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Total Calls Off Plan to Buy Occidental Petroleum's Ghana Asset


You're listening to the news. The steinman Africa Business Radio French energy company towel and Monday said it has called off its plan to acquire Occidental Petroleum's assets in Ghana which was conditional on the completion of their competition of Occidental's other assets in Algeria. The deal was part of an eight point. Eight billion dollars. Agreements reached between towel and Occidental to over an darcus assets in Mozambique Ghana or Geria- and South Africa. While do over the assets was be cast been reached to tell saps that agreements over the assets in Ghana fell through after authorities in August blocked task of Occidental's assets in Algeria said the physician of assets in Ghana was conditional upon the completion of the GERIA- acid sale. It's added that Occidental had informed to tell the spots of an understanding with Jerry Authorities Occidental would not be in a position to sell its interest in large area. That was the news at this time. In Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen live online at. Www Dot Africa business radio DOT COM. Or if I am a APP. Thank you for listening.

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