Working Out from Home with David Higgins


Bonet Bonus Episode Janney Gordon and this is bonus. I'm trying to think of a staying in with Emily in commercials bonus. There's no I have. Nothing came up with was staying with them. Bonus added a little snake. Sound to bonus for every week. We're going to release a bonus episode. That's going to be different from the episodes. We normally do last week's episode. Was David Chang State at the restaurant in only doing David's cooking this one is David. Hey it's only doing David's so that one was about how to cook for yourself. These are going to be much more sort of practical tips interviews with people interviews with people who have expertise in different areas. And today we're talking to David Higgins. Who was my trainer for when I shot a movie called. Eternal Marvel marvel could call the journals. I got in very good shape trained with David for six months while we were shooting. The movie is a great trainer. Has Really really good attitude about exercise and why it's important so if exercising is something want to hear about something you. WanNa do during this time at home this is. This is a good this after you. And if you're a David and have something that you're an expert in Colorado only talking to Davis Bonus David saying we go now. We have a thing. Yeah in his what I like about David. Quite a bit is that he's there's no obviously. There's no shame because we're not going to work with anybody like that but there's also it's not about immediately okay. We've got all this time. Let's launch into changing your life. It's just about what you WANNA do right now. That will help you feel a little bit better and help you. Make some some use of your time and kind of make some slight changes. I think. Small changes are always better than massive ones. And he's very good at that right right. It's about starting in a way. Basically just gifts setting your goals and then slowly trying to work towards them another thing. I like about David. The first time I I went and visited you on set. He was like here. Take a walk with me and I was like. You're going to have some weird talk with me. And then he took me to get chicken wings. Chicken wing does the great thing about the evidence. Was I definitely shooting this movie? You will attest to this too. Obsessed with working out and dieting. Who and he really really pushed me and forced me on the weekends to take a break and to eat. Big meals outward you so while we were shooting in London. I chewed Monday to Friday the Friday night Saturday night you and I would like go to a restaurant and get a big meal and he really really pushed for that because I think the way. He approaches it. Mental Health and physical health. Really go together. He's like you're going to burn yourself out if you're going to be district the whole time and that was very grateful that forced me to do that anyway. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Next week we have David Letterman coming on to talk about facial hair that we do but hey give us a call. Hey Yeah Oh my God Hungary. We'll see you guys soon. Take Care Bye. Hey Hello David to work on what we call say. We're ready to go so we've already set our hello central missed it you listeners out there missed it. Yes David Higgins about how are you? How are you? You're in London? I'm in London. The weather's not too bad on the isolation this two weeks in now two weeks in. And how are you holding up on occasionally slowly losing the will but but the kids definitely helped with the hull just taking a mind of everything is about three young kids but also just the general routine of things in life you just gotTa keep on keeping on keep keep on daily living? That's what it's in the eighty s. You gotTa keep doing those. Adl's we go to the ideals gone totally agree with you. Yeah of course I do. Well we call them active daily living. Or what do you guys call of daily living? Yeah Basically Sega and let's let's just get an. How do you to know each other? We know each other because I was going to say it in the INTRO. But I'll say now so so we'll be finished by the way. Did you hear tunnels just just heard? I know we just heard. We are breaking the news on this joshing breaking news. My my my album marvel movie. Just push you guys. Black Widow Superhero trainer guy for marvel and now cheating on us with the new Batman. Fill the yellow going because our the dumbbells at our gym would only go up to a certain way and then we would be like. Let's go see they're not gonNA use them. I don't know if anyone ever said this. Push my other marvel movie. I don't know if anyone's ever said that generally good so we obviously trained for months and months and months together. It was really really awesome. What was great was how fun the workout. You know this. I would look forward to these workouts project. Apps man project. They called US three zero so we will be back in a minute. Emily Canary Islands. I was like I'm not going to bring a project tabs. If he brings about talk about so we were on this island where we would do nothing but shoot and it was like nothing to do and we basically spent almost every moment or not solution. Relation it will you guys are a precursor and `isolation. Y'All were you really really hot and we were. When I wasn't shooting we would just be in the gym workout. We did this thing called project ads. It was good by the way. What does you skip over? What is project adds? I'm assuming it means the project is getting APPs very good. I think you wild yes plotting how you were going to steal data. We were full of jewel. That well known. It's actually would have been funny if you had gotten it. It's not a place really full of jewels. Yes I did not I did. It's one of those places won't talk about it too much. But just so you know before the quarantine hit here. David I bought a set of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench and I'm back to doing project APPS EVERY DAY. May to you know what me too. I'm not even joking with you. I loved it so much. I'm back on yet. I'm doing my instagram. Live by my i. I've got a book called the Hollywood Body Plan. And that is more of a restorative movement. Practice getting your body back to its neutral position learning how it should move again getting out of pain kind of thing. So it's a quite restorative practices for twenty one days every day. And I'm doing that. I'm an instant alive and anew good what's your what's your handle on. Insta- live David Higgins. London David what I really liked working working out with you was. It was really about alignment and And keep getting mobile and making sure that you were set up so that you wouldn't get injured. That was really the focus for the first few sessions like we did a lot of pilots and stuff but it really was about. I didn't realize sort of how crooked is an unbalanced. My body was until we started working together so that was good and honesty over six months of pretty intense working out in. Yeah Pretty Pretty I was. I was honestly thank because consistency with any of these kinds of things where they're just starting new routine. Assadi and you work out or you died or whatever it is just starting with consistency is everything and and being able to just back up every single day and continue. That's what's GonNa make the long term change right. That's that's what I like. My friends will start working Crawford really hard for four days and quit. It's like you're not going to work out this like party or life now. You're not like doing a diet. You're doing exercise regimen or something. This is like you have to do it in a way. That is sustainable. And it's fun like that's what I liked about the workouts that we did together to education as well right hope to. I taught you a little bit about how you should be working how you should be moving when it should be eating at turned around and ben very much every step of the way telling me every single thing he's learned. I've become a real. No it all come about everything except exercising. I guess what I connected them all so David I wanted to. We wanted to talk to you about a lot of people have been asking us. How do you a lot of people don't have access to the gym now? How can have more time on their hands to work out that they have more time to work out and for me? It's been like really good for my sanity and anxiety to like really work out so Do you have any advice for people who who can't access a gym? Yes well first of all. There's absolutely so much content out there at the moment Old Free that is getting streamed out there. So you've gotta find something that you're GonNa like that sort of does it fee you. First of all said of the load of information out there And you can do a hell of a lot. We did body weight and very few little bits and pieces around around the house as well. So that's but you can be versatile but take a few steps back before that you really have to set yourself up into a place of okay. So I've got. I'm not on the. I'm not commuting to work every day so I'm quite a few more hours every day going to work instead of going to work now and also on top of that you'll office at home has to be relatively economically correct. Otherwise you'RE GONNA probably lose your mind anybody at the same time so setting up you'll office. Space is really really important within your own home and therefore keeping that space almost Just full work is really really important for your mental wellbeing but going in and and if I may say very quickly that is something we've talked about on this podcast because it's that is so important to me that your workspace needs to be separate from your living space also true. I couldn't I was like I kept having lower back problems from sitting and writing all day and I kept. I was like looking into these like incredibly expensive. Chair's office chairs trying to figure out what all it took for me was and I don't know the proper term from before it's a disc that is like let me circle disc that sits on the seat of my chair. It has elements sample right upside down exercise ball away right. It's a half exercise that sits on my office chair fifteen dollars and I don't I haven't been to the chiropractor and months now So I completely agree with you that I think. If you're not sitting properly and don't have the proper like workspace you'll just your body will start collapsing down and be hurt. Yeah Yeah exactly and you just not going to be at your best right so so. I'm always find that when people have from an excise perspective or a diet effective who just generally change something about Yourself long-term for lonesome from long-term change and I'm not saying who in the summertime. I WANNA lose white and book gorgeous in a Bikini on now you will come out but I'm just saying for everybody else that you know you've got to have a bit more of a longer term vision so for example. I went through this like. I'm late thirties now. Three kids as I said before and now my long-term go is literally just so I love walking into the House and the kids run all over me jump all over me and I'm like the climbing frame full the period of time right that that sort of entrance and I loved being able to wrestling further Live with him. But I couldn't do that if I didn't keep myself fit relatively flexible mobile and I know a lot of my friends through a a bit older than me. Have a similar amount of time sort of lifestyle on their bodies are just Jack so for me. That's my life. I WanNa live longer happier healthier life pain-free That's my long term goal in strategy but Answer for somebody else may be getting out of pay or just trying to feel better about themselves as simple as that. If you find you'll find your reason why in a way you'll motivation then it's then you can kind of make some steps into changing your behaviors and actually making some lunch. Time change and moving into that. I always like especially now where community is so important. Tribe is so important in our lives that we lack so much in using these social Social distancing rules but also try to the digital world that we live in these days to sort of compensate for that. I get your friends involved in whatever it is you WANNA do. Hypothetically it might be my workout for twenty one days. Not You know what emily. I'm going to do this for twenty one days to regain my center in and move forward into whatever exercise program. I want to do. 'cause I WANNA get out of pain and I want to feel better about myself and I've got some time to do it and and so you go to get your friends involved because Bacon. Help out when you're having a down day like oh I just comparable that right now but equally. You will help them. When they're having a down day so they're not gonNA sabotage you in they come on and let's let's get this going. Let's let's do this together. Good Great. That's a good social thing too. You can have these classes. Because Emily would go to a dance class every week and now that's not happening so now you can sort of do that on zoom zoom or yeah exactly or whatever team or whatever us then and then and then rises downright. Whatever it is you want to achieve down. I am going to complete X. by win David Down. Tell a few people get them involved as well like I said and then like I said before consistency is everything. Just have your routine set your routine. We've been doing this. Have you guys been doing it in America for now? This isolation roughly. We're on our fourth week. Everybody else's on their third week. We sort of started a week before. Everybody's so we're on our fourth week. That's right yeah time we add longtime writes a long time so we are in this for effectively. The long haul and we are in this together. So let's do something positive together without time and I and I am honestly I think that with with all these kinds of things consistency is. You can control a lot more now or you can go totally off the rails by the way it's easiest to go around the corner in you. You're the closest thing you need to run to literally probably the toilets you know if you really made an effort and I think that you can you can change that because you you literally have time you have a little bit of spice a main space in diary spice not probably spice necessarily outside but using using that extra time for the positive from negative. I think that's what we're trying to establish and push out for the best zero volts old. I think that's great. Is there and I know that I personally you mention instagram live workouts? That you're doing them at David Higgins London There's also I've been doing to dance classes from at Angie Tanny. Who is one of my favorite dance teachers of all time sixties? Gogo dancing classes and has been doing them over live and Michelle. L'amour who was an old dance teachers might have well has been doing like workout slash dance classes on instagram. Live and it's kind of an amazing time because all these people that you normally would need to pay to see are doing things that are free and you do get a sense of community because the last class I did it was like like one hundred and thirty people were doing with me and I couldn't see any of them but I was a kind of a having a pretty bad day and it was kind of helped. Bring me out of the bad day that I was having so I think that sense of community if it's your own friends or if you can't get your own friends involved because they're all being lazy little heifers people online that you don't know communities community so do that's right. I mean it's an I I haven't ob- generally banning the film industry relatively exclusively now for the last eight or nine years on a on a really sort of kept under the radar quite quite significantly and this is the my first sort of step out into social really and it was quite quite going. What's this going to be like? I have no idea. Are they going to be three people who are going to watch me and do this thing with me as it were so you put yourself out there you just press record and see what happens kind of thing And you have thousands of people through like it's crazy. Yeah great for you. I hadn't thought about what it was like for the instructors at like the people leading it is it is so weird like. I'm not talking to myself. Cracking jokes laughing at jokes. That I'm saying you know I was on the phone. Rolla the other day and I'm like Oh my God I just love playing with myself. I'm like Oh God I can't believe what have you become? This is a whole different exerciser saying I will say this. You introduced me to using a foam roller all. The time and that is A. It's a very cheap piece of equipment and if you're working out that really really will help you avoid injuries. It's really painful though. They are painful. The more you use the more you use the difference like raw string There different levels that you can get are not soft one to ease you into it then you can go down to crazy trigger point ones the that you get involved in but there again. I've got a video off on that on my on my youtube channel. If you guys if anybody has any idea of have one and I was home role is and how they can self massage or self care not in a dirty way but in an exercise he kind of way you can you can look at it on on my youtube channel. That will hopefully give you some information on how to use it. What it does what it's for and how it will help you in the long run. Not just to correct your posture. But also to to to work out the kinks. The workout the The trigger points that you have in your body that a causing confident pain. Do you have any suggestions on very basic kind of a cheap inexpensive workout equipment that you would recommend people have on hand. I know everybody likes to do different things. But do you have any kind of general? I like thoughts on that. Yeah well funny enough. I joke but I use a interconnecting tiles. Those soft into connecting tiles that you see sometimes On the floor on my children's on the children and I use that as my flooring because the kids are older now said I necessarily need it and I. I've sort of piece together. My Outdoor Patio Gym that. I fill out. Hoven work now constantly. Feel like I'm sitting at a desk looking at a computer working with everybody still but But you use what you have around you. You'll be surprised how. How LITTLE YOU NATO? How much you actually have Use the tiles if you have some kids sort of tiles. Soft sort of matching. You don't necessarily need like an exercise Mat Ah Towel believe it or not goes a long way to support and also to use in Whatever it exercises again. Look at my instagram stuff at a chair. And I study chair to do. Some steph ops awesome dips Literally you don't need very much. She can do little push shops in planks and bits and pieces. But if you do have stuff what's Fa- me quite invaluable alerts little slide as if he wanted to use them so That you steph on one foot gays one way or the other goes the other way you can slide just on her or if you don't have that and you have a wooden floor Paper Towel paper towel dry hands with stuff or plastic bag. Put that on the one foot in that will slide nicely on a foot on a wooden floor. When you don't WanNa do reverse lunge or something that help I definitely feel like I would I will. I will bust my ass. If I do that. I will fall down on the soft kids flooring. You'll be put a helmet and you'll be good to get through this. I've used puzzle boxes instead of Yoga. Blacks which allegations of such a rip. I mean they're literally just like or you could waste of things. You could do a cushion from the couch is what I'm saying like that was my first thing like oh I guess. I don't need this stuff and I started doing that in London back because I was like. Oh I guess I should buy some yoga blocks because I need that from what I'm doing. I'm like oh I don't I could totally just use a pillow to sit on for this part of it if I need some extra support and I think that it's interesting too because I think people are like. Oh I can't do anything. I don't have this equipment and I think there is a chance that some people don't want to hear don't actually need doughnut much equipment. Come out your member when you launch you when you broke the Internet around. Christmastime we all looked and I was. GonNa say off camera. David was the one who was like. Do some more pushups dumbbell do some curls to exactly. Yeah that was after. If you remember that was. After a long day of shooting I remain by night. Do you remember. Oh yeah was because they were to remember there were two. We can't talk about the second. One Okay Yeah Oh God the second one. Yeah yeah the ones where you're completely naked and just surprised it's a surprise for you. I was loving the men in this voters are like what happened to my clothes. And you're like we know what happened to your. That was A. I remember when you broke up when I when that happened. What were you gonNA say? I was going to say that when you break the Internet and then I did that. Australia and the the raise the money for the Australian Bushfire appeal for those workouts. That we did the super he the super millions shake the most that you don't sold the most it was the super me. It was the bodywork at home body weight gender neutral and it just smashed all of the the the male. The female was paled into significance. It was everyone wanted the at home. No ex- no equipment workout. And how do I do it? It was really quite interesting. Yeah I love that. I'd what was what kind of stuff was in there like push ups and just body just literally old buddy white. No equipment needed unit. Truly Work Your Ossoff Phillip Hoffa. Now forty five minutes and it was the super me. It was the super me workout but that was really interesting. I had no idea. I assumed that obviously going to be the super he that was going to raise the money but because he was eighty nine such a base But don't tell him not emily and I don't want to get it. It'll it'll match his traps at this point because they have gotten well riffing large David. I've been working out really. I've been working out way too much and way too hard. This is the time that we tell. You is an intervention other doing a little bit of lower buddy. Well well you remember David like when we did for Tura that was four weeks right the Difference Between Day. One and twenty eight yeah. It's now it's doing that again. It's Day twenty eight from moving on from the previous day. Twenty eight right and also because my diet is. I'm still eating a lot of protein but I'm also you know. When he was shooting the movie I was emitting fasting and really eating a very very sad amount of food and now I'm eating a little bit more to your God. That makes it a little bit of a different stoop. I if I had if I didn't have any equipment. I'm lucky I do what I would do. Every day. Is Our do pushups and you can make pushups harder by like going. Really slow up putting your feet up on the couch. I would do crunches I would do. Lunges or squats even ain't doing this now. No is the point. That's what I'm like. I walk on my legs. I don't need to do with them. If I walked on my hands I wouldn't beginning shoulder. You hear this. I love it Yes I do say just putting it out that Bought it you know. It's good for men's health magazine. Shoot because that's generally all they shoot Tulsa Opera and also for you look right by the way you look very very proud also for the marvel movie shoot. The legs. Don't really matter who just seeing there should be kicking superhero. I really believe. Can you work on that David for let me do my thing? Let me do my hero. But just imagine a fights guy scrape up and he's like on not me kick kicking off. Dan. I just can't Kevin Kevin Feige. Give me a call. T. Rex arms. A planks are very good. Planks credibly useful life. You finally enough come out. Tempo plays like an entirely different role tempo. Meaning the House slowly. Perform movement all have quickly perform the movement plays a huge amount on places huge amounts of fatigue and also adaptations. So we're talking about outpatient and fatigue and and building a body as it work slowly the more time on detention that you have that you give yourself the more adaptation going to achieve so people love to swing through something just to lift above their heads for no reason whatsoever but if you were to slow that whole process down to really gentle pace you would a probably be lifting half. There was great for the EGO. I know that but your change and adaptation that you'll be achieving will be significantly Gracia. That was definitely something that is really important to tell everybody that you need to be doing a thousand press ups in a minute to get a change if you did ten really slow press ups in a minute you get equal amount of change and probably more and you'll have more control. You WanNa get out of physician. 'cause you'll have more time to correct your fool and that's actually quite important. I think that's a very good point because I had a roommate once that I remember walking and then she was doing Tai-bo so this tells you when it was in like late nineties early two thousands and she was just kind of half assing all the moves and was like she's a Cam. I'm actually really in great shape because like I don't even get out of breath when I do this and I remember being like and I wasn't like the most adept at working out back then but I remember being like you're not really doing kind when you're not doing it and you're just kind of going through the motions and I think this is one of those things that I think with working out. You can just go through the motions and be like well. It worked out. But you know in your heart like that's not you need to be like working up a sweat. You need to get your heart rate up and you need to like rows of the things that kind of help with your health. So you can kind of you know half Astro tai-bo Jessica Jessica but should be. It's not about the numbers you know when you're getting a good workout when you're not if you do as you said ten pushups really really slowly really like contract and feel the muscle than have that mind muscle connection thing. You will know that work. Art is better than just like banging out fifty in a row. I think you have a very good point. You were saying earlier just to start somewhere that you don't need to go from zero to like sixty like Lord insurmountable make it surmountable make it small enough that it feels okay and then add to that. I think sometimes people start to hard and then they don't like 'cause you know what I'm going to start a new easing program going to wet my Ossoff. I'm going to go to bed at nine nine. Pm and get twelve thousand sleep and you like and you don't do one or you might do one of those three hypothetically and then you'll feel really bad that you didn't achieve all three of them then you like well what's the point. I tried and you move on a my absolute my absolute advice here in this in this context is start really slow and start really small. So if it's really important to you to get a good night's sleep hopefully it is really important for you to get a good night's sleep literally. The best thing you can do is drink coffee past two. Pm Ideally twelve but say two PM for everybody out there and turn your phone off. Don't look at a screen for an hour before you go to bed this to get your sleep hygiene going on light lush improve your sleep hygiene especially right now. The News you're getting on. Your phone is not conducive to sleeping and also don't use your bed for anything but sleeping and I guess also but like don't don't be hanging out there. Don't be like eating food in there. Getting like changing. I change your clothes. Get dressed change. Clothes gets right. That's a big thing for me. We also have a new system where the last person to get out of bed has to make the bed immediately a new red immediately which we keep the house very very clean and what we do trying every other big cleaning. I'll tell you since we instituted this rule of whoever gets out of bed. I the other one makes bad. I've been getting out of bed. Like real fast real fast and we've been keeping a schedule. We go to bed at like ten thirty or eleven and then we get up around seven thirty every day and have breakfast together and then by nine were sort of one way one thing I just wanted to say real quick before we're done here is the way we started. Training is away that I never trained before. Which is generally this is I guess. Mostly I don't know what this is for people. Ask Me this all the time and I don't have an avenue to talk about it the way I used to work as you would do sort different body parts every day. That's how we're doing to one day would be chest and shoulders. One day would be back and biceps when they would be. You know that way. The way we started training was doing a full body workout every day. Just different versions. So one day would be heavy day which favorite and then we'll do live today issued a lighter day with more reps and against that's basically the tempo thing you were talking about that keeps the workout. Exciting for me is that I'm doing a full body every day but but the weights. I'm using and how how many reps I'm doing are changing. Yeah what we know now will have may not have told you this. Were you were training with previously? What your your. Your example was was very classic bodybuilder. Rest every other day I body pot as it worth you hit really hard and then you hit it really hard and that's and that's fine that's works that's great. That's fine. What why where I find you get. The quickest adaptation from Is And. This is now scientifically proven. Is that you one day. You pick up heavy stuff next day. You pick up a little lie with higher reps than the next day. Pick up heavy stuff next day. You do lots of reps and you hit literally every single body pot. Whether it's your chest your shoulders you back you know the routine. Don't you come out? What is it again? Yeah you do? It's a bench. Press shoulder press rose a biceps triceps. Ads and an ice cream. New Do it as a circuit so we do all our all six. There are six or seven and then start up again yes. The whole workout took about an hour. Yes exactly remember. We did like we've ended up doing our two halls and two and anyway that was fun but really it was really cool because at the beginning you were like all right. We're going to do forty kilo of benchpress with each and the dumbbell and I was like. Oh my God that feels impossible and the first time hitting five or six impossible by the end. We were hitting like twelve very easily. Yeah yeah and your. It's your central nervous system. You your central nervous. System adapts so much faster to say for example you have a skinny guy who lifts a lot and then you have a big junkie guy who can relatively you know within reason lift within quite quite quite reasonable like it's not about your muscle mass significant specifically within within reason. It is actually to do with your central nervous in how quickly you'll muscles fire to get that white above your head for example so just because you like I am. I was you far more bulky than I was but we will lifting the same thing a little bit more than you. I'M NOT GONNA lie off offense on what we're talking about definitely interest there were well. We each are strict. We had strength. We had not GONNA lie. You know we're we're doing okay but pretty close in In strengthening almost all the areas. Yeah Yeah Yeah but we have relatives like unquiet like a lean guy and you bulked out significantly so You know you wouldn't necessarily realize that we were lifting the sign and also we have that competition thing going that community about tribe thing. Let's just do this together kind of thing. Which really that's right. I think at the very most basic especially now when people are kind of stressing out a bunch like exercise at its most basic as a stress Reliever A. It's just a way to get out of your head and into your body. I think only time throughout the day that I am not thinking in the back of my head about all of this stuff is when I am working out and that's kind of that's been the most to me it's like it's a lot of us are stuck in our heads. I think a lot of people who listen to podcasts or people who got our own heads. It's a way more than anything. It's not about losing weight. It's not about like looking hot for Bikini season because we're not going to be in bikinis this year shortly but it is going to be about finding ways to get out of your own head that are healthy for you that. I think we're all GONNA need to. I think we're all going to have to kind of figure. Start something that we haven't necessarily touched on. This is mindfulness meditation. I know Camo you practice meditation. You Meditate as you make up done warnings. Yeah I was getting every day I would only for. This is super amyloid. I use an APP called Com- M. Com. They don't pay me or anything but I use it and it's for ten minutes and it's just a way of sitting there closing your eyes feeling how you're feeling just just sort of like resetting a little bit hearing what's around you and just sort of just sitting with yourself. It calmed me down a lot. And that's require any is very very I don't WanNa take it doesn't take that you just. I implement integrate because you did that. I didn't necessarily go down that road with you but I am too great. A exercise cold a box breath before each session. We begin and a box. Breath is literally you sitting down with? Whether you're sitting on the floor or cross legged on your knees or whatever's comfortable you leaning slightly over yourself and you breathe in three knows for the count of six you hold the Taupe that count you hold your breath at six and then you breathe out full six in hold at the bottom full six so you do that six to ten times as a breath that will really bring you out of your sympathetic state of your nervous system in nervous system which is a Flight Mechanism night. We are we are running away from a sabertooth tiger kind of because the anxiety that we're feeling right now we're now worshipful germ or we are nest state about sympathetic site very very dicey right now. So it's very important to bring ourselves back into what we call left power sympathetic site which is the rum. Which is the Netflix and chill? Which is the rest and relax feet in the brain. The whole state that we really need to balance themselves with so from a physiological and psychological perspective. It really is important to take breath. It doesn't take much to actually pull you back into a Paralympic Para sympathetic state that that level of breadth use censoring yourself. Just for ten breaths it will significantly improve your anxiety levels will bring back in the wake of vision will open up a little bit more and you just feel comma and I use that every session I do and it works wonders just for everybody just to get into that space. That's excellent. Molly would talk about this breathing technique. When we first started dating she'd be like you're very anxious breathing for six hold for six. Let it out. Yeah I learned it as a therapist so I love that. Yeah it's a great trick for. It's a great trick for every profession. I think what thank you so much for talking to us? David you are at David Higgins London and I should. I'm GONNA shout out. Ls Partridge who was also informative and toured with us a great trainer who he works for you and just want to say that he was always with us part of these workouts. We all three of US really hung out quite a bit. Yeah he's he's Great. He's the best and he's a really really great trainer to so look him up on Instagram as well. Also a very funny guy. He's got some comedy videos and stuff. That are really great. Yeah he's he's just he's one of a kind of a partridge. Make sure everybody if you're looking for something to start if you if it's time for you start working out in the midst of all this go to at David Higgins London If you prefer kind of dance your workouts or any. They're all kinds of workouts online Yeah start small. If you need to this I think this is really really good advice and start with start with breathing and if all you do is breathing one day. That's okay just keep going keep going right. Yep He had to start very very small and it's starting to feel easy. Add a little bit. So if you're doing ten pushups and that starting to feel easy do eleven push ups you know. Just sort of go at your own pace. Yeah exactly right well. Thank you so much David. S pleasure guys. It's really nice to catch up. Yeah it was very nice Mls At sang in podcast at guys

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