The King Of Staten Island (Featuring JC Screen Fix)


All right welcome to another episode of piecing it together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it and today on the show. We are talking about a movie that should have been in theaters, but of course everything's still close down and so instead we paid twenty dollars to watch it on video on demand is judd appetite does the King of Staten Island starring Pete Davidson? I'm realizing now as I. Say that out loud. This is the first jet appetite movie I did not get to see in a theater That's kind of a shame, but you know what we had a fun time talking about the movie joining me for this episode is JC from the screen. Fix podcast podcast I've been a guest on a few times now and always enjoyed talking to J. C. as well as his co host lady one who's been on piecing it together a bunch of time, so we have a great conversation coming up for you and as always before we. We get into that I do WANNA remind you to make sure you're subscribe to piecing it together and your podcast App of choice. You can rate and review us over on Apple. PODCASTS or Pod chaser and follow us on social media at Piecing pod also join our facebook group, popcorn and puzzle pieces where the conversation continues about all the movies we talk about here on the show so You know I think without any further ado. We might as well just jump into this episode. We got a nice long conversation for you. Guys, so let's talk about the King of Staten Island. JC. Stamp of town for piecing pod take to take zoo. Yeah, in five episode four hundred seventy three. Pretty, close actually. Kidding you are prolific. We cannot pump them out we. If we try to do that. We we go insane like we become like she becomes grouchy I mean and we don't WanNa podcast with each other. It's like nugget well I gotTA. Tell you JC from screen fixed and by the way I'm just going to. It's going to be going at this point on the episode but I. Can't bring that up. Don't say that I fight with my co host and. We get. Terrorists could mean with each other. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. But I I got to tell you I'm you know June has been a busy month? I don't know how may has been a busy month with everything with trying to fit in older movies with the missing pieces with trying to fit in new movies with all the streaming stuff and I don't know I'm going to have to slow it down a little bit for July. It's like there's just too many movies went it when you're kind of you know narrowing it down at the released movies. You kind of have a better schedule going forward now it's just it's everything. It's hard, I think. My podcast. Screen fix has struggled with like not just making episodes to make episodes. We want to still put out an episode that where we both have something to say or and we're not just making episode because well. We didn't have one this week. What should we do you know? Because it has, it's been kind of a weird dead zone now they're moving. They're pushing movies back now. Tenant two weeks wonder woman is now October, I mean. Is Is. Is Moulana still. GonNa come out. Well we know that Russell Crowe movies coming out. That's the one thing we can be of. And I don't care about Moulana. That's not a musical. That's not not my Mulan. Yeah not not Jaycees Moulana, but no today is men no way. Today, we're GONNA. Talk about another movie. That probably should have been in theaters at one point although we'll get into it as we're talking about this movie, I think it is kind of more suited for TV away, but the movie is the King of Staten Island. Shut Apple does new film and you know first things first J. C. You. Volunteered to be my co-host for this episode. Take it. You are a huge appetite fan. Is that right? No. No I'm not a huge appetite fan. I in fact I think that he I think that. In a way he damaged comedy for a decade. At least and I have reasons for that. I think like. It's it's that whole like let your talent Improv away. And we'll just take the best take or the best joke and sure create a movie out of that and I think that that really killed. Comedy for a while, and it's not really him so much, even though he has terrible tendencies with his movies to their overall long, there's all kind of There's all kinds of unresolved side plots and. They really meander his move. All of his movies do it. meandering the thing during is definitely the thing with his movies, and you know I think he gets away with some of that Improv by having people be kind of directionless. slobs surrounded by stone, her friends and Weirdos like it's. When he's making these leg, man, child movies or you know people stuck in a rut movies. You can probably Improv some some of that, but you know there's always been. IMPROV movies. I mean there's been just sure moot movies that are all Improv like what is the Turned Onto Elizabeth. Guests movies right by spinal. TAP, right. This is spinal tap you know in the. There were great eighties Improv. Like Bill Bill, Murray the thing is that need is those movies where people are improving in the eighties are very different like. All these movies have talented people in them, but they're different kinds of movies like eighties, improvisational comedies were more about fuck the man making a statement against established authority. They were always about. Rich people suck authority figures suck. We gotta stick it to them, and they were these like wacky middle finger movies where the smarmy Kiro slacker hero is, you know Improv ing jokes at the expense of this clueless authority, figure or rich right like it's it's. It's a different. They're more. They're more wacky and more like Kinda, like like getting one over on somebody. These apple tell movies are. Forty year old virgin worked and I. Don't think a lot of his other ones worked very very well, and that's because. Like in his in his subsequent movies after forty year old virgin, he's like. Appetite movies are more about like these men children that have a lesson to learn and the need to grow up, and there's some serious issues in there whether it's like turning forty dealing whether or not you're still in love with someone or whether you're not. You're still desirable or like. Get somebody getting pregnant or is things. The these are not wacky ideas like these. Are there some pretty serious ideas being thrown in here? And when you're leading people improv over it. Characters don't stay in character, their Jersey riffing trying to say the funniest thing and you know they're suddenly meandering in and out of their own character, and that's where I think. Things fail and and get out of whack, and there have been a lot of and you can see it happening when you're watching a bad version of these life of the party night. School like these movies. Were you just see the really talented People Melissa McCarthy Tiffany Haddish a Kevin Hart. You're seeing these people that they're. They're saying funny things, but they're saying just anything in its out of character, and it's random it's. For this disjointed movie experience I think the the ghostbusters room remake suffered from this the worst, and that's all fig who is a appetite guy? They both sure were from freaks and GEEKS. They both worked on freaks and Geeks, and he had that same. Get four funny people and just let them riff, and you can see in all of the making of footage. It's literally just them line after line after line. In fact I know there's a Chris Hemsworth, said that in the scenery's just sitting at the table and they're they're. They're interviewing him. He said that like the Palffy. Just literally just left the camera on for like. Like our any just he was able to say whatever happened at school. There's like somebody. GET HIM SOME LINES FOR CHRIST SAKE. You know like it's just that's not really the best way to make a movie and I think that that's where where people took what apple did and and they do it wrong. and I think he's. He's partially blamed too because. I really don't think he's made any really great movies since Formula Virgin You. I know I just went off on a tangent there, but you asked me. It's all good I did I certainly did I agree with bits and pieces I disagree with BITs and pieces. I'M NOT GONNA. Go down the list right now because I'm sure a lot of that stuff is gonNA. Come up as we're going through puzzle pieces in this conversation. One thing though before we get to our first puzzle piece that I want to bring up. Is You mentioned that you did like the forty year old virgin? It's your favorite of his movies. We had discussed at one point possibly doing a missing pieces episode on that movie. Is that why that was something that was? Possibly on your mind because you actually do like that appetite Maybe yeah I mean that's that's the because that one is not. Steve Curls character isn't really Aslan. He's not really a stuck stuck in life slacker. He's definitely a character. He's got his own. He is stuck, but he's not like a man child. He doesn't use like a directionless man child. He's like. He's he's his own interesting character. Steve Steve Carell brings a lot to that character of the Virgin and he's know he does have his you know. A slacker, every type of You know coworkers, but. The movie doesn't the movie has more energy. It doesn't feel as lazy as as the income after it. For sure I can. I can totally see that as A. You know as a way of looking at it and I think also one other thing before we get into our first puzzle pieces. Here is I think a major part of weather. This formula works the whole appetite. Thing is is how good the performers are really and I mean when you've when it's Paul Rudd doing the. Doing Improv bits and all that. It's so much fun to watch when it Steve Carell. It's so much fun to watch. You know even South Rogan is pretty great in most of his things. Then, you come to the King of Staten Island and you get Davidson and these these other people and There's definitely a you know younger than me. Audience who loves this guy? I don't necessarily know what it is that they love. P. Davidson doesn't know why anyone like. Man Himself. Yeah, there you go and I mean I think he does a fine job in this, but at the same time. I don't know I'm not recognizing him as improving hilarious lines that only could have come from the mind of Davidson. They just seemed like. Comedy Lines but. Again we're going to get into a lot of that. As we get into some pieces and I know we discussed ahead of time that couple pieces for this one was a little bit tough, but you know I've got some you've got some. Yeah, it's a weird I got to say. When I was making my notes I don't usually do this with with movies usually have fully formed. Yeah like pieces when I'm watching a movie, but I wrote down like a movie about a loser, a movie about growing up a movie. Getting along with your say, yes, same, you know same thing and the end, okay? Hold on. David Rosen of keeping it together. I know. I know why it was so hard for me to find puzzle pieces to this WanNa know. I. WanNa, know. Because E of screen. Fix this. This is only two thirds of a movie. It's the most meandering I act of of a movie long meandering I act of a movie. You've ever watched A really truncated tiny act to. And you know act three whatsoever are cares owner once he starts to turn around, it ends not when he does. Turn around when he starts. The so! It's missing the whole act three. So that's why when you watch this movie you're like. You can't find any pieces because it's two thirds of a movie, so it's too. It's so it's so vague well. That's why you're. Rowing slacker growing up movie like you can't place it because it's not a full movie it's it's a piece of a movie. It's a he. It's a it's. It's like a puzzle. We're trying to piece together something that doesn't have all the pieces there. What's that's what makes finding puzzle pieces so hard here? Because, it's I like that metaphor that works right fifths. Yeah I like it. Well, why why don't we try? What do you got for your first piece? Boy I'm just GONNA go for my my best comparison. I because like. I said this was super hard for me. But, my first one was my first puzzle piece. is actually say anything. because say anything is one of those movies that also is kind of missing its third act, so it's Kinda the same thing our character at the end. Does he change, is he? Breaking through at the end of say anything, Lloyd Dob learned the. WHO Like Pete Davidson. Who wants to open a tattoo restaurant which people find absurd? Doppler wants to do kickboxing. which everyone also thinks is absurd that that's what he wants to do with his life, and just kind of Mo- not motivated to do much or be much. In fact, he says that all he wants to do is be with ion skies, character, and at the end of the movie. Does he change? No all he does. He gets on a plane and go to to England with Ions Kyle. He doesn't. He's not doing anything for himself. Really sure so I found some similarities there with this character who? Seemingly has no direction His one ambition is bound to be ridiculous by the other characters in the movie and then the end. Does. He change question. Mar Not really he still Loyd. Still Loyd. has he learned any real life lessons? I don't know. Pete Dave's. They try in this movie to give him some life lessons, but they're really. They feel a little on earned, and and you don't see that next step, so that's where say anything really was a a puzzle piece for me. Sure no I I think that makes a lot of sense. I love that with the ending especially. like you said like you know you really just don't know if this person has grown or learned anything or you know if the next stage is going to be anything new, or it's just basically going to be continuing to meander through life, because at that the person really hasn't shown that much capacity for growing at this point. Yeah, just just a hint or spark a little bit, but I'll go to my first piece, which I think was the first like obvious one that came to mind, and that's Adam sandlers big daddy. which I mean again, you know it's the same kind of thing you've got this kind of loser. Drifting through life, who who in theory grows a little bit thanks in part to a relationship with a kid in this case with two kids, the the kids of his mom's new boyfriend and You. Know aside from that. Is it completely earned or is it just a fun movie? You know it's it's more of just like a fun. Little Story to see this guy. You know maybe grow a little bit, but we don't get to see too much of that I. Think Big Daddy for all of the you know Shit Adam. Sandler gets for you know. Making dumb movies and. I think is actually a pretty great movie I think people look back at it pretty damn formally when when it comes up. Certainly maybe the best of his like happy Madison movies. Wow, that's that's a bold yeah. He's the best happy Madison movie. The best most well rounded maybe not the best for just straight up comedy. Then of course have to go to something like billy. Madison or Little Nicky all the way little. Nicky, okay. We're learning things here. Nikki is terrible, but I did live okay so once upon a time I lived in Tokyo Japan. and. One of the VHS tapes in the random apartment that the company gave me to live in. Had A VHS copy of Little Nicky. Wait, was it a Vha it was a Combo VHF. Anyway. We had little nicky in that random apartment so I Probably Watch Little Nicky ten times. In the year that I lived there yeah, I don't. I don't have that that story I've probably watched little nicky ten times anyway. It has its charms. It's terrible, but it's also. It's just Adam. Sandler absolute, unhinged and allowed to do whatever the heck wants, and it's nuts. Anyway Yeah. I'm probably just like a purist I, probably just go back to good old billy Madison and yeah, but that wasn't happy Madison yet right now. That's actually a good point. I don't think it was yeah. Yeah, well. Anyway, what do you after your next piece? Boy. Right so my my my lesser pieces, my less outcomes. We're going downhill so this one. I actually picked clerks to and the reason why I picked clerks to. Is Clerks to is you know who are done Tan? Randall but there are quintessential ninety slackers And you know I don't know I. Don't know why just keep sticking with this slacker genre. Probably slacker genres very familiar to me. I guess I, I mean. I am a Gen xer in that is the slacker generation. Maybe that's. Just so in tuned to my own generation. But so those are the ultimate slackers, but clerks to deals with. Really with being stuck and. Making changes and being afraid to make changes. You know it's Dante who wants to make the changes, its Randall, who's who's resistant, but really it's just a about. That same thing they're not twenty four. They're supposed to be there in their thirties now, but it's that same. We need to get motivated to to to get out of here. You know and. Just like in this movie there's they end up in. Trouble with the law and they realized we need to make some changes and. There you go clerk clerks to our ultimate. Our ultimate slackers stuck getting in trouble with the law, and they need to make some changes they to make some changes of course at the end of that they end up. Staying in town and buying the. The quick stop, but because Johnson the baller randomly rich. They have money. From selling. Apparently! You know they don't exactly move move past that so again. Just like in Staten Island. Is anything changing I don't know were stuns slackers, and we're stuck, so yeah clerks. That's my second. That's my second puzzle piece I dig it I I I. Don't remember clerks to very well. When when we did our Jay and silent Bob reboot episode. It hit you that that movie is just a straight up blur. But it sounds like what you're saying. There you can see some parallels for sure, and certainly they are some of our favorite cinema slackers. That is for sure and I. It's funny when it comes to the idea of like you know, the slackers donor type of movie A. Part me wishes. We got more of that in this movie because we'd really don't get. That much of him and his friends, or we don't really get to know any of them that well, but at the same time I don't. The best bits are outside of that like when when we're dealing with bill Burr's character immerse a Tomei I think that stuff is kind of better than any of the the stuff with the young people so. So it's kind of I duNno, it's kind of pushing. pull their. Yeah, the friends, the the other slackers that are not really going anywhere. I actually liked that was like that was like that like slice of life part of the movie where it's like I'm getting a little window into this world of Staten, island and they were that they were the. They were that entry way? Y- liked the way of life. That is staten, island. So I definitely liked seeing them and their outlook on things, and the way that they spoke in the way that they acted and yeah I thought they were some of the best stuff in the movie to and although. You know and None of them really seem like they were. Had that much motivation to get out of Staten Island? It was like one of. Know One of those same situations where they're just kind of stuck in this. What although Kelsey? The female she she wanted to make. She wants to stay in Staten, island and and change it may. Make Staten Island Williamsburg which is a little weird because I'm guessing so she wants rich white hipsters to move in and drive rent prices up, so her friends can't live there anymore. And then have condos get built for Manhattan nights looking to start a family across the water I. That doesn't really sound like the best solution to me, but you know. Go Go, Kelsey. Yeah at least she has a dream at least you. So, actually the talking about the friends, the stone is the the little little crew of misfits I tried not to always. Talk about a director's previous work as a puzzle piece, but. I did WANNA bring up knocked up yet I thought knocked up is the closest comparison to a previous appetite movie partially because of that Group of friends I think. That is like the most similar. Seconds in movies. That's right. That's right until they're introduced Mr Skin, which has existed for years? Yeah, no, that very much felt like the same, not the same group of friends, but that Group of friends for Twenty Twenty Staten Island whatever that is apparently if that's what. People are like they're than that's I. I'm going to I'm going along with what the movie is telling me you know, but it's that same group for that time, and then also the main characters you know growing up in that whole thing trying to rise to the occasion of you know maybe getting out of the whole arrested development thing so, but I think I think it's definitely the closest comparison within the jet APO. Oeuvre For sure for sure one hundred percent, and that's his like group that he allows it just improperly into goofy stuff. and it works with donors so apt. Good on you until you tricked all of their filmmakers. into thinking, they could also just let people Improv in riff and make movie. I wonder how familiar. Apple Tom I'm assuming is fifty at this point. I wonder how familiar he is with with young sonars to dig and what they're into, or how much of that is leading, you know obviously, we know a lot of Improv involved like letting people do what they think you know. I can't imagine that he knows that much. Yeah I know there is some of the the flack against him as he only makes movies really about like. White La. like. Decently well off. People who sure have like a couple friends that smoke weed. So. It's actually so one thing that I will give a appetite is that he ventured out of his comfort zone a little bit and went over to New York. Sure to do something a little bit. Do some a little bit different. A little bit. Yeah, so, what are your next piece? My next two are pretty similar, I don't because they're like king. Staten Island is very much a movie about St. Staten Island and about What's interesting about it is? It's not so much about leaving Staten Island. It's about just. My next one was actually I need to. I need to stop sticking with this slacker thing because it's terrible. do one fourth slattery one. I think good so I had another one and only because of its. Singular view of one place in that's I just picked good. Old Richard Linklater slacker of for its very one town sense. It's just one town centric view. The whole thing is just Austin Texas nights, and about that just awesome Texan. Nights stuck in their Austin Malays. and very much to me when I was just thinking about movies where people are just kind of. Stuck in their Malays I mean this movie's called slacker for Christ sake like it's just people who are maybe not so motivated, and also you know what's funny about these kind of slavery, movies and people. These visas is they all seem very They all also have very important to say as well. There's always that one who like knows the conspiracy theory or knows what's going on in the world out there and the only truth is smoking weed man. You know totally yeah, and you know there's. A you know slacker has some of that stuff whether it's like the the the the ufo conspiracy or things like that, so I just I picked Richard Linklater. slacker for that kind of. Let's get a window into arrested development in one on. For sure why pick that one? Yeah. No I think that's a great one. I haven't seen it in so many years, but I have to assume that at some point while they were putting this movie together. They you know that has to be on their mind. A movie like Richard Linklater's slacker like they had to have been like we're. We're making slacker for this time right now, you know. I think that there is a very You know. It's almost like a mainstream version of like like a mumble core kind of indie kind of sensibility that I think appetite going forward with this, you know I mean that holds all borne out of that Oh yeah I mean it's it's that whole meandering I act. It's it's the fact that like the. It's all those random threads that pop in the movie that that never get resolved to Laya, for example the restaurant fight club. which is never really that funny and ever make sense in the story like I'm like? Why does the uncle or it was his uncle? Right like why I'm like? Why does the ankle do that to his employees? Like what's the history of that? That makes him put on a fight club. In this place, and after you know after Davidson gets punched out that one dime. It's Ditz, not in the movie anymore like it's. It's so like it's non consequential. It's not consequential at all to the plot, which is so weird, but it's this like the whole i. Oh my God this the movie so long the whole first. Hour and a half is just this meandering. And I, you know I I would say that you know if this thing was made by a more by a different filmmaker, other than Judd appetite I would say that that's on purpose, but I just think jude appetite was throwing in whatever the hell key wanted. You know so I. Think so. I think so too I think I would go the opposite direction though and I mentioned earlier about the way we're not getting this in the theaters, and whether or not, it's better on TV I almost feel that this would have been better as a TV series. I jut appetizers. He produced his series. Love, which also you know, took his sensibilities and turned into a ten hour. Many show I think this movie might have you know been better if they had gone into every impulse of every one of those little story threads and every little thing is an episode, and they're able to explore all that and explore this world of Staten, island's. You know twenty, twenty. Staten Island which we've never really seen before in any way, and you know really dive into all that in an extended format I. think in a weird way. Two and a half hours isn't enough for what they're trying to do. Yeah, it's it's weird. It's it's. It's because it's allowed to go so long. You want more from it. Yet it's like wait a minute. You Strung me along here for like three hours. and. This is all you did with with me like that's it right? This is all you're giving me as like the hours I was you could have given me this. And done an hour and forty five minutes. Honestly like you could. Have you know I didn't need? To go this deep into the journey. If you weren't going I didn't need to be along. For the ride this long. If I knew that the destination was, this was the shall. We needed a fit to kid cudi's songs, so we needed Yes? INNOCENT THERE YEAH Yeah I That's how I feel about that as well so I will go to my next piece, which actually happens to be a movie that I covered here on the show with your co host the lady one It's a movie called Garden State. From writer Director Star Autour. If you will sack for have but I think he's definitely on it. Does it hopefully does? That you know like as. Anything that was huge once eventually just gets shit on leg. It's just yeah, yeah, it, really. It's really sad. That's like the world we live in now. I I feel like okay, so first of all I think our state, because we're dealing with first of all a kind of look into a a certain kind of a youth culture that is feels very real. We're also dealing with the main character is dealing with mental health issues, depression, and in a pretty real I think, but then on just like a whole `nother level for using this as a puzzle piece is what you were just saying there about the movie and it starving. Starving Shit on constantly, I think Davidson is someone who people just Kinda love to hey in a similar way to Zach. Braff and you know I don't I don't. This is the first time I've ever experienced more than like a still image and a headline in twitter of Pete Davidson I. Don't think I've ever seen a Saturday night. Live did with him or anything like that I. Don't know anything about him. I think he was perfectly fine because he's fairly in any bits. Into like sit on the weekend. Update Desk and just be Davis in for a second. I guess if he's carved out that niche. That's pretty cool I. Don't know what to say about them, but. Yeah I. Don't know people do love to shit on my own. I don't have anything you know either way to say about the guy I mean I think he did a fine enough job with the movie, but. But Yeah I think I think people do love to hate him in a similar way to Zach braff. I? Mean they're? They're different because he's like a stand up comedian and BRAFF. Like wrote into the PRI- wrote and directed his life. But like Yeah I mean Pete. I think some of that also is going to be i. think some of the stuff that's going to hurt him. A little bit is like. How quickly and young that he was successful. because I think people like to shit on that. Yeah that never goes over well with no, especially like the twitter people all at twitter people like people that have been in the industry like a time I. Have I don't know what other comedians think about Pete Davidson, but well. Here I actually think so. They're making this like quasi of semi bio pic. That I find slightly uninteresting. whereas Davidson's actual life is very interesting like. I think in this movie if they would just made p Davison, play a little bit, young and employee a little bit. And you know went into the tragedy like if if this movie is p Davidson dealing with the tragedy of his own father's death, which is. Very thinly veiled why not? Why not just go with the true way that his father died, and why not talk about his struggles, but also the fact that he's the youngest. SNL CAST member ever tw- Won T. He's on one of the biggest shows a star making show at the age of twenty. He's a kid I didn't realize he was that young and four. That's when he started and before that he already had a career. He was doing standup. he had some movie. Roles like cameo type roles when he's a kid like so young, so. I find his actual life so much more interesting with so much more mine. To be, honest. That I don't know why. They didn't just make a biopic. Because people starring in their own biopic can work. Howard Stern's private parts is excellent. How honey boy last year honey! You can really in your own biopic and also like Howard Stern's private parts, you can be in your own biopic and it can be very funny. Yeah so I feel like. That might have been a better movie. Interesting. I think you're probably right there hopefully shorter movie. So. What do you got your fees? Oh, boy, I gotTa do more all right. I got one more. One more I have a bunch of bad ones Because it's kind of that same lake nebulous. Category of. Movie This this two thirds of a movie. We Watch which is why you end up, just googling generic things what? help. Help Google. I gotTa do this podcast. Yesterday just two-thirds of a movie. That's the whole movie somehow. So you know, but I think we've had some good ones so far. Let's let's bring it home, JC. Yes so this one might be too similar to my last one, but for another kind of specific town and also somebody who. Seems to be. Kind of a jerk and driving all the other characters, crazy actually picked. Another movie that my co host really likes actually pick lady bird I picked Lady Bird, because it's very sacramento. Sure and she's. kind of a jerk in the movie. She's absolutely disliked and in this movie. It's look. It's a lot of the same There's even a a line in this one. Like his sister asks him to give Mama break when she leaves, and like he's like what am I? GonNa get my break and she's basically like everyone cares and cottle's you and she says you know you're my older brother. You're supposed to look out for me and every second I'm away from you. I worry about you, and that's what you do to people like And that's what it is. He's very selfish and things about himself all the all the time like when he goes to visit his friend in jail, he's just trying to see if he can crash at his house for a while although there is that funny beat where the one guy is not actually getting catfish in that girl was real, and she was visiting him in jail, which actually thought could have been a funnier reveal Yeah, and when he sleeps with Kelsey just so he could have a place to crash like he's. He's just. He's actively a jerk and just like a tornado in everyone's life like. Everyone around him. He makes the he not only like like rex their life, but he makes people worry about him. Because in how self destructive Tau self destructive, he is as well, he's like a double, edged sword and It's kind of like is so. Given his kind of. Unlike ability and his dissatisfaction with with. That's the weird thing. He's not so disatisfaction, but like you know where the setting is almost a character in the movie as well sure I kinda. Lady Bird where Sacramento is definitely a setting in that a definitely character in that movie and. she also just struggles with being like a just like a a an emotional tornado for everyone around her as well so that's why I picked lady bird is a a puzzle piece. I gotTA. Tell you JC you? You knocked it out of the park for your last piece. I think it's great. You're so nice. You're the nicest host I think. It's a perfect perfect puzzle piece for this. I think it's exactly the feeling I get from. From Davidson's character as like you said, there's like Tornado. That's just kind of like sucking the energy out of everything, and it's like just you know it's like. Just a total pain for everyone around, and I actually had trouble enjoying lady bird the first time because I was like this person is just such a pain in the ass, and then the second time I watched it. I really loved it but yeah. No, I think it's I think it's a really great piece I think totally makes sense and That's a great one and I will move on my final piece, which is not so. Great of a piece. His. I was thinking I was kind of laughing about the fact that. The, the his art, which is what is going to his his career path. It's just an awful and I saw. It reminded me of Tom Green's character in Freddy got fingered. which is is is all fast forward. His cartoons with his x Ray cat, and all that and he is. He is not really that talented. Thing is in. In this movie, though hold on a second he's. He's awful, but then suddenly he draws a really great ice flash, or whatever in that notebook and I'm like what the Heck He. Why is he suddenly? Good lease doesn't make any sense good in the middle. Because then it ends with the terrible tattoo on on a bill burs back, so it's like. Why is he terrible? Then he's great, and now he's terrible again I think they have undiagnosed multiple personalities in their one of them's the worst drawer. Ever born, and the other one is pretty is decent and decent. They're not consistent with how good or bad his are is. Very very interesting choice I wonder if there's because I. Don't know I see tattoos. Sometimes I'm just like I I, don't I. Don't get it I. Don't have any tattoos myself, boy. I wonder if people. Don't line I. Don't have a thing. No, you think I should get something, Jasey. PUT JC down there? Oh, okay! Artistically the artists yeah, okay well. We'll have to discuss this at a later date and time came and we'll see all. Put Dr on one of my cheeks. You get to pick a left or right. I I, like it. I like well. We gotta definitely we gotTA coordinate. Make sure that they you know. The right ones for Samar. We'll we'll go to the same artists. I'll make a trip absolutely. Will make. Well I. DON'T I. Go ahead and do the finished puzzle. We'll get into some closing. Thoughts on the King of Staten Island. We talked about say anything. Big Daddy clerks to knocked up slacker garden. State Lady Bird and Freddy got fingered which I, we went with slackers from beginning to end. spart. yeah I i. think that says a lot about what this movie is, and what this character is like and for anybody who hasn't seen the movie. You know kind of what they're getting ourselves into. You know from the I kind of mentioned it briefly, but I thought Bill Burr Maroteaux Tome were both great. I would've loved to see more of them. Stick he actually I saw some like some interview with him and. He talked about how judd appetite said had some for him, and then he goes, he said very normal in Hollywood here about something, and then not hear about it forever, and then suddenly it's there in your face and said that like a year later up tells like hey, member that thing talk to you about a year ago. Yeah, you WanNa do that still and of course, Bill Burr is like wait your appetite and resumes, and the of course like of course I'm not going to say no to this and talked about how he was almost like he had total like imposter syndrome, acting opposite. Rossetto May. Just, yeah, he just felt like. How am I hear he D-? He seemed so just. Grateful and What am I trying to say? What's that word when you're not fully yourself Humble humble bull, and that is very humble. Yes, so! Good for bill, burr good stuff an. Absolutely Yeah I. Kinda liked his cartoon F. as for any other closing thought. Oh man closing! I, mean final thought yet. This was an appetite movie character change in this. I don't think so I. Think I again. I think it's overly long. He cuts nothing they're just. Plot, threads or things that happened that never come back into play ever or an IRA exist significant, and just kind of meanders around, and then they kind of throw something at the end where okay. I guess that was a movie. Yeah, I guess that was I. Guess that's the place to wrap it up that works. Basically what they said sure. So, but you know I don't think it's so. It's not my favorite like I won't watch that again. There was nothing in it. That was like some comedic. You Know Gold Mine of a scene that I can't wait to watch on Youtube, or I can't wait to watch the movie again. I'd say actually it's not very funny. No, it's. It's probably his least funny movie, but I didn't dislike It's it's it's a pretty good movie, but it's not very funny. I don't think people should go into it expecting a comedy. Yeah, I, just talking in staten. Island with the King of podcasting. David Resin. Well JC from screen fix. Have you seen another movie recently? You'd like to recommend to our listeners O-. Data Thing A. Is. A thing on this show is a thing. Oh my gosh to have I seen. Yeah, sure Here's a movie that I. Did like that came out right on the heels of this movie. five bloods I watched a five bloods. That's another movie that takes its time. It does a lot of meandering, but a movie hasn't made me feel as. Emotionally heavy. As that movie did I I had. Twelve, I had like twenty different feelings going on throughout the course. That movie I'd it was i. think that is fantastic and I think delroy. Lindo has to be the front runner or an Oscar in a year where. Movies are being postponed and. Pushed in here and there. You, know obviously we're. Having to survive on streaming fair which has hit or Miss sure the the the Camille Nanjiani, and all the love Bryson Yeah I did not think that was very good at all. wasn't and you know. Some of the other stuff that's come in. That's has come out that we have to like watch because there's not much content out there to consume this one. Though Bam, like this is a real movie. Spike Lee is on a hot streak after Black Klansman, and that's an excellent one to check out and I think. Absolutely fantastic movie, and it's funny. While I was finishing up my notes for this conversation of the King Staten. Island this morning I was just looking at my screen and I'm just like. Why am I even doing this movie why I doing five bucks? That's better movie, but you know this was fun. This one hit hit. Number, one on the streaming charts, and on some some of the other ones where you can basically all the the big sites were you could have rented this movie or bought this movie? It was numb number one and then yeah sir. It's worth doing I think if people are GonNa Watch something, though and you spend your time watch something. That's a little long in really good. The defy bloods where you're GONNA WANNA. Put your put your time. Hell. Yeah, agreed right there, well JC wedding and tell people where the your podcast all right? My podcast is called screen fix. It is a show where. Where we fix quote, unquote a recent film. It doesn't mean they were mean about it. Sometimes we fixed movies and be like it's just a fun exercise just like when you see a movie with your friends and he go get a beer and you talk about the movie and somebody says you know what I would have done. That's our shell so It is me I. Have a co host that goes by the lady won and we always have a guest, not always. We usually have a guest. David Rosen is an all-star on our show. This guy can fix them with the best of them. And I like having him on. His hair is curly as mine. So curly Bros. we can't get too close to each other or hair might lock. So. Yeah, it's that's A. that's a danger, but Yeah. I show, you can find it at screen fixed pod DOT com. You can also find it on apple podcasts. spotify! Every would guest star, but it's true and I've seen it with my own eyes right, or you can follow us on twitter screen fixed pod. we say stuff, sometimes on there I tweet a tweet, stuff and yeah. Please check us out. It would be great our episode outright now as extraction, and we are also doing an episode on King of Staten Island for some reason. Feelings a lot like yours, but yeah, so check us out. And also piecing pod is the best go rate and review and subscribe to piecing pod gave it five stars. Talk it out all your forms in your rabbits and what you kids do. David, Rosen's star. I I feel like I should cut that little last bit out and make it my new ad that I send other podcast. See My feet under horror, the military advice at the flesh eating pigeons can only be stopped by destroying the brain stem, and they do not poop. That makes no sense. Why did they do that? One podcast fights the forces of evil. Improve diabolic disintegrated. Triumph over adversity, you I'm not sure how to pronounce this word. Lap, and brings live your life joy. Silliness! PODCAST is release. The. Cloud. Coming to near your head now release the clowns sketch comedy podcast on pod, being tunes Youtube spotify and all reputable platforms. Yes quite marvelous. I'll read so I would like to think JC for joining me on that episode I. Hope You guys enjoyed it. The King of Staten Island is on Vod right now. Also check it out or don't. It's just alright, but you should check it out because I. Mean it's shut appetite, a lot of a lot of funny people involved in the movie and. Bill burs really good in it. So. Thank. You all for listening as always I do want to remind you to make sure subscribe to piecing it together on your podcast. App of choice, you can rate and review us if you're enjoying the show over on apple podcasts where Pod chaser and follow us on social media at Piecing pod. We also have the Patriots going right now. Which I do post advance. episodes on, and we'll be posting some new exclusive music stuff in. In July that's going to be kind of my main focus in the month of July actually so I'm GONNA be getting a lot of that? Put together as that we could start getting it up on the Patriot on, and then also start getting my next regular album ready to go. also July is going to be the return of all rice beans, which I'm very excited about which is a restaurant podcast which I was producing. All during the beginning of this year up until the COVID, pandemic hit in restaurants closed, so we made the decision to put the show on hiatus for a little bit, but Stephanie is ready to get that going and I'm excited to get back to recording it so more. All Rice beans coming your way real soon. So I, think that does it for today's episode. Let's close this thing out with a piece of music as I always do on the show. And you know for the jet appetite style of comedy film I, feel like I should go with something from. My often Pushed to the side and not talk about comedy wrath career that I used to do back in college and I think a good one to play would be attract called. Don't eat fire. I feel like if Pete Davidson captured heard the sewing. Maybe he'd have learned something in grown up a little bit earlier on in life before. Too Bad so this is donate fire. It's actually from a group called demise and rocks. I'm D- rocks and. We have a whole bunch of awful. Funny, but awful rap music out there. Don't search for it. You don't need to listen to, but listen to this track and we'll be back with more piecing it together next week. Now. uh-huh! Is An. A. Place to be. Win The little message for all the kids. You. Go to. College. Just? Dave any. Fire Kids Lewis. Only fire your buddy. Don't be a dummy you won't. Swallow burnaby. Say on your porch with your Basal George W cute little face now looks like a fork job. If you don't WanNa, get a job working showstopper. Put out the flame. Kids, Shows. Only. Time to. Look in his eyes when you shake. Use Your left hand. Around a bitch polite and treat a nice make sure you call them. Miss, take every. Course if you don't want good even. Tell us. How? You don't have to show. Out if she gets. A bad tire. Kinda tired you. Don't get. To be alliance, don't data. She's GonNa be a quiet. Retires. Boys girls don't eat by. The most! then. All points West production produced by David. Rosen in Las Vegas.

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