Ep. 549: Clean Up on Aisle Three Way with Kevin Porter and Caroline Ely


Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn soft, pretzel king of Jordan more. True. Boy, I guess I got to come up with a bar snack related nickname. Now, if you're the soft pretzel king, then I'm. Johny tater skins. Jordan Morris, Johnny, tater skin to first name scenarios, Johnny or Jordan bid. I should call you Jordan Morris. Johnny tater skins. Yeah. So. Trust me like that. Is it like your family calls you Johnny tater skins? No, that they call you Johnny. And you added the tater skins Denault I married to. Name's Jordan, Morris, hyphen, Johnny, tater skins. Her last name is Johnny. Tater. So again, you know, she, we didn't want to just give into what the says. All one word. Is that all one word Johnny tater skins? No, no. So she was previously married to her. Last name is Johnny. She was married to a man named tater skins. They hyphenated their name and you take his name in addition to her for the name, they created to create their family right now. So now I'm Jordan Morris. Hi, Johnny, hyphen, tater skin. It's a similar thing with me and my nickname the super pretzel king soft, pretzel kings this off. Pretzel king. Okay. I was eating a super pretzel which is a brand of soft, pretzel. And I was thinking, men. I love soft pretzels. Oh, I just thought because that you like pretzels pretzels and we're flaccid. Gotten who's placid right now. You take me down a peg. No, I don't know. I just like you were, you know, looking to own your impetus. Seize your own impotence. Robert bly was all about. Now, listen, I've been reading of Jordan Peterson. Wow. And that's what it's about. It's really. Yeah, it's called, it's b. It's called ING is soft and Pratt. Oh, awesome proud that one of the less reported elements of the problem. Yes, sir. No fat slag often proud. It's also new new pin you out of it, fosters free. Our guests on this week's Jordan. Jesse go well, what a pleasure it is to have them here on this program. They are the hosts of the smash hit podcast, good Christian fund. Wow. Go with it. Caroline Healey and Kevin porter. Hello? Hello, we're happy to be here on the Lord's day. We're recording on a Sunday. Take me to church. Yes, sure. Communion for all this have some. Pretzel. I want to engage. In this case, the pretzel is the body, right? So what do you like represents the body of Christ depending on whether pretzel exactly and that's the kind of fine minute show. We discussed on the show. Some people believe something slightly different. Isn't that interesting for about an hour and a half. Better be. Kevin, can we talk about the look that you're bringing to the table to our podcast? Oh, sure. Yeah, we, you're, you're, you got a black and white thing going on. It's true. It's true. And I would say you both came in, they kind of kind of a sock hop realness. Harry. Capital d. door. Really feeling it. Oh, I really do look really cool. Little grease. Yeah. Cool. For the fifties where no one's doing drugs or anything on your outfit is very evergreen. So I'm going to break down. I'm going to break down the outfit. So the folks at home can play along. Carolina's wearing what looked to be white cads again, will their target off brand the kids. Okay. Yeah. She's wearing a light wash blue Jean cutoff slightly above the ankle, and she's got a white t shirt with a half tuck and a lipstick. Is that a is that a half, Tucker, a fulltime believe it's called a French tuck as the French? Do famously. Doing great. Tease film vulnerable? No, not at all. You look like a million dollars, you're obviously the best looking and best dressed person in. Well, thank you. Well, let's talk about Kevin Kevin. Carbons wearing a white converse all star classic summer sneaker. Both of our sneakers are spotless also think says a lot. I switch every six months every six months. Do you wear a convers all star for like actual life activities for a walk? I feel like a conference. All star is one of the greatest sneakers all time. If you walk two blocks in it, your feet feel like they're gonna fall off. It's no, I go on a few mile walks. Converse. Yeah, I won't do it if you're participant mayor ventures. That's right. Yeah. Pasadena. I won't go on. That's mine. Say, when we come back from the break as is tradition on look at it, he's gonna. Fuck up that really nice BJ's isn't that Bank? This is what I will. This is what I want to engage. Gorgeous BJ. Beautiful Bill. Can that be? Because it's bad, let the location is beautiful gift card because I mentioned at one time on on the podcasts I used to do and they send me a fifty dollars gift cards. Oh, man, I haven't used it. Is that enough for a BJ now I in their opinion. Yes, it is. So here's my, here's here's the distinct. So you wearing a black blue Jean looks great. Great. We should mention by the way for our listeners here at home, both of these young people, very good-looking fees are lookers. We try to good looking for podcasting, Technic. Don't look up our photos just kind of keep that mental. Now you've, you've got a couple little personalization that I want to know about. Okay. Yeah, it's now it's warm outside, but you're wearing a short sleeve button down Oxford shirt? Yes, the button down collar that is, and you've got it. You got a couple buttons unbuttoned. Just one. Not a couple. Jesse. The won the top and the second. Right. Well, I mean the top. I'm not a monster. I'm gonna unbuttoned. Yeah, I, it's a mulligan button. I have to say you're a lot more than I expected. You're showing a little, you're showing some chest. Yeah, that's true. You're showing you're showing him chest and you have your sleeves rolled up. This is the true Greece or style element of it. It's also a modesty problem. You've talked to him about this research. Don't wear button down collar, Oxford shirts, not yet. They. Maybe Greece who went to Harvard do. Right. All right. Car clubs. Lampoon you do not want to have. Last night I went to see Sweden, tender, hooligans. The Smiths Morrissey cover band led by Jose Maldonado the Mexican Morrissey. And I will say that thank you for giving me a nice uniform look for my weekend and this is a uniform. I only have two. I have two shirts eyewear. Although there there are reputed pair of shorts that I've never seen, but. Because he's made fun of more wearing the same things shorts would be like, all right, cool guy. So these shorts are kind of like a Canadian girlfriend. Sure. They just went home Schweitzer model. Sorry, I was just texting my shorts. Sure. There's so funny to run. Yeah, they had to fly back to Canada for shoot. Summer camp. So jesse's pointing at me like I'm on trial. Do you? Do you have two different styles of shirt or only two shirts? Same style, two different colors and five of each of us. Okay. Are we talking about what? What are we looking at? White in white and a navy blue. Where do you get a navy blue? Is there like a children's uniform company that Chuck to kids? Gap is cheaper, right? Baby gap and actually doing annot. Shirts and the scab. Although I've been, I've been struggling now because I do want now that fall is coming and finally an LA. It's getting back into the high sixties at night, and I do wanna get a short sleeve, Oxford shirt, but they changed the cut agape, and now it's way too long and it looks like I'm wearing my dad's drives church in an extra small venture short sleeve, this can't be it can't possibly be all the way down to your wrist. What you've got. What? Yeah. Howlett different than you've got. You've got it rolled up to the height where you're like showing off your navy tattoos, right? Right. Which I hope to get one day one of my seventy goods cigarettes to throw in there. I had a ciggie wants of fun. Circumstances under which you had this story. There was a girl that I had a crush on and we said, after church one time, it would be funny and fun. If we went down to the gas station, got a pack and smoke. Gorgeous para shorts. Just say she had to pockets in the back too. And a very nice zipper you in this in this room right now, how many cigarettes total? The four of us has smoked Glenn. What do you think just Kevin Neal? Oh, sorry. That was one Joe. So that we're too it's a some, how many amount of I don't know you guys very well. I don't know you. Our case, we have like Portland by way of Hawaii right here. Oh, sure. Portland, more like Aloha hug, Aloha, man. And then he was going for chill Japanese guy, but Japanese men and then maybe like I'm gonna go skating with you later. Yeah, that's right. Who likes to kick flip less? I'm saying less than one hundred for the whole room less than a hundred. Yeah. I mean, that's that. I feel like you're if you were on the price is right right now, and that was the, I guess you're getting under. Your boss. You're out. Go sit back down in the audience right now. I could not get into the showcase with our one man laugh track producer, Brian on the ones I would love to have Brian at our show. He such a generous laugher I would love if sitcoms from now on three camera sitcoms had no studio audience, just Brian. It would be funnier to watch the final season. The big bang theory. Ghostly laugh. I'm the rafters, loving it. But after one joke just here. He's not. He didn't like that one. What encouragement. Thank you. So you're saying your guess is ninety nine Kevin? Y'all say ninety nine Caroline. Where are you all right to plus I know you guys are both some nice Christian boys, so to plus zero in the hole regionally him. I happen to be a heathen. Thank you very well. Don't tell me that. So I'm going to say maybe five between all of us. I don't know if they're gonna guess. Okay. Jordan, where are you? I think, well, I know how much I've smoked. I mean, this is like playing a game of wad Lord. Yes, this is a very wad Lord type game, I think. But I think how did they know my game? I think the number is twenty five twenty five. Oh, okay. I mean, I see this is the the wad Lord element here who hold onto who's wadhwa. Is a game invented by our friend. Phil elver musician, Phil alcohol, and it involves one person. One person is feared of yet. I have. We have a box at the time machine. One person is the wad Lord. They have a wad of money. Other people. If money Jesse. Contribute to the wad of money and everyone guesses. How much money is in the wod we'll probably messing it up a little tiny bit. It's like a jelly bean thing and convenience. The main thing is the wad only has one Bill on the outside, and you can see how thick it is and what Bill is on the outside. This is a great case. You're the wad Lord, like the power move is to put like five hundred dollars into the wad because then everybody's gonna guess forty two dollars. But you know, there's five hundred because you you really went wild, right? And but you're risking five hundred of your own dollars. If someone happens to if someone happens to guess higher in what I'm concerned about here, is that Jordan, what did you say? Twenty five, five. So like we have a lot in the deck. We've got a ninety nine that's that's redecorating naval days. As a salty days at sea. We already for them roll up the sleeves. The tax. Toes are. And the other are says wears dad. Never get questions for tattoos. Never good. Just write those down. To just says, what is the largest land man. Mine is just the the ways directions to the Hollywood bowl. On a show night. I mean, it's like the problem is it's to a parking lot and that you do not have passes to. So it's like really, you should get them to like wet Hollywood and Highland Park in Hollywood and Highland. And yeah. But it's worth it gets your blood pumping anyway, care about across town. Take fountain anyway. I like to park in the veterans building. Oh, that's nice. It's a nice building, make it stacked, but it's good Caroline with Caroline went the other direction. She went for two. She knows we know cabinet has had one and I think Caroline's thinking I've had one. Yeah, this I'm just gonna go to. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think there's a very, very sharp, very sharp move Jordan immediately kicked it up to twenty five. So my concern is a, he's wad lording here she knows that he's smoked twenty cigarettes. What's on what's on the board here. What's. What if who's, right? Five dollars cash. Say we're playing for one fifty dollars BJ's gifts, a. My car. That is how many Zukis is that? That's vix. You don't like a position now and they're fine. What is it? Basuki a position. He is the signature ice cream. That's it. A pizza cook. So warm cookie in a in a cast iron Skillet with a scoop of ice cream on top right as it gets out of the oven and Buchan rule. Really good. Sure. Outside the window going. That's right. It's got to go. When they work a food when they talk about food on big bang theory, though, being agreement on. It's about. Guys, Brian used to be a wad squire. But when we mentioned Zukis he became a wad lower. Hashtag watch goals. I gotta go, I quit my life quake. Into Fuchs state moved to Zona bed. Okay. I am going to. I'm going to split the difference and I'm going to say. Eight. Wow, we can. What was your guests? I'll I never gave a salt number just said less than a hundred. Ninety nine jackass. Yeah, we're trying. This out. Enjoy gift card ninety nine. I'll stick with precious about that gift card. You hit that probably like fifty years. It's more sentimental. That relative. That's right. Tests, grandpa, Jay. That's right. Oh, the company since you I mean is I thought it was a family gift, but you you all know that would presuppose anyone. Listen to anything right horse. That's not the case company gift out. Okay, so let's corporations do and that's what matters. Okay, so we have ninety nine for Kevin. Carolina. Said five as my second guessed. They just want to be honest update it to five, five, five. We have five for Carolina. I have eight in Jordan twenty-five. Interesting. Kevin, you've smoked one cigarette smoke too. There was a sneaky sing in their kid. Why? Lord, Lord one goes. Fell down for the wad king. What was the circumstances of the second cigarette that you smoked? It was the same night. Oh, you're like, I'm going going back for a sec for second. That's right. Well, we take cool pictures, then you're God for a self timer on the cars. This relationship work out. She made my best friend. They have two lovely children. The Dan, you're. Took you behind the barn to smoke the whole pack. That's right. Yeah, he flew out. No, he was with it. He rocks. Okay. Well, of smoking. Yeah, Caroline. Just the one. Just the one? Yes. Okay. Three cigarettes, zero for me. Ever for you? I'm saying twenty. Yeah, now that it's not exact. Okay, that is based on fuzzy memories memories I have had. I've smoked. I have. I had a good. I had a good buddy. Who was I like to have one when I drink and I would sometimes go out with him and have the cigarette dated women who had a similar policy. I go out just to be supportive. Nice. So you were you're compassionate, social? Yes, exactly. Great. Went with the flow and did something that was bad for me. Well, we should all be grateful that none of us ever got addicted to. That's true. It's a really good point. No, we were all in danger and I think there's someone we need to thank for that Brian for. Name is Brian. You were the x. factor in this for me. Jesse because I was like, well, I know Jesse pretty well. I know that he is not done a lot of things. No. Would you guess heroes? And I'm like, I bet. I'm like, I can see Jesse, you know, a junior high Jesse or a high school. Jesse try mean especially with all the theater kids. You fun text. I went to ARTAS school. That was what I was thinking. Roping cigarettes was a pretty active in affirmative short, like there was a cast party where he tried one or something, but no, no. At the cash party. I tried unlimited breadsticks at all. But you waiting here mouth is he could put in your mouth like it was a cigar. Yeah. You were a tiny man. Yeah, see. Okay. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn America's radio sweetheart, Morris detective, of course every week, Jordan, every single weekend. I'm going to be Frank with you. This week is no exception. I wouldn't that be weird. The production of Jordan. 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You get twenty bucks off. Do you know that sounded like to me when you were talking just now when you like when you said away travel dot com, plus j to go. It was like, Buddha, do boop boop. Boop boop. Do loop music to my ears, friend, blah. Yeah, that's savings is just what I was waiting for her faked. Got it. Use that take away, travel dot com. Slash JJ go. We'll be back. Oh, Jesse, yeah, I also wanted to do a little plug. Oh, you're going to be event ongo factor sell. Yeah. Go fact yourself the great maximum podcast j van Straten and Helen haw love j Keith in Jalan their greats Jake. My angels friend and Helen is my San Diego Padre. Yeah. There you go. They're they're doing, say, Diego. They're like, oh yeah, call me Padron. So I am going to be on their great comedy. Trivia show with our good buddy Alison, Rosen all the great Alison Rosen. She's my new best friend and they that will be released via podcasts sometime in the next five or six years down. Wanna see it live. We're doing it downtown LA at the angel city brewery, Sunday, October seventh at five pm Sunday, October, seventh, five PM angel city brewery. It's free. So come on down that is going to be so fun. If anybody is not listened to go factor self or has listened, but has not gone to one of those live tapings. It is such a hoot Holland and j Keith are such fun hosts, and there's like the amount of exciting in cool fund, funny stuff you can learn enjoy in ninety minutes or whatever. When you go to a taping is unfathomable. Plus, I don't know if you knew this, but there's a new thing and angel city brewing. Which is a brewery and downtown Los Angeles. They're serving beer. They're interested and it sort of clouds your judgement so seems even better than. Yeah, and it's already real good. Yeah. When you can simulate it that at home, you know, if you if you'd like to, if you don't live in the southern California area, you can cloud your judgment ahead of time, then loud and just listen to the podcast. Yeah, but I mean, if you're in the southern California area, come on live baby. It. Jordan will. Will you like sign an autograph or somebody they want an autograph -solutely you'll be a little confused as to why they want an autograph. Yeah, that'd be that'll be baffling. Should want? No, I'll provide it. Great. Even though you're wrong to want it, would you sign a butter something who, boy, I would need a lot of consent. This showed me constant consent. They shaved the, but to to prep, I would need like a contract saying it's okay for me to sign the, but of course they're going to bring me but contract, I'll if you bring the ButKhak, is it okay the over standard contract? Or are you gonna make amendments? No. Yeah. I'm going to take a pass at it. Make sure all the languages. Correct. Six to eight weeks. I'll sign your, but you gonna hit by your lawyer, Brad, so he can get five percent on Brad, Brad needs that five percent. But. But. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn the soft pretzel king Jordan Morris, Johnny tater skins Kevin. Porter the bag boy of Pasadena. Why are you laughing. You know, trying to recreate your signature boy cackle time. You set the rose parade. And I'm Carolina bread baby. Kimmy gluten. Really do bread. You keep talking about breadsticks pretzels really drive what's your, what's your top red number one? Gosh. Okay. They're kinda don't number three number three. There is a breadstick from a local place into macula called Pat and Oscars. That made a pizza and stuff, and you would get a mustard with it what? Heaven? Okay. Okay. Yes, soft pretzel. Probably a number two. Gosh, number one. Flaky biscuit. Just a gold. No, not gold. Wanna come in the canned Pillsbury yeah. I gotta say about soft about soft pretzels, and this may be a hot take that I've shared on this program before, but you know how you're walking through the train station or the mall, and there's a soft pretzel vendor. Yes, I if I remember your position is that they are never slash rarely as good as the smell. They're piping out and somehow, but I want to offer as you know, known as the people's champion known for my down to earth attitude. While I reject anti m.'s at at all entirely. For some reason, I am one hundred percent satisfied by a frozen, super pretzel, Rosen, super pretzel from the grocery store or at a baseball game or whatever. I am completely happy with expectations game because there's no smell coming from the frozen food aisle freshness. The I think those anti pretzels and equivalent to sweet for me. Well, that's my aunt says, super messed up. Oh, sorry. The I get. I should say Jesse. You also insulted me because my father is John Wetzel. Do you know that what's. That sounds like fucking bullshit. Doesn't it stupid. Right, but the man, it's like Jeremy Wetzel. Right? And he was a pay. So my old boss was friends with Mr. Wetzel at the time that he was. You're like a slur by one big. Which your was your boss? Oh, ranch. Julius. I loved your face. Lita smile do so those. But he said when he when Mr. Wessel starting that company, he was like throwing around other names of California pretzels Halley rolls or whatever else pretzels, and everyone was kind of just Pressel stupid. Yeah, millionaire. My mom will drop on me lake. She she had this whole before. I was born. I was born in when she was in her late thirties, and she had moved recently to the west coast from Washington DC where she was from. But between when I was born at when she was thirty six thirty seven or something like that. And when she went to college at eighteen, she had this entire adult life that include a marriage, a divorce, like all this different stuff that was in three thousand miles from where I ever knew her. And she will mention things to me as though I understand the context because she lived it like I received it from her when I grew inside her. But it is actually just a completely mysterious twenty years of her life to me and among them are, she'll just be like, oh yeah, we'll when I used to make clothes for miles Davis or something, and I'll be like when you used to make clothes from wait, hold on, but two of those things are one time the Colonel stayed on her sofa. KFC fan. Yeah. The actual Colonel Sanders. He somehow knew her first husband and stayed at their house wants. Did she like, hey, maybe you want some gravy and biscuits tonight. Give me an idea. The second one is for a side dish for my already established. Gripping. Stop serving sushi with my fried. Yeah, that's it. And the other one is that she was friends with famous Amos. Yeah, frightens famous. Amos is a claim that my mother is. I do not force what with good food. I do not have a way to evaluate these claims. I wanna be clear. There's no photographic evidence of her in the Colonel or her famous Amos, it's either this is true or your mom is associate path. Maybe sociopathic pass my mom. Okay. Let's. Now she's like. Path. First marriage was to the hunting Cheerios. Beep. Thin left her tragically for the Honey bunches of oats lady. Yeah, it was more compatible. So also it's another thing fees about it Jordan? Yes. You guessed it on good Christian fund. Our guests podcast I ever and you grew up in like a like a mainstream evangelical Christian household, right? Yeah, kind of we were. We were kind of on and off churches. But when we were on it was a, yeah, it was kind of a cool. So Cal Baptist is kind of seen? Yes. What about what about you guys grew up evangelical Christian on my whole life pretty much yet, and we were. We were in the mid west for a short stretch. And then I was in California from like third grade on. School I went to Christian everything. Are we talking like mega church, evangelical Christian boring evangelical Christian or like something cool, like snake handling. Wow, okay. Snake handling that is interesting. No, pretty boring. Kind of like a smaller smaller mega church, like have you heard of the Calvary chapel franchise of church? So I went to Calvary chapel, high school in elementary school. So we're sort of a cessation with that. Doctor cavalry actually stayed at my mom's house. They was cavalry a lot of people. Yeah, that's steak. Yes, let's meet. I grew up in Texas. I had a nice mix of. I did go to just kind of like got to the Texas equivalent like a chill kind of laid back Baptist church where youth group is fine, but also let's be penitent for such and such boring. Kind of it was like nice fund social scene. What were you penitent thing for. Pennington. Oh, I mean for well, I was I was a guy and I have been most of my life. It was an Caroline soon. The motions for for Jane. Oh yeah. Group, you don't. Just go you, hey. Did you all and you all take out your crank banks and you take out a stint. There's other. That's like there's a real app cult, triple x. church wants all on on your phone apps and or on all your devices and computer and it'll monitor the website you go to. And if you have like an accountability list attached to it, it'll send emails to the guys like Kevin was Jay Leno on Tuesday night. So here's your alert. And starts to pick up like, hey, visiting a lot of Kermit site. So we're just going to block that. No, it's weird triggered by reload sites either. I j o or not. Yeah, it's not a camera learning. There's facial recognition who's who's to say, there's not Don recognition out there. I can see the algorithm initially. Initially, it lets you know that you're visiting, you know, you porn dot com or whatever. Not that I know the name of pornographic websites of cool, whatever. But like if you're Kermit sites, that was the real thing. The. Deviant starts to recognize the number of ripped sonic the hedgehog that you're looking. It's like I have. I have a migraine headache tracking app on my phone that will say, good morning. Can I guess your sleep pattern for last night, which I don't know what it's guessing. So weird Jesse because I mean, I think like like Kevin mentioned, there's kind of accountability factor your migraine app actually text me whenever you. Wouldn't I. Is it a trick? How something I should be paying attention to guilty. More of a brag. Buddy, a high fun. I mean, Jordan, I do get a lot of migraine. Say you're that's true of migration and you very short refractory period. Yeah, but I also went to an assembly of God church growing up to which was not literally snake handling, but a close approximation hands on the floor. Yeah, on a plane handling handled the DVD right into the trash can. All those wear word. I got pushed down during a prayer. Yeah, by by force wave. Yeah. It felt like it? No. The scenario was I went up. It was during a song and I went to the front of the altar which was telling that people did just to get like a little bit closer to the action, and there was a man praying. There's a few men praying for different people, and and oftentimes they would just like a hand on your shoulder and it's just symbolic and just like the speaker prayer over you Bubba. But this guy laid his hand on my forehead and I'm eleven years old at the time. So not consenting I guess, is what I'm getting. Some point during the prayer, he just starts pushing me down and I'm fighting it, and he just whispers under his breath Lecco. And then fall back people catch me, take a little nap on floor. Nice. The net part was fun people. There's some people that just they will say like, whoa, I felt I was slain in the spirit and they just fall backward naturally. But this is just really wanted to happen. Church experience like the I was. Creepy. Regular churchgoer is a kid. I would say later mega ebbed and flowed a little bit. But I would say like, I probably went to church half of the Sundays of my childhood. And all of my priests were gay. Wow. Opening literally like not. No, definitely openly one hundred percent like the ext link the all of the weird things they did at the churches that I attended, which we're all a Piscopo alien churches like the one that I went to a little kid pretty straightforward. I mean, San Francisco e so gayer than most. But like besides that pretty straightforward, you know, the two kinds of Piscopo liens. There's the ones that where women gays aren't allowed to do anything, and then there's the ones who feel about it. Definitely the chill about it. But like I went to this church for a long time actually, I think we listen are just tweeted me the other day that she was there on a Sunday, but like this church that was like almost two, chill. Mike, there naked. They had built their own playing volleyball. Everyone had to everyone had to do a dumb dance together every time. So like everyone went from the seating area to a sort of standing area return to and yet to like, put your hand on the shoulder of the person next to you and do a funny dance in a circle while someone played a drum and they sang song. Just a series of icebreakers. I'm going to the picnic and I'm here. Apple, bringing close your eyes, and we're play crazy. Chris going to picnic and he's bringing God's love. Dessert? Oh, maybe cheesecake. The website he'd be Kermit sites. I don't like the stereotype that's come up in that returned did the dance and the day. I actually worked at this church for a little while. It was a really what was your job? Lovely place. They would have early music concerts there and weddings and stuff, and it was my job to be like the person who supervised the facilities. Okay. You know, like just show them show where the folding chairs are make sure everything gets put back at that kind of thing, and it was a great job. So you go up there for an hour, set everything up, go down into the basement. Look at websites for a few hours. Go back up for half an hour. Nothing. Right. Just like regular just like Kermit stuff. Nothing. Care occasionally gone. Gone does. Fuck boys him in those chickens, you know, knows of his. Yeah, it is. So in that rotunda where we did the dance, the embarrassing dance. There were these like icons, painted doing the dance with each other and the icons were of saints that repre-. That repre- called saints and some of them were Christian saints. But others of them were like mathematician, Paul does and Malcolm x. and a bear prints. Famous bear from history. I don't remember the Barrett was Shakespeare, but it and it was pictures of Gingas Kahn. And it was almost I would say exhausting. That's was that every week that you did that or was it like once a year ceremony? No, no. The dump dancing was every week. Interesting. Supposed to mean doing they. It was like one of these things where they the guys that were the founders of the church. They were like into like Christianity across the globe and also early Christianity. And so they would just like pick stuff and make. Basically Perea Christianity influences. Yeah, lake. It was really, it was I found it. I mean, I'm glad that they like as in everything. There were all very nice and it was a nice place to. Yeah, that's good example because there's content things, there's substance things, and then there's execution and sometimes the substance can be good, and the execution can be very bad. But you know, the other the other day I was at my cabin. I was reading the autobiography of Malcolm x. and there's this famous story. He retails him there where he is. He's speaking at some nation of Islam event. And this woman takes this white lady takes a cab from her house in, you know, the the upper east side or whatever to Harlem. I think, which is where his where the his original moss was, and he goes there. She goes there and she says, what can I do to help? And he says, nothing. Please leave. And I'm like, do we are we supposed to think that like Malcolm x. would be stoked to be in this Piscopo Pilion you're like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wake Malcolm x. thought other things. That's why no films or movies or TV shows should depict any historical figures after they die. Yeah, that's a good point. So it cannot consent just like you exactly when that old man was pushing on your forehead. So if you think about John McCain bio, pic don't. Yeah, I feel bad. I feel bad for watching seabiscuit this weekend. I didn't have any say. Have any say anything and it's life wild, any animal to movie, they don't know what's going on. There's a lot of people. Yeah, right now. Jordan. Yes. You brought something I've brought something so I was on the podcast. Yes, I believe it was so fun. Basically, the most fun I've ever had podcasting. Jesse. Which episode of JJ you guys are in the five? Forties right in there? Yeah. I mean, Jordan quick. I still own these mics, right? Yes. Thank God. Yeah, yeah. And yes, so some something it was very fun to talk about with you. Guys was a an aspect of my growing up that was very, very particular in that, you know, this is the this is the nineties. So you know. You're, you're, you're, you're punk music. Your skull music is just starting to make its way onto the airwaves from the underground from the clubs into national prominence of south central. Exactly, yes. In south central Scott. Exactly. And it's and you know. And then be also being part of the the hip Christian youth group world. There were the like bad imitations of what was on the radio, and it was this very weird little pocket of music of people doing this style, but adding Christian messages. It's very weird and I have a, yes, I have a lot of memories of it, and it was nice to be able to talk about it with people who kind of also experienced that and something that I could not remember something that was on the tip of my tongue. While we were talking was the fact that there was a blink one eighty. Two style pop punk song about abstinence ended up at this is like there's, there's guess, give it up for great. Hey, say, save everybody. Because there's there are multiple lanes of this, right? Like the in the in the Scott pop punk community. Some of those bands were Christian. Yeah, but the music was not for the Christian market specifically or like it wasn't like. Real big fish. Maybe we're Christian. Is that true? No, I'm trying to remember. I think like, you know, I think good example that maybe some people, some people know it's like m. x. PX they played that kind of blink one eighty two. Fast drumming Howard forty pop punk, and I think we're Christian and did not swear, but like rarely mentioned Christ, right? That's still maybe earned the ranking among Christian kids. Like mom, I can listen to 'em expe- Christian, right. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So so yes. So if mom heard that from your bedroom and came, what's this racket? Could you know point to several sources saying that Michael rare and the boys actually love the Lord by the German before I forget pulled by the way Jordan on that guy's name from your episode in which we talked about the punk sky rock band, five hundred frenzy. Yes, that did inspire singer Reese Roper to write us a long Email telling us how he's not actually for Trump stated on the episode. We meant to, but yeah. I can't wait is upset. I mean, yeah, but it wasn't measure. Yeah. Well, God, I would've I would've stopped this episode right now. We're in hiding Reese onto the show. Good anyway anyway, so so I think we were talking about, you know, a lot of this kind of music is very general. And I think by design to because the idea I think behind it was to something for the Christian kids to listen to, so they don't feel so square. But also maybe you have some friends who have not met the Lord. Yet the here, these sick beats. I do this to this day and they're like, hey, yeah. Hey, what's this. Indie band that I listened to. Thank you. Have kind of a cool message to. Maybe some some guys like the hang out on Saturday nights about life. And yeah. Teen big deal deal pizza. So yes, I think is it was. It was a tool. It was an evangelizing tool, and so they're active, honestly Lutely absolutely. And by design, it had to be very, very general. But I did remember that there was a pop punk song specifically about abstinence and admit was my mind was blown just because it was that particular style and also about something so specific saving it for marriage, and I could not remember the name of the band on my way home it, it. It hit me like a like a bolt of lightning from the Lord himself, like a virgin penis. Yes, like a virgin. Hitting my leg on my mom. How that feels pure. Right. Sorry, did was mentioned kermit's. I've never jailed. Kermit. I want listeners to know you have your off align. Pick get it can get it. What about Janice? How do you feel about James. I like her because I feel like unfortunately, plastic surgery gone wrong, always ends up looking like Janet, ultimate. Sure. Sure, sure. Which is very sad. I feel like the longer I live in Los Angeles, the more I feel like I could settle down with Janice, maybe in a nice place Malibu. She's looking. Laurel, canyon, kind of. The hill cool life smoke. Maybe James Caan house for barbecue every now and. So anyway I wanted to. I wanted to the band is called fill more ph. And I found the song it's got like three hundred views on YouTube Jordan. Do you know why it's called Fillmore with no idea? Is it possible that there was one fill in the band and then another guy named field could be could be could be two or three fills. Honestly, I think in most percussion bands, you have at least one Phil. Okay. Yeah, anyway, so I wanted to. I thought we could play a little bit. Hopefully I don't know how much. I don't know how these guys are talking about it. I'm provisional culture critic. We're we're great. So yeah, so holiday agree and it has some upon further. Listen, it has one listening now it has some audaciously x. anyway, let's crank and you play. Away. We standing face to face everybody. This is about getting married. What back. I will to to you. Casino, happy wedding. Finish room, happy happy. Yes. Through my head calling what is probably like to get married. I do. Do. Worth the wait. God told him to wait. See. Head and seen. Yeah. Call. Practically puff AAC? Yeah. All gonna pay. I've been fill more the second Phil. Very hard something, you know, sometime. I feel like if I am not at Tex by the time I was in my early twenties, it would be hard all the, yes. Flavor can we? We need to anyway, that was Brian. I'm gonna need a little more flavor buddy. Flavor. Question. Yeah. Now this is this is a language to which you are native. I would say yes, not as you say. But the world of I speak saving it the world of melodic punk music is something that you spend your teenage years surrounded by absorbing and enjoy and it's become your life's work because my life's work by the way I am in screeching weasel, not one of the I was not one of the original members, but when I. Hard to work with. When I hear this song, I think that I find it both indistinguishable from every other song of the John run and. Slightly pleasurable in the way that I find every other song of the John Ray did like I both fries. Yeah, it how competent and enjoyable it is. And I'm wondering if I am if I am like the reverse version of people who were like, all rap sounds the same to me. It's just black people talking. So here's, here's. Here's what I think is interesting about this. Why I remembered it all these years because I didn't like I didn't like the span. I didn't go to see this ban, but your favorite band, this is my favorite band, but I think that now because this is about it is the content is ridiculous, but also I don't know. It kind of works kind of. Kind of? Yeah, they down those harmonies come in at the right time. Like those drums come in at the right time. You know, they kinda, they've, they duplicated it better than most of those. Very good mimic. Yes, it is. Absolutely. And as far as like substance and sow stuff goes, they have the style they do even if the substance is kinda iffy, it's still works. Well, you mean iffy? I mean, I've since perfect. And good. It's what it feels like to get married. We'll be on a minimum just crank up this. Abstinence after marriage still going, flipped it up. This band is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is? Yes. Oh, local boy, which makes sense for me. Go boys, make good. Yes, so odd Atia slicks. Already is addition lyric that we're talking about the one about how hard it was that, too? Yeah, they knew what they were doing when they when they put that in there, like for the fellas. Yeah. We all have the eighties, thinks it's romance that we know people in our audience have gotten a boner. I do like the idea of them seeing this as an insidious way to make kids want to be abstinent. Right. It just rocks so hard. So yeah, I guess I'm yeah, no sex for and this is they had before they before they went out. They all like huddled up prayer circles. Hey, guys, let's kill some Boehner's. Boehner kill. This is not for punk specifically in like the melodic punk that Jesse is. So Jordan is so familiar with, but this is kind of a subject in Christian music, which is the abstinence anthem there are. Are there more there dozen? This is. So this is not an anomaly. I might be an anomaly for the punk stuff, but there's a lot in pop music. There's a lot from the female perspective and pop music interesting about it. If you're a musician whose hardcore Christian and you're writing about romance before you've been married only go so far. I mean, you can only talk about Chick-fil-A dates so much, and it's on one. And then he. No, no, no, no, no. So you can only go so far and you just have to sing about your passion in somewhere and other. Okay. And you don't want to think about the lack of it. You don't wanna get into dangerous territory like a robot. Right? Yeah, but I about I do appreciate that there is a so to speak, happy ending in this song in that he it's the wedding day. So it's like, don't worry. We're gonna. We're gonna sex, the shit of each other in hot sec. But for a lot of the anthems it is like one day I'll like one of the big one is weight for me by Rebecca Saint James, which is the courses I'm waiting for. You wait for me as I wait for you. So it's like I'm saving it and then she married, I'm doing fifteen to life. Yes, right. There is a leering in this one. Like, you know, it's the choice I made and you made the same choice too. So there's a like, oh, you better? Not fuck either. Gosh, darn all his shots at fucking. I mean, he bragged basically bragged about how many times fucked like if she's not on board for fucking. Yeah. Then how many times could he fucked realistically? Sure. Well, I mean, how many cigarettes smoked at this go around. The bridge. We listen to. I. Are there. Okay. So did any of you guys grow up in a church culture that explicitly expected abstinence of you? Yeah. What did were, was it what counts is estimates. Oh boy, we're getting into. I heard a pasture, same one time. If you're wondering how close to the line you're supposed to be, you're, you're doing something wrong, you'd get out of there out of that rope. Yeah, for youth group stuff, they had to be. They had to be amorphous enough to not turn anyone on because. Because if they got super specific, it'd be like. Have a great. And we've heard stories of of people like getting turned on her and not having been turned on before, but getting turned on by the talk about why wait having. So Phil. The description of someone like what it feels like to come the good guys, but you shouldn't do it now. Don't do it. You're gonna want to because of how good you're going to want a slide show. This is my face during. Oh, you don't want to have this unless it's made. Here's the sense in my way. Oh, boy. So yeah, it was pretty. It was pretty explicit. I think for both of us all throughout our. Where's the two of you and you? And if any point I ask a question that you're incomforta- tell us where the two of you committed to that? Actually, like I went to this church many times and had a lovely time and everyone there was very nice and I was definitely an atheist, but like everyone was super chill about it because it was like the kind of church where they wouldn't really care as long as you came and you, you had some fellow shift or coffee. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think so. Even up until my out of my twenty eight up until my late twenties case. Yeah. Dad, you turned on. No, not yet. I'm waiting for that. No, it is. Well, this is this is the one part of Christianity. I do feel like it's still very str-. I mean, there's many parts are very strange, but the one that's still kind of off putting in a weirdly neutral way, not like in a political way or like right, or you believe bad shit about women or gay people or people for certain race, but, but like a value system that feels like an attack sometimes like von orgy from insecure famously virgin as well, because she's saying, I'm waiting for one of the most gorgeous women alive co star of that show. And she's like, now I believe this and this is what I'm doing with my body and my sexuality, and it can still be a little odd. But yeah. Wow. And the air is sucked out of the room. I just feel like it would be Sohar, especially if you're trying not to masturbate like I feel like guys if they were like guys crank it all day and all night, you know a couple times a day. It'll keep you from having sex before marriage. I could see that like if you just if you just get rid of all your sexual forces. Kind of on the that point of like, man, if you, if you really can't deal anymore, just crank Ireland. Ireland know touching anybody heard. I have heard it explains it is it is okay. As long as it's being used for relaxation. Thinking about. Alone. Luau is relaxed. Already strange loopholes to. But yeah, if it's a desert of just like no sexual activity at all, what so ever? I would be tough. That sounds rough to me. I think honestly, a lot of people kind of come to terms with it too, and it's like kind of like won't think about it. And then eventually just kind of becomes neutral. I think after a while also think that the stakes of romance would be so extraordinarily high. Yes, that it would be in madness well, and that's why you see a lot of marriages at twenty two twenty three years like much earlier. See the median age of marriage and most of culture. You see a very young age because that's that's a big part of it. Yeah, because you feel ready. Yeah. Right. Because right. You ready for the only time we could and we can't help it anymore. We might as well just get married. And then we don't have to worry about this shame or the sinful aspect of our relationship. We can just be you holy about it or something. It is the one thing a friend of ours brought this up. It is the one quote, unquote sin that. Changes completely just in context. So murders murdering, every context, right? That's been the confines of a loving Mary bird. I mean, if you didn't, if you didn't plan it ahead of time, it's murder to exactly, but it's the one thing where it's like over there is bad, eleven consensual relationship. You're not married his bed. Oh, you man square and it's just a, it's a paper thing. Sure. Yeah. So the the messages, the Lord is very concerned about that marriage license in the state of California, same like, right, go to pound town now because the state has recognized ministrations your. Downtown. Goes. Boga speaking of speaking heat, get hot in here, and you guys want to. You guys want to the door. Hi, I'm Ben and I'm Tracy, and we host one bad mother, a comedy podcast about parenting, whether you are a parent or just no kids exist in the world. Join us each week as we honestly share what it's like to be a parent. I'm just going to end with everybody your doing a remarkable job of swimming through the shit show lettuce, parenting. So join us each week as we judge less laugh more and remind you that you are doing a great job finest on maximum fund dot org on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm no nerd. I wouldn't listen to a Star Trek podcast. If you're listening to any podcast, you're a nerd just admitted where all the schools band practice room, having lunch together away from the rest of the school. 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Okay. We got. We got some call. So they're about Phil more? Yeah. Brian play the first one or at least Mallard Fillmore. He's curtains trip character, Fillmore girls. The groupies called themselves. Oh, sure, sure. Jordan. Jesse, he Cary Kinney silver. It's beautiful morning. I was just driving to work through downtown Portland area and all of a sudden, a guy just chucked a full jar of peanut butter across the street in front of me and just kept going like nothing happened. Seemed to be pretty upset with that. Peanut butter must've been chunky and he wanted smooth anyways. Keep Portland weird throw seen by weird up there guys. I mean to me, that's my favorite kind of humor, which is very random. Delays things get a little awkward. One of these. Guys. Sometimes I'm like something happens that I'm like, wait what I don't even know on flying peanut butter. That's not a thing. Even when a guy that gets through the peanut butter across the street. I'm like a. So that happens. Wow. So that happening God work. This is a great deal in movies, so that happened. I know it's amazing how much people will say. So that happened. And that's not a thing, and that's not a thing. It's like still going strong. Also still going strong. Someone gets hurt. I'm okay. I'm okay take. Here's what I, here's I've heard something about that. I've worked in television a little bit. Okay. So I guess t-. T. over here. All right. All right. Apparently k. over here TV. Apparently TV networks like to have that. I'm okay just so no one gets scared for the characters. So sometimes that like. He's use people fiction. Yeah, I think there's a, there's a Simpson's episode where grandpa falls down and listen. I listened to a lot of Simpson's DVD. I love those to rip those those podcasts from the DVD's handbrake say, network TV is playing too dumb people. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I know anyway, so, but, but yeah, some of that other stuff. I'm so. Do you have an explanation for babies wearing sunglasses while bad to the bone place? I mean comedy because that's kind of random. The exactly the babies r. All right, cool. How could I know it? So many letters when the babies are close out, explains the new character on the good doctor season two. Baby. Yeah. Scalpels thinks. The juice. Hello, nurse, soft mutt. Using blood. I don't care about. Hannah. He's bad. Baby is so pad and cool. Okay. Maybe he doesn't even take the Hippocratic oath. He does not. He calls it a hypocrite oath. Lawyers are Fook. Wow. I draw the line at asshole. I won't say the word swear. We take another call. Let's do it by the way. Can I just say before we hang this call, I do. I. It occurred to me after the call had completed that probably it was a shattered proof plastic jar of peanut butter, a glass jar of peanut butter that shatters as it's thrown across the street is a lot cooler to me. I'd go so far too bad to the bone. Sunglasses. Mommy. He still wants his mommy. He's baby. Hi, Jordan Jesse go. This is Robin from the basketball, California. I am calling with a momentous occasion. I had a lesbian threesome sex stream, and that wasn't the momentus part. Really what happened at the end was that one of the other girls called you guys to given her momentous occasion about losing her virginity in a lesbian threesome so that the guys have great day. Bye aren't going to. I'm going to say this. Yeah, that's great. I'm glad we've invaded or dreams in that way. That's an honor. Your inner sub-conscious. Yeah. I thought this is a real story. I missed the dream. I can't. Sorry. Thanks caller. This is a, this is like, this is like, this is our inception, I think. Yeah, but here's the thing, though. Jordan? Yeah, the part that disappointed me was when she gave a nice healthy storytellers pause after saying. Lesbian threesome. Yeah, dream. I was disappointed that it wasn't lady Jesse and lady Jordan that we're in. Okay. Yeah, I just feel like that would have been a ton of fun. It would have been really cool and the fact that the one of the ladies called in his still cool if I had that other thought it would be really cool. It's like, I just went into it with these expectations and the pretzel came back to sweet so clear. The disappointment comes from this woman who's regular listener of the show seems to love you guys calls in participates in the show. Yeah. And does dream about your podcast in away very direct way. Right? But the criticism is not enough. Transmogrify us into women that is insulting now, would I still have a beard, right? No, raises the question. Yeah. Pretty eyelashes. What I still have these handsome joints. I think so. Yeah. Swimmer's shoulders I think so. Yeah, it's here's the thing. We love all our listeners, especially the ones who call us at two zero six, nine, eight, four, four fun or Email us voice memo JJ go a maximum fund dot, or I smell to share their moment is occasion. Yeah. They know when they do that. I'm going to have questions and concerns. I'm going to have a few notes. It's just the rea- I'm I'm a creative executive endless, optimize her. And that's just if we're giving notes to the stream after the after the lesbian threesome if someone could just pop a thumbs up and go, okay. Or at least say, I could get used to. Third thing is that good. Check, please. Just a bit outside. Hard pass. Punching up dreams. I think I think that if there's any to entertainers in the world and I use the term entertainers broadly because I'm including Jordan, but if there are any two people tend generally involved in the entertainment industry who are more qualified to punch up or jeez, I would like to know who they are. I think that's Jordan and my sweet spot. We have twelve years of experience often offering notes on people calling in to describe their group sex. Yeah, and that's that's a big thing that people look for in orgies is the guy's giving notes in the corner. They love that. That's our king. You kick with a note. Let me pick your knits God. Baby? Yes. If the cat baby all my nuts would be. Can we make this less gross. Good. We'll be back in just a second Jordan. Jesse go. Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn America's radio sweet shown more spoi- detective batboy virgin Pasadena. The clean issues in block. Just I this just your nice enough to do this for me once in a while, sometimes between segments. Sure. Once in a while he'd segments here nice enough to allow to do today today. Unique, New York City, an ice enough to reset me up for like a funny remarkable make off Mike, because I, you know, that is nice. It's it's my only joy. So I, yeah, cat and certain video games. Yeah, that's true. I do have a cat. She's really nice talked about. Sometimes I play video game that has a cat in it. For instance, persona five field, which is very boring apart from the cat. I have not played animal crossing crossings fun. Yeah. It's the best letter writing video. I love to write love correspondents. Oh. If you're like this, this first person shooter is cool, but there's not enough enormous peaches. Where's the stationary. You did a great job with cleanup on aisle, three regarding the call about the lesbian threesome and then Mike, you alleyoop it with clean up on aisle, three way. I didn't sing anything. You know why. Bad to the bone. A win. I'm not gonna raise them review this on. Where's my baby? Doesn't rate and review. Now it where's my baggy of curious cigarette. What a show, what a fun show. Yeah. Well, Kevin, Caroline, what a joy it's been to have having us. File fun. We're very fond of you and we're grateful that you took the time to show us. Well, gentlemen, I will. I will want to do since I do want to sincerely say that I had such a blast on good Christian fund. It was so fun. I, yes, I've been enjoying subsequent episodes think it's a blast and I think I think everyone should listen no matter no matter what your faith or belief system is. I think there's a lot of fun and humor the show for Christians. It's for everybody's. And yeah, you definitely go go deep on some very like weird particular punk culture. I couldn't like the show more our delight. Thank you. In Kevin. I just want to say that when I said that you had more chest hair than I expected wasn't because you're not Vero. Every. From the below. Now. You're happy trails, incredible in hair off. True. Oh my God. Wow. I think I think it looks great. Thank you. And I just want you to know that I'm hard rock. That someone said you should wear a medallion. It would fit right in. Can I just get Brian? Do you still have Fillmore up there? I just wanna maybe try something. I want to try something just to on our way out. Tone down sexual energy in the room, right? Yeah. I just really want to. I want to soften and dry everyone. Sweden, maybe drug that opening strains of that song. Maybe we could have that go camping on on like in the US kind of a drop to make this more like a morning show. So maybe like maybe like, you know, Kevin, you can redo that bit of business where you were miming pulling out your John. Okay. For the listeners he was miming and then Jesse, maybe if you could say, again, I'm hard as a rock and then Brian, you fucking hit that fill more. And then let's just see how dynamic that is. It might not work. Okay, but no bad ideas and brainstorming. Absolutely. What is this podcast? If not a series of exactly unedited stream of that, I loose sky ramble ill can see if anything we had. Okay. So I. To say something about his his body hair and then pull out his crank and you're gonna say, I'm hard as a rock and then Caroline, you say, cleanup on aisle, three way, Brian, you hit that film more than maybe maybe this will work. It sounds. I don't want you to be left out. He's taking. It's the corner taking notes, whistling in mentally. Okay. So Kevin is first and then me and then Carolina yet, and then Brian's going to hit. Okay. Okay. I'll button up about this. I'm hard as a rock cleanup on three way. Producers, Brian, sunny Fernandez, you can find online with the hashtag JJ co. Read it and maximum fund dot read it dot com. We're at Jesse thorn at Jordan. Underscore Moore's. We're also on Facebook where you can like doing Jesse. Go join max, fun, Facebook group. We love you very much. We'll talk to you next time on Jessica on slow fade out with music, Brian. Got that praise the Lord. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artists owned listener supported.

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