Is Virginity a Sign of Decency/Being a Saint?


The everything relationship matters their own. Let's not that's oems sex. Family relationship are all conversations that we can get over. Let's not each episode of the podcast is focused on one life. Lesson does begin. Nord or hasn't been given off thoughts we're dig into conversations that some term to booth and bring to the surface the opportunity for you to confront and talent the social norms and charlton new path in self-discovery. Let's get to it again. Let's pitches i people. How you doing this is less than not ad. Hoc michael cole is in. The beauty is not calmed down now. He's coheres recognizes liberty. And before i have a very nice wonderful sweets i call he might tell you through having view the and if i introduced him to you guys i want to. I want you to know about the topic. Today's about vegetation descends venus. Thanks we we we. We starts to first episode virginity. Got team or don. What's going on here Loved yes it had the love feed bags exciting feedbacks thank you so much for love insists that you cannot can't you the uk can't you thank you. Thank you everywhere. Around wards global level people. Now you know the topic now. I wanted to get me is us. I follow him. Kelly baby feels is an actor. Oh acco sights on access. Morality is fuse. Is everything entertainment few. This fuse baby girl speed. I'd ozzy people ask me everytime your name. What does he mean everytime using drugs or use drugs my gi alcohol. We still follow the name pills. Actually means action acronym that means positive individual leaving life with zeal. Oh so smart. We don't see me that someone who's a so cute. I know you'll be calling me teddy. Abby i've been wanting to experience get to the bed right love. This is leeann appeals. Woman come on hell. No hell no on church really this summer. I love in the late in the house and the only leading the has always forum always exciting to have to take this to treat them so we work for us to act or sound where you get your guy from people like pastas charge like sex therapy. Is that people like that. So hokey us so basically today's topic about virginity sign of this. Nco like venus festival veggie was when regularly launches to people who says to you. How sick the jets. Hyman brokaw virgin after hand can break on could still be a virgin and that cbo multiple fuel like like going on gay marriage and you'll have like your white cloth laid down. Just take you to rule took you which really cook for blood flow calm. The army's he didn't feel me. You handled your family saying moulin. Like like folkloric penn state owned by chinese. So you mean when you spend numerous they missed the fiery away from. Yeah and i see way. I'm going to succeed. Keeps missing really sill anyways so most people believe that signed from a good family a good girl your marriage you ride on. Today's acts what you guys think that way. If you if that means that she's opert- as i mean she'll be the best girlfriend french. Be the best wife no issues. What you guys. Think appeals tonight Okay where are you asking me. What i think about if society slow this that mean that you have the best my radio show and she does that mean. You have the best walk. Ata doesn't mean that you stand out in society you get. What was your take on jimmy. She cannot be tied. How you perform work honestly. I feel like if you want to actually view choice you rights attempts of sanity being good bod yachts find someone me bill. Sign you know. What the reason why. Everybody's virginity is that something you have to. Nobody is how we we've been brussels. Tang stereotype me says about us me. If you know boys you might get pretty much signed. you know this mentality. that's sex only swoon. Is actually by phone. If you come from angola being dick matai buki like virgins. Don't have that like they don't have the avenue to know if you'd like to have a good dick some tangible you can i folk who thinking you can. You can fight with your best friend your family over a good. The giants that tend to be more focused more evening. Our i feel or think or you know all i knew. You know he actually like give you the past maga- you'll be a good girl because we have a lot of veg- veggie out there like the virgin in the vagina behind sister. You used to be jumping off in the north where they tell you. I had friends that king that that seven do not see coming back with different experience telling what they went through. A little with virgin chef had the most effect. I don't know what style jazz muldoon i should have. Had all the sex she wants to have you have to make him back to four husband in the stands so being evasion actually make. You both like reggie. You're a good girl bedding. You've not done those the village to bring back after the whole after the whole fucking and everything it'd be wild once explore more than one to the want to explore more back exploit doesn't suffice anyone to be one child a small one on trad the i want to looking about sizes like am like where he's going to go. That's what we're going to it and now before babe just my own idea before you go down to the peaceful uses of them but then you have just been back this questions. This gets well talk about. Do we want to stop. No no no issue. Big issue to me on this podcast. Some mistake give you excuses with people so basically Yes you said. He doesn't necessarily mean nuts because virginity is yours. Yes people that use drugs or smoke and you're like the best behavior sweaty. Id comments are knows who he doesn't really relate you get to julio being of best best of bringing you yet so i don't think yeah. That should be cheetan. I even going to algebra under experiences. Ax you what you experienced me virginity this topic you experience have you do you. Have you been version of you've been around. Veggie what what stories of people tied to their virginity like why they want to keep it. Why do you don't want to keep it first off rights because me. I'm like your boy. I'm church breitbart. Dan you know he doesn't stop my email intimate life and stuff. I have had a girlfriend. Difficult years. diverging need everything. Aside penetration wreck every every region. But then i'll say i was. I was faithful right. I was fixed boston how to defend who she says she's a virgin writes books in interview award. She's very skillful. Okay jazzy yeah resume. you know. She's always you know what she's a gets so i wonder if you if you don't like also seen as very day. Virginia with high made different. Domhnall have him in some have taught veggie on towards versions. You get hit. i know i know. Yeah because yeah. I realize medically to of the like illi- to jose comes out. Balmy t so i'm like driss port not early q. Hole in where you can have the period during that you to honing not to tally. But i want you not pop anybody in your life because have you popped invasion before the me to think about it. Because i haven't i haven't i love why the blood on your show me putting you on the radio trying to cause a time writing magazine frank. Who's living next homebound right next to my house and then sometimes gets have long small fighting ahead here on google. You have this kind of connection you. This was what he's seen. I experienced like like scheme awesome. Yeah said ibuka filter because we thank you. Only in the stake use less. I tell you. I you like go with like minded muslims. Are you my genitals. I this point at this point done one though. No no me for our is personality be. I used to run for a long time. Yeah yeah don boys because some gals that you believe you goes up you get to you get me. I just always ran from me when an experienced do nowadays experience. The i just being called somewhere. Were you then we. This topic of virgins being like hulu had one experience with your budget on the person wanted to mariazell veggie because her parents had an issue New arguing one time in prison. Father said i my renew divisions we've got to show determined to get married even as nonvege- in man is like every other that you can do a sets patricia schumer veggie house watch married as your fourth down. Oh my gin. Even goodyear not to get in your mind. What have you so if you had the view. Hey you have veggie mind. Shorts naive ought to coming from. Yeah we've seen and as you said you talked on reasons. Why people are very touchy about this subject into sites. Believed that ami with you. I do you think people society rates vegetables big on his new commission tried this. Show all our culture. Because we've we've come from this long way outbreak. Keep telling you back. In my days. When i was like you. My my bad now wants us to to. That's spend snatch it allows the ourselves fine. This is just do what you want. Losing up baby fine client. I think it helped because my person do this. I'll be very very wild. So let me just team. My wildness go tag. Take my five now. You understand. I feel is outside the show and also if you still out there. I'm not staying. Should this better yourself off. Don't get married for a diversion yourself or something. No we're not saying that if your vision our de ramos saying that we're just letting everyone out there knew that virgin virgin eat doesn't it doesn't doesn't judge a personality it doesn't judge personality be verging and i will not be made i will not do may not affect my yeah. Yeah yeah. true should be beating. Does import pitches because they are virgins. Because you have had some doesn't get cranky. Yeah yeah that's right. Yeah not especially female especially in your bosses you. You can't be leading reduce bom dia. Bumble is not com is from what i see. Picks way back by picture by picture this to help us get some. You not be offended if we try to play this team table. The latest splitting your table kinda got. He's trying to be anything for you guys. I'll see united st angelo. Check out of that. Lsu on instagram twitter against video gone see. how much of soccer fuses. Yeah you guys. Check it out right. I've been home with cheese. Renew anyways before. I was reading interrupted on so guys. So let's do this. I want you was signing form. You appeal guest gentleman. Just give you a shout out to. I ve agent out here. Just tell me what any tell them. Dan also known veggies. Those were two or for yours who keep very tight on veggie wedding nights wedding. That's out insist keeping ports. The girls who were no jeans you had to go night down. Thank you thank you. Thank you appeals. We have seen you for what you lucia you guys to the before brothers do. It's it's it's it's poll to keep you both out of all these main avenue world right now. My brother happy. Like why why i salute us be fears lump question. I had this one time. I think susan. Warren and i told him every pope. So because we're talking about guys that must've beats yes so does that mean after bt and everything that one of let me let me confess people because we always say about you outs you guys. You guys winking me. You don't give you a shower now. Lucci chief let me not well hans hans. Md cookies. Not the same thing. Every kind of new muscle counts. No no i think you guys just planted anything let everyone see veggie veggie shout to you have four and enjoy yourself before this live once again from veggie non-virgins your personal decision you understand going to be a veggie veggie boy do due to be food class. Vide- do that. We're going to be non beijing then don't let it all out in announce that that's all i have to see Yeah so basically I dunno basically said. I'll infuse for what for us and lucia i know and Don't hear contributions or you feel what we said is not i would love to have. We will have to have so just on social media instagram. Lsu on us code feels everything. Talk then thank you. Dan also was your into appeal. You wanna get at me. Super voiceover artist stage. Run or whatever. I could be your feces on instagram. At s q. On the i gets up to the guys fully in the missed work gives and i a cool an instagram opec early. It's just the game you just you to do. So since pews isn't hype man presenter at two player you know you close clues. Show for daddy player. These people don't be alcohol. Nfl so just go. Just close the show leaves. General boys and girls is good to have you. Date is fantastic time. We all hanging shots. Beautiful beautiful sakes good is definitely will have described. Yes as my my good to see you again. Be yourself just be happy. You gotta be happy out. Thank you so much tuning in igloo. Enjoyed this episode. And you so inclined subscribe notified when a new episode is posted. Then renew this gas show with your friends please. Let's stay connected follows on twitter and instagram. Allahu underscore pod that's l l you underscore b. o. D. this was produced by panel production instagram and twitter. At patio dodd production less is.

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