PART 2: Mike Beer, Alan Foreman


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forty seven i no you need to know where that oh no rebecca races ninety minutes ninety the come in like beer from the daily racing form joining us because well okay because eddie eddie's off doing something i is getting ready for the the move a the saratoga i don't know what he's up to i dunno maybe or did he go you know what he could have gone when was when we see a one of the dead and company show that is that a change with that last night or die before i'm not i don't think he said he was heading up the saratoga may i dunno in i know he's off yeah the entire week he deserves it deserves a couple of days off that guy though no no no no no he doesn't at all he needs he had he had all of january february march that churchill to delight letter to you you know know he's a he's a he's a he's a i forgot he's a i i guess i'm not at liberty yeah he but he's actually taking he actually got on an airplane advil it i think we wanna talk about the world's worst traveler it's not even close it's in the best is the rental cars have you ever have you ever had the listen to the car at now no it's unbelievable he first of all he's he's also he's he's not from the great drivers historically right right yeah he's he's a the best that ask ask him about the deer about the deer story a he he driving you know he basically drives now you've heard the fact that that's great it's it's a it's right up there with you know with with the tiger in the back seat of of a hangover and the the the the backseat and planes trains and automobiles at andy andy in the deer a heat when i was i had already gotten too hot springs this year and andy flew into memphis he's gonna be delighted that were talking about this yet he flew at the memphis and i i do that myself i i fly into hot a it's a little rock and then i fly home from the trip out of memphis but everyone's gonna fly in and out of memphis so he read the car at memphis and and that was a whole to do and and then he's calling me i i swear to god every twenty minutes now it says this it's it it says exit i know just the following the little rock in the end that and then he'd get closer the little rock and and it was like it which which which which exit which exit and it says after hearing here just just follow the just keep fi gave him the whole thing and then right right oh my god it was it was like one of those scenes scenes in the movie where the where the people in the tower are are are having you know a flight attendant land the plane i swear to god i believe and he was like you're upside the with a hotel what he's saying at a hotel hot springs and then he's like well where's the hotel committee it's the town is the size of a postage stamp you you you you can't you're not gonna have trouble finding the hotel which is crazy insane how he's comfortable and saratoga is comfortable weather fogo that's true and he's also of course like it in manhattan that that that's right he's in a lotta ways he's like a deer because they say dear dear don't venture more than two miles away from where they were born typically oh yeah okay yeah yeah yeah he's very comfortable in those places yes yes said that that says those there is through a that's his urban suburban setting saratoga in manhattan well less speaking of suburban setting out to long island we go and we've you know we've got the mother goose on saturday they'll draw that tomorrow but for our purposes mike a how about a three day five hundred thousand dollar to dollar pick six count carry over morosi we've got got pretty tough last weekend nobody could find the right combination and then here we are with the just a gigantic carry over i mean you know i guess you gotta feel a little bad for you know whoever those people were were alive on sunday just just to the favorite in the last 'em got beat on now maybe another to not have you had any excusing there but they were still very close 'em so you gotta feel a little bad for those guys but 'em what it leaves us with is this gigantic carry over almost one that you know if you have like you have to get involved gotta pull some fun together you get a ticket and you gotta gotta take it on this thing this is a half million dollar carryover who knows how they both can be well a couple of notes about that and i did mention it's funny i mentioned the to two hundred fifty thousand dollar a potential winters that got beat by cat lady staff feeding mike's girl by a a nose a looming ray us who's been hot lee race has been winning races and this one you're the two people they got beat i really should reach out to to call in and do but sees because there is always the chance in that setting that they were the ones that were alive as the only they have their brother veto of a fact i think you know what i'm gonna pause told that story before paul paul oh yeah greg i think greg horse the you know what it wasn't even just crank it was a horse that paul old oh my goodness that he didn't have on on that he didn't have and i don't know if it was the last leg or not it might have been earlier but he got beat out of eight they big pot asking that story first day opening day at saratoga the backyard all right well wow oh i will for sure a lot of money yeah it a that that is making laugh just thinking about it but he absolutely told that story and there was a yeah you had you had sixteen to one listen to listen to your heart winning a that maiden race the state bread of course off clermont i don't know how often you're getting lamont that thirty five dollars thirty six dollars whatever it was and on saturday a up centers including louie race with the thirty one shot that the mona hand from michelle eleven right now is enough that was only horse everything else was within our mafia yeah yeah that was the one that put it on saturday for sure and i'm trying to think what else was it didn't get gary had a gary had one but i a decent price but maybe that was a couple of weeks ago or last week i think he did have ron i all right disney i the gary's one for ray said we we've kicked off the with with with carlisle bell a gary one four five racism in seventeen days we don't think that really wasn't the only one on saturday monaghan what's the one day yeah the twenty eight the only one that that was really the only one on the horse that won the first image of you know the first leg was one of those wide open no that wasn't even the first lady that was the first monaghan right i think was the first one i get a pick six right outside of that so that was that was the first one after that it wasn't it was free yeah they were that difficult so yeah that was definitely don't wanna put on saturday that well they'll end up just looking there's a one to yeah louie louie race one two on saturday and a one that nightcap so three for him a over the weekend a good job by i guess you could say maybe the bond made in the one the stallions were paid twenty three dollars out of their homes with impossible but i wasn't there like right before fat lady stuff i guess that knocked out some tickets with a favor on second that's true that was a twenty five dollar worse to run all these hours with a maiden yeah yeah and then you had the first a that was a big price going first time out i just thought it was somebody with a little proper then saturday that's for sure well we don't care at this point because we have got six racist starting with the third tomorrow and that that gives us the opportunity to do something good and i check the weather i told everybody was waiting the after the break the weather looks okay tomorrow there's some thunderstorms today but they'll do everything they keep these races on the five out of six around the grass i think were alive keep him on right right you have out of step let me throw sprints on yeah they gotta they gotta keep these races on you only get raises a two year old five furlongs brentford brad so they they gotta stay on after all right let's let's dive in i'm going to turn the turn it over to you as the third kicks it off mile and a sixteenth on the user these were forty claimer says some and is actually quite a few good horses in ear including mr maybe who feels like he's been around fourteen years they don't feel like he's been around forever as a youngster mania newman he's he's the eight year old guy in the field on in this race and mo bridge has drawn to his inside is not so resources have been around forever arm it's it's a field of six around her fraternal 'em and i don't know man i thought it was pretty difficult to separate the sex they all they've all got a race that's gonna put it in there i think the the first thing to me anyway that stood out as you know the is apparent lack of pace in the race there's really not any speed a man i think that complicates things for a couple of other horses and you know maybe it gives an advantage on really source applicator it it just feels like you know applicator peter not that he's a big speed ball but it does feel like he could just get to the front in this race and you know i don't think that would hurt his chances he's timmy he was a hard horse the get behind on when he came to new york because brad cox claimed the source for eighty 'em last march and then only got three starts out of a one win out of the three starts but that's all he got out of him when he came back off the layoff this year on bread hadn't been for twentyfive is almost like he couldn't wait to get rid of their source on he want that day he didn't win that impressively buddy one 'em i thought he actually ran okay off the plane faludi last time he was in a common raised with a lot of these horses for resources were in that may nineteenth race i thought applicator ran pretty well and there he didn't get at a great fight in bank abiding star wired the field bomb he bought his far one very easily on a loose leed on i would applicator you got a little bit tight in the stretch and actually did pretty well the finished i have no problem with this worse i think could make the leader in this race and that could make him really hard to be on i still have a tough time you know bully trusting them but he's definitely horse i'm using a the pace of the raise also makes me wanna use show laco in some way i can can be eight and he's the longest shot on the board as far as the tour forces go and he hasn't won a race on turf since november of twenty sixteen it's been a long time to this worth wanna turf race but i think it's worth remembering that he was a good turf wars early in his career there was a run here especially in new york where he won five out of six races on turf and he was he he was really good early they've been mostly concentrate on a dirt with him lately but he can handle turf and he's got speed i think you're gonna get forward in this race on jose ortiz takes them out you know he's gonna try and get this worst born from the outside post i dunno i i don't know if he's if he's in the form now his form does seem like maybe heading the wrong way but he's got a raise in him that would make them tossing if you get the right trip in this race so you know he's one i liked him including going back to mr maybe you were talking about the the office i i'm using that horse on he has been around forever he's another horse is not what he used to be i think he's run while in his first two starts off the layoff though he came back at this level in that abiding stories and he ran great to be second he was a big price but there was no pace he was out there three and four wide be entire way on chasing around the turn i thought he did really well to get back in that race and he would just into tough last time that that'd be able to talk to him he's still ran is raise that day as far as i could tell he's come back in good form on i'm using him and he was acting my topic in the race on in in my analysis you know mobile the morning line favorite steve he could win there's nothing wrong with bridge he crushed a state by twenty five players last time he he's an interesting horse because he's only one in new york 'em and he's he's one eight races in new york in his career he's only one again state brad's 'em in new york he's never won an open race in new york he he went through is your current conditions as a young horse an every new york when since then has been a state bread twentyfive claim i just like the last one that's all of his wins in new york since he got through his condition so you know he's found it a little bit tougher when they step up like this he did win on open allowance race the fairgrounds 'em in january he ran pretty well that day but i dunno i could see mobile winning i wouldn't want it completely leave him out but but i don't know he doesn't have to win this race has the favorite he is off the plane for cancer macci who i think he's doing a really good job but he's not he's got something to prove as a trainer you know he's he's only starting twenty horses on tariffs over the past five years and just one turf winner over the past five years so this is what he does on but this is a good horse mailbag i think he's kind of cameras were you don't care who trains on the disco run for anybody but you know i'm a little skeptical nights if you don't see a deanna nology of of the name robert robert now yeah what if we i seidler a block this a veteran indigo shiner originally and a name the name mo bridge for belmont it's his hometown oh you know what i think i did hear that that's right okay i forgot we had the story that the start of his career that's for sure we oh we sleep i remember we sent me a text oh i got the greatest indigo shiner in history i gotta have you gotta be the best indigo shiner ever any you know he useful useful down in south america there might be some horses i would argue and say well i'm the best indigo shine around that's exactly what he's made four hundred thousand and then he's been around a lot of that hard rock solid that are no doubt speaking speaking a rock solid guys let let's let's let's acknowledge a let's acknowledge the the work this out cone does because he's got hard won't tap first off the claim taking one here from michael stem and coming right back to the the forty forty thousand and i i don't think the tacona we went out and won in california is now back a fulltime and consistently wins and a i i'm impressed gets on you know on zone horses and a i is this proving very capable yeah i'm impressed with him to he's he's a really good young trainer on he's another this is the second truck on the morning line i guess you know the one thing you have to say about this source who also has plenty of races are gonna win as they just don't have any case he must be so we'll see if this race that's up well for him on the last race when they ran over forty it certainly didn't he wasn't that abiding star race and you could just tell by the time they got to the top the stretch he he didn't really have a chance in that race he had a lot of ground to make up and he actually finished really well adjustments third in that race so yeah i mean if he did anything at all i would expect to see him running at the end of this right for sure well these issues you got here there are six sources available a you know that that could go post word and this there is not an easy toss only are we didn't talk about his golden spear and steve sarah's eminently capable and a you know he's seems to be at the right level the worst they got kinda passed around a little bit earlier this winter and a second off of a brief rationing sixty days little less forty five days in the steeple sarasota steve was there is not a guy a big money that you wanna just the gloss over right and other horse who has some speed to so you could see the stores would i read you know maybe if i go for the first 'cause he could do it i mean i didn't love his last race on his first off the claim he was you know that common race it abiding star when he didn't really do any running at all in there and he got a good trip but you know he was off a little bit of a layoff so you know maybe he needed it and maybe we'll get more aggressive this time i know i'm with you i don't think there wasn't easy toss in this race it's one of those things when you're playing the picks section and you gotta decide it's not just about you know how many you wanna using this race you gotta think about how many years down the line to and and try and figure out which of the races you wanna spread in which other races you wanna try narrow down if you can i thought this was one you didn't wanna maybe narrow it down to far because a lot of these horses well if you wanna buy the race you're gonna use the two three four six seven eight and i'm sure big budgets will buy this race yeah i would think so i think the yeah the the syndicate syndicate stuff like that yeah they'll they'll have all these horses covered in some way that's for sure i think it's wide open mike on a budget you you gotta narrow budget you could only used to do you just using your top two yeah you know i think so i mean i definitely want to use mr maybe on you know again he's he's one of those horses though you know what the pace of the raise it could work against and i definitely want to use him now i'm 'cause i like his last two races and i i did wanna get applicator on their tom izzo three for free i think wow just all right so on a budget three four and if a if you if you've got the the deep pockets i think you're buying it to make sure that you get through let's go to the second leg it's the first to be a turf sprint an were going six furlongs on the wide there these are either eighty thousand dollar a claim ers or a conditions and a three in ups that have never won ten thousand blah blah blah and nobody is in for the tag so we've got you know everybody fitting that they allow its condition and so this is a good group there's some there's some steak billers in here yeah this this there's a good field divorces seven ovum added fraternal there is a main track only on yeah listen i i think this might be one of the races where a lot of people especially the smaller budgets will go m v eight a move talkative offer chad brown on you know i'm just gonna sixty five on the morning line he just ran in eighty nine buyer and his stateside debut and 'em yeah i'm gonna sort of lean there because i want it you know spreading other races i can see it on you know we'll see what happened he wasn't a horse that i necessarily want the single but you know i don't see how you play there the sequence and you don't use them he hit his first start over here at gulfstream with the to turn mile off of a very long way off in a you know he got beat at they end on what it was close he was very headstrong in that race of pace was very slow on and he didn't have any excuses for crypto he got a good one but he was just very rank early in a race like he didn't wanna be rated as strongly as he was he made the league and he got run down at the end of the race but the horse ran down and see major is todd pletcher horses one three races in a row on that was his third a that was his third straight win i would i buyers or seems like he could be headed the right way 'em i dunno steve this horse he could obviously went on he he was affective sprinting as young horse in europe his he starts with two year old were all sprints a second third he wound up the end of the year a seven furlongs when you only make one start as a three year old so something happened to us ended up here i'm you know i'm using him in the pick six i'm not singling them on because i like a resource on the rail all systems go i'm definitely definitely wanna use disorders 'em he's the worst of all be buddy to win a car in that you wanna use him in the pick six he yeah his career debut sprinting on turf i thought was a really good after he won that race very easily on he came back in his second start in the bridgetown aqueducts they totally blew the breaker that race he ran a lot better than it looks on and then he was gone for almost a full year and he came up off the layoff fraternal the last time they random on dirt it almost feels like they were prepping them on he wound up down on the rail even behind me got shuffled out to the back of the pack around the turn and then he was you know racing onto the district i thought it was a perfect raise off the layoff and now he's back on turf and i just think this is good so i definitely wanna use him i could see maybe just using the morning eighty not at the races that easy but i could see just using those two horses this is a lot of my tickets a point here because you know they only other horses entrusted me at all were or lawn twist rubio who feels almost like last time was the time they happen but he's a good horse i'm not knocking him in don colonel tom the new york red who's running a couple of fast racism could make the leading here but they would be sort of my backup was speaking of a rubber foul cone how about the van him getting horses from the generosity oh and here's the good old discretionary mark a first time for him in the first time also about a six and a half months layoff yeah i mean listen he's awful i often hear like a couple of other horses are too but he's one of the greatest four four seven at belmont he's always right there he did you know he was really no match for colonel tom when they ran against each other at saratoga last summer but you know he finished a good second that day i could see the source spineless right i thought he wasn't a little tough year especially when you know bring the layoff into it but yeah listen i'm glad the cfl come getting horses per owners like that because he seems like the kind of guy could do really well for those guys and i'm he deserves the chance but you know he was a horse who i i wasn't that interested in this race on but he did something wrong that horse there's nothing wrong with a lot of arson and there's even a banana thief finance he might be looking to get out the saratoga 'em he he tentative on really well and shorter turf sprint they run up there but it was nothing wrong with his race off the layoff either rap music well it does feel like there's real pace jason here for the horses that are gonna come from off the pace and that includes banana fief who's you know who's richard is okay at at belmont and a banana thief at this point has had a really nice long extended a career with the clark brewster and a look forward to speaking of saratoga and people look forward to it look forward to seeing seeing clark leaning on the fence over by the racing office a look at it horses as they walked by that he could drop this lips on the claim a a horse had a busy year since last summer at saratoga he's been quite prominent in in the news for those of you the follow a celebrity lawyers hot so let's say let's say what the budget you wanna use the one in eight yeah they were the my main to win here you know like a backup with the two in the four but a very at the one i would try and get through without you got it let's go to the third leg mike beer with this one the racing form of course mile and a sixteenth year maybe flavors vert fifty thousand and it's really a classic scenario where you got some horses that have had their chances but then you've got a couple of lightly raced ones which is usually voted the way you lean a there's also a kind of an interesting pace scenario with a couple maybe maybe one horse in particular i i i don't know a i don't know whiskey is my wine maybe on the leader or is it hey i initiative you know some one of one of the other but yeah it feels like yeah this is my wife and i were saying you know based on the race he ran first time out you know and he's got be outside post so you know jose properties go out there but on yeah i think so i think you know you're idea with i initiative is probably a good one because when you watch his race is it feels like they almost half the go with him because he's not gonna be able to win on any other way and there's i don't know if he can win anyway he's you know he's got racism making a contender and here but you know last time and listen it was a little bit of a layoff you know and with a trainer change i don't know what happened last time he didn't really right all last time on where they took him back off the pace so i would think they gotta go forward with on because that's where all of his so called good races are he really hasn't run that well on too many times he just one of his worst who's had a chance is like even when he's been with the second and third in four of his a in his last four starts before the last one he would either second third but he didn't have any excuses in any of those races so it's not like he's on luckier anything he just he just happens and not be that good 'em a triple go along way for him in here on this is just another race steve where i feel like crypto gold is probably the right horse on who am i dropped him last time his first start at belmont he won but with disqualified and it was what would you do to i guess he did interfere with the worst coming they were both china split at the same old same time and he did he did bump that horse a buddy but he won that race if you want that race back you know i guess he's the worst be i i will just say about that raise the maiden forty last time he got aside from the little bumping he got a great closures trip in that race there were pace in front of the pace was contested and he got the right inside ronnie never lost any ground you came right through between arches anyone on you used in this race but that's the same rights the whiskey is my line would say viewing it this is my wine with the warriors who you sort of set the whole offer everybody i mean he went to the leading their the pace was legit andy he wasn't lucy had a horse right up there with him just sort of process the entire way never got a breather i feel like he ran really well in his debut on an i wanna use him on crypto gold and they they were gonna be my main to win here if i backed up maybe i would use daft the nine a claim for rudy last time he just got in a little bit to top diplomat he he he didn't he was never gonna win that race in run bad i thought he improved i could i'm doing a little bit better economic lane with a little bit of a class drop you i'm glad you mentioned daft end since you mentioned daft i'm gonna point out spindle top and i i want i want everybody to do with exercise that is what am i favored visual clues and indicators a particularly with with maidens and that is when you see lines and you see horses who suddenly not not necessarily suddenly but are moving closer and closer to the league and then even holding the league and you look at his last race and in florida in february where after his his first two starts in october and december at the end of a eighteen in the beginning in nineteen you know he basically was getting fitness this is karen mclaughlin he got the gotta start out of the way on dirt karen then made the decision okay he's a turf wars got the turf debut and stretched out to a mile kind of went around actually didn't lose any ground a late then in these last two start suddenly he's on or near the weed then he's got the league and when you get drawn arrow across the running lines where the ones and we're being in contact with speed is on display you can project that a horse is going to run very well and invariably when i see this it's a horse that i have to use or sometimes even you know really key off if the price is right when i see them showing speed and an increasing their ability to stay with the pace in almost always points to better things to come yeah that's very true absolutely right about that you always wanna take no enforces starting the show more speed yeah i mean this horse he he's probably getting to the right level to now dropping infer fifty is probably what this horse needs because i felt like his career his turf debut the first turf race at gulfstream i just you ran okay in that race he was sort of a no threat third but i actually felt like he ran okay in his last two starts on is good is that one but on he's starting to get to the right level now andy starting to show more speed on so yeah you're right that's a horse but you wanna definitely keep an eye in this race but it's not like nothing personal goals the favorite and he is gonna be the famous rates i north of not half of what he is you know he's okay but he does not have to win this race at a short price well the problem is the problem that you've got with him is a free starters we should also note there's a real chance that the the turf will be good or yielding tomorrow a given you know we don't know how much thunderstorm activity you're gonna get today so there may be some horses that are gonna get ground that that we haven't seen and in fact spindle top i just noting ran that race a in in midmay on good going so well and i on that but again you're looking at eight and the ten as the maine's you like the nine is a backup i'm gonna throw in the six as a backup as well and certainly the start the pick four second half of this pick six sequence you mentioned the main group here new york bread two year olds it say a it's a small group and a it say a kind of a fascinating fascinating a six pack of fires a you got by earned who got his first winter as a value in north america a at indiana the other day and then freud a cairo prince street boss on m c i think this might be one of the first emc's that that were seeing and justin fill up this is rudy rod making his second start who just got the kind of a swamp late an you know feels like a you know he's a major player and of course my engelhardt he's got that m c a this is the sequel a it's a home bred of sequels and a all guns blazing given my is reputation with first there's a hard not to start the conversation with all guns blazing yeah right 'em yeah you lie as first time starter you take very seriously that's for sure i take them off seriously um you see about this one emcee as you mentioned his you know relatively new 'em so we'll see how it all do i actually feel like we start in i've already starting to see some of them they can run a little bit 'em wherever it's worth over thirteen so far with a juvenile baby runners but that's you know to small sample the draw any conclusions from on the damn side of the the only other far this is mayor was also a sequel home bred jeremiah trained in was a debut winner a that was on older horse on turf that hosting debuts a two year old 'em at the only starts so far it's been on turf but he did win as the first time starter m you see i think it's the kind of horse in this field i would be using because you know the horses that have run there okay i thought just envision outside rooting the rail rudy i thought the of adjusting vision you know ram pretty well first time out i mean that was a pretty fast pace he out ran a couple of horses to delete including a very heavy favorite from pleasures bond he just outweigh on that horse of the fought on an you could tell by the time they got the mid stretch on just division wasn't gonna make it to the finish she was tired he was on his long we'd end he was just looking for somewhere to lay down and the one two finishers came running from the back of the pack they were last the next to last and they came running from the back and they and they ran down lady all things considered he actually went pretty well on that on so i liked him on my definitely wanna use them but i you know i gotta use dangle her first or i i'm a little more conflicted about us all breaker who 'em they paid a horn twenty thousand four as a wing 'em it's robert penta and jonathan thomas you know the connections over there for this horse i dunno steve sleep well he's he's a really good fire it's it's sort of interesting to look up street boss because he's he's a really a really good sire 'em he was a nineteen percent of a juvenile debut runners which i was a little surprised when i look that up but he he's he's really good with horses like the the dancers pedigrees ashley a lot of there's a lot of good horses under here the basketball from the band with a tear force a wild about harry who won four times all i'm sure if it was a baby winter 'em near the dam was debut winter sucking bama's debut winter there's a lot of coffee in the pedigree on the morning line favorite sources thomas doesn't have great numbers with horses with his two year old first time starters on dirt but i don't maybe try and find a way to include the source to i dunno i thought about this very topic would be one for me where i would figure out the rest of my ticket first and then just come back and try and figure out how many i needed to you is how many i could afford fair enough that that that's a reasonable approach because there may be a little bit as we get to be in the last like i think there might be a horse the stand west a deed nominal a feature tomorrow is a state bread a philly a in maryland what's first level going six a on the wider and a dm ceo's you got two of them so adding entry a so were looking at what eight the betting interests right yeah this is one of those races where you know talking about horses who have had their chances and you know it just it there are a lot of horses in here who are just really hard the take not it they would you know not you fall over if they wound up winning but they would just be harder take i like horses on me outside on i didn't find it necessarily that easy to narrow it down but maybe you know for me anyway to eight and one backup on i like a lengthy a eight m who i just thought was really interested in this race because as a two year old a first of all this horse debuted very early last year at belmont and got that for charlie baker's 'em they this horse took a ton of money jones speed and then just totally stopped in the stretch and as it turns out when you start watching her go on 'em last year you know she just she can't stand up on faster she doesn't run at all and faster and unfortunately for her charlie baker tried to get her on turf at saratoga when politicians rain last summer and he couldn't get a turf florida go 'em she did went on this in the in the slop angie came back off the layoff with a trainer changed using a tool like claimer at laurel bird turf they do that's what baker wanna deal with sprint around the grass and she added in that race you won that race very cheap raise she wasn't very easily 'em and now she's back here on for the next hour in new york spray on the grass 'em i think the sources gonna be very tough in this race on so i'm gonna use her and i think jaded lady 'em for from my a makes a lotta sense in this race you know if you wonder if they deal with saratoga they tried to stakes were there at the end of the year she's not that kind of horse in you you know she came off the last going seven furlongs i just think that there's a little too far for her and she wound up contesting the pace and you know she just i thought you overall she ran okay it wasn't a great performance for her but it was a step in the right direction as far as figures go and now she gets go sex and i just i feel like she might be the horse it'd be so eight and ten 'em i'll use eighty lady on you know she's the morning line favorite she's already lost twice says the favorite in her first to start spreading on turf in when terrible either time on but you know i don't know how many more chance you wanna give a horse like her i i would rather backup you're seeking win but i prefer the gate in the county fair enough a couple of nibble errors in in it's kind of interesting types a given given the fact that that he seems to be it's turned into a fulltime a turf the assassin tom albert tranny a it's a keeper a you know who broke the maiden what to back in the even improved despite you know what looks like a moderate effort last time a but a it's it's a keeper a kind of a knockout you know type of all wars an how do you not respect the quest that even though you know it's not a not a mayor the that wins a often but you know very frequently he shows up and is is you know stylistically could be dangerous if if forties i mean you you put around or tease on on quest that a a i think she's a little dangerous said at eight to one yeah the rider change is certainly a little interesting i listen she's got figures that that really maker dangerous in this race so i don't think he does want to dismiss the right hand on i'm i'm not a big fan of hers i've obviously he's been around forever i've seen her on plenty of times i wonder if she's really on you know the kind of horse you know that one ex new york bread kind of horse i i don't know that she has i think he's probably a little cheaper the mess on put you know she's got figures that makes sense and i read taken amount could turn your head i'm more interested in any other option it's a keeper you know she's got she has to improve at some point on even though she won a off that little layoff in may it's not like you took a big step forward in that race she just got this perfect trip and then made the league and all through the stretch it looked like you were gonna get run down and she just kept holding on i wasn't something furlong right so i'm now she's back the six i do think six is the better distance for her you know last time you know what can you say she yeah she just i thought you meant okay in that race but again another race where she didn't really take a step forward 'em at some point she's gotta take a step forward if you're gonna get through this condition they're gonna be hard for her to win her one a condition new york right if she's gonna be running mid fifty buyers fair enough a couple of notable elements to this a this is the worst that that robert messy yellow and tom albert tranny read an v v unfortunate deal faded brilliant speed mrs weather's nice dinah former andy tom obviously got a few seasons andy here she is a you know a three year old i think i've kind of interesting fighters key is a horse it alber tranny trained if you remember a time out attorney train finders key for mass yellow and so this is a a nice a nice hybrid story and i don't know this feels like a horse that has got upside and the given given the given the brilliance speed in that nobody's really gonna know much because of his abbreviated be aided stallion career and i i i think there's a chance at this horse keeps getting better and having broken through you know in may with the returned a grass i i think she's a little sneaky in and and dangerous i need to check the what do we looking at pricewise twelve to one that's me yeah she's like alright so will call for you will call me eight and attended hey the nine of b and let's agree that the the five is a see how about that yeah they had five her sure yeah that's when you wanna keep an open mind to you could afford it for sure well against the nightcap the state bread maiden forties back to the inner turf we go a on me lawn and a quite a few of these have had every opportunity to win and it just feels like you wanna lean toward you know somebody that that is is under exposed as opposed over exposed right right that's that's exactly exactly how i looked at it a you know you have a class droppers that you just you know obviously wanna take a look at first because you know multiple sources have it's been you know knocking around around this level forever and they're just not very good on the first of all did you come across the number three fusi i don't know steve i mean they do the pet national in an open made in ways finished i thought okay third the fifty eight by pulitzer there you know and i thought she ran fight i thought it was a little interesting that they're gonna come seventy your credit they viewed out of town so they come to new york with their now and off of a decent third in a computer bay deals are gonna wonder if the forty not gonna even try and get into a state red meat and special whether it's just see what happens 'em she's one of those horses that i could use you know for sure i didn't love her but i could user against this field i've gone gone gone both the promise she made a lot of sense actually felt like a protest idea what's good on that wasn't april awful layoffs she was third to zippy who's a really nice horse 'em and i thought this ran okay was never gonna win that race but ran okay it'd be third and then just they tried seven last time time you know she was nowhere again but fetching 'em with a coffee first hurdle actually ran well and they came out of that race well again in allowance race with a seventy two buyer so this was dropping makes a lotta sense on the horse i was most interested in at a at a price 'em but i'm gonna using this race is a maker source 'em cosby outside in here just because it's an interesting think this horse debut going long at gulfstream 'em a year ago and just didn't really run that well on the name is that he's never ready but a long layoff after that raise comes back sprinting this condition and just if you watch the replay that raise just really didn't have any chance at all it felt like she needed the race anyway and then you know wound up back off the pace and you could see the winter came in the stretch or tease out or over behind horses she couldn't ron she wound up taking a stumble at the top of the stretch because she had no room and then she was this block the rest of the way i mean i i just i feel like that ronnie in line is very deceptive for her last race and she might actually we'd be ready to take a step forward against the feel like this it's not gonna take much for her to be able to contend with these horses so i was very interested in in her at a price especially because she just doesn't look like anything on paper i'm definitely gonna use or and you know maybe if you wanna add one more you're cutting include miss that pat per the doctor who without the layoff last time in the level in here man find interesting about that rises on this wars broke really sharply from the gate so you might see those words get a lot more involved defined a source was super sharp from the gate last time on but the space with a little fast so frankly i think did the right thing in and tried to raider and then she ran find any second now you might be the first a little bit more forward this time yeah i can't i can't add anything a clever a firm that you know after that i i'm trying to look at a pace the scenarios and who you know who might somehow ended up you know 'cause they're they're really there aren't a lot of parties interested in the front endear it's true that the other thing about this race tickets all the sort of logical fickle if you're just looking like the class drivers are the ones who have actually run well they don't real they're not really speed or so so yeah that could complicate things a little bit you know you wind up in a race with a you know a big long shot out there on the leading you know who knows what's gonna happen from but i was just hoping that that maker horse you know maybe they just won't have any speed at all but had a little seed in his debut that wasn't you know trout obviously the forward in that race i wonder if that was the brakes a little bit this time second half and get this alternative like okay we got a couple of a we do have a couple of names in here a jock wise that i wanna harry hernandez who what a race for us a while ago i i like harry hernandez a i you know we typically see him at a at a finger lakes and he's been he's been riding in jersey in and a new york here and there and over the winter end how about who is this who who's helped me with a i got a call a i gotta call my my pal john discuss what do we know about this a human hockey hockey yeah he's yeah he's just relatively new here he won a couple of races the last a couple of weeks ago he's not he's not betty you're obviously he's new on the circuit he's not writing you know a bunch of big name horses seven pound bug but there's there's nothing wrong with having i mean he's actually some really good arrive good all right well then i i could i could seven pounds always attracted we've we've we've got a we've got are are new york read the phillies we've got just a minute mouse it if we raise the stay on the grass maybe it will give hark you will hearkens a hard line that it wasn't he's riding a horse could potentially be he's gonna get the league she's gonna get the leading like seattle is absolutely when i'm in the form of obviously you have to be concerned about her overall foreign but there'll be no as year assan well she's over fifteen you've also got that very knowing you've gone wild there isn't anybody listening please pick sixes that hasn't used you've gone wild on a ticket along the way and and and you know just wanted to one of the dow jar eyes out after using why would i waste a mall bridal on this source 'cause you don't see it at some point at some point she's gonna win a race is over twenty now i i like you know you're right about that gives you know she is and she almost did last time and i i feel like that a lot about a lot of by rodriguez you below sources anyway whenever i see him i'm like i don't care if that horse of the big prize i i might have to try and find a way to get that like on that there is one first there to the we should at least make people aware of angels in a superpac quick and back working with a first or yeah i bet you know that's very true pack looks at north of the flight to but yet packs of i think he's a very underrated trainer and he got a car most aride those who are you know that's another otherwise i mean this doesn't have much to win this race i mean who knows if if she can run but she doesn't have much to win this race this is not an easy way the ended that's for sure i mean i think when you start when you look at this race you feel like there's only you know they're bunch of horse but they've had there's only a couple of ways yeah you really going here but the more you look at this right yeah the trick here i think at the con well don't over think it so let's let's potentially a give everybody a simple approach with mike's analysis this a two by two by two by two by three by maybe three or two so the three four wip the one eight would be eight ten what the six seven eight nine ten or eight ten if you just wanna go to deepen the seven and then the three sex with or without the ten so a either a you could get away here that would be a the chip to ninety it would be a hundred ninety two dollar ticket ticket if you went to buy two by two by two by three by to a or if you if you went and if you added the the the third horse a you know you would kick it up obviously but nine eighteen thirty six seventy two one forty for that'd be a two eighty eight ticket yeah what am i i know you try not to go go to crazy weather but of course if you could get partners you can obviously i mean i think you obviously wanna if you can you know sort of split up here and try and press you're you're stronger opinions that's usually the smartest way to do it but listen if you can't if you don't have time to do it that way if you just want a foot went in and grab a body in a split second guessing you gotta play this thing there's too much money in the pool exactly what do you think by the way what do you think the pool that i you know i i don't know i'm terrible and stuff like that but what if the kerry was five hundred thousand right i mean isn't it yeah i mean there i mean this thing's gonna be huge i mean i don't even what what is the biggest do we know what the biggest part has been 'cause we've had some big ones in the last year so i mean what is the biggest what's the biggest pick six pullback i don't even i don't even know in new york we gotta have yeah the bigger you mean like the biggest carryover about don't yet know the avenue a sign from carry over now but this is one of the biggest carry over mouth but what's the biggest they've got it up to into a big carry over i mean we need andy we need any of these yeah i mean but this is gonna be right up there with that i mean this is this is a huge harry over well having it on wednesday after two days off that helps people have forgotten about that yeah they get there sneak into their kids room in and steal money in and out of the they gathered are falling well at of course they were gathering the belongings i don't have to move up but state i love you're already a by a you're coming up right for the the summer yeah that'll be out there for the meat i'll be up there another day or two before i guess and i'll be in there for the long haul well we're looking forward to it and the senate will have to make you a will have to make you wait they sunday visitor loose on the league that yeah definitely i'll be out there for sure reach anytime there's well because you know if you if you've ever watched us but a you know it's basically it's basically sixty minute opportunity to make fun of seth that pets essentially a show and then it except right and i love that absolutely even higher i've even got george weaver before his annual visit the joy even george now a new york knicks got oh yeah absolutely hokey pokey find it said that the face of go tv absolutely my beer thank you buddy i appreciate it i thought they could lock them you to buy beer everybody and you should be following my guy who's got it's really a a great approach and he comes at it from different angles and the not afraid to reach for prices d r f underscore beer and and a we will take a timeout here and i'm gonna guess there's a real chance the we finish the show with alan foreman and 'cause there's a bunch of topics in fact all i have to do is mentioned that allen is gonna be on can i get a couple of different requests on different topics including update about the thee practitioners of a holistic equine therapy a dying voles and the situation shouldn't we report it to you a couple of months ago and dion joined us and we discuss the the therapies and so forth a there wasn't attempt in with the legislature to rectify that i will get an update from allen on that topic on the match series and on a they ripped from today's headline news of course this week i want allen to explain what rights owners enforcement have a when confronted by the they a the private property clauses at racetracks and the the purchase a dismissal banning of a of individuals and alamo explain the history of that and you know where 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martine take over your bookkeeping doing your own people scripture check out our video tutorial forced to start explaining or spills dot com or toll free number eight eight eight it all starts with sports now back to after working with on sirius xm radio man now whereabout decorations exactly eleven thirty so about twenty seven minutes to fill out this busy to say an always a pleasure to welcome allen forming a to the show and as usual allen i've got a full docket good morning steve thanks for having me on again well i say full docket and whatever allen visits says there's all these different hats that'll put on it this this almost feels when i say docket it feels like it feels like when you go to when when you gotta traffic court at night in a in a village you know in a while you are talking to the lawyers well exactly well let let's let's start with about sexually i mean there's there's legalities involved it seems and most of these discussions as let's start with the biggest headline of the weekend which is just really eight eight outlandish and a just a head shaking a banning of a one of the one of the top a horseman in not just california history but it in in the game's history jerry holland offer a buffer seemingly a purchase a set of reasons that that haven't been stated a base it leaves been left out there dangle like a pin yada allen what what is going on here legally and the terms of horsemen's rights and racetrack having freehand do whatever they want well first of all we we don't know the reason why he was banned by the stronach group and i suspect we probably will never know 'em the laws as is fairly settled in this area that racetracks had make common law right to exclude whomever they want from their property since it's private property so wrong disney exclusion it's not for a violation of a person's civil rights and that's been historically the case it's been tested many times and it is he would call the majority of view in me a bunch of her legs to horse racing sing and racetracks and the exclusion making exclude anyone no there there are exceptions 'em and what we've seen some developing exceptions particularly as it relates to a race tracks come casinos and the regulatory environment become somewhat different in some states that permit casinos give song casino workers the whites hearings before they lose their jobs are excluded because they are licensees an at least you argument that has been made in horse racing is that it's one thing to exclude a patron for whatever reason but you when you have someone who is licensed by regulatory authority and they're not violating the what we call the rules of racing then attract should should not be permitted to exclude that individual there is at least at least one state west virginia that requires eight race track to give the hearing to eight licensee who the track desires to ban in or exclude in that hearing goes to the racing commission in the racing commission kid over all the racetrack but that's a statutory requirement in the courts have found that a is that if the legislature in that state axe to void the common all right it has the ability to do so if i'm not mistaken pennsylvania in when they when they legalize slot machines in shots at the racetrack also included a similar publishing in their in their straight framework but separate and apart from that and i i'm not a california lawyers so i'm not prepared to argue what's legal or not legal in california but a mean generally speaking a the stronach group is acting within their rights whether we think that's right longer different day that she she's exercise right of exclusion and they're not likely together reasoning typically in these situations you don't give a reason because you don't wanna create an environment where they may be subject to litigation because of the recent makes sense a the question becomes a of course a in terms of arbitrary and and potentially arbitrary how how you know everyone else views this and of course the damage a of not providing aid specific a sighting any specific concerns i mean just just having for horses and to golden gate having six horses since the start of both meets a end up dying in how how is how is that i mean it is is that enough in your mind allen it's just a dismissive of a trainer that sends out as many horses in his training as many horses i'm gonna i'll have numbers by the end of the day specifically of how many starts as we know how many starts of also how many workouts a hundred or so horses holland or four trains a because based on on some projections it it appears that he is had between starts at works as many is three thousand a combined which given the two per thousand figures industry is is basically works where in terms of a star fatalities starts it six injuries or fatalities would be pretty much expected statistically from a guy that has this many horses well you know you have detroit carefully here i mean i just caviar i've been criticized by some in california for some of the public statements i've made in the press related to what's been going on out there and to some extent maybe that's fair we were were apple operating in a vacuum we we had very little in the way of facts relating to a thirty fatalities that occurred in california 'em i look back at the report that we did in new york where we very meticulously described each of the horses who suffered a fatal breakdown and all the circumstances surrounding medication practices trading practices and the like and you know decisions were made they've stolen information that have been developed in here were all operating raul operating in a vacuum and that makes it very difficult civil dealing with their but many people believed to be knee jerk reactions to to what is going one 'em and you look jerry hollandsworth or was who's barred today after a cnn that's been said which suggests that holland worker was an aberration a and nobody's doing anything about it i mean the guy goes from being the most highly rated one of the most highly respected trainers in california highly respected across the country to a pariah in twenty four hours and the more you you know you're you're you scratch your head about it and i think what bothers the people who have been contacting tracting men of course moxham lit up and others that is that it continues to perpetuate this narrative but these breakdowns were clause by corrupt trainers and the owners who were not interested in industry industry were for men who are willing to do anything to take this industry down it is it really is a it's a canard it's unfair but it's in our marriage it's been perpetuated and there is continuing deflection in this direction and from a while there are many factors because these breakdowns a you know listen something changed at santa anita this year when you see a change it's a red flag we learned that when we get are investigation work in that focus needs to be one what we different what changed a causal this in in finally they've had all these initiatives in place for well over two months including increased initiatives and yet horses continue to break down doesn't that raise red flags as to you know what's what really is going on here so yeah you bring you bring in you bring in another element of this allen that i'd i'd love for you to address which is they they owner recourse end these five person you wanna talk again arbitrary no reasons these v five person review panel a that is deciding now who gets to pass the tree box a an even more distressing a who gets removed once at trees have been taken andy thee the one of the biggest embarrassments here is is t o c and the cpt who have clearly a rolled over a are not representing the the two entities they're supposed to be representing a beacon certainly the tlc i mean i haven't heard one teeth with horses just some early yanked out of races including the dishes who had thee for the five favorite in the middle layer on sunday a and and you know the the quote the abundance of caution of caution it they don't it doesn't appear that the track themselves have any confidence in these these layers of of protections is that they've created a yeah that that's one concern now we're gonna shift the scene the low south end to del mar end a this five person authority is gonna decide the trees at that these facilities what what's the owners writes in here end at who's supposed to be standing up for them well steve i think you have to take into consideration and lee environment in california right now which is unlike anywhere else in the country but certainly is something that we all have to pay attention to they have a state government that is breathing down their backs and they are threatened by potential ballot initiatives that could threaten the viability in future of horse racing in california we all understand that which is why it is so important that we get the facts and they make evidence based decisions based on those facts i am a big believer in that and i think that the results in the mid atlantic particularly new york i mean people really ought take a close look at what's going on in new york because we work implement it evidence based reforms of our analysis that have led to new york having the lowest breakdown rate in its history if not in the country and they're not doing anything terribly different than the rest of the mid atlantic and maybe california has been doing something different but it works and so there at this point i think they're scrambling to try to limit the damage and to make came industry until they can get a sense of stability in show you're gonna see me these kinds of reactions or else you know they face the prospect the state government shutting down a so i understand it 'em i just looked forward to some reports court some information coming out that is gonna help the answer questions because all you have right now questions you don't have answers and lots of flurries what a what what do you expect and what have you heard in in conversation with the breeders cup and what the what what is the right thing to do and what do you think will happen when they get together later this week courtesy run i look i i a it's it's an extraordinarily difficult decision for breeders cup of a by the debate is very public debate now out whether the viability and future of california racing who's threat the breeders cup don't you show up vote of confidence in california racing california insurance reclaiming the truck surfaces save that they've got the best ones in the world and that the industry needs to stand behind california racing there are others who say that you put industry in turlock you go out there without having the answers to the questions have been raised without seeing what investigation show and that the sacred more prudent thing to do would be churchill m i am i perked bearing rumors about what the breeders cup boards gonna do i don't think anybody knows what they're gonna do they'll they'll have their meeting i guess it's thursday and they'll make what they think is the best decision they can a i just hope that whatever happens going forward that evidence based decisions are made in this narrative reformist versus corrupt trainers and the owners and drug portions going to a working out a all all the different numbers there after the just needs to you know we just need answers at this point will learn and not scapegoats and that's that's it's quite frankly i look i again we we don't have the facts in california i applaud myra where you know a a honoring their agreement with jury home to offer a and there is no more meticulous program sake you offer a program that in new york under the direction of scott palmer it looks terrific a do the results show it and a week you hear about how great things were in california people wanna take a look at the mid atlantic and the mid atlantic strategic planning and the things that we are doing it will continue to do a to ensure the safety of all of our horses because it's a far different story than what is going on at santa anita well you know we we know from us come some conversations a during belmont day actually add that every attempt that and i completely understand every attempt is gonna be made to the ron at at santa anita and a can't i i completely understand a and there's there's plenty of reasons to just stay i added i don't think it's concern even necessarily just over the you know the the two days the concern is you you are dealing with an unknown factor september october after the summer after the summer session at at del mar when racing returns turns and you that's unknown it's not you know it's not concerned about the safety during the two days it it it is that you know toxic atmosphere so that will just with play that you know play that ball where where where it lands a couple of other let's shift gears allen we've got about ten minutes and a couple of topics will stay with localities for a minute a there wasn't attempt in the new york legislature to help thee equine practitioners that a are are you know non veterinary staff a dying volts of course the the personality specifically specifically involved in this a what's the latest because i saw where a at the eleventh hour when it looked like there was a resolution a some things some things kind of unraveled welby at the department of education new york objected to the legislation they continue the claim that 'em the practice of acquiring therapy is reserved for a veterinarian in that techs and should should not be permitted to be performed by lay people off as i said when i've been on your show in the past 'em it's the same position they took with respect echoing dentistry and we work appellate courts unanimously overall the department of education and we continue the take that position but so long as they objected legislatively 'em we ran into a little blocking the legislature that they would not meet the bill having said that we are in conversations with the department department of education in hopes that we can resolve the matter with into their satisfaction in the are satisfaction and a guy i won't say i'm optimistic or i'm not optimistic but a and over the next week or so there will be conversations and our hope is gonna continue to push to get this resolved without having to litigate without having to go back to the legislature and hopefully to get this done in time forty opening up the saratoga meat so the conversations are continuing and will continue to do we need the do including if necessary 'em follow suit to a challenge the decision at the department of education says well this is a this is just bury our dream dragged on a bed now i do but it does appear at least that a the potential for a resolution is it's close so i was watching were in discussion with them and a let's see where it goes let's get enough paid out too well where together on a cause cause i'm off next week i i will have time ahead of the delaware stopped but the match series a round three heads the delaware a week from is it a week from saturday i'm losing track of time yeah firm that you know which saturday the thirteenth the thirteenth america right now robert look the series is gonna start to take shape 'em at delaware park we had a very successful opening at laurel we then moved to a national had terrific j m a number of the horses that ran at laurel did not run at ten a in the qualify for the bonus money a and continuing the series of course that's the competing three of the five a max series of events so a dental apart becomes number three we've got eight horses that will qualify for bonus money by running at delaware park if they choose to do so we have a large number of horses who rented obviously at laurel did not run at delaware now will meet the start get serious if they stay in the series so it it it's it's early in the series on bondage should start to take shape so we've we've got some terrific courses in testing me at last year's winner mci a we've got done i misspoke his point very well known john service worst a quote arrogance hours completed pass a hint smith with enchanted ghost and my trunk that it was super striking those with the horses that are on the verge of qualifying offer but these divisions are all very tight end m a i think we'll start to see whether the change to the five big event days on which the right decision to make sure seemed like it after the first you know after the first two rounds and a you know after after delaware a you got the mom sc yet and will go to a world class one labor day hearts and then violence finished yet will finish at moments you know it's interesting we we really got a lot of tremendous feedback for going to this five day bigger than day series rather than we've done in the past 'em i guess what i'm having a hard time getting orange crush the fact that match would move around throughout the summer so there were constantly discussion about match a when you've got these six week breaks or whatever ten people tend to forget it got it got again we focused on it and a and now they're not like nascar which could run every week through the entire summer early fall we we got it at fox championship but then they show it's gonna be interesting when we finished mission look back gob what the reaction has been to the series like you know what we've done everything's just been so positive it really got the handles been great field sizes had been good competitions been great but it'll be interesting applicants series starts to take take one welfare those that i wanna keep tracking and a see everything that's involved match series dot com and a little look at the fields that'll be opening week at saratoga so we don't want it to get lost in the shuffle a an allen one one thing that pops in my head that i i have not the discussed scott publicly this week or last week what had happened a after d c h r b meeting what did the ramifications of of the california a administrators of pulling out of rc oh i'm not sure what's driving that a you know i'm not sure that's personalities were 'em i all i know is what i reid and they say that it's frustration that rc i it's not moving quickly enough to enact a the reforms did they have an acted on not so sure what they would expect 'em rc i do bar mtc has been dealing with some of these and if the criticism as it takes orange to see an rc i too long to do this you know i maybe there's a way to fix that if we were dealing with the federal body they they had the same problem because the government bill sets up almost identical mechanism so i think that everybody is frustrated right now 'em industry is very tribal were all crush created were all dealing with this terrible situation situation at cnn nita and the implications that it has farrar industry it's very hard to get everybody in the room to talk about it and and and try to focus when a some serious evidence based reforms that needs to be done i will tell you that there are similar forms the dan suggested in california that we all take a serious look at what we need to move quickly to enacting we will 'em what's been frustrating in the past is that the one seed in the slowest to enact reforms are california but it's been very difficult to get the california horse racing board members apple a multiple of medication violation program they still have an accident in california and it's been three years it took them two and three years to adopt third party lasix administration and making blamed in one of the worst minute they can't blame it on the air inch but there were regulatory body and just is moving very strongly here under the you know the the pressure from these fatalities which taking them so long to get these reforms done so it's it's a mixed bag 'em i i'm hoping the situation can be resolved because it doesn't do anybody any good pretty scripts splinter a you know i it just plays into the hands of a from those who have been different agenda and oh by the way for those who were arguing that if we had the federal bill that these breakdowns wouldn't have happened then we would solve all of racing sales just get the federal bill passed but that that will go and been inactive two years ago a year ago made it syllabi age difference what happened at shannon you know and that a i it's funny you couch it in that term because i i see stuff i see comments and and this is why we need as this all that anybody that says that this is why we need a this legislation they they haven't really read do or have any understanding of what this is and what what the elements of of the administration of the sport it would it would be involved in they they think somehow this is something that it is is a legal office or or a commissioner and i i'm i'm actually amazed at how much exposure there's been allen is actually about how little people pay attention that also includes people citing frank stronach as the source of these problems when he hasn't been involved in the management of the company in three years yeah it's outlook 'em 'em again there is just tremendous frustration in the industry but there is a path i mean i i as someone who lives this has been a part of it a new you work there is a path and there is a way forward and if we could just get everyone to understand what that path is committed to do it i think the results speak for themselves i don't believe either in the animal rights people but we we are going to eliminate aches fatalities completely boy that's a great goal in today's world people just don't understand it these horses are gonna break down we're gonna have this but i don't think there's anybody who would say we you need to do better you can always do better i mean i'm i'm trumpeting success in the mid atlantic but boy we could do better and we all seriously working to make that happen and dumb i can continue do that and that's my focus quite frankly is gonna be the mid atlantic because that's where it's happening that's where we're seeing success there is a total commitment from the tracks the regulators the worst in the veterinarians to make this better and it's that's why it's just so great great working in the mid atlantic region because of the commitment is there there's no scapegoating there's no fingerpointing it's what do we do to make this better and on that topic guy so those that are following follow tha racing a if you what thoroughbred horse ms association and alan foreman and a tumble america and the team and a talent is always a lightning and invaluable thank you thanks will soon saratoga saratoga hopefully delaware park on july thirteenth that'd be great allen form and everybody match and so much more i can always just like throw anything at allen he hits any kind of pitch curve balls knuckles not colors the slider doesn't matter it's tremendous allen former today mike beer i hope but those of you the gonna play the pick six i'm gonna write it up of course for tomorrow's as well and play and brad cox came through earlier at least half hour with brett an dick powell powell we did some presque and wrapped up on ask got more tomorrow pete will get his crazy stories from royal as you said fernando sire watch refocused brought to you by helen dale and so much more airplane today replay six tonight and you visit the website and a danger indoor joe will get the archive up as soon as possible and so we could do replay the bar six but i am i'll talk to you that clock thanks everybody

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