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66) Kavanaugh


Cabin don't fret warriors will keep the live in the blood simon ortiz the fight for justice and stretching muscles tearing reaching for the sky daunting tempting to surrender and senate assuming futility ability but people walked on the moon made a vaccine for malaria polio and other diseases. I contemplate my white privilege resenting every renmin of it and scowl wow look at america's white supremacist big bullies oppressing native americans african-americans arabs herbs jews women the non heterosexual the poor the vulnerable the non christian non caucasian and it disturbs me takes me drink my whiskey with a little extra intensity. I fear that nothing not a single atrocity would have moved justice brett kavanagh's supporters in the senate to oppose his confirmation not that we know whether he was guilty or innocent quote the allegations fail to meet the more likely than not standard close quote senator senator susan collins said in her speech explaining her vote to confirm him but the way christine blasi ford's accusations ends were investigated in a rush the quote more than forty people with potential information formation into the sexual misconduct allegations against the prem- court nominee brett cavanaugh have not been contacted by the f._b._i. According to multiple sources is that include friends of the nominee and his accusers close quote and be seniors reported and what about debra uh ramirez and julie sweat nick who also made accusations of sexual misconduct ignored by the republicans in the senate the f._b._i. By president trump i'll write to misogynistic deference to cavanaugh seems to me a sham. Damn as many democrats in the senate called it even months later. Trump says he knows acting attorney. General matthew whitaker. Then says he doesn't know adding to the u. Wreaking junkyards and mountain chains of venom ild sewage live poisoning our politics government law enforcement rhetoric relationships and the republicans knocked put a lynch aim nightmare an outrage but ho- hope hope look at things like new england where the snow seems to grace with its elegance as it falls the homicide rates there among the lowest first in the nation look at the gentleman life former f._b._i. Director james comey and the ladies like newly elected congresswoman of kansas cherise chris davids. More americans voted for clinton than trump. More americans voted for clinton than trump. More americans voted for clinton than trump.

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