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Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It replaces email with something faster. Better organized and more secure every conversation has its own channel. That's easy to join search or create and it's all integrated you can attach info from thousands of apps share files make calls everything you need to get your work done. Welcome to your new headquarters. Try it for free at slack dot com slash where work happens life of the country doing well and everybody else doing poorly overlooking a more damaging. Great kimberly does the shape of the yield curve matter. We're looking at late. Twenty twenty one early twenty twenty two. Were really deal for your bloomberg markets with funding glen and whole suite on bloomberg radio. Coming up we're going to chat about. The market's coming up from new york city and points. Beyond plus we're going to hear from it and a blinder former fed vice chairman and professor at princeton university's can discuss the fed the economy and the pandemic. We'll have comments from mr blind. But first let's go to greg jarrett of bloomberg news for a bloomberg business. Flash greg all were looking at the markets today and sea. And all that read that you are. Equities dropped alongside european shares. As a risk off mood descends on markets the dollars jumping treasury yields taking lower. The snp is headed to its biggest decline in three months. Attention will turn now to the federal reserve policy meeting today. The policy bus ability of guidance about the future of its asset purchase program. Bob michael at j.p. Morgan tells bloomberg he thinks we'll see lower for longer as far as interest rates are concerned that the central banks learned over the previous decade.

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