David Deery, Mark Normand, Chad Opitz and Taylor Rizzo guest


Hey Laura Davies Doug and I love movies coming to you once again from the beautiful Improv in downtown San Jose California It's Saturday right. November sixteen twenty nineteen creeping up on Thanksgiving. But well you know what I would be thankful for today some name tags. Let me see what you got. Oh my goodness Tom. That'd be land. I get that one American psycho. Eric Clever it's right there. The word American vol the American movies. You could've gone with your psycho like I respected that ten days I hate in about you is whose name is Haley. Matthew close right looking right at and I got like three different kinds of glasses. The ones of work right now. We're not going to help wearing any right now. Just realize is what I do with those shit. It's on the table. That's the thing is I always like that thing on your phone where you can find your phone. I'm like that with things you sitting around. I know exactly where they're approximately at. This isn't going to help me see the name their prescription sunglasses but the holidays. Dave you meet David. And what's this thing over here about Debbie Allen you know Doug now working out at all but there are so many name tags tonight I appreciate all of you making those very much and good luck to everybody is Being chosen today. I guess the listeners. Don't want to hear me talk about the name tags tags that much anyway but I just like to give everybody shout out before I get into. What promotional mode? Doug plugs discipline idea. I had read this plug right here. DOUG LOVES MOVIES IS AT THE IMPROV in Miami one one week from today November twenty four twenty. Yeah seeing that gets everybody's attention gets applaud when I say it it doesn't get laws ause like okay Miami member of us here in San Jose the next one Sir Doug loves movies is back at. Utd Franklin in La on Tuesday November. Twenty six with special knives out edition schedules permit. What what does schedules permitted? Great good very good. It's very important that did I get that in there here. This lady how you doing. Are you excited. Manny wary is coming out. Oh Hell Yeah. That's what I'm calling January January and enrich idea everything. I can swim and just one month doc. The project here. It's number three. Go ahead just read number three if you don't mind all of dogs deeds and dates are at doug loves movies DOT COM. What did you do? How did you set off from the corrections department? A The last show in the game I forgot to mention what the theme was after his over. Probably like what the hell was the theme you actors and actresses who are in the movie midway. Everybody's seen that movie. Yes yeah that's why nobody wrote to me and said what was what was the theme because nobody cared if they figured out there like why are you do that prize bag. Let's talk about today's prize bag. I just came from it was down in Orange County. California got a copy of modern luxury Orange County Kerry Washington on the covers. login right this is cool for a magical mutter. I mean this is just fun to wear whether you're making magical butter or not nice protective glove. That could probably be used for a lot of things most of them. Good Douglas Movies t shirt of course Doug loves movies sticker and a Doug Benson Pin available from from the Rock and pins dot com but the winner gets one of these today and everybody else can purchase one out on the sidewalk after the show is the hang out outside for reasons. Most of you now understand why we can't. We can't smoke inside that theater. Oh they're the cats out of the bag all right so all of that plus stuff brought by one two three four guests. These spells are here apologies again. Everyone who doesn't like an all white male panel. Please give up for David. neary Taylor. Rizzo Chad opens and mark the. Oh no please evacuate the theater peacefully Paul here real brick wall hey marks entertain what happened. God Damn you're blowing up mark. I that was a big like we do. You think I'M GONNA show. I think it is mark as far mark. Senator Mark Norman. Everybody Euro Origin Story. The movie where he's just a mild mannered comedian and he finds out that he's radioactive because microphone back too much. Don't make mark angry. Exactly that's what happened. Yeah working okay now. I think I'm in Elo glorious filling children's chairs. Yeah this is weird. Yeah I feel tall. It's it's really interesting choices they made and I really especially like the choice for my chair like it very much higher higher than us. That's good that's hired you every way David mainly because they wouldn't let us smoke in the theater but I get it. Well you know edibles rules. Idols are so good. But I don't WanNa get I don't WanNa be fat in hypes WANNA be high. Let's meet them individually everybody's starting with a gentleman directly to my left. Ah figuring out what to do with beverage. Sorry you guys don't have tables. I have a beautiful table. They said they said. Should we get tables for the COMEDIANS stuff. I like nope. Don't make him put it on the ground like a true like truth. SPN's would on. That's beautiful thank you for jumping in. And I'm sure all your your chewed diehard cult. Fan Favorite fans. Remember me from two two years ago on Valentine's Day when I let them introduce you dummy what up. Sorry it's David Derry. Every hearing during they remember me from the American comedy. Well if I was zero questions right so sorry if I pick your name tag. Good fucking luck all right. Let's all right. Well you never know you never happen these games you know some things are somebody's wheelhouse or whatever you never know. They say that it's probably saying that a lot tonight. Oh you never know all right. Don't hi guys what's up movie guys. That's what they are. Moving guys. People movie people sorry people sorry all right gender is people movies. That'd be a fun. SEGUE in a stand up back. Who Likes move you get that crowds like no Out Your book shape. That'd be the crowd I one. Actually you know there you go the non movie loving crowd handicapping capping yourself as the you'll lose again tonight. Actually one last time I won last time really. I don't think you know I in all right. Let's go. Who knows guys? Let's go you little. You look like a movie Guy I know right. That's the worst part about it. Patients are so high. I could see you shooting up. The joker the joker is really sweet. New Hair when it's out of the market right right. Yeah shooting that I could see mark selling it to me so I like drugs. Thanks for having me for being here dude directly to his left. It's Taylor Rizzo Everybody Dab King of I believe its North America Erica. A whole continent provoked it soon. Because you know you really are the DAB king and you DAB everybody out on on my show getting Doug with high and I said he wanted to DAB yourself out and drive to San Jose and you said yes. I'm here here. I made it and I know you also not best Trivia Yama real hit or miss the first slave that on the dabs though which you know just just general neural bad memory about it. What's DAB DAB is a way to smoke weed? Oh that you just watched us do no less than ten minutes ago. Oh maybe I got a little DAB in me marks second on that thing ah I thought it was just a piper long or whatever you said is that honey and I said no those are got it. That's the best way to learn something relearned media then those things actually might stick. Thanks for being here and where to his. Left is Mr Chad Otis Hello the to be here. Really you know kicking ass on this show. Every time you're on its delight. You always do somersaults. I'M NOT GONNA ask you to do on this would and stage. I'll do it. I know that's not clear. Chad's that's GONNA win lose. That's like Trivia face. You look like Jack Black and Leonard Maltin true. I was one time someone said I look. I watched porn on thirty five millimeter. Pretty on roasts right. Thanks a lot of focus. I didn't show last night. I was in but Dagga Bay and they don't they don't have a movie theater begay they just don't we'll have a movie theater but the one that just showed birds all the time close out with people got sick of the movie gives him good Dega baked good for anything else. That was footloose style. Bullshit I think the lighthouse takes place in house. It was for me since Chad. Thank you for coming down from the bay to still considered the bay. We still thanks to stay away today. happy to do so okay. Cool and the gentlemen beyond Chad. Hey Hey good to be here. It's more than everybody all right. Good nor Mando Larry and yeah. I'll take that. Yeah that's a good Russia. I'm worried about this guy right here sir. Do you know what this is a white hair served you know does your family and and you do. Have you look like you. Invented saline writing. You're okay little nervous. Yeah we're going to need and release. You have to have this gentleman. Sign a release. Yeah how you doing good good to be here. I'm at the competing clubs. That's much smaller. I'm in Sunnyvale O.. Ara People fictional places some it feels like one pleasantville over there. It's nothing families families and Tesla's all license plates the waitresses ear much hotter all the Sunnyvale. Witches look like Chad uh travels doddle this down and then put it in. Put out some sort of APP or something. That's a Guy Ooh these in particular quirks in each of these cities I liked that. Okay what can we call it. There's definitely people looking for people who look like Chad. That's for sure true. They're out there once. This is over. I'm going over there to waitress so he's not wrong. There's one getter ask joking comedian. There you go we gotTa Hashtag. That was quick for me. That was a record Hashtag test because says I was told that there is a clock that I can look and see. Yeah you guys all we yeah all right into those lights yeah. There's no fucking clock up there just in the now now I can see it but it's still you still have to really look into the lights to look at what time great place for a clock. Definitely Davis it'd be a little bit over left directly in the light right in and he just you know what time it is. You've you've got to be run over by a seven. I've got a semi I'll tell you Doug Doug I've done this show I don't know eight times China and this is definitely the highest. I've ever seen you look your own on the seating. It's all on the way down there in the ground-air they're tiny little kindergarten cop chair. Can I get a phone book up here. On the Conan the barbarian Barion thrown. Yeah I think it's this DAB Chit Europe. I think it's I'm pretty sure it's my doing now. It's pretty good stuff. Oh yeah the this is how this part of the show usually goes. Even if I haven't been tabbing chat and we'll get into the prize bag stuff. What do you? What do you got for David? O prizes it's time for the prizes yeah all right relaxed. Don't get sorry to rush you. Relax look at them same. As last time I brought a photo that I shot shot of the one and only brody Stevens backstage at the comedy store. Sorry guys whatever happened to that Guy Doc right here Oh oh good right. There Cherrywood admire that when he did very much brody with things champions anybody who makes it harder on themselves. Yeah so I shot that I printed printed that Dr Brodie. Okay thank you thanks for bringing that. It's like a movie but a silent the movie and also I brought a comic book. Jeffrey Lewis's because I know everyone has all the movies stuff here so I brought a like an even silent silent movie. You know whatever. If you don't know Jeffrey Lewis. He does like music videos with comic books and calls. I'm low budget films. And he's incredible incredible. So yeah I guess you don't know so if you know he'd be like I like to you know I'm smart guy just not about movies so yeah there you go Jeffrey Lewis. There's a comic book that he drew and I'm giving give it back. These people stink Out But he's out there. He's got a new album. came out on rough trade. Check it out. That's he paid me five hundred bucks to do that. Not a good deal for him Taylor because I got a whole bunch of stuff. Let's see getting Doug with high mug. Yeah recently watched by me any getting with high Hoodie In my size and all right about a year ago I got obsessed with this video that claimed that Snow Piercer was the unofficial sequel to Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory doc. What Chad just got hard? All right here. I'm just GonNa give these the Chad there you go. I'll appreciate the pampered. Yeah you will. I've got one more thing. Let me see if I can get this out. I think charge just her chocolate and Oh shit out. Chad likes chocolate. Doc Win Doug and Geoff take out to the trailer park boys crews earlier this year and so I have a sign goods. Rose this is Kathleen. Hey Geoff Tate's the he let me hold onto and I'm just giving away so there you go and that's all follow all of that. Jed Man his gifts yeah. You don't put all back together. The whole bag. I take that back because my bags. aradio overflowing Chad's got a whole I do. Don't you bring some laundry and grocery outlet. I have a big dogs shirt for the holidays for the big dog in your life and it's the back says whole whole canine. Beg Your batter better. But I don't wear purple pants. Why does he hate Purple Pants? I don't understand the joke but perfect for the big dog in your life. Okay and then we've got A. We've got snack back sure. Well this is unlike your normal snack because it is infused with dragon magic. What it's they snack back dragging treasure? There's only five of the six here because I had to sample them so happy and they come with surprise tattoos. Okay so it's world. I've never seen before in there when I brought an Andrew W K cousy I'll take that and a and a flock of seagulls cassette tape and there's every Louis way better than block here all right there. You go his hairs we've Lost Doug. He's been in trance. Tories what are you supposed to ask. It looks like Plato. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah from like weird rack and it's like ninety nine cents store the Bergen racket the ninety nine cent store. ooh That was ninety nine cents. You're not far off Jake's was it just on sale at a regular grocery store it was at the old grocery outlet bargain market a world of adventure local references man a temporary. They've got temporary ten. Oh ooh swastika joke. I think it's a gender neutral dragon or something there's Two dragons and saying hey dragon. Power Nice Racist Dragon. Then there's the other ones just one dragon no genitals but even if it was a dude dragon. I don't know if they chose genitals so you just still do not the Grand Dragon. Relax Okay Chili. Okay are you going to eat one of those. I don't think so. I really want dog. I'd want to see it. He won they want to know what it tastes like. Throw them out to the audience. How were they Chad you had one we go here we go read? He's going for red. Get this spoon. Drink is Finger Korea. It looks like GAC just Just figuring in this late it's getting to be like more or it just looks like that attic. Somebody froze a miscarriage. I just enjoy upsetting gross. That goes here. He goes there he goes. Oh what's is that dabbing. Wow isn't that dragon magic Someone saying that I have to try the green. I'll come on. We gotTA show do. Ah here we goes opened up the green. He's opened up the green energy. Come on it's going on in this crowd this aside. He's here he goes. Oh big space in your pool is looks like a rock bottom. You'll like this is like Hasselhoff off-balance-sheet right here except with nickelodeon slime no holidays early said time and I'm just trying to get ahead of the only sixteen days in November after all start eating these all day every day until people have forgotten about me. What a weird thing? I know it was ninety nine cents. I couldn't say no. It's got to give out a way to get our children to eat their candy. Making is yogurt or pudding. Yeah get a tattoo and their sucrose. He's going back. Well if he keeps the pudding and I keep the cousy. Did you bring anything. I don't think I've brought out. Everyone's just getting a big dog shirt. Still some packs left like it's making making me sick where I think the only thing that makes me feel better as more Mary infused with heroin. Oh my God. That's dragging magic. Jack Yeah boy. It's Kinda taped in there okay. I'm sorry to interrupt your presentation Janet. How many more items that was? I know that was that was it. Yeah flock of seagulls. Yeah Yeah Yeah. You were just entranced by that. I didn't know if you had your own items in there now I get it. Thank you very much mark. What do you have four? Well it's going to be tough to follow that dragon come but I don't live here so I improvised so I got a number ten in from Wendy's still warm very good. I got nuggets. I got a double stack in here. Some fries I already drink the drink. And then Eh. The gift of Dab over there gave me This Black Mirror book which is a screener for season. Three collector's item. It's got the DVD. The and they're right. Yeah there's I think Sanjay hero who episodes from that season so hey go look at that and goodwill goodwill little deal. I took the video out and I switched it with the Epstein death video that I I was wondering that was the audience. Member will have that video down there. Chatty thank you thank you. That's in there breath. Doug keep it warm. I want dessert and your main force you you go all in one here okay. So there are several bags so is GonNa win several several bags. And that's the that's the bottom line here. Let's get to the interview part of the show. David let's do it. I've been waiting for this part very exciting. What was the last movie I saw Dark Knight in Aurora Marks? Fast Guy had seen other movies. Yeah probably prison movies. Go ahead David. You've got a documentary called mentally. How but I saw the joker you really do? You don't have to be totally honest. Could Change Your answer okay. I saw raspberries short film by a Hamad Weinberg. What a Muslim Jew raspberries varies Mohammed Weinberg? Muhammad Weinberg Wow so it's good joe-marie Has the lead actor. I like to stop people like no one I go I go deep. Yeah no I answer joker that nobody knows what's you you know to be honest joker though I did watch the is it. The joker joker jokes is some sort of sneaky. Way Getting the talk about more the One thing I saw this movie and then I have a follow up question but chose the real answer. Why did watch raspberries berries? But it's just a short film by a friend of mine. Okay let me ask you. My fellow question Joaquin Phoenix a good job in joker. Yeah all right Taylor been on. This finally settled arguing about it. I just thought Dave because satellite and he did thank you. Thank you for giving me that. Power Taylor what was the last movie you saw Disney plus double feature of brink and alley cats strike two titles you just said Oh yeah the audience new same again brink bring the best best rollerblade movie ever made. Okay that's tough competition. There's almost three of them. And then Allie catch. That's right that's true Franken airborne. I'm an alley cats strike which is another Disney original about bowling so S- potentially essentially. Because you sound like you're in bowling alleys far far away or something something weird about your extra hot or Selo Chick. It just sounds hollow is sound okay out there is the sound nevermind. Thanks Gus. I'm hot this think you sound great. Hi Dogs High. Yeah we've established that one already per share like twenty years ago we just because of the Monitor's on the stage it sounds bad on us and that's perfectly fine. It's just Pisa Papa and whatnot. Yeah that Oh you're pop IV saying paying the extra hot okay. I don't know those movies. I saw the movie. You live Gioja Rabbit Joe Rabbit everybody head so good. It was really good for you love. You'll have a great time. What does that mean? Is that a Jew joke. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's just anybody that's interested in the Holocaust still finding humor in very return point of your and yeah to keep a to keep their lives. I wish like somebody told Mel Gibson's dad some really a good Holocaust yet. All jokes do not deny that after about it. Wow it definitely didn't happen therefore it really did happen because jokes real. Did you answer the question mark. What's that last movie you saw? Oh I saw jober. Last night I went with Carlos and saw Ford versus Ferrari very impressed that you saw now that it's got a little Disney stank on it. But it's good wholesome. Yeah it's too wholesome okay but rush was better interesting. Nah also not one minority in the movie by the way Phil Very strange. I brought a Mexican. That was it. Well let's talk about Joe Joe Rabbits tomorrow because I do. It is very It's it's everything he wanted to move except for well. It doesn't have Disney tank on it but also it's not sexy is it puppets. Say Joe Joe. Rabbits sounds like a character. No it's just a nickname of child give it to a child by hideous is Nazi weird. Yeah I guess there are Senate the Nazis I see rabbit. That's how they talk to German. Yeah like the eldest came from a starring in cabaret cool man. I feel bad for the elderly guys going to be so confused here. You're eating pudding pops out of a can he's sorry about Nazis it's gotta be freaking Out sorry explain all this later by the way he looks like Roger Stone. Okay okay. There's no reason to rogers out on bail. He's just try to enjoy your show. Weinstein wandered hundred in here. No I didn't say look. We're having fun. Would you said I don't think enough comedians. Dan's got to tell everybody what they would have said. If they looked out in the audience and saw Harvey Weinstein's ooh Good Harvey Weinstein Burn. You might have used It's just probably what's what the plant right. Why do you need judges in a potted plant that would be my move? Maybe somebody showering. I'm more of a bath guy. I think you know more about his sexual tendencies than most of us do. I'm not sure about what the fuck fuck right. What's the plan? Does anyone he just implant this guy article. I don't know I'm well versed. No I've heard of that as well I can back is. Yeah how many people know what the plant thing is say. Not only of law. Did you really need that I didn't know that I could show you some stuff now. I only heard that he just in pillows under the blankets. It's and all I didn't know that. Yeah really plants. Wages and a pillow. Different sources of Jill. Yeah did he fill it eight Philip where it at night man put holes in it. Never mind maybe someone else. Aw He's like the grand. Yeah there you got a c we got got somewhere good. Great Hashtag. Don't think you're going viral on that. One great juicer. ooh Jr izard doc. Grandkids are dogs right down. It's official. It's official grandchildren. The second to be the name of your special mark. That's good. You gotTa keep it that one. I like it spilled it with the G. The Harry Now J. J. Jay are they go okay so shows over now right. That was perfect. Good ending all right. Let's go you know there's other guest Antibi- if you WANNA tap no Dan. I WANNA get someone who's standing by for Louis. CK Hey I was like God now Louis Hashtag ranches earned his specials the grandch- izard my bed see KKK. Okay all right we're having fun. That's important part. Oh yes awesome okay. So last question real quick. Do we have time. We're at five where I love impressions. David Love Yeah. Do you do any impressions now. See you're getting this road back. Arcand schedule Taylor. I asked fourteen. You know it doesn't have to be a great impression but like ah Oh now David back on board. It doesn't have to be great. They said it doesn't have to be great. I gotta do Bro. Yeah I get an impression. abrode okay Taylor would hear Brodie. Might say when you're in charge would produce saying true. Yeah Taylor I I can do the the The judge from my cousin vinny. Oh we're talking about here. The kinds of impressions. Nobody thinks to do. There's no reason not that's right. That's it yeah. That was good. I can't wait. I love that movie ready to what Whoa Classic Fred Wynn. You'RE GONNA get laid after that buddy. Holy Hell that was a talent. Oh goodness expect that. I Know Chad you've been on on the show recently at priority pestered you about your impressions that you do. But do you have another one. You could share with us. I I have have a visual. I can make my nostrils. Look like spider. Man's is a gas. I got kind of already. One here needs needs to see it. Can you don't care about the listeners. Real close really close to it. That's spider-man's is yeah. Yeah Hey you can almost hear the impression go into the crowd due to people close because people are low. Signed Italy's labor feeling left out at this point. The audience is all reacting. Holy Shit his nostrils. Look like spider-man's Al.. This is a new low for the show right here. People are giving it the thumbs up every man. Also look if you look long enough. You'll see a sailboat. L. Boat dinosaurs. The people listening to the podcast love that impression. Yeah yeah seriously. Yeah I don't know mark do you have anything you can talk with a duck okay. Doesn't that'd be pretty good Donald Duck. I've tried I can do the schick something. What else do you need far? Exactly exactly how about a little Roger Rabbit. Okay Yeah Great. I'm glad we took the time to do that. Turn it off burt. Atlanta Games The hope that that's not real loud in people's ears listening to this okay. So people made name tags. Some are better than others Summer just hey want us to pay our bill and All you gotTa do gentlemen. Do we go out there and the interview to go to movies down You can go talk to them all you want and while everybody tries to decide. Be careful walking on off the stage. Everybody tries to figure out who they're going to play for go to recruit glasses today. Show's brought to you. In part by watchmen can't get enough off of. HBO's watchmen now. You can go deeper inside the show. 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It also comes with everything you need to make your first first extraction best of all. It's backed by a sixty day satisfaction guarantee covered by manufacturers one year limited warranty butters oils. Ed Teachers Teachers soups sauces and spreads it fuse it all at the touch of a button like magic go to magical butter dot com and get your machine today and use. It's the Promo Code to save forty dollars. Checkout that's magical butter dot com Promo Code Dug. All right we're back. David is still out there. He negotiated and the two to three names to name tags. Thanks and they're going to split the prizes if it comes down to it but you mean when we win I got just pointed out but someone else on the panel during the break. You're talking to me and Eric from American psycho. And what's the other one you say Angie Angie thing that's like a big it's a painting of a boombox set aside actually actual painted canvas and did you paint that. It says Doug Mix tape on. HOLD THIS UP WILL I. Oh really did look like John. Kuzak your John cusack now. Oh ooh burn on. Everybody came out all right. He's better off dead and you don't have your website. HOW PEOPLE ARE GONNA buy paintings from you? Don't even have your a website on here. This is ridiculous which after all right spur website to when we will DOT COM and we're celebrating celebrating at the after party this one crazy summer. Okay Taylor what are you got. I'm playing for Super Heidi me. Clever Mark Norman's honor. What touching? Oh she just guest good and just in town Tara and he's got to come by so much for those other people. Yeah what about me. You're the black pretty black lady. I think the Great Nicole Byer made it onto a few name tags. Take Kasese headlining here. Tonight she's on this one Doug Benson Nicole buyer and shadow but then Louis weapon three peeking through their like. Joe Patchy WHO's Louis. That's some good photo shopping Louis WEAP- Louis Yeah Louis. CK Now he'd locked the door that really look good in this has done a very good hairdo. Good here do you good luck. She grow the back out. Mark's got bring me the head of Aaron Garcia Alfredo Clever very clever well done. Yeah I picked that guy because he looks like he's of Virgin now. He looks like he knows his movies. Applaud if you have mark His face on your name tag. He didn't pick you up. There is one. That's my aunt. I think that's my name tag. Who just clapped? Oh Oh yeah that makes sense. God Love You. Praise Allah all right one of these four or five people bull is GonNa win all or half as prizes and play the game. Yeah very exciting. That's Great Games picked up you guys today and we're going to start off with little something called. How much did this shit make now? Having played this game wait a minute. It's always exciting to play as its chair. Admit shed Marcus upset. What's matter wanted to movie trivia? This is numbers numbers by. Oh you don't like something like numbers. No no I'm autistic distict. But I can't fuck with numbers YOU'RE GONNA lose Norman so like if if it was if I ask how many dwarves or that one movie number question Seven give me the points points David but if you're talking about bad Santa want right though there wasn't seven jobs there were the monster lets out the actual game. Sorry about that. It was fun leading up to the game. Here let's go during the games that'd be very disruptive. Wait your turn. Can you can rearrange the furniture. Like sure I feel like I did get an answer right. I should get the points but whatever let's go with this is really good definitely a question. Okay so David One our first game that means he he gets to go first in this next game where I is the best place to go anyway. All right we'll start with you. Then go to Taylor because he brought you here and then you get back. Clean up down there and you'll know you'll know what what to do back feeling all right so Disney plus just started. WHO's got Disney plus movies these Zor movies people? It's true and one movie that did not make the cut for Disney plus at least initially. Is that racist movie song of the Sow Classic. which I I honestly wanted to see because I just I saw it as a child and you know? I didn't in catch the racism and I'm sure it's right there and so I just want to see it again from the perspective of understanding. Why why ED movies should never be seen again? But the question is when it came out people were not that upset about it now now white people were fine with it. I guess it's one of those things. Is that the the Black Crowes. So how much did it. Well that's the the thing is on all the cartoons that they have on there. The Aristocrats Dumbo a couple others. They announce at the beginning. Hey there's some things in this were. Are you know culturally inappropriate. Yes exactly you put a little disclaimer in the front. And then you know you're watching the risk of cats and these these Asian cats run into go. Oh march favorite bar. Crazy Rich Asians. Aw I should have done that during the impressions part. I can't believe I talk about racism and Disney movies but yeah so the data displayed on those. But nobody's really dying to see song of the south. Anyway I guess but I know I didn't I thought the PEOP- There were animated. I made a parts and people parts and other people are boring when I was a kid. Sure so the only part I liked the animated part and as far as I know that part's only kind of racist. This show could use a mansion. Say No let's keep it rolling. David Time to chew on this Motion Picture Song of the South. How much did it make? Oh are we converting bring the money no adjusted for inflation but it is according to box office MOJO DOT COM. So I'M NOT GONNA take America. Take the personal blame. Somebody's gotTa figure and we doing prices right. Rules rights is right without going over. Have verisign on there some fool when they're not even the last bidder. We'll do the one dollars and then the person next to them. We'll go two dollars so I shouldn't say one dollar Azazel truck. Yeah the I. I can't say one dollar you got to at least try. It made more than a dollar to be honest with you. I never I heard of this film before just getting. I'm going to say one hundred million Austin Austin powers one. I'm going to say one hundred million dollars one hundred now. It's so how much money I don't know how much eighty million dollars eighty eight say fifty five million going to say thirty million dollars. Thirty million twenty two million dollars twenty dollars doing this is Israel prices right style audience guests for the exact number. It's like you. We know what I love and a guest stupidity. No answer the audience to help you out. All I love your audio doing bring in the parts where I would rather they did. If you're requesting it but I am I am. I asked him for help. Okay I won't. Yeah Yeah. I'll never do that again. Because pantomime or gets really weird. Yeah I say twenty two million. Is that what I'm saying. No you said a lot of numbers game show going with that. I saw a lot of game shows right now. We're on they. They put us in these short chairs and now we were just acting like kids. What happens when my feet touched the ground? It's million I'll take fifty million. It's GONNA take fifty million everybody Taylor today again David. Yeah Okay what do you think two hundred thousand. whoa the dollar basically a dollar? I don't know all right. A hundred thousand the modern version of a dog. That's a dollar okay. Who's next Chad I'll say fifteen million fifteen. What did you say Dave? I'm not gonNa tell you what I said. Mar Go after yourself. Sixteen million sixteen million and I said fifty million. I said a bunch of numbers but I don't even know what put down. It's his official answers. Twenty to twenty five fifty. I thought it was twenty. Two million final answer was fifty Shit I never said final answer. Twenty two million final answer Davidson fifty and tailors. A one hundred dollars. So you're more clear about what other people are Bathing Eh. I only had one bid true. It's much easier to answer to keep track here. One Bit Chats fifteen mark. I'm going to go one million. You could've just said one hundred and one thousand thousand but whatever that's true Nice you're nice guy. I can't add right. Yeah well you know the thing was. It was a hit motion Russian picture and tickets. Tickets were cheaper for sure but it's still managed to make thirty seven point four. Camila you did twenty two would have been better for you right now but you changed it to fifty at the end Chad with his fifteen. Is the winner of that game. Chad told you say sixteen million more I thought about it. There's no points he's one nothing for the honor of getting about a racist movie Louis. Yeah he knows the most. He's the most racist of everybody so he gets to go first. and which may not even be the best position in this game true. We'll see optimism. Santa chance that's great. I love that optimism. Let's go do. I'll let you know what I don't think thank you have a chance anymore and it's going to be before it's over you're not going up. You're not going all the way against this crew. Yeah look at Mark Down. This is a game called. ABCD's now we're talking skin spelling fun. I'll give you a letter in the sequence of letters spell something I'll tell you what we're going to spill in the second And then you just name. Any movie begins with that letter. But if you wrote down a few say movie that I wrote down already then if we match then you automatically win and there is a theme pretty sure and we're going to start art with Chad and then go to mark and then to David did Taylor all right chair gets the first letter in. We're going to spell. That's important is saying right now. We're going to spell impeachment a hot topic these days whether you like it or a two years or you're for it and so so I thought it'd be fun to spell to spell it I you know. I've pretty sure I've always known how to spell it. But some people might get tripped up on it. That's not war here. Reduce the funds. If you match figure out what I was thinking chat start off with a movie any movie and you stay in the game but if view match me you win. Any movie begins with the letter. I incredible Mr limpet aches. I liked like that. I think it's probably the incredible. Mr PIPPA bother to figure that out at this time fool of course begins with a T.. How are we doing does a we sure are shit story about? There's only one impeachment pretty much can be over at that point. I went with the motion picture. Called in the loop okay. He's go from the crowd. No I've got a nicer one guy. Great get a Nice Nice Nice. A jailer letter is M.. Maybe we're not going this way anymore. Okay mark in for Mark Mars attacks. Oh that's a good. That's a good one. I went with man end of the year. O K. Now we come over this way to Dave not on the wavelength of you so far doug all right okay. You'll figure it out maybe some day P is the letter p. e. for David people talking talking loudly in the balcony for some reason. I asked for a pin. A lot of data oughta go ask full. They're almost louder than me. Now that's true through. I'm trying to think of one movie that begins with a P.. Happen often on your show where people absolutely stomped it happened. The last time you were on and Uh that happens all right. Yeah I'll bring people out of the bully me I mean. Come on and tell you what I'm trying to defend you at this point you just up to me. You can't use that. Eric was Eric I league. He was giving you an answer. I think he was calling. You names. Yes you'll be played by a woman and there's probably like eight fifty Peter Movies even I can't even think of almost zero and then fly away. Peter Pan Peter Pan No good. You've friends with Joe Joe Rap. Wow it's amazing it's kind of interesting I actually just can't think of one possible thing. What movie were we trying to go down the fucking? That's true. Yeah that's true. It's there's so many you you could. GimMe Gimme head as well Doug. I don't help album. Yeah it's just like what at this part I'll the words to begin with the letter. P those probably the neighbor something paranormal activity. See how that works talking to answer questions sane. Doug was insane. All I was thinking was how boring that was for. Everyone listening those nuts. It's never happened to you rose. What's a word word? Nobody you did it. Paranormal activity is that what you were mentioning. That was like a scene out of the king's speech. Yeah you are a great coach dog. You're the gray coach scene where the wife has had enough. That's okay so that wasn't a match. Holy Shit I wouldn't be sitting here this casually. We've just mad paranormal activity with primary colors. I even remember this letter that goes to tailor e. I don't know what your theme is. So I'm just GONNA say ever after I it kind of fits into what your theme election. Oh uh-huh yeah somebody audience smarty pants next latter Chad. All the president's men that is managed in the summer so aw Oh holy hell son of bench yourself when you win this whole thing today. Suicide that plus the nostrils. You'll kill to this day. I don't know though I think so. You will be a phone. Goes to this theater to have. Did you feel the breeze of shabby man somersaulting. Yeah I think that'd be really fun okay. Here's a fun game. I'm going to say the next letter and everybody y'all you take. It's going the B. C.. Charlie rose is Roy. That's correct guesses than I expected H.. Nobody's GonNa get it. That's I'm in your candidate. Oh Verne Mr Smith goes to Washington. That's correct wow he is another stupid end. Nixon Nixon Nixon t the the American president the exciting riveting though super-duper theme was the assholes. Two things movies where you see assholes. That's it no it's just I just you know wrote a wikipedia political movies Some letters were tough like e had to go Enron the smartest guys in the room. Yeah not Enron onto. We needed again that thing and then Oh for h another tough one but a the documentary. groundbreaking documentary Harlan County. USA Aches in Ireland Williams Harland Williams. USA Yeah covers covers all of his movies for Barack it man to think about marrying Yeah yeah they don't talk about it because he was. He's still mad to this day because he really did. Drink a bottle full of P.. diddy Jim Carrey really peden up. Oh Fun Little Easter Egg. Their wait did I. Just make that up standard. Ouch he wouldn't give me a straight right answer when I asked him about it though he he insists it wasn't p but we all know you. You see that face he makes. Did you guys see it. He didn't nother impression other impression. Mark Does Snow Spiderman Nostril. Make that noise microphone though that heroin makes. Ah Sit on GRANDPA's all cough medicine pullover Cardigan. But thanks for asking. I'm just doing the whole movie now. I love it. Remember when Jim Carey was saying those were good times. Yeah I guess you read. Jim and Andy Doc was a real bummer. Keep meaning to watch it. But I think you'll make me sad. It's pretty sad. Yeah I I didn't get what was going on with him then but I get what's going on now because he's like painting. Yeah always a red flag wreck. He's got he's found something that he can just do. It doesn't bother anybody just don't what's where's Jim always over there repeating right before that Jim. These penguins are all going to die. If we don't finish this fucking movie it's either that or it's either that or the number twenty three. We're not here to take down. Carol van Eh. Yeah this is what fans do sonic wet. He's inside the restaurant. Yeah he's giving you the back seat with those guys by the way what are they gonNA fuck the Saudi show the never all their time together. We're one of those one of uh-huh mom was in the backseat. Yeah so that's probably what's holding them back drive to a sonic in another state. I get some Chili dogs and get it on that what they sell their Toledo. Yeah slush she's Tater tots good right solid. They used to be on roller skates. But those those were different times recently where someone was on roller skates skating rink. That's it that's thank. You boogie Ignites Roller Boogie. Nights hours going deep in the After I saw the exorcist I just wanted more of her heather. Graham mm-hmm oh I was thinking roller book. You're thinking you said boogie nights. Oh yeah what's Roller Boogie Boogie. He is the girl from the exorcist. Grows up to become a roller bookie Linda. Blair that's her name roller babies. Yeah how solar there was prayer for the ruler boys and solar maybes around the same time and and they both sucks so much that neither one of them were successful. No Roller Baby. There was no roller. Maybe what you're saying. There was something just called roller. Babies Roller abortion abortion. Oh you got the grown norman. Here out wasn't a bad line. Scrubs square AH okay. They just yelled out the roller movies that they liked. Though they're just like Google title to nobody said Roll mounts a that's a good one rollerball murder murder ball. WHO Says I want never mind? Yeah we did pretty good with those. There's not the huge category. No not unless you really ranch off anything. Where somebody skates for any reason? You said there are only three rollerblade movies but we just named like ten Hannam. Oh those are fighting words. Quad brink is at the top. Oh you're not getting eighty point. Why are you guys backing me? So hard on this. They love a good singing break. I've never heard of that one. I'm looking into it. I'll let you borrow the DVD. If you'd like feeling we gotta get back to the game. Just thing is the clock has been stuck on fivethirtyeight for quite a while now. So that's just to me like that. Okay so we're tied to play last man or woman stanton. This is yeah. That's right. Do whatever you need to prepare for this intense batch. Gotcha Taylor's got notepad. Is that legal. It's you know it's something we allow. We don't encourage it. What about Google? I have two partners. I have asked to be reminded from time to time. poly-amorous that does that does become kind of unfair to people. Yeah that's fine people. What are the areas over Eric? I'm look I come on. Who Angie's out there somewhere angie? Oh Angie is up there. I'm looking down here in the cheap seats. All Right Angie back. Let's see Angie and Eric Okay. I met him on stage. Which Funke David? It's not how it works. You can only go to one of them once and I'm going to pick which one right now handicap wait a second you you pick to name tags. which is that's why we have a problem now? You don't get to have two people thinking for you. That's right all right. Never mind do what you gotta do. They like you forget it. Yeah whoa hello. Everybody really wants to. She worked here and G and G. Andy if we lose your you know what I mean like. It's always gonNA fist you. Yeah that's what. He did still even talk like that. I don't even say things like that because there's no way you're GONNA win. Ah So are you okay with that airy okay you still gonNA get half of all this garbage up here Eric. Yeah but it's all right Angie. I think everybody's safe All right so so Chad one that second game. So we're GONNA start with Chad and we're gonNA flip the order around so now it's GonNa go Chad Taylor. David you go mark you go to your lifeline Once and only once David and that's the only person in the audience who help you can get all right just that one time you're GONNA go to get a dog doc. I'M GONNA lose. I'm used to it. I was stressing more the how the game works. Not really how you were going to do. But YOU'RE GONNA lose all embrace hombres it. Thank you Angie. Angie sucks it from your GONNA lose. You'RE GONNA lose thank League of their own UH stillwell the fat blonde sure sounds great. That's the only movie I've ever seen. Okay got it. What Angie good song? Eric Oh Eric. I'm just saying clapped it. What do you think there see? I tell you at some on air. You've always got those things to say about people eric. The red based on just their first name see how you came up with another one already where as little Green Green Green Green the green. What's your given name Andrew? Okay Andrew you grow to me on twitter With the name Little Green. I wondered about it for yourself was it. Is that your last name. Green wing a tattoo to create a little rain wing. What's it sure? Yeah no one wants to see that come on and say oh. She's about the divorce of Dan have to come off as well. Yeah so we could see the way partial stripping allowed here. Get the phones out. I love this all right. It's coming out uh-huh underneath that the wife is upset. That is a small Green Wayne. Now let's see the White Wayne also small. That's what I heard very little very little tiny little green light area between that's called their tape. I call it the tween between anyway. uh-huh oh Andrew so oh hi just real chicken egg when somebody says Oh. I have that name because I have this tattoo. It's like still doesn't answer the question. Why do you have that name or why do you have that Tattoo? Yeah too so Andrew. What's your suggestion? Though today. For this game we have only a few minutes. Oh ooh that's a good age appropriate girlfriend. The Best Movie Alright Chadwick. That would be successful. Thanks for that movie theaters Okay so I I said we're GONNA start with Chad. COOL FILLS KENNEDY IS GONNA play too so don't go racing pass me when it's my turn and we're coming this way which which way that way I'm GonNa Point break point break he says he's not an FBI agent chant when in fact he is an FBI agent and he says that Utah That's the whole movie. Takes Place Good surfing out there. Taylor I'M GONNA go with John Wick. Your one opens up but quite a little box is open a box of work as Chris. Hardwick all right David. You got this any film featuring the gray comedy does he have any idea dea I I want to you know over twenty hours. We got fifty the matrix very it did it. It's my turn. I WanNa say you're playing. Oh yeah is that part. Get this done. Quick I'm GonNa go with. Something's gotTa give all right. Why are you sitting got molested? Did give the weirdly holding my. Oh that's what it is. I see your. I'M GONNA go with bill and Ted's excellent adventure. We're getting into a tricky area. Here Chad Chad. I'm going John Wig too. But was it John. Wake to okay see. That's people are already yelling. You GotTa get accurate window of Phil that's is not the fault. It's Oh surprise you sometimes you might want to move on to something else or get help from your. Can I move on you. You can move on to something. God okay. Thank you bill. and Ted's bogus journey. Good Save you. Save Taylor Matrix reloaded. God I was. That's what I was GONNA say up. That was already out of ideas. David well I feel like he's been in other Kevin Smith movies. That's what you feel like. But now other ones in addition to which one he didn't do bill and Ted's never mind Kevin Smith Movies Louie's maybe or no am I wrong. Do you want to go to your lifeline. Of course Jay got destination. How they're real well done? anche approach was it. Well I don't know that one can win the game. Take that one thing you could take it enjoy. It and I'll cheat I'll look at areas might turn mouth off right. Yes Toy story four. Oh Oh I didn't know about that. I didn't know there wasn't toy story for. I'm going to go into the Lake House on Lake House very good. Where chats going now matrix revolutions knew it nicely? Done Chad Taylor is GonNa do. I don't think you do lifeline. No I'M GONNA go with replacements. Oh Gee they know that Gene Hackman. I didn't know you read stuff on your note pad not anymore David the Big Day who I just saw the one in another one and another one a hint. It's your EJ. Calot over here. Doc You could give me a hand at your show. You're allowed could be funny initials K.. Or Yeah Kanter Audubon. Oh yeah play Brag too. There is an answer. One of the answers is in in the last couple of cents. I spoke come on. Can you hand me a snacks back. What I say is initials R her? What are we doing here? Treat him like a special needs kid. Ah Young adults just let me run. The point is easier but yeah do you have any final words. The movie stars Kion New Oil Kiana time. Aw He wasn't in that he is briefly. You know all right. You're up there dougie. peyton eight mark. Stop Hating I'm trying to get this cooking here. Goes fast as I want speed. Oh ooh well played fatty all right. I'm GonNa Say Parenthood Guys Nice. Nice Paul is chapter two. Yeah Nice Nice Chad you remember it. Oh Yeah it's a book. I got no pet. Would you scribble down Pat. Constantine eighteen real unsure about Alabama. It's official you did way better than me. Good to have you back Taylor. Earlier Dave General Announcement uh-huh laxative. Add Go David Go. I don't even know what to do. Yeah I'm done I think that's it all right. That's it for you leaders. Hang out I'm trying to get Eric to the hang out at the end. Can I phone a friend okay. We're GONNA we're tight on time But it's we've had a great time. Everybody loved it. I'm not telling you guys about stalling. I just feel like I feel like come so close to the answer but I'm just right there on the river's edge I'M GONNA go go gay here and pull out a real crazy ridge. Asian ask he makes a cameo doesn't know wrongly that has an agent. Yeah I wanted to go to your lifeline or change agenda. I think he's No. He's not thinking of something else. I'll tell you about lane. Oh I know what it is the Alley Wong Flick. That's what some people call it. Mostly the people that also call it crazy changes damn it will. I meant to say. Enter the dragon now. All right I'm stepping back with raising MINNESOTA. Feeling Sodas art take it. Take it all right. That's enough that's put back. I'm trying to fill a pillow case. It all right so no one will get this listening at home. No one gets it sitting right right here. Good point what is happening. So hard ball. Oh now go look at this kid. Come from San Francisco. What's yours Taylor man? To write it down their speed to Aziz not in that Jason Patrick got a longer title. Can I say the other one that I have written down. You could try sure the day the Earth stood still. Yeah that's right. You still haven't gone your lifeline. Taylor is pretty good. Yeah all right. I'm going to have to go with that one ooh Keep doing that for a so It's not gonNA help mark's got one all right. I'M GONNA TAP go ahead. Work chain-reaction yes. It was for you Erin via Chad. Can I guess when he didn't get always be maybe always you I couldn't fuck it big always be baby that's racist clogging monogamy. Okay go ahead there. I got I you gotta go to poke cake. You wonderful over there. That's a real lifesaver as dear out. Mark is still out. I'm out yeah. Shit Kit jumped out got around. I want to go to my guy here. Chad Chad John Wick Chapter Three Para Bellum. Yes it is he a voice in cars. No I'm out good. Try though mark. I'M GONNA go with Hamlin Shit Shit. I think it's the wrong shakes. I said Jim Venice. Othello keep going keep going to SA- fun game. Ah Juliet much ado about nothing winter. That's not how I intended to end their. You haven't finest on social media. We gotta go. We don't have time for plugs even mark. Yeah Mark Comedy Dot Com China opens on twitter. Rizzo Rizza David. Derry go see David. David comedy store enjoy Red and green pudding or whatever that is whenever you get a chance. Thank you San Jose Up. Thank you guys for for being here outside minute selling those pins out. What what we miss? DOC totally missed a ton of yeah go ahead play inside in their room. or You. Can't get enough of. HBO's watchmen now. You can go deeper inside. The critically acclaimed new series. 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