John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum


Hi, welcome to the quitter film, review podcast. My name is Vince, Leo. I'm the author of the film review website, quick dot net. I have to check out over four thousand my written reviews, read their anytime, whip Stor dot net is where to go. Q W, I, P, S, T, E, R dot net. While you're there. I doing courage you to look for the link for my other podcast. It's called round the world in eighties movies covering, of course, eighties movies, and I do make you enjoyed that if you haven't listened to it already, you can find the link at quip Stor dot net. Today going to be looking at the third part in the ongoing saga of John wick. It's called John wick chapter three para bellum. It's an R rated film, just as the others are for pervasive, strong violence. It does have some language in it as well. The Runtime his two hours and ten minutes. Kiana Reeves is the main star Halle Berry Asia keep Dylan. Ian McShane marked the casco's Laurence Fishburne Lance Riddick and Djelic Houston fill out the supporting roles chats to Helsinki returns here as director in the screenplay, credited to Derek kolstad, the screenwriter for the first two films, along with stay Hatton, Chris Collins and Marc Abrahams. Now John wick chapter three para bellum, by the way is the name of a type of gun. But if you take literally it means to prepare for war. It's actually used within the context of this film, this plot for this film is a spinoff from something that actually happens in the second chapter, namely, that John wick is now excommunicated by the high. Table that controls the world's leading organization of assassins, because he killed someone inside the assassins, so-called sacred ground of the Continental Hotel in New York. That's a big no. That sees a huge bounty put on John wicks head now. We has very few places. He can run. He'll eventually run out of safe havens given the wide reaching arms of the organization. So he means to keep himself alive. Long enough to be able to get himself back into the high tables, good graces, somehow, nevertheless, the assassins are after him fourteen million dollars bounty. I mean they're skilled and the ruthless and they're gonna get them, especially when they're led by this calculating woman known as the adjudicator played by Asia key Dylan. Who's busy dishing out some nasty? Revenge on anyone who's caught helping out there buddy in defiance of their orders. I would like to say there's a lot more to the story than that. But that's basically the plot of the film, the rest is pretty much action sequences and I should stay right up front. I. I did not like the first two John wick films, very much. So it's gonna come as very little surprise that I'm not going to be giving. John wick chapter three para bellum my recommendation either. It's not that anyone really needs my blessing. I mean you've seen the first two films, you probably know if it's going to be for you. There are many fans around the world who've enjoyed this brand of action perfectly. Well, they don't need my review. I don't think in order to feel like they should enjoy this certainly other critics seem to like it as well. The best thing that I will personally say about this entry is that it continues to the game in terms of the action choreography in the stunt work, which are really breathtaking and long with a modicum of a sense of humor about its own ludicrously superficial characters and their situations. I think those are the aspects that keep these movies from being out and out completely unappealing to me, the downside, though is that these movies continue to clock in at longer run times despite giving us very little to actually follow in terms of story. That in the fact that feels like an attestation of video game without the actual game in existence as YM less than ecstatic about the franchise as movies. I mean just like video games are coins to collect their weapons to trade out armor to outfit oneself in achievements to unlock colorful, bosses with these professional wrestling worthy monikers to fight in escalating fashion. It all plays out pretty much like a video game. The only thing missing is a controller in your hands as it all takes place. You know, this is a movie that's completely absorbed in a fantasy world with fantasy characters fantasy plot elements and a fantasy sense of physics. And sure, I can admire the set-pieces the same way, I might the way that they set up jumps and ramp up the absurdity in say the fast and furious franchise, but that doesn't really route me into the story or what the characters are during or make me care a lick about what their motivations are just because the makers of film, pushed the titillation button with want an abandoned throughout this. Not. Make it a good film. Even if audiences are seeking nothing but visceral attraction, and they actually do come away, titillated by these stabbings and headshots and desensitized killings and the underlying pornography of the weaponry. So the question that comes to mind is, what is there to this movie? That keeps people coming back for more, I would say, I guess you'd have to ask an actual fan of the John wick series because I personally, am mostly at a loss certainly Kiana Reeves, ready delivers his usual, Hammy nece in his approach to acting them fits in with a film, that is as silly, as it's intended. He's actually upstate in this film by even hammer performance from Mark decastro as John wicks rival assassin named zero. He's John wick fan boy who very much wants to be seen on wicks level in terms of skill and respect and is very honored to even be in the same arena. There is actually a great deal of focus on us. Thanks, that people find hit elating gun FU, of course, bullet. LA's melee weapons. You see blood splash on faces, and walls, and lot of glass breaking in this film, e C, fiery torches, and neon tinged lighting and hot cars and sleek, motorcycles. It's all very visceral. And there are a few adorable but deadly dogs in this film to for those dog lovers. And yet for all of this, I have to fight my mind from drifting off completely for about eighty percent of the Runtime of John wick chapter three, you know, if we're in the middle of a twelve minute action sequence. And I'm thinking about what I want to do for dinner, once I get out, instead of what's going on the screen, I think something's not working for me. Meanwhile I look around at the people around me they're looking at their phones, a lot. But they seem to be much more forgiving of this film than I am for that fact, perhaps they're satisfied to have an escapist movie noisy enough to drown out the world, awaiting them outside for a few hours without this overhead of requiring their strict attention. And on the way out. The conversations seem to indicate that they really enjoyed the movie, the spite, many of them that really watching the screen for large chunks of it. So I guess that's what people expect for movies days, despite the length of Jonah wick chapter three, which is already excessive for a film that's really only ten percent, pushing a story point, despite four credited screenwriters, there really is not an ending to this film, other than a promise to continue the conflict in a sequel when at this point, it's inevitable that they're going to continue to turn out these films completely based on formula as long as audiences key flocking to them. All they have to do is come up with even more over the top action set pieces, and they have a movie to make the only real surprise for the next entry would be if it gives us anything that we're not expecting if they actually bother putting together some actual characters and a compelling story. That's not just plot point setups. That mean nothing at all. Perhaps even I might be able to finally get onboard for something like that. But I'm not holding my breath. Because audiences seem to crave little more than inconsequential killing done in increasingly cool and clever ways so audiences like that are not craving, any changes to what's on the menu anytime soon. So I would not go so far to say that John witch after three is a bad action movie. It does deliver the goods that I think people are going to be expecting coming in. And so, by that measure, I guess it is successful, but it's not my kind of movies. It's not one. I could actually wholeheartedly recommend as good film, by any stretch, least mount by the way that I measure films in terms of their quality. So the best, I can give John wick chapter three para bellum is two and a half stars out of four two and a half stars on my skill means it has the tools had the talent to be something that is recommendable to most people, I think this is definitely going to hit home with people who like action movies, but I don't think it extends its reach very far beyond that. So I feel it's limited appeal. However, action movies are very successful. Around the world. There's not a lot of dialect to have to translate. I think people pretty much get it. It's not a lot of thought that's involved or things that might get lost in translation. So I do think it'll be financially successful, even if it's completely forgettable in the long run other than a few notable over the top action parts within it. So two and a half stars is the best. I can give John wick chapter three. So anyway, I'm sure many people are going to disagree with me in the way that I approached the John wick films. You can write to me, you can find my contact information at my website, take Webster dot net, feel free to tell me. I'm totally wrong. If you like or you can tell me that you agree with aspects of my review as well, if you so care to do until next time. Thanks, everyone. And please enjoy a time anytime you get to go to the movies and hey, feel free to look at your phone throughout most of the action sequences, it seems to be the way that a lot of people take in this film, and they still love the film. So apparently, it's not a detriment to be looking at your phone for a half hour worth of time during a two. Our moving.

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