Phinsider Radio: To tank or not to tank, inside information, and AFC/NFC Championships


Radio pogo, insider dot com, any SOB nation network. And now your host at you cannot joined by komo's Josh outs and air inside. Hello. Everybody had welcomed few inside radio this. I'm joined by Josh Hamilton Aries. And we're at a standstill in terms of the Miami Dolphins and all the news floating around. Yes. Some rumors coming out nothing official, obviously as we talked about in the past few shows Brian Flora's, the current patriots faculty -fensive coordinator and linebackers coach expected to be named the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins as soon as the patriots season is over rumor names coming out such as Jim Caldwell Tim Graham, guys like Bret bielema other guys coming in as well. Obviously, nothing's official until Brian floors comes on, but we do know general manager, Chris Greer is bringing on assistant general manager Marvin Allen from the Buffalo Bills who also spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta, Falcons and others. Also in terms of Miami. Dolphins news, it's really more of the same of you know, weird of the dolphins go from here. But one big sticking point is that they reportedly told coaching candidates during their interviews for the head coach possess. Mission that they would be taking in all terms and purposes and for a lack of better words, basically in twenty nineteen so they can get a top quarterback in twenty twenty. We're going to talk about that in just a few minutes on tonight show. We're also going to talk about inside information. I'm going to give you a little bit of a primer about it. And what it really means. And how it all works because some may think that it's just out there in plain sites. This sources just come out and say, this is what's happening. But that's really not always the case. So we'll talk about that. And then we'll wrap up the show with just a quick rundown of this weekend's championship games. I mentioned the report of the dolphins. Tankan brought on by Adam Schefter ESPN. The first thing I want to be handed over to you house for your thoughts on this and whether or not the dolphins should quote unquote tank for a top quarterback prospect in twenty twenty two and Justin Herbert guys like that in twenty twenty drafts is there's no such thing as taking in the NFL in my opinion. There's you can't tell players to go out and tank, you're not going to tell coaches to God and tank, but the process that you follow is ultimately going to lead to losses, which basically would be tanking. Right. So if you trade all of your high priced veterans away if you build a very very young roster. If you run out there with a quarterback a mediocre quarterback of blow average quarterback all that process. All of that will lead you losses on own. I do like the termi building. I know people give crap to the dolphins about a b. They say that they're really tanking. But in my opinion tanking perp Asli going out to lose you saw what basketball all the time. Seventy sixers. You saw almost with the Browns chew, but where they're trading away everybody and not giving them a chance to even compete. I think the dolphins will be different because they're laying there foundation for the future with younger guys. But also at the same time looking ahead towards what could be down the road. How your Pinon I mean, basically straight up should the dolphins. Not try to lose. You're not going to try to lose. But should they follow a process that's going to ensure that the most losses possible to ensure them a shot at one of the top quarterback prospects in the twenty twenty draft class? Yeah. I don't think anyone can argue that this team for the better part of their of coming future is to find the quarterback. So everyone look at it and say, no what if they lose out next season that that's going to be the best route towards that. But like you said, no one fell team. No player's gonna go out there and try to tank they're not gonna throw the season. I mean, we saw it. We deliver half team was missing on inter reserve in the dolphins. Still squeaked out how many wins? So I mean, there's definitely ways that you can go about this. You know, maybe you don't go out there and sign a high price tag free agent quarterback Joe flacco. But ultimately, I think in the dolphins best interest in need to get a young quarterback. I obviously next season to Herbert. Those guys are the the big names out there. But you have some guys issue that you gotta look at Murray different different guys in the draft this season. So I mean, there's a lot of opportunities to go out there in my opinion. Dolphins got a you know the team as a whole can go out there and they're gonna try their best. But overall. Just need to go out there. They need to play games and hope things work out. In that shafter report, what was known that were looking for a top ten pick and twenty twenty and this draft the bears have the the tenth pick, and they finished six and ten this year or I'm sorry. Not the bears the Broncos. So they finish six and ten so realistically, if that's of those are ends, we wanna finish six and ten or or worse. I think that could still be kind of hard to do. We won six games. Jay cutler. We had some worse stats than the one in fifteen team and won seven games this year. We play the bills and jets four times. And there I don't know. I just don't believe in the maturation of those clubs at this particular time and their trajectory. So that could be two wins rate there. So then we have the Finnish foreign aid or worse and all the remaining games, which has poss-. And what what you guys are really saying, though, is that we have an interesting dichotomy here. How do we have our young guys compete at a high level towards winning? And how are we going to lose simultaneously? How do we make those things works? I think communication is going to be huge for this team. And how the vision is communicated to the players, and how does it resonate with them? I think you could be surprised by some of the professionalism that you could see from some of these young players, despite the circumstances because film as currency, no matter what you know, you can get paid by putting some tape down on film. So there's certainly some self interested motivation to factor in there. But really it's tanking is not really what we're doing here, we're setting up to fail, basically. So it's there's a difference there, and what you can say is the ends justify the means. And if it takes ruffling some feathers along the way as long as it results in winning. I don't think anybody's gonna care how we got here. You know, one thing they throw out that word rebuild. And when you look at this team. I mean, the offensive line that needs rebuilt, you know, the defense they're going from traditional four three two three four sort of fit there with you know, they they got Florez and they're going to hopefully, bring him below me your Patrick Graham from the Green Bay seem. So I mean, they're literally rebuilding their defense. They're billing their offense of lines here the word rebuild. I mean, people sit there and think doom and gloom. Like the season's going to be, you know, one in fifteen it's going to be awful. I mean, you can still rebuild the offense of line rebuild the defense. Because that is what this team is doing the rebuilding to get rid of some of those high price tag veteran free agents, you know, they're they're getting rid of the Andre branches. They're going to get rid of these guys at the overpaid for in the past and they're gonna build from within. They're gonna fix the offense. Yvonne, they're gonna fix the defense completely rebuild it. And I think when you hear the word rebuild that is what you have to look at. I don't think no matter what this team does you know, all the injuries that occurred this season, they still overcame them. So why can't the dolphins go out there next year and do the same? Thing. I mean this team can can fall into six or seven victories. So I don't think it's in their best interest to to Bank on a tank because what happens if you miss out on the TOA, you know, maybe get Lawrence next season. But I think you just can't see plays out. But it it's definitely interesting. And I think free agency will kinda give that answer to see what they do at the quarterback position at those other positions. A we'll see how this plays out sooner rather than later. Let me ask you guys one quick. Yes. Or no question is the dolphins starting quarterback in two thousand nineteen currently on the roster. No, no. Yeah. I don't see it. I don't think. So let me go back to me right now. You have Jay grew talk. Right. You have. They just signed the Detroit Lions who was under Jim Caldwell which links Jim called will all reports are saying Jim called joining the dolphins as some kind of system or associate head coach. We're not sure white. What that is yet. They also have David fails on the roster. And I can't I don't stop my head of Brock osweiler's under contract for another year. But Ryan sandhill is also on on the roster right now. But I don't think any of them the starting quarterback. But how do you mentioned Chula chunk of Iowa and the chances of the dolphins getting him? Let's not forget that he's going to be a junior this coming season. So even still there is no guarantee they he even declares for the NFL draft after next season. Then his parents are very keen on the educational process. So there may be some pushing from his parents to say stay in school. And for all we know let's say the dolphins do finish with the number one pick after the next season two and his parents may not want you come to south Florida. So they may say we're going to go back into the college system and say Alabama and enter the drafts dolphins. Consolation prize will be Justin Herbert, not a bad consolation price. But then again who says that Justin Herbert is going to be guaranteed to be a great player. How many quarterbacks do you see coming out of college? Where you say this guy is going to be the great one, right? Everyone thought it was James Winston, Marcus mariota. And everyone said oh my God. The buccaneers have the craziest decision to make Tian's kind of laying low. They're going to pick the leftover of their and the buccaneers pick. James winston. The verdict is still on them on him. The titans. Marcus mariota. He's been nothing special flashback pay in manning and his name is. Slipping me right now who is the other guy there that Ryan leaf Ryan leaf there we go pay manning and Ryan leaf everyone's saying Ryan leaf is a can't miss prospect. This guy is going to light it up in the NFL, people balked, the culture taking paint and manning, look what happened history showed that paying manning was by far the better pick look at Robert Griffin, an Andrew luck. Yes. People said that injury. Luck was going to be phenomenal quarterback, but is easily quarterback any played very well this year. But there is sometimes there were you say well is this ever going to play in the NFL again? Because of the shoulder injury. Robert Griffin lasted one season, basically and has struggled to get back into the starting lineup. There is no guarantee over one person success. There is no guarantee how they're going to do from one season to the next and for me that leads me into this house and sign if the dolphins have shot at a quarterback in this coming draft you pull the? Trigger one hundred percents. If you have a chance Cuyler Murray, if you have a chance as someone like Dwayne Haskins if you have a chance as some like, drew lock if you have a chance and someone like will Greer some are saying east and sick if you have a chance, and you are in love with any of those guys and a there at thirteen when you pick or be they're not going to cost a whole tunnel. Lot to move up and get them you put this rebuild process on exceleron. It's and you switch gears midstream, and you go all in on that quarterback. And then you start because you know, that quarterback will struggle in your one you get your bridge quarterback. He starts as long as he can for this season you insert the rookie halfway through even let him sit the whole season that bridge quarterback is playing well. And you celebrate the process all this talk about waiting for a quarterback in the twenty twenty draft. That's nonsense. To me. And I really do hope the dolphins. Do not go that way this coming season because nothing is guaranteed. Okay. Here's the thing. For me. I don't think has consort Kyle is going to be available at thirteen. So then we're in the discussion are we gonna take someone like drew lock or Daniel Jones or east and stick or someone some other darkhorse candidate at thirteen at I don't know the if the values there now one idea that I am rallying around right now is maybe taking a guy on day two. And have that person be your bridge quarterback into your twenty twenty quarterback? So you already have Bilton competition and built and backup. Ideally. Is almost like the Redskins drafting RG three and also drafting Kirk cousins, I don't think anybody at the time thought, oh, well, Kirk cousins is clearly going to be a better quarterback in the National Football League. But that's exactly what happens. So why not throw multiple darts at the dartboard? I don't think there's anything against as many quarterbacks as we've gone through since we've been dolphins fans. What's what's against trying something a little bit more on Artha, docs? And and doing something like that multiple quarterback investments. Yet. It's clearly don't want in the NFL without a quarterback. You know? I don't think anybody would be upset if the dolphins elite tried to draft someone in those tannehill years, they just completely ignored the position. I think that was the biggest, you know, the biggest fault from Adam gates when he got here. But for me, I mean, if golly column reserve a you pull the trigger. I don't know if Haskins will make it, you know, drew lock someone people up and down Daniel Jones or some of those first round guys. But I think you both made a great point looking at those day to and for me, I really like will Greer? I mean like you said and you touched on a bit. What's the difference of you know, tanking with a guy like fails or office while you the verdicts out on both of them, you know, Luke Falk, you know, he was a Kampot guy you picked up, and you know, kept around just to maybe bring him in for this year. You got the guy from Michigan who played with Caldwell up there in Detroit Lions, I mean, you have these other options, but why not go out there and draft a young guy who you know, has that bloomer bus potential if you drive the will Grier. And you know, yet, they talk about how short and maybe doesn't have. Ideal NFL arm. But what if you know he comes out here, and he starts ten twelve games. You know, he plays decent. Then you don't need to get a quarterback next year. So there's definitely nothing against going out there and trying to get as many quarterbacks as you can because every year every year every few years, you see a guy who just comes out of nowhere guy, who, you know. They're for little met Flynn was something. I mean, they're these quarterbacks Nick foles. I mean, he is a guy who did nothing with L A. And now he is just a world beater is gonna paid a ton of money. Because what he does when games matters. So I mean, you have these different guys who have potential energised takes that coach to bring it out. So maybe the do from that he got from the lines. I can't pronounce last name j critic whatever it is. You know, what Jim called gets the most out him. And he goes out there and plays. Well, it's not gonna happen for what does it hurt to go out there draft quarterbacks in have competition because whether you get a quarterback this year next. You're not winning football games. You're not gonna be a powerhouse. You're not going to be a consistent winner without a quarterback. So do whatever it takes to the draft. So on this year next year, whatever. It takes to find that guy. And when you get that guy. That's good things will come. As the great Ron woolfe. Once said you draft a quarterback every year until you find the right one and how it's you're spot on. And hopefully, the dolphins do follow that. Hopefully, Chris Greer picks quarterback every year until the dolphins. Finally, find their guy. There is no harm in doing. It's especially when you see the turnover in each year's draft class. So we'll see how this all plays out. I think the report is kind of crazy because the dolphins have not even finalized your coaching staff yet. The dolphins had not even finalized their scouting department yet. The dolphins are, you know, deep in to the scouting process so far, but they're board is by no way, set yet. And as coaches come in their philosophy will change as new assistance come in and new people in the scouting department, come in that philosophy will change. So while the dolphins may have mentioned that in the interview process in terms of being patient this coming season, there's going to be losses. Yes. But I'm not so sure that they specifically. He may have said we're getting a quarterback in the twenty twenty class. But as they say, we'll see how it plays out. It could be a smokescreen. It might not be. We won't know until the draft comes and goes any last thoughts on the process house and on whether we choose to set things up to fail or like you said a quarterback falls into our lap. And it's the best player vailable number thirteen and we have to kind of switch gears. You know? That's okay. Whatever we do. We just need to go. One hundred percent, whatever we decide to do nothing. None of this middle in the row. Grab in overall. I mean, I know we haven't had our head coach, you know, publicly announced but just where the dolphins seem to be handling things. You know, you keep hearing about a rebuild kind of what we all at least from a structure standpoint. So it's good to see the way the dolphins went out there. You know, they they interviewed all these different guys that they give opportunity found their man. So it's just it's just a breath of fresh air. And I think we just need to remember as fans that you know. There's going to be bad before there's good. All right. Let's switch gears here and go into what I promise at the top of the show in that. In terms of getting inside information because. I tweet inside information for all the followers out there. I get inside information. There's a lot of inside information. I get that. I cannot sweet there is a lot of inside information that I get that. I do too. It's and what I see a lot of the time are people coming to me and saying I don't know what I'm talking about. How would I know I live in Connecticut? I'm not down with the team closer to team. I supposedly have no connections to the team, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then three days later two days later, four days later, our later, two hours later a week later to later what I said comes through most of the time. Have I missed absolutely has everybody. Missed absolutely Rappaport has missed Schefter has missed the biggest names out. There have missed and the smallest names out. There have missed it is part of the game. But there is some misinformation out there in terms of the confusion process, and how someone gets inside information and all the connections that are made. And I'll be honest with everybody here. My sources came out of the blue one day. It was really weird. I had a one back when the consumer coming to the dolphins. I had one source and one source only, and it wasn't really good source per se wasn't a solid source. There's a possibility of Dominic and sue coming to the dolphins. Well, everyone else was saying something different. I was getting pounded by people on Twitter. But I stuck with it. But then as people saw me getting pounded people in the know Soma getting pounded, they would private message me and say this is really what's going on. You're right with what you're saying. Now, these people whether they were be reporters or someone connected to team not going to say exactly who they were. They had the information to but they couldn't tweet it out. And you get that sometimes because a source will tell you. Here's what's happening, but don't clean it out. You cannot say this. It's not for information yet. And this was what happening with the head coaching search, Brian Flora's and health and son could vouch as everyone was saying, Chris, Richard Chris, Richard, Chris, Richard, Chris, Richard all the big guys. And everyone else I was saying Chris richer to on Twitter, and and going with that narrative, but behind the scenes, I was texting house earlier in the week and all saying guys Brian floor is is most likely the guy here, but I was not allowed to say that because that was not for public consumption yet. I had mentioned when it was kind of finally announced to Darren Rizzi interview. And I suspect it was not public info because they wanted to respect your and Rizzi and his interview process the night before resumes interview, I had made a string of. Tweets that basically if you read the first letter of every word of the tweets, it's spent Brian floors, and obviously in the moment. No one knows what's going on there. But it was as a way for me to put that out there, and then come back to it and say, listen, I had this. I knew what was going on and leading this here for you. Look a little closer as move into the future when I try to drop pins Heron there and how it's and I do share stuff with you from time to time. And we see it come to life. We see other times it doesn't come to life. I know you to have gotten some tidbits here and there from others, and we've either ran with it or haven't ran with it. But you as someone who does always get inside information. I just want to hear your perspective on how you view it. All and now kind of coming into it with me, how your view has kind of changed a little bit over the over the years. I'd say one major way that it's changed is that. Inside information sometimes almost as an English like it's almost in some kind of weird man code or some kind of it's like leaving a trail of crumbs for you to arrive at they get advocate inclusion. It's not just coming out just telling ya and skipping all the foreplay getting right to the sex. There's a lot of free conform play going on with inside information. So it can be almost time consuming trying to connect all the dots. That are left for you. Yeah. It's like the Davinci code it seems like at times. I mean, you just don't know what's going on. I mean, I have no sources I just thankful that you know, years different things, you know, whether it's on Twitter cannot a definitely hit that Florus story. I mean, there's there's different. And I think the people that know stuff like messing with us because they know that we don't know. So they kind of like playing these little games to see if they can get you to arrive at what they know without them actually telling you like actually writing the words because that could be damning in itself. Yes. I do get that from some of my guys it's kind of funny shooting. Just tell me tell me just freak and tell me, and they won't they'll have me arrived to the conclusion. But then in turn I bring that out to my Twitter people, and if you pay attention to my Twitter feed, I'm not always quote tweeting. I really quote tweet people. That's really not how use Twitter, but I'll like someone's tweet. They're coming onto something like when I had posted a reaction on that Friday morning. It was almost like a face palm. It was like, okay. I here's what's coming out because it wasn't until Thursday afternoon. Thursday evening, where I confirmed the second and third source that it was actually going to be Brian Flora's. And I hadn't done a ton of research on floors at that time, and I was like, okay. He is not the popular opinion by far and dolphins Vanja going to erupt when this becomes public. So when I had posted that face bomb out there people had started responding to it, and I didn't really get into details. But people are saying Brian floors. And I was liking those tweets to kinda give them a hint. Yes, you're getting in the right direction. So. Yes, sign while they do it to me. I'll do it to them as well. It's just fun. Well, and think about this correct me if I'm wrong, Matthew. But didn't you notice like Tom Garfinkel liked a tweet involving Brian Florez? Yes. Okay. So so there's foreshadowing too. So if Tom Garfinkel likes a tweet about something, he's probably telling us the truth. He definitely definitely slipped up. Yeah. I'm not I wasn't going to read it up. So I don't wanna throw time under the bus. But since you brought him in. He he's if anything it's he's a God for doing that. How how like that's that's I don't may. He may have done it by accident. I'm not totally horse. Yes. Yes. There's always the certainty that he may have slipped while he was on his treadmill sculpting his semi perfect body. How we sucked out to enough now that we were out of the doghouse. So yeah. Basically for those who don't know, and I had put a screen shot up there for a little bit. And I deleted. It didn't wanna get anyone in trouble. You know, that it wasn't really sure the whole story behind it. But someone. Had tweeted to me, I forget who it was at this point. But there is a discussion about Brian Flora's. And someone had tweeted to me they tag me in it. They tagged some others in its, and basically it was just saying that Brian floor is leading candidate to be the dolphins head coach. And I think this was on Wednesday of that week or so Tuesday or Wednesday and then a little while later. I get a person who tagged me saying look at Tom Garfinkel, just like my tweet, which was tagging me and others linking to the tweet said Brian floors is leading candidate and medium like, whoa. Why would he like that tweet? So I screen shot at it. Just have it for future reference. I threw it up on my on my feet time. Does follow me on Twitter? So we know he's out there searching dolphins fans are saying about Brian floors and others and the whole organization as a whole getting pulse on the fan base. Which is a good thing to do. And then I tweeted out and then within twenty minutes tweet was. Unliked by Tom. So at the time was like, okay. He's trying. He may be trying to tell us something. He may have slipped up who knows? But this is fun. And at that point. I had heard Brian floors was leading candidate. But I couldn't confirm with another source, and then it just kinda came into focus from that point forward. But it is definitely a game. It stressful and stressful in the sense because. You almost feel a responsibility to report this information out to people and at the same time. You're putting yourself way out there for everyone to see. At this point. You know, I'm looking at my Twitter profile right now, I have over eight thousand followers, and I'm very thankful the eight thousand of you plus want to listen to my nonsense. But when I put something out there, I've realized and I'm not trying to be here and be pompous or whatever, I'm just speaking the truth. But I'm at the point our put something out there. People who follow me and within dolphins, Twitter and little other. Areas on Twitter little other little pockets people run with what I say from now on and I had tweeted something a few weeks ago, and it was an opinion. And it could have been construed as incentive for mation. And I forget what it was. But that's about fifteen minutes. I deleted it. Because I saw some people starting to run with it. And I wasn't really sure that I was comfortable with that being run with. So I took it down. But you know, when I put out that incentive for mation out there. It's run with and if it's wrong, I know I'm going to hear about it. So usually now I need to make sure that I'm really comfortable with what I'm reporting out there. So when it does happen, you know, people can look at me as credible source. And then someone who really does have the inside information someone who does have the scoop, and I do think might trekker does speak for it self. So I'm very proud of that. I haven't missed a ton of I have missed a few haven't missed a ton. And I just hope to continue to. Gain source is moving forward and continue with the incentive for Mason reporting. I know I'm I'm proud dad. And when I see anybody disagree with you on Twitter. I just get a little bit sad inside. I hope everybody will come to their senses your mobile blue haters going to hate all I gotta say speaking of haters gonna hate the patriots are coming as the underdogs this weekend against the chiefs. And they have brought the insufferable level to new highs. Julia Eshelman releasing t shirts here on Wednesday night, saying bet against us may just when he think you couldn't hate the patriots anymore. They caught with this crap. I hope the patriots get smashed on Sunday. I don't care that. Brian Flora's is defense may get smashed careful about him one game ain't gonna decide nothing for his future and his success. It's not like if he shuts down he's gonna be the best. Trevor it's not like if he gets blown out. He's going to be the worst coach ever. The patriots get smashed on Sunday. Don't wanna see them in the Super Bowl. I wanna see a chiefs vers- Saint Super Bowl. I wanna see drew Brees right off into the sunset with the Lombardi trophy. Hang up the cleats and end his career on the highest possible. Your prediction, your storylines house? I just want to ask you both a question. I mean, I'm not saying that I'm in favor of this. But if the patriots when the Super Bowl Tom Brady and Bill Belichick both retire. Would you then want the patriots to win the Super Bowl? Absolutely. If you told me if they came out this weekend, Saturday, Friday, whatever and said it we will retire Brady. Bella check rock I'll become the biggest patriots fan of her. So. Man. I'm really torn. Because part of me is like, yes, just get it over with, you know, but a part of me the competitor in me wants to beat them while they're still there and steal the throne from them. Not just like kind of be handed it over to us. Yeah. I'm not sure stealing it from them anytime soon. But honestly, I mean, if you could guarantee it, I think I'd probably be with cannot on this. I mean f- Tom Brady us room for something really not gonna make the biggest difference. But it would be so great to see that breaking news. No Tom Brady. Retires bill. Check retires gronk goes WWE going to become a wrestler. I mean, that would be awesome to see. But my real predictions. I'm going to have to say, I'm hoping we see a Rams chief Super Bowl. I just think I think it's gonna be insane. Patriots in sad for that. You know, what my dad Bob Sutton's the defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, and he is gonna draw one hell of a game plan this Sunday. And I think it's going to be a nickel blitz. There's gonna be a strip sack. It's going to make a huge play for Kansas City. They're gonna win thirty one thirty. Now think about it week six they were in Foxborough forty three to forty. They put up forty points there. I don't know of a Ryan tannehill put up forty points in his entire dolphins quarterback ship and bro. I don't know if they put up forty point. So I think that's pretty impressive in itself. And I really do think that this team can win so quick I Google, Bob Sutton. And I need to ask is earlier dad because sit them blitz, and it would be crazy if you were holding out on us all along, you know. Yeah, it'd be like that guy that you've been friends. With its real humble. And then you find out twenties lays his dad's a defensive coordinator. Yeah. The cheese. Never asked to quit. You never answer. The question. This is your dad, isn't he I'm gonna let you still on it. Oh, man. We are talking to the son of the chief defensive coordinator. Bob, son. As soon as birthday, how else do you think? I get inside info. Bob saw headshot looks like the menas dude ever. We know it's not that. Let's see. I grew weary of my father's intimidation tactics. And so I developed a more docile approach. Sign. We love you anyways. What is your Super Bowl? Prediction your championship? Prediction, your Super Bowl prediction? I'll start I predict with my hearts that the chiefs week the patriots the same will beat the Rams and the saints will be chiefs in Super Bowl. How it's. I mean, I got to be that guy. I'm thinking, Saint PAT's. Saints beat the pats that that's. I got Kansas City winning thirty one thirty and I got New Orleans winning thirty eight thirty five Sunday. And I think that Andy Reid is gonna get the Schneider off his back and Pat Mahomes going to tie neat. Little bow on one of the more magical seasons. We've seen from quarterback of hysteria around this young man and. Lada. And I hate to say this just because he's our dude. But the hysteria reminds me of my dad, tell me about the marina when he came out. Yeah. Yeah. Chiefs fans, right. I mean, we want our head coach we want that we want that staff assembled before things start to get serious. Yeah. I will love to have Brian floors in. My this coming week is just it's just good for everybody involved this coming Sunday three or five PM eastern standard time on FOX the Rams versus saints six forty on CBS patriots versus chiefs Super Bowl will be set as ten PM eastern standard time on Sunday. And then hopefully, we have our man. Brian floor is Donna Miami next week as he begins his reign as Miami Dolphins. Head coach we coming back next week with all the latest information regarding the Miami Dolphins. We are. Sure. More coach leaks are coming as we try to put the pieces together and connect all the dots. There are until it's all becomes a fischel for Joshua scenario. I m Mack out of listening to Finsider radio. We will talk to you next time. Radio part of the Sutter dot com and the SP they should. Thank the ball for goal to goal. I know. Where in the on the Brown? And when you think you're. With. Greatest wealthy. From. On the. When you. Where the? Hi, I'm Karen Fisher. 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