E399 Ryan & Lindsay - Wrapping Up Rythmia | Purgiing, Retching, And The Way To The Biggest Impact


This is fifteen minutes of freedom. I'm your host elite life opposition coach Ryan idell here with my wife high on our green couch or on the green couch today. So if you're watching this via video. Hello, everyone. We're coming to you a little bit different today. I got my shoes off my feet up Chilin gods. Zeus in the middle. So we left you last week, we were in the midst of describing are experiencing Costa Rica, we are actually, in Costa, Rica at Ruth mid-life advancement center, recording the show, I know I wish we were back there right now because we'll be July twenty first in the twenty eighth if you'd like to join us, Lindsay myself currently I have nine additional like minded people all types of different industries, right, incredible chiropractors, visionaries business leaders, people work inside of companies like it's really crazy dichotomy of individuals if you want to come down and join us would love to have you actually into a twenty one day coaching lead up going into completely contrary doesn't cost anything for my coaching will cost something rid me, right? Drop me an Email Ryan at life, optimization group dot com, and I will give you some more details on how you could join us. Now that I'm through all that nonsense. It's probably time to clue you into day four. Yes. I was just asking Ryan before we started this like, where did we wrap up last Saturday because it's been now a week, where move since we were in Costa Rica with Mia, and he so kindly reminded me that we were on day four so catching you up a little bit. And last weekend, we went through row, the first three days, the plant based medicine, what does IT to the resort all the fun piece and parts. And now we're on the fourth and final plant based medicine journey. Yes. So this is Thursday for us. This one is going to be different because it's an all night experience. When I say all night, the typical start for the Iowa ceremonies was five thirty and this one started at seven, and it went into nine thirty the following morning, whereas the five thirty pm ones usually wrapped up about twelve thirty one m so we're talking, you know, at least twelve to fourteen hour deal. Before we dive into that part for me. I want to set a little bit of the groundwork for what it takes to lead into this particular experience. So Thursday, was a day that I had booked interviews with Jeff who's a lead. Psychiatrist chief medical officer for rid Mia and Jerry Powell at the founder with me. And these were preset before I went down there, right? We had specific times and coordination's and things like that. And So, Jerry is scheduled started become more and more fool. And he started sliding me up earlier and earlier in the day. Right. So went from I believe in nine thirty interview to a nine to, I think eight thirty or even aid for Thursday morning. Right. And we had been up Wednesday until at least two thirty three because by the time we wrap up the ceremony and we get back to the room and then you record the podcast about it. It's pretty damn late when we're going to bed absolutely. And so get up don't really have time to eat breakfast. I, I don't make breakfast priority. I go meet with Jerry. I have a little mobile podcast unit that you're seeing part of it here. Right. We have new mice than I'm waving in front of the in front of the camera right now a whole mobile setup. That's in this nice pelican case, and it's really cool like, yeah, I love it. We actually recorded last week's from our how our from Costa Rica like this. And then we did the other one from our house like this. It's kind of becoming our new normal. So I roll up to literally MRs rolling bag. I roll up to Jerry's house. It's on property. In reduced myself, we've already had time to chat back and forth and very quickly, you know, open up the pelican bag pull out all the podcasting stuff and him and his sister, very clear that he's got a nine I think nine fifteen or nine thirty phone call, like there's a very specific time window that we have he's under sure. Of course. And so we, we get right onto business record a podcast, which now it would have aired last or tooth two Thursdays ago and this point go back. And listen, if you haven't where he tells the whole story, right tells what Romy isn't where it was founded in all the stuff. It's fascinating story really, really incredible. So we wrap up and very conscious of the time run at my phone on, I'm watching it to make sure, I don't run late and. As I'm putting away the podcast off just normal rapid conversations. Erie says tell me about yourself and there's something triggers inside of me at least back then. Like I don't love saying that I'm a coach right? Because I feel like the term, quote unquote coaches such a, a weird thing. Right. And it sounds a little cheesy. Sometimes, I think, at least it it didn't my head. So I tried to explain them what it is that I do across a four variables of life and dial in a lot of specifics with some of the peace in parts, men, Don me that what I do is I help people, right? I, I meet you where you're at I hope you establish where you wanna go. And we threw out the most efficient effective path to get there. That sounds good Raza. I help people then I you know, glance over some things before. Right. The web hosting the affiliate marketing, and the growth there, and then merchant processing, and what all that looks like and I'm starting to separate in the next stuff, which, of course, is custom clothing, and he stops me, like we would, you know, member to processing, I said, well, you know, it was involved in the high risk Bertram process space for quite some time. What do you want to know international domestic join curb? Currency. Right. You wanna be a PSB an ISO like you want your own been, like, what are you, what are you trying to achieve here and his is just keep lighting up? Is that some of that he's interested in for multiple businesses that he's a part of? And so we have a very high level conversation he asked me to come back for an additional one. I believe it was Thursday, maybe Friday. I'm nosy the Friday or Saturday all all the days, I think, I think it was Saturday because Friday, we took some naps multiple meetings with him, but he asked me to come back for a secondary. Meaning I'm going to say it was Friday. I also had one of the months. And so. Eventually throughout the day. We have our plant integration process, where the shamans come and tell us what to expect that evening. It's three clock. They share with us going to be a little different, right? Were. Normally we say our intentions literally in our head into the Cup of I walk before we take it rides a very intimate setting. No one really knows your intentions. It's between you and the medicine. Yeah. And this is the traditional Colombian tribe that comes in from Columbia, right there. They're, they're lineages over one hundred years old. And so it's very ancient and traditional ceremony and medicine here, and it's a different kind of Fru. It's part of the Tito, tribe. If you look it up, you'll see how this all goes back and they're explain us in this evening ceremony. Going to the Shamanee's win to ask you, your name and the state your intention while the first three days of the experience. I feel like I've quote unquote gotten my miracle. Right. My pieces have been put back together. I already feel incredibly different. I got what I needed, and so were walking around and between four and seven seven thirty windy. Asked me handful times once twice three times, what will what intention is that? Yeah. Because I was in the same boat. I had already done. The show me who I've been come and merge me back with my soul and heal my heart. So I was like you know what a what am I going to do with my intention, and so I was asking you as well, just out of curiosity. My answer her over and over again was like, I don't know. Why are you asking me like I don't have any idea to shut your mouth woman. Like, I don't know what is going to be. And it's laughingly but I truly had no idea. Geria- cheered with me while I was with him that he would be joining us in Thursday evenings ceremony participate. He hadn't in any other nights. He'd try to do it once a week once every other week, just depending on to kinda cleans his energy from what it takes to really host, sixty to ninety people says part of this, you might not realize if you haven't held an event before although he's got a full staff. And although there's people running around the energy that it takes to almost energetically prop up that many people like oh, yeah. Everybody wants to set say hi and shake your hand and he's incredibly kind, and generous and does that while pouring into you. And he's incredibly well on the medicine, right? Jerry's very involved. You know, he he does talks with the groups and gets everybody prepped and ready. And it's, it's really incredible. Yes. Why are you staring at me like that? I, I am. I'm telling a story and you keep Cy throwing in these things that I don't know how to bounce back from. So I'm recalibrating in this moment, my lovely wife. So. She asked me the intentions, and I don't know them. We end up in the Maloka for the for the ceremony. And we sit all of us sixty three of us sixty four with Jerry were sitting in almost a Half Moon around the shaman, and he's pointing person by person asking for us to state our intentions at your first name is set your intention. And it happens to be where I'm sitting is one of the last five or six to go right. Like I'm just happenstance. So I'm hearing all these other people at state their intention. That's some of the key three Riley, what you just shared. And yep. And so it gets in Mike. I'm Ryan and show me the path to make the greatest impact. And the Shamu Lula tilts his head. So as use me. Because this is so far off base from what really anybody else's said at all. Really? I'll repeat it again. Show me the path make the greatest impact is like, all right. Running bounces round. And eventually, what was yours. You're like right by me. Mine was the next steps of my life. Right. Like I had already done the, the three step. So it was okay, what's next for me. Like what show me the, the true path here for myself? And I forget Jerry's was some along lines of. Taking care of himself yet to continue to like, I think it was something like trust in and love for myself continued trust and love for myself, because that's something that you constantly have to work on as a human being in like you said earlier, when he pours into to people energetically all the time, I'm sure that, that leaves some space for, you know, growth on your own plane, right? You wanna make sure that you continue to cover that for yourself because it's important to fill your own Cup of. Of difference and miss night versus others is the Shemona's onesie stated his from Columbia, very clear, lineage, very clear history. Not the other shamans didn't it was just a different feel and because this is such a strict serramonte ass- event. He's very clear like the men are in one line. The women are in another even to receive what I call the sacrament of I- Wasco like it's not before it was kind of like a grab bag lake come on up. And they're still the, the blessings and the rituals the things, but it was really, really different. I think so. I talked to some of the, the shamans throughout the week about things like that. And it's it's the way that they particularly manage the energy of those people, and how they do it. And these people, these shamans are truly gifted human beings, right? They are able to read and see and feel an interpret energy from so many people at once and you'll see. You know, I don't know if we've posted some pictures, but if you look up shamans, or the title, Juanito heritage line, you'll see that they're dressed very, you know, particularly as far as the things that cover them leaves and beads and shells, and bracelets, and necklaces, and ankle bands and things that are all in place to protect them from the energies that come from other people in the energies that come from opening up those kinds of things in a room like that. And so they have a very specific way of practicing what they do so that they can control and protect people and their energies in a very safe environment. And so, you know, we all just listened and said, Yep. We're going to shut up and do whatever you tell us to do, because you're really vulnerable and opening yourself up to all kinds of things in there and you want to make sure that you do it the right way, so that you are energetically protected. And as we are going through the process of standing in line for the. The. I wasco. I remember where I fell on the first one. Almost you were the first one because this was the only night that we were next to each other. We were separated by one person, and it was just the line of three beds. So it was you on the end. And then one person in the middle, and then me and so when they called for it, you were like right up by the alter, and you're probably first or second in line. In this evening's brew concoction. It's called the. He was a much different tasting. It was rough deal like the first three nights other than the, the psychological effect of it. I could have sat there and drank it out of the container. Rallied, nobody deal. I even would have said it was pleasurable like the first three nights loved, it, it was just like a, a little bit of a. Not thick but just like deeper textured t right? It wasn't anything horrible. I wouldn't think I'd like have a Cup of it. But you heard for two, it's a deeper texture t yet. Why drink tea every day? Right. So it's just like it's, it's, it's got so many descriptive words that don't typically go together. I know shallow versus deep, and then textured and then t well they work. So that's, that's what I thought it was. Where this is the fourth night. It's very thick and very gritty and taste very earthy. Earthy is a good way to describe it, it tasted like dirt. And honestly, it was greedy like dirt. And I'm pretty sure I had like a little piece of a stick in mind would make perfect sense admittedly. And so I- choke it down run Golan my bed, and I'm waiting. Yeah. It's thick like they tell you because you're not supposed to drink water after you ingest, the I waspa- so they tell you, they give it to you after you take the hey, they give you a drink of water until you swish it around your mouth, and go spit it out and your bucket because you can't swallow, I was like, constantly swallowing to try to get the hey to move down my SAFA guess, because it was so thick. I don't say it. Don't say it. I see it on your face. Don't say it. Don't say it. I set myself up for that. I already know would go back a memory lane. If you remember when you were young right near third fourth grade, you're playing kickball, and you're waiting for the one kid to be the pitcher that you knew was just athletically, inferior to the rest of you. And they would throw this very straight. Very slow ball right down the middle. That would allow you to kick the shit out of it. You just gave me that pitch. I know it it's like swallowing a booger. How about that better? A Booker men. We are just going all over the place here. Sure. I swung textured very thick very viscous and very warm. Booker. Yeah. Yep. I'm sure that's exactly what you're thinking is describing this as a booger came to mind, I for you. But that's about how it goes down. Sure, certainly. So drink it we switch out her mouth, and then you lay down on the mattress because as we shared, there's typically an hour, hour and a half between. Doses. Right. If if you. Jerry laughingly says, don't think drink basically, if if you can get up and walk you should go. Get more essentially shaman was a little bit more intention intentional with his his conversation and what was so unique about this is every other evening. There had been music. There had been echoes that there'd been things to move energy once everybody had taken the first drink this shaman was very specific. The for the first two and a half hours, it was going to be complete. Silence. Yes. Which I love hated it like absolute. Silence. The only things that you hear are. I mean everybody so they tell you that the, the Yahoo is the most perga- form of the Iowa ska. So when they had us all in the integrative medicine heating before the ceremony everybody looks around after three days of vomiting, and shitting everybody looks each other lake oh. Fuck Glick God damn it. We thought we were on the back end. It's going to be fine. Now ryan. I did not purge that way. Right. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I was the Cryer. He had a NADA then he was, you know, in outer space, laughing to himself, but we weren't vomiting. And we certainly didn't. Have the runs. And there were definitely a lot of people that really struggled with the vomiting. And so these people were like, man. This is this is going to be rough right? The most perfect form within five minutes of everybody getting done with taking their first Cup people were peaking. And so in total. Silence. All you hear is the rushing and the purging is we just don't know if you've described before, but we will now. This vomiting isn't like you've had too many drinks or you've got the flu. This is an energetic release of things that have been stuck inside of you for a long time, not. They described it really. Well, they said like it's not you're not becoming ill. You're becoming. Well, because you are getting emotional sickness out, and it didn't smell smell right? Vomit has a particular smell to it. The room didn't smell. I was waiting for like the first night that overwhelming sense of hospital. Sickness smell and it just didn't because it, it truly is not that people are ill. They're just purging out the emotion. What I found to be. So fascinating for me. My traditional position was laying on my back. Right. Head on a pillow on a single mattress hands behind my head in her locked eyes closed, just relaxing, my body's to the best, my -bility and in between states of consciousness. There's almost this rhythmic pattern that exists of crying, and wrenching in vomiting, and yawning and laughing like this Justice flow through the room, which is unique to be able to partake in and witness knowing that. There was no way for me to know who was vomiting. I didn't care to watch never I physically never saw one person vomit. Yeah. I did only because I would be getting up to go to the bathroom or something. And people were hanging over their buckets. Dan has never saw it. And so it silence. And people the that's the sound of people, getting rid of what they need to get rid of then they call us up for the second dose. And I give him I right just by the nature where my bed's et until shaman. I haven't felt anything. He's like way me. Yeah. He was surprised. I haven't because this is supposed to be like just this incredible experience. Not that it hasn't been incredible. But I don't feel anything like node Tinguely feet. No nothing says. Okay. And then he gets a spoon in another thing and combined some stuff in a secondary glass, and then gives it to me like, I'm gonna fuck this guy up your take this. And if you don't feel anything in the next hour comeback into Megan. Okay. Thank you rent, drink it down Swisher out, the water go late on the bed. I don't remember where you were at our even seeing though I only took the second Cup. I only took a half of the second Cup because after the first Cup I was not vomiting. But I was having some issues pretty quickly. So I was in and out of the bathroom, and I actually was it was in the bathroom when they called for the second Cup. So I missed the first part of the line. And so I went up and I was like, I missed the call because I was in the restroom, I'm a need another dose. But can I have a half Cup because right now it's pretty rough? And so. I don't know where my wife said, but it's part of this experience on my really paying attention to where she's at and it's very, very safe very controlled away back down on a soon the same position. And my head feet down relaxed is closed. And time seems to stop while you're involved in this. Like you have no concept. Right. None of us have phones of us have watches. There's no clocks in the room. It has nothing to do with it. And so it felt like ten minutes, but it was probably an hour an like the silence and the blackness of my mind like the best way can say, a white a blackboard exist, and it's not really Blackwell because there's no physical representation, but all of a sudden, I see these numbers being essentially written out and. These numbers, don't make sense me like I wasn't looking for any sort of numeric value in this experience. And then the numeric values start to keep going on. There's all types of things. And it gets kind of the end in them like, what, what are these numbers? What is this? It just simply says rid meal, and I don't I don't understand like I know him in rid meal. I get it. But there's things about marking. There's things was sales, not a mation. There's just all these things that the play themselves out. And so. Side note when I was with Jerry on Thursday, I had asked him if anyone head ever taken neutron picks with I waspa- like his it's under the new about. He's like, why don't you tropics? It's probably not gonna go the way, I wanted to. Talking about him talking to him about, like, parameter acetate and Phil Rasa Tatum, and all the new happen. All the things that I take for cognitive functioning. Whatever interiors like, no, no. But you're, you're bigeye. You'll probably be fine. Do it. And let me to hug goes. Yeah. I mean he literally looked at you like, but you can try I. I got the green light, right? It's heat. He probably would know if it was a big negative, which always looking for. So I took my normal stack of these pills at about seven pm I right before we walked out of our door to walk towards Maloka. The best way I can describe it as allowed me to hold onto a lot more of what I was seeing high because there's something that goes on when you're taking I walk over to me, any psychedelic in general, the things that kinda speed pasture. Your yet goes very fast. Yeah, go go past your mind go, go through your closed eyes. Whatever you want to say, like you just want to stop them, like, wait time out time out, and you want to grab the stuff you want to remember it. That's not always easiest thing with taking the tropics at certainly was. So remembered all the numbers all the variables all the ideas. And then there's commotion going on now. Right. There's things going on. I'm so I'll call it sleeping like it's not like I'm not tripping. I'm not out of nowhere. Like I'm just relaxed them laying in. It's like I've had this conversation in my head now look over to my left and there's a half circle like a Half Moon of women. And they had shared with us at the shamans and the assistant shamans and the facilitators will come over and grab people from their mattresses to help to a healing process in them Thompson. They're like all of a sudden there's chance going on. There's live music that starts in there, stomping on the Maloka, and there's feathers in there's blowing things and there's oils. And there's a lot bam. Boo leaves. It's just like stuff. And there's a magic you will a this Half Moon around where the shaman would sit of probably twenty women twenty twenty five. The head shaman. And then I believe seven people follow after him. And so the shaman sees you first and he says, what he says, and he does what he does to you, and he blows a smoke on you and does all types of stuff and then sequentially it's almost like you're going through this car wash. Yeah, it is like a car and Brad and Scott were there, which is they're, they're my magic shamans from Tuesday address, shamans there. Those, those men. Save my soul on Tuesday, love them. Nice. What are missiles, they've saved down there. I mean they're just magic humans. But so it was three or four maybe five shamans and then other systems. But you're right. It's like a car wash moving around you. And there's some people in the front side, and some people on the backside and they're saying things, they're speaking in tongues that I certainly couldn't understand. No Spanish, tribal stuff. I see them doing this all these women and I, I wanna watch, but then it's also don't want to read, I want to just go back to this magic place where I'm getting the numbers and downloads of life. And so I go back to the place where I'm going to the numbers of download the life like I hear all this stuff, and it's cool because there's enough energy in the room, now that it's starting to vibrate. The floor and like shake the mattress. But none of disturbing way in like a very. Like, just exciting way. I forget, which matrix movie it is, maybe the last one where they're underground. And there's a rave that starts, and all of a sudden, like the energy and builds and builds like that is literally how it feels that is true, exactly how it feels. And so the women get done. I was not in this circle, but I was paying attention. There was a woman that was like four people four from this. The does four people in it was dark haired woman, that had an often on and keep in mind is pretty much pitch black in there. There's no, there's certainly no lights on and the sun's on up sons that up it's badger time again at four in the morning, yoyo say somewhere in there. And I'm looking at my house, my wife and then she stands up, when it's over my, this, my wife. Can't see ship. And so they back down I go into my happy place. I've been laying down the whole time, but close my eyes get Donohoe Matt chime pass, but then someone comes and taps me on the shoulder and it's Brad, I one of the shopping like it, your time for the healing. As I take off his shirt, shed. Okay. My take on my pants. Tooling, coming to women did not take off their shirts and right. Every shirt, always are all the women that were wearing sports, bras and shorts, like, we took our shirts fair. But there were no. Yeah. We, we didn't have their no boobs out which was upsetting. But also made me happy at the same time. Great Yemen, not real trying to see everybody. See, you got going on by when Monto Bill has going on. Shapes and sizes, we've covered this before I can't help it. Love those general curiosity. And so I sit down on third from the end four from the end redden. I still don't have a lot of hip, mobility that I figured out as I'm sitting on the Maloka floor trying to maintain posher red sitting in a comfortable position. And there is no comfortable position for what feels like an hour and a half. Yeah. It's a long ceremony, but it's like, you know, crisscross applesauce when you're in kindergarten type style sitting. Yeah. Except my legs are not crisscrossing any house. Wrap my hands around my knees like it's almost like I'm in this an a a seated fetal position. Yeah. Just like trying to keep myself vertical and not. Because again, this isn't because I'm quote unquote messed up on very present and very connected to everything that's going on. I'm not out of out of my mind. I'm not anything. I felt like that was a big thing with the hey it was very introspective. It was very like logical for me. It was not. Like an out of world or out of body high type of experience at all. No, not, not with the I. Joe the shaman starts at in the process starts in these things start going on. At his incredible. Like they come to you, and I just kept feeling the lighter and lighter and lighter it wasn't a thing in which I had felt heavy ever prior. But it's like there. They're pulling all the stuff from you. Yeah. They clearly out didn't even was there and they go round multiple times. Like it's not just a one time thing, that's, like three or four delusions of, of them, going around and around you, and I notice after the second time the where I'm sitting is directly in front of where the sun comes up and no longer is a sky pitch black. It's now this very nice, hue of light blue, you know, the type when the sun has risen behind the mountains, and you can see it's about to get light outside knowing the sun rises in Costa Rica, sometime between five and six I'm guessing in between four and five of this time, it's going to get light outside. And as the shaman wraps up like the they do their healing process to us. They're still some Iowa go left in contain, I'm watching at this point I come back. I was outside for most of the night side, come back in at this point because somebody was like, you know, you'll have to go in for the healing circle, and choose outside again because she was in the bathroom a lot of time perking from her backside. Yeah, I had the runs really bad. You know, I would take I would take sitting on the toilet rather than putting my head in the toilet. Right. So sure if that was the worst form of my Pershing, I'll take it. None of that was my story. Right. I didn't fortunate from even on Thursday. There was no vomiting or diarrhea from your lucky. I was good until the, the I hit me, so the shamans done, and he sees my Wasco left and it gets a spoon that he'd been mixing the stuff up with, and it's like big spoon. Like it's not a it's like what would be like when we were young were my mind made you T in the summer, like it's one of those big spoons lemonade spoon. Yeah. Not a teaspoon. It's a big spoon, and he's like scraping out the Iowa. It's like hits like maple syrup almost dick in his gritty and it's like sandy, and I'm third in line. And he like, sticks say, yes, as you have two choices. It's yes or yes, he puts it at six in the first guys mouth. It's like, oh here we go. And I'm like this is this is this is crazy. This is like for those of you that might have drank at one point in college before you're of age of twenty one I might be the only one that's done that, but potentially right where you're like one of the last four people. It's awake at a party. I k- let's have one more on again. Everybody knows it's a really bad idea to have that lukewarm, natty light, but it's still there. And there's like three left. So you do anyways, that's what this felt like. And so I, I take it and that it, honestly. Wasn't that bad? The last time ride that brought the water back around and were swishing around the water and. Spit in the container. And then they offer us once I do that, and all the way around the circle, and there's enough left of the first two guys got yet another dose. And then there's a traditional tobacco blend rap pay. Then they did the raw pay on your eyes pay, and I love rob pay like this is I've never smoked before any sort of drug or cigarette. Like it's not something I've ever cared about, but wrap is tobacco blend that they put in this little pipe, and they blow it up your nose like literally like they hook it or anything nostril, and they blow it in there and you hold it in your nasal cavity you don't swallow it and it's just the most incredible feeling in the world. Like I would get down with rob pay all the time. I do the Rupp eighty at all nuts. And so you've got a bunch I wash in your system now the shamans going around, and he's like pretty aggressively hook and your nose blown rob paying their and I am it is now cloud nine like I am floating in the best way possible. But now the sun is up in the sky. So it's certainly. Five thirty or six. And is like this. The guy next to me, oddly enough was a guy that was on the bus with us coming from the airport to the resort, and he would have been a guy who auto soon to be a little younger Donald Fiennes or not. That would have been someone that would have inherently came say, triggered me. Right. But just bothered me his very loud. And he was very like everything was on ten all the time in over the course of the week, he had started to ratchet those things down, and, like find himself more right? Like it was the awesome to see. Yeah. And so there's a certain irony to me. Not really. So it's divinely orchestrated that he's sitting next to me during this ceremony and it's like we. It gets done in the music's getting, louder and louder. And it's all live because the chance and they're stomping and it's like he looks like we made it we made it through it. And for me, it was never thing of, like human to make it or not make it right. I've done plenty of things in my life that felt way more difficult or intimidating than this that he was the one saying at the bus at the front. And I going is everybody ready to die? Like what? Yeah, a lot a lot of energy about him. And then all of us guys like we all just end up like hugging like the sun is up, and he got the women that had went before they're all coming out of the ether, and they're watching us, like my wife and this hodgepodge group of another twelve or fifteen people that were out exploring nature or exploring the confines of a bathroom, and didn't get their healing process. And so it's just like this most beautiful thing that the sun is rising. You're bonding with all these men and you've shared all these stories implying. I got the download and then it's your turn. Right. You're, you're the last group to get healed. I'm the last group to get healed. And my experience with the hey besides the, the restroom purging for me was beautiful. Like it was it was very introspective for me. So I got my version of the downloads as far as my next steps in what my. Path to purposes. Right. My furthered path, and I got the, the whole now maybe I didn't take the new tropics but I got the whole thing of, of the film that almost looks like a movie playing in your head, where you wanna stop different sections and you can't and I was able to stop a few in. It's like past life, regression stuff in. And what I've done in past lives in the energies. I've been was able to talk to people and just some crazy shit that I would have never believed or thought somebody was crazy had, I heard them talking about it, and never experienced it. So if you're listening to this, and you have not experienced, I ca ceremonies, and I sound crazy to you. I totally get it because I would have probably said you were crazy as well before he had this experience. And so I ended up in between bathroom sessions was in the hammock and like the stars were fascinating to me, and every time I close my eyes, I would see all. This writing that were that was in the stars, and I would open my eyes and the riding would still be there. And I could a race things and move things and do things at will. And so it was it was nuts. So I came in for the healing, and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. And there were people that were still like vomiting in their buckets during the circle. That I mean that just the Yahoo was very, very purgatory for them, and the dancing, and the music and the energy, it was just so they will tell you that after you purge everything for the whole week, whether it's crying or laughing or vomiting, or diarrhea, or whatever it is that you're left with tiny holes. Right. The all the bitterness has left you and so, the healing part with the traditional Colombian ceremonies is filling all those holes of bitterness back in with sweetness. And so that's why it's the flower water and the chance and they come through, and Pat stuff in with feathers. And you know, everybody has their own piece of the healing that they're doing. And that's why it's like the car wash effect of seven or eight jarmin's and it was. I mean, there were several of us women who just had tears streaming down, our faces as we were going through this, because it's just the most peaceful and beautiful and magical thing. I have ever experienced in my life, besides giving birth to Jonah, and I wasn't very peaceful, but it was beautiful, and I miss out on that one. Yes. But it was it was magic. And so then they closed the ceremony and we were all it probably was eight thirty in the morning at that point. And then they gave US Open time to share and the, the shaman talked about. Things that he saw throughout the evening and healings that he was a part of an energies, that he had received or taken out of people, and just really fascinating shit. And then everybody had their time to share if they wanted to. A little long this shit. Yeah. That is the one part that like, and I get it. I get it because some people they just they need an outlet. They need to share any and I liked hearing some of it. But when you've been up for fourteen hours and people start sharing. And it's like another hour and we're all starving, because we haven't eaten since you know, noon the previous day, and it's going on nine thirty in the morning. It's time to wrap up the sugars, we can talk about this at breakfast in the, the fourteen hours. My, my mathematics seals are sometimes rusty. I got up at six thirty Thursday morning. And we are now all the way to nine o'clock Friday morning. Yeah. So that's twenty seven hours. I, I meant like is a fourteen hours Homer and he'd be. Yes, we've been up for longtime a longtime and we get to then go have breakfast. Right. It's kind of not kind of everybody meanders from the loca might stop by their place for a second and change shirts, or do whatever I happened to just walk right over to the. Yeah. We just went right for food breakfast spot. I hopped in the pool to get some of the stickiness and some of the uniqueness off of my body that we had just the most glorious meal sharing sharing. What happen? Yeah. Of course, then go back to the room when the said, I'm ready for at least a small nap and not so polite terms, she was should Frisch out our shot while had. No part of me that was tired at all. I just and I, I got about an hour and fifteen minutes. That was about all it was going to always going to get. None of them didn't want it read some doing work and reading and writing stuff down, Jerry had moved our meeting from one until two thirty that day. And so we have lunch when did I go have lunch from twelve until two and I wrap that up, and I go, go see Jerry. And in the meeting when Jerry when we're talking about some some different business stuff doesn't much matter. And a stop them like do you, do you mind? If I let me to share some stuff that came to me yesterday, and I lay out all the numbers and all the things that were on this magic blackboard in my mind. And he looks at me and smiles, and says, you know, rathers to areas of opportunity that we found in our Wednesday meeting was some of the stuff you're helping us with right now. And one is the stuff that you just shared with us in the numbers, I, you know, idea what those numbers were. Yeah. These numbers aren't things like we talk about attrition rate. And you're talking about rack rate is you increase in, in the hotel world. You're talking about, you know what cost facilitated customer in number of times? Customers come back. Like there's no real way for me to know these things. But I, I didn't like knew them. Knew them. Almost down to a freakish number. And then that turned into let's have another meeting on Saturday, which which we did. And it was just so incredible to this medicines heard showing me like I asked to show me the path of the greatest impact and says with me and it's like no shit met with Mia. But then I see like. I see the path, I get to I'm so fortunate to walk through with clients. And I'm incredibly fortunate to get to see some really powerful breakthrough some stuff. That's truly truly breathtaking. Right. My right. I know what it costs for my time. I know what that looks like. I believe with every part of my soul than in forty five days versus a hundred and twenty days. I could probably get further with someone knowing that. Like halfway through course away through. They make a pit stop and rid me with me. Then they come back on the backside and they integrate back in. It's just my passer are taking me that way. I, I agree with you. I think that walking into rid Mia, an Iowa, Oscar experience and the whole thing I was a little hesitant. And I was a little nervous. Right. We all heard that I was crying in line, the first day. But it was just truly because I didn't I didn't understand what it was that I was going to be unlocking, and I didn't understand how powerful the tool it was. And of course. Modern mainstream society would have you believe the Iowa SCA is terrible and your drug head, and you're looking to get high and like all the things that mainstream media and the government and big farm, and all that wants you to believe, because say, don't want that healing to out there? That's truly what it comes down to. It's the most life changing thing. I have done up until this point in my thirty seven years. And I would recommend it to anyone. Yes. They laughingly say in the intake, right? Then many people will experience in the four days total of seven days, but the Ford as a plant medicine that you will experience and receive more long lasting healing than you do in two three four years of therapy. And I believe it with no question. Right. I'm not a paid spokesperson. I'm not a part of Mia. I'm not I don't get some sort of kickback or commission. It's just like. To see. However, you view me as is up to you. I know myself I've done a tremendous amount of work on me like. More so than I think the average person I don't even more so than people do. Right. I'm freakish with optimizing who I am. This provided so much for me that I can't imagine. If you're someone that has only started going on a person bummer out or started, maybe been in therapy, or counseling or something like that for awhile and not really clicking. And you don't know about someone helping you were coaching whatever you call it like this is like putting your foot on the gas pedal. And just getting it all out. I'll yeah, one of my one of my neighbors the first night, she's that. I've been in therapy for fifteen years trying to work through childhood trauma, and adult issue. Adult life issues, marriage issues, and relationship issues and just things. Right. Of always been labeled as the person that has problems issues mental disorders. And that was the first night, and I talked to her on Sunday before we left and still have followed up with her in the in the week that we've been home. And she is a totally different person per her own admittance. Right. And, and the change is all from her on day one today. Seven was astronaut Michael, and I didn't know her coming into this, but she just said like this was more healing than my fifteen years of therapy. And that's not to discredit therapy. It's just it's an it's an extra tool that. Opens up new pathways within your mind for deeper understanding and healing about who you are. And what your life is it, what your life is, and the connection to other humans and the world itself. And I will I will I will be a little more critical of their. To me therapy as it sits beautiful tool. The overregulation of what can be said, and what cannot be said in a therapeutic setting base off of all the rules, regulations guidelines. To MIR now design, not to make rapid impact changes on someone's life. But to keep them feeling stock for a long period of time. I think that's a whole thing with big pharma. And then they're not doing it the practitioners I don't believe do it on purpose, but they're boxed into that keeping you sick modality, so that they can keep feeding you pills so that they can keep making money. Yes metal think therapists are bad. I don't think counseling is bed. Just think that when you go down that path to that level. You get handcuffed in a certain capacity by the nature of the oath that you sign and the grievance that you have to entertain. And I think there's some really, really impactful ways to make some big swings in your life to change. That are in addition to or in replace of therapy, or counseling. Yeah. I mean a one meant gentleman you sat next to you had a master's degree in psychology, and then also neurosurgeon. I mean, there were some wickedly smart people there with just broad spectrum knowledge on neuro plasticity, and how the mind, works and psychology and medical backgrounds, and they were all like holy shit. This is life changing. And we can cover then, you know, Friday's a relaxed, a Saturday we go into town Sunday, we go home, right like to speed through some of that stuff. It's not it's not an exciting but it's Costa Rica was lovely. The people are amazing. They live with almost nothing and they are the happiest people I've ever seen. Very, very cool culture. But I want to cover the not so good side. Right. If you made it to the side of the of our conversation, it wouldn't be right for me to only share the beauty without the things that maybe aren't so beautiful. Since coming back and diving much deeper into the marketing and automation of rid me as a resort. I see an underlying current that I had never given consideration to before of this place. Yeah. We talked about this yesterday. I had had an opportunity more than a year ago to go to Peru kind of the indigenous. I can't say place that I wa- SCO was found. But if you talk to people that are purest, right, going to the jungles of Peru was kinda like, that's the way you take I wa so you make pilgrimage you go down there, you find a shaman in the middle of the woods, you sleep in Hutter a tent. Like you're you truly rough it, you go all the way in. I had that planned there was going to go down. And it just so happened by completely as it was supposed to. I got my abscess on my leg one saw my doctor asked him for flight clearance. He wouldn't give it to me base off literally still having an open wound that was packed with packing ause and to go to, like the jungle is probably not the best idea when you already have a massive infection, wouldn't give it to me yet that I had a retreat planned to California. With a shaman that travels throughout the US and I kind of quiet off the radar way. But I'm good friend, Michael buffington that asked me to come down and speak at his event. And it was just an overlapping time period. They couldn't be two places at once. Then eventually with me comes about. And one of the things that is this consistence comment on their posts is that they are monopolizing the sacred nature of the plant medicine. And that they're just turning it into a way to make money. Right in the eye wash. Experience is not supposed to be luxurious. No, I can say that. Jerry Powell is a legitimate friend of mine at this point, this isn't something of like they going to just saying like calm right now who'd entered the phone while on on the show right now. Jerry had one exit for business for sixty seven million dollars or so. I think I was his net. I think it was like one hundred and twenty something his site, he had to exit. That's right. The second is it was ninety one million or ninety six and he netted sixty one Jerry has is wickedly intelligence pertains to business, and how to grow scale and optimize an operation on a national or multinational basis. Understanding that not every person on the planet has the internal wherewithal to traipse down to Peru or Colombia, try to track down a shaman trust the shaman where he don't speak, the language that he's providing the right type of medicine. Not everybody has that. Moreover than that, there's a lot of people that should not take Wasco. Right. If you're type one BI polar you have extreme mental disorders. There's some things major heart disease as a big. No, no. There's some things that they walk through very specifically in the medical intake, that are non starters like this is something that is that they, they don't want anybody to have an unpleasant experience alone to die. And so while this is a luxury resort make no mistake about him. Accommodations are beautiful. The spas incredible. The food is amazing. The grounds are kept up in pack ably. That's it's gorgeous. Everything is dial in just so. There could be said that there's something missing because you don't get the quote unquote normal experience of being out in the jungle worrying about 'Pumas and Jaguars and Anaconda 's or whatever could be in the jungle eating you. I mean, there were monkeys and the hammocks the first night of our ceremonies that they were chasing away. So like there's wildlife. You're in the jungle still. But if you're looking for the traditional, go to the jungle rough it, no restrooms. Do all that. This would not be your place. What I will say is, there's no part of this. It is done with the feeling of being for money now. Money in my estimation is nothing more than change of energy. Jerry has set up a fund. That is a scholarship fund that will bring a don't remember who said, twenty four or sixty four people throughout the course of a year to rid Mia free. Right. Like pay for the flight pay for the accommodations pay for the medicine pay for everything for free. Like this is about making a sacred plant available to everyone. Across the board. And you could save five six seven grand whatever cost, right? That's too expensive. And there's no way he's got to be crushing him. We live in Columbus, Ohio. We do where we're sitting. We put on event at a hotel here. Right. And the rack room. Right right now for it. Look it up online is three hundred and twenty nine dollars night. It is we said Saturday night. No said Sunday night. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday, we said seven full night's redid just that alone with taxes and fees, and all that stuff giver, takes in Columbus, Ohio would be about twenty five hundred bucks. Then would have at least two meals. A day of going out to eat or even eating in the restaurant at the hotel, that's. Eighty bucks a day per person seven days. Right. So whatever. That's five hundred sixty bucks times two that's another twelve hundred bucks. Then we had three kalanick's a piece get an massage have never. I don't know exactly how much onyx cost I have. I haven't no clue price those out. But I can assume a fifty dollar colonic is fair. It's not the three hundred bucks the massages, certainly we've had those before those one hundred hundred twenty bucks an hour. Yes, that's another two hundred fifty bucks. Just just bare minimum to do that stuff. In Columbus Ohio, granite Sunday night. We had dinner Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. We had multiple meals. So really I'm underplaying the expense of the meals. Your four grand into just come into Columbus for a week. You're not doing anything really fun. You're saying it a pretty decent hotel haven't hotel food. We're not talking about going and eating the type of food. We're eating the food. The food is just I can't say enough about the food. We're not talking about transportation back and forth to and from anywhere. We're not how about any of that stuff. Until the thought of over and over again of like it's so expensive. It's so expensive. Or it's bastardising the medicine for me, personally, I just don't see it that way. I don't either. I never did. But that's, that's the counter side of this. This is the, the potential negative. I did see, though, that the people that were commenting about things like that is in the medicine monopolizing for money all that stuff where people that have never been to rid mea, or never experienced I waspa-. So rate, we've got the keyboard, warriors that are sitting there behind their screens, typing away, like they know something when they've not experienced either side of it. In win the shamans. The first night had been practicing and behead been, we'll call them licensed shamans for if I remember twenty plus years. They were leaving we were there last ceremony in till they were going back to Peru to study more for the next year. The shamans and night to have had more documented. Plant based medicine experiences than facilitated more in the past three years. And I believe they were trained in Africa. Yup. Than anybody else, anybody else period and the shaman the fourth night is from Columbia, like he, he came in town, lineage, tribe, right? Yeah. Listening, each and shit. So. I suppose there could be something to be said for if you like to bring your own tent sleep outside. Burn a fire on the on the grounds. Bring your own beans. Right. Whatever heat him up on the thing. I mean for my modern society mindset, I don't mind sleeping in a tent. I don't mind going to jungle, but to experience something like we experienced I know that I felt safe and secure. And I trusted the people that were around me to make sure that I was going to be okay, and that everybody was going to be okay. And I would not now go to the jungle and do it because I had such a safe and, and welcoming experience now that I honestly would be scared to do it. Another way jump in when you're here, Jeff can't use a medicine ever. Because when someone using the medicine, he has to be on, call as though as a lead psychiatrists like there's an ambulance there for every ceremony that has it's completely staffed. A doctor on staff. Off a couple of EMT's to nurses, and then Jeff is on staff at the they are at the site, they are at the front. You can't see them. You don't know that they're there. But if there is an issue with anybody for any reason they have a full medical staff waiting immediately. She commutes thing of all the family vacations, you could take you think of all the things you could do to take seven days away and go somewhere where you get healed. And you get to experience phenomenal everything. That expense is an that expensive. I don't think so, and especially, because I'm working on some ways with them to get financing for you and a whole bunch of other stuff, where literally as long as you have a five hundred dollar commitment on the front side. There's a way to make some things happen. Rather why I asked when started the show if any this has been interesting to you, I reach out to one of us, and we'll get you some details to reach out because again, I know every quarter I'm going to be going back bare minimum to help lead people into that experience. And this first group that's coming, I'm completely vetting out. The fact of they have a ninety three point seven seven percent miracles success rate. Yes, that's, that's number people to come and get everything. They wanted. Plus, on before they leave their close to five thousand people as I write this week, there over five thousand people now. My goal is say, take people down with a, I said, twenty twenty one maybe it'll be a fifteen day lead up of some real simple work. Some coaching to get some things processing. So that when you get down there, it is just the most beautiful experience for you possible. If I can prove that takes a miracle right from ninety three point seven seven to ninety nine point seven seven. It's a win like it becomes part of what they do, which also becomes part of what I get to add, which helps me make like it shows me the path make the greatest impact, which is whole show about exactly what you asked her for. And like the same thing, like, I don't know if I cover this or not on two weeks ago shows, I think did the whole idea of impacting hundred twenty five million people's lives seated think this is just another piece of that, like you come to rid Mia, you feel different you go home. You don't get triggered anymore. You show with more love for your family, your friends, everybody else. They asked what's going on the ripple becomes massive might like the butterfly effect with everything that Jerry has going on five years from now the world could literally be a different place. If hit the numbers, they need to. I don't have anything more about rhythm you got it all out. Clearly, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, we thoroughly believe in, in the practice and the people there wasn't a single human being there that isn't full of love and a wealth of knowledge and willing to help. It was it was beautiful. And so if you will come and join us a rhythmic, excursion, either July twenty first of the twenty eighth most likely sometime in October or sometime in January. When you come home a guarantee that you'll be able to get shit done.

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