December 13, 2019, on the National Day Calendar


This is the national daily welcome to December thirteenth on the National Day calendar. Today we honor those who keep us safe at home mm-hmm and a drink that keeps the cold more after the break from our founder Marlow Anderson. Do you love to start the day with a smile. Join the celebration nation by picking picking up your very own twenty twenty national day calendar visit our website at National Day calendar Dot Com for our full color printed guide to all the fun on an unusual ways to celebrate every day. The National Guard and Air National Guard are made up of citizen soldiers who serve both community and country and offer a versatility speed and strength that enables them to respond to domestic emergencies from the American revolution to Hurricane Katrina and beyond while the name of this organization was not declared until nineteen thirty three and official militia was established in the American colonies on December thirteenth eighteenth. Sixteen thirty six today. We celebrate the approximately three hundred and fifty thousand men and women that make up more than thirty. Nine percent can't the army's operational force and honor them on the national guard birthday on a chilly December. Day Few people care about the difference between hot hot cocoa and hot chocolate as they both provide a favourite cold weather comfort drink but on national cocoa day. We celebrate the convenience of a beverage made with cocoa powder heated milk or water and sugar to instant results. Give us time to debate whether the cocoa butter found in drinking chocolate. My taste better but we bet that as the marshmallows melt or the whip cream disappears. You're already satisfied with the cocoa powders tasty results. While the Mayans and Aztecs knew nothing of cocoa's healthy flavonoids content. There is a reason. This drink has been popular for thousands. It's of years. Learn more by following us at National Day calendar Dot Com or on facebook instagram and twitter. And thanks for joining us on our journey as we celebrate every day.

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