Moxley def. Jericho & Pro Wrestling Power Rankings


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open. Podcast this is. Dave would wreck on today's episode. Wwe Hall of Famer Bully Ray and I discussed revolution from Saturday night. That's right eighty. W In my opinion best pay per view so far we talk about new. Awa World Champion the one and only John Knox also we go back to what we saw in Saudi Arabia on super showdown on Thursday afternoon and Goldberg beating. Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship. How that setting up Goldberg and Roman reigns but getting up John Sina and the Fien Bray wide all that right. Now on the busted open podcasts. Two questions one. Is it the right time for Jon? Moxley and two is Jon. Moxley the right fit as the face of your company. Why wouldn't he absolutely? I was just throwing out that little piece with the Fauzi tour to get your opinion to see if maybe it was a little too soon. And maybe they did it because of outside reasons I don't think so the bill to Jericho and Moxie was really good. Telling the story about the eye in inadvertent way. Moxie got his receipt on Jericho by headbutting. Him in the face and busting him open and having to put stitches and Jericho's face good build good story good characters. Good pay off to a great pay per view and the. Moxley era begins excited to see where they're going to go with him this Monday night and I think this Monday night you. I'm sorry Wednesday this Wednesday night and I think you open up this Wednesday nights of dynamite with your new heavyweight champion Jon Moxley and I do think that Jon Moxley is the perfect fit for a w like he really does fit that fan base for e. W because obviously W and you know this by watching the show on Wednesdays but especially that pay per view this is not the. Wwe were watching. And that's not taking anything from the wwe but we needed something that was different from the wwe on a bigger level and seeing guys that are busted open seeing kind of a little bit of the the salty language just as a rougher type of company then the High Policy Glossy wwe. That's P G friendly and you need that. And I think Jon Moxley is a perfect face of the franchise free. W and we're going to probably be going into the second quarter of two thousand and twenty with two thirds of the shield as heavyweight champions. Because I'm I'll bet a dollar on it. That Roman is going to become the universal champion and obviously Moxie is the w champion. I don't see him losing it very quickly. So we'll have that head to head battle going on also to be fun and then with John Moxley. This is what he wanted. We knew it from when he was a guest on talk is Jericho bully. That he was extremely frustrated. Creatively with the WWE. A you know. He wanted to change to be broken. They're broken in a e W in and now he's your guy. He's your champion Dave. I've noticed something about Moxley. I especially noticed it in the way in that they did last week. And I've noticed one or two other times whenever moxley would be in the ring with Jericho and they would be doing promos going back and forth on the Mike moxley would do something in the ring that I never saw him do in the wwe when he was in the ring. What's that I know what it is? I guess taking please tell me. I have no idea he would smile. He would actually laugh. There would be times at. Chris would crack him and make him smirk. That's because he's in a good mood that's because he's having fun you never saw. You never saw Dean. Ambrose smirk or cracking the ring especially towards the end with whatever they had him. Doing there was no happiness. It was a going through the motions type of character. This guys out there. Having a blast Jericho came out and said something during the way in where Moxley wanted to break down and bust out laughing right there when I see things like that. I know that guys are at peace with themselves and that they're having a blast and that's the way it should be and when you're having fun you can let it all hang out and you can go out there and and put on the type of matches that Jericho and Moxley had. And here's the thing to you. Knew it to after two matches over and he addressed the crowd. I mean that's where you really see Jon Moxley. That's where you see the man not just a character and the personality and the ring but the guy like you know he's saying it's bureau clock and he's going to go have some whiskey. I mean those are the things that that fan base wants to hear when they started his like when he took that long pause and then they played his music and he's like what the fuck like you know he's like I'm not done like the fans pop for that. They love that stuff and Jon. Moxley the perfect guy because once again you look at that crowd. He didn't see kids in that crowd. You didn't see sixty five year old men in that crowd. You're seeing that fan base of eighteen to forty. That's the fan base that you're seeing at. Aws shows and that's the fan base. That was in Chicago on Saturday. Night and that fan base is into just about everything that A. E. W. does and one of the things that I'm happiest about is seeing how much that fan base is into the younger up and coming home grown w stars case in Point Orange Cassidy case in point Darby Alao. I'll say case in point and J. F. N. J. F. is kind of been attached to cody's orange cassidy and Darby Allen don't have the benefit of really being connected to any major star right now although Mj F. as we've know he's doing a phenomenal job of getting heel heat. The lights of this business haven't seen in quite some time but how fricken over is orange cast. It's unbelievable I mean two guys and I'm GonNa get into this a little bit later when I do my power rankings but I mean he took 'em JFK is taking it to another level as A. He'll he'll that you're not used to seeing in two thousand and twenty quite frankly and then on Saturday. It was really a coming out party for hangman page. You and I have talked about hangman. Page like he was missing something he was. He was almost there but he wasn't there. He's there now and you found that out on Saturday during that show hangman. Page Darby Allen M J F Orange Cassidy younger guys that you might have known a little bit about hangman and ring of honor. Yeah you might have known a little bit about. Mj from M. L. W. You might have known a little bit about Orange Cassidy or Who else are we talking about? Darby Allen from some of the indies but now they are becoming more and more well known every Wednesday night and the response that these guys are getting you brought up hangman page pages the stand out star of that. Tag Team match. Not because I'm telling you because that's what the crowd told me. They were into everything that he did. And now you see. Dave remember everybody. That was bitching moaning that Jericho went over on hangman. Page to become the first ever champion. Oh why are they going with the old guy why they go in with the old guy that should be going with the youth? They should be going with hangmen. No you're seeing now. The slow evolution of hangman page the slow unfolding slow and steady wins the race simmer before you boil. He's getting this fan base up underneath him. There channing Cowboy Shit. They liked to see him drink his whiskey and then do those flippy. Larry at things that he does and all the cool shit that he does. They are getting behind him. Here's here's everybody's favorite word here comes organically and then when it is his time. It's going to mean that much more if you would have put that championship on hangman page. Right out of the box. Then where does he go? It's over your dead in the water. You don't have to be a champion people. You don't have to have a championship belt around your waist. What you need to be is over and when you're over you don't need shit. Yeah it's true. I mean he does have the tag bell but if they would have put that world championship on him at the beginning on that I pay per view. You wouldn't be seeing the hangman page. You're seeing right now and listen. When you're getting Kenya Omega Booed and the Young Bucks Booth think about that. The books came out and that place is split. There were there. Were fans books. And whenever Kenny Omega tagged in or whatever Kenny Omega stop and got hanging to try to calm him down. The Fans Booed Kenny O. May think about that. Those are those are the darlings the young bucks in Kenya Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Because he is so hot and so big right now he actually got those guys booed one of the little things that they did in their thirty minute tag match. Which was I mean? It was so exciting to watch. It was and they did it. They did a good job at times of maintaining the tagging in and out but I would have waited a little longer before I tagged in Hangman. I would've kept ten in there for at least five seven. 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I'M GONNA start my power rankings with someone who's not with the wwe someone who is not with a e w but actually somebody who's with rank of audit that's right at number five pc onto the court in the Trap Zone Ball Ryan falls and his name is reuss. That's right Reuss now. Back to being ring of honor champion beating. Pc Oh and rousch. Is that number five at number four as much as it hurts me. Bully as much as it pains me to do this. It's really difficult but I have to tell you my number four the Mesa. You're the Diamond Ring Poems so I love that. Gabby kept at M J F in there just to stick it to me that you've been pizza chips South SCUMBAG M J F at number four at number three a lot of people called it the match tonight and it's even more than what they did on Saturday. It's also what they did on Wednesday night Kenny Omega and hangman page. What a week at my number three but now now pacman cover Kenny Omega and hangman. Page Omega showing you. Why a lot of people consider him to be the best in the world and hangman page. That was coming out party for Hangman. Page you went to another level and they both deserve the third spot on my power rankings. Lot of people are going to hate this. A lot of people actually thinking this is going to be by number one but no no no. It's number to cooperate with themes in another farley created his to go Prescott Fade where he wanted to do. This kid Koper do this. He can't he can't you will cover by doubt. Hey Chappy and Goldberg once again is going to be a champion going to Wrestlemainia. And he'll be your universal champion at Wrestlemania thirty six and we'll see what happens in Tampa and Goldberg at number two and I don't think there's any question bully. Who's at number one? Overall Chris Jericho once a Moxley boot robs covering and of course Jon Moxley your new e w world champion and number one so my power rankings for March second two thousand twenty route shed five. Mj Eh. Four Kenya Omega Hangman. Page at three Goldberg at two and Jon. Moxley at one. Yeah I'm not gonNA break your balls about your rankings. This week I mean they were pretty obvious to me. I could make an argument for flipping four and five but no big deal and and listen. I. I had difficulty with that spot too. Because you're right but you know what the story going in between MJ F. And Cody Rhodes was one of the best stories going on and pro wrestling one hell of a match on Saturday so had to put 'em J. F. at four if I put them at five I guess as you always say I would lose. Credibility was for me to even put them on my power rankings to begin with but I think you would agree bullied. John Moxley deserve to be number one. Well now you're putting the a e W world championship above the WWe Universal Championship. So if we look at it just from a championship belt point of view which is more prestigious to you right now. I I may have to give nod to the w championship because once again when you look at Universal Championship all the you have another world championship in that company. Actually you can make the case you have three World Championships in that company when it comes to men's division with the annexed in the WWe title so the Universal Championship. Right now doesn't carry the same punch as the one Awa World Championship. I WANNA go back down to number four with M J F. What did you think about? 'em J. F. and cody's match. I really liked it. I thought they told a hell of a story. And you know what told the story to me is the fans reactions when M. J. F. One that match there was shocking audience. They did a great job of panning on the faces of that audience. Mean people are legitimately surprised and shocked that. Mj F. One and now you can continue. That story of Cody won the stories over now. You can continue that story between those two. Did you think that the match that they had? And the psychology of their match was a good culmination to the story that had been told leading up to it. I thought so. Yeah I mean because at times they were trying to do whatever they could to cause pain. And here's why cody could have won that match early on. He chose to lift him up at two. He could've won the match and then you had also Mj F taking off the boot and binding. The toe of Cody Rhodes. I thought that was were good elements to mix in to that match. I definitely think that those were good elements to mix in. I was a little shocked that I didn't see more fisticuffs right off the Bat. I saw cody going for a clothesline and going for a kick. I saw him going for wrestling maneuvers and wrestling holds. I thought their story called for more violence in the fists thunder in the fists things that we would have sore from dusty or from Terry funk. I remember watching matches a funk versus lawler or funk versus dusty their stories were all about the facials the punches and kicks. I thought there might have been a little too much wrestling. When wrestling moves in the match. I really really liked cody and MJ. F FOR WHAT IT WAS. I probably would have had a little bit of a different. Take on the psychology of the match and there were some things that went on in the body of that match that I did not understand and if I was if I had both guys in front of me I would question. Why did you decide to go in this direction? So let me ask you this Dave. We saw a bloody MJ correct. Yes how did he get busted open? I honestly don't remember. I honestly member so wait a minute a guy gets busted. Open it in a match and you don't remember how it is. I don't know how it happened and listen I might you know? Forgive me that I don't remember but I honestly don't remember how. Mj F got busted. Open if you don't remember that it was probably not that memorable. But the the fact that he was busted open was memorable to me. But you're right. I believe I can answer your question now. I should know that I should go back and watch it again but I do not remember the moment where. Mj got busted open. It was off of a springboard kick so now I just reminded you cody. Spring did a springboard and kicked off J. F. and his forehead was busted open. How did that happen? I have to go back and watch. I honestly don't remember you got me. My my point is this. I'm not quite sure how he got. Busted open either. I don't know where when why or how. That was a disconnect. I would have liked to have seen something a little bit more glaring. I would have liked to have seen cody With with the buckle of his Weightlifting Belt Bloom Jab match right in the forehead or slices head open or something like that. That would have made sense to me. I would have liked to see Max's head get smashed into the into the ring post or busted on on something the Ring Belt Anything. I have no reason. I have no understanding of why that kid was bleeding. I have to go back and watch his. Wasn't that at the time. Where like Arthur Andersen award low or going at you know going at it so maybe it was something that the cameraman missed or I could be completely off here. Nope and yes you are right. That was when coat. That's when Brandy dove onto wardlow. And then cody came outside. Said put her down and then here came on with a chair what they were doing right there in that moment is they were they were using their smoke and mirrors to stay away from 'em J. F. at that time but I wanNA know how J. F. was busted open. I want to know why he was bleeding. That was that part of the story was not told very well and I think it's a glaring part. No no it's it's funny as you're saying this because as I was watching the match bully it didn't it didn't really. It didn't hinder my enjoyment in the match. I never thought back like wh. When did this happen? That's for sure so up cody's ass. Oh that's true completely. I was in on this match. I'm the way I'm sorry. If the baby face is able to re seat the most hated heel in the business and make him bleed and if we don't know how it happened. It needed to be more glaring. It seemed like blood for the sake of blood now. I'm not disagreeing with you. You're making an excellent point by point. Is that in the moment? I wasn't thinking that in the moment I was caught with people. I I honestly didn't I didn't question because I guess it was from. They got me with the distraction with wardlow brandy and Arn Anderson. But so you're distract. No I did not think of what you just said until you mentioned it now. I'm being completely honest with you. Now if you WanNa get on me because of it you can because all the evidence is in your corner. I'm just saying as as I was watching the match. I was caught up in the match. I wasn't questioning like that should have been a more now now. That you're mapping it out. You're absolutely right when you have a match that a blood feud and somebody's busted open. You probably want to see where and how he got busted open. I'm just saying that I wasn't thinking of that when I was watching the match. I have seen you nitpick. Wwe things that weren't nearly as glaring as that and this is me picking out a moment in time that will come on the show and say can't believe the wwe didn't do this. I can't believe that in that match. We did not see more of a definitive reason. Why M J F dot busted open to me. That is a major point of the match. That is a major receipt for Cody and speaking of receipts did MJ. F- go to whip cody with his weight belt. He did didn't he? M J F. Took off cody's belt and he was going to whip cody with the belt. What did the referee due to referee grabbed it from him? Cassatt with the referee should do correct. Yes what happens when cody got that same weight belt in his hands. What did cody do with it? He whipped he whipped. Mj F. How many times. How many twice. Where did he do it right in front of the referees is how was that allowed? I can't disagree with you. Bali these are the little things Despite the fact that much like you I enjoyed the entire segment. I was into it. I liked it but there were two things to me. Actually there were three things to me. That were so glaring. I'm sitting back and I'm going. Why how like? I thought that was great that the referee took the belt away from 'em J. F. But then he watched cody use. It and people are going to say well. Cody was begging and pleading with the referee that you know. Mj Whip Tim Tim Times. Yeah because that was the stipulation cody had to accept that quote unquote punishment if he wanted this match. That belt should've never been legal right in front of the referees is that's a little part that I disagree with despite liking the whole match. And Billy this is why and thank you because this is when you become the teacher on this show because you're one hundred percent right and you took me to school and I went to class because quite honestly your thousand percent right if you have. Blood feud like that. And somebody like M J F gets busted open. That's a significant part in the match. Now despite everything that was going on with brandy aren't wardlow. That probably should have been a move or should have been highlighted because that's a major part and obviously Jr Beta of repeating it twice that he was busted open. That was a significant turn in the match where people probably should have been grabbed in their attention grabbed. And you're absolutely right and then when it comes to the officiating and a lot of people go get on a w about the lack of officiating if you're going to say the positive which was the Jericho in Moxley match where they did a great job of explaining what she was doing. Officiating that Main Event Championship match then in a blood feud match like we saw with them. J. F. and cody. They should have done some explaining their. I can't this pulley. It's hard for me to disagree with you because you're right. I'll take you to the third part that had me scratching my head a little bit the finish. How did J. F. Win were the how did he? How did he win the match like really? Well yeah the the the ring? The he had the foreign Durang and head coach. Did you. Did you ever see the Ringo on? Mj FS hand. No never see 'EM J F. Hit Him with the ring. I mean now you you saw in his entrance. He handed the ring to wardlow. And then you saw wardlow handed him something that you would have to think that it was the ring. So cody got knocked out with the ring which I have no problem with. I wish I would have seen that ring a little bit more as a fan so I knew they did a good job of telling me on commentary the Damn Kid had the ring on good job by Jr and the guys that announced but Mj took to crossroads right before that. Twenty twenty five minutes deep after he was busted open and bleeding. They basically no sold to crossroads to me a little. Bit of a disconnect. I can't because he did. He hit him with two and then he picked them up to do a third crossroads. And that's when Mj heff hit him with the ring. Fuck now I got. I got to go back and watch the match again. You know when I'm not pointing these things out to a to screw with you. I'm telling you that as a fan watching this match those are things that stuck out to me. I'm not sitting there and you know putting it under a microscope and looking for things that are wrong. I completely invested in that match invested in the whole show but when I see Samba the he'll bleeding. I'm asking myself what the hell just happened. How is he bleeding? Why is he bleeding? Did I miss something? And if you're going to have a moment in time like that you should be never asking yourself. How did this happen because M J of bleeding was a big deal? Totally finally got the opportunity to get back at M. F. Now I know people are GonNa say oh well. He whip them with the belt. That's fine but he should have never been allowed to whip him with the belt. And if you'RE GONNA bust he'll open. I want to know how he did it and I get it and you know what I still enjoyed the match anyway like and you're bringing up points that are extremely valid and understandable that. You're watching it in the moment and you're questioning it. I think and this is where I gotta give M J F O of all people credit. I think he's so good at what he does that. I glossed over a lot of what you're talking about until you brought it up and I was so caught and here's the thing bullying you could get on me and the fans could get on me and it's not even about being caught up cody's ask because this is more about praising M J F than anything else is that I was so caught up in that match. I didn't see those glaring mistakes like you did. Now maybe I should have. But I didn't and I was really entertained and M J F to me did a phenomenal job on Saturday night. I will give you two out of three of those things because you are so caught up in the match if you didn't realize that up the belt situation with the wrath if you are so caught up in the match or just like Yay referee. Let cody use the belt. Okay I'll give you that if you were so caught up in the match yourself. Holy Shit that just got hit with to crossroads and still was able to hit him with the. You've got caught up in that. That's fine how you did not question the blood and how dot they're beyond me. I like I wish like. Jr would have said well. Maybe when he took the kick the bottle cody's boot Busted him open or maybe when he fell down he hit a piece of steel on the railing and he was bustling. I had I didn't know from the move and I didn't know from commentary. How the he'll was bleeding and maybe it's the fact that they didn't know either they probably didn't want to speak out of turn and say something. That may have been obvious for the people watching on TV. And I can understand that bully like if you're Jr and you didn't catch it and maybe you're so worried that other people have caught it. You're probably not going to say anything. But it's a moment that was completely lost. One of the brightest new. Usc You know what you're doing. With the next level you know. Become a porn star fighters in the division. The middleweight title is the mind when Israel Etta Sonya Romero a UFC two forty-eight joy Sirius xm fight nation this Saturday full coverage beginning at six PM eastern followed by post. Fight Me Accident Analysis Ame Sern Sirius. Xm Channel What fifty six. We bring the fight. Do I am just glad. Bully that super showdown was on Thursday afternoon as opposed to Thursday night? Because I might have gone. Sleepytime Bo Bo's before Goldberg Jackhammer. On the fiend Bray Wyatt. I mean that was kind of like a Chat Hammer. It was a mini. Jack Hammer did was there. He met well he meant well but as mark would say bliss his art bray went up like dreamer would after seventy three pieces of Sushi. Oh my God given army Jr. exactly I I mean like you did a great job defending the decision and honestly. They're really doesn't need to be a defense. They needed to take the title off a Bray Wyatt to have to put it on Goldberg because really what they want from the. Wwe Universe is for Roman reigns to get cheered wrestlemainia. Thirty six when he beats Goldberg. And that's most likely what's going to happen and it's a rough road to get there but bully as you said and we have both said millions of times that universal championship should have never been on the waste of Bray Wyatt and honestly I think completely killed for a time. Seth rollins these are wrestling fan. She think championships mean everything. When you're that over as the fiend is you don't need a championship to justify anything. Dusty Rhodes never ever needed a championship whenever the championship went on dusty. It was for a short period of time because they needed to do something with a championship but the whole idea was to get him off. I'll tell you a little backstory David. I'M NOT GONNA take a lot of time talking about me. All eight Dudley E C W Championships were done for one reason to take the belts off of us pull never put the championships on Bubba in Devon because he wanted BUBBA and devante run with the championships. It's because he had them they wanted. He wanted to get other baby faces over and he knew that he had a team in Bubba and Devan who can handle losing every single night and losing championships and get these other teams over. Certain guys just don't need championships. And the fiend. As you've been screaming never did and for the people out there who said in my tweet. You just don't get it. It's amazing that thirty six hours later. Chris Jericho put out almost the exact same tweet about bulk. Goldberg saying you. Just don't get it and you really don't and when I tell fans you just don't get it. I'm really not trying to take a shot at them. I'm not telling them like you're dumb and I'm smart when I'm trying to say is you don't understand if you really want. If you're going to go out of your way to re dirty you WanNa know so much about the business and you're so smart then really go out of your way to become an educated fan not a smart mark and an educated. Fan Realizes that Goldberg winning the championship is a better move heading into wrestlemainia season. It's a better move for Roman. It's a better move for the fiend. Because now he's Got Sina. They have set their chessboard up as best as they could going into Tampa. And if I'm the WWE. Dave I'm starting off Wrestlemainia with Goldberg. I Roman reigns wants fear once beer two spears to spears Spears Spears Spear Jack. Aber take out one to boom spear Superman Punch finish. Yeah that's the way to go. I mean the last match what I would think that we're GONNA see. His drew McIntyre and brock listener. I think this is the perfect match to have to start the show. Because I don't think any of the seventy five thousand fans that are going to be in Tampa are going to be Cheering for Goldberg. I would think and I would hope they're going to be behind. Roman reigns I- behind Roman reigns. I WANNA see Roman win. I WANNA see Roman wind because of the personal battle that he has battled back from. Yeah I WANNA see Roman win because everything that I've seen him do from the moment he's come back he's done well. Roman always has exciting matches to me. Roman never lets me down in the ring. He's going to be in there with Goldberg too. I WANNA see Roman and Goldberg. Go ten minutes absolutely not. I WanNa see Roman and Goldberg. Follow the Goldberg Brock. For because we know it works start off Wrestlemainia with a championship. Changing hands and WRESTLEMAINIA would a championship changing hands. Now we'll get into the Bray Wyatt side of the equation and just a minute. But let's talk about Roman reigns. Obviously all arrows are pointing towards Roman reigns winning the Universal Championship at Wrestlemainia thirty six. I mean it's almost a guarantee. How do you know I mean for crying out loud? Bully on Sunday. We have elimination chamber. There is not going to be a men's limitation chamber match. Why because they already told you. You're getting Roman and Goldberg on smackdown on Friday Roman came out. He we challenge Goldberg. Who's next I'm next your next next next next next. We're getting that match at Wrestlemainia thirty six. See you're not even gonNA get a men's elimination chamber match on Sunday. That's how hot they are going to. They can't wait to put that title on Roman reigns. Are you going to be disappointed? If Roman reigns wins the championship. No Do you think Roman has earned the right to become universal champion again? Yes you're being honest. I'm being completely honest. What do you think the chances for success are with that match? If I think it's actually going to be pretty good. You brought up the fact that this could be another wrestlemainia twenty where you know. The the fans could completely shit on it we saw that also at Wrestlemainia thirty four New Orleans with brock and Roman it was in the main event and it was a really good match in the fans chose to shit on it. There was some fans that actually left during that match because they didn't care to see who is going to win different story to me. Wrestlemainia thirty six. What is Wrestlemainia twenty and it was you said? Thirty four was Roman and Brock. Guess what did twenty and thirty four have in common with fans being disappointed about those matches they didn't WanNa see also Broccoli's what they thought was on his way out the door but they were also on last. How do you avoid the same thing happening to Goldberg and Roman you put it on? I when W- what do I always tell you Dave the best position to be in I give me that. I spot on any show with their. Whether it's an indie show around the block from my house or Wrestlemainia. I WANT TO BE ON I. I want to catch the emotion. I want that raw energy. I WANNA beat Detroit rock city people call it cheap. Well anybody succeed can succeed if you go on I great. Somebody's gotTA BE I. I'd like it to me. How does the WWE fight that? Negative reaction put them on. I give it three to five minutes getting get on. Get off. Get out go home if you take the risk of having those fans wait seven hours for that match between Goldberg Roman. You're you're playing with fire dead. He's not we could do about it. You would agree though if you're having those fans wait seven hours. You're taking a big chance that they may shit on that match in Tampa. The last match should be drew and Brock. If you if you put Roman and Goldberg on the later that night gets in my opinion unless they come up with some phenomenal story that has people so emotionally invested in this match in the next couple of weeks the longer wrestlemainia goes the more chance. Roman and Goldberg have to not succeed. I'm starting Wrestlemainia. As of right this very second with Goldberg and Roman reigns the only thing. Though bully is that I know for a fact I if I had enough money and I didn't suffer from walkathons I would put every dollar. I had bet that Roman is GonNa win and be Goldberg for that Universal Championship Wrestlemainia. Thirty six I still have. Some doubts about drew McIntyre and Brock. Leser there's a part of me that thinks that Brock Leser may retain that WWe championship in Tampa. If I had to choose I would probably choose drew. But I still think there's a good chance that brock may retain if you're if you're the wwe and you WanNa stick with brock is your champion. Do you still put that match on last. Yes 'cause it would shock people. I don't think they're setting drew up to lose just by the way. The rumble was booked. And I know brock I I don't need nobody to tell me just by watching the rumble. I know who put the rumble together at least up until Brock was eliminated? That's all rock listeners. Psychology because he's setting drew up for success. Brock took the best claymore. I've ever seen over the top rope. Kick putting them out of the ring. There's a reason why brock is doing this. There's a reason why brock laid there. There's a reason why brock allowed that shot to happen. Rocking stupid. Brock knows how to get people over now. If you were to tell me that brock was going to go over at Wrestlemainia and they were going to give drew his rematch. The very next night on raw and br and drew is going to beat Brock on raw. Okay maybe maybe but now. We're losing that wrestlemainia moment if they were going to do that with any championship. I'd rather see them do that with Goldberg. And with Roman because people will be ready for Goldberg to lose and if Goldberg finds a way to retain and Roman gets his shot the next night and they do it on TV more people. See it and it's a carryover story. I don't think that's the way they're going to go. I think you're getting Roman and drew as your new champions and they're using the older guys to help get the younger guys over just like Sina will do for Bray and just like taker will do for. Aj maybe and if and if Kiecker goes over. Trust TAKERS GONNA get. Aj over Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm FIGHT Nation Channel. One fifty six or on demand with the series Xm APP. First of all bully after hearing what you had to say. I be surprised. Now if they don't open wrestlemainia thirty six with Goldberg and Roman reigns and in Roman reigns becoming your new. Wwe universal champion. You can almost set in stone after hearing what bully had to say earlier. But let's look at the Bray Wyatt side of the equation and there were a lot of fans that were upset and pissed off that you built. Bray Wyatt you built and built this character. And his personality. He was in the ring wit Seth Rollins. And Seth Ron's Henham with ninety eight chair shots. You know you know. Hit the curb stomp thirteen times and still wasn't able to beat I'm half ASS Jackhammer and next thing you know you have a new champion and I understand that and I get it but don't forget this that Bray Wyatt. The fiend was standing when it was all said and done. He was on both feet glaring at Goldberg. That's extremely significant. And that's a moment you can play over and over again and all it will take bully is one firefly funhouse with Bray Wyatt saying that that championship is just the toy in his toy box and meant nothing to him and it's about the soles of his. You know where I'm going. They can easily gloss over that loss from that Saudi show on Thursday afternoon two days ago. Bray Wyatt put up this exact tweet to my mockingbird not a loss but instead a sacrifice he wasn't a chapter in my tell I began with a mission and now and now I'm where I was supposed to be. You'll see not a loss but a sacrifice. How's that Dave? He's basically telling you that the championship did not mean that much him. Winning the championship was gravy. He sacrificed that championship because he wanted to be. In a position to get to John's Seena. I began with a mission and now I am where I'm supposed to be. Well where is he now? He's against Jonah Wrestlemainia. If this is where he's supposed to be. This means this is where he wants to be thus standing up right after the one. Two three it's wrestlemainia season kitties and there's a really good reason why they did what they did. Well you mentioned John Cena. Let's go back to smackdown from Friday and here with John. Cena had to say this year wrestlemainia should go on without Johnson. This is not hit by. This is not good but it is good bye for now and it's the right thing to do. I like you believe in the future. This company I like you respect the day at work that WWe superstar. It's to every single time they step into the ring and wrestlemanias spots should be earned not demanded this betting on the future. This you wrestlemainia goes on without John and then right after that so Johnson is saying I'm I'm I'm done. You know the Wrestlemainia should be about the youth. I don't you don't just demand the spot on Wrestlemainia you earn your spot now. What is the whole story bit about with the Fienberg? Getting back at all the people that have wronged him John. Cena would never go after defeating Bray wide if the fiend. Bray wide had that championship John. Cena said it. It's not for him. It's for everybody else then. Earned a spot so he's certainly not going to go after a title but now it's a completely different story. Why because all you to do is go back to wrestlemainia thirty. John Cena Beats Bray Wyatt and that started the decline of Bray Wyatt. There's just story. He couldn't do it with the championship so he sacrificed that championship. Because he knew Johnson a goody goody two shoes whenever challenging him for that championship so I gotta get rid of this and now I finally have Johnson aware I want him at Tampa for Wrestlemainia. Thirty six in the past fifteen minutes of this show if you did not get it before and still do not get it. You are the problem people we have just mapped it out to you. We have just given you the story that will and should unfold the story that Bray told you by standing up after the Jackhammer the story that Bray told you on social media the story that John told you in his promo the story that Dave just told you dating back to Wrestlemainia thirty. This is what was supposed to happen. This the fiend losing Goldberg works for everybody. It benefits everybody and hopefully your ignorance is not blinding you. So many people were up in arms about it and you know what it's okay if you were up in arms about it but can now sit back and go on now. I get it. That's cool man. Good I'm glad you did it now but if you still don't get it. I don't know what it's going to take for people to understand that the storytelling means more than a championship around the fiends. Waste THAT. He didn't need in the first place bullying our two. And we're talking about E W revolution and you're talking about certain spots that bothered you in that match and I said you know what went right over my head because I was enjoying it and you said you got 'cause 'cause you got your head so stuck up cody's ass that was you saying look like a wick the fuck up like come on and wake up. Look at this. I'm telling you this respond to what I'm telling you. It's exactly what you're telling the. Wwe Universe right now and you did too. Yes because the stories right there. It's plain as day. It's read out for you and you know what again the wwe wins. Because if you're so angry about Goldberg winning they want you to Boo Goldberg at Wrestlemainia thirty six. They win at that too because they want Roman to be that baby face except champion that you never have accepted him debate. Now you finally will. Because they're putting him in the ring with Goldberg. The guy that you absolutely right now so in the eyes of the WWE. It's a win win. Situation for them in Tampa and if you are a fan or a wrestler or a veteran or an absolute anybody out there who's listening that does not agree. Please call in the show. We would be more than happy to debate you on. Why taking the championship off of the fiend was the absolute right. Call THE FIEND. Standing up tells you everything you need to know. And if you don't believe it read his tweet he called it. A sacrifice means the finish. Didn't mean shit to him. Go ahead hit me with your half ass. Jackhammer debt this championship away from me. I don't want anymore. It's holding me back. It's holding me back from the one person I need to find. I need to hunt and I need to avenge and it's John Sina from Wrestlemainia Thirty. And what are we getting? Now come on people wake up. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by nation channel and fifty-six busted open podcast.

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