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They. Hi, this is Jim chica- our podcast step over will be ballers podcasts that work for all of your Sixers needs. Says game breakdowns with a course in headband and more subscribed. Liberty Bowers podcasts heathen, I tune Stitcher sparked by or ever you get your favorite podcasts. And check out the step over a podcast about Sixers basketball. Mostly. Michael kissed Benjamin. So it's the Kistin Solex show presented by as and bleeding green nation. You are flying high on the kissed and Solex show episode thirty five SP nation bleeding green nation. Trade deadline craziness. I am your post Michael kiss joining these Benjamin. So like band. Let's get right into it. The eagles the whole ride the whole reason we're here. The eagles sent a third round pick to acquire Detroit Lions wide receiver golden Tate, your immediate reaction. Go. Good exciting. Offense needed another receiving weapon. Wide receiver. Nelson aglow really hasn't been that guy that we hoped he had been and so far this season. And golden Tate isn't excellent receiving option. Golden is a slot machine. One of the original slot machines, incredibly quick receiver gray body controls yet. Good hands across the melon is a great yak receiver. A he makes a lot of sense in an offense. That does a lot of high volume quick throws which Philadelphia's been doing a line. Recent weeks makes. Lot of sense as safety blanket style of receiver. Just a guy you can kind of feed the rock too. And he can rack up a lot of receptions. Golden is in the Jarvis Landry Miami mold as far as like how he's deployed what his talent. What is what is strengths are? But he is a better player than Jarvis Landry. So I think it's quite exciting. I will say my, you know, once you get a little bit deeper into it. There's a little bit of China will but of its luster it's exciting. Just from a personnel standpoint. You got better today. But this this'll sound stupid. This is very much a move. Where though whenever you evaluated trade. You have to evaluate a trade nine terms of the thing you traded for the player, you you received. But in terms of contracts in future decisions and who's gonna move one. Now that complex can be traded. Which is you know, a thing that only developed a year or so ago, that's really huge. You got to consider that this golden Tate trade only make sense if very clear plan in place for both from an Xs and os standpoint because now you have a lot of receiving weapons who are good across the short intermediate area. And you're still lacking a deep. Threat maybe and for a personnel standpoint. You've now got out Sean Jeffrey, Nelson, golden Tate. Mike Wallis, MAC hall and Sheldon Gibson all the building Jordan Mathews four of them aren't on contract next year. Whatever like Mike Wallace's in Agla got his fifth year option next year nine and a half million non-guaranteed golden Tate's not sign next year. Jay Matt's not sign next year. You gotta figure out what the right move is with those players. And so would be the tricky nonsense. That'll be that'll when you need to have a good plan in place and at the end of the day, we should trust that how we in Doug do. And that's why they made this move, which is definitely an aggressive move. There's no denying that. But this move all new work. If you execute the full plan around it it's not just like a goal. Not immediately makes the eagles better. It's golden say properly deployed and properly brought into the cap situation for the team definitely isn't improvement. So let's talk about how this trade came about word was that the lions were not making the calls in regard to golden Tate. But they were the ones. Receiving offers and did not really expect to make a trade. So they also didn't expect to resign him because he is on a contract year. I don't think they believe that they can win this year which made this pill easier to swallow for them. And what they were asking for was the third rounder expect to get it. They end up getting that. So that's a win for them. If that's the case, and I stated it correctly. Plus, you think about this? He's also going to reconsider going back to Detroit at the end of the year, which would be like a huge score for them. If they deal for third for this year when they're not winning and they get them right back. So that's an interesting aspect side note of it. But let's mind my notes on goal on golden Tate four consecutive years over ninety catches three to last for years over one thousand yards. He played the Cowboys in week four eight receptions for one hundred thirty two yards and two touchdowns. So adding a cowboy killer in an obviously extreme extremely small sample size. But I don't care is. Obviously a good thing. But also three out of the last four years. He led all wide receivers in yards after catch most yards advocates in the NFL two thousand fourteen. Here's a key one for me second most third down receptions with one hundred and twenty four since two thousand and fourteen. So what does guy brings and you mentioned the lack of a deep threat. I think that was going to be the case anyway, C C anyone out there other than you know, obviously making a move for to Sean Jackson, apparently, Sean Jackson and has been told that he is going to stay in Tampa Bay. I didn't see the chance of them adding a real field stretcher in that regard. What it does for me is the fact that now you have a guy who's very dependable in the short to intermediate area and all the stuff that we were trying to do with Nelson aga- Lord that lowered his his average catch yardage. His average catch yardage is going to now. Go to golden Tate who you can use on bubble screens. You can use them on those jet sweeps and things of that nature. You can use them in a lot of different ways in that short to intermediate area. And then what that does for Nelson. Let's him run more routes to the intermediate deep areas to the field which could add some explosiveness to this team in only that golden Tate, and we mentioned the yak yards. But he does that at a much higher level than anyone on this team right now and what's going to help this offense. You're talking about a quarterback that operating behind offense of line that is beat up and has struggled at times to protect Carson Wentz making life easier for him by adding somebody you can dump the ball of quick to and expect more of those yards after catch from golden Tate than you could anyone else on this roster to me as a positive thing. Obviously there the long term situations that we also have to consider like you said I do trust how to handle that and have a plan. But when you look at what they still have in regard to draft capital for next year. They have a first round pick. They have two seconds. They have to force based on the protected compensatory picks. They have a fifth to six and seven. So they aren't necessarily hurting for drug capital. And just a quick note. We are recording this right now. It's three fifty. We are keeping. Can I on the time line to Clinton Dix? Just went to the Redskins. Oh, wow. See that's what I'm saying news is flying around. And ha ha Clinton Dix was a guy that I was actually interested in for the eagles to add some depth to that secondary. Also, real quick before we talk a little bit more about the Rams are trading. Two thousand nineteen third round pick in two thousand twenty fifth round pick to the Jaguars for defensive end Dante Fowler. So that was reported by Adam Schefter. So that happened as well. The Rams are really really going in on adding town this year, they need some of that pass rush on the edge to go along with those great interior players. They have been further thoughts on the Tate trade. What does that do for this offense schematically, what should it do in your eyes? How are you deploying golden Tate, and how does that affect the deployment of the other receiving options on this team? Yes. So let's focus on what we've got for weeks nine through seventeen. Well, we tend by week weeks ten through seventeen of the regular season. And then of course, you know. The playoff weeks. Eagles will be playing it. We'll talk about what the Xs and os looks like and that will kind of transition more into the long term stuff about the deal. So you brought up excellent points next gen stats, which since two thousand and six teen golden Tate is the league leader in categories of totally act like you identified, but also on expected yak, plus minus in terms of what would that metric is gonna detail? Is that golden Tate's gaining a lot of. Yeah. Yes. But a lot of that is because he gets targets that are intended to create yards after the catch. He's getting mesh crossers. You know what? I mean. He's getting bubble screens plays where most players are accumulating at least some yards after the catch. But because Gordon is first with ex yak expected yak plus minus with plus two ninety six over this time, which is plus one point three per outrun. A means that and just and just to add to that real quick Nelson Adler last year was at point sixties at point three this year. So he hasn't been as Nimick after. The catch was never near what golden Tate is. After the catch. Go had been what that means is that golden Tate is producing the most extra yards after the catch the most irregular player created yards after catch. It's not a result of scheme. So really we're talking about a guy who over the past three seasons. Twenty sixteen twenty seventeen to eighteen has been the best player to get the ball in his hands with an opportunity to run and Philadelphia's offense is predicated on that idea. Right. Like, we all love to make fun of Zacher. It's because Akers can't break a tackle. Will the reason we noticed that is because Philadelphia's running so many crossers? Right. And you're always getting the ball kind of in these mesh ideas, and when you're sitting in between the zones and you're having opportunities to continue running down the field. Eagles love to pass into the middle of the field. That's what golden Tate brings the most exciting. It's the fact that probably with the ball his hands. He will be the most electric receiver for the tight end or wide receiver. Will probably be the most dynamic pass catcher. Once he gets the ball in his hands. So he's going to get a high target share? This probably not gonna be deep down the field, but he's getting a high target. And it's something important to note, you out the fact that Nelson galore will now likely be freed up to do more downfield stuff because he'll be spending less time being the little bubble screen option. At the end of our PEOs are being a little jet motion guy. Right. Like, they John J Carter putting him in motion, you know, to let aggregate down the field. Well, now, we have Tate and Agla which which bounces things out more and to quantify that and give it more context. Nelson. Adler is a dot or his average depth of target compared to last year is down two point four yards per right horgavitt. So that means that he's getting targeted at much lower levels at the field than he was last year. This gives them the opportunity to get back to that dot from from from the previous year and make more dynamic inches down the field now, and thank you so much for having these numbers ready. This is very convenient. 'cause I did go eight numbers. Right. So I agree with you. In terms of aglow is gonna get more opportunities down the field. I think the other person is gonna get more opportunities down the field is Sean Jeffrey, and I think that's a really important one. I think that's a key one. And here's why Philadelphia very very clearly has the personnel to stretch the ever living daylights out of your defense from a horizontal perspective. I talk about horizontal stretches, right? If they go either eleven personnel, which I and they're gonna go quite a lot of eleven personnel now with Agar Tate and L, Sean all rostered, if they go eleven or twelve they have the opportunity to go empty on you, and then the opportunity to go condensed on you, both aga- Lor and gold and Tate are great blockers out of the slot. In terms of running games and seal off crack back blocks trap locks ever both them can execute those quite well. So they can really spread you out with those guys and Carson has velocity to hit all the tight windows on the short areas, even to the boundary alshon. It's fantastic on these slant routes. Obviously with the bubble screens with the low smoke routes, and then golden Tate, his great pave it route smokeout pirate. Route whatever the heck you want. All these little timing routes, these multi break routes shakes and bakes you you know, you're at your head up on him five yards. And he just leaves you in the dust. That's a lot of Tate's strength. So the horizontal stretch is very real in. Philadelphia gets a ton of man coverage on the outside while they're just going to expose that. Right. Like thing about third and five when the eagles see they have man coverage without Sean Jeffrey backside of they just throwing the slant like they will just eat alive. One on one coverage in space for as long as you give it to them like Doug Peterson scenario, comfortable doing that. What then becomes the question? What if teams really come down into the box and safeties really get aggressive coming down hill. This is where I think you're going to see opportunities for Sean Jeffrey going down the field in one on one scenario to just get more of those deep balls that he reels in so very well. And he's an excellent catcher along the sidelines. Very acrobatic alpha in the air. That's where you're really gonna see and you're gonna feed your deep throws. That's going to be a primary target. I think on. A lot of schemed plays. Right. Where you're like looking for deep shots. Yeah. Make aga- Lord. You know, the post Agla deep crosser. He's great runners explosive in Spacey's difficult to cover. You can do it with golden Tate to leave underneath you have versatility there. But when it comes to Carson deciding to take the deep shot on a play Jeffries going to be your guy who's running a lot of your deep routes, and now, you know with golden taymor is the security blanket. Oh, it's fourth in eight you know, or third and really should say fourth maybe not, but it's one of those money downs. And it's like an intermediate distance in all they usually had L Sean at like ten yard our that twelve yard comeback. Right. That's another situation where gold Tate is very very effective again quick separator, very consistent hands really good catcher in in tough situations. Great hedges through contact always has been, you know, really just tough grabs. So I think golden and Adler together give you more of that consistent presence, those quick, man. Beaters in the short intermediate areas on those money downs, which allows you to just let. L Sean run down the field more frequently just take man coverage in go. And then Carson wants to take the shining and take the shot, obviously, don't wanna run alshon into the ground. You don't wanna burn them out in and run them too much. So you're going to get like I said those designed plays where you get Adler crossing deep go to take crossing deep, but I'm not fearful of the deep passing game. Not getting a boost with golden tape present. You know what I mean? Like you can't yes. Go on his better underneath than he is deep. But you can't run all five of your your receivers underneath you know, what I mean? You're gonna have to move guys deep and Philadelphia has players like alshon Jeffery who can be very successful deep Zakar. It's can be very successful deep the player. I am concerned about in terms of how his role will shift is Akers because Goldens accurate, operate very similar areas of the field in terms of intermediate and sitting zones and so on and so forth on so earth might not see the insane. You know, record setting for tight ends target share. He seen this year, which is fine. You know, he doesn't need to set the record for the single season receptions for tight ends. We're allowed to get somebody else the ball. He is on pace for one hundred twenty one catches this year. The record is at one ten from Jason Witten set in two thousand twelve he is also within striking distance at the two thousand eleven record set by rob gronkowski. I know this because I have an article about Zachary strapping on bleeding green nation today's and that's why I had those stats on him. But like like you mentioned with with Tate, I stopped to Bryce Rossler who has covered the lions for a while. He now works for sports info solutions, but he knows this lives team. And I trust his evaluations. He's a scout. For them argue this. This is his quote, why said give me the elevator pitch on golden Tate. Like right after the trade happen. So this is what he had to say quote, arguably the best yak receiver in the league, primarily wins on crossers drag slant screens at cetera in the short intermediate area, but has shown ability to win downfield and isn't limited in that regard played primarily as a lot which is true about seventy to eighty percent in the past couple of years. He has functioned out of the slot. But has shown the. Ability to play outside to has extra value as a gadget player who can be used on jet sweeps. And even as a running back has struggled with drops a little bit this year, and I looked into that does have six drops, which is a eleven point one percent drop rate typically that type for him so expect that to regress back down. It's never been a major issue for him throughout his career. So you're looking at a guy that you can use a lot of ways and isn't limited in a lot of ways either. We call him, you know, sorts of intermediate threat, but he can also threatened down the field as well. Right. So let's look I think actually one final point on Xs and os never ever call a running play ever again, not even once on accident. Just and here's my somebody asks immediate reaction. What are you gonna take brings? I think you with guy like golden Tate and Golic, Nelson galore. I so so you're, you know, you're executing RPO, and there's always going to be a read side of the field when you have RPO's, right? Which is to say the ball is snapped a. The option hand the ball off. So I have to turn. And look a certain way. I'm in the shotgun to turn the backs to my rights on look into the right? That means, you know, an traditional RPO sense of post RPO, those receivers to the right are going to be my active receivers, that's the read side and the defense recognized as the read side, and they'll bring extra defenders into the box on the read side to try to take away the RPO game against Philadelphia. That's you saw Carolina do a lot of and Philadelphia actually exposed that piece of video remission. Go read. It was great. Anyway, this it was well when you have golden Tate and Nelson Adler and Sean Jeffrey three receivers who are really quite quite quite good immediately. After the snap gray instant separate have been saying. Well, now, I can I can say all right. I'm running a RPO Golic inside zone. And I have a little glance slant behind it on the read side. Well, that's Adler and the slot. Golden taes on the backside. He's on the left hand size. Not I read side, I can still tag him a five yard out tag them a little smokeout. Right. And now got a package. Play package flames. I've got one play going on over here to the right? But also it's packaged with another play over here to the left has gone five yard. And if I got up to the line, I'm course on looking at the defense from the shotgun. And I've got off coverage over there. You know, what I might forego this entire RPO look over here and just the package play to the left. So what what do we have? Now, we have if you want to adjust your defense to the read side to side, the back is a line to try to take the RPO and Philadelphia has enough man separators receiver and tight end that they can still package a play on the backside where you're now week you're leaving one on one coverage. I talked with all the time free money free money, right? Like run simple plays that are just easy to execute and is quick yards and get your in arisen in a rhythm, those packaged ideas are gonna be free money place. Philadelphia us as I envision. So that's why don't call the run play. Again. I expect Philadelphia to package a lot of their running plays with passing options year, right? And that would just I think that would make a lot of sense for how well this team has moved the football on how well cards is played over the past month 'cause he's been absolutely out of his mind. So that's my Xs and os stuff. Now wanna talk contracts talk talk a little little personnel. When quick point about the lineman's that you're going to see from the Philadelphia Eagles people are asking does this mean Agla or moves out to to the outsiders taken play out there more. Yeah. Adler is going to get some more outside snaps in his outside. Snaps already up twenty percent this year. But what you're also gonna see the eagles run that three by one shock onset trips. Right. And you got two guys in the slot from there, you're gonna see bunch and they're going to be in that bunch together. And that's not an outside rep. No matter what the designation and you're gonna see tight condense set. So it's not they're going to have that route tree that multidirectional optionality built into their offense. Not all outside reps are created the same. But yes, I would I would see also Nelson galore playing a little. More on the outside than he has been a long, you know, and he's been doing that this year anyway because of the wide receiver so we've dealt with that we've talked about that. Let's talk long term contract. Ben. I know you have thoughts on this and you've dug into it so fire away because this what matters Matt like players. What matters is the the contracts, and what it's gonna look like the long term. So we've talked about Al Gore when I said, let's look at ODA Beckham junior. A lot of the reason why was discussing was on the potential move on from him as a very important note something that I have misconstrued and did not understand. I now understand shout to Nick cordy of over the cap who helped me I wanna ask him. Philadelphia picked up Nelson aga- lowers fifth year option last year they picked out when he was playing quite well and picking up a fifth year option just ensures that you have an extra year to negotiate with that player about his potential extension. So Nelson alkaloids fifth year option as discusses red around nine point four million dollars all non-guaranteed money, which means that it only gets guaranteed this season. If if it's injured once we begin the new league year next year, then it will be guaranteed, and it's in terms of game checks. Right. And so he could still be cut with no cap it at that point. So because Philidelphia pay out the fifth year option on galore releasing him after this season and forgoing the fifth year option entirely would not return competency draft selection, because technically they would be cutting him notch letting contract expire because they have officially picked up the fifth year option. Even though the money is not guaranteed, and even though Philadelphia is very likely to try to not pay the nine point five million and restructure Adler. And potentially extent him said that bring that cap at number down, and we'll get to that in a second. So Philly cannot get a Compaq from after the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen season. Which means golden Tate. Eagles just traded for him a seven million dollar based salary this year, the final year of his contract, their eight games left on that. Which means you'll pay three point five million in game checks. To play goal and tape for the next eight weeks, and then playoff checks if those come through going to tell it was a quiet for third round pick. Now, Gordon hits the market the expectation from a lot of people thirty one year old receiver has been very productive. What what is it gonna look like I've heard, you know, fourth or fifth round competent, Tori selection. So if so when we look at this trait, we should not look at Philadelphia trade a third for ten game for eight gains of gone. It's inaccurate Philadelphia. Traded a third for ten games of going eight, and the competent Tori, selection that going to take will likely return, and because or can't be a Compaq this year. The eagles are much more likely to be cutting or letting go Tate walk at the end of this season. Now, I will say obviously got love for Howie and never gonna say the wise picking up that fifth year option for Google or does look like a little bit of a mistake in terms of it was done quite early. And now. Philadelphia's at a point where they can't be positive. They'll get a contact from either Ortega, whoever they don't want to keep you know, what I mean. Like, if if there wasn't a fifth year picked up for right now, you could say, okay, whoever we wanna keep for a longer term. We've slept the other one walk and we probably get around a fourth or fifth forum. Can't do that. Now. Not going gonna return a Compaq unless you were to keep him through twenty nineteen again at nine point four million dollars. And then you let them walk and get a twenty twenty one Compaq. You know what I mean? So like, that's what you're saying is just just so I'm clear on the listeners are clear as not bad that we gave Adler that option. It's the fact that we did it so early and it restricts are options moving forward, especially in light of this new trade, obviously, I was playing well you want to reward him. You know, keeping up morale. I'm not gonna deny that if they hadn't yet picked up that option which doesn't kick in until next year. Right Agla still right now is a you know, two point nine million dollar cap hid fourth year of his of his four year deal as as rookie if you hadn't picked that up right now, you whoever you let walk Tate or Agla will give you a Compaq. But now only take gives you a twenty twenty comp if you let him walk up to the season, which means because Philadelphia spent a third on which is a pretty hefty price decent price, you would expect Philadelphia to let him walk. Now. Let's say he returns around fourth or fifth. Let's say it's fourth or fifth regardless if you look at the trade value charts for for draft picks like the charge that assigned value a third but taking away the value of a fifth round Compaq is kinda just like a later. Third third and taking away that I have like a fourth round Compaq is still like a really late third or early fourth. You know what I mean? So Philadelphia's essentially trading a pick that's somewhere around one hundred we just like say as a general idea as a ballpark for eight games of golden Tate and around three beginning around four somewhere right around there. That's a little pricey. That's definitely a little pricey. Now, it becomes more justified. If the offense takes the strides forward that we hope we anticipate and they're able to enter the playoffs and they're able to be competitive with the top teams in the NFC. The Rams who move for Dante Fowler and the Vikings and the saints. What have you? I mean, let's be honest, if this if this trade pushes them towards a legitimate playoff run than absolutely. Are you gonna guess at all? Yeah. And certainly the fact that there's two seconds and two fourths helps offset this situation. Let's not forget of Philadelphia's at a point where Brandon Graham might walk Ronald Darby might walk. Jordan Hake might walk. So they're already likely to be acquiring complex in the upcoming season. And you are limited in how many complex you can acquire. Right. You can only acquire team acquire maximum of four believe. So it's not like Philadelphia has had a ton of room to be grabbing complex this year. Anyway, right now, they're certainly likely to extend at least one of Darby Graeme Hick's golden Tate there now four main free agents. Oh, Nick, foles forget Nick foles vote or no the Cottam they have to Cottam because they add the. Okay. So those four main free agents, right? You're going to get decent complex in twenty twenty. There's no doubt about it. You're gonna get these complex and now that complex can be traded which the second that started. How immediately jumped on that idea. Right. We like to say cap room isn't real now that complex can be traded draft picks, basically are real right because you can go and instead of drafting a player in the third who you don't know may or may not be as good as gold and Tate, you can acquire take for third round pick bringing up attention Compaq and twenty twenty use that pick low another pick to move up or move back or to trade for another receiver or so on and so forth right now the releasing free agents gives you a a pick that can later be traded trading draft picks for established players who are successful makes a bunch of sense. And that's the main point here. That's that's the crux of the matter word to fifth rounder for Michael Bennett, right, man. So you can I. Can just take you know, it's not hard to make moves in the third round people move up and down third round all the time. Yeah. So now that I can just take a the fourth round pick. I get from Jordan Hicks walking and translate it into a third by attaching like seventh to or by attaching back of Buffon's of lime into it. Moving third for golden Tate who has a very good shot of taking this offense. A couple of notches at a very key time Philadelphia going to huge part of the schedule with the playoffs and site. It's fine. You know what I mean? Like like, the overall point is the ability to trade a complimentary pick decreases the inherent value of holding onto your draft picks. Once you understand how to manipulate the formula which Philidelphia does shot, Michael Bennett, and you acknowledge that you can just trade those, and you can trade next year's picks twenty twenty picks it just frees you up to make moves like this at the end of the day. It's it's much more fun. And also, I think more replicable and successful. To be a team that tries to make moves to get better instead of holding onto draft picks that might become something later the option trae third for good receiver. So they did it and they can handle the fallback. So as a little pricey probably is it fine. Absolutely. Ben. I think we covered that from pretty much every angle what I'm having trouble covering right now is the ultra to angle on the coaches film for the Philadelphia Eagles game, which was supposed to be our next show. But this trade happened in through a monkey wrench in everything. Obviously emergency podcast was necessary. We'll try to get to the all twenty two film review Wednesday morning and have that out sometime drive time tomorrow. If you do you have access of the second half of that game because I don't for the code. I haven't got I haven't got in there because I'm on tape them. Well, will will you got a surprise wait for you? So. Yeah, me and Ben are to be watching a whole bunch of golden titan offering our opinions on the time line writing up suffer bleeding green nation dot com. Keep an eye out for. All of that. We'll have you covered from every angle about golden Tate about our new wide receiver that ad that we add to the starting lineup. It's going to be fun. I like the move. I like the player he's got the swagger that you like he's going to fit in very well in this city, even if it is just for a short term rental Ben anything else for the gentlest before we say goodbye, I like going to a fund, dude. I mean, he's been having a blast. On Twitter to rocky stairs gift. Yeah. Now. He was like, oh, John Philip his tweet before he got traded was the one of Jordan Peele. Just like sweating profusely. Like tell me what jersey number. I should get it almost like really like you want us to make this. Call six. Really screw them over. Now. He's already funded Carson's excited. You hit him up. So good deal. Yeah. Seems like a great leader. And that's one of the things that Jefferson who covers the lines mentioned about him great effort high effort great blocker, you know, he's a leader in the locker room. So either way you're getting a quality guy on this football team. We'll be back with more analysis tomorrow. In the meantime, you gotta remember we all we got we all we need. Hi, I'm curious Fisher. I want to tell you about another podcast. You should check out. It's called Rico decode every week. I talked to Tekken media's key players about how they're changing our world. I interview tech executives like Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, political figures, like Hillary Clinton and media personalities, like John Kerry, you literally wrote the book on theranos once again, the name of the show is Rico decode hosted by me Harris wisher, you can find it on apple podcast, or whatever you listen to the show. See you there.

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