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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer tensions in the Persian Gulf have ratchet up another notch today with the Iranian downing of an unmanned US navy drone over the strait of Hormuz and bureau's. Pentagon. Correspondent Tom Bowman says the US claims the drone was in international airspace. The Pentagon is saying it was an unprovoked attack in an Iranian service to air missile from the Iranian mainland shutdown this large surveillance drone. It's a navy Global Hawk, which is forty six feet long has a wingspan of one hundred and thirty feet though. The Pentagon says it was an international waters in the strait of Hormuz and never traveled closer than twenty one miles off, Iran, our Iran, disputed that claim sang was picking up pieces of the drone just ten miles from its coast top administration officials and lawmakers were briefed at the White House today with the Pentagon, releasing a video showing the drone being down when asked about the shootdown today, President Trump called it quote. A big mistake, Alabama Republican, ROY Moore known for his defiance of federal courts is making a second run for the US Senate and bureau's. Debbie Elliott reports Moore was dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct when he lost to democrat Doug Jones two years ago twice. Ousted Alabama chief Justice, ROY Moore sounded confident announcing his campaign cannot win. Yes, I can win. Not only can I they know can't they being Republican party officials who have discouraged, Moore's candidacy, including Alabama Senator, Richard Shelby, and President Trump. More is not dissuaded. I'm not going against President Trump and all I support President Trump. I'll vote for President Trump, whether he votes from me or not. We'll see democrat Doug Jones beat more in a two thousand seventeen special election in a race dominated by accusations that Moore sought sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his thirties. Moore says the claims are false Debbie Elliott NPR news. Mury. The Justice department is charged a twenty one year old Syrian refugee with plotting to attack a church in Pittsburgh, then Perez Hannah L reports authorities say the man was inspired by ISIS and recorded a video pledging loyalty to one of its leaders. Prosecutors say Moustapha away, mar entered the United States as a refugee from Syria in two thousand sixteen. He was resettled in Pittsburgh, where he graduated from high school earlier this month. The FBI investigation began in April triggered by ISIS related messages, Alloway. Mar allegedly had posted on social media, according to court papers Alamar targeted a local church he gave a handwritten plan of attack in Google maps of the location to an undercover FBI agent. He took for a fellow ISIS supporter. Investigators say he also bought nails batteries and other items that could be used in bomb making Holloway Mars expected to make his first quarter appearance Friday. Hannah alum NPR news the Dow was up two hundred and forty nine points. This is NPR. US navy seal called by prosecutors to testify at the murder trial of a colleague, has acknowledged he killed a wounded prisoner in Iraq and what's being described as an act of mercy special operator. First class Cory Scott said today, he is fixated, the teenagers Lomb state fighter after special operations chief Edward Gallagher unexpectedly stabbed him a prosecutor accused Scott who received an immunity deal for his testimony of lying to protect Gallagher Scott at wanted to invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. But the judge rejected that instead granting him immunity, New Jersey, Senator Corey Booker has released a sweeping clemency plan he would institute on the first day of his presidency NPR's, Daniel Kurtz leben has more. The Booker campaign estimates that seventeen thousand non violent drug offenders, who are serving what Booker calls, quote unjust sentences could get clemency when major goal of the policy would be to diminish racial disparities in the criminal Justice system. Booker's proposal would not immediately. Release prisoners, but would instead start a process where they would be considered for release Booker has made criminal Justice reform, a central part of his presidential run, and he used the announcement as an opportunity to indirectly go on the offensive his campaign pointedly, contrast in this new policy with the nineteen ninety four crime Bill which former vice president, Joe Biden was instrumental in creating and passing many Democrats criticized that Bill today saying it contributed to mass incarceration. Danielle Kurtz, Lieven, NPR news. Futures prices closed higher mid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf oil up five point four percent to close at fifty six sixty five a barrel. I'm Jack Speer NPR news in Washington.

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