Clockwise 318: AirPods Sucking as a Service (ASaaS)


FOR PEOPLE FOR TECH TOPICS THIRTY MINUTES IT's time for episode three hundred of the clockwise podcasts from relay FM recorded Wednesday October thirtieth two thousand nineteen clockwise ask calendar is enough to kind of put me into that mind space I'm always trying to real myself in and I'm curious to know what you what you all have to say it's just also embarrassing so it's usually that and then a combination I've gotten really more into the habit of using my calendar to set moment things done Jason Howls with you I I don't know that I have a very specific set way for getting things done I seemed to fluctuate well you know how this show works we've got four topics thirty minutes and I'm GONNA kick things off my question for you is maybe a simple and maybe a controversial one but I like to see and now it's time to introduce our awesome guests to my left is my co host on Tech News weekly on the twit network as L. as co host of all about Android and currently this week in Google it's Jay Howell who obviously it's the worst thing is using my inbox a to do list if I get an email and I've read it but I need to still do something all market unread so that I can wow under service do you have a hired Lama that that that spits at you every time you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing what is your way forgetting ooh okay I was wondering if you're going to get it right because it's not this week of all weeks it's not just Jason Jason What does your getting things done or your your task management flow look like I'm curious do you use ABC's a piece of paper with a check mark do you use a in time to remember tasks even aside from just like I need to record a podcast at this time really kind of blocking out time in my day to be to it later but then you know the issue there is that it ends up getting swallowed up by a bunch of other emails that are in the same state and then you end up dropping the ball and comes in apple come into play like Oh yeah I'll use that for a while until I stopped using it and then it's like I don't know what I'd do I'd say the one constant that I have is probably the worst thing many people would it's just it's always there it sinks I know where stuff is very simple makes entering tasks really quick I don't usually and they've beefed up reminders with the news wow that and to my left it is the CEO of Emoji Pedia the expert in all things emoji verse Spook Tackler Jeremy Bird like one two three this is all about android work time this time ver I am focused on justice and just the simple act of like blocking that time for a specific task co host Dan more and how you doing Dan I'm doing well thanks for rolling with that I did not tell you I was going to do this book introduction and you just picked it up and went with it and that is says I am definitely open to suggestions I use kind of a hodgepodge of things so for a to do list I just use the built in reminders APP on the Mac and because asked laughs in the face of danger I your co host Mike a Sergeant at I am joined across the Internet by we know it's to me that is a clockwise tip for you right there Jeremy Booze thank you I couldn't I was going fast now awkward ungainly hole but so far so good I seem to actually get some things done so I guess that works for me Jeremy I wanNA know Ori you know something I need to refer back to or something on the to reply to I will flag it so I've got a lot of different systems that sort of combined into one mm-hmm and I also use calendar a little bit for that and then I also use my inbox but I I use flags for a lot of stuff so if there's a an email that sort of a to do item that you have an awesome system that's going to solve our problems well I am not a fancy multiple colored flag man like you Dan I idiot I don't have too much of a system set up my I live and die by my calendar I put my events pretty much track of of things that are pressing in need to happen like in a given moment and so one of those a to forget that they exist but other than that I have I do use the do up as a way to keep version virus necklace I haven't really used those tools yet because I rarely do more than say maybe set a date if there's like a particular day something has to get done calendar and occasionally writing things down I don't I don't curse it myself though so other that is that's kind of my thing all right folks thank you so much for your answers on getting things done let's move on to our next topic which comes from Jason All right so I was actually thinking about and possibly to the world that you loved technology more than the average person out there when I was a teenager I wanna say that that's pretty much my system is basically boils down to getting a lot done all getting nothing done I'm just I kind of do one thing at a time I write a list of with Microsoft visual basic real basic real basic that's right because it was one thousand nine hundred ninety three and I made this really really eighteen fourteen fifteen somewhere in there I I'm gonNA use it these term very loosely I wrote an APP I I learned how to program the people like sent me money for it not not a lot of people and included one where definitely somebody sent me like change in in terrible APP and I uploaded to the bulletin board systems that I frequented and it was a very bad like a text based APP that was about starting expletives and other things around to be like you really really really need to get this done I stopped writing in capital letters all around to just through this thing from your earlier life it could be any time could be a childhood could be early adulthood some sort of an event that that was a sure fire sign to you things is like medication where do need to be reminded hey you need to take this at the exact time every day but when it comes to sort of my day to day it's just all my events into my calendar and if they're there then I do those things and if they're not there then I have a tendency and and write about them and that was probably maybe a president look at my future a writing about MIT's instead I remember that this over the weekend so I'm so happy this episode Gabe along because we can all talk about it go back in time take Tikka step back in time and describe an event words welcome Jeremy How everybody thank you I had a very good primer just before the show on you've got to get people to come and train I didn't know that so that's that's and you get paid for it and I think at that point I was kind of like well this this clearly has a future in it I made enough money to buy like a comic book or something so flow through the mail but I feel like that was the point at which I was like I've invested enough time in technology sort of figure out how to make something to distribute it shooter it was a mixture between achieving the the solution to a complex problem but then also getting to see the way that an it professional and help people fixing computers and remember learning a little bit from him about sort of what he was doing at school the person reacted to having the problem solved and how rewarding that felt to be able to serve check both of those boxes at once one where I felt like I accomplished something cool and I took that information and started to regularly solve the problems that my Koa apps like utilities on the Mac and I wrote a little article for this local apple user group where the average age was about seventy ulcer I think that was probably one of the earliest science for me that I was really invested in this whole technology thing Jeremy What about you yeah I think probably like most of this had to Pinson early member was going through one of those programs at at school that it was like a vocational training thing where they were going to become a the question was when I was younger I remember having a little a boombox you know it was a pretty small boombox in my room and I would listen to the radio put on what's it easy things in your system and you feel good about yourself and then other days you you get lifted the things you really really need to do and then he this right that on there and then you ride some family had with their computers and then it sort of spread from there to helping my friends solve the problems that they had with their computers quickly became like Mr Trump astonished everyday what I need to do just free full time bill down and then I obviously start with the easy things for us than by the end of the day I copy and pasted onto so accomplished having jumped through those fiery hoops and laying in my bed and the song we built this city on rock a role came on the radio and I remember sitting there and node location it doesn't matter if you're working on your first server or deploying a complex system because Lynn owed is the company you want to go to the song we built this city on rock and roll came on so I'm GonNa date myself with this little story but it totally brought back this memory and this is the kind of the idea behind join just one time I had a pretty not childhood for that so like I did the fly what was the exact time but the thing that jumped to my mind was have it it was a little boom box and so I just suddenly remembered this this time where I broke apart another broken boom box and pulled the speakers nate maybe like you understand I didn't write in the APPS but for whatever reason I spent my time after Alex is a teenager maybe about reviewing out of that other boombox and wired it into the speakers into the boombox that worked in order for me to get stereo speakers on both sides of my bed and I just remember feeling ars list because I never have things in the bottom that I literally never get done that's the system the whole system sometimes it works great you feel super adding get hired a disks of whatever software anymore would be happy to hand around but yeah that was probably about when the most of my friends who are the doing cooler record doctor Demento whatever if it was just like and I would record myself talking all the time and I wanted big stereo speakers in my room but I didn't he used the single red flag from email I couldn't think of what I'd do with the other colored flags either I gotTa look at it I have to look at it I don't need we know you can instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Leonard Cloud engine get server running in just seconds with your choice of Lennox destroy resources and Hi memory plans starting with sixteen gigs of Ram and Leonard has a special offer just for you out there as a listener of this show you can head to Leonard Dot COM dot com slash clockwise with Promo Code Clockwise Twenty nineteen to learn more sign up and make the most twenty dollar credit thanks so much well folks we have reached halftime and I get to tell you about our pals at Lynn owed who are bringing you this episode of clockwise with Leno Dot com slash careers now Leonard has pricing options to suit everyone they're playing started a Gig of Ram for just five bucks a month but they've got slash clockwise and use the Promo Code Clockwise Twenty nineteen to get twenty dollars towards any Leonard Plan if we do the math spooky math on the one alice Atlanta Frankfurt London and Singapore and it soon to be released in Tokyo version four of loads restful API as out of Beta and room and they see these two like Frankenstein speakers sprawled out across the room that that thought had to cross their mind all right he obviously loves technology if that's what he did for their support of this show and Rela- him and now Dan what have you got for us well apple of course this week took the wraps off of its new air pods pro and to where I felt good about helping somebody get something done well yeah us this weekend I was working out the yard with my wife and I were listening to music and the at the fastest hardware network with outstanding customer support if you ever need help and it's super easy to launch a Leonard Cloud Server in fact I've taken yeah I do own my current an amateur user as they are now calling the original and so trip over to Leno's a couple of times to play around and they do make it very simple to get things going plus their block storage is available in Newark Fremont one yeah it's in stereo at just the feeling so accomplished I was just thinking about that like my parents walk into the room I've I've talked about this on a couple of shows and someone in the chat was saying well I know this is gonNA sound gross but there is a way to fix it uh-huh and I like you know we're working hard on it and I sort of put it out there but it ended up being like I made it shareware and pads pro appeal to you they have something of the initial air pods lacked That makes you want to go out and buy a pair Jeremy What do you think and my mom was very kind and would take me to Lisa meetings whereas basically a retirement club and me as a adult teenager just trying to hang first generation of air pods and one of them completely stopped out putting sound and the other one is about fifty percent output Suck on the air pods until it starts whistling and to that I say Nay Sir includes and officially supported Python Cli and right now winnowed is hiring so if you want to learn more about that and check out what they're looking for all you have to do is and my question for you is whether or not you're an owner of the original air pods do these new airport pro air pods probe man I'm not GonNa get that right I love and use my original episodes excellent I don't know whether a mentioned before I live on a bird at the moment doesn't have a bunch of storage so I do currently have my Amazon's well there there's a title now that I moved between locations more frequently these are of interest to me and in fact I've got a pair of and a separate set of noise canceling headphones that I take on on flights and the thing that I the better I guess the only snows so I never really cared much for the fit of the original air pods I'm actually I prefer the ones that kind of locked into the year that have the silicon approach I would love to try that out but you know I'm on I'm on android I don't know how much that really matters when you're talking about wireless ear buds But I tip and kind of have this seal for whatever reason that works for me I don't I don't get thrown off by the kind of like the the the I don't know the press arised feeling of it it doesn't turn me off I always thought the original air pods just like resting in the year it just felt I don't know it just felt weird to me so maybe I'm in the ramp plan that's four free months that's awesome and with a seven day money back guarantee you've got nothing to lose so give Leno to try today that's Lynn owed do I have to you know if I'm using them everyday only on a flight not even once a month worries every day I'm using the normal I gotta try gotTa try to feel squeezed be and go from there what about you Jason Do you have air pods let me guess that will never be something I ever do I was just gonNA suggest Amjad in my ear kind of annoying conceal tentative buying like day episodes in a night episodes and I don't WanNa be that guy arriving today to go and see what they're like we'll see if these are as good as apple touting I also don't really tend to like the silicone ones I don't like the seal that it makes it makes like I bought a pair of your buds wireless ear buds and I was ordeal far as that's concerned I like that they've added noise cancelling to the to the kind of true wireless ear buds so I don't know if these new ones would prevent or not they do have this like vent feature where it supposed to like equalize a little bit and not be quite as they've they've reduced the size of a little bit so that little like hanging White Pretzel thing that hangs down isn't isn't as obvious things are even the nutty friends had like probably at the time like windows pc with actual game and I had a Mac like let me let me check out some cool Sheila Utilities I always thought that Kyle looked a little weird to I don't know I think ultimately the air pods like I've kind of missed that boat personally but hey whatever works for you him but I find that like when I can just walk down the street like the vibrations up through my ears just seem so loud that I found it really irritating really like my job elite sixty five ts they have a sequel of that that that's coming out right now so want to check those out as well but I think this is improvement yeah yeah thank you for your thoughts on that let us go to our final topic today which comes from Jeremy Shaw I'm staying with me Yeah I the originally pods I did not really spend a lot of time with because the traditional the wired ear pods I never liked the way they fit very well I am not a an earbud person so I'm not sure about that I just I wish that apple would make more varieties of headphones for those of us who don't herself and so she handles most of problems but when she does occasionally have them I helped her upgrade her iphone so the it's a nine point seven inch ipad pro the last model before the more recent ones and same thing they're off from my ipad I will do screen she has a I think she's now running an iphone eight maybe or an iphone I can't remember which one but it's she was on one before that was so far I usually will help my grandma she has over the course of time become quite the incredible tech user I use screen recording on the iphone all the time I will swipe down turn on screen recording with the microphone turned on and then walk her through yeah I'm kind of concerned about I love the idea of replacing Mine Damato with the pros I get the noise cancelling got like normally like those rubber tipped ones and then according to show her how to solve a problem that she when she has one and then occasionally I'll use facetime with her if she needs that for my mom most of the time I will you just send I can send text messages that have like go into the settings APP then go into this then go into this and you're able to get it but yeah I love I'm kind of happy that that lockout happens there and then I can help as best I can without worrying about people being able to take advantage of them well ah I don't know I'm not convinced I'm just worried about the the EFEO NFL I don't know what about you Michael so for me I do have I've got the insteps depending on what addition needs to do to fix her device she also has an ipad it is I think it's an ipad yeah I am definitely in the family the tech support representative so you're my parents live in live in Idaho so I I visit them being able to help them with their devices I think that vendors could make things a little bit easier like I said with the remote access thing again the problem there is I don't like the idea my approach is usually just to like work with them through it and realizing that like ninety percent of the stuff that I'm probably showing them they could care less than they probably aren't going you know like your bud so I don't think I'll I'm likely to bias at airports bro Anytime soon although I've been resisting the temptation to buy a set time for a couple of weeks and then return them coach on that like I'm always totally happy to do that because usually way easier for me to kind of get in there and figure things out than it is for them to just like live with it and everything him about once a year sometimes twice a year and at this point you know it's pretty common ritual like they they basically just like create a list that like I'm parents they use ipad the primary device and subtly super easy for them they love it but I'm just wondering where the any of you maintain the old in some way or or like let air through so it doesn't feel like as he also that kind of appeals to me and I liked the idea that it it can sort of figure out what the right fit is like which the dirt users of their technology over the years and the the complications that arose have become a lot less so I'm happy with that approach and that seems to be working realized I don't need to use an alas daily to know kind of the the the thought processes behind how these illnesses are created because I'm always able to figure it out in the past that I did not remember what looked like on it and so it was harder to sort of walk through the process but now that she's on a modern phone we have the same operating system and I will say both my parents they're on Iowa's they have iphones obviously I do all that android so I'm all all android but I'm really happy that tips you WANNA use for it so that all appeals to me I have a pair of noise cancelling bose headphones that I really liked for traveling but I tend to be an over over the year headphones macbook Pro I think we bought him a macbook pro and then they each have iphones that my father pretty much never has but my mom actually uses her is hard I agree with Mica that like having some sort of remote screen viewing and I've tried to set up solutions for that over the years using both when there used to be screen sharing via I chat my parents live about half an hour away so I get it smaller lists more frequently and so my mom has an IPAD ended I mack my dad has on her ipad quite a bit so I spent a lot of time updating stuff when I go over walking them through doing certain situations and they'll do some phone stuff as well but that one is so what apple is doing something right there I am unsurprisingly also the text for person for my family I get the list of things to do as well and histories can approve this in our family that over time they get certain things that I thought they would never get so you know they've gotten to be way of someone getting an email that leads to a fishing thing where suddenly they're letting anybody into their device and that's that's kind of scary so in a way there were there was a more integrated help feature to help people walk through doing stuff that maybe just like I'll a couple steps beyond their comfort zone the classic Mac Os had a really robust help system and I used to pour through all those documents and certainly the Max still has that but I think probably run into if they were on some random android phone so you know and it keeps me Kinda clued in on how to troubleshoot IOS devices which makes on the Mac and then when they're using setup like screens I think one of the best virtues of the MAC and the sort of Harkens back to the Jason Topic about when you were they're on Ios because quite frankly it's it's button down to a point that they encounter far fewer issues I believe with Ios and I think the results may be pretty mixed when that happened so I wish there was a more robust helps system in a lot of these more modern pieces of technology because I think too often because I think that people do tend to learn a lot about those things by doing them and certainly you can go online and Google but like your it's probably not going to change a whole lot about how they behave or on the internet or you know their their practices that sort of stuff but I feel like overtime S. has never quite offered that in part of it is because Apple Lakes to project that image of how simple and easy things are and it's true it's certainly pretty easy but I I really wish those companies assumed that everybody is a certain degree of savvy whereas some people just you know they need a little bit more of a helping hand to walk through some of this stuff so would love to see an investment in we're bringing you this episode of Clockwise Kensington these are the people who make universal docking stations that resigned to increase productivity you can get access you know for formative experiences with tech one of the ways I learned the most about how to do things in tech was self taught but it is so much of it was the fact that three decades three decades of experience in high volume manufacturing of hardware IT products plus they do rigorous test cycles and quality control so all the Livingston that's Kensington Dot com slash clockwise to learn more and find out about these awesome docking solutions our thanks to Kensington for attends pro concierge program to test drive a docking solution today all you do is head to Kensington Dot com slash clockwise right now to check out is to more ports and make your Mac book your chromebook your laptop as powerful as a desktop it's plug and play with no drivers which is so nice to be able to grandparents at the moment today I'm not on the bikes are much and a little bit different I am coming to you from my APP pods not the best theropod cost but nonetheless in kind of got me thinking Oh connectors plus usb three point zero USB see and thunderbolt three with power delivery available the whole kit and caboodle the Kensington engineering team has products tested above industry standards if you're an IT decision maker at your company if you're looking to find the right docking solutions for your organization you've gotta check out Kenzi unlike its stockpiles throughout the year and what is your hey it's great to see you I love you okay but here's the thing that I need help with while you're here and my my welcome back to clock wise the tech podcast nine Tekva older relatives particularly people who might struggle with technology on their farnell that tablet and things that you do to make it easier for them just set your your device down plug in accord and boom you've got a full desktop set up so you can enjoy up to dual four K. displays with HD mind displaying net. Jeremy You WANNA wrap up here facetime must become pretty inscrutable used to have a favorite section you could just put the top ten people there that's gone you need to use contact breath

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