think my arms broken is like what he pulled my arm. Nothing. It happened. I couldn't grip them. He kept just nail in me. So shit happens. You know, when you're at a top level in any sport. It's like a drag car, you know, you're at the top peak. And and you know, when you're in a Toyota, you can burn it out all day. Nothing happens to it. But we are top fuel car should happens. You know, what's up with your sisters? She still have a gym. Yes. She's got blue-collar barbell New York, and it was always insanely strong. Yeah. She squatted about eight seventy at one hundred seventy pounds. Competition not yet. But she's going to she's going to she she did the WPRO and she lost against this like two hundred fifty pound black or I can't remember name from Texas. She's a beast strokes like KAI the crazy shit. You could be green sister. There's some strong women out there. And there are there are that chick that went the other day. I can't remember name one hundred nineteen pounds yet Steffi beast and she's hot too. I five hundred pound. Yeah. She's a beef. I saw online I was like God damn look at us chick. She's in good shape too on believable. What you how'd you get into this arm? Wrestling thing I had this happen. I got a car accident. If you remember, and I messed up shoulder, and it was really fucking bothering me. So I stopped and this guy called me up. And he's like I'm your biggest fan. Let me come out and see wanna talk to you. This is Travis Beijing right here is one of the best guys in the world. And I spent this he's crazy too. And then afterwards he lied and said he let me win like I'm the best in the world that bench yet. He let me come into his sport and beat them because it makes total sense. Right. Exactly. So anyway, so he comes over. And he goes, hey, you wanna arm wrestle? And I was like, I don't know he goes, and it was a practice at this Mexican restaurant and Travis was there. So we locked up together. And we started going, and he stopped and I'm like what's up? Do you something wrong? He goes now, it's just a friend that one of our arms are going to break. And I'm want it to be mine. And I was like really, and then I started arm wrestling. And I got good at it. And it's a very very, very technical sport. You know, there's shares for about four years four years. I got this little injury right now. So I gotta take some time off I tried to work through it. But it's a tendon thing and attendance stretched out. So the only way I can heal by not doing it. But it's good because my risk is straight on the bench. It's only when I'm twisting, my wrist. So it doesn't affect me on the bench. And like I said Monday hit a ten eighteen very easily that I had room. So I felt you know, it was like I hit that on Monday. And I thought to myself Scott Mendelson there. You are a right. You know? Felt great. It was like, I just got laid. What's the goal with arm-wrestling try to win a world championship? Yeah. That totally. I know people are going to kill me. If I don't ask a few of these specific bench questions since we have one of the all time greats. If not the greatest bench presser of all time, what are maybe two or three favourite assistance exercises for bench press them. You know, what I like to enclose grip triceps benchpress. That's a big one any specific way do many differently than normal closure. Go to where the nearly stops. Right. And I'll do such a five on that rear Delta's, a huge thing. So fours actually made me a rear delt machine with a four hundred pound stack on it. And so all do sets and sets a rear delt because when you're benching and you drive through and your pinch back when you stop. And then you go to forward like this. It's the rear delt. That's gonna help it. Yeah. You know, so rear delta super super important legs. What's the rear delt machine? It's just like a and just go away. Yeah. Yeah. So those any specific way or just what I do is. I'll do singles. Yeah. I'll put my left pack against the pad. I understand I'll grab and then I'll come from here. And I twist my body. It's a wide row. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I'll cheat it with my body just to get that extra. And then when I do my left. Oh, put my right back on their you know, and you guys ever need training. I do it online. You can get me at Mendis, Jim g mail dot com. You can give us a call at eight one eight six one six three one six one got guys at fly in from all over the world. And I train it looks like I'm gonna be torn Arizona for some seminar. Surely, so I'm going to be doing that. And if you guys wanna seminar, give me a call, let me know you guys own gyms, you want some people, you know, to be taught the right way. But I'll tell you right now. I'm just going to be honest with you on a fuck around my bench style is extremely aggressive. The work is extremely real. So remember in? Life. Nobody's gonna fucking give you shit you need to trample over their skulls and take what you want. Otherwise, you ain't getting shit because you know, what they'll smile at you and say, oh, yeah. I wanna help you. That's all bullshit. It's like the articles in the bodybuilding magazines about the routines that the pros give that's not their routines. They're just too insecure to give you the truth. Sorry. I'm the one to tell you that. So you just make people work there asp, they're going to seminar make or a car maybe not in the seminar, but the work load that I'm going to teach you is real, you know, I do legs every single week, you know, legs or a huge part of benchpress, you know, I- bench off of my lower body. You know, like, I told you when that benches swaying back and forth. I don't stabilize it from here. I just let the ride go. I'm tightening my hips up in my hamstrings, shoving those ankles down, and I'm stabilizing in it'll stop with your lower body, you'll tear PECS and biceps, and you know, shoulders and everything else trying to stabilize from your upper body. So never do that. How do you train your whole body? But void jacking yourself up for the bench. So like safety spot bar like e squad on squad anymore. I can't because of my ankle I use a super squat. So I'll have the, you know, the super squad with the pads go over your shoulder. So. I use that go thousand pounds for twenty thirty wraps. I'll hammer some shit out. I trained legs like a bodybuilder. But I train him heavy. You know, so high reps I'll do eight to twelve but I'm on machines. You know what I mean? Builder. I'm doing bodybuilder style exercises. Look the bottom line is. I was a bodybuilder before powerlifter in bodybuilders. No more about supplements. They know more about nutrition. That's how I was able to get ahead because you fucking fat dumb. Powerlifters? Don't know what the fuck you're doing. You know, why? I mean, even right now, I got ABS you know, what I'm saying. So it's like everything it's not about being fat. You know, everybody's like oh the belly the belly to belly. If you learn how to arch and send your stomach outward. You don't need to be fat. You know, live instead of fucking Dina forty recipes. Do fuck that. I wanna live. I wanna be able to move. I want to be able to talk. I'll drink to that. Ios Scott, like I'm curious because how you just benched thousand eighteen and right now like your your other ankle, look there's no ankle there. Right. So how how did you bench press form change to like I were a boot? That's okay. And the boot is about I took about two and a half inches out of my out of the the ankle out. And there's only one bone hanging onto my foot. It's fused directly to my foot. The other bonus bolted to my leg to the other bone. So it won't flap around. Yeah. So there's only one bone holding up. But you know, I it it's all hips. Everything's about the hip. The hip is the biggest strongest joint in the body when you dead lift where you coming from EPs when you squat where you're coming from. It's my bench style is just a lying down squad. It's a great way to look at it. Because now you're going to protect your shoulders and elbows reset now. Hundred percent, my left shoulder fucking fried. I don't have a pack in my left. You know, it's torn off. But by superceding it by pinching shoulder blades together in the elbows in you're using your inner triceps like a pry bar. So you're able to use your whole body to bench. Instead of just one part or two parts and everything's a system. You know, it's quite scientific there's four or five things going on in the dead lift there's four five six things going on the squat. There's forty two different movements going on in the bench press my bench style takes a year to learn. Is a lot of shit to remember do you think like every body type? Can Bentley bench similar way to the way you bench up for? Yeah. Okay. Absolutely. Even got longer leg S on. We look everybody like, you know, who Michael J whitest yet. Michael J whites like, my brother. He's smart. We're rebranding the time right now Strang train, Michael j white. He's he's just an incredible human being that's fucking. We just did a bunch of film that my gym. He's doing a new fitness thing. He's training at my gym. And he's doing the whole film thing at my gym. So and yes, I was authorized I'm allowed to talk about it. But you know, he came to me, and he's like, oh, I can't dead lift fuck you talking about you can't dead lift. So he's like, yeah. You know, my body's not built for it. Both of fuck told you that bro talking about so I showed him and he was like, oh my God. You know, everybody there think when they dead lift, you know, pull from your arms and your back, the deadliest is all hamstring and gluten hip, you know, a squat? You people think squad is a clunker set exercise. It's not it's hamstring. Gluten hip, you know, that's why you guys are blowing your knees out because you're trying to go from the front of your leg. If you lead from the back of your body, you're much more stable much, more secure. And that's where the real weight comes from on every lift every single lift. I don't care what it is any compound movement that back of the leg is your money. A knee is like a door hinge. There should be no pressure on it whatsoever. It should be able to bend all the pressure should be from the hip and gluten hamstring area. And yeah, I'm a bencher. But I train all three lips, you know, and a blow my YouTube channel up. Yes. Guys. I'm going to start doing some more YouTube stuff. I just I'm fucking caveman. I need to learn how to do this. So I'm on it. We're we're doing some shit. So what's good stuff? What's the way that you teach people to use their lattes 'cause it's a weird. It's a hard cue for some newer people. What do you mean lattes, you know, people bench pressing? So I heard you saying I forgot to mention earlier when describing how you bench press one of the first things you said is that you pull so you pull the weight down that's unconventional for a lot of people people thinking just kind of dropping the weight, but you're actually pulling the weight. So how do we kind of team from the? Let's okay, I'm pulling from my Rumbold's pulled from my traps on pulling for my rear delt s-. I'm pulling for my ass in hips and hamstrings. And triceps. So are there specific exercise you show people that can help them mimic that or get on the damn what I do is. I put him on the bench, and I'll have them get into the form. I had a I had my boy Jesse from Arizona. He came out last week the train with me in one workout. I put thirty six pounds on his PR, which is pretty incredible. You know what I mean? But the thing about it is is everybody benches from here. So what I do is. I have a drill ultimately drill, and I'll have improper prop bench position. And I'll take my fists and put them into their shoulders, and I tell them this is what I want you to do. Bring your heels down and drive and slide your shit right through my fist. So they'll slide into go up above my hands. I gonna know when you bench, you're an arch. So your trap should be dug into the bench as you benchpress, and I'll have them drill and they're fucking dying. I mean, the next day they wake up they're back in their in their legs or killing them. Because that's where you're benching off of you know, I have a analogy, and you guys will trip out on this. You know, the tidal wave that hit Thailand couple years back. He was a nine foot wave. Okay. A nine foot wave you could surf so basically your arms or the nine foot wave. What did the damage to Thailand was not the nine foot wave, but it was all the ocean in back of the nine foot wave that came in? So when you bench, this is only the contact point boom driving through my whole body and this motion this way, you take. This. And as you move back this way, you're here. So your inner triceps and your hands and your gluts in your hips are attached. I called a seesaw fact, so as I'm coming down on this way as going up this way. So. So you're going like this. You know what I'm in? Yeah. So you're saying that your head comes up off of the bench, then head has nothing to do with them. But yes, my head comes off the bench. I'll just 'cause like I hear your head is like your. It's like, you know, a crane a crane is this huge thing that lifts like all kinds of crazy shit up. But that little glass booth where the dude sits that's where all the action comes from yet, which is your head. So when I bench I get a lift off on here. And I'm looking around this is a separate body in my mind than all this. This is the glass case where the guy's going like this. This is taken all the control from this. And I call that a mind muscle linkup. Makes makes sense. Yeah. Really does. Right. Let's talk about so in two thousand thirteen you were trying to break. I think Eric spo- think he broke your record at the time. He hadn't broken break. My record. You're trying to break your own record. And ended up having a tear that really just fuck things up for for a while for you. Right. I remember like in the warm up room. You were you're going through your progressions and stuff. And and I think unfortunately, I think when you got the platform those cold it. Yeah. And I think that I don't even know if we had like the right people up there that are helping you in the guy on the left and someone gave you lift off from the side. And the other side didn't give you lift off. It was like a thorough on the platform. Yes. I mean. Yeah. Happened on the platform in the warm up room. I think they got it right away. Perfect. And then for some reason something got jacked up when the guy when I hit the seven sixteen the guy on the left dropped the weight on me, no shit. So what happened was my elbow flared out, and I was trying to get it back in. And when I hit the bottom it was like this. It was out a little bit. But the week wasn't heavy 'cause I had done it a million times. I was good. So when I threw it up it was like thirty Qatar strings of. So it was it was kinda crazy. But I was ready that day, you know. But it wasn't wasn't my time. Now, it was my exit that day. Yeah. Should happen. Right. You know what? When you're in the sport. Like, I told you you're at the max, you're in the dragster shit happens Motors blow things happen. So when it comes to any and all things, you know, a lot of performance enhancing drugs. Utilized in this sport in bodybuilding and many sports. I if I think if I remember correctly, you were talking about taking something hype you up for the band or something like that like nitroglycerin or something none. I'll just do a Monja ammonia. Yeah. I do you. You're talking about something. Really? No. No. No. No. No. And then CO calm. I am. Yeah. You're definitely not my night with you. I'm like. Yeah. Okay. And then like I mean, so you've been doing this for a long time. And you know, when you're chasing after something so hard, it can be on healthy in some ways to get blood work done and stuff, you get checked out. I do I got a guy name Fong in LA that does my blood work and monitors me. And I I'm till I'm taking care of Unum. Yeah. That's smart. Is it can this kind of stuff can can really take. It's toll on you. When you've been done pushing so hard for so long. Yeah. Seven seven hundred sixteen point five pounds or watching him setup for it. Guys, kind of pushing him into helping. Oh, my there. Yep. Just like you said, and this kind of shit is always hard to watch. Especially when somebody now. It's okay. I was their dorm, but see right there. No. My elbow is outright there. If you see that left elbow pack Boeing. Just dives right in there. It was a bad and what sucked as I drove up here. Oh, man. I had a drive eleven hours back home, and it was like every fucking bumpy. It was just like. Brutal was part of going for that lift was that kind of because Eric spo- was was coming around at that time. And he was starting finger. Rob, robin. Remember, no, I was just having fun. You know, just having fun. I was in shape. Yeah. And you know, I was just trying to get my world record a little bit higher. You know, about how many exercises would you do in a given workout when you were kind of prepping for these contests will on well when I'm benching I just bench because when the weights so heavy I can't do support work during the same workout. So I'll just bench when I bench any tissue elbows or like jello. And then a couple days later, I'll do legs next day. So I don't have to mess with my elbows. And then I do bodybuilding, you know, I'll do biceps. I'll try I'll do shoulders a lot of trap work back chest. You know, the whole thing type of specific traffic as you do. I have a trap exercise jam Blakely taught me, and it's Smith machine you can do it on a barbell too. But I'll pick it up, and then I'll roll might traps forward and bring my head into it. And I'm what I'm doing is pushing my neck into my traps like field trips. Mark like, my Trumpster here. Right. No, no, keep your hands like table. Keep your hand. I'm here and I'll squeeze forward here. And then I'll squeeze back Trump and just stay forward and squeeze back, and I'll just do that. And it works. I got my Neth at twenty eight and a half inches like that right now it's about twenty five and a half. So that's insane. That's like, not even you're not even really shrug. It's just kind of movement of your head. Yeah. But you're you're taking intensity, and you're putting that into your trap to its neck and trap involved. Yeah. A great exercise. Tommy never thought doing anything like that. Yeah. A little little chicks trust show. You guys out. After outta here. What some of the training that you do for arm-wrestling armrest wing specific exercises, a lot of forearm work, like, you know, what before I started arm wrestling. I never could really contract my form when I contract my forum. I feel the end of my forearm right here. Like a bicep. You know what? I mean. I never felt that before. So I developed that we do a lot of wrist work a lot of bicep work and bicep work instead of coming all the way down and doing this. 'cause you're enormous when you're here. So we'll go from here. Go on this way, not full because arm-wrestling you're here the whole time by the time you get here. You've lost, you know, except if you're doing kings move, which a king's move is like watch. Like way come over here. Mary I'm going for a ride. I think. Well, my now I'm gonna come down like this pin me ours. You can't go what I'm doing is. I've locked my wrist, right? And this is a king's move. So you stay stabilizing. Yes. So I'm stabilized in here. Gladys orders. You can't go. Do it. Go. You don't wanna be there? Right. Are you doing that on purpose? Way to maybe there's a gun in Michael Todd. And he's the king of the kings moves. I beat him up the Arnold. He felled out. And then they told me I lost. Did it political as fuck? But if you go online look me versus Michael Todd like he's he's lost already. And I'm like going what the fuck is out to the judge. Yeah. While I'm holding them. And you know, we we sort of we're gonna meet again, I'm gonna fuck them up. It's crazy. They're like after four years. I'm Todd is one of the best in the world. He's like the real deal. Yeah. And watch he'll hit me. And the guy the judge guys. The guy's name is Leonard. He's one of the best judge in the world. But he just wasn't watching an afterwards. He was like, look I made a mistake. He's an honorable man. He made a mistake, and you know, things happen. See right there. We slip out. And now though strapless up. Yes. Interestingly strappy together, why distracted together in the beginning. Because it's just hand on hand. If you slip, then they strap you out, so they'll strap us up. Iloc into each other now. And then you're locked in see when it's not strapped, then they can attack my hand and do all that kind of stuff. But once you're strapped up, and it's all about power. Yeah. And as you know, ladies, and Joe I got that power. Now watch he'll hit me. I don't have what it was called a hit when they go boom. I don't know how to do that really good yet. So watch. Hill hit me, and we'll just go down. I hold them. So he starts aggressively and explosively watch. Seems like this would be frustrating. You know, what it's it's a it's chess is what it is. I saw the documentary pulling John that was pretty damn cool. See when he hit me. Yeah. And now we're in position. And now you're spot where you can just hold them for awhile. I got him and watch all come up to get him. I go to pin them. It's almost like you're trying to have him where himself out. That's what I'm doing. He's trying to win his elbows at a weird angle. And look once your elbow comes off the pad you fell and he's pulling off the pad multiple, right? And they're not see. He's off the Patrick there. And then is off the Pat again, he they should. And then I go to get them. And then he stops and says that I felt he said you took your elbow, and I didn't. So then they restart us. See he says, I'll will gonna be pretty tired at that point. Right. Nadia six hours a cardio week bump good to go. What kind of car you mentioned your life psych like, but do you go pretty hard? Yeah. I mean, I go at about a hundred and thirty five heart rate. Oh, yeah. I'll do an hour at a time as good clip. Yeah. No, it's cool. That's that's really good. So you do it six days a week? I do six hours of cardio week ham. We'll do. Everything's cardio involve, bro. It is your if you've got no gas. Then you have no reason to do anything. You can't do anything. You can't recover from one workout the next very well either. You know, right. And that's a huge factor. I think a lot of powerlifters are missing they should know powerlifters new cardio scared. There's muscle. Yeah. They're always terrified lose muscle mass, bro. The muscle that you lose you don't need. Anyway. What do you mean by that? What I mean is the amount of muscle that that's gonna take right from you not even enough to complain about. It's like get over it and get on the cardio you. Lazy motherfucker? That makes a lot of sense are no watch here. It is. Hit me again, boom. I got him loose elbow Elmo lately off they should have been done right there. Yeah. Now watch look, I'm pointing what the fuck is that Leonard. And then look. He look look what I felt now I'm like what the fuck in an Arnold was right there. And I was like about to go nuts. And I was like I pulled together people. So I walked off. I was like, okay. Because you know in powerlifting. You can't tell the ref to go fuck himself. And you know, what mistakes happen? It just sucks that you train your azoff. And they just don't see it. You know, you know, what I did do them afterwards. I walked up to him. I said, brother. Thank you walked away. I'll get a besting. That's all you can do. But inside. The rage. Well, you know, what had a good experience. And then, you know, arm wrestlers hate my guts all of them do every time I win manage. Visit. Remember after that it went on Mendelssohn. We'll be world champion. He did win above a and I was like all right. I got some respect for like a day. And they were like fuck Mendelssohn. With you know, all the injuries and all the different things have happened. You'll have been able to manage pain you mentioned like so many surgeries and things like that. And I've had, you know, both of my brothers have lost one brother and the other brothers been hooked on painkillers and alcohol and things get coughing. No. I never got caught up in that. I think I'm the only strength training guy. That's not on appeal habit. I take naproxen anti-inflammatory it's like leave or something. And I and I'm a thorough believer in ice. I soak my my wrists in my elbows in my ankles. I go fifteen twenty minutes in. I mean, if you're put your limited ice bucket performing for the first five minutes, your fucking agony has and then it goes numb. And then you're just sitting there watching TV, you know, jokes. But I'll tell you when you come out of it. You're great and another thing back to the cardio cardio sucks. People. I hate it. Just like you do, but I'll tell you when I'm done with the cardio nothing hurts nothing in my body hurts it's like everything's warm. Everything feels beautiful, you know, it's like, you know, in a system in any kind of system, you can't leave out. It's like you can't build a motor and not put oil in it. You have to do every step of the system. If you don't then it's not a system, and it's the consistency of a system. And it's the willpower to be consistent. You know? The thing is it's like you just gotta keep coming back. It's like, you know, all this time every time I weighed when I first bent six hundred, you know, everybody thinks it's all muscular, but it's not muscular central nervous system that controls. Muscular system, and as you train and train you ever have the best workout of your life. And then the next day for like a month. You're just like holy fuck. What the fuck is going on. Well, you killed your CNS out. Now, there's good things and bad things. The good thing is is that when you kill your CNS out if your bench six hundred when you come back you're bench and six twenty six twenty five and then you kill it out again. And then you're doing six forty five and all the way up to eleven hundred pounds. I've killed my central nervous system out like three hundred times. It's taken all these years to make it happen. So, you know, it's it's the dedication. And it's training right now, the bad thing about it is if you have a competition coming up and you kill your CNS out your fucked. You're running at sixty percent. And you're not going to be doing what you should be doing in that show. So there's a knowledge about training. And that's learning your body on how much to push before each show. Do you go back and forth between going heavy and going lighter because he said he bent sworn once a week, and you're at that thousand pound twice a week when I can when I get ready to compete, although once a week, both kind of heavy both go heavy heavy heavy all the time. All the time. Heavy heavy heavy heavy. Would you do that? Even when you're a raw, even when I was real. Yeah. Just push. What it whatever's there, you just take whatever's there? No. I mean, I have a tannery of what I'm doing. But I don't max out every single time. But if I'm working with a thousand I'm working with thousands. That's heavy now in a bencher, it usually makes the most sense of you can't really do much rep rep work. I mean, he can do some, but I do report. Absolutely. So do you do rep work raw and both in an adventure to absolutely? Yeah. Absolutely. Do you do a lot of single kind of train that top end. Or here's like like, I'll give you an example. I'm trying to. My strength up right now. And I don't wanna kill my central nervous system out right now. So I'm doing singles doubles just trying to get back into the groove. And and and have my central nervous system feel that heavyweight. And if I start pounding lot of reps out, I'm gonna kill it out. And I'm not going to be able to do the job that I need done. Another thing learning and understanding your system, you know, sometimes this takes years, ladies and gentlemen to get you to a point to where you can feel what's going on in your body. And that's why you gotta go a lot of you guys have coaches, they don't know what the fuck they're doing. I mean, I get guys that tell me just kid Jesse from Arizona last week. He comes over and he I start teaching him. And he goes, I don't know how to fucking benchpress I'm training with this guy. I can't remember fucking naming Arezzo as like supposed to be the Gurun Arizona, and he calls the dude up and guys like so would you learn from Mendelssohn? And he said, well, pretty much everything that you showed me was wrong. You know what I mean? And like, you know, the guys like, well, you know, I'm not Scott Mendelson. Well, you know, what maybe you shouldn't fuck and be teaching bench press. There are people out there that know you guys just have to find the me the Ryan Canales's the the guys that know what the fuck they're doing. You know, that aren't going to put in harm's way and not gonna waste your money and your time because this dude's been training for quite a few years comes out to me. And he's like only fuck I've wasted ten thousand dollars over four years. You know, and it's great that you're making home was both payment and everything, but where's your progression? Where's your progression? You're not getting what you should get me. If I'm buying a fucking car. I want the motor. That's in it that I want I wanted to perform like I want. But maybe then again, you guys like wasting money, and there are people out there that need money. So keep doing it. Well, when it comes to you're talking about kind of frying out the central nervous system. So it sounds like you're real careful with the overall volume that you do absolutely now if I'm doing of volume cycle, and I'm trying to burn my nervous system out the natural whole different deal. Like once I get back in shape now, and I'm hitting eleven hundred and do a show after that. If I'm doing a training cycle. I'll pop it down in nine twenty five nine fifty and do triples with that, you know, and just to get my body work and with it because the reps are what are going to make you stronger. You know, the thing about my system is that I've been doing this so long that I know how my body reacts. And I know where I've been so it's not like I'm going back to somewhere where I haven't been before. So your body has you know, the muscle memory, right? You know, your body wants to go back like when I hit that weight on Monday to afterwards. Like, my body was killing me, and I've been. Going below thousand and I hit nine oh six the week before. And I got the bulldog bench bar, you know, and I fucked up, and I I loved it. It's fifteen pounds moral. Right. So I loaded up a thousand three and I was like, yeah. And then I hit my boys like, you know, that was ten eighteen and I was like sweet. Anything? Okay. You know what I mean? So, you know. Yeah. You know, the workouts can take a really long time to obviously the raw lifting might take a little bit less time because the weight would be less. How long were your raw workouts versus your geared workouts? Well, workouts, it's not the time in between it's getting geared up. Yeah. You know, getting geared up could take five six seven minutes on positioned every time, you know, you wanna get in that shirt. Right. They got a rap yet. Because you know, when you're all you can wrap yourself. But when you know you wearing a triple ply shirt, you know, can't move. You're like this. You know, what I man it's like being a t Rex trying to grab a beer of coffee. You helped me at one of your meats, actually, I bombed out of the meat. But it was it wasn't. I I had no experience in that shirt. But was crazy is you're like me to put more weight on there. And so we put more weight on there for for the next two. Sets for the next two attempts rather and the last attempt was the best one and like he's still needed like another fifty pounds. But you you just showed me certain things and how to tweak the shirt and how to do stuff like that. And then I brought that information back and that was probably when I was benching maybe like mid sevens or something I went on the bench eight fifty four learned a lot, dude. Let me tell you something. I remember at the LAX bo-, we were staying at the Marriott or whatever. And you walked up to me that one year. I can't remember what year was might have been owned nine or something like that. Do you like three hundred sixty pounds? And I looked over at my boy nickel. Look how fucking big Mark is. I mean, did you like a fucking refrigerator and my boys like, what are you fucking talking about look at you? I go I can't see me. Have fucking big. He is right now. Like holy shit. You were just like. Raw? Chooses scott. And I have crossed paths a shitload of times you're at a PF senior nationals that is in bigger stronger faster. And then also you ran the me at the LA, right, right? Also, fifty four, isn't it? It's also in bigger stronger faster. No at that time. So I hit twenty six you hit there well towards the end of that movie towards the end of bigger stronger faster. I hit a seventy five bench at a senior nationals the other lifts were. They were done a little bit later on road Ohka. But yeah, it's just been crazy. How we've been in kind of circle. You know, I kind of started at the same time kind of and they were doing all three lifts back. Then. Yeah. Yeah. And then, you know, a Bradley castleberry who everybody thinks just lifts fake weights. He's strong spotted him Venice a couple of weeks. He competed in one of your meats that you ran. You ran a lot of meat. So you might remember really? Yes. So he what he did was is he tried like a six hundred pound squat in the warm up room, a six oh five squatter six thirty five this a long time ago, and he was super Jack. Then he missed the attempt in the warm up room. And I was so then I went over to him. He dropped the weight on the ground or something. I went over to like, hey, man was like, I'm just curious. What's your what's your opener? 'cause like if flight hasn't started yet, you should probably change it. He's like, oh my openers like five forty. I was just like, okay. This guy's really new. No, he he performed well in the benched over four, and I think he pulled six and it was a long time ago. But he's a strong counselor is cool. I summit Venice few months back. I spotted him. They did a video be spot them. He was doing like hundred pound dumbbells. He's a savage. He's a beef. And he's got a good build. The thick thick, dude. Who what up castleberry who's the strongest guy you ever came across? Other than Scott Mendelson. His lot of training partners grow. Andy fiedler. He was a big strong fucker. Andy bolton. Yeah. And that was fucking in Africa me and him were killing it together. Now's amazing. He he was one of the thickest, dude. I've ever seen from here to here. I found dead lift. Yeah, he was a fucking beast, and Gary Frank, of course. Yeah. There's a lot of strong, motherfuckers, bro. It's amazing to see how much power the thing has grown. How strong people are now. Yeah. I like a lot of new. I like I like lily bridge. I think he's fucking unbelievable man as a piece of Ladd. Oh my God. He's a fucking. He had the world record. I heard as a knee replacement. I think so and he did a five hundred two pound or five hundred thirty five hundred three kilo squad or whatever just a fucking beast, bro. Yeah. But a goddess there's a lot of dues out there that are very fucking talented. Yeah. I mean, even even big boy strength gase boy up. You know what? And I tell them the fucker. I'm like, dude, I would make that guy in absolute world champion, and I tell him, dude. What the fuck are you doing his Amaury world class? I go do what are you on number six in the world. I'm like don't you want to be number one? What the fuck, bro? See any lives right near me. Dude. Fucking come out of fucking hook you up, bro. You know, what I just don't get it at ROY Walker. I tell them fuck all the time. I mean, he can't bend seven hundred was wiped wrong. He just can't fuck and do it. And he's strong as fuck. He's paying too. I see him. I go, dude. Call me Noko. I'm sorry. But if I if I wanted to drive a car and Mario Andretti live down the block from me. I'd be up that motherfucker so far possessing glass stomach, so I. I mean, I don't get what the fuck these dudes. I don't get it. I think it goes back to what you said earlier about like, YouTube and Instagram. That's that's what you didn't want to be known for that you want to be known as lifter, and maybe they have other desires, and they don't know. But hey, both you mother fuckers call me, I'm telling you right now, you wanna fuck and be a YouTube guy or you want to be the real fucking deal and big boy saw your fucking dead lift the other day that was looking good ship. Good shit nine hundred. He's a he's Fiqh mother Duggar. He's a beast, bro. He's a beast. I think I would love to fuck and train him, bro. Yeah. I would love to train him. He's a good guy too. Nice guy. Leroy's a nice guy. All these guys are cool, dude. Pull your heads out of your ass and call me eight one eight three nine nine zero nine zero five make it happen. Make it fucking happen. I think a lot of people are they're scared to kind of push that next. I don't know why that next Lascaux scary about being the best thing. It's a sacrifice for people are not willing to not willing to. I mean, they're already stemming on the go. Makes no sense to me makes no fucking sense to me. Maybe like a tempting and failing it though like to skates because you're scared even you know, but they're already failing. They're failing. They're happy with it. They're happy failing. Yes. Yeah. I do think that some nice people get they get caught up in social media. You know, they caught up in kind of wrapped up and they have to strike shit. You know, they're like he said they might be kind of comfortable. I mean, these guys are savages look these guys can lift some crazy weights. But I think that order to get to that next level and be world class and be world champion for most people. You're going to have to block out everything else. You're gonna have to sky. What if he if if they become number one all kinds of other doors will open for them? Right. But it's okay. Because I'm gonna come back this year and be number one. Well, if you look at like, a you know like chocolate Dell and Tito Ortiz. Tito, Ortiz was always kind of looked looking for the fame and fortune of it, and Chuck Ladele would just kick the shit out of people. Rush up Ladele made way more money Vining. Tito, Ortiz it or the Tudo didn't do bad. No. Of course. He did. Great. And then maybe afterwards, even maybe potentially did better because he had more spotlight or something like that. It just kinda goes to your point of like just be established just get after, you know, work on being a champion block other things out might be some sacrifices along the way. But in the long run, that's what's gonna win. Nobody remembers number six. Now what second place for loosens? Not. I I lose verse. Loser. That's true. I don't know what you've got Andrew. You said that you were going to bring back your YouTube channel. 'cause we had a couple asked about it. Yeah. I'm going to start filming on that. I got some plans cool. So I'm gonna speak to a couple of people about the. And then we'll go we'll go from there. It's such a great job on this show today. And when you were just I mean, I can pick you to setting up a Cameron to talking. Yeah. I mean, it's so simple. One camera when Mike phone just go Scot Mendelson talks about food. You know, how to get big. Yeah. I mean as you can also talk about how good small ninety thousand sixteen weeks. Yeah. I mean, you know, talk about bodybuilding, we're lifting. I mean the bench press information that you shared only one guy in the world can share it one person. That knows what you know. That was a hard thing about working with Eric. You know, like when I got him to certain point, you know, he he was he was having a hard time performing in front of the crowd. You know? And he's having a hard time kind of getting that next level. I said what you're about to do. No one's ever done. So I said, you know, who knows how to do this you. Yeah. That's it. And that's a hard thing to do when you broke when. You broke the bench record. And you still have the bench record whoever comes along and breaks that next they can get guidance from somebody. They can get shown the right way. They can get shown all these things. But if you're gonna break that record gonna take a lot of guts and take a lot of balls because no one's ever lifted more than that before that way class. You know, what the key to it is about lifting in public not looking into the crowd, right and just ignore look at the fucking bar. It's another fucking lift if I never a bench would twenty thousand people fucking watching me, and it's just like you walk out. Just look at the bar. Don't even look in the crowd. Don't even let none of that fucking bother you. And then all sudden, you're in the gym because once you get that liftoff, it's island. It's like an lift appetite. It's like. You know? Yeah. Maybe somebody's listening right now. And you know, maybe they've gone through some hard times. And maybe they, you know, aren't aren't quite figuring out how the turn a corner. What is something that's helped you at a hold onto sounds like lifting weights always been something that you've been able to hold onto to kind of to keep you focused. What's something that somebody should kind of focus in on for the long game into turn her life around? You know, one time I had this rich guy one of my clients and who's worth like fifty million bucks. Damn. And I'm like his name was Luke. And I'm like, Luke give me a fucking idea to make a million dollars. Go, you know, I work all fucking day long. Whatever it is tell me a bust my ass. I can I can do it. You just tell me, and he looks at me pause for a minute. Fucking waiting waiting and like fuck, and he looks at me. And he goes, you know, what I don't know what you should do. What look talking about. He goes. I don't know what you should do. But whatever you do do what, you know, do what you know. 'cause that's what's going to work for you. In lane in bed with my ex wife like two years later, and all of a sudden, it's like a Piff Amee he comes into my head. And he's like do what you know. And I was like I'm opening a fucking, Jim. That's what I know. So you think maybe some of the answers that people might be looking for already inside. Maybe you detail cars, maybe you are mechanic. Maybe you're a banker whatever it is. Everybody has their talent. You know? I'm not going to sit there and go. Yeah. You go open a gym. And then if it fails, you're going to be like, oh, the Fook Nestle he told me to open a gym and it sucked and it went out of business because that wasn't your thing. You know, you each have an inner talent within you that all of you are capable of exploiting a positive way take that talent and exploited. And if it is a gym if it's weightlifting give me a call all help you out. You know, if it something else find somebody like, I wanna learn how to arm wrestle. I called up Devon Lorette. And Canada like one of the best guys in the world. And I was like Devon who. By the way was at my gym this week. Twice and we all wrestle. It was fucking great. But I called him up. And I was like dude took me right into his house for a week at a time. I went three weeks out last year. You know, all these guys, you know, if you wanna be the best get hold of the best learn from the best don't learn from some fucking guy. That's like two blocks over from you in less. He's the best. You know, because you know, what if you reach out if they say, no, you haven't lost any ground just having gained any ground. You're in the same place that you are right now. It's like picking up on chicks. If the chick says, no, what are you gonna do? Go in your house and like bro you add in the couch for a week. Fuck. No. You're going to be like all right? She said, no you go to the one next door. Eventually somebody's going to say, yes. And you're gonna be happy. So, you know, don't be afraid to stick your neck out. You know, all you people that want to compete in. You know, what I, you know, there's very little world champions in the world. If it was so easy. Everybody a world champion, you know, but to put your dick in the dirt and stick it out there, and it takes a lot. But when you do it you'll feel better about yourself. And remember if you don't do it. You're not gonna know if they say, yes, you never gonna know. Lifting all those big weights and all the pressure that builds up you must have poop story or two for us. No shit, my pants, never shit, your pants or anything bench band. So disappointing whatever out of hemorrhoids my whole life people like you living hundred pounds. You never had a fucking ham. Roy like this guy Jimmy at hemorrhoids Surgers like, you know, how bad it hurts and you go through this. And that and I'm like. He's like what you've never had a hemorrhoids. I'm like. What's the worst? Grossest thing that ever happened you in lifting. First time I ever benched a thousand pounds. I went blind for five minutes completely line completely blind. I pulled I took it down and about halfway down the lights went out, and I thought to myself will blind. So better finish because I'm internet. Have this chance again to down prep? Boo. Wrecked. It up through like, yeah. I can't see for like ten minutes. I couldn't see. And then all of a sudden, I guess everything constricted in my eyes. You know, so much pressure in like ten minutes later, so little white light. And then it started to like, relax and open up. And then I was able to see again, the first time I benched eleven hundred pounds. I coughed up a big blood clot. Oh my God. I got off the bench, and I was like. And like a fucking piece a jello like that big came out the four and everybody teams, all quiet, man. What is like outgrow it? And she took a paper towel and didn't even wipe it. She just like grabbed it picked it up. Oh, yeah. I wish he would kept. It looked bitching keeping glass case had a surgeon training at the time. And he's like holy fuck. You didn't cough that up. It could have killed you. And I was like good thing. I hit eleven hundred may have made it my life squeezed it. Right. Outta. Yeah. Did that's about the grossest? I've never, you know, ripped my asshole and have or. You know, nothing about like you guys arms break during benches. Oh shit. Yeah. You know, at one of my meets the at the fit expo snapped both bones right on right in half on his arm Tam. Yeah. But I mean was the worst injury to come back from definitely that pector yet tick, the longest right? It took about a year a year later, and you know, what is funny because I put that picture up. I'll make sure when everywhere. Yeah. The purple picture. I put it up a year later just to show people that hey, you can get this fucked up, and you could come back. I didn't know it was going to go virus on Tosh point. Oh now sitting in a restaurant and two people a walk up, and they're like, you're the purple guy, and I'm like fuck that fucking gnarly wild picture and the crazy. Oh, this is what happened to me. This was a good one. When that happened. I woke up like three days later and dude my nut sack filled up with blood. It was like that big. And I had to do a seminar New York. So my partner. My partners veterinarian, right? So I go to him. And I'm like, hey, bro. You gotta help me, bro. And he's like what? And I pull my pants down. And he's like fuck. I mean, dude, it was so big that it sucked. My dick in my nuts. I had a sit down to eat. It was like crazy, bro. So I'm tripping and I go to him. And he goes oh, fuck, dude. We got a drain it or something. I gotta go to New York on a fucking plane for a seminar, and he's like the worry about it. And do my partner is like he's a doctor and he's like monotone, bro. Don't worry about it. And I'm like, bro. What the fuck? And he's like, I said don't worry about it. It'll be fine. I'm like, dude. Look at this motherfucker, bro. There's nothing about this. And he looks at me, and he goes, bro. It ain't my dick. And I was like fuck you. So I walk out, and I wait like one in the morning to go to emergency room. And I go in the emergency room. And they're like, oh, what are you here? And I go, well, I told a pack, but that's not why I'm here. And they're like, oh, well, let's see PEC tear. I take my jacket off. And it's that and they're like, oh my God. What the hell? Like look shut up. I know what this is. I know what this is. I'm here for something else. Get me with the doctor. So they'd give me an emergency rooms one in the morning and the doctor walks in he goes, so I hear you here for a pet care. I said, no, I'm not here for a PEC tear is like what are you here for giant balls? He goes, what are you here for and Croom will my pants down nuts? Your fucking purple like this big. And he looks at me, and he goes. Impressive. And I look at him, and I'm like to thank you. And he's like what I go. Nobody's ever looked at my dick and set in prison. So do to drain it. I gotta go to New York. And he goes don't worry about it or go and Joan and I was like fuck. Like, you had one of those bouncy things like little kids have through right around. Sit on the plane took off and I stood up and grab one pick it up. No. It was like I had to pick it up. Mike wads take go down like two months. Two months couldn't ice or nothing. No. I did. I had like packs of peas on it pees like form in where you really like motivated like show anybody that Astor's. Like do check this. I did I did. I dude you got to see my dick. Fuck and see this, bro. Be here forever horse. Oh, that's like a demon or something. Right. It's just which is you know, blood goes with gravity. Right. Right. That was ripped up top everything goes down. It went all the way to my ankles bleed mile. It was crazy, and that's great at is all here at super trading. And so that pictures at the doctor's office. No, that's up my gym. I'll tell you Jim d it now it looks like you have a bencher on right there. No. That's a t shirt. It's just a t-shirt house like crazy bastard, benching again, no how long was it. So you started benching a year later owes at eleven hundred oh shit. Yeah. How many weeks and months was it after the pector that you started just bench pressing period about four months afterwards? And you didn't get surgery. No, I didn't get new surgery defy come near mind to get your. I mean, I thought about it. But the thing was, you know, the amount of weight that bench to peck. Would it just went again? And if I just it attach it reattached. I got a little desperate dimple right here. But you know, my raw days are over pretty much. I can't go over five hundred. How did you rehab? It. Just I started with bands. And I started doing that. I was in New York. There was a famous famous massage guy Michael camp, and you Michael I never heard him porno. Yeah. Like a lot. I have b B pros using my sister was friends with him. So she took me to him for a week. He just beat the fuck outta me. And then at gold advantage Jeff Metcalf, who's dead. He committed suicide recipes he worked on me for a while. And he brought me back. So I did that and. You know, it was just it was a it was the hardest thing coming back like you really have to want that broke. It was like get depressed at all during any. No, no. You know, what I have so much shit going on in my life. Those one day when I woke up, and like everything was just dismal. I was just like fuck. And I thought is this depression, this is depression one day in my life. Yeah. Luckily for me, I never get. I never get that either. Yeah. I just there's too much shit going on if you're busy all the time. I don't think you really get depressed. I mean super excited about stuff along. Yeah. You know what I mean? So I mean, you know, guys like me, and you when you're stacked up, and you always got to have other shit on. If you're sitting around you have nothing to do. And you're like should starts getting to you. You know, I'm just not a really depressed kind of guy like, you know, people that kill themselves to me, they got fucking way more heart than me 'cause I'm a pussy. I couldn't kill myself. You know, stick it a gun in your mouth and blow. Hell, no. I'd be like dude fuck that. I doing that shit. I'm not I don't have that kind of like balls. It's just like, you know. So what else is Scott Mendelson? Did he watch TV into any? I love movies. I'm a big movie guy. I collect comic so favorite movies. Well, avengers endgame. Did. You see it? I heard nothing, but good thing. Seen it so good. So guys. This is what I'm just. One of the best movies I've ever seen as a matter of fact, I'm here with Ashley Crawford. She's number two in the world for strong woman. Could she come up here? Real quick chicer- cash up here. Get up come here. Come on actually, get him on. You know, what people are watching the whole world is awaiting your arrival come over here. Yeah. Go for it. Just hop over there. Close his mic. Yeah. Actually, say, hi. Anyway, this is Ashley Crawford and she's number two in the world. She came to me about four years ago. And she said, listen, she was taking strong and stuff from Jim called, east coast, west coast and. In Costa Mesa. So she comes to me. And she goes, listen, I wanna get strong and evaluated her. And I was like fuck you listened in two years, you could be a world champion, and she was like shut the fuck up two years later. What happened? Two years later, what kind of weight lifting over there? I know strongman you're doing different nationals for the AP F. Powerlifting. Also, so Poon what about five fifty on deadliest axel accident lift I did about five five four. That's the actual bed will be messing around. And I think huge. Yeah. She'll regular deadly. If she's about five and a half a little bit more almost three hundred on the bench and fifteen ton truck, Norway. Yeah. Matter of fact, if you look it up Ashley Crawford pulling a fifteen ton truck in Norway. You can put the film up and see that shit. It's pretty it's pretty crazy. Do you have strongman stuff at your general? It's on my Instagram. No. That's what she goes to east coast, west coast. But now, she's an air traffic controller so she's out here in Oakland. So things are cool. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. So she's traded at a gym called. What is it called work at war cat? Yeah. Yeah. That's her. That's her right there. Forty seconds that looks brutal. Oh, dude. It's crazy where they what does that call? That's. Yeah. That's just a Hercules hold all Hercules, hold. Yeah. We're the both the logs are pulling your body. Crazy. This girl pulled second place. She ended up winning this one. Yeah. Leitheid? She's a world champion, right? Nutri with her. Okay. Actually took first place that year, she took second. Oh, very cool right after there you go. That's a good training partner. Just like you said you gotta find the best right up -solutely. No, this is she took first. Here's Ashley porn a fifteen truck, bro. Yeah. That's awesome. And that's who stand on the side effects. I I really love seeing the explosion of women into some of these strengths for awesome. And so cool like there's I made a three hundred pound dead lift nowadays for girls is like they all the warm. Yeah. Yeah. They all do it. Yeah. Four hundred five hundred in starting to see. Now, there's some girls pulling on six hundred pounds. I mean, I don't know where I don't know where all and Scott, what's your when when you going to try to compete again. You know, what I'm thinking about going back in the next eight weeks. Thanks. I'm thinking about going back into next eight weeks. I'm gonna figure something out just to get my feet wet and word is there some WPRO shit going on again. Oh, wow. So that happens on popping back into that. And they'll bring it back to the Arnold and stuff like that. Or, you know, I don't know. I don't know. But all I know is I'm gonna sit down put it together. I'm getting in shape first and then. She's gonna start happening again yet to take a little break off the arm wrestling because of the forearm deal. Yeah. So focusing strictly on the bench press right now, which is good. My lips are going up phenomenally Monday. I think I'm gonna go ten fifty. So I'm feeling good about it, man. And it just feels so good to be back in my element. I look I love arm wrestling. But that's not my thing. You know, even though I love it. Right. You know, and look I plan on winning some major shit arm wrestling. But you know, what bench is me? Powerlifting is me. That's my crew. That's my crowd, and I feel kind of like neglected lately. As far as to the public and everything else because I was focusing so much on the arms Ling. But it's time. It's I agree. You know, I'd love to see come back at the platform. Again. It's going to happen soon. Nobody fifty as ever hit a thousand eleven hundred. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna fuck it up. So I'd like to. You my body feels good right now. Everything feels real good feels real stable. And of no reason, why can't do it my shoulders feeling real good. I've rehab it over the last few years from, you know, not a move it while I'm sleeping too. You know, coming back and a lot of it's been through bodybuilding, you know, but you know, a lot of injuries take a long time, and you got to be patient in the recovery. And it's just. It you can't give it the time that it needs. It takes on time. And whatever that timetable is. I'm just really fortunate to be back now. And I feel really blessed that I'm able to do what I love again, you force stuff in your training. Like, if you know you've handled nine hundred pounds and just feels like crap you continue onward. It just depends. You know, sometimes I can go in and if it's feeling like, maybe I'm going to injure myself. I'll stop I listened to myself. Yeah. You know, because you know, what the workout really doesn't really matter when it comes to the big picture. It's like, you know, there are many battles in a war. And you may lose some battles and still win the war. Right. You know, she got a pick and choose nobody as a human being his peaked all the time. Right. You know, it's hard. It's hard when you're young. You know, when you're newer and you're getting excited. Yeah. It's hard to back off. Yeah. No, it is it is. But you know, what? Once you're. Knowledgeable, and you're you're really in touch with your body, and your feelings, you can kinda get a feel and and kind of be like, hey, you know, what I'm in? It was like that day. When I when I blew my pack from the lift off it was off. I what I should have done was thrown back in the rack, right? But because I was in that moment, and I just wasn't thinking straight and the weight really wasn't heavy. I was like you know, what I can make the correct strong enough. Yeah. And unfortunately when my day, right? But you know, what it made me a better, man. It taught me a lot of things and maybe got in arm-wrestling Vata got me. No. That was a car accident. That's arm Aslan. But but it made me made me learn myself, and it made me understand that. Hey, I'm not the machine that I think I am, you know, when you're young you think your machine, and you can just work through anything. And for the most part you can but. The things that you can't work through you need to be smart enough to be like, hey, I back off in a doesn't all have to happen in one day hundred percent nothing does all happen to one day where can people find you? They wanna follow along. And learn more about you. Well, I own a gym called Mendis. Jim it's at sixty three seventy one van Nuys boulevard. Van Nuys California nine one four zero one, and you can find me there at eight one eight six one six three one six one. You can contact me at Mendis, Jim g mail dot com. And you know, I love the work with you guys. Look, I got a lot of knowledge at a lot of guys wanna know don't be afraid to call me don't be afraid to get on board. I do online training. I got guys that I train in Tasmania Australia in Cape Town, Africa and Canada all over the US in down the block. So I mean, however, the training, you know, whatever kind of training you need I can get you a had a guy. Shannon Jacobson that lives in Tasmania. I trained him for nine months, and he won the first Arnold and Australian never met to do person. That's great. Yeah. So you know with technology. Now the way it is, you know, my my programs very interactive. And we'll Skype a couple times a week. And I'll tell you what I want you'll Facebook. You'll film all your lifts and Facebook to me, and then we'll be on Skype together. You look at your phone. I look at mine, we get an exact idea, I can show you on Skype. Just like, I explained today with the form and everything, you know. And I go through everything all the lifts your support work supplements. Every there's no stir Knowstone, that's unturned. You know, I'm not fourteen bucks a month. So I'm just letting you know that upfront, but I'm not a million bucks. Either them, you know, if you want it bad enough, you'll reach out, and you'll grab it because I spent a lot of time and a lot of effort with you. And I treat you as if you're part of me, and if you're part of me or winter, so give me a call all the time. We got strength has never week this week this. Ever strenght? Catchy guys later.

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