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It's the morning show with boomer GO along with Jerry Recco on the fan. Boomer GO on fan CBS four debt works. We've got Jerry Recco. Back with us who did amazing work yesterday. Double duty. We didn't know bloomer is gonna walk into that door walk through that door yesterday morning or not he did not Gary bouncing back and forth one seat to the other seat handling his business. Always told you that jersey ultimate tool, and he can he can basically tool up to do whatever he needs to do whether it be just the updates or one of the power chairs here. I mean, that's our Jerry Recco. He's a he's a power. Nice to see you back home. Thanks. You got forest, Jerry. We are brought to you by Buick GMC of Malwa, visit Buick GMC of Malwa dot com. We'll start with the Yankees since the game ended literally four hours ago. Maybe not even they did beat the angels in fourteen. Here's how the go ahead hit sounded swung on line to right center field. It is a basin. Labor scores. Ford goes to third shelhah comes through again. Like that. God Brian Cashman must be busting his buttons. What a fine GO or shallow. Yeah. He also gave the lead in the twelfth inning with a sack fly that was not held by our oldest Chapman. But in the end the Yankees beat the angels in fourteen four three moved to twelve and ten Jonathan holder two innings for the win Luke barred the loss. Even though he struck out four four batters in the fourteenth inning. It was a bad throwing her by John LaCroix on the first strike out of the inning, just flat out overthrew first base. And that was the go ahead run that came reflects means softball, and it was bad. Yeah. It was really bad. It looked like such and I know going back and watching it this morning. I guess Flaherty was I think it was Flaherty was saying, you know, it's really not an easy. They kinda is. I mean, I get what he's saying. He was fifteen feet all these guys load up and thrown in his. You have to finesse like that. You see it all the time with pitchers with comebacks. They have a problem with that. It's just looked so simple. But it wasn't. And so we again barred strikes out four but takes the loss. Here was Boone his team makes four straight away right now where you know, it's not easy for us. Right now by any means, but the guys have been finding away like or shallow who has done the job, and he's come up here and got an opportunity to play. He's he's good at bats. He's hit the ball hard. The defense speaks for itself. And he says on. Yes. Just doing his part with this opera -tunities. I mean everybody here he's doing his job. I like the way we've been playing. Clint Frazier did hurt his ankle sliding but did remain in the game study felt a little sore. But thought he would be okay afterwards. The guys on the Clint Frazier. Does remind me the most of a hockey player. Does. He he took a puck to the ankle. You take a puck to the chin. Whatever takes go off the is for a couple of minutes. Then you come back on what he did last night. That's right. Exactly. He stayed on. Even though it didn't look great four in a row. Here's holder who got the when he was with Susan talks about in the victim makeup. You know defense play really good bomb in is exciting. Matt Harvey and no decision. Six innings for LA two runs. Three hits couple of walks and Luke void did Homer in the first inning. Jay happened to decision. Seven innings of three hit ball. Here's Brian Cashman. We were talking yesterday Jay about where the hell is Aaron Hicks. Yeah. Well, he was with Mike yesterday talking about we're Hicks is and his comeback in defensively, you know, as a center fielder. Yeah. So he's going be a longer than than than STAN who they expect around doing back after Sanchez. How long did his answers go for that one was nine seconds? That wasn't bad. Brian Cashman sucks. That was a clip that was nine seconds for the full answer was about nine minutes could have been is very detailed. And lengthy those guys get on you got to say, okay. Brian yen seconds or less in an answer. So we can get to a lot of. I don't know that he ever really gives ten second answers and fall so Sanchez Wednesday Stanton soon after or what's the deal next next. But we don't know when that could be good me another week could be on the two week. I think sooner rather than later. Okay. This is what it sounds like. But we'll see dimicco Herrmann. Chris Stratton tonight. We'll have it on the fan at nine. Twenty five. Meantime, the Mets and Phillies were delayed until eight forty five last night when they got things going all good for New York heart up the base it then to center field a lot so routes. Oh, rob all tear throws to the plane. It's put on along. Those scores will sit rob host has an RV. I single the Mets. But to nothing lead, Wayne Randazzo under blue CBS eighty that was the romo's RBI single pita Lonzo and RBI double also hit by a pitch with the base later in the game down to get to the Hera. But he had a wealthy. Mickey. We'll tell you in a second. You also had in the fourth innings to res Hoskins. It's a home run. This is after Bryce Harper strikes out now harbor did not like strike too. And he did not like strike three. And when they show you the stupid box borderline pitches, but they were close, but didn't like mention some of the fire walking back to the dugout like ten twelve minutes later this ending his going on after Hoskins hits the home run. It's now a two one game. And there's two outs. Believe a one to pitch on the batter. You get this one. I strike at the top of the zone as Matt's his worked up there consistently tonight. And now somebody's been tossed a belief Gabe Kappler, or maybe somebody in the Phillies dug up might have been Harper gave Kappler is coming out toward the whole up by Harper's right behind him mar Carlson played Upmeyer as gape Kappler has to fend off far behind Harper. Jetted there in the fourth inning Mets went on to beat the Phillies five one again. Wayne randazzo. Here's Philly manager. Gabe, Kappler's has Harper should not have been tossed. It was normal chirping from the dugout that is in every dugout every single night. It was no different. Are dugout did not agree with Mark? A lot of Mark's calls. That said here's Jake Arrieta. Who was not thrilled with Harper's actions. He's got under. We need him. I feel I don't care about the fires. He wasn't great for other side. I'm out there. Trying to make pitches. He misses some calls. So what wow buddy was. I mean, my good is you don't hear a lot of that. No. When area to said, a little more, which will get through throughout the course of the morning, but all got a history of that though. I mean, I believe last year or maybe the year before he was calling out. His teammates likes Cohen out. This question. How many years that Bryce Harper? Sign for ten thirteen thirteen right? Machado was ten. Through what twenty percent ten percent of the of the regular season a little bit more than that? Already long way to go baby. This fiery to fiery, fills, baby. I like it. Here was Maki Calloway teams ready to play Stephen match throat. Well, they come to for on a mission every day. And it's it's it's fun. It's fun to be around these guys. We get a great great bunch of winners. You got a great bunch. We got Greg. We're all winners. A how many guys have gotten hit with baseball's over the weekend was three in a row in hidden a hand unbelievable so Alonzo we mentioned had got it. Also, Jeff McNeil got hit by a pitch was the one who got hit in the hands, and that's three days in a row yet Alonzo could no and McNeil three games role guys getting along Togo Mickey Callaway, look, I'm playing I don't care. What you say? I'm playing put me in the lineup. I hate this guy the pitcher for the cat cornell's worked out. Yeah. Homerun on tonight Calloway Neal's going for x-rays right now. Just to be safe. Lonzo has pad on that hand. And it hit hit the pad. Here was McNeil. An and y was there any concern on your part? Little bit. I mean whenever a ball hit your hand. You're a little nervous. But. Not not wrong. Now, also, not a problem is Jacob degrom 's arm, they. Came back clean could start as soon as Friday tonight. You got Zack Wheeler again Zach eflin WCBS eight eighty has at six more happy about that than just about anything. That's happened that a Mets. You know, honestly, I expect the worst. I was proud of them for told you as the story quite a bit in most quarterbacks during our era because we had the today's would always have Heiki elbow, the elbow screaming at you about three or four days into practice because you thrown in the morning, and you throwing in the afternoon and most of the time in the morning, you're throwing balls believe it or not that we heavier because of the do on the grass this how stupid this is right? And on their forget always going into the trainer. Hey, you know, my my elbows kill men need need today. No. You can't have day stick your arm in the ice tub and call today and get your ass back up the next day. So I think it's probably Senate to me like, that's what was dealing with. Plus he had strep throat on top of all. So his body. Just wasn't right. And maybe he didn't go through his normal throwing routine or whatever it is. Remember he throws twice between starts. I think I think that's the the difference for him. But. I don't think too much of it. I thought a lot was made of it. Because everybody initially thought the worst. Yeah. But it's. Barking elbow injured list. MRI usually aren't good things to hear when you're talking about a guy gave one hundred and forty eight million dollars. York, which he wasn't. He's going to you know, it was the Rania reporting on this thing in the beginning of it was just comical was it aronie was Brodie van wagon told us. Running supporting the initial report they came out. None of this stuff happened he stayed. But it wasn't. What was it like? What was that was from the men? That makes it even worse. Yes. You're talking about yesterday. They screwed this whole thing up with the messaging. It was then so brody's not is as squeaky clean as we all thought. He was this one was a bad one. I think that he's done a nice job of communicating for the most part. This was a bad. I think he just jumped the gun. Yeah. Kind of like degrom comes and says marbles not feeling right? Art will send you the more. I and he's being very upfront. We're going to send them back for the Orion than two grams. Like, knob good. Oh, all right. We'll wait last Mets pitcher to do that with Noah syndergaard's, do an MRI that was a little bit different. He said, no, thanks. I'm not kidding the MRI and that didn't turn out doing these days. Dot great Rockies. Beat can't wait is time for him to get a contract seven five Nolan air or not oh, a homerun. They one thousand of his career as over the Rangers six to one twin stop the Astros nine five raise double the Royal six to three and the Diamondbacks beat the pirates twelve four pitcher on the pirates, Nick birdie. Did you see this highlight? I haven't this poor kid. He throws a pitch. And I guess he throws the ball in the high nineties, and I believe he is at Tommy John surgery in the past. He throws a pitch and collapses to the ground and just severe pain with the arm, and they're fearing that it is one of these major injuries again. So terrible highlight, and you feel bad for them Nobel Beckham junior. So here we go giants Gettleman doesn't interview with nj dot com. Couple of days ago, where he said, quote, there's more to it than just collecting talent. There is a cultural thing to it. That's critical. I have not been on a team that's gone to a Super Bowl. That's had a culture problem. He was then asked. If he has one with the giants he responded by saying quote, not anymore. That's part of the story. Obviously one little portion of the story someone than sent the article to Beckham. Of course, they do he then linked to Twitter, which Al did it. I did not he then wrote with the link to the article, quote, this was by far one of the funniest things. I've seen today end, quote, then did a QNA with fans the addressed a lot of different things. And I know Greg's gonna pull up a lot of them because it went on and on and on and on everything from the boat trip to the game against the Packers to a fan calling him a cancer. And he says he's only a cancer because he was on a team that accepted losing. I think that was something like that. So he was he was the only one on the team that didn't accept losing. Well, is that what he's saying everybody else's a bunch of losers except for. Hi, I'm not reading it what he rose the worst part of social media. But also the best part for what we do gives you topic for. Sure, yes. But it went on and on and on. And then at the end, he pretty much, you know, have a great day. I'm gonna great place been a great day. Happy to Cleveland. So. Crap. He was had such a great day. Got all this. Great news. Oh, haters this and that no this guy was in a hole yesterday. And there's no way you could tell me, otherwise, though, the fact that he opened himself up to all this stuff and these people like you're a loser shot up. Let it go, and he's responding to respond to the house back with on having a great day. No. You're just saying that they make it seem like you're not in some sort of crazy Twitter whole because you are now in the same kind of pain. Now, what is Dave Gettleman doing here? I mean, Dave speaking directly about Obama yet rid of like a million. Everett of Landon Collins got rid of Livia Vernon and got rid of Odell Beckham junior snacks Harrison and ally. Apple, I I guess all right. So you're right. You're right. So I guess, but that's the collection of five that he got rid of that supposedly were part of this whole culture change. I don't know why he's talking that way about it. But not only that he also came out and said, you know, I stand by my resume I've been seven Super Bowls. I know what I'm doing. I mean, he's just as bad as del Beckham junior. I think in what way say that. But I'm just I don't understand why the need for a guy in that position. I believe he was answering the question about the critics that are sitting there saying he doesn't know what he's doing. I if he doesn't say the I I liked what he has done with the exception of not they go through this draft. And not select a quarterback on going to rip my hair. I just it's unbelievable. Means everything to me. I can't wait. I just I don't get it. So let me ask you a question. And this pretty simple question for the giants and their giant fandom to ask themselves who is the player at number six that that plays defense that is going to turn your team around for the next ten to fifteen years. Is there a player on the next Lawrence Taylor? There is the next Michael stray there the next. I don't know, you know, Harry Carson there. The guy is going to be the anchor of your defense for the next ten years. He there the dog that you know, that Jamal Adams wants for the jets and the dog that. That get them in once for the giants is that guy there. And is he going to have a better affect than say twain Haskins will has his there. Richard either where you have no idea. I mean quarterback of all time was drafted two hundred and seventy right. I know that I know what throat myself who. No. But I'm just asking you from your standpoint here, if you're the general manager of the giants, you know that you have an inherent need. And I know he doesn't want to think the same way we do. I that's why we bang our heads against. Indians. He has the job that he has. Right. Okay. But he's opinions at ally. Manning can play this year and be great. And maybe even two more years has a franchise that has had a losing record five out of the last six years. I know that is agreeing with that opinion, and they lose again the coach that he hired is basically going to be on the firing line again. And they're going to start all over again Beckham also called out the coach for not allowing him to play the last four weeks said he wanted to be there with his teammates on the sideline toll. I what it was to not play not travel. Not the play the travel and stand there on the sideline. You don't think? It was a matter being active and playing they was being with the team. I thought it was Johnson. He wanted to play too. I think that I think the the the coach recognized that the player took himself off the field. And then basically said forget it. You take yourself off the field. I'm not allowing nothing to do with playing. It was every about being with the team while it was in out of. And he said, no, I think that they believe that he could play and that he took himself. Off the field at least to the last four games. Jazz beat the rockets one zero seven ninety one three one series lead now for Houston with that loss. Buck Steve defeat the pistons won twenty seven one four forty one for UNICEF Cuco has Milwaukee heads off to the second round for the first time since two thousand one nets and Philly tonight coverage on ninety four point seven FM. Of course, we know Brooklyn down three games to one mention the fine for the minority owner who tweeted basically support for Sean marks. And what he said and did the other day nuggets home for the Spurs tonight thunder face, the blazers raptors take on the magic the Suns fired head coach eager caucus gov. Yeah. However, you say his name. In year. He was let go because they want to go after someone hurricanes beat the capitals five two series tied. Three three feeling. We're waiting for three months for the islanders. The winner will play the aisles and the stars beat the predators and overtime to one Dallas takes the series in six and they advanced four out of the five or we say four out of five series that have ended in the NHL playoffs. Four teams that have advanced were all underdogs going into their respective rounds. Pretty impressive who number eight seed those an app in the NBA number eight seeds are advancing Columbus in Colorado.

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