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A Friday Update


Eddie was telling me that the starbucks right next to our office that we haven't seen in many months is open and they do everything in the doorway. So you really go into the starbucks which you walk up to the doorway which is propped open. There's a table there in year. Ask for the order and I guess the Barista back there or yells to another person and you do all your transactions up there so I never thought that that starbucks would have been open quite honestly especially with the fact that I don't know how many people are going to work in that area right now but that's good news for them. It was It was closed. You know as soon as it happened and it just I it was about. I think it was two weeks ago or maybe late early last week. and this our area gets a little more traffic because of the pharmacy so it gets a little bit more than other areas around here. Well it's good to know that when we're back in November that that starbucks will stop either so so so that is so that is part of phase one starbucks opening. I don't think so because I consider takeout. So they're allowed to do that if people come up and don't dine in so I don't believe that it's phase one thing. I just think it's the thing that you're allowed. Did they could have been opened the whole time by. I think you know. It's kind of reserve central. They have food so they right in their restaurant. They could've stayed open and just did deliveries. Only I guess or taking now right or pick up and I tell you missed that little cinnamon sucker know. She's I went through a little bit withdrawal with that. I had to shakes the first week or two. I was home. Not Avenue all right Jerry with the update. What's happening Jerry? All right guys so. We've got the Emily Players Association expected to offer the counter proposal to owners today asking for money to report. Well a hundred game season not eighty or eighty two and they want their full prorated salaries We will see if that happens. Boomer you been asking the question in terms of the older gentlemen. The managers the coaches the UMPIRES. Will Ron Gardenhire is not a younger man? He was on. Mlb Radio yesterday and he says he's all good coming back. Give me a walkie talkie and I'll just go on it but I don't care as long as you do this thing safe you know. I'm sixty two years old. I've had cancer. I've Ed blood sugar stuff. So I'm Brian and I don't want to be so we'll just take it easy and let the smarter. People Prevail here and then I'll do what they ask as best I boss again but planning on being back if and it's a big if right now if the Games comeback when we're talking about the precautions that sixty seven pages of measures and then protocols for health and Safety Gardenhire Gardenhire says a lot of thought obviously went into it. Believe me they're doing everything possible and they're gonna do everything possible and they they know the number one people top tier people who really have to you know. Be taken care of in guarded because our age a lot of the managers coaches and date. They've done it just a super job of letting US know that they're going to do everything they possibly can right. There are no guarantees that do everything they possibly get. Make right for answering that question. A little bit to what you've been talking about now for weeks and months if not the also did you see the Trevor Bauer. Kyle Loesch battle twitter now. I mentioned it in the open. It's a good one it's ugly. It's a juicy one and it turned personal and I was. I was with Kyle Loesch until it turn personal and I didn't like that. That was an agent right. Yeah the agent girlfriend thing. He was alleging the reason why. Trevor Bauer doesn't like Scott. Boris is because Trevor Bowers. Dating his agent who. I guess I don't know it doesn't like Scott. Boris. I didn't. I didn't like that part of it. You wouldn't like Scott. Boris either if you're an agent because he's out there trying to poach clients left and right right but I mean I also wouldn't allege that a player that I was fighting with on twitter was in a relationship with his agent if I didn't know it was a fact I mean it just seemed like they crow. He crossed the line with they talk about the issue. That's fine but if you're now talking about the motivation behind Trevor bowers thoughts being because he's in a relationship with an age in which he doesn't even know it's true and then trevor. Bauer denied that relationship. That's when it got really really sticky. That was that was too much for me at that point. Not good hundreds of minor league players released on Thursday. Now a lot of players would be cut anyway at the end of spring training. I would believe but this seems like it was accessible because it was all in one shot. The brewers the nationals the Mariners. The mets all releasing several players. There was a former draft pick of where they scathing of his time. Yeah this was. I forget his name. Andrew Church that Hawaii's yes. Yeah that was a brutal right up of his time with the Veterans Asian. So so we're all going to have issues right so there are times where I think about my time with the jets and and how everything went down in how inconsistent leadership was how was a revolving door when he came the coaches and players. And everything else and it's almost impossible to have any sort of you know success under those conditions. My my and I always think back from my perspective. That's what I saw and so that's what I say. So but that's just me that may not be the way other people have seen it and this kid. This kid church sounds like a pretty good dude and sounds like he wants to play but obviously got hurt and is upset and probably thinks and believes that he should have been up with the big club at some point and never got there so now. He's got an ax to grind and he also takes a shot a big shot at. Tim Tebow well. He takes a shot at the mets employing Tim. Tebow he wasn't anything personal. Tim Tebow so we had on our team. Who basically that's a shot at Tim? Tebow no well no what he was. He didn't say anything about. I don't know if even said he couldn't play Basically he hated the fact that they brought in a celebrity to sell more tickets than in merchandise or whatever then actually paying attention to the players that were busting their ass to try to get to the big Tim. Tebow numbers were the worst in league and he basically took shot himself. We got a celebrity. You can't play yeah. I didn't read it that way when I read it was. He was tearing up the Organization for having. Tim Tebow there so to me. This was all about ripping I know. But that's not that's not ripping Tim Tebow. I just saw it differently. Like this organization brought this guy in should have never brought this guy in. There are other people who deserved his spot and because he went on and on and on talking about how much you organization screwed up and that that to me was more not like he might liked him. Tibo personally but he didn't agree that he should have been there. Tim Tebow didn't put him on the mets. The mets put himself put Tim. Tebow Tibo one along with it. I mean what are you doing? Are you sleeping with your agent now? What figure we're we're arguing so I'll just go right third. No no no no I just had the right facts about it and you did not so I was pointing it out and it was an argument. I took a shot. I took a shot at Tim. Tebow yes no. He ain't GonNa Tibo. We can leave it there. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing Thursday outdoor stadiums in Texas can have fans up to twenty five percent of capacity. No fans in arenas though not yet so that at least as positive if you're a Texas Rangers Fan or an Astros Solo. So what the what is what does Dallas Cowboy gotTa have the roof open. Then you going to have to. Yeah of course. He can't so that's a retractable roof. Dome Right Yes. The whole thing doesn't open. It's like a big square hole right and that's my opens. Well it's he's got to have to have it open under these circumstances right but I don't know that what happens in September is now I would think more along the lines of. Let's get to August before you make that decision. Did you see to boomer the report on? How much money the cowboys make in stadium during a season? Yes yes three. Four hundred million dollars is crazy and so much more than any other team. Yeah it was pretty nuts can pay DAK Prescott. Well they can pay him. It's cap problems. Why can't pay them but so be it was going to say? Did you see the numbers that they're talking about for? Patrick mahomes eighty three million dollars a year. They're talking about trying to get it up to forty million but the problem is the way that the contracts are written in the NFL. So basically what this comes down to is. It's an extension of what he has left on his rookie deal and his rookie deal. He makes like two point four million this year and then it goes up to like twenty three million next year so he so it'll be twenty four to twenty five million dollars over the next two years and then you sign the extension after that but he should be able to get some money up front and they'll be able to keep the money below. Maybe maybe maybe below thirty five million per because these two years most speaking of the money the NFL on es sports agreed to a six year extension for one point six billion dollars us for the madden line. How are we doing John? Madden for your fifty thousand dollar buyout. Good God unbelievable. So Yeah you've got that JOE FLACCO new jets backup quarterback. Did Talk to the media. Just give you a couple of way late on time here The direct question. Why signed with the jets now as opposed to wait for training camp and see if something opens up in July or August that kind of thought process I was back and forth on for a while but ultimately think it's important to get on a team and get comfortable with with the guys on the team and get comfortable with San in this in this situation. Get comfortable with the offense at some point running in some capacity in some capacity so there you have it from a Joe Flacco just quickly. You got the basketball hall of fame. Enshrinement has been postponed to next year. That's Koby Tim. Duncan Kevin Garnett The University of Utah with a plan for football and fall sports. They unveiled that yesterday. I see I own. A college is going to have students on campus starting in August. So that's a good thing because the whole thing with footballing false sports is I guess. They want students on campus. The Premier League in England will restart June seventeenth and the PGA tour did cancel the John Deere. Classic set to be played in July for logistical reasons. Not exactly sure why but that has been taken off the schedule. You know it's going to be amazing is fat. Michigan's president basically came out and said we're not GONNA play football. We don't have kids on campus and obviously Michigan's governor has been very proactive in shutting things. Down and cancelling things and and being very careful however you WANNA look at. I'm not trying to get into the politics I'm just trying to get into. If in fact Michigan's president feels that way how and then other big ten schools are going to allow kids to come back on campus and they are going to play Michigan. Football's just null and void while everybody else in the big ten is plan because it sounds like the you know everybody in Iowa's plan James Franklin said you're not going to penalize ten percent of the League of ninety percent can play right. It's amazing thing about that. The potential for that. I don't think that's going to happen. I'm starting to hear. More and more. That colleges are trying to figure out how to get their kids back on campus because they need them back on campus financially Yup room and board and all the things that go on in college campuses and main streets in college campuses. That need the students back on campus. You're going to see and we've started to see already. Some colleges canceling certain sports and no longer providing them. So that's down the road to something doesn't give and Chase Elliott. Did Win last night at Charlotte there. You go all right. Thank you Jerry. We'll talk to you next hour.

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