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Frustrated LeBron, NBA draft age, Ole Miss players


Yoursel? I'm Jason with lot. That's Marcellus Wiley that do, sir. Former Pro Bowl receiver TJ who's been zodda is back time for a big story. Let's return to the NFL. We're former Packers wide receiver. Jordy Nelson is calling criticism of Aaron Rodgers comical Nelson took aim at other former Packers, including friend of the show, Greg Jennings. Saying that quote negativity sells Nelson sales that says that most of the positive things said about Rogers including him being a good leader is Nord because some of his former teammates wanna get attention for themselves by bad mouth in Rogers. I I don't agree with this defense of air. Rod is by by Jordy Nelson. Listen air Weiser's celebrated throughout the NFL this far more praise of Aaron Rodgers than there is this little hand bit of criticism from a handful of his former teammates. So if we were weighing scale between Arunas getting praised and criticize it leans heavily on praise. And so three guys have had the Kerr's to come out and say what they think about Aaron Rodgers in a little bit more detail this isn't because negatively sales. It's just two or three guys have had the courage to say what they really think. Yeah. He actually said, well, he knows what sale which is negatively sales. And I'm just going to sit there and say, none of it is negative about Aaron Rodgers which has to be alive because no player is perfect. And if you want to add it up until tally more people are for air Rogers, Dan, dick sections there. We're. Talking about. Well, let's talk about those exceptions. Because the narrative is as a former player. All you guys. Want to do is protect the fraternity say glowing things about each other. I remember when I first started working in this industry. Everyone was scared. Will you really go there? If you need to you ever just tell the truth about the underbelly of the game in some of the dark places that you've been with some of your players. I'm like, I'm just going to speak my truth. I'm never gonna call somebody out. And even when you're going through that process of actually calling someone out as a former player, you're making sure you're saying all the right things and saying exactly how it went down because you know, that you're trying to pay respect to someone who still Grayton other lights. So for joining Nelson to come out here and try to extinguish everyone, especially KGB 'cause I know KGB says he was in high school. This guy has great character with the Crenshaw high school. Listen Green Bay. I mean does it says enough family man like his out Greg Jennings? Same thing, you can say, yeah. About grooming Minnesota. These guys are not in Hollywood trying to capitalize on Aaron Rodgers saying salacious stuff about former players. So which way is it. Is it? Oh, trying to seal negatively. Oh. I thought all players just wanna say glowing things about each other. I think these exceptions actually had bad experiences air Rogers, just telling their true. Yeah. That's exactly what it is Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers their they speak the same language they see to game the same. So they got along. So Jordy Nelson is like why don't everybody see the Aaron Rodgers that? I see because we view things differently are calm. Their conversations are different than the conversations. He had with GIS agree. I think the joining Nelson probably knows there's some problems with Aaron Rodgers. He's just saying you don't have to talk about them. But if you if you ask them in Germany Finley, it's when a former player criticized the quarters like what Marcellus like you're not supposed to do that. You ask me a question. I'm going to give you an honest answer in for Jordy Nelson. I don't think he saw Aaron Rodgers as that guy. Because if Aaron Rodgers is getting on you in or he's not. A leader as you see fit to Jordy Nelson. It's like, oh what he's saying is right? I have no problem with it. Whereas somebody else the conversations he could have with Greg's these or things. I rub grad wrong Greg lick that it has he's not being a leader could be the same as Michael Philly. He probably had those same conversations Jordy Nelson and joining us didn't take offense to him because him in air Rogers have differ relationship. Let me clarify it. And I don't want to speak for Greg. But you know, Greg emotes positive energy. Yeah. Greg could come on his show and do our about what great shape I'm in. And then well, but he could stand last. The last thirty minutes. That's Greg's nature. And so he's a lot like what Marcella subscribed about KGB. This guy looks for and says a lot of positive things about Aaron Rodgers. He just also says a more complete story of Aaron Rodgers is like there are some issues. He is Lou he is maybe not the greatest leader. I think Jordy Nelson sees the same things. But just says, you know, what you shouldn't talk about exactly greatly willing to overlook it. And just say I'm a sweeping under the rug. I don't wanna talk negatively about. He doesn't wanna talk completion. And we know being in a fraternity sometime like co workers, anybody do you always wanna talk in being transparent and completion of the entire story. I play with six hall of future hall of famers and present hall of famers, and their highs are already known their lows some somewhere known and some are not known. Now, are you going to be that population that has been silent for so long hundreds of teammates to air? Rogers has had the has not said a word good or bad. We don't know what they're thinking. So Jordy Nelson. How dare you try to extinguish the three to come out and said something that's more of a completion of his personality? Not just the good stuff almost up for our next segment by saying this, I'm on analogize Aaron Rodgers to LeBron James there's so much positive to their talents and their abilities, and Bob, but I think what grid and others respond to everybody. Every year says oh Aaron Rodgers ain't got no help can't win. He does everything he can't all of his teammates this that another. And then someone says, well, you know, when he got some shortcomings too. Yeah. Same thing with LeBron James anytime, they don't win everybody else's fault. And then someone says, well, you know, what? The bronze not the best leader he can improve here there. Now sudden you looking for the negative now you just responding to someone like Aaron Rodgers LeBron that just get overwhelmed with. Raise. And then a guy like KGB or Greg Gibson. Well, you know, there is a pool store. Paul Harvey now for the. February isn't just about one super size football game on Spotify. There's thousands of free sports podcasts. That agonize over the pre-seasons off season plano, regular seasons of nearly every sport imaginable, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, curly, and even Hurley, yes, that's a real sport. Now. It's so easy to stay updated with the latest rumors predictions and scorching hot takes from some of your favorite games. Biggest names, we'll take it. One episode at a time and give a hundred and ten percent of your attention to the thousands of free sports cloud cast on Spotify. Because the best offense is a good podcast. With lock him. Walli Cotino mobile is back with us moved to the Lakers who struggles continued over the weekend where they thirteen point loss of the pelicans who were playing without Anthony Davis less than a week ago. Lebron said his playoff intensity had been activated. But the Lakers are now one game under five hundred and three games behind the clippers for the AC after the game. Lebron said everyone's accustomed to the losses. But quote, I'm not accustomed to it. I'd never get comfortable with losing. But that wasn't all he had to say about his teammates crochet game. Every day is how you how you think the game every day. It's how you play the game. It's how you prepare for the game. And it's not even like when you get to their arena way before that. Like is basketball is that the most important thing why we doing this? So you gotta be comfortable will be uncomfortable. So I'm not saying that's what we are. As a whole kind of looks that way at times, you know, sometimes we feel like we were frayed to be uncomfortable kind of get out at our covers all, you know, kind of you know, have that urgency. So the issue LeBron suffering with sometimes when you on top of the amount. There are no mirrors up. There is just you all by yourself and you look down on everybody else. And and I think it's a struggle that everybody that's had success almost at any level does to look in the mirror and to judge themselves. The blah's leader of the team. He's talking about all being all in with basketball as basketball everything. And I don't think he's able to see that. He set the tone for that. He's doing every damn talk show. He can think to do. He's developing movies. He's he's trying to do everything. He's not all in on basketball the rest of the players since it and they're following his lead. You gotta hit the Brown with the the misdemeanor. No such thing as a bad teacher. No such thing as the best student. That's. Yes. Bad teachers, man. This is Kobe Bryant two point. Oh, we've been here before I've been here. I remember Kobe doing it black swan white swamp member that and he was calling out powder salt and calling out everybody saying about two thousand and six man. This is like it's something about the Lakers. And I'm pointing out the Lakers because it's the biggest brand of basketball is LA LA Hollywood. There's something about being the man on that team in this era with this pressure, and they're under achievements. Were they cannot take that as a collective effort. Koby could not he had to displace himself from his teammates even championship efforts a pocket. Saul got posted a chest by Phil Jackson. It got to that place where everybody was say, 'i versus you. And now you're seeing the bronzes replicate that model, and it is sad to see. Lebron doesn't want to be the big dog. Which means you take the hit for all of us young. Pope says we're starting to evolve a learned the game. Like, you did kind of sad to see again. What you make a great point myself. I've been through this. We all been through this where? The guys are young. And when the brand I came in the first month, he's filling a self out to see who's going to take that next, you know, torch. Whether it's Ingram ball, whoever it is. And the ball was getting jerked around a little bit. As far as starting not starting this that whatever was not used to carrying younger talent. This is that younger talent way to patients is very short. And you said when you come to the Lakers, we're not come to Lakers. There's an expectation whether it's when Kobe I came in right? Shaq and Colby and now LeBron there's an expectation that you have to live up to so that's an unconscious pressure. That's already on you because you're the one that everybody's going to blast. When things go wrong, and you want wanted everybody's going to lift up when things go. Well, this is how gotta work now. When I was when I was with the clippers and five or six before that their records the Moscow four years back twenty seven fifty five twenty eight fifty four thirty seven forty five. And then when I got there forty seven thirty five and go to the semi finals, you still had the same size. But they didn't know how to win. No disrespect brand Corey Magaji nothing. But the point is was getting twenty game was getting twenty game. But he just found a way to lose. And that's when the Brian is saying when you when you finding ways to lose, even if I'm not here. I'm in patient. Yes, I'm doing movies and books and this and that all right now, I wasn't doing it early on in my years. That's not what I was doing early. My us. I was creating my legacy early on my legacy still now, but I'm a little frustrated because when I'm watching you guys whether you restaurants on a road, how you act on a plane practice, whatever it is. I'm little irritated of you. Because you're not taking this basketball Israelites. Should he not point the finger at himself at any point? Does he not deserve some of the blame? You're right. I'm not saying he don't deserve blame. But what I'm saying is when you already Jason's like, you mentor me, you're gonna get impatient. With me. Sometimes I just switched my earpiece from here. Ear and I was laughing at myself because I looked at yours. Sometimes he's really good at something. This in anybody here that works with me can say this. There's I've from day one three years ago if anything ever goes wrong, it's my fault. It's not your fault. His fall is my fault. That's my philosophy in a again doesn't mean you're not get frustrated. Right. You will get some frustration. You're live. Jason you really good at what you do your life. Now, if anything happens behind scenes that will disrupt your character, disrupt your personality that people seem after a while on a start from the place of it's my fault. Why'd I do that caused them to make that mistake. It may turn out to be nothing. But my starting point is with me. And when you're LeBron James, not the only one to and you come here to me the starting point he came here. And he knew this year wasn't about champion. Chips. He know it and he hasn't handled it will. And he's doing a lot of finger pointing because he's too concerned with mayor. Whoever is too concerned with narrative and making sure he's always managing his legacy. And recognize you to question being an athlete. When you were younger, you can do anything. Okay. You basically never got hurt the older. You got you get hurt. Now, your brain says some than your body. So now when I'm getting hurt these knickknacks, or whatever it is not a frustrated that would everyone else I hear myself because sub consciously father time is starting to kick in not saying the Brian is Aetna on down. But he is impatient. Because the way you can turn it on five years ago. You can't do. Now. What the way I heard? He was in fourth place before he got hurt. That's all I'm saying way. I heard it is how long sit in best think how long say the best. When you first get elevator physically is at the top of the building and mentally and knowing the game games at the bottom. He said your prime is when they both me because this was coming down. This was coming up were they meet the bras, obviously, not in the same position right now. Here's what I witnessed from the Bronx. And what's going on with the Lakers when we're watching you guess what? We're also learning from you. And we're learning good behavior. Bad. This is what parents miss out on a lot of times. What did I tell you? What did you show me? Hey, we sitting there in the back of the bus, man. We try to get a little extra work. Whatever may be are. We sitting there in practice, and you got another billion dollar deal on the line. But we talking about this. Okay. That's fine. The Bronx cool because we know you're gonna show Mr. triple double. However, we watch and feel what your brothers and so right is that effort the best player in a game? And we you pointed out, but we all need a point out. We all see essay not. As I do. And then the collective the collective confidence starts to erode next thing. You know, it's like, well if you set the tone that would tone is there to say by the set. So I think it's really been enough from his I this is where I'm sympathetic to LeBron because we in the media have the LeBron Olympics going on every day every single day, and whether he wants to participate in the Bronx Olympics or not doesn't matter. He just get the Laurent Olympics are on and everybody's talking about my legacy and where I raid to Jordan. And so he got caught up in the LeBron lympics and his hyper focused on controlling media Nair everything LeBron does now publicly is one thousand percent calculated. And he he's looking at this law season. He don't want the blame for it. Because it's a little knock against his Jordan legacy deal. And again, he didn't sign up for that. We. Created the LeBron Olympics and we've dragged him into it. I'm saying he needs some friends just like Bob Kraft. A lot of these guy. Bobby buy me, friends, they do craft with six titles. Lebron James with all the success all this money. Everything you've got to have people in your camp that we came in. Let's look at things a different way. Let all this finger pointing bad mouth because that's creating a narrative is well, and I think they're going to be guys around the league, the brand needs to be careful guys Brown league like and and Kevin Durant was the first one to step out. Here is the environment around the LeBron's toxic. Not a direct shot. Lebron? It's a statement of fact that LeBron lympics are toxic toxic for LeBron and everyone caught up in it, and it becomes a blame game. And it's not a celebration of let's do it together. It's like who's going to get blamed because only one guy's going to get credit. If we win everybody else just to blame somebody needs to pool LeBron's coat. All right. You got. No this no. No, the burn listen, they're young and being young. It's very frustrating. Bron James is like waking up out of the fantasy land of saying. Well, you know, what I can't just. Do this. I got way move. Activated activate in debt. Get antisocial notice my favorite container mobile back with us. Join us Marcellus our social media manager, Dr L Smith is here on Twitter street. I feel I'm feeling great. You looking good. So they could say no aided, man. Drain out all about what I think about that. Get you one. Oh well. When you get it from. Get to go with the Oscar from last night, the movie green butts home the award for best picture. Of course, this in Twitter on a rampage with people argue about whether or not the movie deserves it when the award mostly what thought it was ridiculous and slammed kademi and the movie. The Spike Lee was so upset that the movie one he even got to try to lead at theater, I haven't seen the movie yet. But we like, I know you recently watched it because you think deserve this Fisher. I watched the movie last night after the Oscars after one and because I want to see what the fuss was about. I saw everybody going off. And I think most of the critics missed the Mark. I don't think it was. I don't think it was a good movie. I went and read with the guy's family. Dr Shirley, what his family had to say about the movie in the way, it was portrayed. And so, but I'm not surprised they won. Because I felt like it hit the very liberal message of and this is what Hollywood loves here's a black guy with identity issues, and there's a white per. Ersan there to teach him how to be black. And so that that rings real true in Hollywood. And so I'm not surprised it got the highest award in Hollywood, man. I don't Oscars because it ain't that damn series today that damn D for every movie like it's amazing when you do a movie depiction of someone's life like to pop movie, whatever will you wanna pick? Oh, nail it. They didn't say it the right way. You know, what is two hours of somebody who lived for many years, and is very complex. And I liked the movie it was one of my favorite movies last year. However, I didn't think it was gonna win best picture in part because I see the whole catalogue of choices that boyhood and win the Oscar one year, y'all still believe in Oscar geologist law. I don't but I'll say this. I think if you watch the movie and just watch the movie, I do a fine. It was really good. If you go and find out like well, hold on minute portrayed this guy in a way, that's offensive to his family and offensive to the truth. That's what made me disconnect from the movie. What undecided? I didn't read the what the family said, I took a different perspective about it. One of my best friends John fast. He was telling me about like, the NHL NHL there's like the Hart trophy and then as the Ted Lindsay award, right? So there's the most valuable player than his most. Outstanding. Now me being a African American as a three or four. You you want to see Black Panther. So besides Black Panther besides green book the favorite. There was two other movies. I like those too. So during the time that it is now say in America green book showed me some totally different Tony lip who was the Italian in there. He was he wasn't trying to tell them to be black. He was saying embrace your culture as well because Tony lip. If you've watched the movie is rolling dice with the black guy. We gotta go. We gotta move to the next. But if you talk to the family Tony lip didn't teach him that. Or didn't try to show him. The fast moving onto my Ocho Cinco. Who's always spreading the level of social media. But on Friday tickets to a new level one the chassis Twitter follower said he was facing eviction and other showing them the proof Ocho sit on fifteen hundred dollars via paper to take care of the Bill. The fan responded with a screen a screen, grab of the payments weeding. God is our refuge and strength out as man my life. Now, man, some people don't belong you five dollars about. It was pretty dote. You guys press about this? Who made it public? The other guy saying you have got all. I like how did you got a problem with it one whatever decisions, and whatever consequences circumstances? Guys living in put them in his bad position. Which I am happy Chad help them. But what the guy obviously needs more is not to be in this position. Again, whatever those circumstances are. So this is kind of a band aid of a situation, and it's good. But you know, if I'm ever facing victim or the ties I was. I wasn't out there. I wasn't. I didn't have social media. We didn't do anything of that nature something entertainment based on I'm on that grind to go get this. So there's something deeper that we're not gonna hit with this post. It why did you post potion in his fixes for how long has he got to come back next month? Right. That's why I'm kind of. On one hundred fifteen hundred we right there. We're kinda rent is that the hold on air by living. Mobile. Dr. NBA on Saturday, the bucks beat the timber wolves. But the bigger story was gyros. Halftime performance to Robert six heat over Twitter phases. Some sound issues at the start the show Jaanus house. He wasn't a fan because he was busy putting up shots in the middle of the performance. Even timber wolves Twitter page ticket shot at job with the tweet mocking mocking hill from the fire documentary with John ruled clapback saying you the jinx yourself talking to the guy this way your curse. Now, you won't win the championship for the next thirty years timber wolves be worried about accustomed Gile rule. John rule needs to be worried about that fire festival. Documentaries on that's right. Who put a curse on his career? No did that. This brand new his fifty job in fighting for the job or had a concert at the no phone. It was cracking. People say jaaz my God, John Rona wall. I'm side that happy and I'm sorry. I did I did he wasn't. He wasn't the leader that he was partnered with him. But he was a minor silent partners. Billy Farley's Billy McFarland. Come on, man. Let's go. That's what it was building. The song living falling is the real Jian this. He took the hit for everybody. We should've g. Yeah. Jason he should've. He KENDALL KENDALL Jenner Bella Hayden automobile all of them. They endorsed it as well. Not like John jobs right in the middle of it. Younger to pay. Gene you. Today on a herd era was talking about his support of superstar players get paid big money. Take Eliza people scream and shout when a player signs for three hundred million dollars. But when the dodgers trade for north of two billion or the Marlins trade for north of a billion. Nobody says anything is like big big bad America supposed to make all the economics. But in a world should be more democratic, and if industry's gone from a billion dollars to ten billion it's good for to be spread around and for players to get paid in a big way in his guaranteed. Does he have a point here? He's got a point that certainly the players should benefit and the growth of major league baseball in all professional sports. But do they gotta get these three hundred million dollar contract. I don't know. They should it's always this dissension between ownership and labor and many many facets of the interactions and win a team sales or who. Wow. Bifida when a player gets cast in for certain amount. What we always. Had that I think is impart the general public feels more connected to the labor because that's their life. And so they look at the players like how dare you get what I deserve or I should be a part of. But ownership just seems distant from that and distant from a lot of issues and damning Chicago, I'm gonna keep a short if the owners and the team makes a lot of money, and they're growing whoever's helping that Hello should get paid money as well. Right. Get raises. Well, I don't like the ten year contracts. Anyway, I don't know question of the day. What's what's up cell phone, y'all? Question. Also Martill it's been actually went on like a mini rant this weekend on coach playing the role father. And I thought was pretty interesting. So I want to ask you guys. What are your thoughts on coaches acting father figures? I'm gonna let the professional athletes. Go man, look, this is tough for me. My father was there, and I would put him up as father of the year every single year always there and support never. They're pushing me my coaches had a define role, which was obviously to have great influence sometimes being that their parent, but never stepping on the toes of my father, and I don't need a father figure when I grew up with one, and I will also look for role models within my family unit before we look for a guy who's maybe volunteering his time. We're getting paid just to teach me craft. Well, for me, you know, I had a was blessed with a stepfather NFL. They're both were in my life. And you know, it's like me taking my daughter, my son to school that teacher has my child the majority of the time during that day. I dropped him off to get her at two thirty right? So she has a majority of time. So that whether it's a male or female that is that role model that mother that father of them because you and you wanna have report with that. Culture that teacher? So I I don't know about. But Jim Herrick was like a father figure to me. You know, it's okay to have more than one. Yeah. I'm right there with these guys. I had a great father. And so didn't need the coaches to be my father figures, but I had some coaches, I was very close to my high school head coach Jerry stall for and we had, you know, coach willing right coach willing coach me and are now and he was a father figure to lot of players. They didn't have I think coach Williams in the hospital right now. Hope you're feeling better. But. He was a father. We had a guy cap co capped team Chris hurt that had nobody. And if it wasn't for coach Willard taking back and forth to school and doing a lot of other things we would have had nothing. So I don't know where Martellus is coming from. It always seems like an absence of something or someone. We'll raise your kids times. We know what's the street? We know the community and luckily for some guys is a father figure in athletics. But I didn't have that absence. I'm not exactly understanding. We're we're just come. Yeah. I think it's all case by case. Like right as a coach you have to find out what is your player need. And in some cases, you got certain like, you said don't have a father figure at home. So if you know that as a coach, I think you should step into that role. You'll disciplined kinda give that father that they need. There's some of the players that maybe they're getting discipline at home against home and Costa different. So case by case. But I don't see a problem. Warmer NBA better and big three champion Cotino Mobis back as dupe stars. I am Williamson grab headlines last week after injuring his knee in a high profile game against rival North Carolina. The NBA has proposed abolishing the one and done rule by lowering the draft age from nineteen to eighteen thus allowing Zahn to skip college and go directly to the NBA out of high school in a rule change would need to be collectively bargain with the players association. But Mavs owner Mark Cuban is raising a red flag. Saying, quote, the really bad unintended consequence is you're going to see a you programs in parents pushed harder to get kids featured maybe if expensive education, maybe if the expensive really learning how to play basketball, there's going to be a lot of people pimping none and done and you're going to see a lot of kids fall hard and be. Ineligible all kinds of issues. I think Mark Cuban raises a legitimate concern. And I think there'll be other ramifications from this get I I'm crystal clear on this. And I don't think the one in done or the none in done is the right thing. I wish they would figure out a way to pay college players real money to stay in college. I think there will be ramifications from this. Stopping short of finding a real programme that provides value for those who are staying in college for that experience that education, I will say it should be done until you can find that system because I think that will be optimal. The reality is one and done does nothing but stop a guy who's potentially prepared for professional experience in not allowing him to have that. So I say none of done. I want you to have a high school diploma. Just because I want a minimum standard in terms of citizenship and standards met interns education before you enter the NBA been countless guys who went none and done and been great for the game in great off the court as well. So they can figure out something that's going to really allow these guys to grow in their collegiate experience on off the court and monetize it nothing done. If you're ready, go pro. It's funny thing is I I understand both points. And being the best player. Not fortunate enough to leave high school right to go straight to the pros. It's you understand what Mark Cuban is saying because I'm not a fan of AAU. I don't think they teach you how to play basketball. I think it is more of a a pimping kind of thing for a lot of the kids and kids that are from California. You might get a kid that's amazing from Vegas initiative to California to play on a team in another given Georgia all play together. And I I just don't I don't I don't think that's fair like when I was younger. Your talent was in your city. Right. And that's what you played with now. As far as if you're eligible, and you're you're good enough to play an NBA. I think you should go through some type of. Of course. And that course is a at least six months to a year course. So if I know I'm going to my senior, and I'm number one. I think from. Finance financial classes to real estate classes to things like that. That's going to preserve your wealth, the older you get I think those things you should be able to. They should be teaching you. NBA? They teach that stuff. It's whether guys pay attention. Well, no, that's that's when you have the money already. Right. This is orientation you already there. We're talking about in high school. I think there's things in high school that just for everybody. But especially athletes, they should be learning those little things like that. Because that can preserve your wealth. When you get to that point. Now, you know. You know in college. It's great to. But you did it experience to map wall onto so you can really internalize because like you said we we had that as well. And the NFL, and you go through all those those courses of education without experiencing. You'll know where it lands one. I wanna go through this process, and do it my way, and it may not be necessarily the way that the former player did it, and it may not be a way to give me in harm's way. But it's still education. Just kinda gets drowned out because I have nothing to map it onto it has to be a continual process. I was told this as a possible angle on all of this in terms of the NBA's collective bargain agreement. I think it's twenty twenty one wouldn't go into effect until twenty twenty two guests who has a son who will be eighteen in twenty twenty two and eligible to go straight from high school rose. That that perhaps is a little bit of the driving force of the removal of LeBron wants to play in the NBA with his son and one of the quickest way to do it. So he didn't have to spend a year in college would be able to get rid of this rule. And then LeBron can be just like lavar ball, and he can play with his son. While man, I don't mind high gives done if it gets done is to write thing. Like, I understand where you're coming from like, oh, LeBron once again flexing his power, but nothing moves without someone powerful and something powerful behind it. So yeah, if that's the that's the gender is saves a lot of other kids from my my issue is like if that's part of the push. Let's say it's only two percent of the whatever is it a push for the right reasons. Again, does anybody at any point ever say are we doing what's best for the game of basketball? And I think a lot of the conversation about the NBA. Is dishonest? I really do. I don't think the product on the court is as good as it could be if these guys spent some time in a real apprenticeship because they don't know how to play you're right. Of a high Q. And that's what is, but if you're going to put those kids out there, it's a trade mechanism app called thinking swim. And you go to swim. I to learn how to trade with fake money until you go to each raider Dmitri, you do that. I so I think you have to set yourself up especially because you're gonna have the money whether to G league across seas, whether the NBA you're still going to have some money. And if you're good enough, it'd be NBA, but I think he needs such up those type of situations. I mean Kobe was great for the game. The Browns great for the game. But if flips there's a flip side to that coin, I respect that a robber swift. While they're slipped to the coin. But you gotta get a guy out Tunde. I'm talking about just the we can talk about Kobe LeBron cagey the best of the best. But I'm talking about what about the mid level players do have ten year careers in the NBA. They don't know how to play this game. Don't prepare don't know how to compete again. That's a lot of the things. You learn in the college experience, what blew my mind going from high school to college was I thought I used to work hard. And then I got to holy cow. I was doing nothing when you go from college to the pros. It's like, wow, I thought I prepared myself in college now, but then I get to the pros, and it's a whole nother level. So wouldn't you want to skip that step because it's always a Volvo? So who cares? What you're collegiate level of preparation is going have to change the game. When she gets a pros. My best spirits is going to be at that level when I trained for football. There was a day. I used to run track. Off then it became football specialized training because the four hundred meters go help you on this field. We gotta get right into the grind. Jason woodlock. He's Marcellus Wiley time to put on our thinking caps, Tino mobile and TJ who's Madonna bat as you all know, I'm a journalist, and we've got our resident Ivy league Marcellus year. We're gonna take a deeper look at a big issue in the sports world got a special cap for Columbia grad L, reshi, you, man. Nice. Move to Oxford, Mississippi where to pro confederacy confederacy groups organize the March onto the ole miss campus on Saturday and response to the March eight rebel basketball players k- knee during the anthem before their matchup with Georgia one of the rebel players described the action as a way to support their teammate. Adding, quote, we saw one of our teammates doing, and we just didn't want him to be alone. Head coach Kerma Davis said I think our players made an emotional decision to show these people. They're not welcome on our campus. You guys I'm pretty well established. How I feel about Neely during the national anthem. I don't think it's productive. I can't criticize these young people though at all because they're following the lead of adults, and we as adults and particularly those of us in the media. We've sent out a signal to everybody that if you see anything racial that you don't like the appropriate responses to take a knee during the national anthem, and I don't think it's productive. But I don't blame the young people. And when I hear the young people say that they were actually fall in line. Like dominoes supporting the teammate. I think that's very courageous. And the smart thing to do don't leave your teammate out there on an island. Don't let him take on that burden all by himself fall in behind. So I don't blame the young people. I blame us as a dose that. We haven't explained the young people more appropriately. What should the respond to be to ignorance? I respect players kneeling. I don't necessarily support to statements by their coach Davis, and I think he was being genuine. But I think he was also being absence of the fact that on the same campus as they call it. The March began at the confederate monument on the city square ended at another confederate monument in the heart of the ole miss campus so sales disingenuous when you talk about we're trying to really deal with the tensions on campus. But these hate groups, keep piercing our borders. When in reality, you have symbols that makes this the hate headquarters on campus actual monuments that actually symbolize what these people are talking about. So how do you hate the individuals? When you don't hate what they stand for which is right there something that is still standing enough support for that same group. So it could get hypocritical. It could get a lot of contradiction in this. But omiss as a campus if you really want to respect all. Why do you still have the monuments there? Maybe a different conversation with certainly let's not get distracted by the outrage in the back last when reality the confederate allies fill that they have symbols of support on campus. I don't want to disagree passionately or whatever. But ballistics remember when you took that scholarship those monuments were they're respecting ole miss the rebel flag. There's no secrets there. But. I'm a little sensitive to that. I don't I don't I don't really agree with how the coach the culture response. Marcellus? I. Just very mind boggling to me two thousand nineteen that you can still do. Things like this, right? And. If if you're going to say, I need give me an answer will Jason you said well view don't act like this peacefully. How do you want us to act when it's my answer would be this is my response. Right. Right. Right. I'm going to shine brighter. I'm going to have more and more success. I'm going to irradiate the people that think less of me by doing far more than them. That's the response. That's been going on Martin Luther King that are mutually exclusive. You can. But I just don't if I'm the hate group, the KKK white national I've gotten the response that I wanted I wanted to provoke a reaction from you. And as long as you allow idiots to control your actions, you're not going to move ahead. It's more. I can't roll. I can't peaceful. I get it. But it's a response that took a little local story that no one knew about and made it national. I guarantee you they're celebrating. This is the response. They wanted in my thing. So last week we talked about Colin Kaepernick, and what changed will he exact in? This is part of it had he not done. What he did? We wouldn't have guys doing this. We wouldn't have players schools wouldn't even know people kneeling in to me is courageous Zuhdi this because in our culture, you do this now it's gonna turn physical. So for them just to take a knee and say, we're going to counteract your. Protests peacefully by nearly they knew exactly what they were doing. But, but it's to the point now where it's what you say you go to old miss if they have that type of monument on campus. You know what you're getting yourself into? It's not it's not a secret. So to speak issues is two thousand nineteen for you to be able to even hold a rally. Once you do that Raleigh was going to take place. They should've said, no, we're not allowing some kids are absent minded as well. Right. So I don't have bus and you riding a bus or UCD certain things they may not understand the dynamics of it. But some of the the one who needs I he understands the dynamics, but cook Cotino, I guess, my my point is there's no place on planet earth, where these types of idiots don't exist. And so the whole thing of we're going to spray enough raid. We're gonna kill all the roaches. If you've ever lived in a Roach filled environment. It doesn't work. Though. So. Come back. It doesn't work that way. And so all this taking a knee, rain rain isn't going to cure, the problem of roaches and so- roaches are going to be here and ever since Adam and eve sin and stupidity have been a part of this planet, and that doesn't mean you accept it, and blah, blah, blah, but I'm just taking the knee because I'm playing devil's advocate. Just trying to get you all to understand we sit here and go ovals confederate monuments are so offensive and the people that believe and truthfully it doesn't even bother me. You don't tell me whatever you put your hands on me. Okay. I'm okay. There you go, truthfully. And then so, but they say, well, you know, all of this confederate doesn't mean that it doesn't represent which you say and that falls on deaf ear stuff. So we kinda laugh what do you mean? And then we turn around and say when they say when you take it more Dimitri, well, hold it doesn't mean that we mean something. What I see the guard sign with the same people having an argument, and I'm trying to say look don't be like them back away shine your best response to biggest is to shine. Trust me, the biggest watching this show. Our air Tatum. We up here show. You know, what's interesting about this to reconcile? This conversation is always with the phrasing to what a veiled like to what greater good greater gain. And I'm gonna be honest in my personal life. If you ever come at me with anything personal overt and racist. It does not to how ever when you come at us. It seems like now a little more agitated, and that's because I think I have a bicker skin a greater experience. Then maybe the ties while was voiceless empower Lewis, and I can now take some of those hits for those who can't respond the same. And I think these players, especially the young age your teenager. You're in college. They're caught up in that conflict. You come at me, a forty four stop it is affable. But then you come at these kids, and you come at all of point. That's why I think the rub is it's not about the visuals. Excellent point. And this is where I I think what the. Kids are doing actually is relatively appropriate when I was young and right, no. I wouldn't say get vying. But you you have an emotional response. I told a story on this show about me. And my my boy standing out in the middle of the street. We finna get it on with some white dues, then drop the N word on he's holding whose e I didn't know it. I'm in the throw he. Right. Rethinking as a young person doing this. And again, I'm saying as Dokes we given this visits to my God. If someone does something here tapes, you make sure you bond respond to motioning taking me, I just don't think says affected. Jimmy here to help us talk about our who've already LeBron James. What what are you? What are you wear? What is it? Beings being with the TNT with the can't the who Canty Canty. Hey, you know, what that is? I know what he asked. What else is good? Yeah. You wanna do? I think people don't we don't want to hear from you today. Put a mask on you. And they did that. And it's the right. Look for you every show. This is your best costume yet him. Retired of. Build a SAS incorrectly. You have any thoughts. I figured you come out here, and you're ladonna, James outfit. You know? You have no thoughts on the Brian James and tell you. So let me tell you beef, and pork I'm gonna tell you both. Everybody got jokes right now. Come home. Say what I want to say. Thank you know, what? A real take this. Oh. Bill. Mass ain't helping. I don't know if I could have picked Jimmy up. I got here in better shape. All far. We have an approval rating here for LeBron James and LeBron, you know, finger-pointing LeBron James that's what he's doing out here in Hollywood. He's got he's got a triple double and finger-pointing. I'm going to basically keep the same seventeen job performance. Twenty-three all time greatest fifteen character. I'm gonna drop people point authenticity. All this finger pointing in authentic to me I had to drive as well. As for me stealing. You know, I love the Bronco. I've seen the script before seeing this movie produced before don't do what Kobe did even though Kobe's. Great your great, still, man. Embrace those young dues bring them along instead of which. All right.

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