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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love. Happy listening today on a very special episode on ago, we're going to take you on a trip down memory lane and play some of our favorite moments from the podcast far. Here we go. I'm Andy last ner host Ellen on the go. Joined by my guests. Mary Connolly, Kevin Leman, the fourth and Edward glavin. Thanks for joining me guys. Thanks for having us, a really nice of you. Thank you for doing this podcast. I'm your to. Thank you wanna talk about today. And today, we have a lot to talk about where do we want to start with what if we start with you at the table games? Okay. I'm just going to say, you don't disappoint doesn't. It was fun. Rock was very nice to me, and you call DJ or anything. What are you? Yeah. I I call them to came back. Yeah. And I said DJ was cool. Tell me to calm Dietsch. It's just like I'm sorry. I've worked with the rock. Yeah. Again to you. It was a very painful he's ever said call me how shore were you after I was sore for about three days. Now, I'm not a regular exerciser as which may come as the surprise to Kevin. But I'm not a regular exercise. I play hockey once a week. And that's really the extent of my. This is just natural. This is just natural. Haven't seen. It titan games is like this crazy huge like American gladiators times ninja warriors times thousand. It was the most insane said I'd ever seen. It was outdoors at an old grace track and you come in. And it literally looks like like that movie with Russell Crowe gladiator. That's what it felt like you are entering an arena. So you were like a gladiator. Are you did you are you a titan or gladiator the set like light here? But it's the titan games. And it's just regular people like me who are extraordinary. No in physical, fitness. Yeah. It's bit. Here's the thing. Tight how wardrobe it wasn't great. It was here's the thing. And this is what I'm convinced. Most of the average Andy segments are generated from the writers. The writers are run by our friend sitting right here. Kevin leman. I am convinced that Kevin Leman specifically picks. What average Andy's we're going to do based on? What will be the most unflattering wardrobe for me? I gotta say I was annoyed that you look so good in. This one kidding me of your natural roles. The Spanish, right? It was like a spanks on you. Yeah. It was. It was really what I'm going to say no matter what the task. Yeah. Matter what the challenge. Yes, you go at it. One hundred percent I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm titan. Maybe I honestly going when they were showing me what I was gonna do. I literally my head thought. Oh, I can do this. I'm going to be good at it. And then I got tired. We'll just the video of you running at the beginning to run to the first thing natural runner your hands. Trying to get speed. I was told you pump your arms when you spring. Here's a little bit of it. And then you have to promise to watch the show on your DVR because you have to see how wonderfully average and everybody Dwayne Johnson here also known as the rock. To the Spanish right box office heavyweight. They say box office. King get I don't brag star of the television. Joe ballers sexiest man alive host and creator of the biggest baddest athletic competition show ever on television. Call titan games. And I'm Andy. Thanks for having me here. Yeah. 'cause 'cause fitness really, isn't my thing couldn't tell. Couldn't tell. Are you ready to do this? Oh, yeah. All right. Looks like a circus. Never ends for me. Never. Jesus was that. Hey, how you doing Mandy? How's it going, man? You're apparently going to get the role in this bad boy over here. I don't even know what this is exactly. This is Dwayne the rock Johnson's master create your again. No, I'm good with every. There are a lot of that. You know, a lot of client and banging I mean, I get John. It's just gonna keep going. This is going to be a long day. You're gonna push this here. Okay. Then you hit the rollers and you're going from one roller the next you're going to jump. Probably get dirty, right? Then up there on top of the slide. And then you decide you gotta do. Literally, my back hurts from going up. My back hurts from going up. The stairs. This isn't gonna go. Great. Say you're not really too stupid. The way each child learns is unique especially in subjects like math, the standard school curriculum could be too fast or even too slow for your kid while there's an amazing new way to help your kids. Excel in math, and it's called matinees Eum. It's perfect for kids. Whether they need to get caught up in math or if they're advance. And you want them to stay ahead. 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That's eight five five nine twelve m a t h or matinees Eum dot com slash Ellen. So do you Roberts? Did not shave her legs. My that was so funny for the show when she appeared it was kind of want six hours of Ellena. Julia. Yes. Yes. Without a doubt from the start when Julia walks out in her like red holiday. Cheerful outfit and wearing like she looked like grew like. Grace is very beautiful. The russians. Despicable me. And then Julia talked about wearing bright colors. Don't normally. But she does enjoy. No you wear plaid. You can tell she watch the show. She's totally right. And Ellen has no memory cream suit that before but very quickly upon Julia walking out somehow Ellen was rubbing Julius Baer legs to see if she had shaved they were talking about the monologue about how how in every article that refers to your age. And Julia said I would rather say Julia Roberts who hasn't shaved your legs in two weeks, and then Ellen filter leg and said, it's not two weeks. But there's definitely some stubble. It was so funny. It was just an amazing interview. Just like they have a terrific chemistry. Yeah. They really yeah. Are fun. So we're going to play a clip of Julia Roberts for you now. And then you should watch the entire interview. Because I know it is still on your DVR. Listen, do you get the fifty one? I do do you get that really magazines all the time. You know, what I don't like is when they like frontload your age for you like I told a story in a magazine not that long ago. And I said, you know, and for my my birthday, I said something about being fifty and they changed it to fifty one because three weeks after the magazine came out. I was going to be fifty one right? And I felt well hold on a minute. Yeah. Not fair that is not truth in advertising. It's not wait, wait until I tell you would know your sixty the hell the hell, I know. I want to be sixty. I mean, I would rather they say, you know, Julia Roberts who hasn't shaved her legs in a week. Like, at least that gives you some sort of interesting information. It's not true. Did you shave today? Not today. Maybe yesterday. Five o'clock show. Very sexy. Just stumbling. How come we can't have five o'clock shadows? I mean, how come we happy? Who says we can't? Well, you do. Yes. But it's door will because you're adorable. Fifty 'cause you're fifty one seriously. Why don't you text me back though? Okay. This is not I will not bear the burden of the responsibility of the lack of texting the last person. Who texted was me? I thank you for those beautiful flowers. You sent a took a picture of them. I sent them to you nothing and this was years ago. Now. Now, it's interesting we've been doing this a long time. But like when Julia Roberts is in the building it's a different feeling than than sometimes when there are other people in the building like you just there's there's a little bit of a. Yeah. The to the stage win someone like Julia Roberts is in your big old movie stars and she really movie star. And I love her show by the way homecoming and she's doing TV now. Yeah. Homecoming ten episodes on Amazon, I think so good. I loved it doesn't like bog yourself down taking ourselves. So seriously, not at all days losing it every single game. I got the way. Like loved it. The other thing I love we did. Yeah. We helped her get more Instagram followers joined Instagram over the summer. Right. She has three million followers. How many does Allen Allen has sixty million? A fact that Ellen needed to remind Julia of no less than. So you have three million. I have sixty million funny. So she helped her up her Instagram game. Right. So our friend Matt right producer segment and with the help of Kevin Leman came up with things to do to. Photograph in civil her Instagram and so Graham picks with Julia. And it did not disappoint we posted album on Instagram on our at the Ellen show. But all my gosh, we put those gigantic boobs that Ellen always incorporates into her Halloween costumes honor we brought out Martha Stewart in a pie had a reunion a reunion from one of her very well known movies shocked her she was so surprised and it was fantastic. You now famously join Instagram you finally joined Instagram I did. I notice you have three million followers. Do. Yeah. I have sixty million. And so. Julia Roberts, fifty one. Ellen Degeneres, sixty sixty million sixty million. And and so I should have at least fifty one million. I'm gonna help you. Okay. That's why were yes. How can you help me? Because if I'm gonna show, you how to get more followers 'cause I know how to get followers. I have sixty million as I said. All right. Do I have to post nude? Well, ultimately. Yes. Okay. All right. So a lot of people so Mike is going to take a picture of you and like just to the tropical background there. Yeah. That's good. Like act. Like, you're on vacation don't. Yeah. That's right. That's right renewing Moore's. Yeah. Yeah. Now, the cord ans are very popular. Okay. Sh. Bring out the heart Ashi and bring it. No, no. You are going to me for this. Do you win hundred percent? Sure, I'm gonna do you want followers or not? I mean, I guess I'm supposed to want fall here. I'm not sure. Yes. You are. All right. So you have that that's going to help you get. Okay. Food is big you ever post food food is very big British. It'd be bigger than this. Food droopy full hold the food in front of the boob. And that all right. I'd put the pie in front of your drooping. Lower lower the pile little bit. Martha. Let's let's get a picture. This has been help. Hi, martha. I have this feeling that I'm losing followers stand out. All right. How about if we bring out a friend from my best friends wedding. What have we bring out Dermott Rooney? And we should we care this. Again, right. Oh, how the mighty? Oh my God. Anyway, enough about my friend. Julia who actually know personally and text. Yeah, we do really will. Yeah. I mean most. Liberty some friends the last thing you texted. Julia to us. All right. Let me look it up. Hey, babe. Thanks again for doing the show. You are awesome. Sorry. I can't do dinner this week. But let me see what I can do about next week. So that's you calling her babe. Yeah. You call her babe. Yeah. Dr thing, I'm sure that's our thing. WWE superstars TV personalities entrepreneurs celebrity twins. Nikki and breathe Bella are turning off the camera and turning on the mics to give their fans inside access to their lives. Like never before from debates about whether one night stands are, but are drunk or sober to chats about what life as a new mom is really like the girls will invite listeners into their homes for an uncensored, fun filled and totally Frank conversations. Kickback pop open a bottle and dish with the Bella twins on the Bellas podcast. You can listen for free on apple podcasts or every get your podcast right now. My son this morning said do you ever look at how many stars your podcast has? And I go, no. Five stars and fourteen hundred reviews, you're kidding. I was blown away look under and Ian, friends or Ellen on the he never looking at Ellen on the go. And they they're like I mean stuff on yelp doesn't even get five stars. I don't know if perhaps Kevin paid people to send reviews, but do your boys listen to the podcast occasionally on the way to school. They say listen to that radio show. You do you would you give them out? I will high eaten and Ryan while that was really the best right? Hi. Hi, ryan. So glad you listened to the podcast. They don't like Kevin shout out to all the bought. So did those reviews? Thank you. Shout out to do you think it's Russians? I think those are rushing. Yeah. Oh my God. His worse for America. Then Trump in this podcast. They're trying to influence handy. They're trying to get you in there. So these aren't real my gosh, this is going to be fun to watch. Now. We'll see how Andy suddenly starts thinking the Russians. This is fascinating never thought of it until I never thought look at our radio talk about lily Tomlin, and Jane lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda, I love them so much when I was in high school lily Tomlin was on Broadway in a show called appearing nightly, and she was had a one woman show on Broadway. And it was unbelievable. It was fantastic. And I knew her from Laffin, and I knew her from that, and she's do Letterman which Letterman 'cause she used to do Letterman. Yeah. She used to do Letterman, and it's so much fun to see she and Jane Fonda on grace and Franky. And this was they have all these young viewers. I think are just so your nephew TB Mary. Really? Yeah. But just so everyone knows Mary's nephew works with Nancy Pelosi. Yeah. And is pretty high up in that. Tell you a little self Mary's, political bent. Yes. So she every time you see Nancy Pelosi on the news like walking from one meeting to another. There's Mary's nephew, which I think is very cool. But that's not what we were saying. So anyway, young people love this Franken, grace grace and grace and Franky everyone. I know who started watching it as Debbie have watched. So my daughter, Emily, who's twenty four fell in love with Grayson, Frankie and kept telling me to watch it. And like I do with most of the people. I love the most I did not listen already for an extended period of time. And then I when I truly ran out of things to watch. I thought let me try this grace and Franky and two episodes, and I began wondering why the hell I never listened to people when they read. I love it so much. We've seen every episode where I think the new one starts out will came out last Friday drop last Friday, and they're just amazing together on on grace and Franky for whatever reason I didn't have such huge expectations of them together on the Ellen show. I didn't think they were going to be grace and Franky. I thought they're going to be lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, which they were and their chemistry together. They're just like endurable higher. Larry's both boldly. Boldly hasn't been here. Five times. She hasn't been here. Ten times she'd never been here before. Does not want sane. I know lily Tomlin had never been here. She give Ellen her Mark Twain prize rise. That's right. And it's just it was so fun to see how they are really sharp and funny. She is timing that they have for each. I just wanted. I just wanna road trip with them. They just make me laugh lily, just I dunno lily, just just she is the perfect complement to. And Jane, just like has amazing comic timing has a little slow burn has a little look has a little thing. And then we did questions. Right. I don't think we call it. We didn't call it burning questions for them. But we we ask them questions. And the question we asked was describe each other in one word while I love, and it was quite a moment. Take a listen. That would really tell them when Jane Fonda and we're gonna play a question game in honor of the seasons. Grayson, Frankie, it's called lily. Jane, don't give I apologized for that. That's the name of the game. And I didn't I didn't write it. But that's the theme was the it's the theme. You know, you get old and then who gives them right, right, right? The team this season is I don't give right. So I'm gonna hit a button and random questions where baba and you have to both answer. Honestly with the first thing that comes to mind. All right. Your best Celebi burst celebrity crush Tony Curtis. Okay. Dorothy malone. Okay. Started early. Something everyone loves, but you hate mashed potatoes. I love him. I was wrong. I don't know. Why said that? Jane cooked, bananas of any kind. All right. Do you want to redo wreck yourself? Now, you've lost the Hispanic audience. I'm not running for. All right. I'm going to say, I hate cotton balls. I don't know who likes him. But I hate Cotton Bowl. I don't even want to say the word. Okay. Your go-to excuse to get out of something. I'm old. Try again. This bribe each other in one word adroit alias. Totally. I liked to do a love scene with lamb Nason. Or Mike Shelton. Yellen Shelton Blake Shelton lily. Oh. Dorothy malone. She died. Me. I'm not gonna say I know enough of that going around anyway. I have a hard time answering this. Okay. Because honestly, I I love Jane. I can't it's hard for me to think of say that's the right. I know that's the right answer. Because you're telling me, it's the right in. Ways. All right. The new season of grace and Franky is available on Netflix. This friday. We'll be right back. So the questions was called, Jane and lily, don't give a. Which is the theme of their show this season. And and and there and true if they were to form they didn't give and they haven't for a long time. So that's really fun and lily. I'm sure it's still on your DVR. So you should really watch the whole interview. It's it's they were they were two or three acts, and they were fantastic and lily eighty years old is in jeans and a Ruth, Bader Ginsburg shirts. Yeah. Shirt with a jacket over it and rose colored glasses looking just as cool as all get out. I mean, and Jane who had on just an insanely beautiful suit was regretting that she wasn't wearing a tee shirt as cool as lily's. We'd love them. We do. And you know, Mary when I'm when I made a you're gonna come put some flowers at my head. So. I'm gonna wheel you to wherever you want to go. The mega bestseller that has enthralled millions of readers a gentleman in Moscow by a more tolls. Buzzes with the energy of numerous adventures, love affairs and twists of fate raves. The Wall Street Journal Entertainment Weekly calls a gentleman in Moscow gorgeous while o the Oprah magazine calls it irresistible. Now in paperback. This transporting novel tells of count the Rostov a man who has ordered to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel. He can't leave his hotel. You won't want to a gentleman in Moscow now available wherever books are sold. Let's talk about another pair that we had. We had we had high expectations for this pair. And this pair did not disappoint. So if you're if you're a regular fan of the show, you know, Nate seltzer is our young boy kid geography six-year-old geography, right? Right. And so we have him on every couple of months, and we and we love this kid, and he's so sweet. And so funny, and so cute. He's awkward brilliant. Yep. We learned about another six-year-old geography expert name landing Gregory who was a huge fan of Nate seltzer 's and wanted to meet Nate seltzer because he thought they would be friends because they have lots in common because they love the each love geography, so we head landing Gregory on. And then we surprised him the way that Ellen can just embrace the awkwardness of two six year old boys meeting each other for the first time on national television. It's just. Nobody else can do that. It's just so fun in amazing. And why would you be in a hurry to get any place other than in the moment? This e what they were like, and I think if you listen to it you'll also hear how adorable it is. Doc was six year old expert, Landon, Gregory, I have a surprise for you because you wanted to meet Nate. And so I thought Nate should come here and meet you so Nate come on out Nate this land in land and this is Nate Highland. Hi. So he's also six years old, and he's been on the show so many times. So he's so comfortable on here. He's like a big star. You get recognized all the time now Nate. Yeah. Both of you. Okay. So you have a fan you have a fan in Landon. How's that feel to have a fan? Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Have you had a fan before? Yeah. Yeah. You know, what a fan, you know, what that means to have a fan. Yeah. What does it mean? It means to someone in my someone else. That's exactly right. And he admires you because you and how long have you been knowing about geography it's been since mid-july for him. I known geography sent sells four four so like a year before. So but y'all it seems like he knows a lot. Did you watch him? And you saw you do all those what's your favorite country. I think mine is probably gonna be. See? If so many choose. Yeah. There are there are you could just make one up. What's what what the country like China China? Okay. Do you like China also? Yeah. It's great. Do you have any advice for land? And since you've been here before this is first time. Yeah. I have two roles. Oh, okay. We'll never one always have fun. We'll number two. What's into rule number one? When you think of those rules? Yeah. Good. All right. So yellow going to be best friends. Right. Yes. So what's your favorite thing about Nate? Would you say what do you like about Nate so much? He's just like me. Okay. What's your favorite thing about Landon? That he's even smarter than me. On TV. I saw I heard things that I didn't even know geography about what what an, you know, the capital Chad. How about that? You knew something they didn't know or the capital Philippines, or the capital of Philippians. Can you believe that? Here's a guy that you wanted to me. And you you know, if you more things than he does. For sure y'all should be best friends because you can teach each other different things, you can learn a lot from each other. All right. And you brought land in a gift, right? Okay. Tell me what. This is Landon Russia activity book. Because he knew that this was your favorite country. So what kind of activities are in here? A word set. Wait, okay. There's it. Okay. I'll hear read it. Okay. Bossy. I hope you have a great time on the Ellen show. I hope you enjoy the activity book love Nate. And there's he drew the two of you right there next to each other. Okay. Okay. So what is this? It's a word censor. Okay. Then he's got to find the words. And then what else is in here. Washington phrases rushing alo- get by and there's no collusion. Now show fun costume for Ellen. She was this year she was drunk bachelorette and Kevin can talk about. This is our sixteen season sixteen season. Avella in dressing up on Halloween seems easy to just come up with the costume. And put it on Ellen turns out, there's a little more work. Why don't you tell us about the always talked about this one Kev? Do do you? Do we all remember? Yeah. The first Halloween the first season of the Ellen show. When we it was her first year. It's a talk show host came in. And we said I now we're gonna pitch you on Halloween costume for the Halloween show. And she went, oh, no, no. I don't I don't I don't do that. I don't trust. Let's not a thing. I'm going to be doing. Later of all the talk show conventions. She did not think that that was one that she was going to to she didn't about any of them. Yeah. Right. Doesn't Ellen wanted to be. I used to say to her. There are some things that we do talk shows that are, you know, necessary. And she said, well, we're going to revisit all of them. What was she the first season? She was she was docked feels either Dr Phil or Scarlett O'Hara. Now, she was Dr Phil season. She wasn't a bag of money Oprah where the bag that was wonda. Okay. L in her first year was Dr Phil Kevin. How does how come about? How do we? When do we start talking about it? And I mean we start talking about really early probably August. And then we kind of serious towards number in the we have a very large creative staff. Yes. Puts huge list together of ideas. This year was a little tricky. Because all the scary things seem to be political. Yeah, we were trying to think of a costume that could just like everyone could agree on and have fun with. We then narrow the list down to probably what we pitch out anything twelve. Maybe ten twelve ideas from one hundred. Yeah. And she goes down. Yes. No. Maybe. No. No. Yes. So then we get down to two or three. We sketch. Them up. And then we have an insanely talented wardrobe team who puts together off those sketches a couple ideas for Ellen in. She gets sucked into the bachelor every single year rise not to she swears that she's never gonna want. Always what leave the finalists were drunk bachelorette or twitches Black Panther and her as white cougar the caress. I think be a. Trying to be a an older. Yes. But she's so smart, she she instantaneously out. Loud can weigh the pros and cons of each costume and go. Yeah, I'm gonna be I'm gonna be a bachelor contestant, and I'm going to be drunk. And I think she sparked to the notion of the fun that she could have as drunk bachelorette. Doesn't change your mind doesn't go character. I think yes. Like that is only had a character who she could be that episode. The Halloween show is still on your DVR, you should write while they should want. You should watch the purpose of this cast is to get people to then go rewatch, you know, the show either on their db ours or to Ellen to well, it seems that your purposes to establish yourself as the host. Well, we don't know. And be like, you're working on plans. You don't know how much longer going to do this show? It's been sixteen seasons. And I'd like to do it for think she's going to do it for line. Now. I know, but when I wanna seamlessly go from that to being a top podcast or in this country and possibly the world top podcasts are in this country. Yeah. So I'm trying to think of what happens. So we're the Supremes Diana Ross. You said it not me. But. Good way to look at Wayne. Yes. Back to hell. Loyd. So obviously, you can't have a bachelorette without a bachelor. So our talent team, but together list of people that we thought it'd be fun to come out and be the person that Ellen is falling in love with. This was terrific and who better than Milo Ventimiglia, God, really, so handsome. He came out as the bachelor and could not have been funnier and the audience could not have been more excited, and it was a surprise. And I love that moment. When a surprise celebrity comes out, and there's like light applause for about a second and a half. And then it hits them. I know that guy my Milo and about three seconds in. They just lose their. Oh my gosh. This is he's there. I'm here. Yeah. And then the audience just loses their minds. Happy everybody. You all look wonderful Ellen hallowing shows being preempted for special episodes of the bachelor. Any bachelor fans here. If you don't know the show is what would happen. If the hunger games was sponsored by Don Julio tequila. Is Halloween is still going to be a scary show. That's what Ellen would want. So when I meet the new bachelor, I'm gonna scare the pants off of him. Here's a really scary thing since this is the bachelor this show is going to be six hours long. So, you know. You know? To introduce myself. I'm so sorry to apologize deeply my name is Kelly with four L's and. And there are six other Kelly's on the show. So this season, you can call me Kelly d but that's not my initial breath size. Do you like the outfit though? Thank you. My breath is from Resahd he and my boobs are made from Mattel. So I am danell assistant from New Jersey and people ask me what's the difference between dental hygienists and dental assistant and is simple dental hygienics whereas white coat and planes the teeth and a dental assistant puts out on the first date. I came here to win this show is my one shot defined love unless I lose. And then I can try again on the bachelorette the bachelor pad bachelor in paradise paradise after paradise. But that's enough about me. I wanna meet my future husband bring out the bachelor. Nice to meet. Oh, well, it's nice to meet you too. You look like that. God from that show on the the sad sad show. It makes me cry. Dateline? And. What my name is Kelly d but you can call me anytime you want. I'm good. I'm dental assistant. And would you like me to examine your mouth with my tone? Oh. Let me. I hope you don't mind if I inspect the merchandise. Let me just feel the shoulders here. And then of course, it's all good strong and sensitive. Something got 'cause I want you to remember me. So let me just get it. I left it in the car. Openness. If the slow cooker. And if you got it on Craigslist, so. Yeah. By the way, by the way, today show is brought to you by the word legs. Maybe we can go up to the fantasy suite and spread the word. Subscribe today on apple podcasts Spotify or every listening to us right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund by everybody. Don't. We would so love to know more about to here at Ellen on the go, please head over to wonder Reebok com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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