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Science Fiction and Star Trek, with Zachary Quinto


I welcome to star. Talk your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dr Talk Begins Right now. This is star. Talk Tyson. Your personal astrophysicist. I've got with me chuck. Nice Co hosting a right and tweeting a chuck Nice Comic. Thank you follow. You follow you to the ends of the earth and Beyon- engaged in trenches and I've got chuck glue by can't Chuck Chuck Charles Lou. You can call it. Whatever you not call I just said I'm not okay. Okay Okay Shawls Lou Professor Astronomy and physics had a columnist at night one guest Sitting University of New York. Yes and our fan base knows that if you are my guest on a show. Yes we're GONNA GET GEEK all right. Okay we'RE GONNA roll out. Kiko on Kiko all right griff reaching my interview with actor Zachary Quinto. No Zachary Quinto yes. That's Mr Spahis Mr Spock. Yes the next generation. Rendering of the iconic hyper rational character from the original star Trek series. He's the actor with the highest scoring name in scrabble. Wow Okay why do you know? I GOT A Z. Q on the triple word score if you spell his whole name out spell his name out. Z and accused okay. We've got some as in their. Their nuts is three the ages four and the wise for the rest of them are one they go it. They have it. Been my hero in part because of that extremely extremely I would bet he would want to be your hero for reasons beyond that. When is so? We're going to explore the science of Science Fiction X. Weasing hibs at him as a excuse to do that. Absolute and no better excuse for that. Because he's a hyper logical alien. Yes he's Volkan fascinating on half hydrological alien or that's right because he's got him in Miami that's why he got. He Got Human Miami right and can resist the lure of those earth women. 'cause earth girls at ease off. That was what's his face Downtown Julie Brown no no earth. Girls are easy. Yeah that was a weird alley. I know I'm and I'm the fly on the fly call. Jeff was in the movie. Earth girls are easy right right but the song earth girls are easy or then owned by someone named Julie Brown who also did Trapped in the body of a white girl and everybody run the homecoming Queen's got a gun. Wow Nice I mean I don't know what do said. I run homecoming Queen's got it done know or oh I don't know this song. I kind of remember the from eighty. I did it Johnny from the eighties from the. Yeah Okay now God all right. George Jones John Jay. So he's got as all good actors. Do they have an acting pedigree that extends back? He's trained in classical theatre ex and I asked him about the transition from these formal background into science fiction in both film and Television was check. It out I mean. There is something inherently theatrical about science fiction which I find interesting you know the world of Star Trek. I think is is Shakespearean away if you really break it down and and The Canon of stories and the lineage that overlaps itself I think is really the ethical and so much is happening on television. Now that the landscape is entirely different than it was even five years. It's amazing we can all agree. It's a golden age. Yeah and the challenge. Now I think is really You know grabbing people's attention and then holding people's attention because as there are more and more More and more platforms like that. How do we? How do we get people in and direct them in the right way? It's interesting it's an interesting double edged sword away so Charles. What explain what he means by Star Trek Being Shakespearean followed a little bit. But I think you would have a deeper inside. How is Star Trek like Shakespeare? Let me count the ways. All the world's a stage over and we let let me look let me just quote Christopher plummer in Star Trek six the undiscovered country. Playing General Chiang Klingon. Talk Talk to be or not to be The KLINGON in Klingons the Klingons all thought that Shakespeare was written originally in their language. Those idiots no because the rhythms or the rhythms the the human klingon condition. The whole point of Shakespeare is that his body of work demonstrates all the different highs and lows and `in-betweens comedies and tragedies of the human condition of life of society of individuals interacting with the whole. And so there's a universal truth to it that transcends any culture if it's properly translated KLINGONS Romulus humans. And for the first time. You've used the phrase universal truth in a literal meaning Most people when they say univer- University about Miss Universe is just miss. Our you know we compared with Mars having Shakespeare appears over and over again throughout star Trek on purpose and sort of accidentally just as it does on just about every other major science fiction space opera type. But wait a minute. Shakespeare wrote about practically everything. Yes in many different ways. So for it's to have a story is it's Shakespearean. Can't you say that about every story as Long Jerry is six? Maybe but the what we're talking about because we've fits everything then if it's nothing if it's everything if it's everything it also fits nothing. The point is on that one. Okay thanks for your really told the story of Tom and Jerry better. Is that the different. That's why Shakespeare so involved just even star Trek six the movie I just quoted the subtitle is the undiscovered country. Right which is hamlet right as is to be or not to be now in the movie. The Chancellor of the Klingons said that the undiscovered country was the future but of course in hamlet's Soliloquy the undiscovered country was death and so that became a theme in that movie. Where do Klingons really feared death or? Do they fear the unknown the future? I'M GONNA go. I'm GonNa go with the unknown xactly because they definitely want to die a glorious breath in bad xactly which is what caused a central tension in that movie and the plot and so forth and then the evil. Well I won't say evil. But the General Chiang to which I referred as in the as he was fighting the final battle against Kirk he was quoting Shakespeare over and over again cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war from Julius. Caesar you know all these other kinds of fighting things. Ems why he lost by lost. The best five actually saw Christopher plummer on Broadway with Lynn Redgrave in hamlet in Nottingham Macbeth yet MC battle so he imagined the joy that the actor Christopher plummer must have had in full cling on armor fighting space battle saying as his final words before his ship explodes to be or not to be Nice Shakespeare in Star Trek. Wow that was quite the track in itself and do lab chuck God Dot Com Chuck. I don't know who data talking to you. Charles feel free. Call Me Chuck Charles. Thank you for that reputation for that. Just when people see what I did there you see what I did last Corneille. I knew him. Well horatio host of infinite chest. I'm not quoting Shakespeare gun out. Good befall dear. Charles is GonNa Start Spreading yourself. Go Right then. Nice job out brief candle and by that I mean. This conversation knows walking shadow or poor player that struts Francis our on the stage and his heard no more it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Only Chuck. Nice is also classically. Let's not go there. We don't want people knowing that took on worthy read so I don't know how you get back how how I can get back into the conversation quote a Shakespeare thing just to hang with you. Let me think So I'm sorry I don't have Shakespeare just sitting in my head but I have quoted him before I will quote him now but I got to read what I wrote on my second book ever. Okay Okay Chapter called Celestial Winding Ah-ha here it is and as a segment from all's well that ends well Helena displays sharpness of wit as she comments on the valor. Parolees here. It is Helena monsoon. Parolees you were born under. Most charitable star. Hurley's under Mars. I Helena I especially think under Mars Parolees. Why under Mars she replies. The warriors has so kept you under that you must needs be born under Mars. Parolees when he was predominant when he was retrograde. Where my way why think you so Illinois replies you go so much backwards when you. That's that's just a Shakespeare's Astrolabe Shakespeare at my second book. I quoted Shakespeare there just to hang with you because you all like having a dual dual there I I was just sitting there on the outside. Swede. That's cool though that's burn. Wow that's probably the most eloquent way to call somebody a coward Nice right so before. Zachary Quinto was spock. He was silo. Yes on on the Super Villain. Abc's hit SCI FI series heroes. Yes that's the one that no one understood correct. Oh it was great for the first season then jumped the shark a really sure that early not supposed to they kept changing. But let's see what he says about. Yeah exactly Quinto on heroes check it out. You had the power to take people's POW. Yeah right yeah bad ass stole people's power of Omni powerful. That's bad I had to murder them viciously in order to get those powers that that little caveat Remind me did you have a a base of our you know. Oh an Achilles heel. Interestingly I did have an Achilles heel but but they kept changing it like I see. I was invincible. Unless they killed me in this one way and then as the show went on and they wanted to keep the carriage around the kept changing it so part of the deflation of the role and I think ultimately the series was they had they had to keep changing their own rules in so audiences felt a little bit like they didn't know what to invest in and that's the nature of having to keep a successful show going for so long you know so that show in four seasons so it's like a hundred episodes of just trying to sustain these characters many of whom probably should have died last season for the in order to keep the story going but there was also a different characters. Shoot need to. I think it was like a it was like a It was a trap of the success of that show because it was a different era still and it was a network show so it was really working to kind of keep up that pace. I think things are entirely different now and I must confess Mike original urge to watch it was because the Oh and heroes was a total eclipse. I get it. That was the only reason why I shot so Charles. Why is it important to not break rules when you're storytelling? Any narrative has to be with in a context. At least literary. What do I mean it has to be? If you just have been doesn't mean it has to be. You can do postmodern literature where the rules keep getting broken all the time but then you know that the rule is that the rules are meant to be broken. When you're telling a narrative and epic an opera story or something like that if you're invested in a character or storyline and then it no longer has significant. That's not cool. Like if you love character and the character dies has significance but then if you find out that any character can be risen from the dead merely by giving an injection of somebody's blood and Devon's not death means nothing and then what you cared about isn't important anymore. If you knew at the very beginning of the story that anyone who dies can come back to life fine but if you find that out in season two so what you're saying is this kind of making this stuff. I don't think they expected to pass. One was a great story in part because of great actors. Like Zachary He played this this maker. Kate siler wasn't even his real name. Silent was the name of a watch that he was working on when his power manifested and he was really what you could. You could call Honda rents idea of the banality of evil. Somebody who you wouldn't think is like vicious and likely to kill anybody but just pleasant it with a circumstance. He was a watchmaker. He cared about details and then all of a sudden he opened up. Somebody's brain and figured out that person superpower and then went on and on and on until it became. This addiction slipped down because he was a psychopath. That's the word for that. And one of the things that was born out in the show was was he a psychopath. And then this power showed up or did he become a psychopath. Because of his powers there was an alternative interesting. Missile alternate reality. Yes exactly there was an alternate timeline in that show where it showed siler not calling himself silent but Gabriel. He had adopted a young person and actually had become a hero. Been a good person but then was not able to sustain that because of the pressure so what shows have kept to their own rules best. We'll star Trek does pretty well although although although episode in the original season. Where did something where he almost died or went blind but then there was an extra eyelid that prevented from going blind? Well and and and bones said. I should've I should've known you come up with something like that so they even knew that they had to say something about that. 'cause you didn't know in advance that he had a special eyelid prevented from going beyond Septa. Ret Conning retroactive continuity is allowable when you have these huge kind of sprawling stories but you still have to every time explain what was going on Star Wars for example not so good the Kessel run. Don't get me started on the kesselring. No skipped out on the same page I will I will gasket. Okay I know. And then they had to registry clear for people to know when he says the Millennium Falcon did the Council. Run in under twelve right. That's like saying you know if I say chuck how much do you weigh? I weigh three dollars and fifty cents driving the car. Seventy two degrees Fahrenheit off now complete idiots okay in the movie solo nor did they doubled down. I don't WanNa hear about both down. By ret conning the whole process they re retroactively that messed up a lot of people that makes people unhappy like me. That's why you can't go back and mess this too. So he went from super villain to super hero but Super Alien. Spock spots in the Star Trek reboot of the Star Trek films. So let's just get a snippet of him reflecting on becoming spock. Check it out. It's one of the most recognizable characters in the world. I mean up there with Mickey Mouse and Jesus I mean it's it in in terms of the iconography of spock and the The visual Familiarity that people have with that character and his ears and his gestures. And all of that So I guess there was that kind of floating around me and I didn't allow myself to get swept away in any of the things that are attached to that role because it would. Yeah I mean I couldn't have done my job I think if I had allowed myself to go with the magnitude of who that character is and what he represents to so many people for so long I just had to focus on what was right in front of me. Leonard was involved at that time and I got to learn. It became incredibly close to that process so it was a creative and professional gift but also a tremendous personal gift to become so close with Leonard as well Leonard who Leonard Knee Leonard Nimoy so the the original actor portraying spock was his mentor. It's it sounded like in this in this bit. So can you explain? Why spark was such an account of character? Well first of all spock as a character was the first alien that really had a prominent role in any television or movie show that lasted and showed that it characterization so it was fascinating because he was other and yet similar to us but more important in my opinion it was the brilliant acting of Leonard. Nimoy that made spock. So conic fast. He he reacted in the ideas. That made happen There are television critics historians for example. Who will talk about Kirk by William Shatner becoming increasingly emotional increasingly melodramatic as the series went on. And what Spock Leonard? Nimoy did was simply become that foil. Become even more less emotional even more detached even more logic and cancel. The show created that balance which then led to that rich idea of Yin and Yang equilibrium. Kirk and spock became the pants versus total logic and then they play. Chess and Kirk wins every time. Because he's not making logical moves right which. I never got totally. If Yeah I was the first time I beat a computer chess. I only was able to do that fooling into thinking I was making one move relative to another and it would organize all of its peace strategies thinking. I'M GONNA make a move and I came into backside and the data but that's how we play chess anyway. We always try to fool are right whether it's a computer or human being. Yeah okay so okay thank you. Don't thank you thank you. That's the old days first time I'd be. The computer is in the future timeline in another university. Exactly all right we gotta take a break and we will talk more about emotion versus logic in the next segment tape. We're back on star told featuring my interview with Zachary actor yes modern days. Best known for playing young spock. They look just like what spoke with a look lying. He really does help them. That's some serious casting. They did there. It's not even young. Spock it's different timelines spock. Only this right. It's right about that and so I had to ask him about sparks. Notorious reliance on logic over emotion. Sweet as it'd be interesting to get an actors take on that with checkout. There's these two parts of spock His human essence in his vulcan essence. And I think that I can relate to that I process things An intellectual way personally An emotion is always underneath that right so I feel like I don't I don't I don't always go to intellect I but I definitely lean toward intellect and then emotion is surrounding it and under it own. So it's not in the center of it. No I don't think so. That means you make rational decisions and some other people make emotion. Yeah I definitely have an ability to separate my emotional response from my Rational or spots a little bit. Yeah okay interesting. So he's he's feeling the character I was Gonna say he thinks he's spot. Okay he just got out of therapy before you so chart. Tell me about your rational and emotional minds. I believe that my emotional reactions and my logical. Yes are knit together as tightly as tapestry of flannel pattern. I can't separate the two of them very well at all. So you're very logically. Emotional or emotionally Laura mostly so. I can reason out things but I'm always informed by my feelings and I can always feel about something but I always think about wait. Why feeling this. How am I feeling this? And it's all knit together actually. Don't want to separate them. I think that's what makes me like the HAM possibly human. Yes right which is one of the things that was explored in the Star Trek Universe. Volkan actually have very strong emotions but society compels them to suppress emotion and only exhibit logic. Right and this is what makes it very difficult for them tremendously powerful but also an Achilles heel. You don't start star. Trek Spock is logical approach. Life is almost always at odds with captain kirks score and so I asked Zachary about that dynamic on screen checking up. Curtains are probably one of the most iconic duo's in popular culture history. Would you rather be obviously spot? Obviously playing the wrong come on. Now we can do definitely feel like they are Inextricably connected on a spiritual level There are two sides of the same coin. I think as roddenberry envisioned these characters. They represent An exploration examination of what it means to be human and what it means to be alien and how those two parts of ourselves as people you know. are often in proximity and often in conflict Spock and Kirk function very differently but I don't think either would function as effectively without the other one so chuck Jew rather be Kirk or spock Karl. That's a really hard question. And here's why Mr Spock so logical so methodical so meticulous an so knowledgeable. I mean you know the bulk and brain is like you know. He is human computer The able to calculate out of your Vulcan mind but So for all those reasons I WANNA BE SPARK HOWEVER KIRK. I want to sleep with a green woman man. I'm just GONNA laugh. You're not getting anything except for like once. Every ten years he has to go collie fee colleague Fowler crap where he far he goes in the heat he goes Bokan heat and and he still doesn't get any is like no. Yeah okay so it's going to be I'm going with Kirk. I'm going Kirk so get your Green Charles. This thing about Yin and Yang and comment on that. Well obviously is in equilibrium. You and I. We are all here and doing. We're doing today. Because there's a balance between the energy that's going through our bodies coming out of them and whatever is being put into them like food or metabolism and so and so forth also. There are three evil versions of ourselves in another universe. We'll get to that. There's a chuck in another universe with a goatee. Wait till you hear evil evil. Jacques is you call me even before somebody on twitter said from now on your Chuck Rude Anyway. My point is that if we are to explore life itself then. We're thinking both spiritually and physically psychologically about balance about an extreme that needs to be balanced and so things moving forward in a round is what causes us to have all these different cool things happen. Fiction is fundamentally about society coming out of balance and what happens to bring it back right but balance implies that it's teetering on falling in one direction or another whereas you can have balance without that a a marble on a flat. Surface is balanced right right. But you wouldn't say there's a Yin and Yang operating on because it's a Meta stability we call it as physicists You know that so imagine instead the marble in a dip valley and then once in a while something pushes the marble up the hill okay restoring restoring force and brings it back down into the equilibrium point down below when you have something that's Meta stable like a table and you're rolling the marble it keeps going and then it falls off the table. That's not life that becomes something more extreme which can be studied. But it's not that would be the end of life one example right Stink okay I was a little philosophic that liked it. Yeah I I would quibble with something you said. Oh dear okay life by its very nature are centers of highly disequilibrium phenomena. I see what you're saying. Yes because we are examples of the local thermodynamic equilibrium being violent violated. Correct as we forced to your body. Temperature is ninety eight degrees and the seven out of frigging equilibrium dude but I am out of equilibrium with my surrounding. Yes within myself. I have to be ninety eight point. Six Plus or minus a degree to at all times or stop living is so okay so the therapy. Tomac within myself. I've I am at peace. I'm glad even though I'm I'm disequilibrium with the rest of the universe right another disequilibrium part is we in how oxygen it oxygenates the iron. The iron then goes through and deposits the oxygen in our muscles and comes back without oxygen. Yes so in our same body we have reduced and oxygenated is living in the vessel and in La in the in in nature. You don't see that either. All the iron is oxidized. All the honours not oxidants because of an equilibrium process because we're not in equilibrium. That's what I'm saying that we are able to maintain that that's what I'm saying very cool. That's all I'm saying. Well said okay. Well so when when I can't believe we just got there from frigging spock. Okay I don't know that was amazing. When the Star Trek the original star Trek Franchise when I the two thousand and nine so they kept all the same characters and they sent him in a different direction. Yes they did for out how that went down with. Zachary they create an alternate timeline in our first film into was that John Too. 'cause they backed into that he. I think it was to open up the narrative possibilities of our universe to set us apart from the original series very producer of you that it was definitely so after answer. There's a backlash I will say but I feel like it really reset the clock so to speak And it gave us a new point of departure in a news springboard into a whole other landscape of stories. Part of the joy of star. Trek is the infinite possibilities of Of storytelling you know And so I feel grateful to be a part of that because we were hindered by anything that happened before and and it was a powerful new direction that will allow us to go in. So we'll see where it takes us from here. You know between an alternative universe and an alternative time line. Just semantics That's what I thought. Usually you think of alternate timelines. They kind of converge back so you can help returns but really it could be an alternate universe that goes off on. Its own direction. Whatever if that makes sense so for example now really but okay. Universe for example is an alternate timeline. Right where you have people that can interact with our time and they come back and forth alternate universes something. That's so different that there's no interaction. Sometimes that's yeah but if you're splitting into that that means you had access to it. Well there's the many worlds hypothesis of quantum mechanics which suggest that you can split into that. And then no longer have the possibility to interact. So do you think there are other versions of us in another timeline? Well if we think that the many worlds hypothesis quantum mechanics works. There are an infinite number or nearly infinite number of each of us in a completely different time. There's an Evil Charles Liu and there's a great trump. Did we get along with the middle school that's That's very ricky Morton we come back Third and final segment of my interview with it's accurate. I did hey. We'd like to give a Patriot shutout to the following Patriots Patrons Pat Malan and Kyle roads guys. Thanks so much for all of your support. We could make this trip through the cosmos without you and for those of you listening to what like your own Patriot. Shell go to Patriot. Dot Com slash star. Talk Radio and support us. And we're back on star talk through my interview with the actor who portrays star Trek so the entire by Zachary spock on Star Trek. Yes and you know I had to ask him about sort of the storytelling right. And but I had an issue with this sort of reboot of the Star Trek series and I had him there so why not when I when I come from smackdown get up in his face. What went down. One of my regrets was the original star Trek. Most of the time. Two thirds of the time they were morality tale And I didn't serve as a mission as a storytelling mission carried forward. Oh it in our. Yeah Yeah just. It's it's more of a big screen action. Entertainment testing would cells right. We'll put people in a seat but I wanted more of the the holy. Wow that's a mirror to our own culture civilization man. I think you know I think our culture is a little bit less inclined toward Morality Tales. These days we want to escape I can fully off a little bit and I'm okay with that was pretty great. You totally you through. I did and he was a little offended there. If you listen to that he was kind acknowledging the point was Neil where you are is you're comparing a TV show with dozens of episodes right the ability to take many bites at the apple and feature films which get one shot at entertaining and putting people in the seats. So you said two thirds of the show were morality plays that means one. Third of them was pure escapism. Yeah pretty much. Yeah so you didn't give the feature film enough credit. He sounded like he sounded exactly like no. He sounds like he's actually inform Zachary on his answer. Zachary's answer was right we these days may want more escapism in our entertainment than morality plays but didn't Roddenbury's day in the sixties. If you watch shows like BONANZA OR WAGON TRAIN. They were all one after another one. Morality play after another two thirds of the time and then one third of the time was just escapism with guns firing and horses running so what should be the balance depends on the medium. You're working with with a feature film. It might go with. I guess as I'm berries would have figured out a way to take the morality play and put it in the the Modern Day Star Trek feature films possible. I'm not sure and not to be heavy handed. But I mean like for instance What's his name? That does the blue people with details. James Cameron asks the guy who with the US ponytail our guest Dr. If you look at that there is. There are several over arching morality messages. That are inculcated in that film. You know one of which being that we only get one planet okay and we should take care of it another being like. Hey man it's not. Imperialism is not all that cool. You know there's several I mean. Is this so wrong and I wanNA have a better world. Think he's super heavy handed with either even though some people would say he wasn't me over the head with a sledge hammer smart person but you know for for for somebody. Who's regular people? I do not ascribe to that distinction between quote regular consumers and quote. Here's my point that's the problem. I'm sorry I got to push back on. You're the problem. You're the reason why we're in the mess that we're in this country because we don't believe there are stupid people. They're dammit. They're stupid people's Joe's Lou is to blame for that because he doesn't recognise this. It's a smart people like chocolate. Low will not acknowledge the Durham Bunch of dumb ass out there. That makes it very difficult for us to progress as a nation. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree okay. So where was derailed? I Apologize Okay. So here's my push back you push back into our push back to back is I think if you're creative enough you can fold a dose. You can apply a dose of Morality Tale in your escapism. End Up accomplishing both. Or if you do two of them you get dose. Doses of rallied. Chucky need more or less than two. You're the best movies can do. They can do that. But those are not common or can you gotta give the feature film Genre a little bit of credit trying to do what it can do. The Best Can Okay Zach. So he also not only rebooted. Spock yeah he also rebooted the series in search of. Oh yes he did. Wait poisoned search. Oh Yeah you know what? The loch ness monster is Leonard Anymore. I did that right and so now. Heat so if all in the ghost of Leonard. Nimoy he is a reboot of the series in search of. I asked him about it. Check it out and search was a show that Leonard hosted in the late seventies and early eighties Excuse me on a first name basis. Well I have to say Leonard. Nimoy now you can say Leonard. Give you permission by proxy but But He hosted the show in the late seventies. Early eighties called in search of and the original episodes really in search of bigfoot or the Loch ness monster or The Bermuda Triangle so they approached me about redoing the show and hosting it and also producing So keeping some of the hallmarks like we did an episode Aliens One monsters of the deep. But then we're veering off into territory that I find really compelling it interesting like artificial intelligence life after death and mind control And so it's been a real adventure of been all over the place. I got to go sern in Geneva. Hang out with your people. Is the biggest machine ever ever built by man on the planet? I mean it's amazing to be in the presence of it and to know that they had to something so Gargantuan to look at things that are so infant tessema small. I found that paradox. Very humbling and talking to them was really interesting and Got To go to the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia people. They are people man. So we've had a good time and rape people and really inspiring. Because you know the thing that I've found with a show I know you can relate to. This is the idea of people who are devoting. The entirety of their vocational lives to the exploration and discovery of things that they may never arrive at themselves and yet the magnitude of it and service of humanity in generations to come is what motivates and drives them. There's something so moving about it actually and to meet these people who've been working at the Green Bank Observatory for thirty years and know that they probably will never find the thing they're looking for um so he got into what people do yes. Yeah it's the quest you have to at some level. Learn to love the questions themselves right. Learn to embrace the search. 'cause it's the search. That is the task the discoveries what the press talks about Once every fifty experiments that are conducted a quick thing about greenback telescope that that zone is a is a is a radio free zone correct. It's Radio Telescopes. Who Radio Signals to be messing up their sigma. So what do people use a Dixie cups to talk? Landline Ocean landlords. Okay I forgot about do you have to be for. I mean I don't remember the exact number of kilometers but it's minded smart. You gotta go quite a ways. Yeah I mean the Green Bank telescope the itself right. Imagine a piece of Green Bangle West. Virginia yes does a town the telcos named after the M. And this telescope named after Senator William Byrd actually up named after Senator Robert Byrd imagine a piece of Metal Mesh. That's the size of a football field that you can move around and aim at any spot in the sky. That's Listened to signals as if you were right there you know trying to understand anything from your loosely using the word. Listen to yes because it still electromagnetic energy that you can turn it into an audio signal on the other end but it's not sound. It's not going to make that clear signal coming through signal that you detect converted into something you can hear if my shoes. That's where you can make visual map. That's a picture right right. Yeah imagine using that technique to listen to anything from the pulsing the spinning star to these signals from an alien intelligence All kinds of an order now now is that more effective or less effective or doesn't make a difference of an array like Seti they do different things. Okay yeah they all have different Strong points and weaknesses but this singular razor multiple telescopes all moved in writing. Grigny right on a single sturggled dishes is a very very cool thing. Don't single sterile. Disk can detect a weaker signal then array. Catch it there. There's the point of the array is to pretend you have a much bigger than you do right. Yes so it's a clever back door way because you're not GonNa have a telescope that large steerable. So that's part of the part of Engineering. So one one trade offs. Yeah One's a net giant hook. Well said Yeah. Yeah no shook every once in a while. I shook with the metaphors. We need this guy. So do you have a favorite example of what like physicist might be looking for because they found the Higgs Boson was left? Lau dark matter and dark dark matter dark ninety five percent of the universe. We don't know anything about it except how it behaves on the largest scales. Yeah all kinds of NEAT. Yeah we're pretty ignorant about that. What is the most effective means of studying such a phenomenon? What effect they have on other things? We can detect. Okay all right and you keep doing this until you you. It does this and that condition with write that down and there's a boundary to it. Does this and that situation write that down? Can You keep doing this? And eventually the elephant take shape that and maybe you have an elephant there. But you don't know that if you're only looking at little bits of it so all the creativity in our field right now is finding out other experiments that you might conduct on space probe on telescopes to try to characterize what during reading as much as I guess and then eventually head in the other direction. Zachary mentioned sern right as big machine What you do is what is European Center for Nuclear Research yet once you find enough barriers or boundaries to the thing like the Higgs Boson or something then you take your machine and you look in that space were you think is bounded to see if a particle the Higgs Bozon exists and sure enough after years. It was founded as what you're saying is you. You look at all this as sums happening over here now focused on on that. Yeah well some interesting. Focus DOWN ON THAT. Because you wouldn't know to do that coming out of the box you've got to work your way there. Scientists way more arduous than ever captured in newspaper articles. They're only report on discoveries. Yes and yet. It is so much fun isn't it? Yeah don't you think scientists we just why we do it is the journey? It really is the and if we get paid to do it. That's even better right now. Which owns whether or not I would scientists for free. Yes but I'd much rather scientists like back in the day. Nobody paid anybody to be assigned packing. They Day something else and they did their science how they work back in the day in almost every case the people who had the luxury of being scientists Royce there wealthy anyway at that so if I were wealthy I'd still be monks. They were provided for in a daily basis. Didn't have much else to do. Gregor Mendel for example. Figured out some genetic so he is in most of the scientists back in the day with just bored. I would've been back then write about it. It's great no just so it's quite a commitment to it's a it's a devotion really is probably the best way to say way. So let me give you said we got to land this plane. So what kind of final thoughts do you have you know I'm just reflecting on on on much storytelling aliens any part of what we just went through in these three segments. You know I just think that the power of what we call science fiction is ever growing in its influence on society and just hope that it continues to inspire people to be more involved in science. Because that's a great power that it possesses do and I don't think it's a appreciate it as much as it should be. I think we got the good chuck as opposed to wait. Now let me give you evil evil and we watch it starts. No that's the. That's the deadbeat. Charles what do you have? Zachary is yet another example of a classically trained Thespian. An actor who do Shakespeare then takes it to the next level to science to science fiction aliens but in the end he is still illuminating the human condition for all Bravo Zachary. Okay I would say it's the job of any fictional storytelling to illuminate the human condition or aspects of it What I like in particular about science fiction is that you get to set storytelling on a stage. That you might think is over there but in fact it's right beneath your own feet so I think science fiction gives you WIDER BERTH. To tell stories that reflect back on your own condition Think of how many people wouldn't do it if it was a lesson against them telling them they're misbehaving or telling them that their ways or are misguided. Nobody likes being lectured his right okay but if you set it on. Oh that's those. Are Aliens doing that then? One day you wake up and said we're talking about me the whole time tabby gene roddenberry so I think I think science fiction is an important dimension not only for us to figure out who we are but also to give us a vision of a future that we might one day embrace. I will end with a quote from gene roddenberry Oh a paraphrase who having written stories about apocalyptic futures was once confronted by women. Who said why? Do you write about such a dismal futures is this. Because that's the world you think we will have. And he said no madam I write about apocalyptic futures. So you know you need to avoid them raise their Charles Chuck Nice. Yes thank you being in the house. Thank you thank you. Thanks for watching. Possibly listening to this episode of Star Talk. I've been your host neal. The Grass Tyson has always beating you to keep working.

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