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Full Show (Mark Wahlberg joins, Dak + Jerry, Brady's future, Dez Bryant, LeBron/Giannis, Chase Young)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed. We're live from la. I'm Jenny tapped skip. Bayless and Shannon. Sharpe it is Friday. Good morning everyone thinking about my partner last night about watching all this fast forties at the combine and I. I remember that time you ran for eight from Dallas cowboys. Four eight. That's me you know what you need to stop. Disseminating information that's untrue. Speed is not right not four eight. Yeah no all. That's the that's the genie. Please don't repeat that you know repetition repetition of untruth doesn't make it okay. We don't WanNa know what I would get running so we have so much to get to. Today Does Lebron have a shot catching jaanus in the MVP Veggie? We leave King. Plus excited about this patriots. Superfan Mark Walberg later. He's going to discuss where he thinks. Tom Brady is going to end up. Is He staying? Is he leaving New England but I we do have to talk about the cowboys? The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the contract offered Dak Prescott back in September included. Thirty three million a year with one hundred million in guaranteed money one team source said that it would help. Dak If he contacted the Jones family himself instead of letting his agent handle things and yesterday Jerry said the deal is more than just Dak. Take a listen. This is a deal that Ultimately I have to do and I'm We'll have to When I say do I have to sign the check? So it's got to fit and it has to fit a lot of things and For me this is not about that. It's about the team and about how win. And that's not being In any way negative I think the world of DAG but It's about the team and if it's If it doesn't feel right it won't all right. Shannon should make the call to Jerry. No that's why you have. You know that got rid of his original agent inside with a company Youtube guys know very well see a he went and got taught Fran for this very reason so in other words and you say what they're doing dares good Cook Jerry in these owners. What they'll do they'll put it out there for some of these media guys to go do it so in other words that. Why don't you call Jerry Yourself? Let him take advantage of you because Jerry used to doing hundreds of million dollar deals. Dak is not representative. So that's like me having a lawyer as Shanna. Why you don't get rid of your lawyer. Egypt go to the court by yourself really. Somebody trained a prosecutor or another attorney. Go ahead here. We shouldn't sharp this unqualified to do this. Would I got representation? I wish I might do that. Ginny Komo stop this skill. I think after you hear Jerry Jones you feel it is good you before your dealer get done but I told you I am not skip I told you from the beginning that this was about Carson Wentz in Jared Goff. There's no way inhale was those two guys sign that that was gonNA sign behind them and take less money okay. And that's where we are. I do not believe I don't believe you believe that. Khalil Mack is a better player than Aaron Donald but he got more money than Aaron Donald because he signed after Aaron Donald Dak Prescott us in hold on these guys said okay. They got they got one hundred eight guarantee one got one twelve guarantee average about thirty for thirty two and a half thirty three million. You want me to take thirty two hundred MIL. You would've left and what they got so in other words you won't meet CA- they're advancing the football so in other words if I take this contract. I going backward. Age is going to be upset or the players are going to be upset. Because we're trying to. You know we keep trying to push this. Thank Board Cadillac. The stock market. We wanted to keep climbing. We don't ever want to have to have a sell off. No no Jerry player. Jerry's lead horrible Macadamia somebody say how you tell Jerry Jones. You'd always harder Taylor Jerry Jones. No that would do it right. Ask You tell him. No this is what is going to take to get his side. They'll need no forty million but I'm not taking less guaranteed money. I'm not taking less money than Jerry. Golfing Carson Winston. That's not going to happen because it's not about because maybe if you signed before them that one hundred million dollar guarantees that looks good but I'm signing that not knowing what these two guys in my draft class guy now I want just admitted division titles Carson might have a better win loss record been carson. Wentz does so. I can't take less and Jerry. You know trying to play hardball. Now he's back. Did He. Back into chair? He like you know I gotTa do this deal. I don't mean to sound negative what you're signing. If it doesn't feel right it won't happen. I got I have a responsibility to my salary cap. I and that Chris got Ta Francis. If it doesn't feel right we won't do won't we won't happen okay some skill. Something's going to have to give now. It seems like this tag. If Bruin this franchise tag bruin is right around the corner. 'cause they're going to have to make decision next week coming right down and I both know Aaron not letting hit the open market. So they're going to tag it if already. Bad Blood see is best when things are like this Jerry. Don't say anything don't say is best not to even say anything so just let it go skip it. You keep saying what he's making all these millions of dollars off the drew brees is the highest paid. Football player endorsed the sixteen million. Tom Brady of at twelve million. We look this up Stephen. I stayed up all night. Russ Aaron Rodgers at nine all BJ. Five Matt Ryan is at Five Saquon. Barkley that four and a half. I don't buy any of that. I think I'm sorry. How do you know nobody discloses any of this? This guy's twelve national. Tv contracts were. I'm sorry you can't tell me he's making under three million dollars out. Twelve deals it's too. I'm just big so let me ask a question. Do you believe Lebron James is making fifty? Plus million of Roger Federer's doing fifty million endorsements probably way more than that. That's what I would think. Okay it's hard to know. Everybody always writes about they. Don't disclose your guessing on that one all seeing well how'd you? How'd you GONNA say fifty million? Why not say one hundred million if you go to disclose the number because somebody put that out there. I believe somebody in the cowboys camp. Put that out there so if we put that out there guess what Jimmy. The fans say that you make it fifty million you cannot give Jerry or discount. Oh here we go now. I'm going to draw my considerable Dallas Cowboy historical knowledge. I'M GONNA go back to the teams. I covered through the nineteen nineties the cowboy dynasty. That should've won. Like five straight super bowls and we're going to get to the reason they didn't in just a moment because it has to do with Jerry in his ego and his temper. Okay so what? What was the mantra in the locker room of the nineteen nineties cowboys? Nine Hundred Ninety S. This is Michael Irvin. Emmett Troy Company. Those two specially the mantra was if you got contract issues make the call Jerry. Jones to me is the biggest pushover owner in sports. Maybe in sports history. If you make the call and I get what you said I'm GonNa get to the principle of what you're saying about ca but they decided that they all realize the breakthrough in any negotiation with Jerry. Would not come agent Jerry or agent to Stephen Jones. It would come player to Jerry so my classic anecdote was one Tuesday off day. I just happened to be walking through the foyer at the front entrance to the cowboy facility. Not The locker room entrance. And I bump into remember Nate Newton. I do and nate. Newton was this. Usfl excuse me usfl cast off fat kid who almost couldn't make the team his first year. Who transformed his body into a dominating pro bowl offensive guard? He was a dominator work and it was time for him to get paid and I saw him walk in the front door. The facility I said what are you doing here on Tuesday? He said I'm going up to see Mr Jones and I said Oh you mean daddy and he winked at me like Yup. The next thing I knew two days later it was announced. Nate got paid big because he went in appeal to daddy again. Jerry views himself as daddy to all those players who will play up to him. You have to break the ice and come to him. You have to play to his daddy ego okay so it just kept happening. Michael Irvin could just play daddy and just turning in circles when it came to contracts emit tried to challenge daddy and cost two games. They lost the first game but then it was Emmett who broke the ice and he got in touch with Jerry and said let's do. Let's figure this out right okay. So it's making the call then. We have a long history more recent. Romo. He didn't make the call he just about lived with Daddy. You know like he was a son so you keeps bringing up the Romo deal. It was outrageous what he did. He made him the highest highest paid player fifty-five guaranteeing he had earned it. No maybe if the box office because he was a roller coaster ride every Sunday. You didn't know what you're GonNa get from me. Would he throw four touchdown passes or throw one to Denver to end the game against Peyton through five like five hundred dollars a day? There you go. And then we had this series of demarcus. Ware was back in that day. Nell Sean Lee. Made the call demarcus. Lawrence really made the call and got one hundred million dollars a year and we came all the way up to Zeke. Remember Z. Came back from Kabo and made the call when it looked like he was gonna stay in Kabul for a couple of games. A of real games. Okay so my point is this is one way to go but you have to swallow your pride and you have to tell your agent to back off. I got this. I'm going to try this way to break the brass right right okay. So again you're represented by CA. I'm represented by Seattle. Great Company can't believe in it. We trust it. And Sodas Dak Prescott so his attitude. I'm guessing right now as I changed agents and went to see if there's a reason for this very reason because they're really good at what they do you know so I'm GonNa Trust them to do what they do. We talked about it last. Just Give Anthony. Davis did what he changed. Agents go to clubs for a reason skip. You're not changing agents just because yeah do change boy berry specific reason. That was a connection reason to get to the lack of that. Chris got could've went with he could've went to a lot of different ages. He came here for reason. Okay so now we get back to what is going on in the big picture. Yesterday was the first report of any number. I told you on the show yesterday. I don't know one number from either side until the Dallas Morning News last night did report that way back in September. The offer that sat on the table untouched. By back in tha right. Todd was a thirty three million dollar average but there was they were going back and forth the two camps for fighting over exactly how much guaranteed got offered somewhere around one hundred and your man. Carson Wentz had already gotten one. Oh eight guarantee this is the Gary. Yes right okay. So the thirty three was still pretty good because it was the fifth highest average in the League right. Because you got Russell Wilson. Thirty five minute. Thirty four Golf and Aaron Rodgers at thirty three point five so it was. It was decent ride. It wasn't insulting but you could argue that if it's around one hundred guaranteed. You could argue. That's an insult when Carson wentz Scott and that's and that's what we thought the guarantee you what I'm looking for so again there's an x factor still missing in. It's the Todd France X. Factor. We still have no idea. How much is he asking for? They are dug in at. What do they want forty five? I don't know I don't know that. Do they want forty to do? They want a number that if you really knew what their number was that they will not budge from even Shannon Sharpe might say you know what that's just that's just out of bounds. That's I believe. Skip the guarantee is the holding point about all that other stuff about you okay. Let's say says okay I give you. I know you WANNA be the first forty million forty dollars quarterback okay. I do five years two hundred million. That's forty million. What are the guarantees? What good is two hundred million paper? If I'm only going to give you sixty million guaranteed enough. I don't know. Are they asking? For a hundred and twenty-five guaranteed are they asking for money that even Shannon Sharpe would say? That's just unrealistic for what he's accomplished no because knowing that the CAP has gone up thirty percents back into the League and this this this is going to go up again. So that's going to be an average of ten fifteen hundred dollars a year. Moving KIP flipside. I know Jerry all too well against spent hundreds of hours around him as I wrote three books on the cowboys and he was involved in all three of them heavily. What did I learn about Jerry? He can be the biggest pushover owner if you play to his ego his daddy ego but if you cross this man he might have the worst temper I've ever seen. I'm talking about a terror of a temper that once it goes over the edge it cannot be. It can't be constrained backing at rain back in. So what did we see? We saw Jimmy Johnson. Cross him at an owner's meeting in Tampa and Jerry. Because he wouldn't toast when Jerry proposed a toast at a table of cowboy coaches. Jerry just slammed his beer down or whatever drink it was and stormed out and went back to the hotel and saw to Dallas reporters at the hotel bar and call them over and announced to them in anger knee-jerk Anger. I'm going to fire Jimmy Johnson. Who had just won two super bowl back back to back super bowls would is that ever happened in the histories league. Will it ever happen again? You will not doubt I mean I guess it could but I doubt it. It was out of sheer raw anger. The had built up over a year. So maybe a couple of years of Jimmy Insulting Jerry saying. Get Out of the football operation in front of coaches staffer right okay. That's the guy you have to be careful because if you push him the wrong way he's liable to do anything he's liable to to say let's trade back and let's go get Brady. Let's do if push comes to shove. He was shoved back. And what did he do to bill? Parcells for cells in that last year did go nine and seven and they did make the playoffs and Romo of all people did bobble the snap. Seattle riot so they had actually made the playoffs since Nineteen ninety-five is pretty good for the Dallas Cowboy right right and he fired him because they were clashing over. Terrel OWENS MOSTLY RIGHT. Yep Okay so you can see. There are two big men with big Egos Jimmy Johnson. And Bill parcells to all time great coaches and he fired both of them because of temper. Because you can't cross that man you can play up to him but you can't cross. Look at what. He's gone through in his life and a man that's overcome what he's overcome having with his mom scituate audit this guy. I I believe Dakyns wide differently than Michael in Amit. And some of these other guys doc is his own man and Dak says look I hired represented representation for a reason now skip. I am not going to talk. Because here's the thing. Yeah those guys talk to them. But what could they have gotten if they have someone that's qualified to do the offer? I don't know because I look at these deals and saw at the time as really pro player. Yes seriously you know doing my thing. My thing is is looking at it like okay you come to me with this after after. I already saw with one hundred and again all right into your pending golf. Can we got one twenty one thirteen? I'm mad he did. What if I told you from the START I love the most about Dak Prescott? His football care right is back bone his guts his playmaking just just his intangibles. What he's made of they're all operating right against Jerry. Because he's the one quarterback in cowboys history. Who kept an arms list? He doesn't seem to buddy up to jerry because he wants to be the voice of the locker right. He doesn't WanNa look like a Jerry talking. That ain't that yeah or somebody you can't trust. No you can trust this guy. Because he's not close to Jerry agrees not Jerry's is in business blessing and a curse for Jerry because Jerry is held on some players that he should've let go a long time ago but he had gotten so close. He views him as the very thing that you said like there. His kids like I came. You know no matter. What for the most part I mean? Obviously there are certain situation but for most part. It's getting skip it hard for a parent to jettison the child and death Jay View Jay us if player. Jay want to go out with a drink. You'll have them over Hugo he. He'll drink with him. But you gotTa have a fight the differences between a and I believe coach. Belichick is that coach. Belichick realizes that they're gonNA come a time And I'm going to have to part ways with you. That's what coach true you guys. That's how dare intew would win win. Great players are having or retiring or you have a trade him. You would have to release them. Tear the lot owner than head coach. I guarantee you better check a loved one night asleep about what transpired with Tom. Brady and what did I tell you? Friends had always told me over the last ten years that he was always sort of surprised and amused. Bell check wooden socialize with him at all in the auto wouldn't play golf with him. Wouldn't have dinner with because arms link got just in case. I gotta be the general if I have to make a decision in battle. I don't WanNa Love You. Right makes it clouds your judgement. Yeah David David had to get punished for very reason skill. He said Bethsheba Guy Yeah he had to get punished. Reason why you don't have. How of Messing with subordinates? Okay cloud their judgment and so jerry. If like call Jerry. Jerry indicted like I don't Wanna I don't WanNa Cross that line. I feel my plate has called Jerry for me. These two division titles rookie of the year this winter skip. He's forty. He won forty games in his first four years of pretty damn good well in his four years. He's won the second. Most Games to the guy and momentarily Fox gas deals. That's gotTa be worth something right. Yeah that's gotTa be worth something back to the endorsements and we're disagreeing over. How much but he does have twelve that I know of national. Tv commercials for him. I believe that has served as something of a safety net. Because you're not making very much money though but at least we talk about the three hundred thousand dollar players who who are going to vote yes. Sorta CBA well. They need the money right but right now that can say. I make chicken feed money for playing quarterback but because I am this I do get this so I got a backup right okay. So that's his safety net for Jerry. That has become a road block in the negotiations. Because he's using that against him saying you. GotTa give me a little. America's team discount because you're playing that for me I am. I don't think I don't think that's fair because it's not like these these companies. These markers are cutting check. He's having to work for that he'd have what he's having to do. Appearances do commercials. Yeah so for the soul I would. I would hate for Fox to use against me which you know. You got these speaking engagements now. You need to cut your cuddle some flags. You know what I'm starting to think you should. I'm prepping all night when we say. Yeah it sounds man. You know allies liberalizes. Koci here but anyway look I get it. You Know Jerry saying if it doesn't fit you know it's got to work. I think Jerry. Jerry is trying to show strength into situation like that. I'm not budget. Yeah and todd. France index is okay. There's a reason why we hadn't talked since September. Because it was Stephen Skill. That kept the bag we thought they were kind of negotiating behind the scene but Stevens said they will were. They weren't we. Were kind of where we were at okay. So this is just me my two cents from a distance if Dak Prescott called me this afternoon and asked me. What would you do in my position? I would say as much as I love and believe in CB in cer. I would make the call because I believe the heavens would open and you would get more money this way playing to his ego the daddy ego than if you continue to to play hard ball with him. He played hearts. Just won't fair-market skip holiday again? I don't know how hard the ball is on the other side. But how about this here? Let's start with more guaranteed money than golf got because I'm signing out the goal. That's the way it goes. You know. That's how we go is not about this because we both know Tom Brady. Should've been making thirty million dollars years ago. All right with what he was making Tom Brady. Tom Brady's but this is all Tom. Brady's false killed because everybody said look with. Tom Is doing it in New England. A look what they're doing so everybody automatically assume that everybody should take a discount. No nine super bowl six vic. Yes but you know. Sometimes I'm I have to wrap my head around. We're talking about one hundred million dollars. Guaranteed Verse One Hundred Eight. Which I know. It's a quarterback quarterbacks game but that is a lot of money questions when it comes to doing these mega million dollar deal hundred million dollar deal. How many times do you think Jerry called a company? Or He has his agent negotiating on his behalf. Why does Jerry Jones not what he needs to get done? Why did he go meet personally? He have representation. Okay but Jerry's a super salesman and I I can promise you. He's made some calls to people. He's negotiating with an appeal to them from the Jerry the super-salesman perspective and gotten things done on the phone. We're usually in. I'm going to again. My final thought is if that called me this afternoon I would also say on the flip side Jimmy Johnson. I would remind him that if you push this man too far. He's liable to do anything including just cutting you just letting you go do that. Because I guarantee you Dak Prescott on the open market if I'm if I'M DYING. I'm like I'm not calling you jerry. I got nothing to say you talk guitar France and if I've resigned I'll talk to you as much as I won't relieve me. I guarantee you gotta get more than one hundred million dollars guaranteed open market. You believe he gets that an open markets killed. I don't think he could get much more than that. That would be somewhere in that ballpark. I don't I don't think he could get much more than what's been offers hotel. You're the one who gave him fs every Sunday. There'd be a groundswell of people out there who just don't even believe in. How many twenty six-year-old free agent quarterback? Have we ever seen hit the market? That was not damaged. I even drew brees. Do read. Couldn't get what he deserved because of the show you right. Yeah it's Peyton Manning peyton manning had no injury history and hit the open market yet. He got twenty almost twenty million and couldn't brought them all but ten yards. Can you imagine what he would have got him? He was healthy. I got saved. Mcdonagh going to get that thirty and you know they overpay. Everybody overpays the free agency so he better be careful. Tom Brady might be making older. Let it make it go. New England Z. World was focused on Indianapolis yesterday during the NFL. Combine the wide receiver group participated in the forty yard. Dash that included Alabama's rugs putting up an impressive four to seven time. Michael Urban was quick to point out that sometimes too much speed can hurt players. Take a listen. You give a cornerback in inkling that you'll breaking down or take you two minutes steps. He's closing on that ball so quickly. It's all about control. Those skies have to learn how to run FASSULO under control. You know it's funny. Look around and Inishke lunches ruled. We never seen a guy in there. That ran a four three with the goal. Jackie you know and I know we put a lot emphasis on speed out here. But there's no one in that really had a four three that has earned a gold jacket right. It is interesting Shannon. Deserve another point does skip skip. You could run fast and then you can play fast. Those are two different things and people. Don't think people really understand that Jerry. Rice did not run fast. Shannon Sharpe didn't run fast. Steve largest didn't run fast but they play fast. Running rows skip is all about creating separation is getting in and out of breaks and what Michael is talking about. Is like when you're a when you're fast in order for you to get unless you're running a go route? Which is there more outs and comebacks than go routes in the playbook so what Michael is saying is that when you run something other than go route and you have to decelerate to get out of that break. He said he's GonNa Close. He's GonNa drive on the football if he's seen okay. You starting to chop because get nobody roads go route chopping. So he's GonNa Drive on the ball. He see you break it down. Would you what we call putting the blink on earth and get out of that break? Yup they're coming so if you can't play. Uk dropped your hips and get out of that breaking hurry. You got no chance. I don't care how fast you are because you gotta realize. Db's skip. They get paid McDonald's to run his pants backward as you do forward so they're really good. They're the best athletes on the field and I love the play wide receiver with the tight end but the DB's those guys are better athletes. So Michael is absolutely right. Candidate got transition. Can't he fit something up because as I said before there are more? There's only one go- route but there's a lot of things that you can do up to go round but if you can't sell that's giving you can't drop your Hilton. Get in and out of that break now. Now they're you know. Obviously it's hard for me to believe. Give Their Bob. Hayes didn't run three. He wanted to go metal in the damage in the nineteen sixty Olympic Randy. More sixty four county ready moss but for the most part. Now what we're seeing is that it will. Michael came out and when I came out. Skip guys didn't leave for eight weeks. Go to these camps in. La in Texas employer and this train specifically to learn how to run forty. You're right yes. But here's the thing guys. That are fast. I mean you could take a guy that runs fast and teaching technique and you can get him to four for. You can't get a guy that runs five flat and teach them to run four bore. No so either your fast faster. You're not now. Technique is working. Help you run a little faster. You can go from four three with the proper. Take me but if you fight for that you're not coming down because see that's NFL. That's what he likes you. Okay see if you fast. I can teach you how to run. Routes I teach you how to catch the ball in focus more. I could do drills like that either. You faster you. North Carolina heightened basketball skip. I can teach you how to dribble and set picks and all that. I can't teach how to be seven foot. If you can't do that so mike is absolutely right. I mean we put so much emphasis on speed. Oh Oh yeah. Yeah he wrote. How many times does this? How many times is roads going to get an opportunity to open up in us? Four to seven will he better be able to drop his hip? Because when you run that faith is just like any cards gift. You start going two hundred miles. An hour is going to take you longer to slow down now. Then me going fifty miles an hour. So that's the difference the deceleration and you're GONNA tip defensive bikes off and they're gonNA drive on you and you fall at two children. I was at that speed up. Nobody do anything. Gifts come lull. Yes the next thing you know you know what you need. I ran a four six seven. Do you know who has the longest playoff touchdowns from scrimmage in NFL history? Oh six seven Chez Chez both IRA bow to a report three eight zero both audible cowboys the Iran for eight for them using the cowboys missed. I don't gobble admits that all this here you know takes. Graham started all of this Combi oven. Forty gillibrand rescued meal. Just find a mate. So you're good so over the last ten years I've come to love watching the combine. It's great and they put it on Prioriti- Tom. Finally in I was hooked like I was hooked and I watched the whole thing and I couldn't stop what there's NBA on. And I couldn't stop watching the combine. It's just a track meet and it's fun but it doesn't translate into what's going to happen on the football field. No because John Ross still holds the record after last night. Thanks to rugs having a little shaky. I haven't seen very many guys. They complain about four to seven but he seemed to be upset that he'll report only so easy the second when he was really trying Jordan he was kind of side to side. Lost some time that way but look John. Ross has had a few moments over his three years with the bengals but he's been beat up and hurt and he's not transcendent. Not Changing the game. No okay so let's go back to. I knew pretty. Well Bullet Bob Hayes. Who started all of this because he won the hundred meter dash at the Olympic but he had played football at Florida. Jacksonville Florida right okay. So the cowboys draft him in the seventh round because everybody said he's just a track and they start throwing him bombs Don Meredith. The Great Don Meredith is just bombs away to bullet Bob in sixty five sixty six when he makes his. I do pro bowls. I will remind everybody. He's going up against a lot of white cornerback. Half of them were still white and it was a complete mismatch because remember bullet Bob in ran a sixty yard dash in five to eight. So if I'm doing a little algebra formula backwards that means his forty would have been under four yards three eight hundred three nine. Yes okay. That'd be the all time. So it's it's a joke. Yes yes and he was six feet one hundred and eighty seven appropriate huge four hundred meters. Look at Chris Tacoma. Kristen Coleman wave one fifty five hundred sixty okay. So that broke the mold. Yes but in general I have found over the years that while speed thrills. It often kills the receiver where it restricts them for all the reasons that you talked about. Because we've seen the freaks Randy Moss all-time free right He. He's six four two six four to ten drafted but he ran four to five. That's that's absurd. Yeah okay so he was the greatest ever to me and we saw two other freaks we saw. Julio and Calvin Johnson and they're huge men especially Calvin Johnson at six to six. I'm sorry six five six five seven four three. It's sick what he was doing. But but both Julio and Calvin didn't have that killer intangibles Julio dozen were they just dominate you you know that that will kill sort of thing on the field okay. So now we get to the goat. You bring up Jerry Rice. He ran four seven. The cowboys passed on him because he ran for seven eight. Now he's the goat. Go to me. My Goat is Michael. I've told you I would take him just on intangibles and killer will over the goat Jerry. Rice Michael ran for five to right. Okay so what's going on here what's going on is who's the best receiver in football right. Now Michael Thomas Right. Who's the offensive player of the right? He just set the record for single season catches when forty four forty one K. He almost ran four six four five. Seven that impressment. That's why he fell down to mid second round. All Right. Should he have gone the top ten? Yeah I didn't know what they know loudly. Yes okay so how does he do it he does it? Because he's he's a big he's six three to twelve. He runs with power and control. Yes and he has physical strength to snatch it the way you did it your position. Where if it's GONNA get your catch radius? It's GonNa Stop Shea. Sharp from catching the football in once. He snatches it he can turn on you and you're going to have a hard time getting him on the ground right but he can stop start. Stop Start yet he can. He can set you up and come out of a break quickly. Amari cooper the Odell Beckham Junior. Skip to go back to you Bob Hayes. Bobby should have been the first hall of fame. You know why. Because before every before Bob Hayes everybody play man to man it would Bob Hayes that force them to go everybody to go zone. Because he just ran by everybody he did revolutionize okay but it took him. He retired in seventy five. It took thirty four years for him to get in the hall as a senior. Can't right now field issue with a Buddy? You know we still. They're saying off-the-field shouldn't have anything to do with but but he had to go to prison. General right okay. But the point was that when Michael saying there's not a four three guy in the hall Bob is. He's not with US anymore. But he's he's in the hall. He's not at the niche key luncheon. He's in the hall. He we feel very comfortable saying the fastest hall of Famer that we have in our book that build up feel very comfortable and say I would agree does tyreek. He'll have a shot at being in the hall of fame. Maybe maybe maybe okay. So He's another freak to me right. He's a smaller man. At what does he like? Five ten one one eighty five so that you know five ten one eight hundred five. He ran for two eight at a West Alabama. Pro-death four to eight okay. He's he's just like scary fat. Yes yes and he's pretty pretty good. He did actually run routes right skit remember when he first. Let's think about him when he first got into the League to where he is now. He wasn't this Polish receiver he's taught himself how to run routes something other than deep routes. Now they have been running dig out. They have him running over out. There have been running things other than just posting goals. But he taught himself that right. Yup Okay but think about what's around him. This always helps around him as a tight end. You almost have to double cover it right. Yes and around in you've added Sammy. Watkins who can run and me call who can fly. Nicole ran four to eight. You read where. He ran at the combine. I don't know if he ran is Jordan. Pro Day I think four three or four three four last year because he got from a Paris hunter. I think that's his name from Ohio State. Yeah with so mature the Fassulo Campbell. Parents can but that's okay so again. Tyreek has the advantage of weapons everywhere where you can't focus on him every play which which gives him an advantage. The way I keep telling you I believe Jerry. Judy had a huge advantage. Todd mcshay at. Espn is calling this class of Alabama receivers the greatest group of receivers in college football history. Because you saw rugs can do judy and four four five last night and Devante Smith went back and Jalen. Waddell is still there and they're gonNA be high picked. Yes okay so does that not take some focus off Jerry? Judy's not give you a CH- give him more of a chance to get open because he don't play he's GonNa play a space. You can't double everybody and I think the big that forty four remember in the Super Bowl Skip. It was tyreek. He'll speed because they thought he was going to take it across the field and now he builds it back on the seven out or the sale and now he's wide open. It was because of his speed. That scares everybody in my homeboy. Got Away with throwing punt headed to the land. He says I can't hold it anymore. Here goals you know what he's trying to catch guy you know could've made that play. I could've caught. That could seriously okay. So the point is that if you're surrounded by weapons it might make you better than than you actually are. Solo took tyreek and put him with the Patriots last year. I don't know if he could have been quite successful you could you? Could you could calm him down. Rife with lots more you. Because he's going to get the job well bell check did to tyreek. He took him out. Yeah but skip. Look for me for the combines skip. The combine should offer confirmation to what you've seen on tape. Okay scare when I look at rugs when I see him ruin. He should be. I think watching not man this. He's fast okay. Let me see what he runs. Yeah okay he ran four to seven he the ten a little half or ten temperature eleven agent standing long jump scale. Even a guy doesn't roy up if he's standing long jumps say almost eleven feet he vertical over forty inches that joke with explosive and he can fly because the-there's explosiveness if you explosive can that's why we had to slam dunk competition. My colleague almost always wanted. Because what did he do to try to athlete? So when you look at these that's all I want. I want the tape. The show me confirmation now if I if I look at him on tape and he's made digital fast. He does a run pass now. I need to go talk to him somewhere nervous. Or you're under the what's going on. I'M GONNA go back and watch tape but the tape said you were faster than what you just ring. Yeah now that's not going to be the end all be all because I'm putting seventy five eighty percent of my stock in what I see. This guy doing take the combat should be confirmation skilled. If you fast you run fast if you look a explosive you hot you jump far. That's what it should be if you look strong off the deepest line with and we're by the quarterback. I could care less if I could care less about a receiver bench because first of all the guy on the bench him up off you you WanNa you WANNA be skinny. You don't WanNa give him this. You want to give him that. Yeah little target is possible. So that's all the combat should offer is confirmation to what you see no tape. Now you go to the Combi it all of a sudden you see a guy playing like a slow go tape watching fast might Moolah okay you get exactly what you deserve through. It'll be all but so fun to watch entertaining get enough of guy down the NFL field which tracks bikes and tight zone Z. Reports come out this week. The Talk Radio is preparing to not return to the Patriots yesterday. Kurt Warner said Brady should be careful when considering leaving where he has spent his twenty year. Career Warner said that leaving familiar organization so late in a career can be very challenging also said Brady going to the rumor. Chargers raiders would be hard since he'd have to face. Patrick mahomes twice a year. So Shannon what would you do? I want you to think about this if you were Tom. Brady right now. Remember ten year Denver. Seven pro bowls for first team. All pro won two super bowls and I had to go to Baltimore because at some point in time you can only tolerate so much disrespect. Okay I knew where it was over. We're playing the Kansas City chiefs. And we're we're we're the twenty one personnel which is two bags and one tight end and all the sudden. I see Byron Chamberlain comes in normally. When another tied incomes their skill I go to the tiger position they call into barren chaiman comes in he comes in huddle. He's a Shannon. Go to what. Why means that the tide I normally go to the tiger position? Yeah which the week tidying. Yeah they call Solo right three twenty two while stick you look at the. Why is the decoy? Could share the sharp decoy. It's almost like pitch skip. I never forget we look at Kobe. Data that I say they never pinch here between Ricky. They never pinch hit for Barry Bonds. I don't ever do that again. That's what I knew. My time in Denver was up. Okay we had more games to go but I knew my time with up being skip. It was over okay. I don't think Tom Brady got replied. No but I'm saying the just the disrespect hold on all these years for fifteen years. I'll give you discount if the discount discount discount and still you try to replace me with Jimmy Garoppolo and still had skill. What would stop in there? This past season from extending him two years all they gave him with eight million dollars so basically it was a one year deal was so tom is like hold on all he got return issue. Can't tag me right. You wait a minute. How much disrespect am I going to tolerate? I keep telling you? The greater the player of the athlete is the bigger bigger Vigo and deprived. That guy skipped Tom Brady. Might not show it and you let God but skill when Ba would ask coach Belichick about Tom Brady plan a good game. He would say yeah. Tom Play Great. But we have a lot of other guys liberate. Why domain it ain't nobody asked you about them other guys but coach would go out of his way to mentioned those other guys would is a blessing and a curse because nobody greater than anybody else because they say skip coach. Belichick will will correct or chastised. Tom Brady in front of everybody. Say Look I play fourteen years. I never heard of head coach chastise even the lowest level of quarterback let alone. John elway or Tom Brady remember when Jim. Mora we talk pay. Medical does five interceptions. That press conference playoffs playoffs. What happened to him down to the seasons get they got up out of CO pay medicine. It's eight I. I can tolerate a certain amount of CO go back. Pain said about the coach would he's yellow. Skip incurred is absolutely right. It's Kinda get comfortable. You know what to expect. You know the schedule you know the the travel route everybody locker room you know and then all of a sudden you go. There was different. It was different going on in Denver for ten years and then go into Baltimore for two. Things are different. People know what Tom Brady accomplished. Six Super Bowl the nine a super bowl appearances get. What do they do without going about? They knew what Shannon Sharpe Denver. Can you do that for us? Can you give us a little bit of that? And that's people don't WANNA see Tom. Can you what? How does this time still have lifted? Tom Believe he has taken out full. He's still got pleaded with the other guys in the locker room that he's going into going to want to see that skip is tough. I mean talk if top the league and I believe Tom Brady is like Ma'am disrespect. You basically disrespected me for the last decade and so you know what you think you can win the Super Bowl without me. I'm GonNa give you that opportunity okay. So obviously as I've been saying for a year now. These two giants the quarterback in the coach have each earned the right to prove they can go win a super bowl without the other. So that's about to happen as we both agreed for a long long time on this show. This is not news to us but it was news to me. That Kurt Warner made these points number. One he said man. I wouldn't leave New England because it's too hard to change a culture on the fly in time to win a super bowl if you just have two years left to do it. So let's do the hypothetical. Let's take the LA chargers which would be in the Division with Patrick Mahomes k? First of all. I do not believe Tom. Brady's afraid of Patrick Mahomes I. I definitely don't think he's afraid of the Kansas City defense. I don't think he is if he decided. The chargers were the perfect landing spot for a while but could he with now limited. Ota's even more limited training camp time. Could he turn the chargers into Patriots West? In a fairly short time it took to get right on track to win this next year. A Super Bowl. It would be pretty hard to deal with. It was skipped the thing that the broncos were able to do with peyton yeah. They turned everything over the hill. They paint determined good. One pain did to Tokyo. Peyton set up the or we. Okay what we're GONNA do in the walk through. This is what we will do practice wise. If Tom is Tom Willing to take on that kind of responsibilities gets paid and go to the swing into it took one year so he when he got in two thousand twelve and lost. It was great. Yes yes all right. Two years to get to super bowl that they got annihilated. Okay got it okay so back to Tom. Brady also made the point. The Path would be easier in the. Nfc RIGHT NOW. Because they're too many good quarterbacks emerging in the AFC okay. I'll give you that much. Which brings me to the other side but before we leave the AFC. The titans are the radius made for Tom Culture Wise. Yes because even though it's Nashville which is a booming town. Maybe it's not Tom and gels but but it is. You have a Rabl in place. If who who? Actually he not only does he. Nobel checks culture. He lived it just right so he's in a decade any play a decade Donald. So he's instilled in installed the culture already so it's ready made for him to walk in the door. You wouldn't have a culture problem right right okay. So you've got that going unless you WANNA look at the NFC with the easier path. And I'M GONNA say this one more time as much as I wouldn't mind seeing him two years with my cowboys. The ultimate goal for Tom Brady the ultimate match of quarterback team the fairy tale story. The story book ending would be. Tom Goes home to the forty nine. Right well why wouldn't they cut bait with Jimmy G? That clearly collar. Shanahan has not bought completely into. He had lots of Nice moments but in the biggest moments in the playoffs they took the ball out of his hands until the fourth quarter when it was too late at the Super Bowl and then they tried to put it back in his hands. And you know the rest of the store okay. So Tom grew up in San Mateo. Right right there in the shadow of candle. Dansk okay but a forty niner fan so he would love to play for a team. Is it not on the verge of winning super? They won that Super Bowl. If he'd been the quarterback right okay. So they can get out from under. Garoppolo very easily. They don't owe that much cap hit on just releasing him if they wanted to or you could try to trade him but he's still scheduled three more years to make twenty five million a year right that too rich. For your blood is is that overpaying Jimmy now. That's that's maybe not a whole lot of money for a quarterback that you believe that is a franchise quarterback top tier. But if you just cut him which you could do I soon bell check would take them back. I don't know that for for fact. But maybe you just sort of swap quarterbacks or maybe if bill likes that salary structure enough you just flip it back for the to remember. It was just a second round. Pick all right. Maybe you could say okay. We'll give him back to you for two and even Steven Right Right. Yes okay. So what make most since for me is for Tom? Brady to make the call to my to John Lynch or or to call Shanahan whichever and try to figure out if that would be a fit again the the NFC is the easier path. But but there's no wide open job because Jimmy's their Dacca's obviously in Dallas they could break could come open but the has a lot of open jobs. Titans you know. It's a hill. But you could. Certainly colts would be a possibility raiders. That they don't have an incumbent who's locked in as the starter of all the places that. I know Tennessee with DIG Henry and the running game but I think the best place for him. I Still Sandy. I think they're offensive line. They got solid running game. They got ty healed and fifty plus million and they can go get him another weapon who knows. Go Get Mark Amari Cooper. They don't tag them all right. He's going to be available with. Ty He'll go get your Defensive Guy. Yeah my only problem with that in the biggest picture is it's Payton's town the House that Payton Bill you WANNA walk into his shadow to injure career. I don't know imply pain. India Joe Walsh and John Elway. She had wanted and beloved about fact he's still lives in different skill either like they always do things together spoofs. They seem to have a good relationship. I think you do because like tiger gravitated gravitated towards Jordan because only Jordan knew what it was like to live. That lights true Brady Payton. They know what it's like to live to be the face of the league I to be an MVP to be win super bowl to be the gap and guess. What Peyton left indy? We thought it was a little thinkable. Skip we'd like no way. You still believe that Jim. Mercy made the wrong decision. Getting rid of of what had fallen into his lap was number two there to be very interesting skills. They didn't get the number one pick. They got the third pig or they had. The therapist is not like basketball. You got the best record. What do you do then? Okay to quarterbacks off the board now what you do. Do you still release them? Even though you're going to say he's Never GonNa be and say Tom Brady and or his wife see themselves as Indie kind of people. I don't know how it's a tough job. I WanNa hold the trophy. I want the race. Is Tom Brady is not a marathon. Tom Brady is not A. UT Disney's all out sprint. How soon can I get to get the victory lane and old Jordan has been gaining? Buzz around the combine loves playmaking skills have been what's caught the eye of NFL scouts. And if they'll networks bucky brooks also believes that the recent success of African American quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have helped raise the stock of Jordan. Love so Shannon do but it's just not those guys give you look at if we get back down to its give we look at it this year. Really the guys that were in MVP discussion. Yeah Lamar one. But mahomes Russell Wilson to Shawn Watson. Yeah Dak Prescott for number of yet so what we're starting to see scale because we've had other guys win the MVP quarterback Steve McNair. If I'm not mistaken was the first He he he would peyton manning and Cam Newton. But we've never seen this. Many black quarterbacks laid this wail at this particular tire and so now what the NFL Copycat League? They got what he do it. Well it'd be getting me. Let me get one completely agree. Because we saw a run on young coaches. Yeah Oh he thirty two he doing that. Let me give me a thirty one year old. Yeah so the League GonNa copy if you have success doing something you best believe if they find out what you did they go to copy it. And that's what we're starting to see this kid. I watched that. He has a big arm. He can flat uproar skip. He can throw the football and he's in. What is automatically? It's like if you if you play quarterback you black you mobile even if you can't buy led by mobile you you you could say day everybody. That's black tape saying but they automatically just the assumption that it is get in so I just think the thing with the way the space on the field and and the defensive guys are getting more athletic. You probably need quarterbacks dollar a little bit more athletic sure not to say that. You can't win doing it like Tom. Brady. And Peyton and breeze but more times than not what we're starting to see now is that guys are starting to move even the white quarterback starting to see Josh Allen. We saw tanny. He'll guys can move the station. There guys just basically pro from the pocket those. We're starting to see that that's Joe Borough can move. Oh Yeah you own that. Four down at cliff uncanny move as Alabama Kenny move. 'cause he absolutely can't but I think so. I think we're starting to see. Is that you know for the reason. They took like a black quarterback got early on if he didn't have success. I told you can do it now. We're starting to see five. Six seven guys have success. Pay Joy love if some of that benefit he certainly is and should so as you know. I've been fascinated by the rise and the success of the black quarterback because I was right in the middle of the first one who went in the first round. Doug Williams respite a week with him when I used to work for the L. A. Times back in seventies week with grambling ahead of that draft. I've always told you. The story called one prominent. Gm AT THE TIME. Who told me that? The black quarterback doesn't have the mental capacity to play in our league in Doug Williams went seventeenth overall. Which was breakthrough on hers? To go the Tampa. It was unheard of and he eventually as we all know was the first black quarterback to win a super bowl. God bless him and here. We went in. The door started to crack open. And then then it starts to swing open red. And just for the record for those who've lost touch. We have had five black. Quarterbacks go number one overall starting our man. Michael Vick in two thousand one and we got Jamison CA. I mean sorry Jamarcus. Russell obviously didn't work out but he went. He couldn't run. Either Cam and Jameson Kyle. Aggressive five pretty good right but then if we go back to. The nineties started seeing these breakthroughs. Because Steve McNair went third overall five out. How Foreign Coast as you mentioned from grambling. Wasn't it from being big? Fcc School and we had Akili. Smith go third overall and we had Andrei where seventh overall Donovan. With second Donovan went second overall. That was he third or second. You're right good and I can just go on and on and then lately we just had this big run into Sean homeboy all. So it's not unusual to see them. Go Hi Vince Young. Rg Three but what threw me a curve? What what knocked us back in time. What set us back was here comes. Lamar and I guess we have to pin it mostly on Bill Polian and I'm not trying to put him on on the hot seat again but it was his gut feeling that. Lamarche play receive right. And we're like what do you see what he just the numbers he put out okay and there were probably a few others. I chimed in. Yeah he's probably more suited to play another position and in it. Threw me a little curb all even this year. That a guy I love jalen hurts so I thought looked really good last night and ran even better than I thought he rode because he he's not fast which run on he's more pay like Levian Levy right with power in patients but the point is I was reading things earlier this week where Jalen was having to defend himself. No I don't WANNA play another play. Quarterback got another position. Okay let's give they automatically assume if you're black and he let he can he can easily switch. It has done Menzel switch. I mean you can argue. They've asked Haysom Hill. Yes which yes. I don't know maybe do in. Tibo got a little bit of. Would you play a hybrid? Lamar Jackson through four with thirty five. Th over three to five hundred yards rushed for fifteen hundred one. Two heisman had a better year his junior year that his sophomore year. Somebody did that skill. Somebody put up those. No those heisman trophy winning numbers. He did that at least give him an opportunity. It's like Harris went. I play with Haret's Wayne skip. He got drafted as a defensive line with Tampa will he didn't cut it on that side of the ball off his line and he played thirteen fourteen years in the league. At least give me an opportunity and if I fail give me the give me a decision which is not really working out for you on this side of the Ball Light Lane. Johnson lay with the defensive linemen and he said what kind of woodworking asked me to move all about trying to been there ever saying which brings us back to Jordan love. I'll be the first to admit I watch zero Jordan love games last year. Why because he? He had a new coach with a completely new supporting cast. He lost a bunch of starters and they were pretty awful right and he had an awful year by his standards of the previous year. He was twenty touchdowns. Seventeen interceptions would know rush touchdowns the year before he had thirty two to six touchdowns interceptions with seven rush. Td's and they went eleven and to a quiet eleven into but all of a sudden last night on NFL network. There's a runaway train. That Jordan love could be Patrick Malls that he has that kind of special ability. He's been talking this week about. Yeah I accept. The comparison and their teams are asking me. Do I see some homes myself? Because he's got those capabilities and is an athlete. The big arm and he can move around right and if we didn't think ship it wasn't until like the last three or four game that we thought Patrick was home. We knew he can move but we always thought yep he's moving out of the pocket to throw the ball down the field what we saw in the visual in the championship game. No He's moving to get I down because he led the team in Russia and even early also get. They started out the super bowl with him running the football they did so. We just go so we didn't see that this kid is this kid. Six four out the Mahomes is hoping would have maybe six three. Maybe he he by the hall. He looked solid skip. He might be in the two thirty five ish. I was GONNA say to forty he. He's solid Go back and look at the tape and I get. It skipped his sophomore year. He was a junior year. When you came out coming out early you look at that okay. He played unbelievable in a system that he was familiar with. They bring in a new system. Yeah but I'm GonNa look at the tape. I'm watching my talk to him and get him on the board I skip. He got the MOM talent. Now bucky brooks who does a really good job and I have a high respect for. He's moving him up to twelfth year. First Round Wow like Mel kiper. Todd mcshay don't have him on in the first round right. Yeah it sounds like he will be. Yeah let's give. I'm watching him. Throw that out of the house and watching the time and how to ball just jumps out of his hand. He got talent got talent but a lot but jalen hurts. Give his kind of like Lamar. I'm not I believe. Jalen hurts complaint but you'd have to structure system that that like what they did for Lamar. Now if you think he's GonNa come in and ruined inconvenient offense. That's not happening. His arm is better than you think. Yes in he is a play maker. He is the leader of your franchise. He has extremely high football character in. He's such a cagey veteran. Sort of patient runner. He will make yards the best thing that ever happened to him skip. That took over. He got to go to Oklahoma. He's not he wasn't going to be photo of like he's now planning. Alabama system point took over that office and it was impressive. What he did there in the amount of time and just his respect among teammates and he goes maybe into first round or early Sunday somewhere. You'd think about what has now. Jalen hurts headgear. Judy you had all these receivers that you see. And he didn't so it would take a him going to Oklahoma throw. Yeah it helped to have. Cd LAMB eighty four five. Doing Dez Bryant has made it very clear that he wants to make a comeback and still believes that he would quote. Do Damage and the cowboys offense last week as worked out with Patrick Mahomes and when asked about desk potentially returning to Dallas Jerry. Jones had an interesting answer. Take a listen shower. Yeah I have been I have been. I'm not dismissing a maimed I don't want to sound like it should be dismissed by saying that I'm thinking about it. Can you see Jerry as just to skip bayless agree? 'cause I I remember this happened. They released goodbye. Good now quarterback still the very thing that you said with 'em in Michael in a targeted Daddy. This pick up the phone and called him. I believe he did I. I can see him talking himself into doing this. I also believe that Stephen Clay and at the time Jason Garrett I believe it was three against one this is we should move on from Jerry. I mean from our dance. Jerry did not want to do it. It's kill this. Is What Wilma clearly. The Guru whose draft if some of the most unbelievable players in cowboys history. This is what he said about this two years ago when he was released his inability to win one on one. His inability to win downfield inconsistency. This is prior to Achilles injury. This is two years ago true. So He's saying all of these two years ago so now after f. an Achilles injury he believed now can win one. Jerry believes he can win one what he can win consistently e can win down feel really. Wow skip if you remember one of the worst quarterback receiver connection with that. Today's back through almost fifty five to seventy percent of his interceptions when he was throwing the ball in dance direction. And you're gonNA bring us back for what it was. I didn't make it makes no sense to me but you know what I've come to realize it doesn't have to make sense to me. It has to make sense to one person. And he was sitting in that chair and says he thought about it. Where he's in the shower would j. You need to start taking bath there because you re used to with tablets. Our if you thinking about this skip. I Love Jerry Jones. I love to listen to Jerry Jones. Because he's completely unfiltered. He's passed the age of filtering now. He's to the point where he doesn't really care what he says about anything and they said. He sat in that chair talking to a media group yesterday for an hour and twenty minutes straight. So you're getting little snippets of what just spilled all over? So he called the governor that any real comfortable logged into say. I've thought about it. A lot in the shower is just so. It's so authentically Jerry. That's that's where he would. He just stand under the shower thinking and I must admit I've won a lot of debates in the shower. Getting Ready for the film. Is it dawns on rampant. If he goes there I'll just I'll wipe him out new. I'll wipe it out. I'll I'll just go there and it just dawned on me will the waters streaming down my face right in so jerry. I believe saw that video and I was more impressed than you were. Yes it sort of. Raise my eyebrows a little bit. He looked powerful to me. He looked like he was pushing off the Achilles side. Pretty purely like like it. Didn't I didn't see any any sort of misstep to it or like where? He was a little tentative on one side which happens sometimes. So was he ever fast. Wasn't ever blazing fast was just a jump ball catcher. Yes he was did he wreck Dak Prescott Sophomore Year in the NFL? Yes he did. Because every bad throw Dak made was a force throw to Dez Bryant and most of some of them went the other way as you remember Denver. Okay given all of the above. I could see where Jerry in I'm trying to. I'm trying to warm back up to this. I could see where if if Dez Bryant has humbled himself which is a huge shifts to the point that he would accept sort of the Jason Witten type role as the other tight end quote unquote the other possession receive. Let Blake Jar would be the speed tight end end. Dez would be the the underneath you know. He'd run the curls. He'd run the the quick possession round. You've got a guy that's faster and younger and cheaper Michael Gallup Than Day is okay but I'm not even came as a wideout anymore. Plato tiny this just possession. You can't block anybody. Yeah you understand skipped it takes a different mindset. I understand is like Calvin Johnson. Six five two thirty seven. But Calvin Johnson was not wired to play tight end. Julio's be who skipped. Julio is bigger than Julio Jones right now plays wide receiver at a heavier weight that I ever played tiny but his mind is not wired to do that. I got it down there playing tight end. I'm just talking about filling a role on an offense. I guess you'd lining up in the slot. Whatever you WANNA do. He's underneath because he's not running by anybody and I don't WanNa see any jump balls down the field to him. What WHAT DID PEOPLE SAY? Skilled there then playing the slot mainly lined up outside. You can only play because you couldn't move morale on bold is he humbled but is he humbled to the point. He would take the veteran minimum. Play for the Dallas Cowboys. They released day. Eighty without asking him to restructure his contract. Now they didn't go to. If you're supposed to make fifteen minutes but can you play? Can you do it for five million? They were done done done. I was done done but I'm talking about one last right. He's thirty one. Years of age is not thirty nine. He's thirty one. Jim Watson is a starting tied in for Tom Brady. This year at thirty nine years of skill is not like Ben. Benjamin Watson was ever thought of it's been Watson and I love being no. He was never thought of as the best tight end in football. There was a debate who the best wide receiver football. There was Julio days now. Julio is the fastest receiver to twelve thousand faster. Received eight hundred. Catch Hell that's where Julio is still is not like we eat man Julio's slowing down. Who led the League? If I'm not mistaken led the league second second receiving yards behind Mike Michael Thomas Skill. I don't give this make. This really makes no sense to mix up. All I know is what you think does not matter and what I think does not matter what does not matter. All that matters is he was standing in the shower. He's been staying in the shower thinking about it and he wanted you to know it. And I'd like to know what he wanted the world to know. I'm thinking about it because he's a shrewd operator and he is re planting the seeds. Because I think he's going to bring him back. I've glad that Jerry said this because now Steve is GonNa Change Jerry's number and there's not gonna be able to contact him anymore. No Stephen did. Jerry was talking today he like. Oh you've been nudist behind my back. Oh by the Change Your Number Day Jerry. You don't call him Jerry. I will probably does a desk. Probably called Jerry whereby to call the school kids called Jerry. Do Call Jerry. It's always been weird to me. But that's that's how they did it from the start. They did it when they're a little kids. Like not mistaken a Greek. He's called Him Jerry. Too. I goes war and got. I'm actually going to be in Dallas for this weekend off so let me get a pulse on the town on the mood on. Dez ON JERRY ON. Dak alike very upset when I come back on on resigned. I think you will at least be brought to camp and it will be under the auspices of let's see if he can make the. Let's see if he can prove well. He started his early. He said if I if I have Jason Witten type role I will tell Tyrian tomorrow though. I mean there's rape fascinating eight roundtable of MBA experts discussed what it would take for. The Brian Catch Jaanus in the MVP race and the answers ranged from needing to petition the League to include the playoffs or the award to Lebron is actually right on the heels of the Greek freak due to his impressive plus minus differential Bach Sports and media analyst. Crispus are joining us this morning but Shannon. Because we're talking about Lebron and you gotta look on your face. I'll start with you on catchy on his and win. And who would you be a kid? You're not in the front of the if you did. You know what I I gotta hear this. I love when people say they love analytics and they love third level stats until you get to the third level stats. And they don't support their argument. You know what I'm saying. Everybody says I want the truth but people don't really want the truth Chris because it would destroy their lugers. This illusion that all yacht if he's running away with this thing but you get the real plus minors and it within your teammates in the team. You're playing you're not even close. Lebron James has ten point two Yonathan seven point eight so the gap from Lebron on the court to Winnie Li to win. Janas court to win. He leaves clearly. I wouldn't even say this but I told Chris I'll camera. Our regularly routed to go I was figuring is stronger. I agree that was going to take the oath. What I'm talking about real quick on it. Would YOU BELIEVE GOLDEN STATE BY FIVE? Games has the worst record in all of basketball by five games. In how bad they throw. She's who I know exactly dynasty and now they're way worse like when you when you look at you look at the story. All season has been who has been what nobody saw this coming crew. Would you have Chris at forty seven? We into Lakers you would you. Oh I had them around fifty three same as you know all the route Pity has fifty six as you are down by Kansas. Forgive by he tried to give it to get to go to sixty. I asked him you know couple of weeks ago. You WanNa do six nine backed off. This is all revisionist up. Will you look at you? Look at Lebron his look. There's no way you know this is that Lebron. Does this team without. The books are playoff team without Yana. Now they might not be sixty games like they're going to wear they get close to seventy with it. You know goodwill's even with all this Lakers team. They're not going to the play. Offs not even called the agency. So I don't even know what the discussion heels seventy is over skill. I hear seventeen really has nothing. No twenty five and a half ten and a half ten point seven and eight on in the West because you took the Christmas television becoming on. He hit the East hearing aid. Now we in the West we the best in the West and the creek. Don't WanNa give me no look. Let me add before I. I'm GonNa Destroy Your argument. I love the Brian. I'm like this is just obvious. Milwaukee you said a playoff team in the West Without Janas. Are they a playoff team in the West without? Yanni's no okay take Davis and the rest of them without Lebron and put them in the East there a playoff team. You know that in fact they're fighting for home court advantage in the east. They definitely playoff times. They probably they probably like the Cleveland. Foresee because the four five against indy. Shout out to Lebron James. He truly is having a phenomenal year. I was talking with Steve. The researcher you know before I came on and we couldn't totally verify it but I feel I am ninety nine point nine percent. Sure this Lebron's going to lead the league in assists that no player ever in their seventeenth year has led the League in any significant category right right. So that's John Stockton Bleed all time leader. Who played like one thousand nine hundred twenty years later? His last year leading the League in assists with his twelfth year so this is truly phenomenal. You give him technically technically. Because we know he's played a lot of point guards as Holkar but technically switches to a new position so many years he would beat. Mvp But this case is just cut and dry number one. Janas has the better traditional stats. Twenty nine point seven points a game. The Lebron Twenty five in four fewer minutes a night mind you. Thirteen point seven rebounds to Lebron seven point seven. Lebron has got him in assist. John is still get your six assists. Lebron is highest higher field. Goal percentage the whole nine yards analytical analytics. Yanni's has the highest P. R. Player efficiency rating of all turning up thirty two point two of all time. We'll has the next two four single season Second Inter Jordan as the fourth and Lebron has the fifth and a different year. Lebron right now is ninth in the League. Npr second on his own team. So those are those are there's more analytics the real plus minus. So you got that. Then you got the fact that Jaanus is arguably in addition all too often this arguably the best defensive player in the League. The Best Defensive Player on the best team could win defensive player of the year. Then you got the team's success their pace to win seventy one games. The only two teams to win more than that. We know the the warriors in two thousand sixteen the Bulls in two thousand nine hundred ninety six the bulls had three hall of Famers Rodman Jordan and Pippen though the warriors had at least two in Clay Steph and probably draymond right. He'll probably end up get this year. Don't help him but you're probably get for the player of the year three titles. I'll tell you what a gold medal Whitney on that. Two Thousand Sixteen okay. So he's probably a hall of Fame Three Hall of famers. Then they're winning by twelve point two points a game. They're only two teams have won by more points per game. The seventy two lakers. Who won thirty three straight and had will jerry west and Gail Garage Three Hall of famers? Yeah then the seventy one Milwaukee Bucks who had Oscar Robertson and Kareem abdul-jabbar by this nude is doing it with Chris Middleton no no sadism Khris Middleton but he does not have a second superstar. Lebrons got a D. and Yanni's in audit teams in Chris Lane. He just made back all star teams. He's leading this league at forty four percent from the three point line. He is a second star but nobody gives him. He's a starless star. Nobody nobody even gives superstar. No okay okay. So I get to go star Star but come light. So there's an and this is the same argument that help Lebron win his two in. Vp's in Cleveland when they were sixty one games in sixty six games because he who was the sector Mo Williams you know so it was like he's doing it Kinda by himself. Mo- made all star teams with Lebron Derrick. Rose where he wanted and Chicago's loses second guy. He's Guy Alan. Iverson where he wanted with Philadelphia. Okay is the second so this is a formula. We've used. I've been voting for twenty five years. I'm sorry it's I think even you agree with me. Now it's just over. I mean okay I just jiggle. Give them my turn to break the tie. I give you this in. P. E. R. which is the ultimate test to me. I've got Janas running away with the all time best in. I got Lebron Eleven. I don't know what your style one to eleven. That's this yes right nat right here right now. That's a significant gap and I've got jaanus number one in the NBA and defensive wind shares. So when you're setting the all time record with your offensive production and your number one in defense. That's hard to fight okay. Well now my bottom line is I believe Lebron James will win the MVP real it is it always about heismans MVP's or storyline narratives narratives here. We go what happened with Janas last year. Everybody voted for him as the runaway. Mvp and he wins his first one and did he pay back all of his supporters. Who voted for him in the playoffs? He did not. He came up many many small he. They won the first two games against Toronto and they lost four straight and uttering want to bore you with the stats but his stats went into toilet. In the last four games they built the wall and he could not break through the wall. He showed a huge severe. Achilles heel of a weakness. He can't shoot it beyond eight or ten feet this year. He's trying to better that okay. So it was such a letdown off his first. Mvp season. I think in hearts of hearts of voters maybe not your heart. It's going to be hard to vote him aback. Tabacchi. Mvp which is a huge thing in NBA history. It's a big deal to go back to back Steph. Did IT Steve. Nash did okay all right so be careful with this because the Lebron story in your seventeen is a great one I give into that because Carl Malone one at age thirty five an MVP and he was slightly older than Lebron is when he was in his fourteenth so this is seventeenth season. And I give you this. He has been phenomenal given what I thought he would or wouldn't be. He has had a huge bounce back and he actually his early season campaign of Hashtag washed. King served him beautifully because it set everybody up for. I'm not the wash king. I'm just the king. I'm back right so did that purposely go the backlash from that became a Goodlatte. What you remember this. He kept showing them lowlights last theatre last year. But I'm saying well you look pretty washed. Your you know who the guy for the Knicks. That block the shot. Mario has one hundred over right so just for the record. This is a man who still Lebron. A lousy free throw shooter. And and no better than average. From three point fact he's below average in the rankings of three point beyond again he's supposed to be. He's a high volume three point shooter. So given that it you know it. It kills me that we're having this discussion but I'm giving into it because I know so many in the media love this man. They love what he does off the floor. They love him as the face. Not only the Lakers but of the NBA. They loved the speech that he gave two nights. Kobe past and all that together is fairy tale storybook narrative. So you ask. John is should win it. Well it Lebron it should. That was over in the Hayes in his barn. He's already done it but remember they have walk as the eighth hardest closing schedule. The Lakers have the nineteenth hardest. So I think Lebron can make a lot of hey down the stretch and you know the you know the voters I not voters. I don't think the voters will be swayed just about a story. I mean I think that's part of it when it's when things are close. I just don't think it's that close in again. I'd Lebron's clearly second. There's no doubt about that but I just I mean team. Success individuals that success both sides of the floor. What I got a little best offense in the best defense is hard work. I theoretically analytic when he's not the best off. It's you're GONNA use week. Chris thank you for being here. We actually gets over right. You made waves before the All star game when he didn't pick James Harden for his team because he wanted someone who would pass him the ball. We all remember when he said that. So hard and meanwhile be honest in the game while playing team Lebron but now the beard is firing bad when asked about the snub hardens this average more assists walker. I think I don't see what the joke is. I wish I could just run and be seven feet and just dunk like that. Takes no skill at all. I got to actually learn how to play basketball. How to have skill? I take that any day so Shannon inbounds or out of bounds for James to return the inbound and yeah that's here shot as well hard and should've said not only. Did he try to make light of James Harden? I WON'T SUV. Pass me the ball remember. They asked him after the game. What was your strategy going anybody? That James Harden guarding Goto. Yes so so skip. Wait a minute Jay said hold on wait now I WANNA MVP also I was all NBA player. I finished second three times in the. Mvp you talking about like. I'm a twelve guy. Yeah where the level of respect and I get it. You know normally superstar player. They might feel a certain way skip but they don't voice that Jay. What's to joke? You trying to say Kim walk it on my level really whatever you think about James Heart Ball Hog all. That is hard to argue. He's not one of the top player in NBA history. He probably taught two or three three or four. I always will take out of the equation. But you talk about your pets. They're not a whole lot of guys better than people will say Jordan Kobe. But he's in the mix so to translate Kimball Walker for yards to say. Oh Kemba Walker he no. I don't blame James. I'm not just keep letting you blatantly. Disrespect me. You May the light of it. Okay you you the cabinet people. You won't but then you're gonNA take it a step father just like you know. We're trying to win the game if we something that we like. We go to that but to say we were going to anybody. That Jane Horowitz Garden. That guy that you keep shooting at it with us back. No I am one thousand percent with you in one thousand percent against Jaanus because it wasn't one shot it was too. I thought the second shot was even worse than the fabulous because at least during the draft. We have seen Yana Struggle. And just go goofy like he loses track of where he is he's lost. He's got his notes but he seems to lose his place in his notes. Now that you think about it. He had an article that he'd like to play with superstars during the summer and then have to play with him seems to me. That's what he picked. He picked the lesser of the guys. Because he's like about it. He's picking the superstar player. He's getting the lesser of the guys. Well that's all. He did every picky mate. I wouldn't have made all the way home. And yet they did hang in the game and he played well in the game saw. Give him that but after the game you don't need to double down and take another shot at James Harden saying we were going to whoever he's really because listen. James is not the greatest defender but when he decides to play defense he can and will play defense and he will disrupt your offense and I'm going to point out. James Harden led this league in assists. Yes remember that. He led the League in assists. So don't disrespect him like that and don't pick Kimba over him and even put Kimbe in the same sense with James Harden. You hope your heart what you're saying like like I average more fifth Kemba Walker left the joke. What's the joke? This is a joke because for whatever you think about seven hundred dribbles a game or whatever it is. James Harden is the most revolutionary perimeter player in the history of the NBA. I Love Pete Mira Vich and a lot of people don't remember him and I can make a case he was. Maybe that was more in college than pro basketball but James has. Reinvented the way. The game is played on the perimeter because he invented a shot. Nobody even thought off a shot that if I tried to pull it off at age. Ten in church linked they would immediately called me for travel. Exactly because it's a travel but they they finally blessed it in they said okay. We'll we'll let you stop your dribble and take all that back and shoot it right right. And it's virtually unstoppable when he does it and now everybody's he did for the three point shot. Yes what steph curry did 'cause not everybody started shooting the threes Steph and now everybody's us to step back three step back three and you don't even have to jump shoot the stomach. You can just set shoot from the because you create space so quickly. They can't get they. Can't this right by you. Usually Dame you see Luca at Jason Tatum. Everybody shooting that shop. He did it. I did it I heat creates in this. So give him some respect and now the reigning. Mvp has taken back to back shots. I'm surprised he didn't go in a little harder because I hold on. Skip if you want to say Kim wasn't MVP at one point in time. Okay I got no problem with that were capable with an MVP to is not like he was making a decision between Russ in James Harden because both of those guys. Okay okay now. J. Can't be overly upset because Russ did lead league not the League but did average a triple double three consecutive rose did win the MVP Russ. I'm not mistaking has led the League in assists trying to choose between us. Luckily between James Harden and roskill. I'll give you that but you try to say Kimball. Walking James Harden Stop Clear Way to go James. That showed me aside. I haven't seen that side of him CA. A gift was killed. He came in a little box a little more. Each day came up for justice needed. The bottom talks about is during the game. He stays in his own comfort zone. Right above it all so nothing. Flusters our irritates or agitates him but this was premeditated. Come out of the box off the court where you're sitting down with Rachel Nichols so you you know going in if this comes up I'm GONNA fire back. I'm surprised my people did ask him about it earlier too. I agree but I think you know do you like hey. I'm just happy to be an all star. Yada Yada Yada but when you know he had time to sit down and think about it and it's a reoccurring thing because Charles Barkley. We were or do they want the dribbler and then. Janas unprompted now. Also WanNa go past the ball. What you lead the League in the series I mean if it was such a gratuitous Outta left-field shot bryce. They're not rivals. They play in the same conference. They don't fight it out year. No there's no there's no one on one sort of animosity arrive with John is one of the. Mvp last year. James Harm with second harvest finished. Run US three times but Y- people will not let you take continuous shots and not respond at some point in time no matter how bad they may be skipped. Even even yeah. I got it Chris. Milton was taking a shot. But it's it's the reigning MVP and he finally said okay. That's enough correct. Good they play again. Yes Jayhawk go off on Ohio state defensive end chase young. Turn some heads at the combine yesterday when he said he's the quote best player in the draft a claim that Joe Borough or to a tunnel may take issue with many expect the Washington redskins to take chase young number two overall in part because they already took a Qb in the first round last year in Dwayne Haskins so Shannon. See the best player in the draft. No he also turned his by not working out because a lot of people like hold on. Wait a minute if you what you say you are what you afraid. Yeah put that on display. Let's let's see. I understand quarterback scale because quarterback. You're throwing the receiver. You're unfamiliar with all you running doing bags. You're not familiar with bags. Come on no. I'm for me is hard for me to take a defensive lineman or defensive player over a a quarterback for the simple I wanNA got is GonNa score points. Yeah I'm not taking him over to. I'm not taking him up with Joe. Berle 'cause those guys put points on the board now. If you telling me this guy I apologize. If you tell me he's GonNa be Dion Sanders Reggie White Skip. I'm sorry but I don't see that so no I'm not taking him over to. I'm not so sure. He's better than Isaiah summits. We're GONNA FI. We're GONNA find out. Just how good Mr Young in his biggest games. I did not see. Lt did not see dominating. I didn't see enough strength and power. I saw quickness. I saw raw real quick twitch quickness. Yes where he was out kicking people who were inferior trying to block correct and remember that Ohio State Front is loaded with future. Nfl Big talent. So be careful. Because I don't think he's the game changer is even clown. I'm not sure he's cloudy is better than the Bozo brothers. I don't think so I don't think so because gold or just be better or can can dominate the bell. I mean I don't think anybody's obey redraft. If anybody GONNA take everybody's GonNa take over a collar know how one guy produce point killed. Yeah oh now. That's why more times than not the quarterback goals. I ran the clone known often back to mosquito. We are now joined by actor an huge Boston Sports Fan. Yeah good to have you make you for being here. You have a new movie coming out. Spencer confidential premiering on Netflix March. Six next week. So that's exciting. But we gotta ask you about Boston and Sports Fans I. I Love Boston but this movie set in Boston. How does it Kinda stand out compared to so many other Boston films for me? It's really brought everything. Full circle the The home that Alan Arkin character lives in is is twenty four Pepperell Street. I grew up on twenty five parallel streets shot. Who's sitting on my stoop everyday while shooting the movie Dorchester yeah right in Dorchester and the character Spencer. You know he was. There was a television show. This is based on the book series but every time we saw that series and every episode we would see in a part of our neighborhood that we recognize is the only time that we'd ever seen it on television so it's pretty iconic for the city of Boston and it's a guy who was a former cop who took on the police in corruption and now goes out to to you know fix injustice and fight for the The innocent people that are being wronged. And it's a great great character a lot of humor a lot of heart and For me to get to play. That character is pretty special so I was looking over your resume last night. Feels like you've lived about three lives in one need only forty eight. You're just sort of getting into your prime here when when you look back at all of this body of work. What are you proudest of? Is there a movie or a thing that you did or or even a big picture? I did that. What will I think turning around my life coming from twenty-five Pepperell Street ending up on twenty four shooting a movie there go and creating jobs and opportunity for other people in the community inspiring Intercity kids in at risk youth. That's pretty big deal. But when it comes to the work I was gravitates towards the true stories. You know being able to play professional athlete. The only way that seemed possible to get out of the neighborhood was through sports more becoming a cop or crooked Boston those options so to be able to play fighter to play football player to do all those things Those were were pretty amazing accomplishments. Very do did you know you always wanted to do movies? You had started out. Entertainment Music background. Did you know you wanted to do movie? You wanted to graduate from now. You know it was one of those things where again growing up in that little world other than seeing spence or the bring shop. We never knew anybody who left Boston and went on to going to the movies but I loved the movies. My Dad I was the youngest of nine mme was a truck driver and he would take me to the movies every day. When I was home. He'd sneak inish six pack of Schlitz and snacks off the truck because he delivered school lunches. And so I'd have a couple of packs Things in milk and some Oreos and we'd go in and watch movies and so. I Love the cinema. Graham watching Jimmy Cagney. John Garfield Robert Ryan really old school guys and I had huge appreciation for film. I didn't know it was possible until I met Penny Marshall and she cast me and my first movie and then after once I found film. I didn't want to do anything else. Of course. Yeah so to me you play one of the all-time great bad asses in any role you play in. It feels like you can sort of thrive off your your teenage bats days right. Can you sort of dredge that back? It's needs right there below the surface. I try to only tap it when it comes to my work but I think I think a huge advantage having a lot of real life experience that I could draw when I'm making these movies and also you know have the luxury of being able to access any information. I'm not afraid to go and study or find out whatever information. I need to play a role that maybe necessarily outside of my wheelhouse my comfort zone. But that's a huge advantage for me. Having that realized experience drawn favorite role was favorite. What's your favorite movie you've ever done You know I I would say I would have to be between the fighter and also a movie that I actually did this year. This coming next year called good Joe Bell which is also true story. Yeah yeah based on a guy who's from Oregon His son committed suicide succumb to bullying. He was gay and was bullied in La Grande Oregon and his dad. You know after being two months of laying in his room. Not knowing what to do with himself. Contemplating suicide himself decided to get up and walk across the country to raise awareness for Sunday would literally walking and talking to everybody that he met about equality and Acceptance and tolerance. You did get nominated for the departed. Boston movie. It's not clear your art. Oh it is absolutely. I mean you know again. My Dad who was a big film snob now when When I had all the success and you know the eight figure paydays and all that stuff. My Dad was not impressed but when I said you know they call them and say hey by the way I got nominated for an Oscar. Now you can call yourself an actor. And then he came and he came to the set to visit Jack Nicholson and that was. That was a big deal for him. So yes certainly certainly a big deal but after the real world of sports you're obviously very close with Tom. Brady huge Patriot. Fan Gut feeling. Stay or go. Obviously everybody would love to see him. Stay but I really. I really want to do whatever's best for Tom. I mean if he decides to go elsewhere so be it. He's brought us so much joy. And you know I mean six super bowls two plays away from eight super bowl championships. I mean what else can you ask for from a guy you know he's got to do what's best for him and his family three plays four plays away from. Yes yes so yeah that's great. Well you know But really it's like you know people like you call them. You ask him what he's doing. I'm like I just hope he's happy and healthy and does what's best for him. Is it true that somebody facetime you? When you were just out shopping beverly hills. This is right after they lost in. This woman comes up. And she's like here here. I'm like no. I got my phone to talk to their sheets. I'll say hi how you never say hi how you doing. He said your boys has done over. It's done they'll never be back there. It's a wrap I may or. May I am not going to confirm or deny that may or may not have happened but something like how you doing glad to mention how never asked how the wife and kids and it was crazy though because I get. I mean look I can understand. It's annoying how good they've been for the amount of time that they've been good like I cannot stand the Yankees. I don't care if the red sox make the play the Yankees. Don't I'm happy so I get that but at the same time again and with Tom and everything else? I just went to Laker game. And you know I'm friendly with Lebron in a D and Rondo and all these people so I love seeing everybody be successful okay You know but I do. You know I just got a little more or less than attack. Okay so your gut feeling know him the way you know him. What you're reading. The tea leaves is gone. I would I would think for legacy and everything else would be nice if he stayed with patriots for his entire career. But I really. I don't know I mean and then you'll signal from Tom that you know and not if if I see. Tom Are talked time. I just say. Hey how's how are you doing how his wife and kids? How's your dad more than your mom things of that nature? So what would happen if he did leave to the Patriots? Well what would be the immediate result of that? You know what I think. There'd be a lot of people that are devastated in New England. But you have to understand you know. How good would they be? Would they got you know what I mean. I have to figure out a way to move. I mean I think there is There's probably a lot of bill belichick. That was still hoping that Jimmy G. would be there and you know he's always ran up and thinking about the future and things of that nature but you know. Tom Stayed won another super bowl. And those things aren't as easy accomplishes people think if you could pick a landing spot for Tom. Where would you like to see finish if it comes to that? You HAVE EGOS elsewhere. Yeah he's definitely going to want to go somewhere. We can actually have a chance to win again. I don't think he's GonNa WanNa go somewhere where you can just get the payday because you can get the payday anywhere So maybe Tennessee variable. That could be interesting. chargers got a good team. Do them why would? Why wouldn't the Patriots ever give him market value? Why wouldn't they I? I understand you know like you can take less time but because you've been so great too because they could've easily signed him to an extension this year instead of just getting eight million dollars. They really wanted you more when they really want you on that project they really they really make sure they got appeal. It had a but but you know what I don't know maybe it's passed that I really don't know but I think I think they'll offer them the money off of money. I think it'd be crazy not to but they got to put the pieces around him. You know I would look like a shoe in for the Super Bowl. The beginning of the year turned into you know pretty dismal season. So do you believe Tom? Brady has a super bowl left in that tank at forty? What is he before to three start reading. He's got two more really good seasons. Yes in in in in the right organization you know with with with everything built around him absolutely. Let's change to professional basketball and let's stay in Boston. The Celtics are starting to click around Jason. Tatum's emergency says. The superstar got feeling on their shot to win the Eastern Conference these tough Toronto. I don't think philly really is going to be a factor but you know you got the honest and it's a I think. I think you see how they played the Lakers. I mean they blew him out at home. They Sh- I think they should have won that game in La and it's a couple couple of miss shots and a couple of bad calls dude away from winning that game but But it'd be interesting. I you know I think ultimately I think you Lebron getting in the playoffs and you know as long as the clippers on factor. They might be hard to beat. When it's all said and the clippers. He don't like the Clippers Eden. I like the clippers. I DOC rivers a lot. You know. He brought her into the Celtics. You can't hate on Doc. That's the crazy thing is now is you'd be. I've become friends with so many people that played for different teams and so many people that I'm friends with in different cities I also had the luxury of growing up a little bit like always took it personally and now when somebody left Wade boggs went to the Yankees but I understand. It's business. People have families have to do. What's best for them so it's easier now? I've had I've had the joy of had the celebrations of winning multiple times in every sport. You with my team. So you know it's like. I don't mind some spreading eleven little bit so could you see Boston Lakers finals? That would be awesome. I mean that would be awesome for the League. You know. It's so nice to see that robbery. It was amazing. How quickly the Lakers turned it around? I mean they hadn't gone to the playoffs for six years but it still seems like yesterday they were. They were on top. So you in L. A. You probably lived in. La Long lived in Boston. So they they they meet in the finals. Who you're going with. I I secretly want the lake. I mean the Celtics to win but I wouldn't be mad to see. Lebron went to cad when to see Rondo when again with another team. I mean they're pretty stacked they might as well go go. Jane's it's hard not only you. Well Mark I obviously been turned into a Laker Fan. Because he just can't help it. He live series. Been going to the Games. You took your Magic Johnson. Dear dear friend obviously coby was a dear dear friend. I mean I I was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And he's trying to give me a hard time by. Give me a Laker Jersey for my son because he knows that he also likes the Lakers. He gave me a magic Johnson. Jersey Magic's one of my best buddies. I mean I love magic. Know I took that juries. Ip But. I woke myself when I got home from the premier. I'll give him the Jersey did you. Yeah absolutely so there. Is this other team that he likes to say lives in the basement at Staples. You know they make them. Stay downstairs the clippers in you've been here so long you know. The clippers assured the stepchild. La Are they are loaded top bottom. They are deeper than the Lakers are. I'm not saying they have. They can match the two man star power at the top. But boy when you start going down and everything else I would. I would say not a chance but you saw did last year you know with the north I mean it was. It was remarkable what he was able to Hawaii. Paul George Williams mantras. You'll make keep going. I just I just wish. Golden state could have been healthy K. D's not hurt in clay's not hurt. Then we could see just how great quiet because I a you know what would have happened all definitely. I know I was rooting for the warriors for sure. I mean I love seeing you know. A dynasty being created in that kind of success. It's just fun to watch. So where were you on Lebron Jordan Goat? Oh well you Michael. You cannot conversation. Yeah now but it's not you can't have that conversation yet but it's not done like never lost in the finals. You know. He's six for six. I mean he is. You Got Michael Jordan. I mean is by far the greatest of all time. I mean he's had it all he does it all he just said hey glue he only wears George. He don't wear any other issue. What Jordan so he? He's got another issue. Michael Jordan. Ayovi you tell you tell you Lebron still has a chance to be in the conversation. I think the next if he does in the next three or four years if he goes wins three or four in a row breaks. All records breaks the scoring records. I mean they have those conversations people still trying to have conversations about Joe Montana order saying Aaron Rodgers who? I also like it's crazy. Why also being better than Tom Brady? I mean he's got six. I don't think argue you just say Jordan is undefeated in the finals? Joel undefeated in the Super Bowl so has not to go replace it though because it six to four is for the host. Mark pointed out if Eli didn't close. His eyes. The luckiest past history. I don't even mind I don't mind eighteen and one. That's the one that really hurts. That hurts that really hurt. I mean that was like and I knew a guy we played them. I think it was last. Game says only beaten by a field goal was like. Oh my God these guys again. This guy's just don't give up. They don't quit. And I got so many friends and me Pete Berg who's directed five and my moves including this one die hard giants fans. I mean that's the thing irks me more than Which also brought up there was some speculation that the giants would be interested in signing Brady. Which which I said. I just don't think he'd ever I? Would you like to be in New York? Yes but would he be an ally shadow the one you know his nemesis? How did they be shadow? I think be close to his house in Greenwich in forgot guys give he did. Get a house in Greenwich Harvard in Chelsea or somewhere also is still over. He's still kept that place. I don't know but I mean it's interesting you know it's like is one of those things where you know. I mean God you know you look at the more Jackson season or you know my home season and everybody's just talking Tom Brady. Yeah Yeah Pretty. Party is he. Now is that guy the best quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I think he's the best quarterback playing right. Now yes but I mean it's still early to say you know. I mean you know yet Aaron Rodgers. You know who's a fantastic quarterback but you know guys like Tom Brady? They seem to be there every year. It'd be interesting to see what the saints do. Easy homeboy right now. Marc pleasure talking all day. Thank you got here. It's a pleasure patriots. I really mean Spencer next year. Better accident that. I know that already really are the best on C. And believe it or not. A punter may have stolen the show at the combine yesterday Arizona. State's Michael Turk definitely. Turn some heads when he did a stunning twenty-five reps on the bench press which was better than twelve tight ends nine thousand nine linemen and thirty three of the wide receiver so Shannon. How amazed by this skit. He's a hero to combine hero. A buzz having gone to the combat in ninety. Skip when guys run impressive times. We'll be jumped you. Here's the buzz in the building to hero. Punter is not helping. Footballs with his arms. But that's very very impressive. He did more than two baby and cloudy. He's done more than some demarcus. Lawrence. Yes so. That's very impressive. And now he's going to go down in history he will be forever at to combat. I couldn't believe how fast he was reprimand. He was just blasting them out in. Here's what I've always said. You know how much I despise place-kicking always defend punters as a crucial part of the eliminate place kicking butt. Punters always different than kickers. Because kickers all come from mostly soccer background creek punters or very athletic because they have to catch the snap which can be higher and it's coming pretty fast and they have to be able to move and dog and Dodge and duck the block brakes and plus you also got an original punt. You can't punt the ball that ability for you. It's a very athletic thing. All the punters I've known in my many years in the business they were all good to very good athletes. So I wasn't shocked how strong he was like. Steve Weatherford. These New York to New York is the body real skip. His uncle man was upon and I think he went to a couple of pro bowls. So but that's very impressive. If you don't normally see partly because puertas scared about what do I need to be strong? What am I GONNA do? It's not like he half the play somebody out of bounds. But there's no reason except this is what he wants to do. You could tell he puts a lot of time in the weight room. Skip this is is something that he just showed up at. All of a sudden he put time in there and I'm not just saying just to come to the combat. He puts time when he was in college. He works at this now. He did in the the point. Is this doesn't equate to punning nor does like demarcus. Lawrence did twenty will. Does that mean? He's not strong no no. It doesn't equate to football strain. Most most of the guys that are great. They're not weight room strong. A great run got shame. Shame okay. We'll be back Monday thirty. Thank you for listening to the undisputed. Podcast I'm Jenny. Taft keep an eye out for the weekend edition of the podcast tomorrow morning. Featuring this week's best segments have a Great Week. Everyone one of one.

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