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Welcome to another episode of your medical benefits, presented by Tracy mcmanamon, president of one source benefits with twenty nine years of experience in Medicare. Tracey takes the confusion out of how Medicare works and shows how to make it work for you. Hi, thanks again for joining me today. Today's a really important program because we're going to dive into a program that most people that are on Medicare or going onto Medicare did not know that it actually exists. I don't think you're gonna find this information at a lot of places, and I had a gentleman commend my office. Just the other day. Name is Pete eighty years old looks like he's sixty five years old. But he's eighty years old from my church Bennett, a university professor for twenty plus years. So he's been on conventional health insurance. And when I talked to him about Medicare, and in particular these twenty or so procedures he was blown away. He had good health insurance through. So he thought through a Blue Cross plan. But when I went over the list of things that he's now eligible for he was just amazed. And he said at the end of it he said, wow, they really do. Care about their seniors. So I think this is important program. You might want to get a piece of paper and a pen because I'm gonna give you some information to write down and help you, and I'm also going to Email, you if you call me, I'll give you this checklist. That's just incredible. It's put out by the center for Medicaid services. And it is just a wonderful wonderful document. It was just recently released, and I'll be happy to Email it to you. So let's dive into these twenty different procedures. Now, not all of these are going to apply to you. I realize that. But if you have a spouse ca some of these are female related it's important to know about this. First of all an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. This is done once when you first join Medicare you can have it done. And it's probably a pretty good idea that everyone go through this. If you follow through with these procedures, and you go see a Medicare. Doctor these services won't cost you anything. Alcohol misuse, screening and counseling, number two. Again, at the doctor is in the Medicare network, which is fairly broad, especially if you have a supplement plan you can have this done for face to face counseling sessions per year. How about for the ladies of bone mass measurement screening again if it's medically necessary. It can be done more often. However, it's generally once every twenty four months. Women in particular seem to have issues with bone mass density, and this is a free program that they're eligible for again, staying on the women mammograms breast cancer screening once every twelve months pay for by Medicare. If you go to a Medicare Dr. Awesome program. How about a cardiovascular disease you can have screenings for that again done once every year. Cervical and vaginal cancer screenings again, tremendous program program that applies to generally one particular segment of our population. But it does look for a number of different cancer related illnesses that are prevalent. How about colon cancer? You've all heard of that you've probably known somebody. Unfortunately, that's gone through colon cancer. He could have colon cancer done screening done again, depending on the medical necessity of all these things, but in some cases blood test, for example, once every twelve months, and then after that you have to follow the instructions of your provider. But generally, it's once every hundred twenty months, if you're considered high risk it may be once every twenty four months or as often as necessary. How about depression? Do you know anybody that's on Medicare that currently is a little bit depressed? Well, you may be able to get a screening done one time per year for free. Tremendous benefit that Medicare provides force diabetes screening, and even some self management training programs that are done for you to kind of walk you through how to manage your diabetes. Medicare cares about our senior population. This is an awesome program. That's probably very much under utilized. Clock home attests, boy, how many of us seniors are in need of glaucoma tests. Again, it's covered. Generally once every twelve months sometimes more if medically necessary. Hepatitis C? Also can be done under the Medicare program. HIV screening lung cancer screening, medical nutrition therapy can also be done and people that have certain illnesses like diabetes or end stage renal or kidney transplants may be able to get it more often obesity screening. All my goodness. How about that? That can be done under Medicare to help. You lose weight into get your weight under control. Certainly prostate cancer sexually transmitted diseases and infections are going to be covered flu shots pneumonia shots shingles shots things like that people that might be considered high risk for hepatitis b even smoking cessation programs are offered through Medicare. Eight face to face visits during a twelve month period to see a provider now, I mentioned at the outset that there's a checklist, and I'll be happy to check send this checklist to you via Email there's twenty different things what I recommend to my clients. And I would recommend to you is that you actually print this off for take this this document into your doctor and say doctor, this is my initial welcome to Medicare. Visit or this is my yearly wellness visit. I'd like to have I'd like to discuss these twenty items with you now it'll probably floor them because you want to talk about twenty different medical procedures. But at least you'll have the document in front of you. And again, as I mentioned earlier, some of these procedures will not apply to you. I understand that. But it's a good handy. Reference tool that I think would be very very useful for you. As I said, this is put out by the center for Medicare services, and it was just recently published. So I do happen to have it available via Email. If you wanted to Scott any this, please feel free to give me a call. But if you want the document, please call me directly at eight seven seven five four nine one two one two again, that's eight seven seven five four nine one two one two, and I'll be happy to just Email it to you if you can Google this, of course, and you might get, you know, thirty five different websites. You wanna make sure that you have the latest version, and I do have the latest version. This was just recently released March twenty seventeen so call me, I'll be happy to send it to you be happy to talk with you on Medicare going a little more detail about what these things might cover. I'm certainly not a doctor, and there's different things that are going to be covered by different Medicare programs. So we can talk about that. When you call I do offer free consultation programs. You know, I wanna tell you one other story. It's amazing in the last couple of weeks. I've gotten phone calls from insurance agents. Who didn't know some of the things that I've shared with them. And I even had a Medicare provider. Call me and say, you know, I've been listening to your podcasts. And can you help me? I didn't know about this. Or I didn't know about that. So go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you wish take advantage of my free consultation program, I'm happy to help. I been doing this for twenty nine years, folks. Some happy to help you. I answer my own phones. I am not a call center. I'll be here this year next year and the year after and so on to help you with Medicare. Thank you so much for listening. God bless you have a great day. Thank you. For listening to another special episode of your medical benefits with industry expert, Tracy mcmanamon to take advantage of the free consultation session on your own Medicare benefits. Call him today at eight seven seven five four nine one two one to thank you for listening. And God bless you.

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