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The. Brown. Pacifica. This is democracy now. News Donbass conclusion may I say that Brazil and the United States stand side by side in their efforts to Scher liberties in respect to traditional family lifestyles respect to God, our creator against gender ideology, or the politically correct attitudes and against fake news, Brazil's far-right precedent. Former army captain j or sonata makes his first trip to the White House where he was warmly received by President Trump. You look at the network. You look at the news. You look at the news casts. I call it fake news. Very proud to hear the president used the term fake news. Trump vowed to strengthen economic and military ties with Brazil as the two leaders discussed their push for gene change in. Venezuela. To topple nNcholas Maduro. We'll get the latest then we look at the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago, we cannot count it's torture in this country, or by this country, and intil all people who torture and all those people who are responsible for torturing brought to Justice, the conscience of Chicago and the conscience of this country cannot be cleanse we'll speak to longtime civil rights Turney, Flint Taylor of the people's law office in Chicago about his new book, the torture machine will also speak with Rutgers professor Lilia Fernandez, author of Brown in the windy city. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I made me Goodman, President Trump hosted bristles far-right precedent. Former army captain j your Bill sonata with the White House, Tuesday sonata has been dubbed the Trump of the tropics Trump announced he would designate Brazil, a major non-nato ally. Opening the door for Brazil to receive more US military aid. Trump also suggested Brazil could even become a member of NATO the two leaders. Both criticized what they call the fake news and discussed increasing efforts to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from office, President Trump threaten to further intensify crippling US sanctions on Venezuela, which is already facing a humanitarian crisis. But we really haven't done the really tough sanctions yet. We can do the tough sanctions at all options are open. So we may be doing that. But we haven't done the toughest of sanctions as you know. We'll have more on Brazil after headlines major blow for immigrant rights. The supreme court ruled the governor. Can detain immigrants with past criminal records indefinitely without due process. Even decades after their convictions, the five to four ruling Tuesday in favor of the government centers around a nineteen ninety six law that allows him Gration officials to take immigrants into custody after they're released from jail, but without specifying timeframe, the you which brought the case on behalf of immigrants affected by the law said, quote, the supreme court has endorsed the most extreme interpretation of immigration detention statutes allowing mass incarceration of people without any hearing simply because they're defending themselves against deportation charge will continue to fight the gross overuse of detention in the immigration system. Unquote, forty year old Mexican migrant died in L Paso, Texas, while in the custody of customs and border protection. Monday officials say the unnamed man was brought in for medical care and diagnosed with flu like symptoms liver and renal failure. He died just one day after he was apprehended by border control. He's the fourth known. Migrant to die in recent months while in government custody in more immigration news asylum seekers who were sent back to Mexico by the Trump administration while they awaited legal proceedings return to the US Tuesday for their first hearings lawyers for the migrants or requesting their clients be allowed to remain in the US while their cases proceed this is turning Robin Barnard from the group human rights. I in the. The dangerous that asylum seekers and refugees face in Mexico, and this pot of Mexico's well, so we plan to present that to the judge into the government today to say, that's the reason why they shouldn't be sent back to their case from Tijuana, according to U S officials ran two hundred forty migrants who entered the US since late January have been sent back to Mexico under the controversial policy as their asylum requests or process and new report by mistake national released Tuesday found US air strikes have killed fourteen civilians in Somalia since two thousand seventeen despite government officials maintaining there have been no civilian casualties. US air rates and Somalia have steadily increase in Trump came to office and authorize the use of targeted strikes against the spec. L shebab militants, according to the think tank new America at least two hundred fifty two people have been killed in around two dozen US air strikes in Somalia so far this year, the airstrikes could amount to violations of international humanitarian law and even. Constitute war crimes, according to Amnesty International at least ten migrants traveling by boat died Tuesday after their vessel sank off the Libyan coast. At least one baby was among the dead. According to Libyan officials seventeen people were rescued the migrants came from various nations, including Sudan and Bangladesh. This is one of the survivors of the shipwreck. Lou we arrived in the middle of the water. The captain said we can't continue the side of the wave hit us to children died. Two newborn babies myself. My leg broke girls with broken legs pregnant women were stuck in the water Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian, man. They suspected of carrying out an attack in the occupier West Bank Sunday, which resulted in the killing him and Israel soldier and a rabbi in a separate incident in the West Bank, Tuesday's rarely forced to shot and killed two Palestinian men at a holy site near the city of knob less Israeli soldiers say the two men threw explosives from a car. There are no known injuries from the alleged explosives attack in Egypt. The top media regulator is imposing new restrictions on certain websites and social media pages that are designated as threats to national security. The rule would apply to social media account said of over five thousand followers and allow the government to block access to the sites for posting so-called fake news and find them up to fifteen thousand. Without a court order journalists and press. Freedom advocates have condemned. The move which they say is just the latest effort by the government of president of delta tau C C to silence critics reporters without borders has called Egypt one of the world's biggest prisons for journalists. Meanwhile in Russia, President Vladimir Putin signed to new media laws Monday, and what critics say is a ramp up of state censorship, the laws target so called fake news and criticism of public officials and impose penalties on individuals and groups that disrespect the state including hefty fines and blocking the sites. Individuals are also subject to imprisonment for certain offenses in Columbia to more community leaders have been killed over the past week of fun. So Korea wasn't environmentalist and member of the local peasants association and local leader Argimiro. Lopez fought for replacing illegal crops, the killings are the latest spate of activist murders in Colombia back in the US, President Trump nominated former delta executive pilot. Steve Dixon to lead the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency has not had a permanent head over a year. Trump had wanted to nominate his personal pilot John Duncan, but he faced scrutiny overs lack of qualifications Dixon's nomination comes as investigators are looking into the approval in development of Boeing seven thirty-seven, Maxine jetliners in the wake of the two fatal crashes last week's Ethiopian Airlines flight three oh to an October lion. Air flight six ten in Indonesia. Both crashes killed all cruise passengers on board altogether. More than two hundred fifty people and were found to have clear similarities based on early data reports are emerging the lion. Air flight almost went down day the day before the deadly accident, but an off duty pilot riding in the cockpit knew how to disable the mouth functioning flight control system, which likely push the nose of the plane down on Tuesday. Transportation secretary, Elaine Chao ordered an audit. Of the certification process for Boeing seven thirty seven Maxine aircraft in Texas a massive fire at a petrochemical storage terminal in deer park near Houston has reportedly been extinguished in the early hours of Wednesday morning after raging since Sunday releasing a thick plume of smoke that blanketed large swaths of the surrounding area. Nearby schools were closed earlier this week and residents were advised to limit outside exposure Brian Paris at the Sierra Club said, quote, we're living through an ongoing petrochemical disaster. And the government responses that the poison we can smell and taste for our selves isn't harming our health, and our children officials need to be honest with the public IT seen needs to be held accountable and the regional public officials need to take a serious look at the chemical disaster risk that exists along the Houston ship channel and prioritize the health and wellbeing of surrounding communities para said the chair and CEO of Warner Brothers. Kevin Suji her resign. Signed earlier this week after he was alleged to have used his position to get acting roles for a woman he was having an affair with Suji hoorah had been recently promoted to oversee children's programming at Warner media despite apparent knowledge of his fair with an actress who worked for a studio AT and T required Warner media last year for eighty five billion dollars. West Virginia's attorney general filed a lawsuit against the state's Roman Catholic diocese in a former high ranking Bishop Tuesday for quote knowingly employing pedophile 's west Virginia's accusing the church of violating consumer protection law by failing to conduct proper background checks on new hires that would be in contact with children at schools and camps and for covering up sexual abuse. By citing consumer protection, the case will be civil rather than criminal, which legal experts say could be more successful due to strict statutes of limitations on sexual crimes. Meanwhile, a Catholic diocese and Mississippi has released a list of thirty seven clergy it believes guilty of sexual crimes against. Miners cases date back to nineteen thirty nine include children as young as five and more news about the Catholic church. Pope Francis has rejected the resignation of French cardinal Philippe, Barbara who was found guilty of failing to report allegations of sexual abuse against boy scouts in his diocese in the eighties. Nineties Barbara Han will instead temporarily step aside, a San Francisco jury found month centers roundup herbicide is a substantial factor in the cancer of California resident Edwin Hardiman, the federal case could have implications for hundreds of others accusing the company of making them sick. Hardiman says he sprayed the widely use Irv aside on his property for almost three decades. Once got the product directly on skin he's been diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma. The jury will now consider damages booed by Bayer which owns Monsanto in August last year, a state journey awarded a former school groundskeeper nearly three hundred million dollars in damages after Monsanto's ROY. Was found to be responsible for his cancer though. The amount was later reduced to seventy eight million dollars in reproductive rights. News, Mississippi senators have passed the controversial highly restrictive so-called fetal heartbeat law, which bans abortions once fetal heartbeat can be detected. Something typically happens just six weeks into a pregnancy. And before many women even realized they're pregnant the Bill now heads to the desk of Republican governor Phil Bryant who's vowed to sign it. In New Jersey. Faculty at Rutgers University of authorized union leaders to call for a strike is ongoing contract. Negotiations have failed to reach an agreement union. Members are demanding more fulltime faculty equal pay for women. Steph increase staff diversity job protection for librarians and it salary raise for teaching assistance. If the union does decide to strike, it would be a first for faculty graduate employees as in the schools two hundred fifty three year history. Immigrant rights activists Patricia Kumo who was arrested last year after scaling statue of liberty to protest. Family separations was sentenced to five years of probation and two hundred hours of community service Okuma arrived at the New York City court where she was greeted by supporters. She taped her mouth and other parts of her face before entering the courthouse for her ruling Okuma has vowed to continue her activism and protests against Trump immigration policies, and the renowned Nigerian art curator, Oakley and ways or has died at the age of fifty five after a battle with cancer and ways or was the director of the house there Kunst museum in Munich Germany until last year, he was also an art critic educator, editor and writer he worked to put African art and artists center stage as well as women artists in nineteen ninety four he founded in K, a magazine for contemporary African art his exhibit the short century, celebrating African art and independence movements was hailed as a landmark exhibition and ways or was the first African born chief curator of Venice Biennale and was widely credited for bringing political art back to the prestigious. Festival democracy now spoke to oakwood and ways or in Venice in two thousand fifteen. Many many different ways. And I think he's both in the lodge on small ways. One can begin to see the Tilleke of ought not something to be appropriated us propaganda awfully puppies. But two. Learn to teach in to but also say way full the public to learn how to expand the view of the world that was oak way and ways are he died Friday at the age of fifty five in Munich, Germany to see our whole interview with him at the Venice Biennale, you can go to democracy now dot org, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot or the Warren peace report, I'm Amy Goodman, and Juan Gonzales, welcome to all of our listeners viewers across the country and around the world. We begin today show looking at President Trump's meeting Tuesday with Brazil's far-right, president j air both Sinatra the at the White House. I also know that we're gonna have a fantastic working relationship. We have many views that are similar, and we certainly feel very very true to each other on trade. I think Brazil's relationship with the United States because of our friendship is probably better than it's ever been by far who's days meeting marble sonatas first trip to Washington since he was sworn in as Brazil's president in January. So I'm have describable Sinato as the Trump to tropics. The former military officer has praised Brazil's former military dictatorship which ended thirty three years ago. He's spoken in favor of torture and threatened to destroy imprison or banish, his political opponents human rights groups have expressed alarm over his past comments about women and the LGBT. Community. He wants told a female lawmakers she was too ugly to rape. He also said he would rather hear his son died in a car crash than learned that his son is gay plus an election last year was aided in part by the jailing of his chief opponent, former Brazilian president Lewis and Nacion Lula to Silva who remains in prison. The judge involved in Lula's case is now both Sinatra's Justice minister at the White House ball sonata defended what he called traditional family values and attack the news media. Those news through conclusion may say Brazil and the United States stand side by side in the emphasis to insure liberties in respect to traditional family lifestyles respect to a recruiter against the gender ideology or the politically, correct. At it is end against news elements later, President Trump prays bolts, not as use the phrase fake news that you look at the networks. You look at the news. You look at the news casts. I call it fake news. Very proud to hear the president used the term fake news during his remarks at the White House. President Trump vowed to strengthen economic and military ties with Brazil as I told president Balsam. I also intend to designate Brazil as a major non NATO ally. Or even possibly thinking about it. Maybe NATO ally have to talk to a lot of people, but maybe NATO ally, which will greatly advanced security and cooperation between our countries to leaders also discussed Venezuela and their efforts to topple President Nicolas Maduro Venezuela. President Trump threatened to increase sanctions on Venezuela, which is already facing humanitarian crisis. But we really haven't done the really tough sanctions yet. We can do the tough sanctions and all options are open. So we may be doing that. But we haven't done the toughest sanctions, as you know, to talk more about US Brazil relations, we're joined by buddy Lewis sent Mendonca the director of network for social Justice and human rights in Brazil, visiting scholar at sitting -versity of New York graduate center, welcome back to democracy. Now, it's great to have you with us the significance of the meeting yesterday. Bolsa not as I as president the former. Army captain coming to meet with Trump, and what came out of it. I think that basically Brazil gave out many things in did receive anything back, for example, Bhosle Nado promised that now US since would not need a visa to travel to Brazil anymore, and that won't be the case for Brazilians Comey to the US, which is a big change in foreign policy. Brazil has a history of reciprocity in its foreign policy and independent of the government. It's part of the Brazilian diplomacy. Also Brazilian diplomacy has a history of resolving conflicts through a peaceful process of negotiation and the discourse about Venezuela is very different than how. Brazil has dealt with conflicts in the region historically, as well as being used as an external enemy in lunch, and then Merican countries as way as a way to help elect far, right political leaders that was the case of Bonar in Brazil and also in Colombia, and that's very dangerous because a war in Venezuela will be we'll have a straffic Kalsa quences in the region on the issue that they both talked about this anthem as well as a country that needs humanitarian aid, and the, but that doesn't make any sense, for example, president Maduro offered to buy agree cultural products from Brazil, so they don't need aid from Brazil, also Venezuela's very strategic partner. For Brazil because Brazil exports industrial products Venezuela. So even from a pragmatic perspective. It doesn't make any sense knocked have good relationships with Venezuela in other legend, American countries, historically, Brazil, always had good relationships with such an American countries. I wanted to ask you about the president bolsa autos family connections to militia groups in Brazil. And the the fact that you have a sitting president who's who some of his family members have been connected to groups confernce since the the the killing of mud. Oh, Frankel was linked to one of one of those ships. Can you talk about that is both in Addison flashing both on Addo who was the states legislator in religion, the euro employ. The my the and the Dodder of one of the heads of this militia group that is being accused of killing mighty Frankl. Also, the two suspects who were arrested in connection to the case. One of them is a neighbor of both on that day leave in the very luxurious condo in Rio. They're both and they Burs although his former police officer. So how he was able to to leave in such a expensive condo. That's something to be investigated. Also one of the suspects his daughter. They did one of both on that sense as well. And also natto himself appeared in a photo with one of the suspects and. And the himself and his sons also have praised members of this militia groups in the past so there several connections that to being and they want her dead. I mean, Mario Franco member of the Rio de Janeiro city council human rights, activist LGBTQ activists who challenge police brutality in one of the world's most notorious police forces. Well, she was one of the city council members that was investigating the militia groups they had a very long investigation detailed reports accusing the militia group this militia group in other groups of several crimes. So I think was this sagacious was probably part of the problem that the reason why people want to kill I want to ask you about both an not. Also stances on immigration something with which he has a lot in common with President Trump. Although ironically, he agreed to lower visa restrictions for Americans coming into Brazil, make it easier for Americans to come to Brazil. But at the same time, he's anti immigrant. Could you talk about that? I think that was one of the reasons why we say that he gave many things from but didn't get anything back. And also in in an interview to Fox News his said that immigrants that interview we have a clipper. On monday. President bus our appeared on Fox News and defended President Trump's call to build a wall on the US Mexico border. I would leave those who say what they have to say against the wall. If they remove doors walls from their own homes, and therefore for everyone to come in the vestments words potential immigrants. Do not have good intentions do not intend to do the best too. Good to the US people. So you were saying about. He said that immigrants and the Brazilian immigrants. Come into the US don't have good things. Just so he's attacking Braziliense here in this country and hit got a lot of criticism for this. So it's unthinkable that a head of state with criticize its own people in a foreign country and at the same time break, this tradition of president democracy of reciprocity. Meaning that, you know, now US seats won't need the visit to go to Brazil. But that won't be the case for Brazilians coming here. I wanted to talk about both Sinato son, Ed ward. Oh. I believe he was in the audience when he was meeting with President Trump. Let's go to that moment, by the way, she in the audience the son of the president who has been fantastic. Would you please stand up the job you've done doing a very tough period of time is just fantastic. And I know you father appreciates that I can tell you. Okay. Thank you very much fantastic. Who is what Obama scenario? Well, his being the one that build to relationships with Steve Bannon, at least as far as we know for the reports that we have seen, and there was actually a dinner prior to this meeting days ago in which they've been on was present. And they talk about. The possibility of expanding far right coalition global coalition to to promotes the views that they have it's important to know now that this attraction in Brazil. So extreme that the this group that took power because of the cool the political vacuum that was created after the the parliamentary coup against president Dilma in two thousand sixteen and then the fact that former President Lula was putting jail that is no evidence against him. So you create this political vacuum that opened his space for fry far right candidate. That is connected to the most extreme para-military sectors of the of the military. So now, well, we have this attrition that. We have is the. The military officers in governments are the more moderate forces in power in Brazil. So we have a very extreme situation. I wanted to ask you about the president Bolsonaro stance on climate change. Brazil was supposed to whole host of UN climate summit and pulled out of that the impact the impact of that given the importance of Brazil in terms of the future of our planet when it comes to climate change exactly at that was also surprised because Brazil negotiated being the host of the conference, and then he decided to cancel it. And the this attrition are Matic because he said that he's going to allow for example, Maini exploitation indigenous land, his going to cancel all land rights of indigenous. Spiegel has has strengthened peasant communities and also he the fans expansion of monocropping of Cy in the Amazon, the minister of agriculture is related to the pesticide lobby, and we already are the country that consumes the most amount of pesticides the world than the the allowing pesticides that have been prohibited in other countries for many years, and the now the latest is that he is also negotiating with Trump to allow the US have a spaceship base in comforta-, which is the northeast region. That is also close the Amazon is a very strategic region of the country in the into thousand to that agreement was not approved by congress because it would. Allow military presence of US officers in Brazil, and the Brazilians won't have access to to the space anymore or to have don't even to enter the bays. So it would be the no the US taking over parts of the of Brazilian territory in a region where we have hundreds of afra- Brazilian rural communities, the kill umbrella communities that have the sink rights to land as indigenous people, and it's Reggie a struggle for them to have access to land in that region. As we wrap f we have twenty seconds. But do you think bulletin outta with engage in a military invasion against Venezuela? Topple Madeira, I think that that's some sectors of the military in Brazil oppose that, and that would be catastrophic consequences if they moving to that. So I think it's. Important to have resistance here in this country to understand that did this course above in Israel is very similar to the discourse about Iraq. At the end is about, you know, lying misinformation to promote a war that Eddie, and it's about oil. So well, muddy Louisa Don we want to. Thank you for being with us, director of the network for social Justice and human rights in Brazil when we come back the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago, stay with us. Follow. Georgie the follow. Bush. Game. School. What do you do? Big do each sales team. Gee. On. No. Cheese. Two. Chico. Barky the song became an underground protest anthem in the seventies. After it was banned by Brazil's US back military dictatorship, this is democracy. Now. I mean, he Goodman with Lankan solace. But we spend the rest of the hour Chicago where the supreme court has let stand less than seven year prison sentence. Former police officer chasing Van Dyke who was found guilty last year of second degree murder for killing African American teenager Liquan McDonald in two thousand fourteen the annoy supreme court denied a request by the state's attorney general to resentenced Van Dyke on Tuesday and dyke who is white was found. Guilty on sixteen counts of aggravated battery one count for each of the sixteen bullets fired at McDonnell, Illinois, attorney general Kwami role petitioned the state supreme court to vacate Van Dyke second degree murder sends and instead of pose a sentence on each of the sixteen counts if the petition had been granted and DIKO. Faced up to ninety six years in prison. A news Van Dyke will not be resentenced sparked criticism throughout Chicago. The city's mayoral candidates who are both African American women have spoken out against the season. Lori Lightfoot the front runner in the race tweeted, quote, today's ruling the latest disappointment in the Jason Van Dyke sentencing, an sad reminder of the work we must do to create a system that is free of institutional racism and truly hold police accountable for their misconduct, including criminal acts. We cannot build trust between police and the communities they serve if officers who commit crimes are not held to the same standards as others Lightfoot and her opponent, Cook County board, president Toni preckwinkle both have Oude to reform. Chicago's police department of antic- is the First Chicago police officer to be sentenced for an on duty shooting and half. A century decision is the latest in a struggle by activists lawyers journalists to hold the Chicago police department accountable for its long history violence against. The city's citizens particularly African American men much of that history is chronicled in a new book by leading Chicago lawyer fighting police torture, the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago exposes decades of corruption and cover ups in the Chicago police department from the murder of Black Panther leader. Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark to the reign of torture. Overseen by commander, Jon Burge under verges rain from nineteen seventy two to ninety one more than two hundred people most of them African American were tortured with tactics, including electric shock and supplication. We're joined now by the book's author Flint Taylor and attorney with people's law office, who's represented survivors of police, torture and Chicago for more than twenty five years, Flint, welcome back to democracy. Now, why did you name your book the torture machine? Well, thank you, Amy and one it's a pleasure to be back with you. I named it the torture machine for two different, but related reasons first of all is rather obvious on the cover the torture machine. That was the electric shock box that the notorious commander, Jon Burge and his men used on many African American suspects over that twenty year period that you just mentioned, but also the torture machine refers to Chicago's machine the notorious political machine often known as the Daley machine and the democratic machine here in the city, which not only countenance this torture, covered it up, but also was involved at the highest levels of the police department, and yes, the state's attorney's office when Richard m Daley was the state's attorney of Cook County were involved in this conspiracy this scandal. Oh that has gone on for so many decades in this city. Well, Flint I congratulate you on the book is really a riveting account. It's almost forensic analysis of decades of collusion between judges politicians prosecutors and the police to basically engage in systemic human rights violation. But you start the book with an incident that for many young people today Matt even part of history, but it's it's not often covered history. And you make the you make the statement that the killing of Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark really was a seminal moment in the development of Chicago in the modern history of Chicago. And I'm wondering if you could I. Give us a sense of why you believe that. So and then we when we're going to do a clip of documentary on from the weather underground about the about that the house where where Fred Hampton was killed. Yes. On December fourth nineteen sixty-nine fourteen. Chicago police officers working under the control of the state's attorney of Cook County at that time Edward Hanrahan rated a west side apartment where Black Panthers were sleeping and one of those Black Panthers was the chairman of the Black Panther party. Fred Hampton, charismatic young leader who was targeted not only by the police. But by it turns out, the FBI and that raid, which was covered up was claimed to be at first shootout was later shown to be total shoot in. And then over the years as we and others were able to litigate case in federal court. We were able to show not only that this was a vicious racist attack on the Panthers in its leadership where two men were killed and many others wounded. But it was part and parcel of the FBI's Cohen tell pro program the counterintelligence program devised and implemented by j GRA Hoover over the years, which in the late sixties targeted the Black Panther party. And specifically of Fred Hampton in Chicago. And in fact, that the raid on the apartment was part of this Cohen, tell pro program, and of course, you make the point in your book that that was the beginning of the resistance masters of the black community that eventually led to the election of Harold Washington as the first black mayor of Chicago, but I wanna turn to the clip from the documentary. The weather underground about the murder of Black Panther. Fred Hampton, fifty years ago on December fourth nineteen sixty-nine this clip begins with Fred Hampton. We always feed the, but they do. How might be? Live. In Chicago today to Black Panthers. Oldest police raided. They panther stronghold. Lise arrived at Fred Hampton's, west side of the four forty five forty. They had a search warrant authorizing them to look free legal. The states attorney's office says that Hampton another man were killed in the fifteen minute gun battle which follow. Peaks Hampton, why he lays their lives. They're onto the people won't can bear to evidence that we have emerged deputy chairman and cold as he lived his visit asleep. Panza Patty organized tours of the apartment that they were in when they were murdered. And I went with a group of people from the national office, which is a couple of blocks away. It was a scene of carnage. It was a scene of war. See this door ridden with bullets not little bullet holes energy. Energy. You walk through a living room into the bedroom. And there's a mattress soaked in his blood. Red wood floor. Anyone who went through that apartment? Any salmon's? The evidence was remaining there could come to only one conclusion that is Fred Hampton twenty one years old and member of militant known militant was murdered in his bid, probably as he lays sleep this blatant act of the ties murder strips fall credibility from law enforcement. In the context of other acts against influx in recent months. It's just an official policy of systematic repression that was one of the documentary the whether on the ground directed by Sam green and Bill Siegel and Flint. The reality was as as you document in your book that this was actually a a direct assassination. And and that was a long struggle on on your part to because you were there you able to get to the house the very day that that happened was killed you talk about this conspiracy to kill one of the the rising radical leaders of the black community. Well, we see now, and it was uncovered during our trial in the seventies. That the Coen tell pro program targeted black liberation organizations and leaders, and they specifically named targets Dr king Stokely Carmichael rap Brown, a lodge Mohammed and pointed to Mel COMEX as well, and as the Panthers rose and became powerful I and Oakland and later in Chicago as you can see from the clip what a charismatic young leader at twenty one. Fred Hampton was Hoover and his people focused on the Black Panther party. And specifically in Chicago on Fred Hampton, they had and formed in the Black Panther party by name of William O'Neil. He sketched out a floor plan that showed we're Hampton would be sleeping. They went to the apartment. They supply. Why that floor plan to the police the FBI did they went to the apartment in the early morning hours and Fred was asleep. It appeared that he had been drugged by O'neil or some other agent, and he was murdered in his bed. Over the years. We uncovered documents that showed this floor plan that was all covered up as well. It showed that the F B I took credit for this rate is part of its Cohen tell pro program, and it showed even that O'neil. After the raid was given by Hoover and the people in Chicago a three hundred dollar bonus. What we later called the thirty pieces of silver for the informed O'neil for setting up the raid. So he was receiving from Hoover a bonus for the success of the raid at the same time. He was serving as a pallbearer in. Fred Hampton's funeral Taylor. You pursued this case civilly for thirteen years. What came out of it? Well, a lot of what I've just mentioned came out of it. The narrative shifted over the years, thanks to the community. Thanks to the Panthers. And thanks to the lawsuit that we filed, and as as you could hear from the clip the position that the police took and they thought they were going to get away with Scot free. Was that this was a shootout that these vicious Black Panthers all of that? Well, because we in the Panthers to that apartment. We were able to show that it was a shoot in. We were able to change the narrative to the fact that it was an unjustified and violent shoot in by the police, but over the years as we were able to join the FBI in the case, we were able to uncover this these F B I documents that showed that yes, it was not just a murder. It was not just a shoot in. But it was an assassination. It was a politic. Assassination straight from Washington and the FBI and slit very shortly. After the the murderer Fred Hampton, you've got involved in another case of the Wilson brothers, and which began the uncovering of the Jon Burge scandal that Logan would take you decades. Really to finally get some measure of Justice. Could you talk about that? The Wilson listen case. Yes. The Wilson case rose in February of nineteen eighty to two white police officers were shot and killed the two black perpetrators had escaped and the city of Chicago under Jane Byrne and police superintendent breeze Zach set out on the most vicious and terroristic manhunt in the history of the city, they terrorized the black community that kicked indoors they dread people out of their houses if they. If they thought that they had some information about the killings, they tortured them, they tortured them with with suffocation. They tortured them with with all kinds of medieval types of torture. They finally found the two people who the eyewitness identified as the persons who were involved in the crime and the person who was identified as the shooter was Andrew Wilson. Andrew Wilson was taken back to the police headquarters on the south side of Chicago. And this notorious commander who at that time was Lieutenant in charge of the manhunt by the name of John Burge lead a torture of Andrew Wilson that included electric-shock with the torture machine that that has mentioned and depicted in my book and suffocation with the bag they handcuffed him across an old rigged. Steam. Radiator and electric-shock him. So that he was burned across his chest. And they also burned him with cigarettes beat him and got a confession from him. And this came out at that time, but nobody really cared. The state's attorney Cook County, Richard Daley was informed specifically by doctor and the police superintendent about this torture, and he chose to do nothing about it. Because he did nothing about it. Burge was able to in the next ten years torture. Another seventy five individuals all African American men and a few years after that Andrew Wilson who had been sentenced to death filed a pro se complain in federal court challenging his torture and and suing Burge that's how we got involved during his trial. The an anonymous police source who we later dubbed as debate. Edge started to give me information that laid out exactly the map of what had happened the systemic nature of the torture. The fact that daily and his surrogates were involved at the police superintendent that the mayor were all involved, and we follow that map, basically for the next twenty thirty years, even as we sit here today to uncover evidence that supported the idea that that this was a systemic torture. This was something that sent people to death row. This was something that that convicted innocent people, and ultimately all of this led to Burgess firing it led to many many years later, his conviction for obstruction of Justice for lying about the torture. And of course, it led to the remarkable reparations. That the city of Chicago granted to the survivors of police, torture and their families here a couple of years ago. Plen- Taylor, we're going to break and then come back to this conversation. We'll also be joined by Lilia Fernandez. This is democracy. Now, Flint Taylor attorney with people's law office known as the PLO has represented survivors of police, torture and Chicago for nearly half a century, his new book, the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago when we come back. Lilia Fernandez will join us as well. Stay with us. The universe wakes up by the communist coming. This is democracy. Now, I mean Goodman with one kansallis we continue to look at the long history of police brutality in Chicago, not turning to an often overlooked and under reported issue. Police abuse of Latinos, especially immigrants face police, conflict violence and even killings for decades and have a long history of fighting back against retaliate through community organizing an activist but the violent policing of Latinos has received little news coverage. We're joined now by historian whose chronicled the police mistreatment of Latinos in Chicago Lilia Fernandez is professor of history and Latina studies records university in New Jersey. She's the author of Brown in the windy city Mexicans and Puerto Ricans and postwar Chicago. She also happens to be married to Juan Gonzales still with us, Flint Taylor attorney with people's law office, who's represented survivors police. Tortured Chicago for nearly half a century, his new book, the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago, professor Fernandez. It's great to have you with us. Can you talk about how the torture machine dealing with racism and police violence in Chicago the significance of it and the work that you've done highlighting brutality against the Latino community in Chicago in Chicago, so often seen police brutality is a black and white issue. Yes. Thank you so much Amy and one first let me start by commending, Flint Taylor for this really incredible account of decades of fighting against the brutality of the Burj jumper torture machine and trying to seek Justice, particularly for many men who wrongfully convicted on the basis of confessions extracted by torture. But yes, one of the things that a lot of people don't realize I think in the because police abuse and brutality often does get frame within a black and white racial framing is the fact that let those were very frequently the victims of police misconduct abuse brutality throughout these same years. That Flint covers going back to the nineteen sixties when maximum Puerto Ricans fish. Started arriving in the city. I was actually surprised when I started to uncover cases of different Puerto Rican until let's sent Mexican American men who were having, you know, violent counters with police officers, and in fact, for example, the division street riots, which not many people no of which happened in the summer of nineteen sixty six were set off by a white police officer who had shot a young Puerto Rican man named ourselves goose once the community learned of this people started pouring out into the streets. And they did so not because this was unique precedent event. But because people were really fed up as the case with many other urban riots in the nineteen sixties people are really fed up with the repeated mistreatment and abuse tally that the experience at the hands of local law enforcement will to one of the points that you make like Flynn. To comment on this that police corruption and police abuse often go hand in hand and the Chicago police department had a notorious reputation for corruption as as Lilia you mentioned in the book between nineteen seventy two and nineteen eighty two. There were five separate mass arrests of police for corruption including at one point more than fifty cops that were arrested and indicted for corruption Flint, this whole issue of the culture of corruption within urban police departments, especially those that are focused on largely minority communities. Yes. And I want to say that at the same time that we would dealing with the Fred Hampton case that there was the murder the police murder of Magno Rama's in the city of Chicago. Which was the young lords and others step forward to protest very strongly in nineteen sixty nine. So lily is saying is certainly true in what she's written about certainly is very important the corruption of of the Chicago police department goes all the way back to Haymarket. It goes all the way back to Pullman. It goes through the summit deal scandal and the Marquette ten and corruption does go hand in hand with with brutality in violence. Because of course, they've been able to get away with it. It's been part of the culture along with the code of silence along with the systemic racism that is so prevalent in the Chicago police department, and so when you have. Not only the department and its hires higher ups countenancing this being involved in it as well. But you have the prosecutors who looked the other way and who earn volved in it. And then ultimately, you have the judiciary you have the judges, and you have the judges who I've documented in my book who were former prosecutors who who give passes to police officers. Most recently in the Liquan McDonald case, the former prosecutor, the judge who I knew from taking tortured. Confessions of a thirteen year old in case of mine. She acquitted the three officers who covered up the Quan McDonald video and lied about it and lily on the issue of one of the cases that you mentioned didn't happen in Chicago. But in nearby sub the Rolando Cruz case could you talk about that as well 'cause Flint mentions it in his book as well. Share? Right london. Couscous is not one that I v search. Myself. But actually remember being contacted by his attorney whose name I'm forgetting right now, but she was representing him in early nineties when they were trying to get his conviction overturned he had been accused of killing raping and brutally murdering a ten year old girl. He and two other co-defendants the other was at Nonda's and a third man. And he was convicted sent to prison spent ten years in prison, and I remember I was in college at the time and his attorney out to me and asked if I could help bring an exhibit of of his artwork to Harvard University. And I did, but I had no idea at the time the significance of cruises case that it was not just an individual isolated incident. But in fact, that there was this widespread, Pat. Torn- of police abuse, particularly with African Americans, you know, not only in the city, but the whole metropolitan area. The go ahead. Couldn't you talk Lilia about. Not only what's happening with police and Latino community in Chicago, but also dealing with undocumented immigrants and border patrol an ice. Right. I think one of the things that activists are starting to realize is they're making the connections between police abuse and law enforcement brutality against African Americans. And you know, minority communities and urban areas in particular, and the larger, you know, immigration enforcement apparatus that has similarly, you know, committed all kinds of acts of tally in violence historically in the nineteen seventies. For example. There was a huge case which got very little media attention, but which really galvanized the Mexican American community much like the murder of Manuel dramas in may of nineteen sixty nine galvanized the Puerto Rican community, but in seventy two in November that was the shooting. Being eventually, the death of an undocumented immigrant named Mati tho- send the I n s officers conducted raid in the Pilsen neighborhood, which was increasingly Mexican area at that time, and they shot him as they were pursuing him and the police sorry, the community came out in significant numbers marched down to the federal building to protest this to protest, you know, state-sanctioned violence against immigrants against the undocumented specifically against Latinos, more, generally, and the fact that police and other law enforcement agents were doing this with impunity. We're going to end the broadcast, but we're gonna do part two of this discussion with lily Fernandes, professor history and Latina studies records, author Brown, the windy city Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Most were Chicago and Flint Taylor Turney with people's law assist. New book, the torture, machine racism and police violence in Chicago, very happy birthday to. Tammy war enough. I'll be speaking on Thursday night, March twenty first and Northampton at Smith College and on Sunday at SUNY purchase. You can check our website at democracy now. I mean good we're on. Loss.

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