JRE MMA Show #84 with Brendan Schaub


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I think so so people keep giving me cool shit. Yes take me this mushroom dried mushroom. People give me all this cool shit and so I go. Oh thank you and then I don't know where to put a Senate. Dan ackroyd vodka in the corner. There Air Cool Skull Vodka. Thank God I've never seen someone. Push Vodka so hard on a Polish. He goes hardened paint with this podcast sales promotions very smooth. And it's Dan Ackroyd say like I'll via just to let I want to hear you talk whose brother I'm in dude. Come on man. He was a cone head. He's he's one of the original Saturday night. Live slayers layers like the real. Oh Gee what brothers. Blues Brother's yeah. Hey we started this podcast off talking off the record and I thought it was probably good for everybody here like when I'm so happy you're not fighting and what we're saying. I know that I was a Dick to you to get you to stop doing it. But I felt felt like there was almost no other way that you were GonNa let I felt like I felt scared. I've seen too many people that are just. There's this there's a moment where it changes with a stop being that person and they keep fighting and you see see you see the deterioration and no one steps in and no one stops them and then taught you'll talk to him alone man. Maybe run Newman Vegas. Maybe you both have a couple of drinks each other at the bar and you're like hey how's things and you have these conversations and then the reality sets in things are not good for a lot of these guys. Allow these guys taken punishment for too long. There's no bringing him back man they get to this spot where you know. Everyone knows there's something wrong and no one says anything to them and I was real scared that that was gonNA happen to you. I was real scared. You know like I didn't anticipate when we do that crazy. PODCAST that wound up being this like intervention. I didn't even know I was GonNa do it while it was happening. I was like I this. You GotTa Stop Stop. That's always thinking you've gotta get. I was a little high. But we're GONNA I don't even remember if he would probably wear but remember being so sensitive live to it. There's something has to be done like now. You kind of you had so many other possibilities that there's if like most guys that are all all in on fighting they don't have anything on the side like there's almost nothing else there there's almost just fighting and maybe a family right but you were you were starting to flourish moorish. You're hilarious on podcast. What can go away being guys come shells and man I it right? Oh Dow that you're out you you see it right yeah thank thank God or whoever's up there man for you and Brian Cowen thank fucking I no. It came out dickey. I know it did and I know I apologize and apologize now but I think he could do it. I WANNA listen. I knew you had this pride I'd like you were like we were talking about before the show. Your top ten professional heavyweight in the biggest organization the world. That's a that's a identity thing the two men that you people get strapped into that identity. It's one of the harder things about fighters is when you quit. You have to find meaning in your life like what what are you you good at now but dude for me I know I never did anything professionally but it was the formative stages of my life where the only thing that gave me any feelings of good was martial arts feel like a loser the only thing the only thing everything else that felt good drawing but even then my drawing teacher. She didn't like me. I had friends that I was close within the class. We all drew and we liked our stuff but man I felt like a fucking loser except for martial arts so when I quit and then I'm just doing comedy I suck at comedy I was eating shit and I was like what am quitting for quitting something that I was good at to be something that I suck at. It may be thinking I have this pipe dream that could eventually making a living out of. I remember that feeling of not having an identity and obviously when you're twenty one no one has an identity anyway away you're always so fucking confusion your head trying to figure it out. I was super fortunate where I was surrounded by guys. Like you Callin- Burt Tom. And it's just like where the I wanted to be in that party I was. I was so fortunate I see the stars Aligned for me where I was at this party over here guys we're getting CT and fighting and it's fucking grind and then you guys are over here Mike while I wanna be one of them. I'm good man. I'm good I want to do that. And I think it took doc that bridging that gap you to be honest I think that would. That's the only way that you could have done it because the the ego that I had at the time especially the fighting men that level it was like that Egos insane the narcissist and the the dream of I can beat Kane or St Bay. These guys and I think the only way that I could bridge. That gap is by going so hard in the paint. I was so scared about in Gano associated. They're going to fight you within Ghana or someone like that. You know what I mean. I was so scared you were going to get marked by some some when you weren't all in anymore. Those big fucking when when you watch like when when Francis murked ovary with that leftover cut Jesus Christ of that was you and I was calling that fight right man. It'd be an I love ouster. He's a great guy. I have a deep appreciation for him as a fighter. Oh yeah and my feeling was when he came mm-hmm over k one Grand Prix champion. This celebrated striker we've ever had in saw in his fight with brock listener phenomenon. Dude he people doc one of the things that makes have Francis. Ko So fucking craze insane. I mean he did the same thing to junior dos. Santos remember over him. Did he hit him with a beautiful left. Hooks very similar. Punch super worried about that with you man but I also I also think too for me. It was like this quick but ascension into into this and I'm fighting these top ten top fifteen guys. I'm in this I'm in this world but it's like almost like a cheat code because I was really athletic has really really athletic with my background so I got a pass. A Lotta guys fast. Math lettuces them. But then you get to a certain point where fighting these vets. They've they fought big powerful athletic guys before but then it comes down to experience and technique. And that's always always GonNa win nine times ten. That's it's always gonNA win. The thing is about striking to striking when you mix them with wrestling you can kind of get away with a lot more a lot. More crazy shit happens. People knocked people out that maybe would knock people out normally Kevin Random. It was an amazing example that he knocked out Mirko Cro cop with a left hook during the street kickboxing match. It's definitely possible. The Kevin could do that. Kevin was an incredible athlete. But you would favor heavily that Mirko would be able to stuff that all day all day most likely because he was so elite in that realm but you add striking to 'em may and you know there's like there's so much craziness going on that. Sometimes it's hard for people to clearly establish Dabbler like who's actually better on their feet until someone can stop the craziness that there's a line. Yeah and then you get to this level this level we get like a monster doll. He's is a perfect example because he's so God damn good. He's so smart so technical and he finds these openings. That may be other people. Don't see or maybe they you can't get to where those openings are and he finds so you think you're doing good you think you're doing he's waiting. He's waiting for the moment where he sees the spot that he's been looking at and Bom ooh him. He Cracks Darren till with that step in left hook and puts them out. You fucking animal like Darren till now cold come on. I think John's one of those guys like we kind of because of his last few opponents ruins God. Maybe he's always. Let's watch I go. Oh He's playing with food. He's playing with his food and it's not I'm not disrespect affect those guys who is fodder dominic. Reyes who's GONNA fight but for John You look at his legacy in the legends. That he's fought. It's tough to get up for the challenge. So he's playing with his food right now. Well wait till he fights. I'm telling you wait till he goes the heavyweight. You're going to see the old John when he when when there's actual where he thinks it's a challenge. Wait till Huseyin fight a steep Air Francis. You're GONNA see the the monster come out just picking with this food. I'll do that all right. L. Let's do it. I think I think he's in cruise control. I think you're entirely early correct. And I think when you are at that elite level when you've never been defeated one loss it's a bullshit loss. Everybody knows that bullshit loss. He's really should get his record. Clean sheet something something you mean. It cleared him with this whole peak. Graham Shit the found out that this is we just have this new ability to measure substances in the most miniscule. You'll amounts that. It's so ridiculous that just some random sort of vitamin that has some contaminant one one millionth of a fucking grammar. Whatever the hell it does Dick Piano protein while the shit test positive? That's not a drug. It's not like someone's cheating it's just cleared him on that right. You saw it makes this whole statement about the new way. They're viewing this stuff because the fact they're equipments just amazing. You can't hide from them. I liked that you saw it went. Yeah it's so good it's because because we're we're going to back off Yup and learn from it I love it. I love that. They did the same with marijuana. They realized that we we're not dealing with a performance enhancer. So long as these guys aren't fighting. Hi this is helping them sleep and relax not hurt. It's not helping anybody in terms of not making them stronger faster so it might help them with anxiety and a lot of other things so they they. They released that. They're doing good things but with John. It's cleared that he wasn't taking anything some some shit that's a residual like arrested. Do that's on something else and contaminated supplement. Same thing would happen with Tim. Means to means got busted the same way they drag it out with him for months when he was at its peak. It really is peaking in the UFC. He's one of the most interesting welterweight all of a sudden boom. He gets suspension from tainted supplements. You look at the ice thought fucking steroid you. How about Tom Lawlor? Yes career Josh Barnett. I know same. People are upset but we don't look like we're trying to move forward and get better. It sucks for those guys and I I feel so terrible for this guy's perview Saudi like our bat. We learn though man. There's nothing you saw has a long career. You know when you got a a guy like tim means or garlic There's a window will. Josh has had an extremely long window obviously youngest ever. UFC heavyweight champion the longest But that extremely long window I mean it's it's going to come to a close and they took away a large chunk of in for something that turned out to not be accurate. But they're gonNA last long time with these guys like they say at like at their peak the best fighters have nine years at their peak dot the longtime too long time. The only guys really hit that nine year stride at peak form I think Anderson Fade. Or there's a few real legends. GSP OBVIOUSLY SP Jason John. Obviously right. John is undefeated undefeated right now. I mean they took his title away. Wins it back. Never never lost title fight. And you're dealing with the guy wins. The title youngest ever in the sport flying the opener on Shogun headed just nothing but success since then people like inspecting him with Mike Spikes expecting him to fall off. You're dealing with the go-to mets hilarious. He's the goat and even after the Santos fine my consensus at one leg. So I went back and watched John Jones fight. And you watch you like. Oh He's in Kikkan and give two who fucks about being in the right now but he was smart too smart. It's dangerous but at the same time he could've took him down his coaches dude manager like we were like dude. You'd take him down he's like now. I'M GONNA stand with this one. It's hard for me to see because you look at the resume of guys he's beat and then they're like again. It's not an economic doc and Democrats. Now Knock on Cranston or Anthony Smith. But here's Anthony Smith and Johnson all right. Yeah let's do it man so you know that he's fucking with his food right now. Well he's so good but he still able to fight the Gustafsen fight. The early on the first one was a perfect example of him. I'm falling into a trap right partying. Too Hard. Didn't train train for two weeks or barely right camp was like they were saying what. What do we do here? He goes out in guts. It out wins in the stretch winds down the stretch like he had to be pushed to wind down the stretch then training for that fight. I'm talking the Best I've ever seen in the training room. I was like magic. Oh this guy's never gonNA lose. Oh He's the best I've ever seen. Hewitt's spar five rounds with me then jump in with a heavyweight professional boxer and fuck him up five five five five. beat the Fuck Outta me. And I'm like what he's never gonNA lose John. Didn't you understand Dan. David trained entering the distance and one down the stretch one down. Stretch gutted it out that an Guston's the best light heavyweight of all time if he was in a different era and there's no John Jones he's the goat but you sad to say that's how good he is. He's the goat if those two fucking guys aren't there right close this close good the first fight yes within the second fight. John's runs over because John took it serious and I wanted to prove he's good. Check this out how about the DC fight all right beach indecision. That's cool back boom head kit and not just a head kicked head kick on the cyber. DC said you're not gonNA trick me into leaning towards my right where you can hit me with. That left kick like they actually had a conversation about it that goat. Here's here's what's this is. Light heavyweight is so I was I just wish John Dipak you guys. Do you think build the do not no. No no no no. I like what he's doing. Well he's defendant at sure sure. But here's here's the thing he. He's not stimulated by that he's talking shit to the middleweight champion. The world busy talking shit too is Israel's talking shit to him too that's they're having a lot of entertaining. Yeah they're having a lot of fun. I listen ultimately. I think it's good for everybody. I think that's the little feud between Izzy and John. Jones first of all elevates because all these people that didn't know who he was like. Why is John Jones Talking Shit? Oh look at this month of Shit. He's good and then they watch his fight to go. This is why hi John Jones Takeshita because he's starched Robert Whitaker. Basically the end of the first round the fight was over over me. Robert Whitaker was Fox Ville and is due in social media. He's he's good everywhere. How about this is great guy? The best he's a great guy level land honest faulk learn some. I'm twenty s when he told me that I give them a hug. I was so excited for him. I thought it was a car. Guy Goes He'll be announcement. I spotted because it looked like this anime character. Right Eh got the right car. Is it on the right side. I when I know a car is awesome. But it's GonNa Steering Wheel on the wrong side of Mike. I get away from me I so this incredible Porsche. Nineteen seventy-two are asked but it had the steering wheel on the right hand side of my cat Outta here with that car. It was on the wrong side. What's crazy is is? He told me they actually offered the fight tomorrow. Do you know that she's and he went. Smart he's smart because he went on. And you'RE GONNA Canal. Oh me fully may with helme. You're trying to get me while I'm really young in the game. No no no. We're doing two years. We're doing two years in Vegas. Yeah is he the twentieth. That's beautiful car man. One the other day they sound good to the spaceship inside They're beautiful man. That's a beautiful beautiful car. Great fucking. He's special man I think he's going to be the next big superstar really do got everything going for him. Talent great personality. He's fun fun. I mean He. He fights with as much skill as we've ever seen a striker I mean he's Anderson Silva two point. Oh he really is man his striking's out of this fucking world man. But he has all the skills Anderson had but he's amazing on the Mike Terrible in the well and the fun of it though. Those almost like well don't talk. He was so good. Didn't matter agree like Anderson was so good. It didn't matter if we didn't understand. We said everybody loved him and because he was it was like the Go-to at the time. Also but also the game's different now so much of spectrum. Entertainment answer still be Anderson but it was different back then were you. Wear more are appreciative of those guys. I feel like I don't know maybe. The Fan base understood the sport. More 'cause like Jesse was huge Shit talker Anderson Silva not a great I should like. We'd love those. CAIN Velasquez Terrible. Tom Never Talk Shit. Yup Yup. GSP's perfect example. Nothing but nice always never talk shit now. Never Max Holloway Meantime Max talk a little shit but it's more playful. Guess we'll see we'll see but stopping or really didn't talk shit unless you if you initiate it game match. Oh it's a it's a devastator and he's good at it eighty so he likes people John Jones going back and forth. It's kind of fucking care. Both of them. It's great for for Izzy because if John is that concerned about him. Everybody's somebody's gotTa realize that This guy is for real and I always say I wouldn't entertain it when people bring it up. Is he too small. It's just fucking it's nothing it's like bigfoot. Whenever GonNa see it getting the big difference is he's fucking big men? When he walked up? I met him for when you walk the Damn Dude. You're not small. No but he's he's only about two hundred or so pounds like two. Oh five somewhere to three. I think yeah. Isn't that range. John's probably two thirty five right now. Right and and John has two brothers that are elite. NFL athletes prolonged me Bro. He comes from fantastic genetics. I mean he's just got super athlete. Family they're just huge is different big like. Could you see Izzy as a heavyweight. I don't know could he would be overblown. It'd be too hard for him to deal with the really big guys. They swear it's going to happen though. Is He loves it. He says. Go Up to heavyweight the John Jones is he's going to go up go up to. He's down for what he's like. I don't care man. He doesn't care he's so good. Technically I mean who knows man. Maybe he's doing. Specific kinds of training keeps his body light and maybe if he lifted weights to actually get better. The one thing that would worry me about that fight and I'd be rooting hard for his the in that fight but the only thing that worries me is John's wrestling. Oem Forget how could remarked account DC. He he just wanted to make a point first round so if he wants to play that game play it but John can do everything and what he does one thing. He does better than anybody. It's ever ever fought utilize distance. He utilizes distance better than anybody. He's the very best to keeping you here and a lot of people accused him of poking people in the is is there have been some incidents. I don't think he's doing it on purpose. I think and I agree with you. He shouldn't do this but what I'm saying is the way his style list. He keeps you out here and then Bang keeps you out here. Back to the lego bleak kick leg kick popsy with a jab. Hits you with a knee keeps you. It keeps here. He's always Anton feeling out like a snake's tongue. Yeah he's got space like this much space he could fuck you up but you can't hit him. He's got this because he's he's also he's so comfortable in world championship fights he said nothing but world championships jess. So when you're at the top of the food chain with the bright lights main event and you're like Holy Shit. This is the big one. John's like this is a fight all his fight another day another day. Tyson was when Tyson was crushing people. That's how Anderson was when Anderson was crushing. People Thrive in the light. And they get to this point where your you have to be so much better to beat them because your shit in your pants going in your compromise and you're fighting guy who's the peak. He's in the zone. I mean Anderson like when he fought Stephan Bonner in Brazil. Remember that Shit Dude. He was in the zone own man when he fucked up forrest Griffin. He was in the zone. There was this zone where Anastos when front cake vetoing the face. There was Anderson for a few years. It was like Holy Shit genuinely funny people forget we forget. It's hard when you look at it. Retroactively you've got to go back and understand the times we're living we're talking about two thousand five thousand six do remember when he first came on like we knew ovum. Pride if you're hardcore but you didn't know like how good he is and then they go. Hey Chris Lebron we got something for you Christine. Because I'll L. fight him that NOGGIN. That heads tape punches and fucking Anderson lit that dude up. You're like what the fuck is happening right now. I have friends who have been on fights and that was one of them. Listen to me back at the House on the Brazilian. I mean bet the House. How about showed him tiny you? It's GonNa keep going crazy. He was he was fighting over in cage warriors. I remember when he fought Rivera and cage warriors. Let jorges punch him in the face. Oh all right let me and stood right in front of me. Let them punch him in the face. Let them punch FAC- smiles Adam. Kicks his ass and stop some dude. He fucked everybody up over there when he fucked up blee Murray. Mary was Merkin. People with one punch you'll forget to Murray was that guy could crack relevant horrible. Yeah Rob a lot of banks in jail for life son. All they gave him life always going to be in there forever. They didn't even know where the money is missing. Like fifty million dollars hours. It's God Damned Guy Ritchie movie. Now isn't Guy Ritchie making a movie about that on the very. Here's a little people know. Lee Murray came into prominence. That's because he got in a street fight with Tito Ortiz Chocolate L.. was there with chuck. Didn't fight him though right. Not But the rumor is is Lee. Murray Starch Start Tito will hit him. Yeah I knew that he hit him but I think Tito had not making excuses for anybody but I think what I heard. His Tito had like dress shoes on. I talked to chuck about it. And he goes his known got knocked out. It was a scuffle in the we separate. He was chuck hates Tito years. But I'm not GonNa Right. Spread the rumor. He didn't get knocked out. I heard you got punched. Tito's this weekend by the way who's he fighting. Some guy who got we're masking got destroyed by Croak up. Oh that guy that guy all out. But I'm going to wear down under the mask dude. It's like a movie or it's a horror movie hormone get that Dose Caro's go get the Ko from Mirko versus Dole's Carl's Mirko hits. Them with left kicks cemetery right to the fucking dome and when the dude goes out as Z.. Slumps blood is dripping out. The inside of the master crosses horrible. It's like if you're GONNA have Tarantino film this. Come on Bro. Come on the blood dripping down get asked watch this fucking first of all. The Japanese people are so mean. Here it is when he gets them up against the corner is when he lands us let let it roll. Oh here a little bit. He cracks him a few times just to let them know wrestler making a huge mistake. You fucked up so bad because this has no business being in there and Mirko at the time time is the peak. He's the best kickboxer we had ever seen in a sport at that time in the heavyweight division this is like ouster was still not ouster back then he had had made it Mirko was the first. He was the first real k one superstar because he was explosive. Like a lot of the guys that are. Who's maybe Peter Erz? They maybe wouldn't have made the transition. When we marco did Mirko was like that side one shot paying now watching the close up on him Washington closing on me? See the blood to come on bitch. Where's your mask? ooh Out these folks the the Mascot Caro's bar open and make up the blood part. I don't I think did know Blake comes out when they're trying to get it off. Yeah okay so when they go back to the dude okay. There's blood but let me see where the blood comes out of the. Don't they show it dripping. Maybe I saw it on a photo. It's hard to I remember seeing it too but it might be one of those things like the Barron Steen. Gene bears where everybody remembers it wrong right now. The God blood there. There's obviously some bleeding his head because they're cleaning it up but I remember I remember seeing him slumped and then the blood trickles down the Guy Thinking fighting. I had that Sherbet Japanese. Okay fuck it. What was he thinking? Oh man dude food since the this idea they can just do it. Oh it'll be fine. Oh what's the big deal. Mirko fight before. Oh my God dude you knocked back out. I know that haters just kicked kiss his ass. Brennan knocked him out. Yeah man he he had a US still doing the damn thing to row his of Vanderlei Silva is one of the most horrific in the sport the best because that was two fights his his won his first fight with mixed martial arts. Rules like modified rules member. You can only go to the ground for like X.. Amount of seconds some weird rule and if it went to the distance it would be a draw so the fight I went to the distance so then after that Mirco has a series of fights with high level competition it gets way better at sprawling also brings Dean lister into his camp for doom as well for doom So he gets real comfortable with Jitsu. Real comfortable grappling is working with these elite guys powerful wrestlers the whole deal then they have the second fight. The second fights in the heavyweight tournament van delays on all the Mexicans. I love that man. That's the best way to find that Burto Cro cop versus Vandal Enderle Silva to. It's a great fight and got bigger than CRO COP Vanderli. If I remember correctly I may be wrong. But I think I'm right Vanderli to eighteen and and CRO COP lead to fourteen Vandeweghe was actually heavy eventually of pure Brazilians. Right about that. If I really those numbers great great mind Vanderlei Silva we had an issue so why why were talking. It was at the whole thing. Go down or just the TV's Vanderlei Silva vs Mirko Cro cop too too because in that one that one Mirko was fully comfortable with with MMA. He wasn't getting taken down. News Vanity wasn't arrested done on. Offense was insane. He wasn't worried about being submitted because he'd been training with Dean lister and breezy overdue. Him So he's just smart. Send in missiles. He's the one who got resume into pride. In Indiana brought for Doumen Four jetsons victims. Like I was kind of cool. Wow that's crazy that's right. That's right before Verdun fought fought junior dos Santos member. No one who does Santos was and I think it was like a late minute. Substitute has yeah. Yeah and junior hit him with the upper go see. This is the second fighting the second five van delay is facing a completely different animal. Because look at that shakes off Cro. Cop was physically strong as fuck. He was moving a real. MMA fighter who's also elite kickboxer. It was a different animal. He'll be like dude. You weren't submitting. He's been rolling for BBC over doom. So he he lets him mom and he just battering straight left hand boom boom before the KO. It's horrific right. He's beating the shit out of Andrew. And Bree van delays supposed to be fighting one eighty-five. That's his real weight class. He's just bulked up and you just can't hang with a guy that's this fucking good as a heavyweight and so then Vandeweghe gets up. Give them a yellow kick to the body and then sets up the big high kick to the head man. He's swinging swinging for. He's swinging for the fences. Eh but do that fucking left kick to the forums right there. Just numbed his arms go ahead kick back up to the kick to the body back up before that watches kick to the body because you Z.. Vandellas arms you don't WanNa do gets Shin slammed into the arms. They have this like like. Oh look at that one right. Yeah Oh my God dude. I mean. He slammed it's hitting forum and Gut. And here's the high kick poem so you eat a couple of those to your body or to your to your arms arms. Everything just goes off. Everything is fucked up now and then he hit someone that high kick. Well shut out the crow shelter. Cro Cop like hospital left lakes. Yeah Yeah Dude. That was a perfect example of pride at its peak. You WanNa know how cocky. I was on a fighter when we came out. You know the first thing I did I through a heike get GROCOTT head. Kick any blocked in smiled like US functioning just hilarious dude about fucking cowboy connor. That's very good fight. Overdue time for it to me to agree are like how cowboys cowboys fighting. Now he's so calm and relaxed. He's lost last two but yeah they were to the top. You know top of the heap. Yeah I mean he fought Geeky. Who I the scariest fucking guy in the division right now? He scares me because gauges like he's he's on a suicide mission. It's like either. He's he's GonNa go or you're going to go and a lot of people say that. But they don't really mean agree he fucking means and he's backed off of that a hair. So he's we still controlled wildness as a Bra. He does not like it. I don't think he necessarily is I think what he is. He's just he's wild. But its intelligent intelligent controlled chaos. It's better than ever and he has a great channel wrestling. Did those fights were didn't go his way because of the chaos awesome. I think he's just making him be just a little bit. More calculated agree just a little bit me. Cerebral fucked up Barboza was like Jesus. Here's here's the thing because I thought there gauges kind of left out in the cold with all these matchups be announced with could be Tony. Connor Cowboy could be kind of left. Our he's just like all right the funk we do now man yeah gauge is a little bit left out in the cold but beaver gauge. You said gauging then you said it could be. I know what you meant. Yeah I get gauge is a little bit left out but if anybody gets injured he's right in there. See we're in this weird place where we're pretending these fights are all going to happen. We hope we hope and pray. Don't they can beep even Tony. We hope and pray that cowboy and connor actually make it to the dance but they might not make it to dance the dance guess who gets a phone call just engaging gauging or Muslim or Mazda Mazda's one seventy he's saying for connor converse cowboys at welterweight deaths. which when it was I announced I was like Oh at fifty five? And that's a tough fight for cowboys slow-starter connors a Finnish comes out the gates. I get fucking Bandy and then my brother takes me in this man you know. It's at wealth railway. Yeah well fuck. Would they do that because Canada's want to lose any weight I think that guy tortured himself to get down forty five so hard and and when you look at what he looked like when he was on the scale when he's flexing you looked Goddamn. Zombie skeleton is horrible. So I think you don't nobody you whether he complains or not about that. Nobody rides for free. You do that to your body for a couple of years you doing some fucking damage and it makes it harder to lose the weight afterwards right. So then he's going up to fifty five he's he's you know he's obviously elite at fifty five win a title at fifty-five has the the great rematch with Da. Seventy right and then comes back in fights Kabaeva fifty five again and gets mauled hauled. You'll he has a fight with cowboy. You'RE GONNA. He's really a fifty five or that. Ken Fight Welterweight. That's the right size for him versus. I don't think nate is fighting fifty five any time in the future now. Too Big now. He's too big but Miley issue with at seventy. I assume his team decided to do it. At seventy seventy is when I look at Kama. Gaza welterweight is his power. The same as it was forty. Five and fifty five is his timing the same as speed no fighting getting a guy who I think in his eyes. He's not really a well to it. You think a fifty five or fifty five because you think he I think he thinks of cowboy as the guy who fight at one seventy but he's really a fifty five. That's fair my only issue with that is and I'm a huge fan. I'll see Surani's a A friend friend of mine so I just wanted to have a great fight but when people were complaining about this fight went the Internet's like ats. Whatever to me? I think it's phenomenal fight. Because I think think if you're a cowboy fan you know I always said cowboys too much of a companyman. The UFC endangered cut. Wait dude fight this fight. Do this quick turnaround right cowboy. The the legend of cowboys born. He's jumping off fucking ships. And whatever the Hell priding fucking bulls and whatever. The fuck is doing the week other fight. And he's killed himself to make wait and I just went. Does it ever work out for anybody. Who says who's a yes man to the UFC not really? But now we've seen it's worked out for cowboy because this is his you know i. Ah I don't put too much into titles anymore. Like this is cowboys title shot. You got the biggest fight in the game you comic Gregor your make your make millions of dollars this golden goose. When he talked he talked to? WHO's been Kobe coming in? Mazda doll could be Tony. Maybe not those two but it talked to anyone who do you WANNA fight. You want says conner. 'cause you know it's the biggest fight you can get in the game cowboy. Got It by being. He's he's he paid his dues. He's earned it. He's getting millions and millions of dollars win lose or draw. It's a a good fight for Kaplan. I think they should make red panties night belt. I'd be cool. Whoever gets to fight conor you get a red panties night belt the belt the belts like the belts or whatever for now 'cause like super hot actress to wear them for a day dude? I'd love that and they win. Those be so sick. A belt with like a framed Red Panties V.. So I think he's you know conners calculated in his comeback. And I think this is a smart fight eight for him because he's not fighting someone who's too big right where I feel like that. Was the argument about nate. Even though nate did of course five fifty five for a long time big. He's he's big dude. And there's some other guys that WANNA fight him at one seventy that a real one seventies like Mazda is a perfect example that Mazda Dow was at one fifty five for a long time. But he's not anymore if you look at his frame like you go look back when he fought like Michael which was like two thousand thirteen fourteen fourteen fourteen somewhere around right. So Mas Vidal back then was like skinny guy and he was real scared wasn't defined. You know a man you know most well. He ruined his body. He was also killed himself to make fifty five. And you can't Pak can't put any muscle when he went up to one seven and we could see who he really is. We knew we really knocked out. Yves Edwards and Bo dogfight school. Remember that yeah. That was an eve was a monster. He was probably the best fifty five pounds in the world. People forget about that today they do forget but one of the reasons why I was trying to think why they do that. Seventy I think you're right. We're cowboy is a natural one fifty five hundred a huge welterweight but the other thing is is now at conner seventy now. He has options he can play in seventy. You play at fifty five in seventy and I. I know his team wants to do and his manager told me MAS would optimist dimissed. They won't be the CO main event against Nick Diaz and they want the connor fight. Is Nick taking fights. He announced on instagram. They is big news about a fight on on a story. I guess some did you see his interview with Ariel. Yep would you think Would you think I didn't. I didn't think you looked happy. No I thought it was real troubled and a lot of rambling. I mean a lot of thoughts trying to get out of his head a lot of rant. You know I mean I think it's it's like. Have you ever watched an interview and be like Dan. That was with him yelling super-quick Jam Jams fucking people talk about that. They're just like the little I know. It's it's tough because again we kick this pot death off with C.. T. and stuff like that. So it's like is. Is that a combination of him fighting hiding is that what's going on there. Those years of the wars or is that just that just him. We don't know but what I don't know him well enough but guys you know that are in that same era. They're having real problems anytime. You gotta remember when he was fighting in strikeforce. God You remember Paul Daily. How about CYBORG fight right? How good was he missed so good? How does frank shamrock fight? Holy Fuck Man. It's a shame what happened with him and his brother in the we didn't we didn't get enough of it. Well the big will nate. Didn't get appreciated enough. And after the yeah and I always said that after the connor fight one of the reasons why those fights were so big was nate and for whatever reason no one was putting that together. I'm like this guy is superstar. People go crazy when they see him like this is not like a regular meal as fucking he smokes weed. He's a stone or champion at any says. Fuck you to the man to that. Even the vegans love him because he sometimes he falls Vegan. Checking all the boxes for Hanson's he's like he's got so many good things he's tough as shit and they'll fight anybody and he's been a veteran. He's been fucking fighting for every so many warriors you think of his fight against Moslo so we haven't talked in a long island. I no Mas Vidal so good man. He's so got Musleh out of the three rounds. I thought it was best case for nate to that. They they did that. That doctor stopped the fight. Because I thought MAS would all was setting up to to finish him and I never been finished so he has been finished. Josh Tom but I'm saying that he was going that way. Yeah it was best case scenario could be like dude. What the fuck where? He doesn't lose any of that. You know right back into the Josh Thompson. Fight was more competitive up until the moment josh land high correct and hiking's good fight. Josh Josh still winning that fight I have to go back and watch more competitive. There was more competitive this muzzle dose. I didn't find it. Didn't they got the Mike and went. Oh re-met no. There's no away when I was like no. That's not how it was certainly competitive in that. Maswadeh was in a fight. It wasn't like he ran over hard rounds but that first first round was devastating. Mazda is fucking good man. He's fucking smart. He sees things and he can act on things that other guys they either don't have the ability to or they don't throw themselves in the fire correctly like he does and then he gets out good his defense is on everything he stands straight up to. He's got a a totally different style. Like when you see. Mas Vidal stand. He's he's hardly changed. Dude he stands straight up. He's got so much confidence in his wrestling takedown defense wentz and his striking and his his octagon IQ that when he puts it all together. He's able to fight with his best. STANDUP stance you know. He's he's fighting like and he makes you aware very clear very quickly your endanger with his hands. He's throwing bombs at your fucking thing about his experience. Experience meant beat. And so now here so you know when you talk to him. He's like the bell fucked Appel the title. He's like Kobe and tomorrow or just that their third or fourth options for me men there. I'm looking at Nick Diaz. I'm looking at Connor. You know. There's just he's like I don't care about the Batman I see why hi he would say that but I think it would be a real shame if right now in his prime of primes he didn't fight for the title. I just feel like he's so close that that would be. He's huge right now. Huge Hewitt around the stream fight knicker connor. No interesting. No well I wanna see I no matter what Colby and use mon you and you're getting that yes. That's getting super excited about that. Fight once that's done I want Mas Vidal to fight for the title. Whoever's got the belt I think if Mazda and Nate Diaz or Nikki has don't fight on the under character self-doubt GonNA fight? They have audio. I know they want it. And his management said the UCLA has reached out to nick and they're trying to figure that out if they do make that happen. I mean of course I'm going to be excited to see it of course but my thoughts are that right. Now we're experiencing maswadeh on this very strange zone. Where you see fighters enter into it whether it's through this rededication or refocusing of his of his his intent and his discipline you know he he knows story how we went and did that? Reality Show and came back and was like nick. He didn't have any food man. He's fucking south. American reality show. He had to go to this village and ask for food. He also said he got he had time to like get out from like sit back and ask about everything going on. It was like this is what i WanNa do and then came back was like. Let's do it man than just. He became this superstar. And I I just you know when when when I meet those guys in ops another store and you get a random you just have this sense of just like I'm so happy for them and that's why I talked about a Nicholas fight for four. Hey talk about Karma Gregory fight because you're not the titled Like Tomorrow in Kobe. They're not making real money men. You don't think that the coal being that Kobe's going to bring in a a lot of people know record say does it and I love Kobe's fantastic fighter ben as far as ticket sales and pay per views. No let me does from the UFC from the AFC. This colby with one big win right now. Like he hasn't fought in a while riding fights Robbie lawler before that it was a whole year. It hasn't been a lot of activity. Him and Dana hate each but his crazy shit talking with his three dollar suit and his fucking Maga- hat and his bullish rivers if he gets through it right. Yeah he gets through and HE BEATS KAMARA USE MON and it gets on the Internet and it becomes a thing. He could be the next huge superstar. He knows what he's doing and you and I both know him. He's not like fucking character he's a really Nice Guy he's smart as Shit and his fucking discipline is unparalleled and people look look at him with that stupid suit on and the magazine and he's carrying around Donald Trump junior book. fucking amazing dude. He's the he's got the the best act ever put on in the UFC because he's got an act. All these other guys are talking shit. He's talking to a character thing game. He made a guy when you think he thinks that suit looks good. All over sued cheaper suit. He could find what I did a food truck with A. You're like give it to me like you don't have to do this man. We can just cool. Strippers he goes can you about. Oh you know. It'd be fun to massage students house by shoulders. She goes get the fuck out of them. Sitting there with this book triggered in his fucking funny fucking hat is soaring closing on the hat. Clinton Donald Trump the White House. That is as an interim he's still interim champ. Yes you can't just take it from him but what's interesting too is remember him in Mazar Dole had they were training partners. There's a story there but again I think for our friends apparently yes but also yeah. It's like an Andy Kaufman thing so for for Mazda right off in the sunset and be set up with his kids. I wanted them fight. CONOR see if they fight nick my tunnel loot for their last night. You made a ton of loot look for that last night so it was a big success right. Everybody wants to see that fight. It was big and I think Montreal's names never been brighter. Whoever wins the title? Do you think about the story of him. DENVER SNEAK DAS. Going my little brother. The most I've ever related to the Diaz brothers when he goes dude. You beat my little brother because I have an older brother I was like. Oh Hey Elliot get them. I'm in now bro. And people will love that too. I mean it will definitely be successful but I would like to see nick. Be Real active. I've before I know you're right. You're right but that's what's crazy about the AFC warm up fights use me. Conner has won a fight in three eight years then before that the only out against Khabib he he gets done boxing then fights fucking Khabib. Hasn't been anybody since the Eddie Alvarez fight when you won the title it's crazy. It's crazy three minutes fucking half a billion dollars. This is where you got. Whatever you WANNA say about Connor offseason outside doctrine antics are have been crazy? But you gotta respect the guy who has all that money goes. y'All Surani January at welterweight that the number five lightweight and the world like y'all fight that guy do you think that he can reignite the fire that he had when he came Derek Brunson nope when he was coming up. No no that money in the bank. That's I don't I don't think fighting comes from that place. But how come some guys when they have hundreds of millions is dollars is still fuck people out by Tyson in his Prime Lennox Lewis in his Prime Tyson fucked up until he until he until the bully fought back. Oh Oh you have fought the same I think he's also tired of it too. I think it was a combination of the Fatah guy who wasn't scared and didn't back down and it was. Yeah bring it to you and you got fucked. He's lost every fight that the guy was on a scared he lost those fights. But I'm not seeing. Tyson was in Great Boon van. Holyfield's a better boxer man. He's a better fighter lider but he doesn't get the respect but there were some guys that weren't scared of them that that that stood in with him and he beat him by decision in like. Didn't he beat Razor Ruddock by decision decision. They had a Lotta Shit talking. He Kayode Bonecrusher Smith Right. Yeah but when we're talking about a tip of the spare like holy feel in the in the hotel at that time vendor Holyfield. There's a real good argument for sure that he's one of the greatest of all time. The only guys ever win the title four times easy but I but I just think you know with with with Connor especially this day and age the UFC is different than boxing words. Such a grind man. I was just GonNa guys so good. Oh my background van. Spend all that money on that one house. That's plan and Rick Ross. The fake Rick. Ross owns that house. Why is the real freedom ricky? The real deal was other things in the community. Rapper took his name. He lost in court. Try to get his name back back trying to get that. GotTa stop using the name. Pay Him to use his fucking. And how about that. Rapper Rick Ross. Used to be a cop and I talked dope and all the security guard at a prison. I think so I think something on your own house dude. So Vander Holyfield made hundreds of millions of dollars five point eight. Oh it's not bad because it's outside of Atlanta China. It has thirty seven rooms like all his family lived in. It costs a million dollars just to keep every year. I think that was the word that was a million dollars to run for maintenance. Yeah just everything everything. Holy Fuck Dude. He moved into Bellagio boost big. Imagine that Rick Ross made that with another whose name just talking shit. What a great country? You could just talk shit in this country and you can make fucking millions of dollars and and and the other thing is he owns like a hundred buffalo wild wings. Thanks Buffalo stops. We Stein's to shelter wingstop show Christie's that's a good move right. People always want wings wings have been around forever to fuck in my amounts wild wings wings these to be a place right outside Boston comedy in the village we do sets at Boston comedy. And there's this wing spot and and they had they had different levels and one was suicide. You would get this suicide sauce on this fucking on these wings all my the purpose time. I didn't understand hot peppers but it was definitely Habanero because it was an orange color like a real orange color and you would eat those wings. Just just be like Gee. It's like a weird combination of pleasure and pain. The same takes your breath away lips. Go White Ha. I fucking love wings. Yeah I don't WanNa do that wings. Show though not a good way to talk man. You know it's like interesting coming out of your no crying. You do us good a good place to talk. It'd be fun though just to be fun to see on. I know but why why asking people personal questions whether crying. Let's hottest fuck some guys. Just talk like some guys just crush. It doesn't faze him like how does that APP. Oh this is my friend. Tommy Hirsch I've talked about him before we used to be a place called Chili my soul in Encino and it was just crazy chilly plays. This guy was into the most ridiculously hot Chili. It was so hot. You'd have to sign a waiver if you wanted to buy the stuff that they put in it and and You said he was telling me that even with the hottest shit that they had they had like a number system. I think I think ten you know eight was like the most I could tolerate. But they would have these guys from Nepal come and even with ten number ten the hottest should they had these dudes be putting some extra hearts holding. Do you like Spicy Stein. I I don't like it by hand licey but I like spicy. I like a love Jalapenos with elk. It's like my favorite I slice up at four or five Jalapenos the opinions and I'm in a bunch of every time I take a piece of Alka put a piece of Jalapeno on that. Pitch me when he posted calls even a cheese pizza and the Goddamn aw dude keeps you alive fuel. You eat that stuff spicy pepper. fucking supernatural muscle of the Elk Oke Neat Oh. That's the menu man that was it was it was a number system. Yeah so ten demon is ten. See that ten will fucking doc in end your life ten plus and when Oh my God ten plus and when they let you try it they would let you try it in a tiny cup like a little little paper Cup like like that big and it gives you a baby spoon like when the baby spoons you get at the ice cream store try that different flavors that you're that French fennell and they give you a little something the plastic classic. That's what it's like they would give you that and you put it in your mouth and I would immediately start hiccuping. Or your body's like what in the fuck are you doing to me Matt. There's been a there's been a few people who on that That when one of the the hot ones is yeah hot ones. That's right. The hot ones like Shiloh. Buff took all of them at the end. Put them altogether together. I wouldn't do that. He did it in his he was about to throw up at like bringing them milk or some shit well. China has got other issues. Probably just us this Finola actor though very good very good actor you know peanut butter fouts hard road for all of us. He just wanted to get a little further down the road. Ah Spicy fermented ran into boy. Logan Paul in Hawaii. Did you really ain't wandering around. Hawaii talked over Thanksgiving weekend. Nice kid very nice yes. I've talked to him before I talked with you. All that's right we're at the Omni stories and the good fight. Then there was good it was good fight. They didn't get tired. I mean they fucking went after it for six rounds for guys like to you know I've seen Jason have experienced an Amtrak box and they would gas the fuck out in front of a crowd like pat pretty impressive. It's interesting you know. Here's a guy also does need to do that. He makes a lot of money. A ton of money makes a ton of money whether you like it or not. That's the reality of it is. It is making the money. I mean whether someone listening likes to hear it or not. The truth is he makes a ton of Iraq you can lie. All you know marriage broke loss. So's Murray you know. It's got all the money and he still decided to fight which is interesting. It's like okay. You know if if you have that competitive drive in you you know if you really do have it in you. I think for for him and those youtubers especially at his level is just like what's the next thing being that we can compete like getting everyone behind and it was that they could have done ballet dancing. Whatever it is you would have sold millions and millions of like they could but they chose this which I respect but that essay guy who I've never seen I'm not familiar with my nose British British people so I know he was like fuck? I'm lacking in the face again. This was due. I'm don well. He won for sure so for him. That's the best way to end it. He's like I'm out and it was real controversial. The penalty I thought was ridiculous. It was chat ref respected wrath was also like you're in there for this kind of show like take it for what it is. He has not fought for. Don't take two point went from Logan Paul because at that point warning it's ridiculous. I didn't agree with that. And I think with more fights. Logan could learn how to relax. Relax he gets wild and swinging for sure but Logan Stop Boxing. Yeah you have a billion dollars. Keep doing that too. Yeah exactly exactly but it was interesting. Interesting Watch them like this kid can punch athletic man. He's very athletic. Has a work ethic in in the heat of the battle and was trained by Shannon Shannon Briggs. Let's go champ let's go let's go. Champ was training them Yeah Shannon Cannon knows how to fuck and find he did a real campaign is just the I respect it but it's still fighting go. Well maybe we'll know maybe we'll check that box or good man do what do you think about Sonya and Yoel Romero that real. It's not confirmed yet. Is it no. I sent you something. It was Hopi. He said that the Holy Shit because I fell asleep. I woke up Mike here we go but is it not confirmed someone troll me now. I founded the websites. I follow on Instagram. But usually they leak there and then it gets announced but if he does fight y'all Romero and when I was talking to Horry the annual reveals manager when I was doing the food truck with horry he's just like Oh horrors getting the fight man. I was like now. He's coming off losses thinking about his fucking losses. Says he has he has us. Do you think you lost Apollo Costa. I was like no one got robbed but I can see why they get Paul but you have. No you think it was thing about before that the Robert Whitaker fight. I fuck with that too. He definitely robbed in the second whitaker fight. I thought he won that fight. Yeah said that many many times to I haven't really heard a good argument against it. He had them hurt real bad. Yeah at least two rounds. Yeah I'd have to go back. I remember at the time. I- discord for whitaker. Here's my thing that's fine. If you think he won all right I can see that I see both sides. But that's it's an argument forgiven. You'll Romero title shot. Because he felt like he got he got starts than game title. Shot you like what are you doing. Is it real design y'all's page. It's not Oh oh Shit Bart Seventh. Here's the promise. You all hasn't heard anything but that's on your page. I know but he goes a lot of people putting pudding saying we fight March. Lola people booting saying we find more. How about Should I be ready. Be Ready. Gay Jesus How about Andrew Schultz and Schultz is super close with izzy and and He saw that and he goes dude. Why would he fight this guidance? Speak very good English. Mike what I'm like. Dude hold on what he's saying she needs a guy to speak. Get English couldn't touch UNDERSTO- y'All Romero is such a fucking nightmare for easy to go after it just ups the legend of izzy. This is what he's doing perfect. Trust me it's perfect Andrew. Stay in your lane. I love you fuck this up. He talked liked it. We talked is he out of it. I'd be so mad at him. He would listen to. Of course he wouldn't but imagine if he did what evanger had fucking Bajic hypnosis power and shots Iran and Iraq English like. What the Fuck Redo? How'd you do that though for gay gay? Jeez don't for gay dude. How about one? That fight is confirmed. Ferguson Khabib is how to fuck did people not understand he was saying. Don't forget you know all the Times that I've ever not not done. Post fight commentary. That was the time I was the most mad. Would they not let you wasn't there. Wasn't there for that when he was saying it was a fighter. I was there but it was somewhere. Where was that there was forget? Jesus Look I. I know a lot of Cuban people I know. What the fuck you saying he's saying? Don't don't forget Jesus is not. Don't go for gay. Don't forget why would he say hangings crank it up so we can have. It is a fight night. That's why he didn't do it now. Listen John He's got a bible quote on his forehead folks the US. I was home for the badgers the pass through the role. Geez I just don't forget said it keeps coming. Oh go for not Not Forget Jesus God dude fit the thing is he's going what's wrong with you Americans. What's wrong with the Americans you forget you forget you? Forget Jesus you you gay people no. That's exactly what I mean. What positive second I'm going to be honest? You're going to be honest. I did a little bit. I was like we know because he lives it up with. What's wrong with America? which is the problem? Here's the problem he said. Forget get pretty clear. That's what fuck you forget you forget right but for Jesus barely leaving Jay. Jesus everybody said Jack Shit again. Umbrella cut it off Javy. US You talk okay you forget the USA you forget you. Forget the best in the world. Good long as what happened to you. John Come and go for Catches not for gay. Jesus people maybe but maybe not forget. Jesus like what happened to you not forget. It wasn't like there was some gay thing that was going on and he was commenting on. But he's he saw batted. England is so bad easily. Could be don't forget. Jesus is at Gopher Jesus Doll Forget. Jesus so only promise he goes. What's wrong with you? USA What's wrong with you. Forget the number one. Jesus what's wrong would you go back. Go back don't throw forget. Forget he is. Don't forget Jesus but he says don't forget right more time because it doesn't say you're worth author breaking this down first of all pause for a second you got to remember. He just got hit in the head. A gang right. I mean what fight was this. Do we remember and look. He's got John Three sixteen or eighteen on a BANDANNA around his head he's got a bible quote on. It's fucking for Jesus not for gay. Jesus People Gopher for Jesus not forget Jesus Yen not you forget you get Jesus. It's it doesn't make sense period. Not Oh for gay. Jesus nose day no no. There's no rumors anything and don't forget to start a rumor about cheese being gay marriage if we were the first ones after all these years I heard about Jesus and then it becomes like everybody's talking about it like you'll always tell there's a scroll he was gay shot. Broke it down allchurch shop down. Of course he loves everybody. It's confusing though. I can see how people mix those words because we I watch owes going home the pain on the USA dates gates. But I remember thinking. Don't hurt it that he was saying. Don't forget because a lot of Cubans with accent. They might say. Don't forget yeah. Yeah don't forget. Don't forget we go out. Don't forget eight o'clock we'd be here. They did have that sort of way of talking. So when I hear don't forget I always say that makes get. Yeah Jesus I'M GONNA assume you said don't for Jesus doesn't make sense that we'd say no no forgave Thomas. That doesn't make any problems skipping. You say you forget. Let's say say you forget and then for gay for gay. But he's barely speaking English. That's a mets. There's no way you should hold him accountable to be able to accentuate everywhere correct. I think I think most people got over it and we just react. Just rehash that guy is one of the most scary athletes I've ever seen in the you'll see when he knocked out Kris widen with that. Flying name just comes out of nowhere I mean he does shit to people man he throws people he took a fucking straight head kick from Derek Brunson right to the neck just walked off like it was nothing. Pretended like nothing happened really uses wrestling either. Well he does a little but really does gay. Just wants to knock your head off. I think his mass right the mounts muscle and the explosive energy required to try to take somebody down. How if he can do that for five minutes for five rounds no takedown defense? And then he's a little bit more vulnerable with his striking if she can explode so he's not a technical striker in the vein of style. Bender style is a technical striker. Sil- Bender is setting you up. He's giving you looks and then he's doing things to you to see how you respond. And then he'll fake things and high kick. He'll do some shit. You know his comment. You'll house not that you'll well is exploding sitting in a way that you can't handle you can't be on guard all the time. He can't be like this. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA burn out so there's GonNa be a moment where you relax is going to be a moment where you you. You can't quite move out of the way quick enough. And that's what he's GonNa leave on. You know many hits with that flying neil you hit why but he like cheese I think for style the just look it up the matchup and what style bended Robert Whitaker. I do think is he finishes them. I do. It's all about physique and just keep but from taking them down because if he if they're standing up the thing about Yo l is these leaps these power just these giant explosive movements but but is going to be aware that he's going to try to look at Robert. Whittaker never really had opportunity to explode like that is he's he's so good at distance and he's I fought big powerful guys before he seeing that the you know the one guy that knocked out izzy starting to find him a megan. It's Alex Pereira. Do you know He. He's fucking terrifying terrifying. Yeah that dude is a ruthless striker house houses. Emma may come in the high of no idea. I Know Talk Shit Dizzy. But it's like kayode him in kickboxing fight. Go horrific left took Robert. I mean Alex Pereira Fox up everybody. MMA's different animal very different very different animal but in kickboxing boxes. A ways to go. It's too bad people don't do that. Guy Is I know you know because in kickboxing see what he did. The Jason Wellness leave fuck do tore them up. Holy Relief Fuck kickboxing pull pull up alex. Pereira versus Jason Wellness on and glory for the World Title Dude. He's a fucking Terminator He. He smashes fighting with well. It's all no man. He's fighting glory. MMA is I have no idea. I just heard that he's is about to do it again. I don't know if a matchup is even been announced but his fucking striking so dangerous because in a lot of ways he reminds me not not. He's very big. Not what the fanatical the knocked out. Is he not with the finality of like the the way deontay wilder punches. But with that kind of he's got. Ah Yeah deontay something special and he really is. I mean nobody. Nobody knocks people out with a punch like that. God's forehead had never seen it I've he's he's he's like the new next level in terms of strikes. Ruis and Joshua's rematches Saturday. That's right that's right. The seventh length so in this fight he sets them up and I think he hits them with a knee and on and then a high kick stop them or high tech first and then a knee. It's coming up here but Kapoor is one of those guys where it's ripe there. You just missed the knocked out here. Does Pereira's one of those guys. That can really do this to anybody. It's just a matter of if he hits you so wellness. Is Tom COM boom. There's the Damn Wellness Jason Wellness Com. He's been in there with some fucking killer killer. In fact is he lost. Today's willingness by decision it was. I thought I thought it was kind of a bad decision. I thought style Ben. Oh we'll get that flabby. Take this back that up again. I was talking. Let's see that again. Watch this this is how good Alex fucking Pereira on. Watch this home. It'll just be one more time. Look how good that knees wash. That left knee. That shit's perfect. Perfect look at that again. Watch US CHAPO CHAPO. That is that is a perfect flying knee. And that's just how tough Jason Woman's fight Jamie Dino so he's giving give me trouble for sure for everybody. Stop Rico. Van Hoven came over here. Yeah he's trained to AK and have we heard from that rematch. Watch with Bakari kick box. That's coming up real soon but I thought he was gonNA keep doing them eventually. Come on over to the dogs. I think he wants to do that. After your body Hari but the bottle hurry is the biggest fight in all of kickboxing. Okay so he's had two fights that he and one fight that he lost so he losses says you. MMA debut by submission Renuka choke but then he won two fights Bhai K on Tko three years fighting in jungle fights which is Kinda like the elephant. Yeah but that was. I mean who knows who's fighting now see if you pull up. Alex Pereira fight soon. So how how old is he say six thirty. Am To say there too in two years. You'll be tough. It's all about whether or not he's got a ground game. I don't know anything about his ground. Gang all know about the striking is funny dude. He's so scary and he could do that to anybody. If you could do that. Style bender. You could fuck do that anybody for sure. If you see this under fight he catches them clean left Hook and just shuts his lights out. Shows you get style benders. Do Yep boom good. This guy's Jesus Christ throw but how about style. Bender has the skill set to fight a guy like that. That wasn't Salvador right. There there was a different. was that different. The current champs champion said of glory. Yes you want to yeah. He's fighting the two differences in the way classes. I think so either way murderer. Just a murderer scary guy there's But this this everybody and then as wilder does everybody everybody with power you've ever seen and then there's wilder while there's powers like what is happening. He's got superpower his techniques not phenomenal phenomenal. It's just not it's sometimes he throws from the hip. It's just like it's over. Here's the thing he's not like George Foreman or like these bigger do he's he's. He's learning flipped around to thirteen to nineteen. Like he's not a big. Do not even not even remotely big pain. It's insane when he hit Ortiz's forehead and just draw. That's not an easy fight. No no monster. No and it showed me Ortiz's winning in my book who's winning and now you got fury wilder wilder in February. And what do you think about Saturday night. What do you mean? Oh with Josh Josh. What pieces them up do you do? I do. I hate when people say. Oh it's like a buster Douglas Situation. It's not because someone doesn't like Mexicans uh-huh so yeah kidding folks. Yeah my girls make some bonds. I kept him for God's sake do Andy. Ruiz has got a shot. He has shot but because he was also it's not fluke like Buster Douglas Mike Tyson because any reasons winning the fight before even knocked them out and not got knocked it down third but he was winning around in the bank. Well he got knocked down but then he got back up and knocked Joshua now correct her too so and then he just stopped them right but but I think it was the perfect storm for Anthony Joshua lose the fight. I think Joshua knows what he's dealing with remember. That was a late. Replacement explicitly big baby Miller and also going in that camp. He was dealing with some personal issues which everybody does but though thinks the rumor is is that he got knocked down and camp by Philadelphia heavyweight. Who's The guy do now? Oh I forget that. He's a stud. I definitely heard the rumor from multiple different sources that he got knocked out and the source. I heard later guy who would know. It seemed like there was another rumor that he had a nervous breakdown in the locker room that he knew should have been fired and his dad was like no. It's not go out. So That's what he sees dad. Arguing with Eddie hearn. And here's what else is interesting too is now the doing the rematch. It's in Saudi Arabia. They they didn't have arena there. They built it for this seats. Fifteen thousand people so crazy. He's making seventy five million dollars. Some shit like yeah. Yeah for this fight. And it's I think they know what's going on. There's something going on because it's the way from everything like media's not going to be the Saudi Arabia so there's like the the pressure of the English crowds not there so I they're trying to protect the golden goose here in Saudi Arabia. Would you think he's the golden goose. Here's what I think I think if Andrew is knocks him out again he's he's as big golden goose as there is in the world avery. How many fucking Mexicans? I don't have to tell you made to yourself. Mexicans Lisa Kinsman and the guys softspoken. He's a sweetheart he's got fantastic hands. I mean he's got a fluidity to him that you rarely see in the heavyweight division whereas a lot of heavyweights feel like a big one punch guys He's like Bob and we even throw in combination. That people are confused. Because if you've just discovered any reason that Anthony Joshua fight he's not a finisher he's not not a knock out artist that was just that fight balls to the wall. He just had nothing to lose. He was like playing with house money but now he's a better pure boxing and Joshua but just so I bet you finish undertand interesting. Yeah well he definitely heard him in the first fight he heard him first and then threw caution to the wind and got cracked Yep because he underestimated Andy's resolve and his ability to recover. It is inside the close quarters now imagine what would happen if instead of going crazy seen trying to stop him. What if he just boxes on the outside and keeps trying to shot? Yes yeah instead of going to do yeah instead of going in the first part correct I think is going to. He's stand outside use a job set him up. He's win round with footwork and boxing and then event in the job then eventually six seven eight ruining me way down on the cars and by Fuck Gopher Oh for broke. I think it's taught coming in interesting. Prediction knows who. That's for. Sure saying I feel like release is going to have incredible confidence. Because he's going into this fight knowing that he's able to beat the heavyweight champion. The World Win the title. and He's got fucking Rolls Royce now. Okay he's going in there with champ attitude you think yes or is he going there downing. I don't think so I don't think so. He realized he can hang with Jess not won the title. I think he's a fucking champ and I think he's got more love and more respect than he's ever had in in his liner Pacific. You likes it. Seems like he's having a good time. I think we see an even better Andy Ruiz. I think we see. I don't know I don't know if you beat them but I think he's going to be better. I think I think I think Josh was going to be better too. I think both guys realized Joshua but also Joshua Loses fight. It's like where does he go from. I don't know man I don't know I mean look you tell me. You wouldn't WanNa see Joshua Wilder. I'll I'll watch Joshua Fury all God. MD A watchdog louder knocks Joshua cold. I Wanna see everything to see everything I want to see all of but I think Andy lost weight was Andy Way now. I think he's down his speeds trouble mood his combinations you so fluid would josh remember. Can't forget gold. And he got dropped by Wladimir Klitschko over that and came back and fucked landline them. SP billion why his resumes insane. Oh Yeah I mean. Olympic gold medalist and probably the best body in the history of the division was seriously especially when he fought when Fart Ruis. Here's a little thick. I think he's lost laid himself. I think one of the things he's done is he's gone less. Strength and conditioning and more pure box was so big it was talking about that. He said essentially his word Wade described it as I was listening to this interview with them. Some English gentleman and he was saying that You think about it you have one hundred percent of your energy have you put fifty percent of its strength initiative and fifty percent of it the boxing. You're not going to achieve the same amount as if you put one hundred percent boxing something to that effect. So the idea is he's doing less road work. He's doing more conditioning in the gym. And he's doing heavy bags met smart. Yeah it's because if you look at you know injuries kind of advantages advantages over and be speed combinations so you don't WanNa just be this big heavy bulker also if you're looking at future matchups fury and wilder. They're all light around the feet. Yeah you you know move better better cardio so much. Does he lost this was this is Joshua he said he's taken on a prison. Workout mindset for. This fight was on the line I think. Think so. Here's the thing to the same with a car. McGregor collars careers online as well against cowboy of for sure so when you put these guys Andrius tricked fans in a think. He's lost weight. I did that crash chick for this picture. He said where he lifted his arms up Kreischer. I should try first of all. How dare you bishen exactly the same exact same training video clips the same limited the missile factories that that there's a video of him hitting the The Shield and He misses and catches his trainer on the Chen. Get a little wild wild fuck. Yeah he dropped trainer. I would be worried about any. He's answering the spotlight and that money and as the Rose Royce and he might have been partying San Diego. I'd be worried about Hin. I'd be worried about him. You know being like Oh this is the life yes that's possible. Yeah but I don't think so. I think I think he's a disciplined guy. I think he just is wild and can be that disciplined with that body. No he looks a certain way that you're you're not GonNa get away with discipline doesn't come to the food. It's not GonNa win any best body contest but he fox a lot of people up folks a a lot of people have. I don't think he's GonNa Trick Josh this time though I mean the first time he tricked him Joshua's probably looking at him. Like I'M GONNA fuck this out. Oh that's what you do. I've seen this in the millions. Millions of fights I've had in the Olympics. Yeah Watch this. That's what I think's going to happen now for res Wins All right but I I just I don't see it man. It's so so interesting. Because it becomes as big fight as wilder fury to it becomes giant fight. Wilder fury to to me is the heavyweight fight. That's the heavyweight fights. Really interested didn't fight. Josh was the third Joshua Joshua's like used to be Joshua number one the golden child and he lost so he fell off but while fury of just been doing their thing well. This is the fight that I wanNA see more than anything while fury to. That's the number one. Just because the first one was so controversial fantastic so good and you know are we watched it yesterday today. In fact you can make a real real solid argument. That Tyson fury got robbed. Oh one hundred percent the only argument for deontay louder is you know He. He did not come down. If the fight was a fight fight fight you know like in the streets and two guys were going at it like that UH and one guy dropped the guy and blasted and then dropped him in the end and WHO's laying on his back and he got up and the you know at the end of the round. They decided that was the end of the fight. You would say man. I think he won. He fucked up dude up. But as far as boxing rules goals and contacts one. That you're you're on first but deontay wilder draw them because had did the most most damage in the house like when I was a drum like oh I dig that. Here's the argument against the draw. Though he gets dropped Tyson. Fury has dropped in the the the final round right loses one point for sure right. It's definitely now attorney round for Tyson for deontay wilder after that knock down a bad knock down but then he gets up and wins the rest of the route. So what do you say there you give them a point for that so you won the fight. So what is it nine eight. What is that then? If it's a ten point wait must system. How does it work? Does that mean what it go back to. Even can you have a seven seven around you both drop each other twice. I don't think I don't think so. No right what happens sir. Do you ever manager of guys when they just go back to. You went to score that around ten it you do it. Shouldn't we know this. It'd just be a ten nine. I should definitely know this boxing auction judges but even scores. Don't they dude here. This is not where you at all so could be Tony. I'm like fuck. Yeah finally skill wise all time lightweight division one of the best use could ever make but same place Brooklyn Brooklyn might have. Why are we doing it there too? And guess WHO's the doctor. Probably homeboy freaked out when he saw blood on. That's so he's a doctor. You don't think Tony Firs using those elbows. Oh my God that's true. DOC take a fucking hot so true. It's GONNA use those elbows from the bottom to son. He's not scared of getting taken down. Not at all not at all enjoys it off his back he loves it. You'RE GONNA get that for. You can get one of the greatest trilogies of history of those three. He can scramble in a way. That other guys can't use other places could be on when you look at the the matchups you're just like Holy Shit. Tony is a perfect kind of fo. I could be well particularly because he's so good at so many people from his back when with with everything arms and legs I mean he beat Kevin Lee with a triangle thing. About how many people he darst. How about that? Barboza fight Deputies Darcy Guy. That's completely we covered in blood which is so hard to do. Here's the other thing you gotta remember. Tony doesn't get tired doesn't get tired. It's a wave. It's a slow wave so in the fifth he's is actually better than it was in the for. How is that possible? What the fuck is he doing? Strength and conditioning wise at other people. And there's just always been that way. I think it's a genetic thing I think you know. I used to train with Tony. Tony at rain he would. He would spar with everybody else. Keep going to guys like I'm good thing. Go to the bag or Brent sprints he just is just in his DNA to keep going you talk to edie about like dance. Doing six hour long practices. Yeah they said there's no one like him and they said that everybody else gets exhausted. All the people trained with them. They're all getting exhausted and he's laughing them. Running hills. Does this hill sprinting laps. Everybody I mean just a freak like the came lasca thing. We're like what what is happening. There met boat. You know it is both Mexican to sued something about that some over Melendez to back in his prime known for having cardio actually he said I think a lot of powerful Mexican genetic Mexican Indiana. Listen Man Endurance says hold my hand saying a meatball sub. Maybe some case ideas the as fucking Tamale. If he wins dude come on man. You know what we're going to have in La if he beats res You if he beats Joshua rather yeah maybe I mean canales the fuck in Canal Manson. He's the fucking man to. Here's the really crazy thing ready for this. If any release loss all the fat in his body how do you think you weigh one hundred thirty son of a bit. I know I notice. Assume he's probably fifty to fifty to sixty not tall either. Oh He's maybe be six one six six foot okay and that's really five eleven now. What's his weight boys? Fifty do you say to fifteen. He's like a ball guacamole only so think. Vegas Drink Yogurt. You can block moly. They make yogurt drinks. Don't make guacamole drinks. It's Outta here. I'm a fan of him I think did he really wasn't his last five but He fought at two sixty against Anthony Anthony Anthony. Josh Win The first flight five eleven to sixty two boys glued a little or not or. He's just like why dude I'm fucking I can do. I'm the heavyweight champion the world. He has three belts is more belts than wilder more built anybody. Here's an argument that I always used to make about Roy Nelson is that he could take body shots better because it's like he's we're an eight sweaters. Yeah that's right. They hit like trout dude very similar both of them. But if you think about like Roy's belly roy take shots shot to the belly with kick them remember like frank was kicking him in everybody's keeping with Croak up rocked him in the stomach. Yeah she's the only guy listed confine it impounded is listed as one thousand nine stones and two pounds to sixty eight to seventy five eleven to seventy a little thick Lee moral he trains hard. Who Trains are but he must shed some Mexican Food Mexican genetics food Mexican food to will pack on the pounds? If you look into some calorie dense foods. There's a place up here. What is that place on Canoga? Where's that place that Mexican join that we go Seoul? No no no in assault on the best this one little joint. Say the name. Because I don't want them to get flooded because he's a good dude so good so authentic you go into the Mexican soap operas our plan now freak out really you're gonNA love it yet. Those pickled Jalapenos big all stopped the case ideas my baby six days already. The IF I had one food forever it might be Mexican Mexican or Italian. Yeah one of those two. I only have one thing forever like a specific ethnic food Mexican so good no one. I might say Brazilian really mates that you Haas Korea if I had one nature I wouldn't miss the meat. Yeah yet Carne Asada with Mexican though. That's true that's true. Yeah but like if I'm if there's a Mexican joint next to a forward a child you are a big for good. A child stresses me. Now I flip the green they keep coming. I'm sweating and I don't I don't eat the Salad Bar and Funny Dick me on that dude. That's how you keep your digestive subtract clean the fillet the real expensive one them. You know what I'm looking for. You're looking for all the way to go. I think that's it. Yeah yeah yeah well they bring the sausage and like bitch. I didn't come here for sauces to get the fuck and read me Bro grow. What's with the dried tomato paste? I know you're you could put away some food. I guarantee you fear will eat you under the table in that place I agree. I don't eat that much food but you can. If you want to cut you got a lot of room big big fella bigger than fear. I'm telling you I never seen nothing like it. He just goes for plates and plates all of us including it's always the skinny guy sitting back on what the fuck is is growing very much. Want I wanNA keep eating so I think our when he knows he's going to go to photo to child won't eat for like a day. I think June doing a man he just gangster about it. It's I think it's competitive as well. It's like thank you thank you WanNa make me pay this much and I'm not gonNA eat more than that's worth did we. Dan Soda on your the Comet Comic. He's fucking the best new. HBO Special Damn Yeah He's from Aurora we played against John. Shit what did he play. He played linebacker. Smoky Hill. Ed Overland so we know each other and so Larry yes. We had them on the show day but he was talking about. We're talking about how the culture in La the comics. How they like help each other out and I was like well? That's because Joe Rogan is the guy that cultivated that kind of atmosphere. Where you no? It's we help each other out in the podcast game. And the comics like Joe's on starred that and he goes you know who start in New York and I'm like I don't see it in New York I know you guys Andrew Scholz kind of part of the squad over here. Oh now but and he goes when our move from La. Because Joe when I moved from La Kim New York he came in. And I was like fuck around with you guys. What's wrong with you guys and just kind end of like took over like no no? We're going to help each other out man and he's like that and he learned that you and I are close but he took that same ad brought to New York does interesting my my take on it was always user treated like martial arts like we're in there doing battle it's not US versus us and if you're better I get better. It's better for everybody and we got into this because we're fans of comedy. Yeah I got into comedy because I loved watching it I wanNA watch it. I want to watch. I WanNa Watch feel I WANNA watch count. I WanNa Watch you I WANNA I wanNA watch people kill Burrell. WanNa Watch Mukasey your friends bomb when someone bombs but do we know so. How many good comics bill? Burr I mean Kata fucking Shit. There's so many of them now. Deleted to so many murder Whitney. There's a bunch of murderers. Burt hurt Schultz to. There's so many shorts Schultz's murder Mark Norman hilarious so many good comics now and if you really love comedy. We're supposed to do that for each other. It's there's not many of us man the idea that like your success somehow or another is bad for me. That's crazy. What am I going to be in Tennessee? When you're in Tennessee come follow me around? WE'RE GONNA battle for the same customers fucking people everywhere. This three hundred million people we've also done shows in the same town and you're doing these giant arenas China we just dumped on the Improv. They'll sell out every. Yeah we we have a unique thing in this unique thing is really only only appreciated by the people that are doing it like everybody. That's doing it like realizes like this is unusual. We haven't had this before but but I think it comes from. You need someone in your position to do that. People all he's killing and he's nice like that that makes sense you know well. I think that's where it comes. Sounds from very APP yeah. I'm very happy because it's a it's a it's a different. It's different feel to different time. You know when I was coming up when I was my early days. The comedy store was like very very taxed abby. People didn't didn't help anybody and they weren't happy. When you got good things and you know this wasn't a lot of Camaraderie L.? Like me and that was like my first real comrade at the store you know when I became like really good friends with Joey because I realized like Joey is like a real guy. Hi You know what I mean. He's an animal like he grew up. I mean he when I met him was only a few years after you get released for armed kidnapping but I knew oh who was like I got it ago Mike. This is a man like Like I'm his friend. We're friends friends to the death. I'm his friend to the DEAF JEFF and I know that about him with me. One hundred percent. We became friends like real early on in our life. And you guys go on the road together so yeah I would eat it man. Can I ate it going on after him once Jersey. Oh Dude I wasn't ready. I'd only been doing comedy gotTa realize what I came out to La. I've only been doing comedy six years. Two four six eight hundred ninety four. Yes yes yes yes and I shouldn't have been you know and I ate a few times I ate at once. I was Headlinin. Four Years in Jim Breuer made me fucking go down in flames. WHO's one of the most horrific bombings of my career? But I learned something out of it. One we learned by watching Jim Jim was murdering just destroy and to I learned that I was nervous. I was real nervous for went on wasn't enjoying him. I wasn't was laughing at him and said I was scared sitting back. They're scared that I had to go next. How am I gonNA follow this instead of laughing and enjoying in going up there the guy who's having a good time and wants everybody to have a good time? I was going up there selfish naked. Smell that disguise myself. I wasn't thinking about having a good time. And what wasn't thinking about being the director of having a good time so I had to learn that with Diaz I. I learned that with with with brewer for show but I never had a follow brewer again after that other than maybe like a small spot at the the Boston comedy or Carolina. Something like that but not when he was doing a half offer now he was the middle and I was the headliner. Wasn't supposed to be fucking headline. brewers doing like He's opened up for talent. But metallica think McAfee just checked into Rehab so yeah so the brewers monster but but but me taking on the road with me first of all all like I knew I wanNA take guys on the road at me. They can hang there. Were were fun. We Talk Shit. We can have fun. We can go to dinner and laugh laugh. Yes dinner with Joey. You've been dinner with us. It's the Goddamn Joey Diaz show. We're just crying. And he knows that we love him and he knows where giant fans he turns it John so he turns it off. I got to tell everybody. That's the funniest person that's ever walked the face of the earth. He said things that I couldn't believe fucking said in restaurants were falling on the ground. A pounding the carbon under the table can't breathe can't breathe and he's a he's a fucking animal but like to have a guy like that and you're GonNa roll with a guy like that you also have to be sharp like you have to you have to pick your game up you. It's basically a sparring with the best of the best. You can't slack slack off though you just can't. There's none of that. You can't do that. You have to be ready and you have to enjoy it so what I learned to do instead of being scared to go on after him which I definitely was a couple of times I take it that one time in Jersey. I remember I did okay. I did good like it. Didn't bomb but there were moments. Where was rough it was today? I'd WANNA kill myself but it wasn't that good anyway. I mean I I could barely get through anyway but I remember just go like there was like ten whole minutes where I was struggling even before I picked it up. It was bombing. Wasn't the worst kind of bombing where they don't clap when you leave. But I've had that man. Wow that's rough thank you tonight and it's nothing like fuck you. Oh sorry. Sorry I didn't mean to bomb like that but but I definitely wasn't displays as him this fellow but then so then we all started hanging out together right and then it was like Ari and bread Ban Dunkin and we all all support each other and we all started just spreading this idea like what we're all friends. Okay like just because we're all doing the same job we're not in competition with each other and we're supposed to be the opposite we're supposed to be in support of each other and then if you do that then we can bring people along to and instead of it being a network network like NBC or ABC. CBS whatever these people you don't know and their job is just to find people that they can sell on television. They're they're trying to find honest trying to find a product whether it's the tonight show or its friends or whatever the show is they're trying to figure out how something could go in there and everybody feels like they're competing for that while I'm like well that's we're in the opposite situation now now the more people the better so it's not like you and I are both competing for some fucking role on cheers. It's not what it is now. It's the more more the better the more if you know funny people and then they go. Oh Brennan guys funny. He must be funny. He knows funny and then they watched that guy and that and you can and then it's a real network work then it's a network of friends so it's a different kind of network. There's no contracts. But everybody knows if feel Vaughn tells you somebody's funny that guy's gotta be funny because is Theon is funny as fuck so it's just like nice little thing where everybody's kind of helping everybody and then when you go there now. It's like a feeling of family every every time we go to the store. It's everybody's hugging Tau friend leads. That's all the weirdness man and it helps people. It helps people get over the hump because sometimes what keeps someone from becoming a professional is like you don't have supportive friends and you don't put the extra effort into it because it doesn't feel good to be there because you're not doing well because you bomb too often. That's a big one. You need someone like pull you aside when you bomb. Anyway you gotTa Stop Opening with that bit you make people uncomfortable but also go. I've been there too. Yes we've all been there dude. Anybody tells you they have embalmed is either a thief either them in stealing all their jokes or they're just not telling the truth. I real common. It's hard it's fucking hard and you you get humbled every time you come up with something new and every time you have to do a new special and every time you have to put away the old jokes or new ones humbled. You're eating shit all the time. There's no way you're not going to if you coming up with a new bit. There's going to be a time where you're going to say. Well you never. I said it before. That's just a fact and it's never going to be that good when you're in that SCAMPI. Yeah that's Bambi Bambi on ice just sell embarrassed trying the fucking. You're forcing it's clunky. That's the game though. Yeah that's what we do and the more we do it together. The more we help each other the more makes the people want to come see it too so it's like stores never been more packed. Never never been more packed. It's all on every night every night and everybody's got a good vibe. It's nice to see they're happy to see everybody whether it's darkness everybody's Happy Nice people very I'm happy to help. I'm happy to help but I'm just trying to promote the thing that we all want we all want you know. It's not like trying to show people something they don't want everybody. Nobody wants family. Everyone who wants Brotherhood sisterhood. Everybody wants like a nice community. Everybody wants to feel good but like some people think i. Everybody has imposter ostrich syndrome to men when you when you meet. Famous people had a phone call the other day with Johnny Depp. You did me and Johnny Depp talking on the phone. I'm like what is going on in my fucking life from. I'm here having a phone call with Johnny Depp on the podcast. Oh I don't know this. I just want to talk to him. It was just cool conversation. Really good guy. He's a nice guy. I'm I'm a big big fan. He's a he's a sweetheart of nominal. But it's like talking to him on the phone like what is this life and people every even I bet even Johnny Depp feels like he's full shit. Everybody feels like a front as soon as you pull the curtain. Oh Yeah and whenever you saw cure fraud like yeah. You're right. Everyone's everyone everyone I guarantee you Daniel. day-lewis probably feels like a fraud. Sometimes it's imposter syndrome. Everyone gets it but talking to Johnny Depp. You're like what is having what is before that was Connie with that was weird to to you. That was an insane to that was weird. It was real weird. It's weird. I met Paul McCartney wants the Improv. I I was like hello. What in the fuck my doing staring at you? How are you a real thing? How you really Paul McCartney crazy? I didn't even sit around and talk to them. Just said hi moving moving to stand up to house. He can handle it. Paul McCartney gets really bummed Out who did like the Caitlyn Jenner thing out at me. No have you ever talked to those guys on the podcast. Anyone said no or you. Don't even push should Powell is an interesting one because I've talked about it. Yeah no Mike. No no rick. Chapelle Pelle motherfucking his his his cousin. Dave is You Know David said he's like I'll do it sometimes. But I don't know you know and I was like dude I hear you. I don't do anybody else's a male have any time I would you. Yeah anytime and second of all I get him in you say enough with your comedy. And it's like Davis a smart guy. Man He figured it out. He figured out where was slipping away when they were fucking with him when he was doing Chapelle show and he was like you know what you sit back for a bit depth for a bit and started. Do you know what he did. When an artist Dave chapelle is he wasn't scheduling shows? Instead he would bring a speaker to the park. I know in Seattle. He'd set up a fucking speaker do an impromptu standup show and everybody was like what is going. On and at the time he could have filled up arenas man crazy I mean still can for sure still can still does the ones I did with him. Were phenomenal. We had so much fun but he decided to take time off. He decided that. Like let me just sit back and you know this especially at the level. You're to step away is probably the hardest to say knows by the hardest thing. He's our biggest genius. He's our biggest comedy genius. And he might. He might be one of the biggest comedy geniuses ever but he's certainly our biggest comedy genius. Today he understands comedy like like nobody else. Did you hear what he said. Trevor Noah was on a show and they ask them about opening for Dave Chapelle and Chapelle bottom on a bunch of dates and Trevor. No is like like Hugh saying he is. I mean I'm fairly good at stand up. I'm not the Bass but I've been stamp awhile now He goes. I'm in the Green Dave Chapelle and he goes and I'm thinking why the fuck would really had me open for it. Like he has all these guys like great comics so he said that to him he goes. Hey Man why the fuck you have me at your shows before he was a you know a million comics. I find any funny. There's a ton of funny people. There's a ton of funny comics. He is funny and in an interesting so to your point. He's like like we can go to dinner. Like your instinct person and people care about instinct people. So there's guys that can bring out. We were going to murder but they're not an interesting people don't care you're you can murder in your interesting. That's why you're here today. If that was an accurate quote funny what is cool man cheese the Kings said I'm here because of really smart Donohoe son stance. He started his podcast. I tried to talk him into it for literally a year really. I think I started talking about it last i February or something like that February march was. When did he do the podcast? The first time you tell them to do a podcast on like what are you doing man you funny. He's more for this about anything you can ramble was February okay so almost like whatever that is ten months so ten in eleven months ago you gotta go and finally got going so funny. And he's doing it with Kate Quigley which is perfectly nice amick yes perfect and have someone bounce. It's off Shit Bill Byrd Chris or Deh Leeann just speak into the MIC. That's special yes. He do that he has done that. But it's better to have cake quickly boundaries. I vote. Kate understands like comedy she knows what he's doing a show. He goes on a random. You know it's perfect you know. She'll bring people there herself Alf. So she'll bring people to the podcast help starving podcasts and finally as Whitney Cummings I know two cores. Illness should've been doing it a long time ago. Oh curry she's another one she do other people's podcasts. Prepare should one of the rare people would prepare for podcast. Shit talk about. She's so smart. She's one of the most ambitious people in in an interesting way. Not ambitious like wants to be famous no but wants to complete projects. She's always like bomb in the middle of directing this documentary on on on. What are you talking about directing your directing documentaries are? Our neighborhood is in Thompson girl like it's all of us right. There man to vortex broke ties. Tom's girls dance video. Yes it's fantastic. Row The annual holy shish and he said the director want him to step down take a gun and keep Hsun. Oh my God and Tom was like all right down the the the there was too long. We cut that out just stabbing you. Yeah the stabbing thing is the way to go. Yeah but it's dancing I mean do condemn. He can dance. Your son do talk shows and Spanish guy. How crazy is that GONNA do a special in Spanish? You just did a special in Austin or maybe. He's getting ready to just you just you just filmed but that was on span. That's regular but he's a regular. That was the other thing I was thinking about this cowboy versus connor fight. That's the most Irish guy versus the most American guy. It's Bud light verse. Proper was actual bud. Not Bud Light Sir. How does your Budweiser? He's not trash. But Li- I but my shit a real shit shit fuck bud light. If you're eating clams or something you want something called. The Conquest Budweiser's proper whiskey. That's what I'm saying and I like my budweiser in a can. I like to normal plus two fantasy connor reaching for his whiskey while cowboys always reach first. Budweiser I mean. I guess I wish they would have done it in like Dublin or something like a giant stadium in Dublin. Where are they doing vegas well? They probably had an agreement with Vegas anyways. Anyway I think the thing about Vegas is like there's the most people calm it's easy to get to the most amount of hotels there make the most money make the most money make them. Yeah it's it's look look it's GonNa be fucking great I on TV or wash it live. It's going to be fucking great. I can't wait. And if connor ten you know can catch them early. It could be very interesting. I it's literally a sprint versa. Marathon cowboy a stick around five out for Connor Welterweight. It scares me man if cowboy. Oh boy can use his distance and he's very good at doing it. You know and he can avoid that straight left because cow connors got pissed and left hand. I think conners better with his hands but cowboys better with his feet. Also the one thing. Everyone's forgetting this couch can fucking wrestlemania phenomena suggestion. So yeah if he wants to pull that out the point of the fight he indefinitely do it to you. I don't think he's GonNa is the Mike. Perry fight opened a lot is because my Perez go rila guerrilla is fucking strongest shit and when when cowboy arm Bardem Mike. Perry sent him a picture of xrays of a broken arm. That wasn't really his arm. Oh really this is what you did in my arm. So it's like in in Hell. No really. Why didn't really break? His are strange guy traced hasty fake broken arm and the X ray and his arm was broken. They didn't like Perry do like twenty one point one percent of black and he started jumping. Then talk like interviews. That annoying what is happening Peres wild dude. He's hilarious but this is a Platinum tattooed on his eyebrow plan. Yeah I don't know he's hilarious. Wild real fight coming up. Yeah who's he findings. Funny someone good right. Jeff Neal Fighting Jeff Neal Yeah ooh. That's a good fight. Jeff Neal really sweet. You know who we leave out when we're talking about welterweight it's so fucked up Leon Edwards eight in a row. Well how about Mazda fucking sucker punches own it cuts his face and they're in the you know the the middle of this whole thing after he knocks out till now and he's in the heat of this but it gets no traction. There was a Whatever they actually got in a fight straight fight and everyone's like yeah? Leon nobody knows. Sorry yeah I know. But he's he's he's very well he beat cowboy by decision but cowboy was sick going into that fight. You not say Leon couldn't have won anyway but the guy who never pulls out of a fight well cowboy pull out of a phone. Never you'd have to be on. Death's door again. He he's he's been a yes man for the. UC's gone through so much shit and wait on three days notice and fight. He's a yes man it was like he's just down to fight but but sometimes it's not for the best of his career career like when he fought Mazda in Denver some time hometown after the Mike Brown we like. Did you suffered a lot of damage like dude fighting hometown. Whatever four weeks later yeah all right? You know what I'm saying like that usually you're 'cause you're doing to be honest with you get to the title. That doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm positive the Dane is actually told them that to some some at certain points blaming Dan. I think that he wanted fights were Dana. was like look just slow down. I'm sure but I guess wild go wild dude but it's paid usually it doesn't pay off. It's paid off. He got his Golden News Goose. Well he's in an interesting stage where he's doing a lot of fights so he's really comfortable fighting right fighting. I'm very regularly. And he also at that age where his brain and his his knowledge of fighting his fight. IQ Is at its highest. Was Body still hanging in there hanging in there. But there's a fine line where it's let's say he got knocked out by gate. You're right yeah so let's say a connor knocks on. What's he doing exactly because you're in? He's like thirty six now. How old sixty seven so this is you know? This is the area right from thirty. Six to forty is where you see you know. Some Guy's Bernard Hopkins it and they just fucking eat nothing but grilled chicken with perfectly cooked vegetables Jonathan. Most except he's the most odd exception because Bernard Hopkins was elite as a boxer with no drugs. No nothing also also on the charts off the charts. He's like yeah yeah. MMA really can't get away also could control the pace where he could dictate like how fast you guys fought so nobody could just put a pace on him and then you know it's a different animal. It's a completely different animal. And the only guys have really made it successfully deep in their forties. We're not on the match. No omit off staffers tough and you know the early days of fighting lightening man. You gotta realize like the early days. Everything has to have an asterisk everything. Every of is the wild west is like everyone did it because the level playing field speaking of what you see vetoed getting ready for one. FC Hell Yeah he's back he's back to get get some is throwing fast combinations. Look at juicy to ask. I love that big again wait. is He fighting fighting to five to I five right. This is the voice the duties good. How many more years do you think he can have under those looser guidelines? Think does it for three more. They won't even let you saw it in the country to watch how you get get out now but we don't even Out Out get. But we don't have anything to do with out out out Singapore out. That's right he's one championship. Yeah of course he is come on son just says that down there helping them. Why wouldn't you zone impaired? Take my purse perfect. I'm eating whole foods going class. Yeah the killing it. Each sage is gonNA fight again to. He's going to drop down to fifty five so here he is getting ready. Oh Yeah Dude. I mean he's thick and he doesn't I have to cut weight. So that's where it gets interesting because you know you gotta realize that vitor has been fighting in the UFC at one hundred eighty five pounds for all all the big fights. The fight with Anderson he lost and then the Anderson fight you know he was a little smooth in that fight. He didn't look like the Vittorio. Toured fought Iraq or veto that fought Michael Bist Ping or Henderson Dow was the Thick v tour. So we're dealing with a different animal. What poor souls souls GONNA fight vetoing the Jews Hayman? I mean isn't enough at this age. You know. Is it enough you know. I mean they've got some straight up murderers over in one. AFC They do you do that. fucking guy knocked out Eddie Alvarez. What's his name? saryu kin kin. Or how about the brand Barrowman like killers not not sorry. Yuki and what is his name. Oh Nasty Akin. That's his name. I think it's Timothy Nasty Yukon. This fucking Russian savage awards over there was also. You'll see you know not so been asking on the bus but you'll see went one championship. That's your best come on over. Yeah but I think I think they did at the. I think it paid off for the because you wouldn't have Mazda superstar without what happened Ben. Aspirin I think Ben you know it worked for both one champ ship and UFC. It worked out yet for sure in work for Ben to meet a lot of money. Percents see if ben had left Bell Tower and concentrate. You have see things would have been very interesting harm. The paint for Ben We got starched. headstarts is a tough guy starts and then strangled pay. It's a tough world out there and you know we found out that he needs a fucking hip replacement. He does connecting them with Dr Weird and they'll get Panama. I love but also you know people dog what about now. What about the guy who was retired had everything going for him where where he's living has the wrestling camp was like? Yeah all right. I'll fight the best. The best. Do right away just for him to do that yet. Tip your hat to the Guy Fucking insane and Super Nice guy very smart guy to really well educated all the shit talk. That's all an act. It's Benza great dude. Smart Smart Guy. Why isn't the best idea to at the moment? Although what'd you say talking chip Tamaz Vidal wasn't it well. But that's that's his game. He's not going to tune in just a pure wrestler. Yeah Dude some guys. Muslims like what his long guys eating mad about. Maswadeh I'm sorry how about Ben Askin in Verse Damian Maya the strike and I was like what the fuck is happening right now. Yeah Road ground you to right now. What is this? I'd Rather Watch Logan podcasts. And why is this happening. Well you gotTa Remember Damian Maya beat Mazda all the one of the last fights that Mazda all lost was no he thought he'd be Glenn Notre Dame in mind. I don't think back remember and they restarted. I think Damian Milo one that decision. I'm pretty sure I Jimmy Lost Wonderboy Thomson I think he lost the WBZ Dame. I did he think yes. No no no no. No no positive Mazal no no Moslem Damien. WHO's in my mind? I tried to remember want might WANNA decision. Yeah he gave me my one. Yeah go to your brain and I remember. He lost a really close one to wonderboy slow sales. What's interesting about the the Muslim day my fight? It's rare my head is back and submit them true which is insane. Well you know where my fucked more than any other time in his entire career is when he had Kamara months. Oh so ugly. Day To this day I'll be driving my fucking car. Horry Maswadeh Damian mile loss burns earns like a fucking STD's sometimes I'll be driving. No Bullshit driving on the road and I think Damian my having Kamara wants back in the referee stepping in I go like this fuck just driving. If someone saw me driving they would think that I have some personal thing. I'm dealing with your the money or I'm just driving on the road. Thinking about that Ref Poon Damian. My Osman's back and I've scope fuck thousand saying it was so dumb insane. It's like he he got right to the spot. That's the spot next thing. You know who knows what happened. Is that the spot. But it's his his best in the world. You're the best and it's early. We're in the first round own. He doesn't even slippery yet. You call the Daming Baskin fight. Not I knew that I was like no. No doom is GonNa Strangle Damian Damian my has world class on the ground and Ben eventually wants to go to the ground what does he want to do. Have a kickboxing fight is going to be moments where he wants to go to the ground. Okay now if you look it would and this is obviously different. Because it's just it's just grabbing him but he rolled with Marcelo Garcia. Have you watched. Marcela Garcia Strangle Ben Aspirin over over and over and over again. You realize there's levels to everything if there were just in a wrestling match. Yeah Ben asking probably beat them but this is not a wrestling match this. MMA with strangles and Damian. Mine is going to get his back. That's what I was thinking. I was like he's GonNa get his back. Also is pretty similar to straight JUJITSU. Because ben or Damian aren't really not in house on pounding vying for position to grapple so Dan's can entertain the grappling with Damian. Maya's slip up. He's going to slip up. And that's what I felt like he wasn't going that'd be able as Hickson gracie would say couldn't keep the rhythm dude. How the transition's were I-if foaming at the when they were stealing like Youtube? Fuck and drop down right now. Yes topic God damn it. The only thing that made sense to me as maybe dame my thought Ben aspirins Chin would be soft because he was so brutally kayode just four for months ago. Maybe because that has happening right you remember went travis. Luder fucking knocked out cold with one punch that same Doodoo. Vitor Belfort cut a giant hole above his head. He was a super jacked. Really powerful black dude. God Damn it or can't remember his his name. PULL UP TRAVIS LUDER NOT EASTMAN Marvin Eastman exactly. Will Marvin Eastman fought. Travis Lutheran Travis later caught Marvin Eastman with a punch at the very the end of the punch. It was one of the weird knockouts. You'll ever see. Go back right here right area watch us. Oh very end of the punch variant of the punch. It's strange but but Marvin Eastman had been kayode. The word was killed twice in camp with Tito got hit with a knee during takedown defended Kayode and he got hit with something else. That was the word. I don't know if that's true if it's wrong. Forgive me but it's not. The Travis Luder couldn't punch he certainly could but that one didn't make sense now not touched him I and he just went out so sometimes guys who've been kayode recently you know it is they just can't it just doesn't work anymore you know. Maybe think David Maya May. Baby thought that van asking took ticket shot that scare when that happened the training camp because they're like fucking like two or three weeks away. Now you know you're not gonNA be healed so you go into the fighting knowing you're vulnerable. Yeah it happened before I fought Rothwell. End Up knocking me out but before that two weeks a week before my last barring such Shane carwin knocked me literally cold like a world week away and then you coach like I'll be all right man shake it off the in hindsight. Why would you guys let me fight? Dude why would you let me fight that. Well also why Shane Carwin trying to knock you out. Yeah it was back in Mike what he hit so hard that do hit so hard. He's a guy who didn't get his day in the Sun. Either you know he had that lost leser. We came out. Fuck leser up in that first round but then he just gassed out. He just lost all juice he was so he was Sa- put up so much energy trying to stop leshner so much he just fucking gonNA stop their fight too easily. Could stop that fight and not to her and they were both champions. He was the interim champ. Frank Yeah you crushed frank. Mir there with a ruthless series of uppercuts. Memory held him with one arm corner. faulk Dude Fuck Dude. That was terrifying. That was with Shane. Carwin was he was at his peak. He was starting before that he starts. Gero cons. One Punch after you had a broken nose. Gonzaga broke his nose fucked. His nose was up. Yup Shamed popped up when Shane hit with six inch. Right hand cool story like this bike. Show lights out. And then how about Gonzaga and bigfoot Silva flat career knuckled. That's how they're doing on a bare knuckle in Gonzaga piece big silver yeah. It's hard to not good big. bigfoot facility was a guy that when they made him get off the test remember that that was the rudest thing ever. Because this route is also. Don't fight if you have to have that snubbed. Off The money. He needed the money. No I'm saying like if you remember him on. TRT You're such a nightmare crush fatal huge crush fade radar. Remember that ankle. Lock on him he just his his failures like hugging on his big toe. Go like this yeah. I'm fucked out. Padar fucked up. You let a guy get on everything. You're literally fight a giant. Also the Nice Guy in the World Super Nice Guy but he Australia them in a real reason take test when you take him off of it. He had an operation on his Patou Iglesia tumor. Yeah hit a tumor. That was I mean. He was literally producing too much growth hormone. That's that's why you become a giant like that. So then he has this tumor removed and now is is not producing anything so we have to take stuff but they see can't take stuff so he's just fighting it's mark hunt when he's on. TRT and they just went back and fo- heavyweight find time afterwards. Tested shot. Yeah he does it hot. Yeah by train with bigfoot to get ready for big dog and I didn't know they're like best friends and I'm training with them. This guy's guys great next day. I'm like fuck bigfoot. I see a picture of him on instagram with big knock. Oh boy so he went to test you out. I just think he came in and was I use the same. I know he's training there. I don't think he was like bad intention. I think he was like all right. If you want to try and go ahead do. He didn't get on top of fate or when he mounted fater I was. It's like holly in that picture of Jude. A giant on top of this kind of fat Russian dude. He was a he was a building. He was a building planted on his chest. Not Shaking that off three hundred pounds Verron DC flautam. And I go do you fuck them up. Because how can you miss. How can remiss he goes? That's easiest fighting the world. How do you miss one shoot? They both land his head with this wall and when you catch Agai to catch him in his career in all in like what kind of testing are we talking about the reality of like Ami MMA pre-usa data is all when you catch them in. What kind of testing? Yeah what's speaking testing. How about you boy offering fight Saturday? Don't don't fuck in Rosenstone. Is it. Strike or stroke strike strike. Yeah he's a banshee. Yeah he's a beast he kayode Andrea last with a left Hook fadeaway left took his last fight. One Punch Serious Power Really Nice Guy to is nice real nice. Curiously no but cool name Jar. Zeno Jersey Rosen. Strike God'll academy. I would have to go to Jon Jon Anik to see them saying it right right but I'm pretty sure it's roses destroy. Group Rose Strike. Six flags varies guy. He's one of those guys where you look at the other leg reach thing now now. He's one of those guys when you get a guy who's you know. I think he's nine thousand nine hundred. I mean you know he has to. We don't know but this tale ratio eighty percent fuck man and he's a legit to sixty plus you know. He's a legit giant deer fucking crazy. If you don't think rose in stroke and Francis Mantis are going to face off. Who would I wanNA see? Honestly I WANNA see Francis fighting boxing a really do how dare you a really do a really do a really guy like wilder. Well not right away. I don't think that would be smart. No I think you just have a few boxing fights but I think Francis could put people on the moon. That's a fact you get. Some dude is not going to take him down there. Just GonNa stand in front of him. It's two hundred eighty plus pounds right now. Chef has been lifted muscle dude. He's such a specimen he's such a free and I mean he's got a story that is literally right right out of a movie. He was a child working in the fucking sand mines. digging sand that is core that its shoulders lags that it back that kind of strength training as a young person doing that every day that farmers strength Shit. That's for real for real. Go against the farmer. Exactly Guy Sand Shoveling Strength Mike. Top former strength because farmers aren't always doing that sand doing it all day long lead diamonds and I can take it to Matt. I love hate shots. Here's what throughout Francis to offset is loss right. Lost St the Bay and then The Derek Lewis whatever. That fight was whatever I WANNA race. Yeah but so. He loses to stay he gets catapulted into the limelight. He's he's pretty cocky. Thinks he's GonNa Start St Bay but then he learns from his losses and you look where he's at now he's like. Oh Shit this guy's GonNa be champion. Yeah similar thing happen Darin tail. Oh Man I went to see I saw the junior Santos fight in a pool hall. I was with some guys and we're playing poll and we stopped. I said this one won't last. Oh yeah this is not gonNA last. Junior is a great fighter. But he's just his style is the wrong style to stand in front of that fucking guy. He'll have some perceived miles on them. There's a he's a shell of what he used to be in. France is just on this terrain but hair sub. There's sometimes there's losses that happen for guys where you're like. Oh man like they needed does huge bumps in their in their career. Where it's GonNa make them? It's GONNA pay off in the end. I think it has happened with Francis. That happen Darin. Till now as well. I don't know if Francis dances can immediately beat top level boxers but I know that if they put him against some guy. WHO's like a journeyman who's GONNA stand starch them in health and he'll start a bunch of those guys and shows people get super excited? I WanNa do that but your time out different animal if you were to go in there like the wilder fury which which is almost ridiculous to say but that's where comedy employed but you know or even Mazda while timeout. Oh I WANNA fight Cannella Nath Canal. What the fuck it? What are you talking about? So but I I think with Francis if you put them in there with a guy like wilder or fury. They seem big punches before man he's not going to touch him. There's just a different level but I you might be if he's also older so I duNno. Fury is a perfect example of a guy. That's extremely hard hit. He's so light on his feet. He POPs Jabbie so well schooled. One of the things that I saw when when I watched the fight again was like how how well he was slipping punch masterclass in Boston. Good Oh by far. The most skilled skilled heavyweight we Sinatra. How long and six nine in things? He's so tall and it just POPs out jazzy. Worked with till Yes yes. Tillis fought to like and he was like I want a real workout. Give me what you guys were due until holy fuck of course man and now imagine him with four ounce gloves lighten your Chin Up. He's just too fast but it's whether or not he would ever be able to stop like steeping takedown. DC's take down or any real heavyweight wrestling now now now they've been told it was smashed. I don't know why everyone wants to cross pollinate. Stay there I think the guy who can have the most success Francis Francis because I really think the Francis before he gets to the elite levels. He's GonNa start a lot of people I don't know if he can punch his wilder. I don't know because while there's punches crazy insane insane but so is Francis. If France anyone would that left hook I don't give a fuck if he's wearing one of those cartoon gloves that you get away five pounds. You know those ones you get Tom. But here's the thing you know who ate his punches. steeping did but steep a moved away and uses wrestling be still thebike. Fuckin- can rock steep a do this. He asked album amazing. But what how much different would that fight beef if it was just a boxing match. That's trouble if there was no take downs at all he could settle in. Maybe who knows. Maybe Steve would have fought a different fight. What do you think steep steep? ADC The rematch. Is that definitely going to happen. They confirmed that. I think Steve might sound crazy deeper. He's got an injury that he's dealing with that I think am I fucking crazy firm. I showed him. I don't think it's confirmed. I think they're both agreed to it but it hasn't been confirmed. It hasn't been signed sued. Wait till John Goes. Hold my fuck in Barron coming up the heavyweight. I've seen what that man does the heavyweights in training. Well you know the Johnny Walker thing was what was really interesting right is is really interesting to see if Johnny Walker could make a big splash but then people forgotten. God Damn Good Corey Innocence. They forgot about your hi cage fuck you knock a lot of guys out. They don't give a fuck. How good are you right now and do you have a solution to it? Corey Anderson Brings tables beats me. He's a beast. He's a beast got incredible work ethic. He doesn't get fucking tired and he gets better with every fight and people forget forgetting. It's better go. But you've got to watched lear Latifah fight. Shut that guy down stops Johnnie Walker. He's beating top level guys man. How `Bout Lativa heavyweight now? I know I'm not crazy. Steep amyotrophic wants Tyson fury super fight more than Daniel Cormie trilogy. Of course he does Billion Dollars Bill Not Seaman wait for his rematch. So make way too. Then he's probably talking. Show both you fight to your nuts. Hang on just fucking make it happen. Uh I don't know if that fight happens again happens again. We'll talk. I'll tell you what I know. Yeah please do yeah just a matter of time for Jonga's I am. I'm ready to go and just fucked up. Well John Heavyweight Dear God make it happen. Oh my God what do you think about John Versus Francisco every fight start standing ending up. Man Yeah does Francis terrifying terrifying Ken. John get in there fast food. He's cutting weight to make to sixty. I five understand that. Oh wait cutting weight. And he's putting people on another dimension hundred unimpressed power punch it one hundred percent however he ain't seen nothing like that guy no nothing kicks his leg and that guy comes storming in like a bat out of hell throwing punches that each one of them has concussion written all over it each one of them got anything lands on anybody and you're a tool fiber. I mean the best to a five of all time. No doubt but if we saw john get left hooked like the way we saw Gregor Gillespie get head kicked. Just flat line dumps and San Shut. Got Out the glitzy. I know I was thinking as a really fight for Kevin Ja. Kevin Kelly phenomenal. Well listen man. The training with Frost Cross a hobby and making that move. Gabriel camp real spying game plan and a real real maestro to a master. You have to have to have it today if you can in competing against the best one of the best ever. I told them I'm like that's the guy who trained the guy who you fight like the most. Go there be that guy. Yeah move to Coalesce Montreal. No black people. They speak French French. They rap in French Of you ever heard French wrapping. Oh Yeah. That's all durable. GSP plays in his car. Nothing terrible could you please switch the station. GSP's still training still training still tiptop Magoo's looking for a big fight. Yeah he said look. I'm here boys. What do you want to do? He wants to be sixty-five brow him and could be at one. Sixty five would be gang busters insane and he can make 165. He thinks he made fifty five. Let's say dillashaw dillashaw. Jesus Christ when teach you know like I don't know what Tj was doing before he was doing this 'cause busted yeah because You know they don't test for repeal every fight they don't now they don't get caught. Cody Cody Garbrandt. said that it'd been on it before. Cody Him of France. I don't know if that's true but I do know that when you look at the way. He looked when he was training for that. One hundred twenty five pound fight. He looked like he was a dead man walking. I couldn't imagine that he had any energy train. I can't imagine it almost understand what he would take. Something almost understood exactly. I said Adam except if Kotel truth of cody said it before the not MALFA issues with TJ. And they've assumed he was on before I don't know who to believe. Is that the case or was he friends with Codeine codeine new. I don't know I don't know either way again props to use OUGHTA because they're catching people doing doing shit like that. Look he should have never gone to one twenty five terrible idea. I mean that guy. This training him that guy. WHO's that master strengthen conditioning coach to put together this diet drop down one hundred twenty eighty five pounds? That's all good on paper okay. That's all good on paper and I know he's trained a bunch of really top level eight hundred percent. That's a ridiculous idea. That's wait wait. There's that also Josie Alice team. WHO's like no he can make one thirty five? I'm like he looks like he's lost weight to hang up forty five but he looks like he lost a lot of way to be seen in recent pictures of them. Nope don't need to because here's the thing like Oh you were you know yet. Kind of peace at forty five. And you're older do. Let's cut a shit ton of wait and see how that goes. But here's the thing. Why fifty five? I hear what you're saying but I don't think he's actually cutting weight. I think what he's done to lose weight lose weight like running going slowly because he's way out from fight right he's he's already fighting December for fifteen Marlin Moore is. Is that what it is. Yeah that's fairly soon to get fight. ZILLION Brazilian crime. Nothing Better Dude Marlon Lynn. Before say Huda got a hold of him he louis a world beater like he was going to beat the worst Hoodoo Baraga broken moreau. That fucking will on him son. Put that will on them. So here's the question is Marlin marines in a similar situation where he just can't maintain a pace after cutting that much way because Mariah's cuts fuck load wait there. It is drained. Amanda Me Peterman Ura Amanda Nunez in me is. That's a fight. The people are not talking about enough Durand Emmy is good. She's super technical when she refused to fight burns. Yeah I'll give up. The bill is nice. Now you can kiss ass assist Dutch as interested dude vocal ASCII verse. That's always a good fucking fight. You ever see vulcanology when he's two hundred and forty s fantastic music is five forty. He's from his e Saint Camp Yes is an animal and mcelroy. Max Holloway Consensus Greatest. It is further weight of all time of all time he's the best beat the shit out of Aldo twice life. beat the shit out of Tak- no keep going. Oh and one more John John. Kamara use modern koby COVINGTON. Now John Jones is the what is that. which is he is that the other big one is right? It's February Houston who Komo News. Monaco becoming give me again. Let me say that again to agree. Smarter Colby covered in Good Luck Colin. That when they're I don't know both both their styles very similar. The only difference on that you can really see neither guys ever been taken down a fight ever but I would give the finishing power to tomorrow's Postman. He has some power. He here's some power but Cohen with Robbie lawler. I have just struck. Yeah Yeah Insane. Well not only that that puts a face on that. You just can't handle you can't handle it but if anybody can handle it it's that guy because thing ballot woodley. Yeah takedown defense. One hundred eighty percent Kamara. WHO's Mon- hundred? Fuck is coby seventy. Who took him no took him down? Maybe he's I didn't get submitted. Get a broken rib. Took fight early in his career injured a thing to get into the UFC losses at submitted. I WanNa say it was his first fight. Go to Colby COVINGTON's I fight in the octagon gone. That's what they're gonNA do Woodley on Edwards. Ooh just hit me. That's a tough tough guys. Good fight very good fight. It does it guillotine who I fight. Oh he was. I made an eight and one who's talking about for in the UC eight and one in the AFC. How many fights in was it? Two three four fifth fight really. Who did it or Lee Alvin Alvis? That's that's right. That was the fact that he got injured Worley. Alvis was a beast kinda fallen off but he was. He was a beast but did I'm assuming colby shot in while. Kobe went into that fight with the fucked breath. I know that for a fact but did he shoot guillotined. I don't remember all fucked. You know he was. He was hurt. I know for sure And then who did he. He fight after that. Because let me tell you the fight that made him put on this act put his record put it up on quick into the first round was yeah well. He's fucked up. I know for sure he was fucked up going to that. Fight those who fight. He didn't want to take him in tailored clothes and shows like come up with a stick did do you think so hundred percent again sees me that little bigger. My shitty is Go they'll scroll up. Okay there it is there it is it was. I think it was When he was was it? When he was fighting Damian my these talking shit or is that Sao Paulo Yup? That's exactly what exactly. So he's fighting Damian filthy animal. Yeah you call them filthy animals holiday. Apparently what was going on before then was he was not making enough noise. There was no one gave a fuck about him. And you know they're in the middle L.. A. Contract negotiations and I think they were threatening to cut him. So he says all kinds of crazy shit about Damian Meyer and people pay attention the okay okay. How about what is we'll give you another Brazilian? So they give them Field Asandra he beats the fuck it off L. Designers and like Holy Shit. Wait a minute here. Blandon minute so in doing that he wins the interim title and then there was a bunch of Shenanigans. They wanted him to fight in Madison Square Garden. He said look. I can't fight back to back that quick. These are hard ask camps. They strip them a lot and and shit going shifts then they bring back against Robbie lower big combat fight. Robbie lawler is a murderer right one big fight on. ESPN and he just yes runs him over man runs over like Robbie never got air he never got air. We just stayed on on state on liquid is Record write that lasts six. Six five lasts five all decisions. So it's like if you're getting all this finish but what he's doing a guys like Damien Mind Dos Anjos Robbie lawler so fun to watch watch. He's breaking news. He's this is crazy. October of two thousand seventeen. So it's basically two years old this act and I I can't I can't wait for him to drop it. I can't wait for him to drop it. Once it becomes a champion telomerase going eight. You know why he didn't keep it going because he he wants to go to. WWe Does he think 'cause smart not magic I won't go. WBZ becomes a champ and then goes wwe and they put him on all the steroids royds. Why not and then get him up about two forty? Keep the hat keep going to be sent make bank show. Yeah tell them to show you pussies how to really fight fantastic about him him versus listeners. You'll you'll see that you'll see that less their fight a little do the other day. We'll be talking crazy. That's what he wants to do. A man can make money. You know at a certain point time you gotta go a you know. He accomplished a lot. He's accomplished a lot home. Sent if he decides if he beats on how to keep this guy because everybody knows fighting. You know it's a finite window like how are you going to do next. And nobody knows what his body's like right now as far injuries. And how many guys do you know that are in camp that have one fucked up knee. You're weird shoulder or the neck keeps fucking for his skill set that motor motor that grind like he's a grinder. So you've got to have it all men. I would like to watch his strength conditioning workout. 'cause it must be fucking insane must be insane because even hoary Mazal off record on talking Khanum I go. What do you think about coby? We've trained together. Goes never seen a motor like that ever in my life he can go and you can go. He can go he put it on. Robbie law can nursing ever seen anybody put it on the pace. The pace was just insane. He just never gave him any air just kept on bang. Bang and I go I go will you use gone. I'm fifty sixty percent he goes. Yeah finished sixty percents volume just never never thrown full blast to stay in on you. Nate Nick deal started along next started. Nick start if you go back to watch his fight with frank shamrock. He just never gave frank shamrock and he breaks exploding volume until he it gets you hurt then. He starts rep into the body the body and he starts letting you know. I'm not even a little tired bitch and you're exhausted starts putting it on you. It's on in to the Nate Diaz thing. I think you know Congo's WANNA fight three times in two thousand twenty. I think he goes if I had a crystal ball Scrooge mcduck of the AFC. I think he goes Cowboy Mazal an ended with Nate Diaz. Money money money money money money. Why not right because I I think Tony Bieber tie one fifty five for a while. I think those those boys go back and forth. I think it's GonNa be great trilogy for the divisions. I'm so excited right about that fight. That's my that's my number one fight of the year number one five. Don't you about anything else. I need that it's in April. It's in Brooklyn and might not even happen. Oh crap I'm I'm saying that because there's no way I could predict that's why we get cancelled so I'm saying that the funding meets the fifth. Actually happen I know see you know. It'd be great if the just doesn't tell us and end the week before the. Oh I could be the Saturday like Oh fuck. Yeah I'm using reverse psychology title. Sometimes we jinx fights did. I'm serious about Francis in Ghana though. I think he can be a real heavyweight contender and boxing. I agree that's the one thing I'm not fucking around about. I want anybody to get twisted. I really think that guy is so fucking hard hard. And he's so good at fighting now and he's so good at fighting high level you know he's been fighting in the AFC against high level guys. I know it's different but I don't think there's that much in the judgment when you think about his primary skill set and the division he's talking about you don't think he'd start some of those like top fifteen guys he get fucked some of those dudes. It's up your Goddamn mind if louder. I'm not saying right away. Not Saying right away got you got to build an experience under your belt. You gotta see some fireworks. How many pro boxing fights is even have not many think about any? I don't even know Conrad Zero and you fought the best ever Echo. Although he did some like I told Asia beautiful left uppercut Francis Lands on wilder fury. It's game over. It's interesting maybe not maybe our take it. Maybe they can maybe he can you know I heard them maybe they can roll with it a little bit. Better wilder takes dude. That's the thing about wilder. He takes it. He's got a tremendous Sodas two-man Joshu Oh get hit. He's been wobbled before the daily white fight. He's been he's been wobbled. Man or click clack clock by Klitschko. That's I think a against wilder man. 'cause there's no Lil Watler Lyons it's game set match over what do you. What did you think about Cannella fighting? Sergei Kovalyov how crazy was that to flatlined Sergei Kovalyov at one hundred seventy five pounds goodness canal. He's he's pound for pound number one. He's his resume. Everyone goes you bud. Who I love but Crawford shot but but in Earl Spencer. Everyone goes that's pound proud in one or aluminum. Dude look at WHO. CANELLAS has beat man in different divisions. Did you timeout fucking more key guys. And he stopping them in the triple g fights off. See there's some controversy there but the real contra for the first one's very controversial the second one was not so much what's up at delayed his fight for them at the. AFC fight yes they did and he's mad at that he said no more because apparently people were tired man especially like East Coast. Could you watch it. I was yeah I watched it was insane. Yeah they delayed it four hours during the they show him in the back sitting there like what the waiting for at the end of the zone. There's just like how does how does played in the arena. This laugh my off. Who wrote that? Who wrote that tweet online impersonator riot? Let me shot him out. It says Choon Defense Imperatore Ryan facets into twitter. It says L. Ella Mayo Canal Kovolev Oval ever napping 'cause they gotta wait on the AFC. It's ridiculous like show. A little pride deserted Dana loved it loved it he was so happy I Abaza. UFC Guy Bitch. What this is? Who's king you got can you? Can you imagine Dana bowing down to go. And Listen Floyd's finding hiding we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA wait for the main possible. USC doesn't give a fuck what you got going. How is Nate Diaz? Verson Maswadeh was a special fight to and the thing about making it for the bad motherfucker belt almost like everybody was like yes. Why not why not you know? And now isn't you'LL WANNA you're gonNA fight John Whaling. Isn't she fighting her for the belt if they didn't give her that you want to say what's the female b. m. f- `bout she she by Jessica androgen rematch. Forty eight fucking fucking card card. So it's not been announced two. That's the one they think might be out Sonya and you'll Romero so. Dan said he didn't want that that. Fight Though Terminal Location Dana. Dana said he didn't want that fight because y'all losses last guy. I thought you said he did want it. No Dana said he personally Dana. Didn't think that was a good fight for your well. Well but think about what else is that. What a great fight for you I? I think it's I mean for Out of Sonya I think for the division but who else he can. Do you look at the division. There's no one else. Well one of the things things Maswadeh. WHO's friends with Yo l said I respect the fuck out of out of Sonya? Because he asked for that beast he said he asked for my point with Andrew Scholz. And like no. You don't understand to the bill. The legend of IZZY HIM ASKING FOR YO l everybody in the game respects that you wanna fight that fucking monster. Even Darren till Darren till said anybody but you'll L. Jugular out. Don't WANNA fight. I think during do Dan till whitaker man. That's a great fucking fight. They talked about doing them on the undercard Outta Sonya Yoel Romero. Yes was not no no no no no the now's the undercard of another fight. Fuck what he say. He reached out to O'Connor and cowboy. That's who it was. He wanted to be on the undercard of Qahtan not happening. I don't I don't think would or could be ready by then after again. What is the? What's the date on the January January Warren December right? But it's six weeks Dan till breaks out there's red panties invites Robert Whitaker. UFC Two forty. Six Coma Yeah. So that six weeks the only thing is Robert starched. Yeah just a couple of months so you get an one one hundred twenty days suspension right. Well I don't know if you've actually can make that medically nothing can happen. It's too soon also. I think a fight like that. What were you know a guy like just sort of starches you like that that requires a reset? Take your time do. Yeah but maybe not I mean maybe he knows better than us. I don't know I think so. I don't think so on the outside looking in say take your time. I don't think he does take time but I would like to see that fight too. So maybe they can make that happen on that March cartilage or maybe yeah maybe sometime in the future. There was a great April uh-huh card. Well right April do you have see in Brooklyn with Tony and Khabib maybe it could be on the undercard of that great. That's great fight like yeah. That's it's a good time to be a fight fan man time man. I'm good should have hell. Yeah Yeah I get home to my son. Do Not Fat K.. Dot Com next Friday and Saturday. And then yeah I haven't been I've only did the Stanford into newer one. I think I think next week. First Time I'm Borgata Atlantic City. It's a fun fun fun. Fun Excite for animals licensed prices are throwing money at the audience. Really hundreds probably two through ten thousand dollars the audience I love this brought onstage. Throwing money smell terrible through a lot of money if he's forgotten Casey. 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