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Moderna's Early COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Show Promising Results


The class of two thousand twenty deserves a proper sendoff, which is why Iheartradio and Doritos brings you commencement the podcast, featuring speeches and dedications from icons. We admire most here from Halsey. Things we will never injury pit bull guys a generation. Go change the world, Becky, G, cashew, and many many more check out commencement the podcast out now on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get podcasts with a special Doritos Valedictorian episode where Doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five Valedictorians giving them each fifty thousand dollars in tuition assistance in sharing their speeches with the world. It's Tuesday may nineteen. I'm Oscar Ramirez in Los. Angeles and this is the daily dive. There were some good news in the fight against Corona virus on Monday, as drugmaker said that it's vaccine induced immune responses in healthy volunteers in a clinical study. Volunteers made anybody's that matched or exceeded the levels found in patients who recovered after contracting the virus. Madonna will now move into as two trials with more people involved in that. And then the phase three trials. They hope to begin in July. Madonna ultimately hopes to have something ready by the fall, but we are still some time away from having a vaccine to be distributed widely. I'll tell you what you need to know. Next criminal investigation is underway after a massive explosion in downtown. LA WAREHOUSE INJURED TWELVE FIREFIGHTERS The businesses called Stokes reported to be a supplier for butane, honey or hash. An explosion erupted as firefighters were trying to put out the planes and led to cruise, having new escape the roof of the building and walking through a thirty foot wall of fire. Despite burn injuries and breeding and super heated air. All the firefighters are expected to survive. Steve Gregory reporter I news in. Los Angeles joins us for this dramatic fires. Out The noise. Let's dive in. The twenty five microgram and one microgram. Show that they were having binding antibodies in blogger coming from. Above the level. In comparison Sarah so I in the blood of people. Were being seconds. What we're all sitting point of homage and people you need on Monday. We had some good news in the fight against Corona. Virus the world has been waiting for a vaccine, some type of effective treatment or Covid, nineteen and drugmaker Madonna said on Monday that it's experimental corona virus vaccine had induced an immune response in some of the healthy volunteers who were vaccinated in a clinical study. These are the first results for the. The first vaccine that is entered human testing, so these results are very preliminary, and only for a portion of the study participants, but at this point any news that we're getting on the good side of it is being looked at very closely according to earn chief executive. They said that the data suggests that this vaccine it's called 'em are in a twelve seventy three has a high probability to provide protection from covid nineteen disease in humans. And when something like this happens shares on. Wall, street go up I, think they went up about twenty seven percent from Derna after a news of this had come out. So while we have some good news right now with this, we're still quite a ways before we will actually have a vaccine. The company said that their vaccine could be ready for emergency use as early as the fall. If it continues to work in other testing the FDA has given moderna permission to begin their second stage of testing, which the face to trial is going to be could involve about six. Six hundred people possibly and the phase three trial said they could begin that in July so things are moving very fast in this sense, but things might not be ready for the fall at the earliest so a little bit more about this particular vaccine, modern Co design, this vaccine with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and they're the ones that are leading the clinical trial that began in March. And for some of the participants at ranged in age from eighteen to fifty five, they were given various doses of the vaccine, and said increase immune responses, including boosting certain antibodies to levels at or above those seen in blood samples from people who have recovered from covid nineteen, so people that have recovered from covid nineteen have a certain level of antibodies. This vaccine was providing them with that same amount or more at least. And the responses they said included both binding antibodies which attached the viruses, but don't prevent infection as well as neutralizing antibodies which do block infection, so it's working on two fronts, and the news is good on both the results don't show whether the vaccine actually protected people from the disease caused by the virus. That's going to be looked at in further studies, but the antibodies are there as far as side effects go. There weren't really too many one participant experience redness around the injection site and three other subjects that were receiving the highest dose that they were giving these tests had systemic symptoms, which includes things like fever, muscle, pains and headaches, but they said that those symptoms went away after a day. That high dose by the way is being eliminated from future studies, not necessarily because of the side effects, but because the lower doses appear to work so well that the high dose is not needed and that could be very beneficial that if they go with the lower dose because that'll allow companies to to manufacturer more of the vaccine. Have it more readily available for people to use? So while this is all very good news, the findings actually don't prove that the vaccine works just yet. We still need larger longer studies to determine whether it can prevent people from getting it in real world situations. The other thing about Maderna's vaccine is that they're using genetic material from the virus called Messenger. are in a an. It's sometimes they call it M., Arina. This whole process and making vaccines in this way is still relatively new. and has yet to produce any approved vaccine, but so far the news is good, and they're going to keep working on this one, but what happens next the next part of this is that governments drug makers are looking at how to roll out a corona virus vaccine, including reserving some of the first batches for healthcare workers, and those that are very essential. There's more than one hundred vaccines in development globally right now, and at least eight have started testing in humans that includes the one from our dinner. We were just talking. Talking about others from Pfizer as well and the big giants like Johnson Johnson AstraZeneca, so no, they're building up the capacity to make hundreds of millions of doses on their own or their partners vaccines once they get approved and they're proven to work, so they're still a long way to go on this and right now. This is this larger rush onto to line up funding for accelerated testing and expanded manufacturing. Because once the vaccine gets approved. That's the next up. We have to manufacturer enough vaccine to start using it more widely. There's a lot of drug makers who have been building up their capabilities to make these vaccines, and they've pledged to deliver millions of doses this year. but you know a big supply to vaccinate. The general population might not really become available until well into twenty twenty. That's why we keep talking about what these things with with the vaccines. It's a long game. It takes a long time to get this and public health officials in vaccine. Experts hope that more than one vaccine will cross the finish line to boost the total number of doses available as we said. Madeux, right, now is the only one some good news, so hopefully a few other vaccine candidates start sharing some good findings. And with his limited supply, that's going to be initially available of these vaccines. Everybody's already trying to see who would get first dibs on this so companies receiving us. Federal grants like Johnson, Johnson Maderna's no fee. They're expected to reserve some of those doses or Americans but really the first groups to get all of this would be at at the head of the line for this would be any frontline healthcare workers first responders essential workers like grocery pharmacy. Food Supply and mass transit employees you know as we've been talking about for some time now. Central employees that keep the economy going so they would all be at the front of the line to get some type of potential vaccine. So overall some good news from dern, hopefully as I mentioned, we can get some Morgan news from other companies that are testing their own vaccines, but for now some promising results out of Medina. 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Jared do things that scare you if you can embrace the unknown and fully jump into what life has to offer you, there will be much to celebrate and much to enjoy and Katcha reflect on the work you've done and celebrate moving into your new face. These iconic names all coming together to celebrate you. Class of two thousand twenty listened iheartradio's new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio, APP, or wherever you get your podcast end, remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor. State farm is there. Inside performing fire attack, they were on the roof when there was an explosion that erupted at least thirty by thirty foot flame that came out like a blow torch that these firefighters had to walk through. Steve Gregory reporter for Kfi News in Los. Angeles thanks for joining US Steve Always a pleasure. To talk about interesting local story that you covered for Kfi News. There was an explosion in a downtown Los Angeles warehouse over the weekend, and it was just so dramatic, some of the video and pictures that were coming out of it, and the stories that the firefighters had to deal with while fighting. This fire was just amazing. There was several storefronts that were damaged. There was melted fire helmets fire truck was burned, and firefighters literally had to run through a wall of flames to escape what? What was going on because the building was actively exploding while they were trying to fight the fire, so it's just an amazing story Steve Tell us what happened I? Summon up like this. One of the fire captains told me it's one of the worst incidents they've ever had. In recent history that gives you an idea. And this was truly an international story I could not believe the other media outlets of their from Australia from Korea they were all there. Because it's not every day you see firefighters. Running down extended ladder that was on the roof, and that ball of fire, coming up underneath like they were on a grill as the first thing I thought I was like a human grill. They're on this ladder. And these flames are coming up and they have to keep their composure. They have to remain calm in not slide off that ladder and fall, and they made it down. There was a total twelve firefighters that were injured as a result of it on Saturday night and what was fascinating about it is there was all this. This confusion about what was in this warehouse, and you were talking about the different sort of storefronts down. There are a lot of these industrial warehouse type places, and a lot of them believe it or not have become suppliers and purveyors of the cannabis industry locally. Call it bond, row or bomb alley on L.. Yeah, and so there was a lot of confusion in this place because the fire department did tell us pretty early on there were a bunch of butane canisters, and that these canisters were exploding early on, you could hear. Firefighters describing the big POPs that they were hearing, so we don't know how large these canisters aren't because we couldn't get that close to the action. that. The call started out as simple kind of moderate smoke coming out of a building, one team firefighters goes in the ground level. Another team of firefighters goes to the roof. They go up on the roof and they start cutting these ventilation holes, so the smoke and fire in the heat can go upwards and the ground crew couple firefighters in there, and they're like something doesn't feel right. They start hearing a high pitch sound. Imagine, a whistling, if anyone has a propane tank that overheats any kind of a tank overheats. That's the first thing that I could think of said if you've got overheating end and the starts to happen in the pressure starts to build inside all a sudden the firefighters. The one guy just says okay. We gotta get. We gotTA. We gotta get out and here's kind of how it unfolded on the radio. Or No Two firefighters. Guys. Ability we need help. Drug Twenty Year my medical group. You Have Incheon Ten truck twenty. You Have Reggie nine rescue Tunein we have. Down firefighters on the album side now in drug money. That! WE HAVE FIREFIGHTERS Other side! We're GONNA Park. Metro standpoint. If we're. Going Away A. Building fire any. Real actors up. That gives you a sense of being right there. So what had happened moment? That I was talking to the moment? You play that audio there. An explosion happened proposing the unexpected, but they felt in. They knew something was happening in the. Were ripe for an explosion, so there was firefighters inside the building when they felt this unease, and they said let's get out of this out, but there was still firefighters on the roof. Right creating those ventilation holes, and that dramatic video that you see are those firefighters on the roof because they're on the back into the building, it's easier to run out from the ground floor, and that's what they were in there. They were trying to find the origin of the flames. They hadn't even found where the fire had started yet. And then they start feeling. Feeling that what they call that pressure I smoke, things are building up and this perfect storm in like okay, this isn't right, so they call for the all out all out all exit, and they get out pretty quickly, and then the guys on the top or coming from across the building when that ball of fire shoot out, and then those firefighters are running down the ladder to safety I want everybody to go to Steve's twitter page at Stephen Gregory for some pretty dramatic photos and video of a video that you had somebody that was there. There just kind of video of you. It was a security guard next door. So you have this video showing the firefighters running down with a huge flame going through there and they're kind of walking down, and then the flame erupts even bigger, and they're literally walking through the fire. Yeah, tell us about some of the injuries that were sustained all the firefighters. The twelve firefighters got hurt are expected to survive and make it out of this fine miraculous recovery all across the board, and it was a total of twelve firefighters that were injured the most. Most severe were two guys that had internal injuries from breathing hot gases, and then basically what that did was swelled the inside of the office in the respiratory system. They had to sedate them. Put them on ventilators pretty quickly that evening the others had varying degrees of burns. There's going to be at least one firefighter this gonNA need skin grafting. Most of the rest of them got burns on what they call extremities. That's how they describe it basically hands and arms, an years and a lot of burns on ears, because helmets as you mentioned early. That heat was so intense that you could just see these deformed helmets strewn about the sidewalk. The turnout coats pants big thick coats that they wear had burn holes in them. Those things are supposed to resist fire. The inside of the fire truck ladder truck that was across the street. was so badly damaged from it. It's probably totalled. Let's talk a little bit more about the business. Where the fire was reported, it was a warehouses called smoke tokes. They've been described as a maker of butane. Honey oil also known as oil they extract thc out of all that stuff to put in Babes and waxes and things like that. What do we know about this business? One thing we do know about this. Honey oil is that it's illegal to manufacture using butane in the state of California, so the ATF agency is going to be on scene most of their teams there now them in the Los Angeles. Police Department's Major Crimes Division. They're all going to investigate and the gang and drug unit, but what we do know. Know is presumably according to their website. They have a cash and carry business, and he giant warehouse is presumably would be the warehouse, and they purportedly with Carrie paraphernalia like lighters, and then these butane canisters that might be used for regular reasons or regular purposes or refilling lighters, those kinds of things, but what they're looking at now is whether or not this honey oil as hash oil was being extracted from these these plants, and these leftover seeds and buds, and stems and whatnot within the business, which is again is an illegal process. It's legal if it's organically extracted, but it's illegal, if use any kind of chemical substance or any kind of a heated chemical substance to extract this. So that was sort of bandied around a bit on the scene that night, but there was absolutely no confirmation from fire department. So now there's a criminal investigation underway looking into the absolutely, because also there were no hazardous material. Sign each out front any logos or any of these signs that they're supposed to have if they have any kind of flammable material inside, so this happened. Happened on a Saturday evening there presumably was closed a lot of the other storefronts there were also closed, and we're going to corona virus right now, and a lot of businesses are closed, so there was no at least danger in that on that front. Well, no, there wasn't. There are no retail shops open, but also keep in mind. This is in the heart of skid row. And there are just hundreds and hundreds of homeless people just concentrated in that one area that we're all there too, and fortunately. That happened to be a side street or not a lot of homeless gather or congregate, and so when I was down there that night, and I was there until three thirty the next morning, and so these homeless folks are sitting on the sidewalks literally just watching this like it's another day in Los Angeles. They seemed completely unaffected by what was going on, but this was a major event back. Back to the firefighters and the fire station that responded. This is kind of a centrally located fire station that services right there in downtown skid row, parts of little Tokyo things like that, so it's like a really important area and that fire station I think was fire station nine nine? They got a lot of injuries out of there so now there's concern about how they're holding up well. You're always going to be able to heal the physical wounds. It's the mental wounds right now to think about it. Go through station. It is the busiest fire station in American. It's based on the size of their service area, and their per capita based on population. It is the busiest firestation in has the most medical calls of any fire station in America because they are in the heart of skid row. That is the emergency room for everyone on skid. Skid row is that fire station? Also you have a lot of young firefighters in there and a lot of rookies. They all want action. Someone my age, you're put out to pasture to fire station out on the Palos, Verdes peninsula where it's beautiful out there in the ocean every day, and the worst thing you as a dog bite call, but not downtown, so you got a lot of these younger guys. The upside is they have all that youth they. They have that energy. They've got that resiliency. The problem is they don't have a lot of the experience in dealing with traumatic injuries in the mental trauma from this. It's GonNa. Take a while. And it had been characterized by the chief of the Fire Department that the mental healing, going to be really really tough, because now the footage of that is going to be played over and over and over, and they're going to look at that and their wives. Wives and girlfriends and husbands are going to be looking at that, and it's going to be a long long journey to also mentally come back from that, and from some of the reporting that was reading. It was some of the captains that were on site that we're hearing. Those loud, hissing noises and kind of started getting that feeling like hey, we need to get out of here. So had that not had happened possibly a lot more people have. You know it's interesting point, but typically in a case like that. That's the way it's designed. You're not going to send a bunch of quote. Unquote rookies into a scene like that. You will always have a senior officer in there. A senior fire officer that will have that have that experience, but the folks that are now those trenches doing that work. It's a primarily very younger like south. La, this very young teams in these fire departments, 'cause they all want the action, and that's where the most actionist Steve. Gregory reporter Kfi News in Los Angeles. Thank you very much for joining us always a pleasure. That's Today. Join US on Social Media Pat Dude I've autumn both twitter and instagram. Comment. Give us a rating and tell us a story that interested. Although it's an iheartradio for subscribe wherever you get your podcast. This episode of the daily Diet produced by Victor Right engineered by Tony Sworn Tina. I'm Oscar for mirrors and this was your got. Jordan Magic Bird, Barkley some of the greatest players to ever grace. The court play together as a team. Only once the nineteen ninety-two Olympic Dream Team I'm Jack McCallum sports illustrated writer, best-selling author, and now host of the new podcast. The Dream Team tapes the real story of the greatest team in NBA history here the whole story straight from the voices of the legends themselves from diversion podcasts listened to the Dream Team tapes on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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