CBS 11 NEWS PM UPDAT 09-26-20


Yeah. Thanks for joining us I'm Madison Sawyer. It's Saturday September twenty six that here's a look at your headlines and North Texas group is on a mission to raise awareness about veterans and first responders who take their own lives and today because of their efforts. The highway statistics bridge between rockwall and Rowlett was renamed. Heroes Bridge after getting approval from both the city's the group who made it happen named walk the bridge made up of retired law enforcement and. Military because once a month, they walk the bridge to raise awareness military law enforcement officers, and suicide awareness groups from far away as New York were on hand. For today's event, we want to give you the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. It's one, eight, hundred, two, seven, three, eight, two, five, five it's free call that you can use twenty four hours a day for anyone needing support of people in distress or needing resources to help a loved one. People also gathered at the grand. Prairie. Public Safety Building today to pray and show their support for local first responders. The prayer rally was one of more than three thousand rallies that took place across America today all organized by the group tradition family and property. The Grand Prix Police Department says they welcomed the group support of promoting unity in the community. That's the latest from CBS eleven, the ones for Texas.

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