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Jasmin Shojai Talks Modeling and Life


welcome to the ninety ran with your mind toria this is the show where we examined society from sarcastic point if you like insane conversation this is definitely the chauffeur you lead let's get into today's topic why can't people i don't know about you but i love helping out a friend that's why i wanna shout out my friend brian little and his podcast your favorite blockhead this is the only only show that manages to weave together peanuts an ebay into one half of one amazing podcast you can find your favorite block it wherever your favorite podcasts reside end at your favorite blockhead dot com do me a huge favor and listened to brian show you'll be entertained and you'll help out a friend now as i said let's get into today's topic so did you see what happened outside what happened outside apparently somebody who is making you turn on be parking ramp and completely took out the brick wall by be trash dumpster sweat people's lives in this building idiots now now now all you see is everybody's leftover garbage the front moving in her out that's sitting there waiting to leave yeah that's spectacular i mean let's talk about this while it's a giant cinderblock wall covered in a giant freaking hatch and some moron had a swap bunch of ivy end and here's the thing they hit the wall pretty hard to the point where they knocked it over but yet apparently no damage their car crazy they're lucky they're lucky someone didn't come down that rabbit at the mall they were stopped there i think that would have been funny that people you turn a freaking ramp it's you know tell us how you really feel about that if you call the media twice that's kind of funny monetary introducer guest today is jasmine should dry and she's an internationally published model an emerging actress maximum usa called this german and persian beauty true international smoke show that's quite a compliment jasmine biggest achievement to date according to her is winning the national title of australia's his top glamour model of twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen and i'd say that's a huge deal she's been featured in countless magazines and tv shows most notably her recent cover for playboy croatia which earned her ward playmate of the month she appeared in the playboy magazine franchise six times and counting in australia where she's from she's been a guest star on channel tens sunday project and you may recognize her from naked news and canada jazz man has recently played roles in usa film you alliance end an australian mini series called at the phoenix both are set to premiere later this year so welcome to the show jasmine welcome it's a pleasure having you so why don't you tell us a little bit about what you've been to leave and specifically any new projects you have going on yeah they're not so much i was just saying to a lot of my friends and colleagues that has bellies in a time where i've just had a break cool like you know just a a time when not really doing anything but yeah been up to love was 'em essence photo shoot and end and so on i've been at drama school is well part time because on a really wanna become the best actress i could possibly movie you know being desk about the whole industry and be any off that way end yeah as a recent most away the most creative should have done was my videos for oh shoot or otherwise man jasmine charged by an that's basically on as i just said it'd be at a pro style british shoot an instinct is green like dominant may couple and it is about haven't released the photos yet i mean because we recently the whole team in ira's and got published online pd in fashion i believe it was cold stone mac or something like that but yeah there are numb i put it up on instagram tag the magazine is a whole team of billy on project everybody was like just so amazing to watch where i went to the video from a fourth loss by knew that it was gonna do something really amazing so be video which about two minutes long three minutes long is some on my instagram tv and yeah it's just pretty much the whole thing they need to view of me is falling down i'm pretty much openly about get makeup and how those icy then he's smile the inspiration says well so it's a really good interview on at least on all the feedback that i've received so it's definitely worth watching on the photos are absolutely amazing so occasionally have been sharing in life during though on until he until late july i'll be doing that thing yet until then i'll really skilled at eight i'll be doing saint pete and then also that all released the whole set of those like about thirteen different like beauty editorial style photos get with three different will make about a stone stone was absolutely such amazing down to us and she's stupid audiences well it's definitely something yes one of my most creative or issues as of late and it was just you know just amazing project in fact the whole mood border the whole the whole inspiration came on today's you know makeup industry and these photographer and i were looking at him cut action any photos of course they're just for her makeup line but we really felt that older vocal that order yes five which really is really not so that's the kind of five we then exactly copied by gang some inspiration from so that was really good an dumb yeah i guess it's hostages back we explain what happens in terms of how the nominal it was but it was just an amazing day i really like the whole thing that's really cool what really means you get into the modeling it was something i always wanted to do like since i was a little girl and i was just saying this is someone of the day how about out how shy was growing up and specifically when i was a child and i guess it was modeling in acting and old you know anything latest that was something i just really admired like i'm going to look at these people whether whether they may be in and say well these people are amazing they must out of course when you're young guy you don't realize all the work and perhaps even the struggles that goes behind the scenes and now doing it i i can't it's highly on just staring at a c n b y i can't understand sometimes what people might have a right or they may even quite altogether but yeah obviously since i was a child it was just a huge inspiration to me and it just continue to be even then in the back of my mind and it wasn't until i was twenty one that was like yes three and a half years ago that i decided to just take on leveling you know breathy i just thought well i'm just gonna do it and there was a particular coach i guess you'd say i don't wanna say reason because obviously i always loved wildly and i always loved acting as well in a sense but i guess a sequel push that happened prior to me being in a crisis that that we see resulted in going ahead and just giving the gun and that was i had any incidents or i should say we're all domestic bombs on an you know in a way luckily for me i got the support that i needed especially on the justice system so you know i scape that relationship i got protection and it was just it was just a really hard time in my life and it still affects me a little bit of time on this what too many people who were experienced bad things like that but one of the biggest things i kind of learned was that i guess you shouldn't really waste time and you shouldn't really not do the things that you don't wanna do one of those things lovling in i i did it ends well we know how his austin and i look back and say well actually hiding the dismayed that you i don't think i'd be where i am now at the same time i sometimes while no one would i pushed so hard become a model and do everything that that i really want to do eat if i had no owns but yeah i guess ultimately i i just ended up doing what i will you know they say the traumatic experiences like that really push people or they completely destroy people so i guess in in in one way it says a lot about you're you're character in your strengths then pushed you rather than chick completely staring you down yeah well like i said i think in a lot of ways i had good support around me in women's domestic crisis line or something like that they were some people who even though they didn't say a law in terms of at least know going to link something that they said that you have a stand if you have this in everyone stanton's different which is fair enough but you have expanded did you shouldn't let anyone me i interpreted as anything as well but basically said if someone doesn't meet that standard you shouldn't have to what what low is just for them to buy the same in terms of anything so if you know what i mean it if someone says like oh you know maybe you shouldn't do modeling oh you shouldn't do this you know just for not a protective reason but just about any other rent and you shouldn't have the lowest dennis listeners that you should stay status and do everything that you really yeah i always say i have four children ranging in age from twenty seven to fifteen years old and i've taught all four of them the same thing that they only time you're gonna regret things in life is one you let other people discourage you from doing the things you want to do and i think it's important that people you have you ever dreamed and you wanna chase go for it it's you're life to living you get to make it a whatever you want but you know you you said something when you were talking about acting in your impressions of that i wanna say i wanna ask you actually people have this impression that like okay you know so and so on his tv show makes so much money in really how hard they work you know they only work week but tell us what what it's like in the long hours a chapter put in in how difficult it is to put together a movie or tv show well in a sense i don't wanna say this and i always say you know being he owns that is longest the people the crew usually example i'll get my experience from the mini series because that's where i also did my first main role follows a main are all i had to be the entire time that time she said i it'd be they even if i wasn't on that and obviously especially with making any sort of film just because it says most time sheet that his son seen will take thirty minutes it may take longer and there's many reasons that the main reason again from what i experience was because that has to do shot a few more times and they really wanna get housing which is there enough because everyone's they're pointing that timing you don't wanna do something and it turns out so crap on the screen you know so so it makes sense to make sure that each shot but they get is exactly what they need so hence why sometimes think little time in fact the whole free days and i were quite as hot but we did go of the time by around around one hour by on average with a bang a mini series of course i can't imagine if it was a film something else the public will be more hours put into it and hot you'll be shooting required in more hours more days will set that was about three days of filming or had any claim all those about a week of filming and i was applied only three days i think one thing she said i might have been just before but they were still adjusting the script and then they ultimately said no three days is fine so i said okay end yeah i mean it didn't bother me the way i really want to be part of the project is really funny they came to me and said i we really would were hoping you would buy mealy and i think they felt about these white us so i'm not often happens in the heating film industry i could see why the media was meant to be this is meant to be very attractive and go like how does of course shoes also this very mean girls well to say that i'm definitely that sort of passing but i could definitely see why they felt but i would have the overall i mean i even as i was reading the script and playing how i could even see myself easily portraying her anyway it was really interesting but everyone was we were like ever buddy who's just so friendly earth professionals will this end yeah you had a show lunch break and it was just yeah it was just a really good environment so i guess whether or not i have to wait think those one day i two eight six hours before i actually all those just sitting there doing nothing effectively but you know just being able to watch everybody and what we still really good me 'cause it was just a really cool environment and at the same time i recognize learning is well learning about how same up in the movie arising with the whole atmosphere 'cause i think you have to do that as a knock dormitory thing you don't wanna be you don't wanna feel like an alien on lewis on you you definitely wanna get used out book and i think yeah i think is anything doesn't matter if it's this something else still always learning things going on trouble i do funny enough most who was i get or at least the very big projects a three hours away from sydney so i often travel the sydney which makes sense there's a lot going on there i mean there's a lot going on in several other cities sydney australia but denise definitely want us and so i do travel a lot and i really love traveling in fact we should we traveled austin city usa in canada but obviously you know the difference between traveling athletes but i guess that's the goal but i'm always listening on always trying to broaden myself in travel is much like hannah's yeah traveling can be fun baking be very tiresome as well especially especially with the length of the flight just trump say loss angeles to to sydney perhaps along aggressively alice i believe remember last time she asked crazy it'd be cooped up in a little too flying through the air for all that time and you have euro place to go where you're at it i've traveled far like i i mean i've traveled i think the longest ever took was twelve hours and that was long enough for me actually we're we're potentially sometime next year or so posted traveled in melbourne for my oldest daughter is getting married so were supposed to travel there for the wedding and i'm not really looking forward to a long flight i'm looking forward to being in australia and experiencing that in you know torian i've already talked about how we wanna plan some extra time debate about us to see some things while were there 'cause it seems kind of i dunno sort of foolish to go there and go there for the wedding and then come home you know and avoid all the giant spider she's always talking about big spiders and whatever and torius from canada by she she was born and raised in canada so it's interesting to me there's so many you know were were literally across the border from one another and there's so many similarities yet so many differences was something that daring you're travels that you've experienced that took you by surprise wasn't exactly what you expected when you're winter like in terms of any place it i've been yeah okay i found canada on air to one side you know is it much more than just that very influenced by i like friends in some ways i mean even like when you wednesday for the translation french i mean i guess i could have a spot but i wasn't thinking about this time and apparently at least from what i've heard from my other friends a lot of people not everybody ten intended i think it's also speak french i'm haas german and i know that my mom at one stage leaves on the eve of front on the border of jimmy between france and germany so she even said like on the borders so like you know that would be the french influence so happy so yeah it was just really amazed the in a way about that that influence i didn't think that i mean i i guess i didn't know that never been that before i guess that's why would i thought yeah i found that really cool i think anything that i i love multi cultural things in general i think it's really cool when you know you go somewhere influenced by many different things and yeah but i think most of the time the whole world is on the one that of course those public places in the world where so much like that anyway yeah i in general i we're like well what's interesting in canada is there's actually two national language is so like street signs and everything after you in both english and french across the entire country oh wow well that explains it yeah i have to say when the very first time i went to canada i knew about the french influence and it's mostly correct me if i'm wrong target but it's mostly on the east coast of the eastern side of canada yeah that's why it would be more heavy in toronto uplifting candy you visited did it but yeah but what surprised me like really surprised me was how everything the pre packaged goods the signs in subway even a were in english and french i've ban in southern california most of my life and we have a very heavy hispanic influence despite that the packaging is in english the you know most of the signs were in english unless you're in a predominantly hispanic area end so took me by surprise that there it was so many requirements about having a have french on pretty much everything so i'd have to that's interesting you bring that up because i have to agree with you that was the thing i think that shocked me the most was that it was just like wow whereas this from it's kind of weird but you get used to it and then i moved here and it's weird that everything's done in french yeah it's just different in it's funny because you you you have to fight beards like one of the things when victorian i first started dating i mean we we actually we met online and david long distance for gosh how long a year and a half an hour in the beginning we would get into disagreements speak as a we would talk about something and she'd say that she legal you can't do that and i'd say no it's not illegal and you come to find out that yeah to legal there but it's not a legal here and vice versa we running the things that you know you're not supposed to do here that you can do there in it should take too long to realize that we need to ask the question is that a is that a canadian thing and then we would laugh about it so it's kind of interesting what do you think is the most interesting place you've ever visited i think vegas so far by insane that when we win loss yeah my boyfriend company on the trip and it was just so amazing saying we're very lucky that a lot of money was put into the trip a lot of money responsiveness that a lot of came from oxes well of course are we saying someone very nice 'em we had this amazing group of everything we're just amazing like and because everything's open on busy yeah it was just a really cool environment spent much of it sounds it's funny because a lot of people audio cassette they like well he's schooling bar but i guess yeah for us and he's arnie liking you're older than me so it being in twenties who is just so much fun i just had such an amazing time and i i did a photo shoot up that that pretty much when the whole day in the person who was working with with the i think back in the eighties he was so he's a former playboy style which all of the original by boy and i mean he is well custos on the high standards so i i of course i want to welcome him while the end it was just so amazing i can't really that that will be the one was that just described the whole experience and don't get me wrong we all the places will really cool to but i guess i had to pick one specific location it would have to be that would going that is well joining my upcoming tour at least a one day but i'm looking forward to it i i'm definitely i definitely know i'm not and we spent i own time in vegas a couple of times i enjoy it but it's kind of saying let like one of my friends who lives in vegas would tell us that what he liked about it was lack of traffic i mean he came from las angeles where the traffic is ridiculous and she would say oh the traffic is really you know non existent when you stay away from a strip of course but he really liked the five star restaurant the international entertainment when you think about it it's it's true i mean now now you got a hockey team they're they're gonna have a football team there's other sports there's entertainment there's eating it's crazy how you they took at why whole bunch of everything wrapped it up in one place and then the lights it's it's difficult not to get caught up in when you when it's nighttime there and there's all the bright lights and the different hotels have different looks and they have a different theme it's it's actually pretty it is pretty amazing place i i'd have to agree with you on that if i remember correctly you said you've been modeling since you were twentyone so about three and a half years now who was there is someone who is influential in helping you get started i think in can help you get started as or influence that's like an my voice right and he he's been a dream being tile you know the entire i'm like journey in fact sometimes she likes just say that apps if it wasn't him i wouldn't i wouldn't be maybe it's because i am now and he's driven meet the places his help me we'd go kings he's helped me just how he helped me financially in terms of maybe getting like award or started this on my shoes 'cause i'm sure she goes to these he it's not all but everything's always provided by having your own especially the mobile having you on loans rewrite your shoes the one so he's definitely helped me in so many ways it's some i keep getting told her i'm very lucky the heaven and it's it's it's really it's sometimes really hot having being arranged in general when you're in this industry i'll just again i'll i'll be speaking about this his own recently as well so i would say you know they also in the industry so they understood what i was coming on those things come on very hard to be in a relationship when you're in this industry because it's not to say that we have complex because you know he doesn't feel confident audience so confident or something like that but you'd be amazed by how many people they may not intentionally wants to break you up with a lot of people try to stir things when you're in that limelight to when you're in that position when you were in the industry at it is obviously very annoying but you know we stay together now yeah pretty much inside a modeling were still going strong i wouldn't wanna change not at all to be honest at least yeah not deliberately or anything like that i think i'm very like i'm a very easy going person in the sense i think it's been to be it's going to be but you know at the same time i actually save is supportive i said that's so nice to hear i mean do you do reid so much about people in the just in the acting world in how difficult it is gonna stay together and then interestingly what a lot of people try to do is try to get together with somebody who's in that same industry that actually seems to make it worse i know which is funny because you think that you don't stand each other the 'cause you're both and baltimore same thing but i i think it really comes down to the individual because i mean again it's really complicated 'cause people can not workouts and humorous reason if these if the reason was just pure disloyalty then you'd have to question the pasta lotto's what else yeah it's a very interesting thing one i mean it says something about about your boyfriend in and also about you and how you handle you relationship because it's one of the things that torian i always credit for the successive excessive are relationship is we don't there's no judging of each other and if we have if we have a disagreement there is no name calling there's no be ling there's no pushing each other down it's just the opposite end being supportive of each other's dreams in ideas and it sounds like you're boyfriend is definitely supportive of you're career and i mean obviously you know that's really key to the success because sometimes man i specially on it's funny when i say this but men especially get jealous of the woman's career it's it's really funny yeah i and i agree with that i mean i wouldn't lie in this is me just being shamed of it i think there's been times where i think i may have noticed so there's been a huge of jealousy but in saying that it's not like he has not supported me or is not oh he's going in the way of me doing my career if that was the case and we probably wouldn't be together right now but i can definitely see that i see a lot of people do often get influence in a negative way by people in austin that these that are now rather than anyone else whether it's men or women and it's it's really funny because i think everybody goes off and violence and therefore you beliefs some things based on that and other things as well so sometimes like even just on q beliefs people may not exactly you know what i mean look how could somebody may want this sort of lifestyle because that's what they believe is by them then somebody else might not agree with that like for me it's almost always happy and healthy i would love to constantly keep travelling and then many other people that may not be the same thing yeah you know it's funny show comes your listeners know they've heard this before it always comes back to my theory about people and putting them together and it's not just about relationships a romantic relationships it's any kind of relationship i feel like people are almost like their own little chemicals mixture an by themselves their one way and then when you put them together somebody else they act differently end you know we've all we all we've all had friends who if say you know what just call the person you know johnny if johnny's present at a party was robert then suddenly robert is funnier and more outgoing then the next time as a party in johnny's not there roberts more reserved and quiet end i think there's something to be said about when you put two people together they they interact in like a almost like a a chemical reaction end unfortunately sometimes that's vol makes things volatile and negative and other times that makes it you know harmonious end very positive end just interesting to me because it never fails you see you can actually he starts pay attention and actually save yourself the sewer never gonna work out because they bring out the worst in each other in the only way they ever last is by by one or both of them just kind of ignoring the problems that but having you know going back to being supportive how do you balance having you know you're boyfriend being supportive of you and what you're doing and then you and turned being supportive of him and what he's doing how do you balance that i'm not sure it'd be honest it's been really hot god he does referee a special code touch football whenever he has on and owners say i will say i've never been any of these guys because of voice had something on or boys had just had issues and therefore still really tired that's all you know you wanna relax and it's really hard being in a model in the sense so you know you wanna be busy but the same time you have to give back so taking care of yourselves is actually i should say more vital than what people see in the sense that you don't wanna like how these doc on dries growing could have had three you don't wanna be like malnutrition you don't wanna have terrible skin and all these other things but again not everybody would automatically think about the the main general posting up was and resting has always been something that i've touches somehow uncle and therefore that has impacted my ability to i suppose you could say support my my boyfriend at least in the way that he supports me so it's it's there i will admit there's a bit of an imbalance though again not directly intentional bob mainly because i've just been really preoccupied and i'm honest enough to admit that i think that you brought us stay then then say something else and and and be i suppose fake or something like that but again i think most people would understand me what i'm saying i think a lot of people at least a lot of people at pug no but i'm directly associated with i had just been known supportive of the partners his oldest friends with the phillies took brazen like oh i like this board so therefore watch it or you know i'd rather go oh they've been doing other things you know it just something like that but i think often when what gets in the way of things it's a little yeah i think i think people sometimes there too short sighted to about things like that life is a long you know hopefully a really long term thing right in you if he's the right person for you and you're the right person ram you're gonna be together for a long time in so there's going to be time to balance that out of that support out end i think it comes down to is long as the other person understands you reasons for like you know you're saying in them quite impressed by that actually you're you're making sure you're taking the time to have the proper nutrition getting enough rest not burning the candle at both ends because fortunately or unfortunately you're parents and it's like you're calling card it's you know it's who you it is what's getting you work work in if you let that go you know then that affects her career so long as you're partner understands that dan in their patient well comes back later i mean it it's the same you know in any relationship i mean we've been together together five years and there's times where she's supporting the dreams i have it on supporting the dream she has and sometimes it's it's imbalanced it's kind of like the only nine compared to when you got with a group of friends and it's the same same for people every time and so you always just split the bill but yet one person one time might have something more expensive then somebody else but in the long run it all kind of balances out i think that's what happens would support in relationships i think if you're patient any way you get that anyway well i really i really had a good time talking to you i really appreciate the insight that you've given us it's it's kind of intriguing to me the industry that you're in so why don't you tell our listeners where they can find you okay so i'm very spread out on the so social media and online so does my website is relaunching spring we haven't gotten an exact date but it will definitely be some time before the end of twenty nine so once that we that we launches will be ww dot jasmine and so dry dot com i told my social media i'm always active on this in the meantime a lot of my content on my credit projects posted on my social media so on facebook and on instagram brand i'm on dirt jasmine there john model which would i it's jasmine on the school show giants and pull out my youtube channel it's jasmine showdown modal tv so yeah a lot of things going on there even even be live broadcasts i do one of the best ones facebook's whether that's on instagram i tend to like share i i tend to go further than shed these videos from one end bianca any yeah and and usually within a week or so both the same video even vote going live i usually take a recording of it and i posted on on you chip in case anyone else has about so yeah i tried to promote a lot on all my social media and as i said my website will be launching soon so that we mainly for a while just like i suppose more or less this this inquiries and industrial light inquiries although i will have my own line storm that people get fan merchandise whether that be post is autographed magazines and stone it will all be on there and yeah so i'm very excited to be heading to the united states and canada so i've got about just over four weeks to go nuts doesn't excite at the same time which that makes sense but i i know when i find something really look that's awesome and i for the listeners who were frantically trying to write everything down all of that is gonna be in our show notes we transcribe those for you so no need to write it all down but it's unsecure superbusy busy that's that's crazy i mean you got a lot of things going on right now which is great yeah well thank you again so much for being here oh i think he's fine but that everyone asta byebye thank you for listening to

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