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The following program contains graphic material including offensive language. You're this question is advised. Nicole Sandler Chill Questioning Authority daily. That could be the very reason why you is upset. Pay Youtube. The music venue here beneath my boys is from a broadcast. Sound Library that I pay for the receipts so I bet your toppy right violation right here and now here's Nicole. Oh okay well. Welcome back everybody. It is Tuesday. Today's the twenty fourth of March twenty. Twenty I feel compelled to to say that at the beginning of the show. Because who knows where this is going for all we know you know life as we know it could be from don the you know it it in two or three months time and what we leave behind will be for future life forms to discover. I don't know I don't know all I know is that we have an idiot in the White House. We've known that for almost four years now but it is it is just getting so out of control The good news is there won't be one of his disaster Corona virus briefings today. Because they did the thing on Fox so-called news earlier today. I only caught a little bit of that my TV does not go to Fox. And then I saw kept seeing a comment on twitter about it so I tuned over for a few minutes. And it's just more of the same. This man is fucking insane and why anybody listens to him. I don't know I do not know this one. I'm going to play I. Am I promise you I will not overload you with trump clips? I very little. I didn't pull anything from today but I have this one clip from yesterday actually to two short ones from yesterday. The first one is the moron. Chief bitching that well let me just. I probably won't last more than like ten seconds into it before my head explodes but this is the Kinda Shit he say. Being contemplated by the Senate right now has a fund hundreds of billions of dollars for the Treasury Department to us to bail out states and localities as well as specific industries such as a cruises hotels. Will you commit publicly that none of that taxpayer money will go towards your own? Which okay so you hear the question? The question was this bill that the Senate still has yet to pass has has this huge fund to bail out big corporations including many in the travel industry including airlines hotels. I have some thoughts on that stuff. Maybe we'll get to it at some point but cheat the reporter said can you guarantee that you personally. Your businesses will not benefit from this fund. We WanNA know that you're not going to be personally enriched by this legislation by this bailout and listen to how the idiot answers like for instance. I committed publicly that I wouldn't take the four hundred and fifty thousand dollars salary. It's a lot of money whether you're richer lots and lots of money and I did it. Nobody cares nobody. Nobody should thank you. Thank you very much. Nobody said thank you because yeah you're not taking the four hundred fifty thousand dollars a year presidential salary. But you've cost us over three hundred twenty seven million dollars for your fucking Golf Games seriously. Someone did the math. And it's something like a presidential salary for many. Hundreds of years is what we in taxpayer dollars have paid for his golf outings. That's the Kinda Shit. It's me me me me. It's all about him all right. I need a pallet cleanser. After that so once again we're anti rainbow did it. He he gave us a new song over the weekend. So I enjoyed it in the privacy of my own home But now I get to share it with you because as you know I like to start the show with something funny because you can already tell we get a little worked up because we deal with a lot of serious shit during the rest of the show. So let's start with the funny thankfully today courtesy of Randy Rainbow. Take it away ran day. Joining us now is vice president and dance captain of the Corona Virus Task Force. Mike Pence Mike. Give us your assessment of where we are right now with the corona virus which Donald Trump has recently started calling the hillary flu or in Medical Terminology Obama Titus Nancy Pelosi's or Kofi nineteen All all of our experts tell us and they advised the president as he in endorse these guidelines to avoid social gatherings of more than ten people. Everyone should stay home. All of those recommendations are part and parcel. I'm sorry you want us to stay home. I wish that I could help you sweetie but my schedule is crazy right now. I've got pilates after work. I've got brunch on Sunday next week. Is Passover so? I'm in Cancun for the annual black light underwear phone party. I I already bought those tickets. What we're pleased to learn is being embraced by states and communities. Millions of American families are what we believe is important for every American to significantly impact spread of the virus. All ways lead such an active life almost so show butterfly and kind of a whore. But this old it's red now is running rife and my country needs me. So why won't be any more? I will make the chain idols. Social Distance No. It sounds mundane grouch. My community now relies on. Thank you for your efforts. I will save human race being on my own home from work days. I will grab and out by myself. I will shop online foam as I will do my duty. Go there Sharman on how I will crush her. I will show this sense. Marching Disney plus. There are lives to say. Oh I must be needs and me by pinging My ancestors acid with mom and we need every American to step forward and recognize that if we act now we can limit the spread of the corona virus significantly and ultimately save lives clean. That's good because gone back. Doors and say and we can limit the spread of the corona virus significantly and ultimately save lives. We will crash that occurred. We will turn but I just ben stay the book the Awesome Randy Rainbow. He's just so good just just so clever and the thing about him if he does all of that himself as from one person who does everything herself to another. I have great respect for that. Awesomeness one thing that this sheltering in place that this social distancing is doing is giving a lot of creative people time to be creative so let me share with you one more funny for now. Maybe we'll do more. You know what we've been on this sort of my corona kick. I should say my Corona Nak. Get IT HA- There's another one now. I can't stop finding the my corona parodies. So here's one more for you. I don't know who did it. Some guy on the Internet here we go tecumseh mate. Rana wash hands. Wash your hands Keith. But sixteen seclude don't take it seriously. This is not a vanik delirious. Better stay inside. Stay inside. Russia stores Hoarding Toilet Paper Consults temperature new rules. It ended just like that my corona. Everyone's getting their creativity on so you can be creative to right. I know some of the some of the productions are really elaborate but I say everybody do your best my corona parody or it should be my serono parody. But you know what I'm saying because I have a feeling we're GONNA be at this for a while anyway. GotTa Laugh is here well. We'll be here because it's Tuesday but I'll tell you what before we get to Laffy. Let's get to the news shall we? And what the Hell May as? Well do it live dammit. Okay all right okay. All right hold on. It's still cracks me up every time I hear it. All right sorry. So let's get to the news shall we? There's certainly a lot going on. So here's the latest. The Senate Democrats blocked that now over two trillion dollar corona virus. Rescue bill from advancing to a full vote for a second straight day yesterday. But it looks like they're close to it today anyway. What happened is the Democrats? Were arguing that the then current version of the legislation didn't do enough for American families. Senator Joe Manchin of all people was was fighting hard with Mitch. Mcconnell on the Senate floor. He said the bill which gives the trump administration wide latitude to dole out a five hundred billion dollar fund for Businesses States and cities makes the Senate appear. Here's a direct quote more focused on the big corporations and health of Wall Street than we are in the health health care of the people in rural America and Main Street. I think that's the most honest thing I've ever heard. Joe Mansion say it so the Senate Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell said senators need to strike a deal and get the aid approved quickly these countries to time well despite the propaganda being pushed by the Republicans. And all my. Oh my God the stuff that they're putting out there. The Democrats wanted you know. They want the green. New Deal is part of this rescue. Bill NO THEY DON'T. They want emission standards for airlines. No they don't they're lying to you. So despite all the propaganda being pushed by the Republicans Elizabeth Warren explained to many people but he also got a clip from Bloomberg News. The reason the Democrats oppose this bill centers on protecting the workers over the big corporate honchos in this bill. The checks for everyday Americans. The reason this bill hasn't gone through is because the democratic sentences. Do you want to be the person that's stopping people from getting that checks to meet? That ran at the end of this month. Excuse me the recent. This bill has not gone through is because of Republican senators and because of the Republican leadership pretended to negotiate for three days with the Democrats and then at the end of that time basically introduce their own bill their own bills that did not have compromises. Did Not make sure that the money is going down to the grassroots look. It's going to take people from both parties to get this through. Now we've laid out what our principles are in that is. You can't give a half a trillion dollars to giant industry and not help people as the bail outside of the bill. Spend the rest of the week debate Ed and then get through the rest and get it done quickly so people can actually receive some money. I'd love I'd love to strip out the bailout bill or just concentrate on student. Loans unemployment insurance on increasing Social Security. Getting HELP TO SMALL BUSINESSES. And making sure we're getting the money to our hospitals and our testing facilities. I'm glad to do that bill. Let's do it right. Let's do it right now. I think is what she said. So the total number of Cova. Nineteen infections in the US rose above forty one thousand yesterday and the death toll is well when I wrote this this morning. It set surpassed five seventy now. It's up over. Six hundred Massachusetts and Maryland joined a growing number of states ordering non essential businesses to shut down but donald trump suggested in a nearly two hour briefing yesterday and double down on it again today in this Fox. So-called news thing that he did then he would push for reopening. Us businesses quickly saying America would soon be open for business because we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. He actually said that and then he claimed more people would die. I can't make it up. More people would die as a result of a bad economy. Then from the corona virus itself seriously America continues to loves SEGMENT OF OUR SOCIETY TO TURN THE TIDE in the battle against the virus. I want Americans to know that we will get through this challenge. The hardship will end. It will end soon. Normal life will return. Economy will rebound. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem. Itself this is not a country that was built for this. Why NOT BUILT TO BE? Shut down the end of Country Bill. I don't Wanna I don't the fifteen day period. We'll make a decision as to which way we want. Go where we want to go the timing and essentially where referring to the timing of the opening essentially the opening of our country one hundred sixty almost one hundred sixty men want my salary. I work for zero. I don't want my salary. Nobody said thank you. Wait a minute. That's the wrong thing. Hold on in jobs in this country now the most ever by far by far the most ever the number of jobs almost one hundred and sixty million so we can't turn that off and think it's going to be wonderful they'll be tremendous repercussions it will be a tremendous death. Why from the death? Why are you talking about death? Probably more death from that and anything that we're talking about with respect to the virus okay. So that was yesterday. He said there's going to be more death from this. If we continue you know if the economy is shut down the way it is all non-essential businesses are shut down. There's going to be more death. Well he doubled down on it in this thing over at Fox Noise. I kid you not. This is what the man who is inexplicably. The president of the United States said on Fox just today when trying to explain why he wants to send people back to work while we're still in the throws a global pandemic that's GonNa kill millions of people looked. GonNa lose a number of people to the flu but you. Lupul more putting a country into a massive recession. It's already we're already lose people you're going to have suicides by the thousands you're going to have all sorts of things happen you can have instability. You can't just come in and say let's close up the United States of America. The biggest really the most successful country in the world by far. That's wrong on so many levels. Oh my God. That's the sad truth. Is that in the real world? The United States has the highest rate of increase on the planet with numbers rocketing up with each successive day. The charts are frightening. Healthcare workers across the country are begging for. Supplies specifically respirator masks. The shortage has gotten so bad. That people are sowing masks to send a hospitals as a stopgap. The CEO of three am the largest producer of medical facemasks. Said that all three unmasks should go to healthcare workers on the front lines. The acute demand has put pressure on trump to activate the defense production ACT TO MANDATE PRIVATE COMPANIES TO MASS PRODUCE. Needed medical supplies during the crisis. But he won't go there you know why because his business leader buddies don't want that and that's who he answers to the announcement of some possible treatments by this. Moron who has no medical background and no clue what the fuck is talking about has sparked another rush on supplies some. Us states have had to take measures to prevent stockpiling and shortage of the drugs. Cla Rock chloroquine and Hydro Clock Hydro Hydroxy chloroquine which are used to treat malaria and other conditions and might possibly work to treat the corona virus. But there's no guarantee they'll work or more importantly no guarantee that they're safe and yes a man in Arizona. Died in his wife is now in critical condition. After they tried to self administer chloroquine phosphate to prevent the virus. This guy needs to shut the fuck up and instead he just silence. Dr Anthony Fauci the nation's foremost infectious disease specialist. Something's wrong with this picture. And we made fun of the U. K. installing. Boris Johnson as prime minister. But he's more sensible than Donald Trump Johnson yesterday announced a nationwide lockdown for at least three weeks to reduce the spread of the new corona virus. That means every non essential shop in the UK is shutdown public gatherings or effectively banned. Funerals will be the only social events allowed. Police will have the authority to issue fines. And disperse gatherings to enforce compliance. Johnson said the rules will be under constant review and restrictions could be eased after three weeks. He said only a huge national effort can slow the virus and ensure the UK's healthcare system is not overwhelmed. So how I mean. Boris Johnson has more sense than Donald. Trump. I guess we knew that was the case. But I it takes this to show US unbelievable. Now if you're among the millions of people who've been furloughed or fire due to the virus there are some companies hiring retailers like CVS and Walmart are looking CVS looking at fifty thousand positions on Walmart. One hundred and fifty thousand. Albertson's which owns several food and drug retail chains wants to hire thirty thousand new employees to keep up with increased demand Amazon and grocery service INSTA- cart have seen online ordering delivery demands skyrocket so Amazon plans to add one hundred thousand people for full and part time roles in its delivery network and fulfillment centers and INSTA- cart hiring too so if you are itching one to get out of the house and need to get back to work because we need an income. Hello sorry there are some possibilities for you. Yeah couple of things. There is other news going on. Believe it or not other things are happening so in other news. Colorado became the twenty second State to abolish the death penalty. Yesterday governor jared pull a sign legislation banning capital punishment in the state and commuted. The death sentences of death row inmates four of them who were now sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. That happened that summer's Olympic Games will now be the twenty twenty one wimpy games for the first time in history ever. The Olympics have been postponed and California Utility Pacific Gas and electric has agreed to plead guilty to eighty four counts of of involuntary manslaughter all in connection with the The the the Campfire in two thousand eighteen You know this. This is pretty huge. P. Jeannie also agreed to plead guilty to one count of starting the fire which investigators say began with a failure of the company's Electrical Lines. So under the deal. Pg and E. will establish a thirteen point five billion dollar trust fund to compensate victims of the campfire another wildfires as well as pay hundreds of millions to local entities infected affected by the blazes. Yes The Campfire killed eighty five people in two thousand eighteen destroyed thousands of structures. And that's just a bit of what's news for now as I always say on the recorded version If you appreciate what's news and the Nicole Sandler show. I hope you'll consider making a contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported. And I can't do it without your help. I'm not behind a paywall. Everything is free. It's the honor system if you can afford it. I'm I'm truly asking for your monetary support. Because I need it to keep going all right with that. You know what time it is don't Ya. It's that time of the week again. Hit IT Lauren. Mayer with the theme song seem them in Geez. We have our own theme song so every Tuesday we get together with gotTA laugh. We do it. Virtually across the country Xi in California. I'm in Florida and We shoot the shit about the news. And we you know we. We go through twitter. Feed to find out what's going on because it is pretty much the most up-to-date way of gleaning the news. Anyway I we gotta get laughing on the line. So hello yes. You've reached the social distancing with evonne hotline. We had a request for Ivanka to return to the show today. So very cool okay. Hello yes press one if you think he vonk said I finally have a reason why daddy can't be in the room with me while I'm getting a massage Kinda creepy? Press two if you think. Yvonne said my. Jared has always been squeaky clean. He's been washing his hands every twenty minutes since our honeymoon. I somehow believe that. Press three press three. If you think Yvonne CA said I told my sweatshop kids that for their own safety they don't have to come to the factory they can work nineteen hours a day at home. Okay that's mighty generous of you. Ivanka mighty generous view. That's the kind of worn I am I. I'm a role model I see so. Have you been tested yet? Daddy tests me every day. Believe me it's not in that way that way. No no I get tested. I've been tested. I got a corona virus. Really Okay I only take the best test. I is it multiple choice or SL. Oh it's multiple choice like I don't know how to express myself any further than Abyan. See I got to I say so. What do you think about? Your Dad wanted to reopen everything sooner rather than later before the the spread of the virus has run. Its course I said to him. Daddy Daddy. Are we still going to have then the Easter Egg roll that you cancel because it's not making much sense if we don't have it right and Daddy Daddy told me to shut the fuck up? Oh I like that one how are you doing? I I. You know I'm hanging in there and look you know what this is not a big change for me. I'm still in my same home studio. I've been working out of my home studio for about fifteen years now so you know and I'm despite my outgoing nature on this show. I'm actually quite the introvert. I'm not unless I'm talking to a big crowd of people I I I'm shy. I don't go out and socialize. I don't have a lot of friends. I don't do things what I've been doing for the last year as you know is volunteering the animal shelter and sure enough last weekend. They closed down early. And then this weekend we were allowed to come in. They shut us down early on Saturday. At one o'clock said everybody go home but then we were allowed to come back in on Sunday but they shut us down early again and now they're closed it's close to the public there are still thankfully. Staffers working allegedly walking the dogs and cleaning the KENNELS and they're doing fosters and adoptions online only So basically many of these dogs are they're just going to be neglected and I hate to think of what's GonNa Happen to them. So if you're anywhere you are in the country you're GONNA be home for a few weeks foster a dog or a cat right now it's kitten season so there are all these litters of newborn neonatal kittens who need to be dropper fed. You can at least here in Broward County Florida. Go in and and get a box of a litter of kittens to take home for a couple of weeks and and feed them hand. Feed them until they are. I think they reach like two pounds. And then you bring them back and that can be adopted But there's such a need and for dogs you know look. I posted the cutest picture this morning. I was I came in here I wake up. I'm up at five o'clock in the morning so I came in. I did what's News and then I thought I'M GONNA go lie down for another hour to and I. That was my game plan in Jackson. You know I lay down in bed and he jumps up next to me and cuddles with me but today he brought his little rope toy and wanted to do with play so I took a couple of pictures of him. I was like I was going to go back to sleep at Jackson at other ideas. This is the thing right now while we're home a dog is such a great companion so I urge people wherever you are foster a dog for a month or so you. You'll probably fall in love and will be a foster fail on but either way you help get the animal out of the shelter where they're gonna be completely neglected while we can't go in there and help them so anyway off myself. We have the identical life because this hasn't affected me at all. I mean I'm at home doing my little twitter correspondent thing and I. I rarely I'm just like you. I'm very playful and stuff but I don't go out of my way to to go to social events ever not a party girl. I love a one on one type of relationship with people. I have a very small circle of friends that are spread all over the country. So it's not like I go out with my friends all in Los Angeles. I mean I aside from the few people I've met with doing the dog stuff. I have friends down here in Florida my heart and in my kid or my friends all my friends from you know fifteen years of life work That were combined might be on. Los Angeles was my social life was was just mixed in with my work life. It was why it seems like. That's where all my friends are. They're all out there so I don't have anybody here that I hang out with. So the best friend moved to Idaho of places and and the type of work I was doing before was while I was doing. All this political stuff was directing theater and then that finally stopped and so like you said your social life is is intermingled with with that happens in show business you you tend to just hang out with everybody and party with everybody that you're working with and then once a show is over or if you have a different you know like I was with the same group over and over again but if you working with a show once a show is over you rarely see those people again. Because they're busy going elsewhere doing whatever they do so yeah. Whatever I don't care Mister Laffy is working at home. They gave him his edit edit machine as he produces naked and afraid and he has to go through and create a story line out of hours and hours of raw footage so now he has his editing setup at home. That's Nice Nice for you right. It's great I was really worried because he was still going in but he did work in an isolated room. Thank goodness But they fixed somehow they had to do something electronically to get him to be able to connect schorr right so yeah. They've they've figured it out. I wish they had done this ages ago. They figured about so yeah. He's working at home. And that's great The kids came over and we all sat outside and ten feet apart. So I got to see my boys One of them goes in today for his first infusion for years a he has krones mentioned here and he was supposed to he. He had surgery. What about all right? How many months ago but He was doing much better but then he took an MRI. It turned out he had also rated also inflammation. So they're making them start infusions again of scary awful medicine that I hate to think about. No God and so. I didn't want him to go in but luckily is not at a hospital. He goes in. I know sorry sorry to I feel like you know. Donald Trump here has he tried medical marijuana. Because I know that there is an Israeli company. I forget what they're called. But one of the dispensaries here carries their products Tikkun. Yeah I know he's he's up on all of okay. Nothing has helped no shit. Nothing's too but I mean he's he's also a nutritional scientists. He has his masters in nutritional. Oh Gee thanks. To trump saying clarin accused or whatever could ca could cure the chronic virus. Another person has died from taking. No Yup Yup another person anyway. So he's up on everything. Die At everything. He tried for years and years to get off his meds and just do dieting. But it just krones is offered. He's going in in about forty five minutes to this place. It's luckily not a and the small Boutique Center where people go and get infusions and hang out for an hour and then come home and so after that he gets self injected home which he never got to So this just as one visit and I'm just praying that does and I don't even pray. This one visit is a safe visit and that he comes home and he stays healthy as you can. So that's my stress of the day. Got It I tweet because I wanna I wanNA talk. I WANNA get mad at trump thinking about okay. Well that's easy to get mad at trauma. God All right. Let loose the birdies. Welcome to tweet all right so You know it's funny. Because I was watching I was busy doing other stuff and then I looked at twitter and I saw the comments on trump's thing at Fox and so I I actually turned it on my computer for a minutes just in time to hear him talking about how so many people millions of people are in this commit suicide if the market continues crashing like full of crap. He's such a dangerous thing. Just say it's stupid and wrong. It's Dubai. God what is it. I WOULDN'T WATCH IT I. I refused to turn Fox on also but I was live. Tweeting other people's live tweets. Yeah Yup so it was as idiotic you would expect it to be and I may have. I can't even remember because I never remember. What I- Tab for the show until I see it again but let's start. I'll show you calm. Let's say Oh my Gosh Kim Delaney of NBC has something to say okay. It's come to this. This has nothing to do with the interview. It's come to this. Trump asked if South Korea can provide the US with medical equipment to respond to covert nineteen and President Moon replied saying I will offer as much as much when there are surplus to share his come to trump asking South Korea for you know which is really weird because I hear that trump called offer North Korea. Help like we help to give. I don't know what that was. I remember tweeting yesterday or the day before that he was offering help to his boyfriend. And then all of a sudden he's asking South Korea. Mcginn done everything he was supposed to do. He wouldn't ask anyone for Hell right because Donald trump loves dictators. That's what it's you know. Forget the part he just loves Dick. I guess that's what it is and I know I have. I know have a room shot somewhere but I don't know where. Go ahead all right. So Richard Burr Senator Richard Burr. The one that's in trouble for God. Yes who who's own? State is turning on him now as now being sued in federal court by a shareholder in Wyndham hotels and resorts. Who's WHO's alleging that. Burr used private information to motivate a mass liquidation of assets securities Veron shareholder suit accusing him of Securities Fraud. So not only is it insider trading accusations but now he's got security Securities Fraud on top of that that comes from Kyle Griffin and MSNBC MONTJUIC Richard. Burr needs to go well his own. His own state is calling for his resignation. Good as let's hope he listens. Yup what a duty had this is? This is what I'm asking. Yes thank you and that was better than your duty. That's that's all I'm up for today. I'm so my head is not in the show today just in case you haven't a very bad man. Okay there you go stinky pooper all right. Pray the germs away. Liberty you press president Jerry Falwell Junior. Yeah a longtime trump supporter. Welcome students back to campus this week. Despite explicit social distancing guidelines from both the White House and the State of Virginia unbelievable I mean they are welcoming people back from spring break and Saint Com. Come pray with US comfort with us. God will take care of your corona virus. Yes God will take care of every. Just ask just ask Vice President Highest. Can Kiss Ass. He's he's about as no let us pray this away as anybody can get yours but they all they. I guess believed that I. I mean I'm my stomach. Is still churning. From seeing the photo of one of their corona virus task force meetings. Were there I? They're all? Bow Their heads in prayer. Yes going God I hate that. Okay so jared. Yates Sexton A political analyst sociology professor I. He said trump just said he wants to reopen the country by eastern to which Fox News host says. It would be a wonderful American resurrection. And then he goes on to say he actually a whole my greg. I'm just I'm just GonNa read you the first part. You need to understand something. The cult of trump is emerging of white supremacy religion nationalism and the worship of capitalism. Yeah yeah the Savannah always enter any does a whole threat on it which I won't go into. It's just very long and and wordy but But that's the that's the gist of it. He talks about you. Know the combination of those things. I mean that interview or whatever it was a town hall was ridiculous. Okay so Daniel deal was was tweeting about the town hall and he said trump is talking about the number of flu deaths. We don't turn the country off because of that. He says he then invokes car accidents. He says we didn't tell car. Companies stop making cars. What would he didn't? What trump doesn't realize as it cars are not contagious? They don't multiply exponentially and deaths by car do not multiply it. Exponentially and cars are regulated viruses. Or not not so you know and also I'm GONNA. I don't know if I have this in a tweet but as Lawrence points out this country like trump didn't shut this country down and isn't isn't going to start it back up right. The governors are handling. This has nothing to say about it. You know it's interesting with all. Look I've never been a big Andrew Cuomo Fan He's a bit too right wing for me but his father. I adored and so I. Yeah the last couple of days. I've I've posted a picture on facebook a couple of days ago of me with Mario Cuomo who was amazing and I worked when I was just a little kid You Know Moore you know young out of college. I worked at W. MCA in New York and produced a monthly statewide. Ask The governor call in show with Mario Cuomo every month for a few years So I posted a picture the other day and then I came across a letter of recommendation that he wrote for me so I just wanted that too. It's like if if Andrew at a Jew not take anything away from Andrew Cuomo again. I'm not a big fan of his policies on a normal day but he is doing a great job in leading New York through this horrible mess that wherein he is the leader. That New York needs at the moment. And what I said. The other day was if he's one tenth the man his father was in. New York is pretty good hands. Yeah He. I've been watching him every single day and he is everything. Trump is not. That's right yes. I agree with you on his politics but in terms of this he has been. He's been clear he has been communicator. He has been informative. He is organized. His presentations are letter. Perfect in terms of according the visuals with what? He's saying he knows what he's doing. He's out of fashionable. And that is why trump started bashing him of course. Oh it's trump asking him again. Because I always say nice things about it but because because Andrew Cuomo is getting accolades because people are commenting on what a great joy is doing and how they wish he was president right now because we have someone who's GonNa take control someone who is credible except I heard his thing this morning and he made one glaring error. If you get her own virus we don't know that your immune they don't know that yet and in fact. I double checked because he said that you know if you get it and once you're feeling better than you can go back to work because you have immunity. They don't know that this is still a brand new disease. It has been in our lives for three months now. They don't know a whole lot about it and they don't know if you develop after getting and as far as that medicine with a long name that I came down now hydro hydraulic whatever. The reason people are tha first of all. I had trolls jump on me because I posted that story. The original story about the couple took your husband died in the in the white pads condition. Yeah Yep well the reason. They said they didn't take the medicine. They took their own. You know why they took it because what they took sounds exactly like the name of the medicine. Hey trump's yes. And trump's been hawking nonstop both in tweets and on TV and radio. Whatever you name it. He's been hawking this medicine so hard that people are now looking the and now people with immune deficiency diseases can't get that medicine you know. Our friend twin MOMS SUE WORKS AT A. She's she runs a pharmacy at a small Rural Hospital and in Illinois and. She's they can't get that drug anymore she goes. I can't people are there. That's why he trotted out bar yesterday because people are hoarding things. Like medicines and masks and whatnot. So even though trump didn't need to bring bar out to say the bar came trotting out to make trump look like a big tough guy real important official and stuff. I'm surprised he wasn't wearing a badge. And a cowboy came out and said you know it's against the law now to do that. We are now putting our foot down Because people aren't doing that because trump open his big fat fucking mouth. That's right well. So here's what sue wrote. Last night. She said F Y I. I am a hospital pharmacist. And Pan no longer ordered this medication or Zithromax. I sent from my patients because it's on indefinite back order from the wholesaler. Because a gibbering idiot decided to stand before America and proclaimed to his cult followers that he is an uninformed hunch that it will cure cova nineteen so she can no longer get hydro chloroquine nor can she get th- Zithromax in Zee PAC. Those are standard a antibiotics. That trump says they work in conjunction with each other. He doesn't know. Shit and now antibiotic is an anti bacterial and unless does not work on the action. That will do good as far as the other one. They have not proven that it'll help and they haven't proven that it's any kind of cure. They haven't even. They're just starting trials of it today in New York and that's like you said a cocktail of the two things At so nobody knows anything about it. So trump's going around pounding his chest and saying you gotta take this secure. And meanwhile people are taking the wrong upping and they're using something that's used for cleaning fluid or something and they're drinking it and dying because of Stupidity Yup and then you've got Anthony Audi who who finally over the weekend did a couple of interviews and said look. I can't go up and snatch the microphone away from him but I do my best to try to say what's real and what's not and now. Trump is silenced him. He wasn't at the briefing yesterday and he wasn't at this thing that they did at Fox today because trump wants his word to be the final say instead of the actual medical expert. Yeah he wants to say what will help him does not want to say we'll help us. Of course he doesn't care about our line now cares about his political life Pro-life my ass. That's my Hashtag that I use all the time and on L.L. Gop said this GOP plan to quote turn the economy back on in less than fifteen days is bloodthirsty madness but it also misses the big point. The economy was crashing before all the shutdowns in part because this administration proved it wasn't taking covert nineteenth seriously enough. You know the other thing that the the fact that he's talking about in one of the things and I don't have a clip. If I did I wouldn't play it anyway. A VALUE BOEING. Boeing is one of our great American companies. Of course we have to help them really Boeing. Which is on the verge of bankruptcy before any of this happened because of their massive fuck up with the seven thirty seven Max. Airplanes that were were defective. They knew they were defective and they let him fly anyway. I'm sorry now with trump said. Well we'll take a piece of equity for helping them Boeing. Today said well. We don't want if that's the case we don't want your help. Fuck any of it. I don't WANNA help Boeing. I don't want my tax payers pack tax dollars. Going to bail out Boeing. And I don't want to own a piece of Boeing because that's a company that's doomed to fail because they fucked up and didn't value human wides enough to make sure their planes were safe before they sent him out in the air. Thank you you're welcome. God I'm pissed on. This is why the show with a funny every day because it gets like this all right. It's crazy okay so South China Morning Post had tweeted. South Korea has set up phone booths. And that's in quotes like they look like phone booths. They contest people for the corona virus in just seven minutes. The country has earned praise for its mass testing amid the pandemic. So David Waldman. Who WAS KIRO AC? Said puts this shit on an airplane and fly at the fucking over here. Mr I alone can fix it. Yeah exactly how hard is it? Do there are things we can be doing that. By the way this whole thing about the ventilators and how now oh my God there's thousands of first of all we need an with tests the Diaz. Anybody who wants to get one. What are you talking about Fannie Buddy but as? Cuomo pointed out if you're starting to build them ordered them now it will take weeks and they need them now by the time you get them. You don't need them anymore. Those have died right. So there's the okay so the ventilator so now we learn that there's a strategic stockpile that the federal government has with like thirty thousand ventilators or something like that and Andrew. Cuomo says that the federal government is sending four hundred. He's like what the Hell Am. I GonNa do with four hundred and you tell the other thirty eight to thirty thousand people or whatever that they are going to die taking screengrabs. I'll get to that in a little bit L. O. L. Gop also was commenting on Laura tweet and she said Rand. Paul was the only senator to vote against a bipartisan. Eight eight eight billion dollar. Deal to provide emergency coronary corona virus funding earlier this month. Get WELL SOON. Senator because role in this together and ll. Gop said cope with nineteen is a messy beast. Went after the what senator on his side. Ya isn't that funny as I said in. What's news yesterday? Karma is a bitch and then Jake Sherman of politico new San Senator Rand. Paul also played golf. You Know He. He went to the gym. We all know he answered the gym in. Okay so Senator Rand Paul also played golf at the Tony Robert. Trent Jones Golf Club in Virginia. Last Thursday club did a deep cleaning this morning. In the lobbyists he was playing with and the caddy will self quarantine for fourteen days. But they can't get tests though because they're not they don't they don't have symptoms. They don't care so and not rich and powerful or they're not a senator our and it gets worse rand. Paul's aides had never been told that Paul might have been this is from. I'm sorry Kyle Griffin today had never been told that he might have been exposed to the virus or had been tested for for it. According to a person familiar with the situation and some began to fear they could have contracted it and spread it to their friends and family right and and after the news broke that rand. Paul tested positive. The people this he did. He was at a Senate luncheon on Friday. Where you've sat with go figure. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee of Utah. They had no idea and so in the pressing yesterday. Did you hear this idea? Because this shows the state of mind of this demented full who's occupying the Oval Office? Right now on top of Senator Paul Now. Four senators are in isolation and the rules. Say That in order to vote were wrong. Lee Gardeners Senator Rick. Scott also to contact with ricky with critical stimulus package. Vote expect Romney's chelation yet. Yeah that's what a fucking asshole. He is g too bad. Hey Donald Trump. I got a song for you. You know that was just so fucking uncalled for. But that's the that's the show that is him in a nutshell. He's all about cruelty. Yeah Andrew Andy Slam. It was the former Obama Medicare medicaid person. Yup said. We're about two weeks behind on. It's like trying to pay a loan shark after you've waited too long. It's like trying to pay out. Hey Alone Charlie after you way too yeah you get a broken head and you know that's right it's too late. Yeah Chris. Hayes had a thread that I'd like to read it. It's a little bit long but I think it's good or I could wait to the end because there's a couple of quickies I could give you in the meantime. Let me do that Schooley said mass dying they can handle. Massive voting is a red alert crisis. Mass dying we can handle mass. What mass dying they. Meaning Republican meaning trump. They can handle that but mass voting that big of course not they don't want you to vote is okay though right. Okay so Here's the headline and I'll give you a little A like a one line. Do you call it takeaway quote okay. Julia Davis tweeted this vanity. Fair trump won't order vital. Cora Corona virus supplies because corporate. Ceos asked him not to. They're worried it could be bad for business. And then the poll quotas free-market die hard. Larry cudlow I e trump's never right National Economic Council director was persuaded by such arguments as was trump's not bury bright son-in-law Jared Kushner that's what they wrote about in Vanity Fair? So yeah the corporate CEOS are telling them you know old back. And that's all he cares about. And that's who he's listening to with this reopening thing as they want him to open because they're all losing money and trump of courses losing money and and we should. We should mention that. The thing that that the propaganda being pushed out by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans is really sickening. I mean we expect it by now but the reason the Democrats have been blocking this. This stimulus bill is the main reason is because there's a five hundred billion dollar what they're calling slush fund to bail out big businesses that would have no oversight and trump's going trump said today. I'll do the oversight. Oh handle it well. Gee that's going to calm anybody down. So He's saying he and Steve mnuchin will will provide the oversight. Sorry doesn't work for me. And and it provides a six month window where they don't have to even say who the money is going to. That's not okay. And that's what the Democrats are trying to protect us. They don't want a repeat of tarp where it was a bail out for the top and the average person got nothing out of it. They don't want to repeat that mistake. They're protecting us by stopping this from going through and while they're doing that the stock market is up over two thousand believable and trump trump will take credit for that even though it's because the Democrats are walking in there and dealing and wheeling and doing their thing Okay so this is from Cuomo today guy. The rate of increase has gone up doubling every three days. It's accelerating on its own. Not A freight train a bullet train as he was saying. That trump was tweeting. The Cure cannot be worse by far than the problem. And then Cuomo goes on as you were saying To show that trump he needs thirty thousand ventilators trump offered four hundred and the quote. Was You want a pat on the back right? That's why trump got mad at him tonight. Right okay so school. He goes on to say Squirrelly. My my little friend. It would be one thing if trump was offering rosy predictions based on the federal government getting its test and supplies act together but he wants to skip ahead without accomplishing any of the hard work. It's like FDR declaring victory by Christmas. Nineteen forty one okay. That's what it's like. I hear everything about people should just not listen to him. And you know look. What's his name James Palo's from the Atlantic started this threat of journalists and other media folk who sign onto the idea that the TV networks need to stop carrying these briefings. Manto went on TV and set it on that went viral. Wow good for. She went out there and said do not do this. He's lying. He's killing so many words but she said it pretty bluntly good so Wall Street said this to trump don't restart the economy before stopping the virus spread. What's the risk of reopening early? The risk is the number of cases. Continues the number of cases continues to skyrocket and longer term. You're just digging a much deeper hole. Choose from an analysis and the Washington Post this morning. Yeah no I hear. It's going to get if he does this. If if people start being empowered to now go out and go back to work and you know he's like they can go back to work and they can still do the social distancing. No they won't so unfortunately. What happens is the governors of the States? That are restricting. People are doing the right thing but then people who were in states. That aren't restricting. People travel cast states. That are sample people are coming. They're leaving New York New Jersey Connecticut and coming down here to Florida. Because the idiot ron to Santa's will not close the state and so now he's saying anybody who arrives in Florida from that area has to quarantine for fourteen days. Yelich that's going to happen. Let's see if I can get through some of Chris's Christina's watching the just let the virus do its thing and keep the economy humming school of thought grow on the right and it seems worth noting something crucial. I. It is true that the trade off right now between the pandemic and the Great Depression is going to be horrible. We need to get to a place where we can manage the virus and also have a normal life the key to getting there is suppression testing tracing and treatment. Were still a long way from that. But let's say you just think. The costs outweigh the benefits and are not morally persuaded by the idea that we shouldn't let hundreds and thousands if not millions of disproportionately the oldest sickest among us be left to die. So just think of the economics of this if you stop lockdowns and send everyone back to work. Lots and lots of people get sick and you'd have workplaces where half of the staffer out and this would roll through all the kinds of places where people who maintain the electrical grid and water treatment and sewage systems etc. Not only that. As the hospitals fill up and horror stories emerged. You'd have tons of deaths from things other than Kobe. Nineteen they couldn't get treated. This would make people more scared of getting the BUG and lead to further retreat. Which is to say even if you care about economic activity as the only value here. It's really not clear that anything like business as usual is even a possibility in the midst of a roaring pandemic even if you let everything stay open one more sentence in fact you risk ending up with the worst of both worlds mass death and sickness and also an economy. This essentially shut down there you go. I read that very quickly as you did. And he did it could shop got. Yesterday was the ten th anniversary of the passage of the affordable. Care Act so if you remember back ten years ago I went through that whole thing there on my show spent a lot of time. A lot of interview hours with Wendell Potter. Who was the insurance industry whistle blower? He will be my guest tomorrow to talk about why at this time in history. What we really need is medicare for all. Hello he's right. Jeez right thank you gotta laugh. Laugh on the twitter's at gotTa laugh here every Tuesday Let's see you later. Laffy bye bye and tomorrow come on back because yes wendell potter will be joining us on. I think Dr Steven Thrasher to it'll be another busy day. There's so much going on. Thank you for being here. Thank you for a gathering socially distant as we are and until tomorrow everyone stay safe. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face by.

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