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A 20th-century troubadour. A 21st-century tribute.


only catch. Hello and welcome to another Naxos podcast. This time featuring a new album of music by American composer Michael Dougherty and a piece called this land sings inspired by the life and times of Woody Guthrie would he got three was a singer songwriter. Born in Oklahoma in nineteen twelve. Who became one of the most important singer songwriters of his generation or perhaps period more about him later? Here's the beginning of the song here. The dust blow beginning with the enchanting voice of Aneka Sokolowski. Ooh And Michael Dougherty is one of America's best known and most performed classical composers. He's a grammy winner and professor of composition at the University of Ann Arbor in Michigan in describing how he approaches his work he once said. I always try to take projects. I'm genuinely interested and passionate about versus just taking projects for the money and so it is with this land sings. This is a project about which he is passionate and has given great thought. Here's the song. Graceland Michael Dougherty writes about the song and then liner notes. Woody was a champion for the rights of workers who toiled for little pay in the factories and fields while the bosses reaped all the benefits stealing from the poor. The rich spent their fortune. Fancy tombstones in cemeteries like Chicago's Graceland in my song. Graceland I combine excerpts from Carl Sandburg eighteen sixteen periodic poem of the same title with my own text and the musical flair of Elvis Soloist. Here is Baritone John Dougherty. Who's not related to the composer Millionare's ladies and gentlemen spend every twenty five thousand dollars for plows memory of the slann Graveyard Chicago. Graceland billionaires tune stole from two Cheney to come to your door and take your spouse ooh belongings and more they. They are forced to you. Nancy you drive off hamlet from there. Who WON'T PRETTY Boy Jesse? James Bell saw From only two You Slam taste Chicago. Billionaire tombstones heard pretty boy. Just Jane Soro taught. Aw Aw Chicago. Millionaire has to offer gray That was from the song. Graceland the variety within this album is one of the things that makes it so great an album. I keep coming back to. Each song has a different feel and emotional impact some days. Certain songs really resonate with me and other days. It's other songs. Here's the song hut hair all about a radio talk show host which begins with the words. I am a radio talk. Show host spinning my lies from coast to coast. He'd my words as I spread the news. I am genius and are Real Guru. I am radio talk. Show host spinning my allies from coast to coast my words as I read the news. I- genius the Duru Deed. I'd I'd eat I'd eat. I'd audio dotty listen to me. And my words of doom riding the waves from flint to left and I'm sure who I hate liberals the enemy of our state dot dot dot US offering the talk on my radio show becoming famous making a lot of in much on my blowing. Your mind with all mice. Go Oh holy By tight if I didn't age ruling the airwaves underscore blaming the last two wings. Too John John Yard Law in the liner notes. Michael Daugherty writes about how he prepared to write this piece he says to prepare for my musical tribute to this dust bowl troubadour. I drove for several weeks along the desolate and dusty back roads of Oklahoma and Texas. Where woody once roamed. Why listening to just about everything. He recorded during his brief lifetime. I also spent time at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa Oklahoma researching his fascinating life and wide ranging artistic output one of Guthrie's best known songs as the title track. This land sings in this case. An instrumental version. It's kind of like a musical kaleidoscope as seen through Michael Daugherty's brilliant orchestration Only perhaps WanNa talk and That was from. This land. Sings the title track on this album? Would he got three was a political activist. He was part of his consciousness and how he viewed the world and many of his songs have overt political meanings. I think the political activism in Woody's work is also an inspiration for Michael Dougherty. The song silver bullet talks about gun ownership and second amendment rights using words written by. Michael Dougherty himself. I suspect woody. Guthrie might well approve of this song Oils and Zoff. Mike Strike a Matt Texas part of it. You so do give me to Lot on your those to see tighter. Regulations won't change mind go is dumb and I can rule who say the laws out of date get a gun and all your own To the American happen again you take L. Never give me. Committee is who he kate. Dick exterminates does call eight eight. Eight eight From the song the silver bullet. It's a great bunch of artists who bring the music on this album to life or two vocal soloists Aneka Sokolowski and John. Dougherty along with the dogs of desire. The Contemporary Music Ensemble of the Albany symphony since their founding in Nineteen ninety-four. They have commissioned more than one hundred and fifty new works from various American composers including Michael Dougherty. In this case the founder of the ensemble is their conductor. David Alan Miller. According to Michael Daugherty Moody was haunted by Tragic Fires. That killed three members of his family his sister when he was seven his father when he was twelve and his four year old daughter when he was thirty five. My heart is burning is a requiem scored for harmonica and Double Bass and like really great folk music. It's simple and it goes right to the heart I'd Uh You have been listening to highlights from this land. Sings with music by Michael Dougherty and performances by singers Aneka Sokolowski and John Dougherty. Along with the dogs of Desire Ensemble all conducted by David Allen Miller naxos catalogue number eight point five five nine eight eight nine to go out. Here is the final song in the album titled Way Faring. Stranger with the words. I am a poor way faring. Stranger while traveling through this world of woe yet. There's no sickness toil or danger in that bright world to which I go. I'm Raymond J. Stay safe wherever you are so long for now.

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