Mariners Play-By-Play Announcer Dave Sims on Perfect Games and No-Hitters, Home Run Calls, Griffey


Baseball tonight the PODCAST. This the baseball tonight podcasts or Monday may two thousand twenty producing from his Home Studios Beautiful Home Studio which he tweeted a picture of over the weekend Taylor swing. I'm buster only hosted the baseball tonight podcast and working for my home studio just north of New York City now today as we continue with broadcaster week from last week we'll be talking with Dave Sims. The play by play man for the Seattle Mariners. It'll be asking him about his signature. Home run calls nets conversations. Were also going to have with Sarah. Lines about the best signature home run calls in baseball. I The news and notes. Some good news for Ra Major League Baseball player and Manager Art. Howe was released from a hospital in Houston on Sunday after spending time in intensive care last week with the corona virus. He told multiple media. Let's in text relief back in my own bedroom. It's sweet it was five long days or so finally feeling a little bit better still not able to eat real good taste buds or giving me a hard time. It's just nice to be back home and hopefully continue to progress. Some of the proposed protocol key player safe as published over the weekend by Jeff PASSAN ON ESPN DOT COM. As he rode Major League baseball ambitious return to play plans during the corona virus pandemic include processing upward of ten thousand cove in nineteen tests per week overhauling stadiums in in game settings to encourage social distancing and rigorous rules intended to prevent the spread of Kobe nineteen. The protocol is more than sixty pages. Long from the Associated Press League baseball players they're prorated salaries would contribute to an average loss of six hundred and forty thousand dollars for each game over eighty two game season in empty ballpark's according to a presentation from the Commissioner's Office to the Union that was obtained by the Associated Press painting a picture of eighteen ten billion dollar industries. Shuttered by the contagion. The twelve page document entitled Economics Applying Without Fans in attendance in dated May. Twelfth was an initial step in negotiations aimed at starting the delayed season around the fourth of July. I wrote a column over. The weekend was published on Sunday on. Espn DOT COM. That I feel like the unions should think big picture right now. It has leveraged right in this moment and they should wrap any agreement for two thousand twenty into a new labor deal. Of course the current deal expires in December of two thousand twenty one and that New Labour Day would address player concerns about Free Agency Service Time Service time manipulation and tanking now Will be talking about that later in the week today as they say a lot of talk about broadcaster home run calls before we get to Dave Sims into Sarah. Today on ESPN daily Michael Jordan's relentless drive and work ethic are constant themes in the last dance right Thompson looks for the roots of that greatness in Jordan's family history in his upbringing that's ESPN daily. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast numbers. Game Lang reporter and a producer for MLB DOT com of how you doing. I'm doing you know and just we had some nice weather this weekend. You know that's something you know. We take what we can get these days right. Yeah it's absolutely beautiful up here. In the northeast it's supposed to be for the next few days So over the weekend Japan reported the exhausted protocol. Sixty seven pages that came from Major League Baseball sent to the Players Association. And I'm sure that for some players reading that it'll be somewhat daunting but my first thought when I read it. Was You know what to this point? A lot of the people who are involved in generating this or the doctors and the lawyers in everyone's GonNa feel like they need check every box and do their job. What do you think I just think? They're so many so many considerations and I think we see that from what we've heard and seen about different states trying to open up and everything else and obviously for a a world like Major League Baseball Micro Environment. Whatever it is they do have to consider everything. And I definitely think that's why you get lists that are exhausted like that. All right coming up. We're going to be talking with Dave Sims the play by play man for the Seattle Mariners. And I'M GONNA be asking him about his signature home run calls in other words the homerun calls it. He'll use repeatedly not like the the one that Joe Buck Jackpot cad when he called Kirk Gibson's home run in the nineteen hundred eight world series. Where he says. I cannot believe what I just saw. this is these are the calls that broadcasters make on a regular basis on home runs and I sent an email on Sunday evening about this and it got me. Going and thinking about you know the different homerun calls. They were here. And there's so many great ones and must be like John. Sterling needs to have a category. Holtom sell those individualized home run calls that he made Here's Dave Niehaus. The late mariners broadcaster with how he called Grand Slams. Give a lesson and now the right hander said. Here's to pitch to Edgar Swung on this year. Anthony the Yankees. Here's Hawk Harrelson's Homerun call volume high and even less than feel strikes stinks back he jumps. You can put it. Oh here's our friend Wayne Kuyper and I love the power in his home. Run Call and Sarah I know. You'll like Gary Cohen. Some run call on the midst broadcast What are some of those home? Run CALLS AT JUMP TO MIND for you. Yes the first one I thought was doing kuypers. And maybe it's because I was catching up on the PODCASTS. This weekend so I was just hearing his voice he was talking to you and todd. But that's the one that likes sticks out to me the most for whatever reason. Maybe it's almost that I've heard Gary Cohen so many times that I'm so used to but that he hits it high it's a deep it out of here and what you're saying about that power. I mean I I think of that all the time some other ones other than those ones. We just listened to another one that came to mind to me Pretty quickly was and I got to hear it live. I will say that but I know it and I looked it up and I've listened to it so many times is Jack. Brickhouse for the cubs. Because you've got the hey. Hey on the owls there. And that's how I learned about. It was the first time I went to Wrigley Field and I saw that and I was like why I need to look up why it says that on the foul call so I love that one go absolutely when I was a kid The the Monday night baseball games were called by the PIRATES ANNOUNCER. Bob Prince so I'm eleven twelve years old and I am pitching whippable to myself because we lived in the middle of nowhere in Vermont and there were no their kids around so I pitched myself with a ball and I tried to hit this. Hit whipple's over chicken wire when I could I would get home. Run calls a Bob Prints. Did I'm not going to try to replicate but along the lines of you can kiss that one goodbye and all my God. My older sister she actually caught me on an audiotape. Doing that and I paid so much money for her not to release it to the rest of my family. My older sister is evil with that. You know having that home. Run call in her back pocket. I I've been trying to figure out whether or not we should rank these Sarah. Maybe I can double back with you and ask you for your top five next Monday or something like that but on the other hand it's almost like trying to compare Michael Jordan. Lebron like it almost diminishes both of them to have that conversation. Yeah honestly going through them you know last night and this morning trying to figure out some other ones to talk about their also great you know and fans are always saying Oh. I don't like this one. I don't like that one and that's usually coming from. Oh that's my team's rival. I don't WanNa hear that one right. I WanNa see that highlight but I just feel like there are so many and that's local broadcast. Another one that came to mind for me was our friend. Matty Vima scourging with the Santa Maria you know which he does on Sunday baseball. And there's one specific homerun. I'm sure you remember it from last year. It was you guys were in Colorado in early April. And Cody bellinger. Hit this monster shot and we were just starting to see what kind of season cody bellinger was going to have you at this big home. Run to right field and I just started laughing as Mattie was saying it and like. That's my signature Santamaria from him so I was thinking of that one too. You know what I'm going to have to get him on the podcast with you next Monday. And I'll make him pick the top five like his favorite is his favorite tough five. You're right about fans and how some of them turn them off Like Hawk Harrelson. I love his home run call. I've always loved that. You know you put it on the board and you'll hear you'll hear players When we're in clubhouses in the early afternoon and there's the white sox game on or has been on and he makes that call the players will give the Hawk Harrelson call. I think they appreciate that but you know thank you for your inspiration Matt Gershon. He'll be on the clock next Monday. If I can wrangle them into joining US I love it. I love it. This is so much fun. You now it's just like a whole other side of the game. I think we could do an hour. Long podcast on this. We won't we won't do that to people but there's just so many and it's just so much fun to listen to them. You know. I love the audio part of the game. No doubt about it all right Sarah. Thanks for doing this awesome. Thank you so much about. There is the play by play man on Seattle Mariners Games for root sports northwest. Dave has a lot of stories and I can't wait to hear him. Thanks for helping to distract us. Thank you I tell you what the phillies mutual. Let me tell you. My Cell palliative manage Void unbelievable. What can I and we have we have to entertain ourselves. It's got to that point so when I asked you ahead of time. Send me a list of different things that you want to talk to and number one on your list was what number one on my list. Which is the no hitters that you called in and before we get into that as a broadcaster. I'm curious about your philosophy because I get so much pushback when I'm watching a game and a pitcher has a no hitter in progress in all tweet out. Hey Felix's in the seventh inning. He's got a no hitter. So many fans get upset about that. How did your philosophy on that develop? My philosophy is an old newspaper Guy and listening to the grates and studying the greats and having Marty Brennaman. It'll be we. We did to file four a couple of three years and I was talking and talking to him as twenty something years ago. He's a David Call. Which is c. And I'd never really was a big you know. I never really paid that much attention to that. Jim I mean. That's what they have down in the clubhouse. I got into an argument with the Great Ozzie. Smith about that said I. I'm broad casting broad casting call Lodhi daddy and everybody to the potty because Felix says no no in the six to macarbre came up to me one time in Chicago is a here you talk about the no no hitters and perfect those while they're going on I said Yeah what about it. I get my back up getting ready to thinking. We're GONNA have this big argument. He put his arm around his God. Love you pal. I love it thank you. I'm glad you do that. And he told me start about coming home after a game turned on a TV guys throwing a no. No the announcer never says it and then they get to the ninth inning and Tim at this point. It's been putting around his house. Said if I'd known it was a no no added sat and watched the entire game and not just had it on sort of an ambient noise. Why and I call it. A Lotta Greece in Seattle for that thousand twelve. I got the number perfecto. Did a game on Fox we got the Felix Perfecto In August of that year August Fifteenth. Twenty twelve was June. Six A sixth pitcher no no mariners. No My. You're watching a game. I'm doing what's happening. It's a perfect game. No hitters soapy. Who were you talked about some of the pushback that you've got Of course you have fans who are passionate and I see them all the time and social media hammer me when I'll tweet out someone's got a no hitter Did you ever get push back from a player? Somebody on the team now not the only pushback seriously. The only push back. I got from Ozzie. Smith at Attari at one time and I asked him about that and he he he got the you know the red. You know what you're talking about. I said you have US come on man. There's nothing to do with you guys. I got an audience. I'm trying to entertain and inform and trying to grow that audience at the same time. If you if that's superstition you have got blessed but it has nothing to do with me said this. It's not like when I was with Grading System Francis Patricia class on trying to keep cheating off. I'm trying to let everybody know what the Hell's going on what's it like being in that seat Calling a perfect game I tell you what that surge of energy and like Oh my God. Let's not screw this up. Let's get our facts. How many knows have there been. When was the last one? How many have been in both leagues? Call the game. I remember Eric Karros at the game with them on on that Fox game and he was great and they feel game. was different because it was our guy in our ballpark on getaway. Wednesday spectacular afternoon. Twenty thousand I eight nine or was it. Twenty one thousand eight nine nine on hand and because it was Felix because at that point he had had so many brilliant outings in the course of his career and had got legendary. No run support. Non Support was unbelievable game. He wins on Wednesday game. One nothing against Tampa Bay so it wants to super exciting and again you know. The marriage haven't been playoffs and so once so anything like that is just going to take on just the you know mega intensity and my adrenaline matter of fact after the game One out after all the post game stuff that a bunch of interviews and went to dinner with my wife and some friends and white clayborn who does Cardinal Baseball doesn't pre and post on radio. Hey said how you doing. I said I'm trying to come down from this he says. Don't you ever come down from a perfect game? I gotTa Syria. I WanNa see if you agree with me or tell me if you think of. Full of crap I feel like the conditions for no hitters are absolutely acute in Seattle. Like no other ballpark in America. First of all you know historically You know they. They've changed the fences but generally speaking it's been known as a pitcher's Park It's the the park that's the furthest from the every other park in baseball players. Have to travel. And you've got a typically correct me if I'm wrong a lot of times the afternoon Games you get the twelve thirty five start and you know just knowing players rolling in there. The Seattle's a great town to go out in and those are the conditions for which you might get no hitters in an afternoon game. Yeah absolutely in both of them. The number game was a Saturday afternoon. One one ten start Pacific and it was a one one one ten start Felix game on a Wednesday afternoon. I think all those factors I think are in play. I mean you know we. We have one win. Been pleasant one but I tell you what I haven't met anybody. Major League Baseball at the thought absolutely adore into Seattle and particularly Spring and summer where he is almost non factor and it's bright sunshine. And you know two days. It doesn't get darker like nine fifty the peaches summer. So it's a it's a wonderful place. Great eating out Foodie It's a great place to be at the water. You got the mountains. You got everything all right. What was it like when junior came back in two thousand nine? He got to meet him. Yeah you know. Obviously I knew junior a baseball fan and covering baseball for an ESPN NINETY. Three ninety four and economic four. So I didn't really know him and I just remember I type Met Him once with the white sox couple years before that and then so now he comes to us and I went in and introduced myself. So I'm and I tell you what I thought I could talk. We talked about so many things you talked about his family. I got after like we had a conversation at his at his walk. I think it was after workouts. Like an hour and Change. It was amazing and just Just a wonderful open for me that that I know I mean. He's a people person He loves the talk and and he loves his family and he and another time I went to put his home In my son we're doing some business. Brio mad our place from golfing. He's got every you know he's. His home is magnificent and he around. He's got he's got closets bigger than my first couple of apartments here in New York. So I mean it's He's become a friend and and you know when I had I went to my press thing. He he called his old man over to me. And you're GonNa be alright me through the process and everything so the Griffey's Griffey's a big of my book. I really so I tell people all the time you do too. I'm sure you know what's this person like. What's this person like? And they asked me about Ken Griffey Junior. And my answer. Always is you know what my personal experience wasn't great where you walk in his visiting a reporter that he doesn't know actually with the reds when this happened any remember him sort of corrupting humping at me a little bit and then him waiting because he's you know basically. I was standing over waiting for him to talk. I'm watching him interact with the clubhouse kids and they love him and athletic trainer and they love him and so the way that I came away and you know better than I do. The way it came away. Was you know what he he? He's lived in this fishbowl of attention so knuckleheads like me. You know he doesn't need folks like me But I so I can understand why he kinda keep me at arm's length but I tell friends all the time I guarantee you that if you're you his next door neighbor you would love him. 'cause you could see how is relationship was with people in the clubhouse. Yeah he's the he's the Best I've ever seen it. I've been lucky to cover a lot of sports. And he takes care of those guys at and he does a lot of stuff he doesn't WanNa be doesn't WanNa show he told me chapter and verse. About yeah. I was born with a lot of talent but I work my butt off and I was up in my batting cage at one o'clock in the morning and nobody saw me. And he he's he's grumbles the that'd take a lot of batting practice. Yelich four o'clock five o'clock he'd already done at one two o'clock. Am Come on and then there were many times. I'm totally in his first run through Seattle. That he was big with the children. You know make a wish. And all those kinds of groups and befriending kids and making you know just making them feel at ease and and walking welcoming them into the clubhouse and giving them everything and eat some now. He's he's fabulous in every there's no question all right. What was it like to to watch Felix Hernandez do work there artiste? I mean I grew up in the sixties. So you know I'm a Colfax Shell Gibson Guy This guy did a little bit different The change up The breaking ball is just ridiculous and then when when I got there no seven I mean he could hump it up. He was consistently ninety five. Plus and again you know I. I don't have this totals in front of me. But I can guarantee he should have at least eighty more wins on his window because there have been so he went one year where I think he broke our seaver record or something most games seven innings plus one run three hits and half and most of those games were no decisions though. Decisions or heartbreaking losses. He leaves the game with a lead. And somebody gives up to bomb to win at eighth and ninth inning mean so much heartbreak in his easy to root for and during that time when he had not support would he's pitched better to gave up to pit two hits and struck out nine. One what are you talking about? But he said I just got to do a better job. And he firmly firmly believe that best thing for him is the pitch at his optimum and be a great teammate. And I don't think in terms of being a team I never heard that word about Felix during my time with temps would've been like seven through this past year. Yeah you know what was really cool. was that After he signed that big contract he he lived in Seattle during the offseason. Remember hearing that from folks on the organization how unusual that was and again. It reminded me that what I was saying about. A junior and the reaction to the clubhouse guys never forget when Felix sign that long-term deal When he was getting are getting off an elevator yet the ball and they're all employees are waiting for them and they gave them a big cheer and he he began to cry. Yeah he did and I. I remember you know live here. I live here in New York so I saw that when they posted it online and I thought it was one of the neatest things I've ever seen in sports. You know. They put out online in a hole in all of SAFECO field to mobile fly. Everybody down to the basement going Felix comes out to the news kind of pretend you know everybody in the building. Was there a couple of three hundred people? And he. He shed tears man. It was It was emotional and it was really it just shows you how much he meant to. Seattle the other thing of. Course when they started the king's Court and when he was dealing man and he would have. They'd have those Blue and gold placards and people would come in and they charge a reasonable fee. You go and sit in the left field corner near the foul pole and where these gold t shirts. I'll never forget that before. They formalized that there would be a group of people down there and phillies would be. You know he'd be a six or seven bending and you'd have five or six strikeouts and I elvis. I this chant I'm going there saying KKK. And I said wait a minute I just said. Kkk On them on actually broadcast on Cape Ripa. Strikeout people write anything misconstrued here. You know what I'm talking about. Who is your big influences? And broadcaster got a lot Bill Campbell for one did the Phillies sixers enables in Philly. When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties and then the first guy I black man I ever saw do play by Do Sports. Anchoring and then play by play was bill. White dove courses a great first baseman giants Cardinals Phillies came to National League. President longtime announcer Prior to that longtime announcer with the Yankees and I remember when he was naturally president. I remember we got put together and we were going to have a meeting. He was GONNA try to get my name out into into the Into Biz. Try to get me a job. This is what before I got the job at the mariners but I I talked to him a couple times a year and I said bill you probably. You probably have no idea. This is going on but I pay tribute to you several times a week and say like Nelly Cruise when cruises with us the left that both God and my deep is the call he put on the Bucky Dent home. Run the playoff game. It's seventy eight grandkids. Not GonNa get it. That's a home run for Bucky Dent. The the yesterday's will not get three run home run for ten the Yankees Advice. Four three two two ten is Ted is full of the era of the scree. Looking at Yankee bed led by Bob Cliff Johnson and a happy plucky dead Yankees. Read it too and I just like the way Bill. Bill is always a classy guy. And he's having played the game. He was able to disseminate information. And he had a blast with Phil Rizzuto and I thought there comradery was outstanding and it was a great list. Oh absolute- well and they needed someone like bill right with his steadiness of his personality allies. Scooter was yeah absolutely. I mean and Philo due to last couple as well I went down and I was talking to some huckleberry. Data's going GONNA read us. Still been and Easier so hey wait. What did he do last time up because all I have is a ww? My scorebook wasn't watching paid back. I am I of Thunder Phil would already be on the bridge heading home the jurors. Oh yeah yeah that famously When you told him that you use that borrowed that line from him on home runs every week What was his response? Why eight thirty is really. I know it impact the Yankees that day when then hit that home run? It just hit you know. He's living here in New York. You're going to hear that. You hear that clip a million times so it always. It's just it's simple to the point and and it and it said the whole story and that's exactly what happened and Having worked at you know having worked at the Daily News here in New York at tabloid stories. Don't have to be good so you know. Get to the point. Cut to the chase you know. I always love hearing the back stories of how Play by play guys. Come up with their home run calls. You got a couple of ask about boom stick baby Nelson Cruz A derivation of Bob. Leonard Bob Slick. Leonard with Indiana Pacers. When Reggie Miller hit a three point shot Mark Boyle I mean the play by play Guy Reggie in a corner and then you just hear phone baby so Nellie his handle was boom stick so I put two and two together S. my son. They they should go for it and snowy. Go for it and I'll never forget coming into the clubhouse one day and he said what's that phone and it was about six months somebody matched up for and all they here with. Oh baby state baby Nelson so I. I really miss him as a person and I miss having him on the bulk of because I get the call a lot of monsters home runs. Oh and he has a reputation being the teammate Super Pas. Oh my God I've been around hundreds of guys in all the sports I've covered he's He's probably a top three or did he. Up Giddy up. Gone watched a lot on Westerns as a kid You name Western. That was on in the fifties and sixties my favorites alone lone ranger and cowboys. They don't get it up. Get up so you know and then also influence a little bit by you because you've always go to or so. It's SORTA did my personality so I wanted to tell you this story about Kyle. Seager your third Baseman In this was the craziest things that I've ever had happened to me on a baseball field. Who's actually before a game that was played by the cardinals? Dodgers Cory Seager was in the lineup of the dodgers that day. And you've got that group of fans behind home plate. Working batting practice is standing. There guy calls me over. Hey Buster come over here. Hey Hey you know you related to the SEGER brothers. And I'm like looking at him going. What are you talking about like and he goes now? Yeah you guys have like the same great grandparents or something like that any in any starts to re relate all this information yeah upstate New York this person and this person. I thought that's crazy. Now you know Corey's personality he's not a Talker Cairo talker than Corey. So then coincidentally the next weekend we had the mariners in Wrigley Field. And I walked up to owners like Hey Jabber hear anything in your family. That we're related was. Yeah my dad used to tell me that when I was twelve. Thirteen years old. I was watching you on television so yeah so I I guess now. I haven't actually gone back and sat down with Kyle and found the where the family tree splits. But that's a fun conversation for a short guy from Vermont till he got is his name. Jeff Say Jesse. Judy I think they live in North Carolina but yet he's from upstate. New York The old man and I believe Kyle grew up in or near capitalist North Carolina where the King Richard Petty's from. So what? Why never make sure that EARNHARDT EARNHARDT One? I think it's earnhardt Annapolis. But anyway that that's where he lives. Not I I have a good time with Kyle. 'cause he's a Carolina Guy and I do coach Mike. She Skis Radio. Show that we're always busted horns on when place Carolina in college hoops. All right so I wanna ask you last at. This is great story. From a couple years ago They have when the mariners actually a great story. It was involved a fight but it was the craziest thing I ever heard it. I wanted to get your back story on it Involving Dee Gordon and I think jeans girl was also involved reading stories. If you could tell that story case when I read it a more classic Dee Gordon. Right there well I I remember. It was played Centerfield. Short pop up me probably more short-to-medium. Centerfield D. was planned Kinda date. Gene had a better angle on it. Generally that's all and I think what happened was gene took a couple of steps and sit and shut it down and and May d get a late start. Come in got his glove on it. Dropped it and that had probably been maybe three four or five times. That happened to play cloudy and Centerfield and evidently they had some words. I'll never forget. We're down there for the C- Senior skip and you know milling around the clubhouse. Hey what's going on? How you doing Glen and comes a student. Sarah can we be the clubhouse from on I think we can be? What do I walk out a bunch of walk out that door and the door closes and then I told you do. The door opened nothing. It looked like it. Looks like Mel Brooks's blazing saddles. That was a bunch a bunch of guys on top of each other trying to put one guy up another d was going after after Sikora. It ended right there but it was. It was so explosive and so fast that what's up every day. That close in that personal I I was GonNa say I thought I when I saw d the next time that is classic Dee Gordon. Right there where he politely asked people to leave the clubhouse so he can brawl. Yeah I mean I'm telling you it was so getting here on my wife. Always have them call you dave and he he won't call me by my first name. We always got Sir. We have the clubhouse for second like an Ma fight just broke out. It was amazing. And I gotTa have you 'cause you said this on the list and I love to hear backstories for for from folks about who. Their team was Who their favorite player was on. Your list was the heartbreak of the phillies nineteen sixty four collapse. What you're the you know. Shula short and bonding. I remember Interviewing Art Mahaffey when I was on New York Radio and at ninety one and I asked the question. Art was still field. I said I can understand your pain so I was like well held with ten or eleven. I'd had my money saved up for world series and Kinda play the Yankees. It's all excited. Chico Ruiz got it started stealing home with Frank. Robinson all of all people at the plate and Flash four years lead in Baltimore. And I see Hank Allen who's he's a scout and he played volley quite. It's great stories but clamper Ted Williams and I said you brothers. One of my favorite players win over fifteen is high school senior and Catcher said I had my money saved up for world series tickets. He said money saved up and he says hold on a second stand up pulls out. His Wallet is tickets. Nineteen sixty four about that Wow he had been hung onto. He's hanging onto that. Yup Yup and anybody from the Greater Philadelphia area of that generation was a sports fan can remember it like it was yesterday because you know the Wiz had the run and fifty. They let them get old together. Team went in the toilet. Dick Gallon comes up cookie role. Is John Kelsen bumming short? Hell held a team and they blew it and they would have played the Yankees and I grew up Fifteen minute walk from county mack. Stadium Wile I yeah you had your heart ripped out by that team when I was thirteen years. Old was a huge dodgers fan. And Reggie Jackson hit three homers to beat them the dodgers in game six and I was weeping as a as a teenager and many years later. I'm covering the Yankees New York Times and I and talking to Reggie Jackson for the first time my life and there's this little voice in the back of her head going. Oh my God I used to hate you. Oh my God yeah and that. Probably you know any of us who've been lifelong you know. Sports fans jocks and as a kid. Yeah hate so and so and then you and I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of these guys and I know exactly what you're talking about that little birdy on your shoulder this sucker member but now you're famously get along with them and a professional relationship. It's cool. I love talking to Reggie. He's great I absolutely right Dave. Thanks for the time on this. Thanks for distracting is loved you stories at. Thank you buster. All Beth looked at the art MANTECA. Here's Tim Coaches Daily Baseball. Fix about the Great Brooks Robinson. Hi this is Tim. Kirch in and on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven Brooks Robinson was born. I think he's the greatest defensive third baseman. All Time. You wanted sixteen gold gloves most ever by a position player and he was especially good in the one thousand nine hundred. Seventy world series against the reds. You've made at least a half. A dozen spectacular plays Robinson at two thousand eight hundred. Forty eight hits. He won the MVP in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and he holds the record for most games ten in which he drove in the only run in a one to nothing victory and Brooks Robinson is to me then nicest superstar player I have ever met. He is a loved at Baltimore. He's beloved everywhere and in retirement gala for Him Gordon. Beer sports writer said in New York. They named a candy bar after Reggie Jackson here in vaulted name. Our children have rose rise bleacher tweets. All righty buster bleacher tweets for Mundy Andrew. Campbell at real camp drew writes in with the last documentary coming to an end. What COMES TO MIND? I one thinking of the most dominant dynasty or generational player of any era in baseball is an old yankees team. Cincinnati's big red machine or something like babe ruth or Hank Aaron. It was Babe Ruth Babe Ruth without it. He lorded over the sport. You know he completely all the sport. There's that great stat from nineteen twenty seven. When he set the record with sixty home runs in a season that he out homered every other team and the sport itself change to adapt to what Babe Ruth was doing hitting home runs and it went away from the ty Cobb style of running and bunting and slashing and It scoring that way to go on for the long ball. Babe Ruth completely changed his sport in a way that I don't think anybody has any sport may be safer Wayne Gretzky. Justin may just in my apologies on that one. Jj Mai Mai Mai to rates in. Do you think Major League Baseball will ever retire? Roberto Clementes number league-wide similar to what they did with Jackie Robinson. I hope so. Because of the great player that he was and the legacy that he carries and I thought. Oh you know Justin when I saw your question. I thought you know what a good time to do. That would be in two thousand and twenty two Because in September. Two thousand twenty two. That'll be the fifty year anniversary last. Game Roberto Clementi played and of course the lasted got was number three thousand in his career off John Matt lack. That would be a really good time to do that. I believed for a number of years. They should retire it. Baseball is not done it. That would be a good time to do it last one up for today not really question more of an acknowledgement here Austin. Jay Smith rates in at bear boot prod. I listened to baseball night every day. But finally a little bummed out to the Greenberg episode the Intrinsic American Sport of Bull. Riding has been in competition. Since mid April Austin filed several tweets asking for you know a little bit recognition on bull riding which I guess has been around for a while so in a weekend where we had some live sports to watch. Don't forget about bull riding everyone police. And by the way in the last four days on my family farm back in Vermont Cows released into the pasture and I grew up with cows. So I it Austin I agree with you. I've no Mike Greenberg for a long time. I promise you bull riding is not on his radar. I don't think he was taking shots at it. Either to be I would tell you that greeny would be the first one to tell you. That bull riding was not honors radar so I apologize and be happy. Greenie that We weren't thinking about it. The other day that's it for Bleacher tweets. Hashtag bleacher tweets on twitter. Thanks everyone that's it for today. Thanks TO DAVE. Two SERTA Taylor. Thanks for listening. Everybody have a great day and stay safe. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight. Podcast if you're playing fantasy baseball forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN DOT com slash pod center. Baseball tonight the PODCAST.

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