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#186 Call of Duty Mobile Release Date!


CALL OF DUTY MOBILE RELEASE DATE in more coming up on today's episode of Release Intact News. You're just in time for the latest episode of the world's only three months show on tech gadgets and gaming news. That's right. This is late in Tech News. My name is Taylor American. If you're new here click click the subscribe button or tap one of the two two obviously subscribe so that you don't miss out on latest. Do this quite regularly around here would hate for you you to miss out on latest speaking of the latest ball man. We gotta lineup for you today. Today we got called duty morally state announced and a a couple of features interesting. They're also taking a look at each p. Launching Their S. four thirty see ultra wide curved display late now don't be too impressed or or do It's a big curved display monitor the beginning kick out of that I know for sure and because I'll bet man who asked news that we got few guys lined up well. Fortnight leak rumor has it Batman Skins are coming to forty nine currently. My wife is playing for night and she just quoted me herself for herself and I'm quoting her saying. Oh look it's a toilet on zip line some about moist palms and being able to be props something like that for those that you guys who play. Portnoy you talking about. I don't know King but before we can get to today's show. Let's take a look back on today. In Tech History all right today's September Eighteenth Twenty nineteen on this day in Nineteen eighty-nine. N- next computer released version one point. Oh of nextstep an object oriented multitasking operating system originally designed to run on next brand of computers computers it was later ported to other architectures such as the Intel x eighty six often considered years ahead of its time next up brought. Many advanced features the market that were seen together in any powerful operating system for nearly ten years. It's had a really a powerful object oriented ended development environment that was also used for the creation of the World Wide Web interestingly enough nineteen ninety-seven apple acquired next computer to build their next generation operating system upon the next step architecture later named you know it was Mac. Os Ten today's Ios that runs on iphone and ipads is descended from Mac Os ten and next up so just in case. You didn't know that now you do finally on this day in history in nineteen eighteen twenty six james. Cooley was born. James Cooley co-creator of the last fury or transform was born working with John Tuckey coolio in nineteen eighteen sixty five worked out a vast improvement to a common mathematical algorithm called the fewer transform. Although the agrium had been useful in computing its complexity required quired too much time while working at IBM Cooley built onto ideas for a swifter version that kind of help solve a lot of the problems in terms of how do we fear. Aww Algorithm no solve a mathematical problem plug it in to computers and everything else that goes along with it was a big help obviously don wrote if you don't know well well. At least we bring a history so you know what's going on but that out of the way let's Hanover to today's feature story all right. We only got three articles today. I know you're kind of disappointed. I kinda have to do the shortened version just for the sake of my own sanity. I can't clone myself Lis. He's calling myself soon lease octavius if you would sprout legs arm and a brain. You might actually be awful if I have a brain in arms. What are you talking org about You're not to post. I don't you tell me in your stuffed boom roasted so yeah if you guys are interested in articles mentioned in today's show head on over to tech news gadget dot net. Let's take a look at the college. Duty Mobile release date yeah well. It's official call of duty is coming to the IPHONE and android very soon activision and tencent announced the free to play a mobile version of its F PS franchise franchise will release on October first on the APP store in on Google play. It will support a variety of familiar multiplayer modes and maps along with its own battle royale mode. The watch will be worldwide in all countries that support disorders except mainland China Vietnam and Belgium. If you're interested you can pre preregister through the official site. That's duty DOT COM for flash mobile. The announcement came alongside a trailer showing the game in action cod mobile will include lots of the usual usual multiplayer modes team death match search and destroy and free for all along with popular maps like newtown crash in hijacked. You also unlock several familiar faces the series like soap Antonovich Alex Mason an video that goes along with the two but we won't be watching it while the next big P. C. N. console. Call of duty won't have a battle royale mode this mobile release will it will pick one hundred players against each other in a map specially designed for the mode you'll be able to play as Solos duos or quads and use a wide array of land sea and air vehicles. We are delivering the definitive first person action experience on mobile with signature call of duty game play in the palm of your hand said activision mobile. Vp Chris plummer. We are bringing together. Some of the best. The franchise has to offer including modern warfare maps like crash in crossfire. Oh you're black op maps like newtown hijack and many more in one ad vic title. We've tested a game extensively in select territories in the feedback. We've received as helpless refined the experience for knocked over. I launch meanwhile modern warfares also preparing for its own launcher knocked over in a second Beta test will soon be running if you are participating looks like you can net a shotgun for us in the game once it launches but obviously have to make sure you preordered or preregister something because otherwise. I just can go what shotgun I have no registry of you mean into Beta. We have what you guys think. Now comes the question the epic tossup do I play call of duty mobile on my phone or my GonNa play it modern warfare on a consulate computer where are all my friends if thr- on mobile one that might be a good choice for you if they're on a console the P. C. That might be a good choice for you as well obviously leads whichever you're most comfortable with but I guess if you're really wanting to play the battle royale mode in the latest version of duty. I didn't drink any water before the show started such probably why I'm kind of purged mountain. You know you're GONNA have to play Tamala version of it but if you just want to enjoy the classic call of Duty Marin warfare well modern warfare might be your best bet. So what do you guys think pink. Are you interested in the launch. You excited. Have you preordered. Are you registered you ready. Let me know down in Account Section love to hear and continue to conversation stationed there. I think you're in my thoughts comparison wise if I were to compare between modern warfare caller duty mobile all in terms of what game that I would play probably lean more towards modern warfare. I am a PC gamer. The most I will ever extend into in terms of console is very likely playstation. PS Four. I've played very few games on mobile in the ones that I do are obviously mobile friendly and built for mobile so I don't. I don't do first person. Shooter Games just weird. I can't good luck trying to have me figure out all the buttons and what to do. They're in play decent enough to survive but estes where my thoughts are. You might think differently and if so that's fine. I'd love to hear your comments as I said before. Let me know down into comments all right gadget lookers. We got the ultra wide curved display courtesy of each piece here. If you guys actually want to see what this monitor looks like you're going to have to head on over to YouTube dot com for tech news gadget. 'cause you most likely listening via the podcast at fine of most of you. Do I do as well. I listen all my I showed the podcast that I enjoy and then if I'm interested in like a video portion from from a show that I like listening to usually they have a a youtube video that goes along with it but HP watches their S. four thirty C forty three point four inch ultra wide curved curved display guys. This is one display. This isn't like split up into two sections. This isn't two monitors squished together along with their new elite dragonfly notebook today. HP is rolling out its first ultra wide curved display which is being aimed at replacing dual display setups used by business customers the S. Four thirty C curved ultra-wide monitor both a sizable forty three point four inch diagnosis in his late out any thirty to buy ten aspect aspect ratio or three to ten Harry site with an ultra wide four K. resolution meanwhile with its roots firmly in the business of HP's lineup. The company is also outfitting the Monitor senator with a bevy of business focus features such as docking capabilities and a pop up Webcam with get this. I are sensors now no kidding here's a front aren't view of that monitor internally the HP S. Four Thirty C curved ultra-wide monitor uses a forty three point four inch via panel which offers eight thirty eight forty by twelve twelve hundred resolution framed in a eighteen hundred are curve to monitor offers a Max brightness of three hundred and fifty minutes three thousand one contrast ratio if five millisecond G. GP response time in seven one seventy degree by one seventy degree horizontal vertical viewing angles sixty three frustrate anna top things off the screen also also has anti-glare coating seen as this isn't a video focused monitor HP sticking just covering the SRGB color gamut ninety nine percent and which is the primary car space used by office and productivity applications so I think the idea here is a guys why have to monitor displays when you can. I just have one on screen. You know what I'm saying so here's how it looks like from the back in terms of connectivity. They have a display one one point two input each team. I two point. Oh in two USB type C inputs allowing the monitor to be connected to virtually any PC both USB ports can deliver up to eighty five watts of power to their host laptops meaning to monitor can charge even higher performance fifteen point six inch machines those USB ports birds also feed the monitors built in USB hub giving monitor four downstream USB type a port so extra features include a pop-up the full hd Webcam with I are sensors for windows. Hello as well as two microphones display also supports. HP's device bridge technology which allows the user to who controlled two PC's at the same time on a split screen without a dedicated KVM throat ad in there just in case you weren't paying attention like other monitors four professionals each p. s. four thirty comes with a stand that can adjust height and tilt meanwhile. HP will also offer a vesa mount adapter for those who need it it. You're interested the sale begins November ninth. Take a wild guess. At how much does monitors retailing for nope got it wrong nine nine hundred and ninety nine dollars versus some other monitor the we looking at here. I mean think about it if I were to buy. I two monitors easily. Send your thing probably get pretty darn close. This would just be like hey one monitor boom done roasted and you get a couple other perks. They go along with it so ADIGA. There's there's all that information for you. If you guys are interested pretty cool got admitted but keep in mind if you're interested in gaming with this and you really want to see all of the full gamut to has offer probably probably than your monitor for gaming purposes is more like business in productivity type things where you need a large enough screen to have a large enough instead set of two monitors you have large screen you can just put stuff all over the place and adjust accordingly to however you have your working conditions set up so yeah that about covers it in small split is doing. I swear if this fouls keeps acting up. I'M GONNA yell at it. I love technology screaming. I don't king saying I don't speak of the devil. Batman is coming fortnight. According to data miners is our last article for today some Gaming News you guys by the way if I happen to miss something that you want mentioned on the show. Let me know on twitter at Tech News Gadget. I try to cover as much information as best as possible but if there's something specific you want me to keep an ear out for let me know if you've been listening long enough you kind of know where my interest y but I don't mind keeping an eye out for something that might be of interest do so according to article leaked images found any latest fortnight updates suggested Batman his gear in is POWs are on the way to the bowery out game. A set of six images were uploaded to the fortnight four-night Battle Royale this morning images with others saying more staples and Norway as well these include this cape grapple gun battering new gliders any new spooky gap him map Here's some photos of that whole thing this looks interesting grabbed. Nilgun and you can pull yourself towards the target location and then deploy the bat capital something and then the exposed the battering homes in on players in sticks to walls explodes. If it detects enemies in proximity Lou juicy juicy other other fortnight watchers say the update has three encrypted skins to male one female leading to speculation. Perhaps that the dark night we'll be joined by the back girl girl and the joker now. They've obviously reached out to epic games to see if they want to spill the beans. Early is made join a game before the week is out keep in mind. September twenty first. Yes is Saturday is Batman Day worldwide. Yes really if if you don't know it really should be paying attention. You Know World National Bank mandates which will see the bat signal wedding several major cities as part of DC comics yearlong celebration of the eightieth anniversary of the caped Crusaders Debut Fortnight Battle Royale has done several other big time promos this year including a limited time mode for John Chapter three pair of Belgium's premier back in May a partnership with Nike Jordan brand later that month and a crossover with board three in advance of that game September thirteenth launch so this isn't entirely add a question and usually the weeks that are coming at least from the people who are doing the digging into usually usually pan out fairly accurately enough so excited about Batman is may they just get me back into wanting to play a game or two especially the explosive battering. That's what most interested in it hones in on players in sticks to walls. Ill exploded detects enemies in proximity to it looks like it's overtaking that that goes down Annette one-sided map is going to be bad veal so yes indeed exciting that much I will say and with that that wraps up this episode of Lace Intech News thanks for tuning in new episodes every weekday and techniques can be found on every major platform including apple cool spotify Google Youtube sicher overcast in more joy this episode I did that I had to do it. Just let us know by clicking at like one and end by leaving a comment if you're watching today youtube if you're listening via the podcast let us know with a review out on apple podcasts or whatever APP you are listening. Don't forget to share this episode with your friend and double check that you are subscribe so that you don't miss the next episode. I'm your host telemetric. Remember for lace in Tech Gadget and gaming news detect news gadget dot net pretty much keeping US guys. Ansi you on the flip side. Bet Me No.

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