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See more of the USA than ever before. With American Airlines. Fly direct to Dallas Fort Worth from Dublin airport this summer and connect onwards to over two hundred and forty destinations across North America. Enjoy complimentary meals drinks from the bar transatlantic WI fi live TV and over a thousand hours of entertainment on our state of the art Dreamliner. Start your next big adventure with American Airlines at a dot com. AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue court today in Boston to celebrity. Moms, Felicity, Huffman, and Laurie Laughlin. She did not come to the microphone the actresses and Lachlan's fashion designer husband said little during the brief hearing and were not asked to enter a plea. They're all free on bail. They're accused of rigging test scores for their kids or paying bribes to cheat the admissions process at prestigious universities, former vice president Joe Biden is facing questions about his past behavior with women to say, he touched them without consent, Biden is responding. I hear with her. She I understand you. And I'll be more mindful Myers. Meyer spas, and I'll meet you. But I'll always believe governing quite frankly life for that matter is about candy in a video posted on Twitter. Joe Biden says social norms have begun to change they shifted and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset a gamer from Ohio Casey Viner pleaded guilty today to asking a prankster to make a bogus emergency call that got an unarmed. Kansas man, killed by police President Trump's threat to close the Mexico border could hurt the economy, David French is with the national retail federation's calculated the economic impact of border shutdown would be about one point seven billion dollars a day in the United States. This would mean shortages of Mexican grown produce and vegetables fruit. The House Judiciary committee approves subpoenas for special counsel, Robert Muller's full Russia report is Democrats pressure. The Justice department to release the document without reductions send. Democrats are asking the FBI to investigate potential security vulnerabilities at President Trump's mar-a-lago resort in Florida after the arrest of a woman over the weekend. She was carrying two Chinese passports as well as a device containing computer Melwood there. This is AP radio news Burger King's new meatless. Walker is a sign of the time carnivores looking for healthier and more sustainable food or among the biggest consumers of new wave of plant based meets food industry. Analysts say that about seven percent of the US population is vegan vegetarian in that. That number hasn't changed significantly in recent years, but U S Salesa plant based meets have jumped forty two percent between two thousand sixteen in two thousand nineteen startups like beyond beat and impossible foods are winning over customers with plant based products that look and taste more like meat. Burger King is testing out the plant based impossible burger at fifty nine restaurants in Saint Louis. The burger chains research indicated that ninety percent of people buying plant based meet our meters looking for healthier options. Producers say their products have a smaller impact on the environment. I'm Jennifer king an auction house. Paris says it selling a revolver that was possibly used by Vincent Van Gogh to take his own life hailed by some as the art world's most famous weapon auction art is putting the seven millimeter pocket revolver up for sale in June Van Gogh was widely believed to have shot himself in eighteen ninety. I'm Ed Donahue, an MBA from a globally recognized and celebrated business school is achievable on your terms. Find your fit among the Kellogg school of management's innovative portfolio of MBA programs, including one year two year, part time joint degree and executive options. Wherever you are in your career and your life. There's a Kellogg program designed to help you succeed. Visit Kellogg dot northwestern that EDU slash NBA.

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